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9, 2012 As a service to the community, Kosher Beers publishes a list of the beers which I know to be kosher certified, on a semi-annual basis. The lists are published on Labor Day and again prior to Purim. Does beer require a hashgacha? The major kashruth organizations utilize the chazakah that unflavored beer does not require a hashgacha as unflavored beers are made only from four ingredients: malted barley, hops, water and yeast. Please note that the Star-K has limited this application to beers from the USA, Canada, Belgium, England, Germany, Mexico and the Netherlands. The CRC continues to apply the chazakah without geographic limitation, but has recently indicated that beer known to be produced at microbreweries at microbreweries, pub breweries, or craft breweriesrequires certification. For a great article by Rabbi Tzvi Rosen on kashruth in alcohol, including an in depth analysis of beer making please click here Additionally, for those trying to make sense of the different styles of beer which can be found in your local beer store - please click here for the Beer Advocate beer style list which breaks down the beers both by their type and country of origin: Assuming that you are looking for a beer with a hashgacha, I have compiled a list of beers along with their certifying agency. Contact information for each agency follows at the bottom of this document. The list below is not meant to be exhaustive as it only reflects the results of my individual research. Beers which have been added since the Purim Edition are in bold. Finally, to my friends, I have not tried every beer on this kosher beer list and merely because I list them here does not mean I recommend them for your consumption. If you find a beer which looks interesting to you, please feel free to search the archive on the kosherbeers site to see if I have reviewed it. NORTH AMERICAN BREWERIES Samuel Adams - as per the Star-K, the following varieties are kosher even without a certification on the label. Please note that not every variety of Sam is on this approved list. To see the Star-K LOC for Samuel Adams, please click here:

Belgian Session; Black & Brew; Black Lager; Blackberry Wit Beer; Bonfire Rauchbier; Boston Ale; Boston Lager; Brown Ale; Cherry Wheat; Coastal Wheat; Cranberry Lambic; Cream Stout; Dark Depths; Double Bock; Dunkel Weizen; East-West Kolsch; Harvest Pumpkin Ale; Hefeweizen; Holiday Porter; Honey Porter; Imperial Pilsner; Imperial Stout; Imperial White Ale; Irish Red Ale; Latitude 48; Light; Mighty Oak Ale; Nobel Pils; Norse Legend; Octoberfest; Old Fezziwig; Pale Ale; Porch Rocker; Rustic Saison; Summer Ale; Tasman Red; Verlorean; Vixen; Wee Heavy; White Ale; Whitewater IPA; Winter Lager. *** Please note that although the LOC for Samuel Adams does not indicate it, the Star-K has confirmed that Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock is DAIRY Cholov Stam. --------Gordon Biersch - the following beers are certified kosher by the Va'ad of Detroit: Blonde Bock; Czech Style Pilsner; Festbier; Hefeweizen; Imperial Pilsner Brau; Mailbock; Marzen; SommerBrau; WinterBock. --------Josephs Brau JB is one of the trade names that Trader Joes uses for its store brand beers. Please note that not every Trader Joes store brand beer is certified kosher, however those which are certified kosher have a Vaad of Detroit logo on the front or back label. The following beers are certified kosher by the Va'ad of Detroit. Black Toad; Bohemian Lager; Dunkelweizen; Hefeweizen; Hofrau Bock; Hopfest; Oktoberfest; Plznr; Stockyard Oatmeal Stout, Summer Brew; Vienna Style Lager; Winterbrew. --------Brick Brewery - This Canadian Brewery only sells its fine products mostly in Ontario. However, should you be lucky enough to find some where you are located, the following varieties are approved by the COR. Brick: Amber Dry; Anniversary Bock; Premium. Conners: Best Bitter. Formosa Springs: Draft; Light. Laker: Honey; Ice; Premium Lager; Premium Light; Red; Strong. Red Baron: Blonde Lager; Light; Lime.

Red Cap: Red Cap. Waterloo: Dark Lager, Wheat. --------Brooklyn Brewery - This beer company brews in multiple locations including Brooklyn, New York and Utica, New York. The following beers which are brewed in Utica and sold in 12 oz bottles are certified kosher by the Va'ad of Detroit. ***Please note that none of the larger sized bottles of Brooklyn Brewery products are certified kosher by the Vaad of Detroit. Brooklyn: American Ale; Black Chocolate Stout; Brown Ale; East India Pale Ale; Lager; Monster Ale; Oktoberfest; Pennant Ale; Pilsner; Summer Ale; Weiss Beer; Winter Ale. Post Road: Pumpkin Ale. --------Compania Cervecera Del Tropico S.A. de CV: The following beers are made in Mexico and certified kosher by the OK Laboratories: Corona Cerveza; Corona Extra; Corona Light; Coronita Cerveza; Coronita Extra; Leon; Modelo Especial; Modelo Light; Montejo; Negro Modelo Beer; Pacifico Clara; Victoria. -------Coors See MillerCoors ---------Flying Bison this Buffalo, NY based brewery bottles its beer at the FX Matt plant in Utica, NY. The following Flying Bison beers are certified kosher by the Vaad of Detroit: Buffalo IPA; Rusty Chain. ---------Kirkland - the following beers which are sold at Costco under their Kirkland house brand are certified kosher by the Va'ad of Detroit. Kirkland Signature Amber Ale; Signature Belgian Style White; Signature German Lager; Signature Hefeweizen; Signature India Pale Ale and Signature Pale Ale. ---------Lakefront Brewery - also certified by the Star-K. Unlike most kosher certified Samuel Adams products, the Lakefront Brewery beers do have a Star-K on the

label. The following varieties are found on the Star- K LOC which can be viewed here - . Big Easy Lager; Bock Dark Lager; Bridge Burner Ale; Cherry Lager; Cream City Pale Ale; East Side Dark Lager; Fixed Gear American Red Ale; Fuel Coffee Stout; Holiday Spice Lager; Klisch Pilsner; New Grist Beer; Oktoberfest; Organic Barleywine; Organic ESB; Pumpkin Lager; Rendezvous Ale; Riverwest Stein; Snake Chaser Stout; White Beer. ***Additionally, although the Wheat Monkey Ale is not listed on the LOC on the Star-K website, it does bear a Star-K on the label. ---------FX Matt Brewing - this company brews many different brands of beer at its Utica, NY factory. All beers produced at FX Matt (in addition to their sodas and juices) in Utica are certified kosher by the Va'ad of Detroit. Lake Placid: This brand of beer was previously brewed in Utica at the FX Matt plant. However it has been recently announced that Lake Placid will be brewed in a different plant which does not have kosher certification. Please check the label before purchasing Lake Placid as only those bottles bearing the certification mark of the Vaad of Detroit are certified kosher. Older stock of the following styles of Lake Placid may still be available with the certification mark of the Vaad Detroit: 46er Ale; Hefeweizen; Honey Rye; IPA; Ubu Ale; Winter Lager. Saranac: Adirondack Lager; Amber Wheat; Belgian Ale; Belgian White; Black Forest; Black Lager; Black & Tan; Bock; Brown Ale; Caramel Porter; Chocolate Amber; Dunkel; ESB; Golden Pilsner; Hefewiezen; Helles; Imperial Stout; India Pale Ale; India Rye Pale Ale; Irish Red Ale; Irish Stout; Kolsch; Light; Maple Porter; Marzenbier; Mocha Stout; Mountain Ale; Nut Brown Ale; Oatmeal Stout; Oktoberfest; Pale Ale; Pale Pale Ale; Pomegranate Wheat; Pumpkin Ale; Rauchbier; Roggen Bock; Rye Pale Ale; Rye Pilsner; Season's Best; Scotch Ale; Single Malt; Stout; Summer Ale; Summer Brew; Traditional Lager; White IPA; Winter Wassail; Winter Lager. ***Please note that some Saranac High Peaks series beers may be brewed in another plant which does not have kosher certification. Please check the label before purchasing Saranac High Peaks beers as only those bottles bearing the certification mark of the Vaad of Detroit are certified kosher. The Saranac High Peaks Chocolate Orange is brewed at Harpoon in Boston and not in Utica, NY and is not certified kosher by the Vaad of Detroit. Utica Club : Light, Pilsner. -----------

MillerCoors Following the merger of SAB Miller and MolsonCoors, many of the Miller family beers became kosher certified by the Orthodox Union. Prior to the merger, most (if not all) Coors products had been kosher certified by the OU and bore the OU on their labels. Not all SAB Miller beers bear the OU on their labels, but according to the LOC I received from the OU, the following beers are certified kosher: 800: Ice Beer. Aspen Edge: Edge. Blue Moon: Agave Blonde Ale; Belgian Style Pale Ale; Belgian White Ale; Caramel Apple Spiced Ale; Grand Cru; Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale; Spring Blonde Wheat Ale; Summer Honey Wheat Ale; Valencia Amber Ale; Winter Abbey Ale. Coors: Banquet Beer; Edge; Golden Ale; Light; Winterfest. Hamms: 3.2% Beer, Genuine Draft Beer; Special Light Beer. Herman Josephs: Private Reserve Beer. Icehouse: Ice Beer, Light Beer. Keystone: Ice; Light; Premium. Killian's: Irish Red. Leinenkugel: 1888 Bock; Amber Classic Ale; Berry Weiss Ale; Classic Lager; Creamy Dark; Fireside Nut Brown Ale; Honey Weiss Ale; Imperial Russian Stout; Oktoberfest; Original; Red Beer; Summer Shandy Ale; Sunset Wheat Ale. Miller: Chill (Chelada) Beer; Genuine Draft (MGD); Miller Genuine Draft Light; MGD64; MGD 64 Lemonade; Miller High Life; Miller Lite and Miller Lite Ice. Milwaukees Best: Beer; Ice Beer; Light Beer. Red Dog: Red Dog. Redds: Redds Apple Ale. Third Shift: Third Shift Amber Lager ----------New Belgium -only select beers produced by the New Belgium Brewing Company are certified kosher under the LOC which I received from the Scroll-K:

1554 Black Beer; 2 Below; Abbey; Belgo; Blue Paddle; DIG Pale Ale; Fat Tire; Frambozen; Hoptober; Mighty Arrow; Mothership Wit; Old Cherry; Ranger; Red Hoptober; Shift Pale Lager; Skinny Dip; Snow Day; Somersault; Sunshine; Trippel. ----------President's Choice - PC is the private label brand for the Canadian supermarket chain called Loblaws. The following PC beers are listed as are approved by the COR on their website: Choice 2.5, Dry, Genuine Draft, Genuine Lager, Honey Red, Light, Low Carb 2.5, Pilsener, Wheat. -----------Red Stripe This Jamaican brewery which is known for their commercials is now certified kosher by the Star-K as indicated in the LOC on their website Red Stripe. ------------Spoetzel Brewery - This small town Texas brewery has a cult like following among those who have tried its product. The following beers (brewed under the trade name Shiner) are certified kosher by the Vaad of Detroit. Blonde; Blonde Light; Bock; Bohemian Black Lager; Brewers Pride; Dortmunder; Hefeweizen; Helles; Holiday Cheer; Kosmos Reserve; Light; Oktoberfest; Old Time Alt Beer; Pale Ale; Ruby Redbird; 102 Double Wheat Ale. -----------Sprecher Brewery This Wisconsin based brewery produces beer which is certified kosher under the Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin. I have seen this beer for sale in at least three New York beer stores (Eagle Provisions in Brooklyn the DeCicco supermarket chain in Westchester and Putnam Counties and Portchester Beer Distributors in Westchester). Also, the Sprecher website has a list of more than thirty New York area stores which carry Sprecher. Every Sprecher I have seen carries the Wisconsin K logo on the six pack holder or bottle. Additionally, the mashgichim have sent me the following list of Sprecher beers which are under their kosher supervision: Abbey Triple; Black Bavarian; Dopplebock; Hefe Weiss; Imperial Stout; IPA2; Mai Bock; Octoberfest; Pipers Scotch Ale; Pub Brown Ale; Shakparo; Special Amber; Stout; Summer Pils; Winter Brew. ------------

Uinta Brewery Pronounced Ween-ta, this Utah brewery became certified by the Orthodox Union recently and the beers carry the OU on their labels. Surprisingly, many New York area beer stores carry Uinta and it is becoming more readily available in many outlets across the country. The following beers were listed on the LOC which I received from the OU. Anglers Pale Ale; Anniversary Barley Wine; Baba Black Lager; Blue Sky Pilsner; Bristlecone Brown Ale; Cutthroat Pale Ale; Dubhe Imperial Black IPA; Gelande Amber Lager; Golden Spike Hefeweizen; Hazel Amber Wheat Ale; Hive Honey Stung Ale; HooDoo Kolsch Style Ale; Hop Notch IPA; Kings Peak Porter; Monkshine Belgian Style Ale; Punkn Harvest Ale; Skipping Stone Summer Lager; Solstice Kosch Style Ale; Sumr Organic Summer Ale; Trader Indian Pale Ale; Wyld Organic Extra Pale Ale; Yard Sale Winter Lager. ------------INTERNATIONAL BEERS The following beers are certified kosher by various international hashgachos. I have provided links to the respective websites where available so that the consumer can verify the beers listed herein. For agencies who have sent me LOCs such as the KF (the Federation of Synagogues based in London), I have provided the information contained in the letters which limits the certification by time and in certain instances, to the specific plant which certifies the beer. AB InBev (Certified by the KF as to the Leuven, Belgium plant only LOC expires April 1, 2013): Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit; Hoegaarden Grand Cru; Hoegaarden Rosee; Hoegaarden White; Kriek; Kriek Extra; Leffe Blond; Leffe Brown; Leffe Radieuse; Leffe Rousse; Leffe Vielle Cuvee; Leffe Triple; Stella Artois. Brouwerij Martens (Certified by the KF as to the Bocholt, Belgium plant only LOC expires April 1, 2013): Charlies Beer; Damburger Beer; Martens Gold Beer; Martens Pils Beer; Schloss-Krone Beer; Schultenbrau Beer. Coopers Brewery (Certified by Kosher Australia through an LOC which can be found here - Best Extra Stout; Dark Ale; Extra Strong Vintage Ale; Mild Ale; Original Pale Ale; Pilsner 62; Premium Ale; Premium Light Beer; Sparkling Ale; Special Old Stout. Cobra Beer Ltd: (Certified kosher by the London Beis Din (KLBD) and listed on the KLBD website):Cobra 5% Beer; King Cobra Beer, Low Calorie/Low Carb Beer. Diageo - Great Northern Brewery (Certified by the KF as to the Dundalk, Ireland plant only LOC expires April 1, 2013): Kilkenny; Sapporo; Smithwicks.

Duvel Moortgat NV Brewery (Certified by the KF as to the Breendonk, Belgium plant only LOC expires August 1, 2013): Bel Pils; Duvel; La Chouffe; Mc Chouffe; Maredsous; Vedett; Vedett White. Arthur Guinness & Sons (Certified by the KF as to the St. James Gate, Dublin, Ireland plant only LOC expires April 1, 2013): Guinness. Harboes Bryggeri (Certified by the KF as to the Darguner Brauerei Germany plant only LOC expires May 1, 2013): Bear Beer (5%, 7.7% or 8.5%); Darguner Bock; Darguner Pils. --------Contact Information for the above Kashrus Authorities: COR Kashrus Council of Canada 3200 Dufferin St Toronto, Ontario M6A 3B2 (416)635-9550 Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit (Vaad of Detroit) 18877 W.10 Mile Road, Suite 101 Southfield, MI 48075 (248)559-5005 Federation of Synagogues (KF) 65 Watford Way, London NW4 3AQ (+44) 020 8202 2263 Kosher Australia 81 Balaclava Road Caufield 3161 Australia Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin 3100 North 52nd St. Milwaukee, WI 53216 (414) 442-5730 London Beis Din 305 Ballards Lane

North Finchley N12 8GB United Kingdom OK Laboratories 391 Troy Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11213 (718) 756-7800 Orthodox Union 11 Broadway New York, NY 10004 (212) 613-8241 Scroll K Vaad Hakashrus of Denver 1350 Vrain Street Denver, CO 80204 (303)595-9349 Star-K 122 Slade Ave. #300 Baltimore, MD 21208 (410)484-4110 Any questions feel free to email me at