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Second Grade Weekly News

Miss Miller Sep 3-7 Contact Info: 408-578-4800 ext 213

reversible); using logical reasoning to solve a problem; solving a problem by acting it out; covering a design using pattern blocks; ID & Acting out some, some went away stories; V. Social Studies Maps & Geography Terms; Unit 1: We Belong To Many Groups Science Plants Grow & Change Book Reports The next one is due Oct. (Friday). VIII.

Memory Treasures
Tuesday Wednesday NONE Psalm 103:1 Praise the LORD, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Hymn 222 Songs of praise the angels sangs, Heavn with alleluias rang, When creation was begun, When God spoke and it was done.





Scholastic The activation code is GLZR9. Follow the directions on Show & Tell Dont forget! Friday @ 2:30.


Whats going on this week?

I. Spelling sand, land, send, desk, lost, last, taste, people, pencil, stop Christ Light Wise Men worship the Savior; Herods Wicked Plan Reading The Wobbly People in Ellens Block House; Poppleton and the Grapefruit Math Adding 0 & 1; ID Addends, sums, commutative property of addition (numbers are