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RENTUMA MM – Batch 17 M202- Organizational Analysis 1 May 26, 2012

The movie “The Help” is a heartbreaking yet timeless and universal story about the ability to create change. The movie tackles several issues; Civil Rights issue, Racial and discrimination, and injustice of black-white race relations in the South. It depicts the real experience of rampant Discrimination in USA during the year 1960’s wherein black people are considered slaves and were treated second class citizens. In the movie, it shows the daily hardships of two black maids, Aibileen and Minny in Jackson, Missippi and how Skeeter became like their heroine, by trying her best to help them to come out in the open by writing the stories and sacrifices of the black maids living with the white. While I was watching the movie, I realized that racism is everywhere and just like how the black people being treated in the movie, I could relate the same situation with our Filipino Overseas Workers who are employ as household workers in the foreign land. They do take care other children, while their own child's in the Philippines are being looked after by somebody else.

What I like in the movie is that, it didn’t show a violent rebellious acts from the black people towards the white, despite of the maltreatment they experienced from them, they still remain to be truthful, loyal, respectful and dedicated to their jobs as helpers. Even though the movie is deeply touching that even the emotion of the character of

or the mediator between Skeeter and the other black maids needed for the project. Maybe show some clips of the life of Aibeelen.Aibeleen would go thru right to your heart but they still managed to mix it with some funny moments specially the scene of putting some toilet bowls outside the house. Skeeter is a determined person who has a positive will to succeed in publishing the book. The main players in the movie have their own personal behavior. If I were to end the movie. She served as the “bridge”character. The movie shows that Whatever your role. Aibeleen has a nurturing character with tender affection towards the child and all other children she took good care with. Minny and Skeeter living happily and successfully. What I don’t like in the movie is that. when Minny threw her revenge to Hilly by preparing the pie with her shit and was even admired by doing it. you can make a difference if you have the courage and conviction to do things. It was so mean to show that unethical behavior. . She is a great motivator and a doer. These individual behaviors complement each other which help make the stories of the helpers unleashed to the public successfully. I would like to show what will be their lives after the publication of the book. and no matter how small you think your role is.