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Captain G. R.

Gopinath pioneer of low cost air travel in India ounder of the low cost airline Air Deccan Gorur Ramaswamy Gopinath was born in the village of Gorur, Karnataka Thereafter he became a farmer who converted barren land in to proper plantation. Next, he started the Malnad Mobikes(Enfield dealership)and opened a hotel in Hasan. After completing school, he got selected to the NDA (National Defence Academy) and went on to be commissioned in the Indian Army where he spent the next eight years and fought in the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war He quit the Army to come back to his village and take up farming. He got into sericulture and eco-farming (award winning Seri culturist) India's first private helicopter charter company which was followed by India's first low-cost airline Air Deccan. He currently lives in Bangalore with his wife and 2 daughters, Pallavi and Krithika.