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FEASIBILITY OF Artocarpus blancoi StickySap AS A GLUE



Sap is sometimes called the blood of a tree because it circulates inside a tree, carrying nutrients and water throughout the tree. The sap is basically a nutrient transport system inside the tree; a tree would die if sap didn't circulate inside it. Sap is also a nutritious food eaten by many forest creatures such as squirrels.Tree sap not only benefits the tree, but it also people. Tree sap is extracted and used to make maple syrup, latex, resins, hair removal and other products. Tree sap is sometimes added to natural soaps and bath care products due to its nutrient contents.. The sap also helps to hold things together. It's scientific name is and is very much related to the popular jackfruit/Nangka/Langka (Artocarpus heterophyllus). Similarly, the seeds of the Antipolo can also be cooked or boiled or eaten raw by birds and land animals. I am not sure if the flesh is also edible. The wood of this tree is said to be of good quality and can be used to make furniture. The tree stands to about 30-40 meters in height and can reach a diameter of about 1-2 meters. An added information to Antipolo is that according to wikipedia, "The name Artocarpus is derived from the Greek words artos (=bread) and karpos (=fruit)." Thus on some edible species, this breadfruit is eaten as a staple diet. On another note, wikipedia also mentioned that, "All Artocarpus species are laticiferous trees or shrubs whose leaves, twigs and the stem can produce a milky sap. They are monoecious, with unisexual flowers, with both sexes on the same plant."

Specific Objective Determine the potential of ge Antipolo Sap as a glue 1. Is There Significant Difference between a Experimental Glue Compare to Commercial one in terms of: A. Odor B. Color C. Effectiveness in bonding porous materials Statement of the problem Is it possible to produce alternative glue w/c is affordable and effective out of aloe vera gel 2. There is no significance different between commercial glue and the Experimental a. Odor b. Color c. Effectiveness in bonding porous materials Methodology Materials and equipments The materials and equipments used by the researchers were bowl, weighing scale, stirring rod, empty containers, 80ml water (hot), 50g of white flour and 50g of gum Arabic and 20ml of sap of antipolo tree I. Gathering of materials Fresh antipolo branch was gathered at Saligubang residence. Materials such as bowl and weighing scale were gathered from Tolentinos residence. Other materials used were provided by the other researchers. II. Extraction of the Antipolo Sap from the Branch The preparation of the Antipolo Sap plays a huge role in the effectiveness and use of the plant.

III. Procedures in making glue The purpose of this set-up is to make glue using Antipolo Sap as a additive component. First thing we did, we mixed the white flour (50g) into the hot water (80 ml), we stirred the mixture for around 3 minutes to make it stickier. The Antipolo Sap 2 ml) was mixed with the white flour and mixed with water. We stirred the mixture for around 5 minutes to mix the Antipolo Sap to the flour mixed with water thoroughly. The mixture was put into an air-tight container and kept for 1 week. After 1 week, the mixture was hardened. For us to soften the mixture is we mixed it with hot water.

This study will prove that the Artocarpus blancoi sap (atipolo tree sap) combined with flour,water and gum Arabic Can be effective as a homemade glue. This can help people especially students who cant afford the good and cheap quality of glue

Time Table
This study may span from 1-2 months, in order to gather sufficient data. The rate of Getting dagta of the is the availability may vary depending on the sunlight availability. Weather factors may also affect researcher to gather sticky sap from antipolo tree. Availability of other materials are also factors in hindering the progress made by the researcher.

The product will not cost too much as it will only need Sticky sap from the plants mentioned, And the other cost is from flour and gum Arabic that causes 100 php