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quotas configuration PSA grouping for absences create absence type ex CL

subtype of infotype 2001


employee subgroup grouping for quotas personnel subarea grouping for quotas create quota type CL subtype of infotype 2006 Rule no 100 deduction rule

10 (CL)


subtype of infotype 2006

200 assign dedn rule to counting rule Assign counting rule to absence types


200 CL

subtype of infotype 2001

_____________________________________________________________________________ Validity interval deduction interval Base entitlements reduction rule Rounding rule Generation rule QUOMO feature RPTQTA00 period for which quota is allotted 01.01.2012 31.12.2012 period in which quota can be utilised 01.01.2012 31.12.2012 no. of days of quota configured here no of days - 15 or 40 pro rate the quotas for employees joining in the middle of the year Round the quotas to the nearest half day incorporate base entitlements, reduction rule and rounding rule Congifure QUOMO so that shift employee gets 40 days and others 15 days Run report RPTQTA00 so that all employees get 15 days CL on Jan 1st Employees who join in the middle will get pro rated leave due to reduction rule (employees joining in the middle would be handled through hiring action. The hiring action must include infotype 2006. If infotype 2006 is called in the action, since QUOMO is active, it will default the quotas by pro rating it based on joining month of the employee)

d others 15 days

CL on Jan 1st ue to reduction rule hiring action.

as by pro rating