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Dear diary, I am the founder of Georgia, and my name is King George the 2nd and I am 35 years old.

I live in my wonderful colony that everybody calls GEORGIA, land of beautiful farming, mountains, rivers, and more. It is the year of 1743, and in 15 years that I have been living here, now I am starting to see the good changes in my colony. For example; one good change was that there is now religious freedom for those of you that would like to practice your religion without being disturbed, and a bad change would be that this is now a place for poor people would come into prison after not being able to pay their fines that they owe. I am a really lucky man because all I have to do is make sure my government is nice and organized. My job is like I said to take care of my government really well and to make sure it is neat and organized, and a little bit of organizing the prison.

2. Who are you? Name, age? My name is King George the 2nd, and I am 35 years old.

7. What are your jobs, or duties?

1. Perspective: The founder.

3. What colony do you live in? I live In Georgia.

5. What is good about living in your colony? What is unfair? The good thing is that my colony has religious freedom. The bad thing is that it has become a prison.

4. What year is it? It is 1732.

6. What is your life like? Why? I am a really lucky man because I really dont have to do anything except organize my government.