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September, 2012



for just about everyone! The October show is our Double Qualifier, and usually the busiest!! PLEASE email to fill a slot for the club! Also, keep in mind.... if you intend to be eligible for 2012 Year End Awards you must have at least 2 volunteer points! USDF Region III Championships are October 4-7 in Fairburn, Georgia. Several NFDA members have qualified and although not everyone is going... it is important to recognize those members who have made USDF Regionals 2012 a reality. Many of these horse and rider teams have qualified in multiple classes and even multiple divisions. We will be sharing all results on Facebook as well as in the October newsletter. Good Luck to everyone going, travel safely and CONGRATULATIONS to all who have qualified! Many members are making the trip to cheer for our riders! Thanks to everyone who supports those of us who are riding; be it parents, husbands, friends, family... we appreciate all of you! Emily Merritt and Noah Taylor Ruth and Millie Kirsten Prince and Battle Plan Marge Savage and Willow's Dream Mary M. O'Brien and Watch Me M Brian MacMahon and Kalihari Sandy Lucas and Peron's Paris Julie Quintrall and Adiemus Suzanne Graham and Femi Maggie Selbert and Kaviar Mary Ann Callahan and Prime Rate Lynnette Wadsworth and Wietze G Mary M. O'Brien and Winsome Kate Johnson and Seattle Chief Keep in mind that the Dressage On The First Coast Show in December is an EARLY show to get in a score for USDF Regionals 2013! Currently set for the first weekend in December...set your goals NOW for 2013! This time of year is always a little hectic, but one


Kates Corner


What an amazing kick off to the Fall Series! We had two full rings, as well as our first two Western Dressage participants and a hugely successful Combined Test! This show took more leg work in organizing ride times, ring set-up, filling volunteer spots, and it came together in a way that was EXTREMELY SPECIAL! Michelle, Steve, Jill A. and Libby teamed like a band of champions! Steve is a pro and has an amazing way of organizing ride times and honoring the special requests. Jill and Michelle were great at managing stall assignments, and Michelle was amazing with the timely ring drags which made the footing quite lovely from Friday to the last ride on Saturday! Jill quarter-backed the jump ring set-up, course design, and management of all Combined Test participants. Libby was amazing and "on it" when it came to posting scores and running the days operations from the booth and organizing results at the end of the day! The show was a huge success, with many new participants vowing to be back for October! THANK YOU TO THE SHOW MANAGEMENT TEAM!!! As the NFDA shows grow in participant numbers Sarah Lake is charged with filling more volunteer slots. Sarah is an amazing coordinator of our forces with great communication before the event and she always has a "Plan B" (which usually involves her filling a vacant spot). We could NOT grow our shows without Sarah's diligent work and commitment to her role as Volunteer Coordinator. She truly has one of the toughest jobs in NFDA! PLEASE, when that e-mail comes through asking for volunteers DO NOT DELETE IT. If our club is going to continue to thrive and grow, we need everyone to pitch in. It was great to see everyone pitching in at the show Saturday, people not riding, kids, kids with friends, participants volunteering around rides, many of us pinch hitting when needed. Keep in mind that there are jobs for everyone! Anyone with children needing community service hours.... we will find jobs that fit

last thing.... please cast your vote for the 2013 NFDA Board of Directors; you will see brief Bios from all nominees in this newsletter as well as a ballot. All ballots should be e-

mailed to Lisa Beardsley at by October 30th. This is a very important time for NFDA and your chance to vote for leadership. We will announce the 2013 Board of Directors at the November 17th Championship Show. Thanks to you ALL, so very much, for everything each and every one of you does and do to make NFDA such a great organization, and one of which I am so proud to be a part! See you on the Centerline! ~Kate

Listen to your GUT!

More than 70% of your entire immune system is based in your gut. If your gut is healthy there is a good chance that you are healthy as well. How many supplement pills can you pop? Would you rather work with your doctor to determine where your body deficiencies are and then see what foods you can eat instead of rattling with pills? Lets break the nutrition table down. Vitamin D and Calcium Both are important in bone formation. Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight exposure. High calcium foods include kale, broccoli, collard greens, and fortified soymilk & orange juice. Also Shitake mushrooms.

By Maria Barton
and lignums, which may help prevent cancer. Vitamin D and Calcium Vitamin D and calcium are important in bone formation. Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight exposure. Vegans who get little sunlight, or those who live at high altitudes, should take a vitamin D supplement, or consume fortified soymilk or rice milk. Vegans should also get 3 servings of high calcium foods each day, such as kale, broccoli, collard greens, and fortified soymilk & orange juice. Sauerkraut Made from fermented cabbage (as well as other vegetables), sauerkraut is not only extremely rich in healthy live cultures, but also aids in reducing allergy symptoms. Sauerkraut is also rich in vitamins B, A, E and C. Microalgae This refers to super-food oceanbased plants such as spirulina, chorella, and blue-green algae. These probiotic foods have been shown to increase the amount of both Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria in the digestive tract. They also offer the most amount of energetic return, per ounce, for the human system. Tempeh A great substitute for meat or tofu, tempeh is a fermented, probiotic-rich grain made from soy beans. A great source of vitamin B12, this vegetarian food can be sauted, baked or eaten crumbled on salads. If prepared correctly, tempeh is also very low in salt, which makes it an ideal choice for those on a low-sodium diet.

Zinc Roasted pumpkin and Squash seeds about a cup is 6.6mg of zinc. Dried watermelon seeds about a cup Protein raw nuts, Tempeh, portabella is 11mgof zinc. Cocoa powder 5.4mg mushrooms, Beans (27% protein) len- per cup. Roasted Peanuts 39 peatils (36%), chickpeas (33%), peas nuts= 1.9mg. 1 cup of Wheat Germ de(30%), and kale (22%) provide the livers approx 19mg of zinc. Sprinkle on greatest opportunity to acquire microsalads, in soups, rice, steamed vegetanutrients packaged with protein. Use bles. higher protein vegetables like spinach, kale, lentils, broccoli, beans and peas Legumes: 2 or more servings per day in each meal or recipe. And for a nutri- group includes beans, peas, lentils, tempeh, tofu, & meat/dairy substitutes. ent-rich breakfast, consider starting source of fiber, protein, iron, calcium, your day with a smoothie made with zinc, and B vitamins. bananas, blueberries, kale, spinach, Vegetables: 3 or more servings per day strawberries and fresh almond milk. Approximately 51% of the calories from group includes broccoli, collards, kale, spinach are protein. 1 cup almond milk carrots, & sweet potatoes. source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, riboflavin, provides 1 gram of protein. iron, calcium, & fiber. Fruit: 3 or more servings per day Iodine - can be readily obtained from kelp. Daily allowance for adults 150group includes citrus fruits, melons, 299 micrograms (mcg). Iodized salt berries, bananas & apples. source of loses the iodine when cooked. Excess fiber, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. Iodine can result in a thyroid issue. Whole Grains: 6-11 servings per day group includes bread, rice, pasta, hot or cold cereal, corn, millet, barley, bulgur, Iron- whole unsprouted grain cereals rich in iron like Special K, 2 tablebuckwheat, oats, and tortillas. source of spoons of Blackstrap molasses have fiber, complex carbohydrates, protein, B 7.2 mg, 1 cup Cooked Lentils 6.6mg, 1 vitamins and zinc. cup cooked spinach 6.4mg, 1 cup Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is produced cooked Quinoa 6.3mg, 1 cup sprouted by bacteria commonly found in the bodies of animals. Vegetables are not reliasoybean (Tempeh) 4.8mg. ble sources of B12. Vegetarians should Omega 3 Fatty Acids include reliable sources of B12 in their These essential fats can be found in diet by consuming a multi-vitamin, a walnuts, canola oil, pumpkin seeds, B12 supplement, or foods fortified with dark green leafy vegetables and flax B12. seeds. Spirulina containing Omega 3 nutrients, including B complex vitamins, Omega 3 Fatty Acids beta-carotene, vitamin E, manganese, Most people consume too much fat, but zinc, copper, iron, selenium, and gam- few people get enough of the healthy ma linoleic acid Omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fats can be found in walnuts, canola oil, Vitamin B12 and flax seeds. For maximum absorpVegetables are not reliable sources of tion, flax seeds should be ground up in B12. 2 rounded teaspoons of nutritional a blender or coffee grinder, then added yeast provides the recommended to smoothies or sprinkled on top of othamount of B12 for an average adult. er foods. Flax seeds are also rich in protein, potassium, magnesium, boron,

Maria Barton is a long time resident of Jacksonville, FL. She is actively involved with volunteering her time. Youll catch her at a NFDA show, helping her sister-in-law, Heather Rodney.


Congratulations go to Anne Ramsay, owner of the stallion, Freedom, whom qualified handily and was among the top 15 horses in the 5 Year Old Developing Horse National Championships held August 24 26, 2012 in Illinois. Freedom came in third out of a class of 14, which is quite a feat. The top six are invited to attend the World 5 Year Old Championships, held in Germany. Freedom was also the high point, U.S. bred horse in this national championship. NFDA is PROUD and HAPPY for Freedom and Anne!

Online Registration and Payment Processing is now available through the NFDA website
We are happy to announce that online registration and payment processing is available for the following Association activities.

Schooling Shows Initial Membership Annual Membership Renewal Special Events NFDA Logo Gear

Payments will be processed through our PayPal account, which will require you to set up a user account with them. Once you have an account, you may use a PayPal account or the credit card of your choice to make payment. Please visit the website to view these new options: Schooling Shows: Initial Membership: Annual Membership Renewal (same as above): membership-application--renewal-2012.html Special Events: NFDA Logo Gear:

Points are as of September 15, 2012. To qualify for Year End Awards, please remember that you must have 2 points on the books by the end of the year.


Total points 2012


Ambergy, Steve & Jill Argus, Kara Beardsley, Lisa Belcher, Carolyn Brooks, Shantel Cesery, Barbara Cook, Kathee Cordes, Anne Cramer, Christine Davenport, Marianne Dennis, Linda Dunn, Chris Dunn, Dale Elder, Pat Ellmaker, Carol Gould, Beth Grafe, Birgite Hart, Debbie Hayes, Sarah Heilmann, Lynn Holmberg, Jenny Holmberg, Linda Johnson, Kate Kirkpatrick, Anna Larson, Dena

11 6 5.5 2 15 1 1 1 3 1 5 2 2 4 5 3 3 2 3 1 12 7 2.5 5 1


Total points 2012

Maletz, Barbara Martin, Terry McLane, Dawn McNally, Debbie Moore, Martha Morris, Jill Moxon, Denises O'Brien, Mary Olsen, Roxanna Paul, Mary Prince, Pam Rodney, Heather Rogers, Lee Ann Rowland, Erika Royce, Janet Savage, Marge Smith, Scheryl Spurgeon, Libby Steerling, Amy Stockdale, Annie Taylor-Kirk, Gwen Turner, Barbara Upchurch, Elizabeth Velasco, Michelle Wadsworth, Lynnette Whitfield, Diane

1 3 6 3 2 4 4 3 3 1 1 15 2 6 8 3.5 1 4 2 0.5 2 6 1 11 9 1

Its time to get your Ghoul on! October 20th Clay County Agricultural Center Dressage ShowDouble Qualifier
(Get BOTH scores needed for CHAMPIONSHIPS!)

WESTERN DRESSAGE Combined Training **Halloween COSTUME CONTESTFREE** Time to dress up yourself AND your Equine Partner Best Costume Most Original Most Creative ...and so MANY MORE!
(Please notate the Costume Class in the Comments section of the Entry Form)

______ Kate Johnson

Vice President:
_______ Shantel Brooks

Ballots Due October 30, 2012

________ Heather Rodney

________ Carol Ellmaker

Members at Large (choose 2 please):

_________ Lynnette Wadsworth _________ Julie Quintrall

All current NFDA Members are eligible to vote. Please complete your ballot and forward to Lisa Beardsley at, or via U.S. Postal Mail: 13823 Saxon Lake Dr Jacksonville, FL 32225

We were blessed to have the help of Chris and Dale Dunn as well as Teri Rehkopf in our efforts, so I was not a total "stranger" when we all moved to Jacksonville 5 years ago. Since then, I have competed Seattle Chief in both schooling and rated dressage shows, and Stormy and I show in the Jumper ring and have been to Rocking Horse. They are my "kids" and the adventures continue! I am honored to be nominated to the position of President for another term. THANK YOU! I have thoroughly enjoyed my first term as NFDA president and hope that year #2 will be even more rewarding. Many of you know me, and my equine partners, but for those of you that are new to NFDA let me share a little bit about myself. I have ridden... well.... "since I knew myself". I grew up in Maine and am a graduate B of the US Pony Club. I was blessed with wonderful horses and a wonderful trainer with whom I still ride when I am visiting my parents. After I graduated from Bowdoin College I moved to St John in the USVI where I was hired as an Archaeologist for the National Park Service. After a year, and realizing that job was not going to pay the bills, I got into Restaurant Management/Start -Up and Property Management. In 2003, after finding a great group of horse women on St Thomas, we began to realize that there was desperate need for an equine welfare organization in the USVI. This lead to the birth of VICCTRE (Virgin Islands Community Cooperative Thoroughbred Retirement Effort pronounced "victory"). In my last 4 years in the VI, myself and a strong team of volunteers were able to rescue, rehabilitate, retrain, and relocate/re-home over 35 unwanted, abused, neglected and/or injured equines. I was fortunate to find both my amazing horses through this crazy journey. In my personal life, many of you know that I got the surprise of a life time last year at Regionals when Danny proposed at the end of my dressage test in front of a CROWD! We just bought a house in St Augustine and will be moving in the next few weeks. We share the home with his son Adam, our two amazing dogs, and cat (thinks he's a dog). We also signed up for the Breast Cancer 1/2 marathon in February (YIKES)! In closing, we have had a great 2012 with a very successful Spring Series and so far AMAZING energy and participation around the Fall Series. The expansions that NFDA has experienced in 2012 are nothing short of remarkable. It really is a team effort and I feel blessed that the Officers and Board of Directors is such a great group of people. We have wonderful committee chairs, and of course there are not enough THANK YOUS for the volunteers who are really the breath of the organization. We have taken the Social Media world by storm, revitalized the NFDA store, hosted a summer member event, and added western dressage and combined test to our prize list. 2012 was a BLAST... BRING ON 2013!!

My name is Shantel Brooks and I am requesting support and nomination for Vice President of NFDA 2013-2014. I have been riding horses since I could walk, thanks to my Aunt. Horses have always been a huge part of my life and at 28, I have never out grown it. I have been riding seriously since I was 13 years old, starting with jumpers and eventually, in 2004, switching strictly to dressage. Layla and I have successfully shown up through First Level and in 2007, I purchased my up and coming dressage partner, Rex. I was finally able to take him to our first show in May after dealing with many injuries with long set backs. I have been an active member of the club since 2008, serving as Secretary, Co-Chair for the Awards committee, organizing our Year End Awards Banquet for the last 3 years, and served as Vice President for 2012. My goal is to help our club help YOU, our members. Without active and happy members, our club cannot be successful in giving you the opportunity to achieve and exceed your goals and enhance your experiences both on and off your horse.

With the excitement of the newsletter, it was decided to enter the USDF

GMO Newsletter Competition for the

2012 fiscal year. Two articles were submitted in August to USDF in consideration for these awards. Winners and Honorable Mentions will be announced during the Board of Governors meeting at the USDF National Convention in New Orleans, LA, December 5 9, 2012. Keep your fingers crossed for NFDA and watch our Facebook Page during the convention....LIVE reporting will be on tap! Personally, 2012 has been a beginning for me, equestrian wise. Paddington McGhee, my goober of a Clydesdale/TB cross gelding, came into my life. We have gone from bucking, bolting and throwing shoulders to making strides in the mid-60s in Intro Level! Its been extremely fun and most definitely, rewarding. I couldnt have made the improvements and be where we are today, had it not been for the amazing friendships and connections I have made through NFDA. So many ideas are abound for 2013! I look forward to sharing them, implementing many and rolling all out to NFDA! I ask for your vote to be your Secretary once again, for 2013. I promise it will be AMAZING, COLOR-

WOW what a YEARNFDA has had for 2012! THANK YOUfor allowing me to be a part of such an amazing and evergrowing group of fantastic riders, volunteers, friends, family members and, most importantly, horses. This past year I was honored to be your Secretary and Newsletter Editor. The Board allowed me to make changes and tweak the existing newsletter that had been used in the past. General interest articles, nutritional information, clinic pages, personal experiences, show recaps and a classifieds section were launched, along with a new look. We made some ground getting our name out in the equestrian community and found other dressage associations reaching out to NFDA for services, such as having their clinics advertised (Guenter Seidel, May 2012). As well, we were able to fully show our gratitude of major sponsors by including full page ads in the newsletter each month (Land Rover). The classifieds section is searchable on the web, garnering interest from riders all over the country (place an ad...if someone searches any key word that is in your ad they find OUR ads!!)! Its been amazingly FUNto see the newsletter grow so much this year!

FUL and FULL of MANY surprises!

farm two years ago thanks to knowing a mutual dressage friend from West Palm. Miss Tee foundered before we moved from West Palm Beach but I brought her back and was just getting her fit when I had to sell her. Have been training with Kathy Daly riding Michelle Velascos Chancey and am finally getting my riding skills down after years of putting all of my resources into training green horses. It is the joy of my life to have met all of the wonderful horse women in this area and I love having the opportunity to run for Treasurer. I look forward to meeting more of the members of this wonderful organization. Qualifications for the Treasurer position include my accounting and finance skills from all of my jobs in the last thirty years. I have also been an active member of many boards, including the American Society of Women Accountants where I served for four years; a running club called the Palm Beach Runners where I served for seven years and was a member for over twenty years; and was a member of the Palm Beach Planning Congress, a social networking group of land planners and senior level government engineers who worked for Palm Beach County, water managers with South Florida Water Management District, local private civil engineers, and architects for over twenty years. Was on their board for five years and was Treasurer for three of those years.

Thank you for the opportunity to run for Treasurer of NFDA. I am a Floridian, born in Miami but raised in Jacksonville/Orange Park. Have a BA in Spanish from Stetson University, Deland, FL and also a BS in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL. I have loved horses from the moment I opened my eyes but was unable to participate in equine activities on a regular basis until I moved to West Palm Beach in my early twenties. Rode school horses for a just developing community called Wellington. Rode in mock hunts, rode polo ponies, and worked for the developers of this community. When Bill Ylvisaker, CEO of Gould, Inc., brought polo to Wellington, the horse world of show jumping and dressage followed, exploded, and the rest is history. Twelve years ago I purchased my first horse, a three year old grey Hanoverian/Dutch Warmblood mare who taught me everything I know. She was very difficult and wanted perfection that I could not give her but taught me that if I listen and patiently accept, I will learn. She had some confirmation issues that kept her from being comfortable as a horse under saddle so I sold her as a brood mare after eight years and she is happy to fulfill the only role she ever wanted. My second horse was a grey quarter horse mare that I moved to Babette Grzyboskis

Hi, I am Lynnette Wadsworth and I am running for board member at large. I have been an active member of NFDA since 1999 and have served as board member at large, volunteer coordinator, and membership chairperson. My riding has taken me to USDF recognized shows , as well as NFDA schooling shows and I have competed as an adult amateur from training level through Intermediate II. My latest endeavor is Goldbar Freestyles, where I have designed freestyles for many NFDA members and even hosted a freestyle clinic at my home in Double Bridges Equestrian Community, which was also the location of our summer clinic with Agnes Billington. Its exciting to see all the new faces at NFDA events and I hope we also encourage our veteran members to stay active and enjoy the benefits of NFDA membership. I would like to see the club encourage more clinics and learning opportunities and reward the members who reach out beyond schooling shows and compete in the sanctioned USDF shows. I look forward to working with NFDA members who enjoy the life of loving their animals and in particular, their horses!

have garnered qualifying scores in Training Level for Regionals this year! Adiemus and I are in a training program with Maria Hallet of Hallet Training in Citra, FL. I have been riding and volunteering for the past four years, predominantly with dressage. I have volunteered as a scribe for NFDA shows, worked for Orlando Dressage as a scribe and ring steward and have worked with 3* events as a cross country jump judge, vet box assistant and show jumping setter. I have personally ridden in schooling and recognized shows. My profession as a respiratory therapist gives me the experience on how to identify potential problems and look for effective solutions as a team member and to work towards a common goal. I see NFDA growing as an organization; becoming a pinnacle in the Dressage world an organization that others look to for benchmarking, assistance and knowledge. I ask for your vote to be on the Board of NFDA to bring this great organization further on its amazing journey.

My name is Julie Quintrall. I am running for the position of Member at Large within the NFDA Board. Riding has been in my blood ever since I was a child. Unfortunately, my family was not able to afford lessons during my youth. I found myself living vicariously through riders seen on TV, video and in person at festivals and shows. It was my dream to ride, one day. Fast forward to 2008...and I found myself working at a barn three days a week, which enabled me to ride an Appaloosa mare two days each week. I continued this for 6 months, at which time, I felt I could learn and improve much more if I just had my own horse. One night, quite late, I typed in the search menu of Craigslist Gelding...and Voila Free Horse. In March, 2009, I became the proud owner of Adiemus (his story is featured in the June/July NFDA Newsletter Free Horse). He is my rock and holds my heart. We have been through many, MANY trials and tribulations in the past years. Hard work most DEFINITELY pays off and we

The Official NFDA Store is NOW OPEN!

Introducing our first item the NFDA Hat! Be proud and share your Association LOVE by wearing this very comfortable, durable cap. Great for days when the sun is beating down at the barn, hiding that lovely helmet hair (we ALL get it!!! HAHAHAHA) and showing your NFDA Spirit! Cost: $12/each (+$5/shipping)

NFDA Store

You can purchase a hat on our website!

New Items will be coming shortly! Check next months newsletter for details!

SERVICES Personalized, bead embroidered stock pins. You pick the picture and colorsI do the rest. Starting at $30. Heather Rodney or 904-2942563. 17" adjustable tree king saddle, with new billets, am asking $950 firm. The seat rides larger than 17". Contact Michelle Velasco at



AD DEADLINE: Payment and/or order must be received by 25th of preceding month. QUESTIONS: Heather Rodney (904) 294-2563 cell or CLASSIFIED AD RATES NFDA members: First 50 words free (email to by 25th). Additional words at 5 cents per word. Payment must accompany order for ads over 50 words. Non-members: 5 cents per word. Payment must accompany order. Note: Classified ads run for 2 months (see months listed in brackets at the end of your ad). To renew, notify us by email to by the 25th of the preceding month (e.g., Jan 25 for Feb issue).

13 yr., gray, registered American Warmblood mare for sale. She is qualified through 2nd Level, trained through third. APPAREL Perfect for an AA or junior rider. Must 9 1/2 Petrie Dressage Boots. Style Sell! $3500. Call 3000. These boots are barely broLea at 229-251ken in. Sell new for $547. Will sell 3310.

for $250. Jill Morris TACK 17.5 Passier Antares Dressage Saddle Medium tree, very good condition. Does have a few surface scratches from a barn cat. E-mail for pics. $800 Jill Morris 17 Wintec Isabell with CAIR. Sold with Medium gullet plate. Saddle only used maybe 2 dozen times. Excellent condition. $650 Jill Morris Horses


DISPLAY AD RATES: Two sizes only 17.5 TouBusiness card size (3.5"x2"): louse Aachen $10 / month. $120 for 12 issues Dressage SadFull page: $45 / month or dleMedium annual rate $450 prepaid Tree. One Check must accompany scratch on order cantle. $500 Ads must be submitted in OBO. Heather Rodney rprinelectronic format to SPONSOR ADS: Businesses that offer NFDA members a 10% discount get a free business-card size ad. Ad must be submitted in electronic format, and contain the words "10% Discount for NFDA Members. MAIL CHECKS TO: Heather Rodney, NFDA Ads, 804 Hickory Knolls Drive, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043. Make checks payable to NFDA. 18 M Amerigo Cortina Dressage Saddle4 years old. Contact Shantel Brooks 904-334-3479 or

This pony really is a scopey little jumper and is GAME ON! My college kid took her to Rocking Horse last year and kicked butt! All blues against the eventing kids. Kate is 15 years young and has been shown locally - extensively very solid citizen and child friendly. She is sound barefoot (I have good footing not so good footing may require shoes). Since I quit teaching she is not being ridden (only when my daughter is home, on school break). She must go before she founders, colics or both (kidding I hope).... SHE IS SO FAT I am literally feeding her only 1/4 flake coastal hay at night thats it. She is currently living off Gods Green Earth. Price is $3500 (really pretty firm this is a good pony). Please contact Annie at


October 2012
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat





Do you have your Costume READY??



















28 STRIDE Show Ocala





PRESIDENT: Kate Johnson VICE PRESIDENT: Shantel Brooks TREASURER: Michelle Velasco SECRETARY: Heather Rodney Board Members: Anna Kirkpatrick Linda Holmberg Barbara Turner Carolyn Belcher Martha Moore

804 Hickory Knolls Drive Green Cove Springs, FL 32043


Show Dates are: 9/15/12, 10/20/12, 11/17/12 Clay County Agricultural Center

Closing Dates: Postmarked 2 weeks prior to show Sept: Heather Stalker & TBA, Oct: Brian McMahon, & TBA, Nov: Charlotte Trentelman & TBA

October is the DOUBLE QUALIFIER!! Welcome to our 2012 Fall Schooling Show Series. NFDA is pleased to be able to offer our 2012 Fall Schooling Show Series with our new Team Competition per show!! We encourage everyone to participate as a competitor, volunteer and/or spectator. Our Series Champions will be awarded a fabulous prize and Champion Ribbons. For more information and series rules, please see the NFDA Schooling Show Series Entry Information included in this prize list. Please note that NFDA Schooling Shows will follow the USEF Dressage Competition Rules. Certain rules have been exempted - for specific exemptions, please contact the show secretary. Each competitor is responsible for knowing the rules and a complete rulebook is available on line at: . Good Luck and thank you for supporting our shows. NFDA SCHOOLING SHOW SERIES ENTRY INFORMATION Dressage classes are $15.00 NFDA and S.T.R.I.D.E. members/$20.00 nonmembers. Dressage-Seat Equitation is $10.00. NO REFUNDS AFTER CLOSING DATE FOR ANY REASON! ALL ENTRIES MUST BE POSTMARKED BY THE CLOSING DATE. Any entry postmarked after the closing date will be charged a $25.00 late fee if your rides are scheduled. If membership for NFDA accompanies the entry, then entries will be at membership price. Please send a separate check for membership dues. DO NOT include dues with entry fees. Thank you! Stabling Fee - $35.00, Stalls will be available after 12 noon on Friday Shavings are available for purchase for $8.00 per bag. Indicate on your entry form how many bags you wish to purchase and include in your payment.) Non-stabling fee $20 (only paid if no stall is reserved) Office Fee - $15.00 Mandatory Championship Qualifying Fee - $5.00 Show grounds open at 12:00 pm on Friday afternoon. The gates will be locked prior to this time. Six ribbons in each class. High Point ribbons for Amateur, Open and Junior. Junior and Open riders will be scored and placed separately if there are two or more in a class. Intro tests may be in a small arena. ASTM approved helmets are MANDATORY for Jr. riders and strongly recommended for adults. All dogs MUST be leashed while on show grounds. Concession stand on grounds. No ride times will be assigned unless proof of negative coggins, appropriate show fees, & release have been received by show secretary by the closing date (two weeks before the show date). Ride times will be available on line at: .

Day Show Manager Jill Amburgey Show Secretary: Steven and Jill Amburgey 657-1009, 657-1012 Email: or NEW CLASSES ADDED! Check out the list!

SERIES RULES: You must participate in 2 of the 3 shows. 3 Scores from the same division are needed in order to be eligible. One of these scores MUST be from the highest test of your division (Intro B and Test 3 Training through 4th level). Equitation and Freestyle classes only need 2 scores for the series. Team Competition: Here are the rules! Declare your four-member team prior to the start of each show, each team member must declare which test will be used for the team competition prior to the start of the show, each team can have only one Open rider and/or Intro test ridden, the low score of each team will be dropped and the remaining three averaged; and the team with the highest average score wins. Entry fee is $20/team and team members and fees can be paid up until the start of the show. Ribbons will be awarded. Combined Test Levels: Minimum number of entries MUST be received in order for combined test classes to be held. The Cost of the combined tests: $35 for members and $45 for non members. Pre-Amoeba Test to be ridden - USDF Intro A, Stadium - Ground Poles all fences must be trotted, no cantering permitted; Beginner Amoeba: Test to be ridden - USDF Intro B, Stadium - 18"crossrails all fences must be trotted, no cantering permitted; Amoeba: Test to be ridden - USDF Intro C, Stadium - 18" verticals all fences may be trotted or cantered; Tadpole: Test to be ridden USDF Training 1, Stadium - 2': Oxers may be used, No Combinations; Frog: 2010 USEA Beginner Novice A, Stadium - 2'3": Oxers and Combinations (In and Out) may be used; Beginner Novice: 2010 USEA Beginner Novice Test B, Stadium - 2'6" - Oxers and Combinations (In and Out) may be used; Novice: 2010 USEA Novice Test A, Stadium - 3' Oxers and Combinations (In and Out); Training 2010 USEA Training Test A, Stadium - 3'3" Oxers and Combinations (In and Out); Preliminary 2010 USEA Preliminary Test A, Stadium - 3'6" - Oxers and Combinations (In and Out) Six Ribbons awarded. Dressage Suitability in Hand: This is an in hand class where the horse/ pony will be judged on conformation, manners, way of going, and overall suitability as a dressage mount. Horses may be shown on the triangle at the judges discretion. Six Ribbons awarded. Dressage Suitability Walk/Trot: This is a flat class where the horse will be judged on way of going, manners, and suitability as a dressage mount. Horses will be asked to walk and trot on the rail in both directions. Six ribbons will be awarded. Dressage Suitability Walk/Trot/Canter: This is a flat class where the horse will be judged on way of going, manners, and suitability as a dressage mount. Horses will be asked to walk, trot, and canter on the rail in both directions. Six ribbons will be awarded. Class Limitations: Horses and ponies may only enter a certain number of riding classes per the NFDA rules. Horses may enter one combined test and an additional dressage test for a total of three rides. Suitability (In hand and riding) classes are not subject to this rule. Please email the show secretary if you have questions. Jump heights will be set for a specific time frame. It is the responsibility of the rider to complete their stadium course within the published time frames. Fence heights will NOT vary from published times. No refunds are issued for any reason once closing date is reached. Other classes: NFDA is offering Western Dressage TOC, Para-Equestrian TOC and USEA TOC classes this Fall. IF you are entering one of these classes, PLEASE bring multiple copies of the test you will be riding (for the judge). Information can be found on the following websites: Western Dressage: Para-Equestrian: USEA Tests:

Closing Date : 2 weeks prior to show ONE HORSE/ONE RIDER PER ENTRY FORM NO RIDE TIMES ASSIGNED WTIHOUT ENTRY FEES & PROOF OF NEGATIVE COGGINS BY THE CLOSING DATE! Circle which show you are entering: 9/15/12 10/20/12 11/17/12 Circle the appropriate status: Amateur Open (Professional) Junior Rider (18 and under) Rider:____________________________________________________________ Horse:_________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________City:_____________State:_____Zip:_______ Phone: ______________________________________Owners Name:_________________________________________ Email Address:_______________________________________________________________________________________

2012 Fall Schooling Show Series Show Entry Form

CLASS SCHEDULE: (Please circle desired classes below) PLEASE READ CLASS SPECIFICATIONS Dressage Seat Equitation Dressage Suitability In Hand Dressage Suitability Walk/Trot Dressage Suitability Walk/Trot/Canter Combined Test Entry (descriptions can be found in class specifications) Pre-Amoeba Beginner Amoeba Amoeba Tadpole Frog Beginner Novice Novice Training Preliminary Introductory: Test A Test B Test C Test BQ Training Level: Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 3Q First Level: Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 3Q Second Level: Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 3Q Third Level: Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 3Q Fourth Level: Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 3Q List Test above Fourth Level / Musical Freestyle: ______________________________________ Championship Qualifying Class:(must be highest test in a Level except Introductory where the test will be B select the Q from the above list). ________ # of NFDA Dressage classes x $15 (mem) or $20 (non-mem) $_________ Dressage Equitation and Suitability Classes $10.00 each $_________ Combined Test Entry $35 (members) or $45 (non-members) $_________ Office Fee (mandatory) $15.00: $__15.00__ Grounds Fee: $20.00 per horse (no grounds fee if stall purchased) $_________ Championship Qualifying Fee ($5.00) $_________ Stabling: $35 $_________ Shavings: $8 per bag X __________ bags $_________ Late Fee: $15 (added by secretary) $_________ Team Entry Fee $20 $_________ Total Amount Enclosed: (Payable to NFDA): $_________ Please stable me with:_______________________________________(list barn, trainer or other rider) Yes, I would like to earn my volunteer points by volunteering this show as a: ______________________________________________________________________________________ (List ring set up/tear down, ring steward, scorer, scribe, runner, etc) Please list any special requests: ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________

List your team members and riding level of each: Team Name: _____________________________ 1. _________________________________ 3. ______________________________________ 2. _________________________________ 4. ______________________________________ Please send the Signed Release, Completed Entry Form, Completed Check & Current Coggins to: NFDA, c/o Steven Amburgey PO BOX 463, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

Please sign and return the release below!

RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST SIGN THE FOLLOWING RELEASE: I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, and anyone entitled to act in my behalf, release and discharge The Northeast Florida Dressage Association, Inc., Jacksonville Equestrian Center, their owners, managers, directors, officials, agents, employees, members and volunteers from any and all claims of injury, of liabilities of any kind, illness or damage suffered by me as a result of my participation, or traveling to or from this event. Furthermore, the above named association and facility is not responsible for any person or horse stabled on the grounds prior to one hour before the official show time. I know that horseback riding is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not ride unless I am medically able. I agree to abide by the decisions of my instructor and stable officials relative to my ability to safely ride. I assume all risk associated with this event including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, the effect of weather (including high heat and humidity), conditions of the stable property, all such risk being known and appreciated by me. I realize that riding is strenuous and requires proper training. I hereby certify that I am in such physical condition and good health. WARNING Under Florida Law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities from the inherent risks of equine activities. Signed: Participant: ___________________________________________ Date:_________________ Jr. Riders Birth date: ________________ Legal Guardian: _______________________________________________________ (if Participant is under 18 years of age)


1. Members of NFDA are eligible to submit scores for awards within the following guidelines: a. The awards year runs from December 1st to November 30th. You must be a member of NFDA at the time the scores are earned. b. Each horse/rider combination shall be considered as a team. c. All scores submitted MUST be from an NFDA show, schooling or recognized. d. A horse/rider combination winning a Year-End Championship at any given level and division (Junior, Adult Amateur, Vintage or Open) are eligible to compete at the same level/division the following year. It is not necessary to move up a level. However, if a rider/horse combination wins the same level and division Year-End Championship in two consecutive years, they are no longer eligible to compete at that level or division or at a lower level for a Year-End Award. The only exception is if the rider/horse team is the only one in the level/division. e. Adult Amateur, Vintage and Open riders must have earned 2 volunteer credits to qualify. Junior members need to have 1 volunteer credit. Volunteer credits must be earned by November 30 of the awards year. f. There are 4 Divisions: Junior Riders (18 and under), Adult Amateur Riders (19-49 years of age), Vintage Riders (50 years of age or older) and Open Riders (riders who meet the USEF definition of Open Rider or other riders who choose to participate in this category) Dressage Awards Program: 1) All levels will be awarded Champion through Tenth place. 2) Scores must be submitted to the Awards Chairman by December 1st. The fronts of score sheets MUST be photocopied and the following information MUST be included: horses name, rider, date, score, name of show, and judges signature. If scores are submitted by Vintage or Junior riders, the front of tests MUST reflect this (rider is to print Vintage or Junior on the form) information 3) Year-end scores will be computed as follows: Introductory through Second level: submit 6 scores from a NFDA Schooling or Recognized show. One score MUST be from the highest test from that level. Example: Training 3, First 3, Second 3 (exception Intro B will be used as the highest test for the Intro level.) The highest and lowest scores are thrown out and the remaining 4 scores are added then divided by 4 to reach the riders average score. If the rider only submits one score from the highest test and that score is the highest or lowest of all 6, that score cannot be discarded. Rider must have a minimum average score of 55% to be eligible for an award. Third through Fourth Levels: submit 5 scores from a NFDA Schooling or Recognized show. One score must be from the highest test of the level. Scores are computed the same as Intro through Second. Rider must have a minimum average score of 55% to be eligible for an award. FEI Levels: submit 3 scores from a NFDA Schooling or Recognized show. All 3 scores are used to determine the average score of the rider. Rider must have a minimum average score of 52% to be eligible for an award. Freestyles and Pas de Deux: submit 3 scores from a NFDA Schooling or Recognized show. All 3 scores are used to determine the average score of the rider(s). Freestyle awards are given with no discrimination as to age (junior, adult or vintage) or status (open vs. amateur). Rider(s) must have a minimum average score of 55% to be eligible for an award. Equitation: submit 3 scores from a NFDA Schooling or Recognized show. All 3 scores are used to determine the average score. Rider must have a minimum average score of 55% to be eligible for an award. Equitation awards are given across the levels with no discrimination as to specific levels (First through FEI) or status (open vs. amateur). There is an adult and a junior category. Rider must have a minimum average score of 55% to be eligible for an award. NORTHEAST FLORIDA DRESSAGE ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW PROGRAM RULES 1) The Northeast Florida Dressage Championships (NFDC) is organized by the NFDA, a Group Member Organization of the USDF. 2) The Championship show will be held at the last NFDA Schooling Show of the year. 3) Championship classes will be offered at each level in 3 divisions: Open, Adult Amateur and Junior Rider.

4) If there are not sufficient entries in the Upper Levels (Second, Third and Fourth Levels), The NFDC will offer a Challenge Cup for this group of riders. Riders participating in the Challenge Cup will ride the highest test of their respective level in the Challenge Cup Class and will compete against each other. Highest score will be awarded the Challenge Cup. 5) In order to qualify for the NFDC, you must be a member of the NFDA, STRIDE or SWDEA at the time qualifying scores are earned and at the time of the Championships. 6) Horse/rider combinations which have won a NFDC title may no longer compete in an NFDC competition in that division, at that level or a lower level. The only 2 exceptions are the Grand Prix level or if the year the horse/rider combination won the Championships, there was no other combination at that level. 7) To qualify for the NFDC, horse/rider combinations must earn a total of 2 qualifying scores from 2 different judges. Qualifying Scores are as follows: Intro & Training Level: Junior and Adult Amateur: 2 scores of 60% or higher, Open Riders: 2 scores of 65% or higher First Level: Junior and Adult Amateur: 2 scores of 59% or higher, Open Riders: 2 scores of 63% or higher Second Level: Junior and Adult Amateur: 2 scores of 58% or higher, Open Riders: 2 scores 61% or higher Third Level and Above: Junior and Adult Amateur: 2 scores of 57% or higher, Open Riders: 2 scores 59% or higher 8) To qualify, eligible riders must enter an official NFDC Qualifying Class at a NFDA, STRIDE or SWDEA Schooling Show. The qualifying class will be the highest test of the level. Intro Test B will be used for the Intro Level. Prior to riding in the class, riders must pay the $5.00 Qualifying Class fee to the show secretary at the time entries are made. General Qualifying Rules 1) There is no limit on the number of horses on which a rider may qualify. 2) Qualification is based on horse/rider combination. If a new rider wishes to compete with the horse at the Championships, he or she must re-qualify. 3) Whips may be carried when qualifying and tests may be read when qualifying. General Championships Rules 1) Whips MAY NOT be carried in championship tests and tests must be ridden from memory. 2) At no time during a NFDC competition may any horse entered in that Championship competition be ridden by anyone other than the rider entered in the Championship competition on that horse (exception: grooms riding on a loose rein). Further, any horse entered in a championship competition, even entered at two levels, must be ridden by the same rider throughout the competition. 3) In the event of a tie for Champion and/or Reserve Champion, the collective marks will determine first, second and/or third places. If the collective marks are equal, the tie will remain unbroken (i.e. two first places will be awarded, next third place, etc.) Ties after second place will remain unbroken. Note: In the case of a tie for Champion, prize money designated for Champion and Reserve Champion will be combined and divided equally between the two competitors. 4) Championship classes may not be split. 5) Formal attire is required by all competitors. Braiding of horse is encouraged. 6) Riders placing in a NFDC Class must be present, mounted and in full riding attire for award ceremonies. Failure, without prior permission of the competition manager, to be present and properly attired will eliminate the official score and placing and the next highest score will move up in placing. 7) The $5.00 Qualifying Fee will be held in a prize fund. All money accumulated from these fees shall be used to offset the cost of the ribbons and prizes. Revised Jan. 2012