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WiNG v5.2.x with Air Defense Services Platform 8.1.3b2 & 9.0 Integration Configuration Best Practices

Required Firmware Versions: WiNG v5 ADSP ADSP 8.1.3 -11b2 or ADSP 8.1.3-11e1 ADSP 9.0 or newer Recommended Configurations: Following are the required configurations for WING and ADSP integration ADSP Communication Profile Settings 1) SNMP timeout Increase the timeout value 10 seconds (9999ms). The larger the timeout, the more reliable the system operation will be. ADSP Polling Profile Settings 2) Data Poll Interval a) Status poll interval -- 30 minutes or more. b) Data Collection interval -- 60 minutes or more. . ADSP Polling 3) In a network topology where there are controllers in the network, the polling should be set up only on the RFS Controllers, and not directly to the Access Points . It is only necessary to poll the controller as it has all required information for the network. Configure ADSP to onfigure poll only the controllers, and not the APs. 5.2.11 or newer 5.3.1 or newer

AP and Controller Firmware Versions 4) Only identical versions of firmware are supported for AP adoption. Deployed systems where the controller is running a different firmware version from the AP is not a supported

configuration. Integration between WiNG and ADSP would also not be supported in this type of deployment. Ensure deployments have identical versions of Controll and AP Controller firmware.