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FONDUL SOCIAL EUROPEAN PROGRAMUL OPERAIONAL SECTORIAL DEZVOLTAREA RESURSELOR UMANE 2007-2013 Axa prioritar 1 Educaie i formare profesional n sprijinul creterii economice i dezvoltrii societii bazate pe cunoatere DMI 1.3 Dezvoltarea resurselor umane din educaie i formare profesional PROIECT POSDRU/87/1.3/S/ 64125; "Dezvoltarea de competene cheie de comunicare n limba englez pentru personalul didactic din categoria nefilologi n vederea creterii accesibilitii informaiei i dezvoltrii strategiilor educaionale proprii "

He didnt find a taxi and so he missed the train. If ., he wouldnt have missed the train. HAD Perhaps she gave up too soon. She .up too soon. MIGHT I advise you to read it twice before you sign You .. before you sign. READ To her regret, she couldnt leave the town. She wishes .. the town. HAD It was impossible for them to find a place. They . the place. NOT She prefers to play tennis than to swim. She .. than swim. RATHER Where have you been?, she asked. She asked me .. been. HAD They were too busy to attend the meeting. If they ., they would have attended the meeting. SO Please help me with my luggage. Would you .. my luggage? MIND Someone broke into my flat while I was away. My flat . while I was away. INTO I shouldnt have told them about it last night. If only them about it last night. TOLD You are asking these questions because you didnt pay enough attention. If you had paid enough attention, you . these questions. ASKING It wasnt easy for me to make such a decision. This was to make. EASY You are making too much noise. Id rather much noise. SO Neither Tom nor Mary failed the exam. Tom did not fail the exam and .. EITHER Such behaviour is inexcusable. There such behaviour. NO

Her apparent shyness deceives everybody. Dont be her apparent shyness. TAKEN Id have preferred you not to invite so many people. Id rather .. so many people. INVITED I had hardly got on the train when it started. No sooner on the train than it started. HAD I think it was his attitude that upset most of us. I think . was his attitude. WHAT She spent the whole day lying in the sun. Now she is complaining about being sunburnt. She wouldnt be complaining about being sunburnt .... the whole day lying in the sun. UNLESS Paul, Ive heard youve been promoted. Congratulations! Paul, . promoted. BEING In this company, its John who hires and fires staff. In this company, John is staff. RESPONSIBLE We can hardly wait to see you again. We are . you again. FORWARD He may stay in the spare room if he pays his share. He may stay in the spare room .. his share. LONG It was a really boring film and I walked out before it ended. It was .. I walked out before it ended. SUCH All my sisters friends spent last weekend redecorating her flat. All my sisters friends . last weekend. HAD Its silly to go home now: it would be simpler to stay the night. Its silly to go home now. We . stay the night. WELL Lets meet tomorrow again and settle the last details of the contract. Lets meet tomorrow again the last details of the contract. ORDER We are thinking of getting someone to repair the roof of the house. We are thinking of getting the .. REPAIRED You neednt come if you dont want to. You . come if you dont want to. HAVE It is thought that the tomb dates from the fifth century. The .. from the fifth century. THOUGHT Albert has had asthma for a number of years. Albert . asthma for a number of years. SUFFERED I enjoy playing golf much more than watching it. I prefer . it. TO We havent had snow in this part of the country for over a year. Its been over a year since we in this part of the country. LAST Mrs Daniels has raised three children Mrs Daniels .three children UP Im not in the mood for cooking. I .cooking. LIKE I want to take my driving licence. I want to . my driving licence. SUCCEED George is an idol for Michael. George . Michael. LOOKS The patient didnt agree with the operation. The operation . CONSENTED

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