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V Semester BCA Examination BCA 504: Java Programming Model Question Paper I Time: 3 hours Instructions: Answer all

l the sections Section A I. Answer any 10 questions (10X1=10) 1. What is an Internet? 2. What is byte code? 3. What is an object? 4. List the basic data types of Java 5. What are default values of variables? 6. What is a vector? 7. What is constructor overriding? 8. Why String Buffer is called as mutable? 9. What is interface? 10. What is implements Thread? 11. Mention methods of Thread life cycle? 12. What is the byte oriented streams? Max. Marks: 60

Section B
II. Answer any 5 questions (5X3=15) 1. What are the rules of defining a variable? 2. Differentiate b/w method overloading and overriding. 3. Explain different types of other operators and give an example. 4. Explain how to define a class and what are the rules of defining a class? 5. What is concrete method? Explain where it is used. 6. What is the difference between abstract class and interface? 7. Explain bit wise operators. 8. Explain public static void main (String args []).

Section C
III. Answer any 5 questions (5X7=35) 1. Explain Internet Architecture 2. What is Java separator? Explain the Java statements. 3. Explain the various string methods with an example 4. What is vector? Explain vector class with an example 5. What is Thread? Explain thread with an example program 6. What is graphic class? Explain methods of graphic class with example program 7. Write a program to implement mouse events 8. Write a program to implement keyboard events.