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Trigonometry mnemonics

A number of mnemonics have been invented by educators to help students remember the rules defining the various trigonometric functions. Some of them are listed here, in no particular order

Some Old Horses: sine = opposite/hypotenuse Chase And Hunt: cosine = adjacent/hypotenuse Till Old Age: tangent = opposite/adjacent

SOH: sine = opposite/hypotenuse CAH: cosine = adjacent/hypotenuse TOA: tangent = opposite/adjacent.

Old Houses: sine = opposite/hypotenuse Always Have: cosine = adjacent/hypotenuse Old Attics: tangent = opposite/adjacent

Old Harry Spills: opposite/hypotenuse = sine All His Custard: adjacent/hypotenuse = cosine Over Auntie's Tablecloth: opposite/adjacent = tangent

Oh Heck: sine = opposite/hypotenuse Another Hour: cosine = adjacent/hypotenuse Of Algebra: tangent = opposite/adjacent

Some Old Hippie: sine = opposite/hypotenuse Came Around Here: cosine = adjacent/hypotenuse Tripping On Acid: tangent = opposite/adjacent

Sally Oscar Has: sine = opposite/hypotenuse Can A Hat: cosine = adjacent/hypotenuse Tell On Always: tangent = opposite/adjacent

Signs Of Happiness: sine = opposite/hypotenuse Come After Having: cosine = adjacent/hypotenuse Tubs Of Acid: tangent = opposite/adjacent

Some Old Hags: sine = opposite/hypotenuse Can't Always Hide: cosine = adjacent/hypotenuse Their Old Age: tangent = opposite/adjacent

Some Old Horses: sine = opposite/hypotenuse Can Always Hear: cosine = adjacent/hypotenuse Their Owner's Approach: tangent = opposite/adjacent

Silly Old Harry: sine = opposite/hypotenuse Caught A Herring: cosine = adjacent/hypotenuse Trawling Off America: tangent = opposite/adjacent

All Students Take Calculus (or a more memorable alternative, referring to any drug starting with 'c'!) All = All functions are positive in QI Students = Sine is positive in QII Take = Tangent is positive in QIII Calculus = Cosine is positive in QIV A (sometimes easier to memorize) mnemonic for this is A Simple Trig Chart. Another is All Stations To Central.

All = All functions are positive in QI Sinners = Sine is positive in QII Take = Tangent is positive in QIII Confession = Cosine is positive in QIV