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Lesson 7: Jesus is Tempted by Satan

Unit 3: Jesus Prepares for His Mission Second Quarter SY 2012-2013

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Jesus knows that the instruction of his

Heavenly Father is to complete his mission to save us.

However, nothing kept the devil from

giving his own instructions in order to distract Jesus away from his real mission. Our lesson for today will tell us how the devil distracted Jesus to do wrong actions and how Jesus fought the devil using the Word of God.

The Temptations of Jesus

Matthew 4:1-11

What is temptation?

It pushes us to commit sin.

It is not yet a sin

What is temptation?

It is always a lie. It is not the truth

What is temptation?

It comes from the devil.

It does not come from G

What do the temptations of Jesus mean?

The First Temptation of Jesus

The Second Temptation of Jesus

The Third Temptation of Jesus

What do we do when we are tempted?

What can we pray when we are tempted? To whom will we pray?