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Qasidah Ghauthiyah
Translated by

Al Imam Sultan Muhyuddin Sheikh Sayyid Mubarik Ali Jilani Hashimi 


His love served me with cups of union,

thus I became intoxicated thus I ordered
the wine,

To advance towards me which it did, While

still in the cups though intoxicated, yet I let
my friends partake it.

I, as the Supreme Saint (Ghaus)

addressed all the pole stars get ye ready,
join my troops and army like, enter my

0, my soldiers show courage and come
join me in the tavern and drink because
the Cup bearer of Islam is giving me in
abundance the wine in cups of union.

Yes, you drank the least when I had drunk

all. Thus you know not my High Station
and proximity and union ‘with Him.

High are the places of many but none

shall ever reach station of mine.

Before Allah with Allah, my union is

without parallel. He turns me from one
state into another sufficient is He for me.

Amongst all Sheikhs, of the world, I am

like a White Hawk Amongst Wallees and
Men of high order. None had been given
status like mine.

He has bestowed upon me Unique robes

of Wilayat, embroidered with flowers of
dignity and placed a crown on my head,
of Perfection.

The ancient secret (of attaining oneness)
revealed, He to me, and blessed me with
seal of honour every wish was thus


Allah had given me command, above all

pole-stars of the world. So, my command
is obeyed in the past, present and future.


If I divulge The ancient secret upon

oceans, All shall become dry and vanish.


If I divulge The ancient secret upon the

mountain It shall, then rent asunder with
bewilderment and turn to dust.


If I divulge The ancient secret to the fire it

shall become cold because of my secret

If I divulge my secret to a dead one even it
shall rise with divine wonder.


Each month each period arrives in the

world. Before departing it presents itself
before happening Er’ appearing in the
world it comes to me.


Well before hand I am intimated about all

what takes place and happens. 0’
materialist; do not quarrel. This is all from


0’ my follower, gather courage and be

pleased, remain fearless and in different.
Achieve what you wish, do what you like.
Great is my Name.


O’ my followers fear not. Allah is my

Patron. He has given highest station and I
had achieved my goal.


Trumpet had been blown between heaven

and earth announcing my station of
honour with criers running before
announcing grace and benediction.

All the cities of Allah fall in my kingdom
and are subjects of my law. My time
and affairs have been cleared even before


When I beheld all the universes of Allah

the Great, I saw them interlinked and
joined and small as an atom
(Worthlessness of this world and its


All Wallees step in, steps of some

Messenger but I place my foot in the foot
of Mohammad.


0, my followers, fear not thy enemy, ‘cause

during war I slay well.


Jilan is my abode; reviver of the faith is

my title. Banners proclaiming my High
station are fluttering atop all mountain

House of Blessed Hassan I belong to. And
my esoteric station is at Makhdaa’. With
my steps above the necks of all saints.


Abdul Qadir Jilani is well- known name of

mine my ancestor is the perfect Master of