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"Name" (noun)-When used as a noun it is a word or combination of words by which a perso n, place, or thing, or any object of thought is designated,

called, or known. As a noun (name) is the verbal representation of a thing, event, property, relat ion, or concept. When it is used as a verb: (it is used with an object) To give a name to a baby. To name a price. (to suggest or specify) To identify, or mention by name: (they were named in the report) to designate for some office or duty (I have named you for that position) As an Adjective "name" it would mean they are widely, a big name author. Idioms: the "name" can be used "on behalf of", to purchase something in the name of another... "name" can be used with appeal of; ..."in the name of mercy, stop that screaming !" by the authority of: "open, in the name of the law!" under the possession of: "money deposited in the name of a son" used as an excuse: "murder in the name of justice" to name names is to specify people by their personal names, as to threaten to na me names. in one's name, in one's possession: "I haven't got a penny to my name" Name, TITLE both refer to the label by which a person is known. NAME is the simpler and more general word for appellation: "The Name is Gina" TITLE is an official or honorary term bestowed on a person: "Gina has the title of R.T. on her degree." TITLE is the honorary term bestowed upon a book: "Retarded by Religion" is the f irst book Gina wrote. or TITLE can be a specific designation of a an article: "'I hear the mountains r umble' is another article that Gina has written". To re-name is a verb and used with named and naming. (Gina re-named her aritcle to save space.) Well-named is an adjective ..(The dog was well-named. His name is Curly, for his tail curled over his back and he has very curly hair) "Namer" is a noun... I have known many Namers ...that is those that are ready at a moments notice to point fingers at others and lay ugly names on them without having ever looked into the mirror themselves. To do anything "in the name of " means: a. for the sake of b. by the sanction or authority of the one that is named.