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II-mid questions (IRS) Unit-V 1.What is user search techniques.

What are the different user search techniques and explain only Relevance
Feedback. 2.Explain selective dissemination of Information search as a personal library software (PLS) system. 3.What is information visualization,explain cognition and perception. 4.Explain Perspective wall under information visualization technologies with a neat sketch diagram.

Unit-VI 1.what is text search techniques.Explain text streaming Architecture with a neat diagram. 2.Explain Knuth-Pratt-morris software text search algorithm with example. 3.Explain GESCAN text Array Processor with neat diagram. 4.Explain FDF-fast data finder architecture as hardware text search with neat diagram.

Unit-VII 1.Define multimedia information retrieval and what is non speech audio retrieval. 2.Explain Graph Retireval system. 3.Explain indexing and searching in multimedia information retrieval system. 4.Explain QBIC query imagery retrieval with diagram.

Unit-VIII 1.Explain online IR system? 2.What is OPACs system? 3.Explain digital libraries system.