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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region III



SY 2012 - 2013
MONTHS SUPERVISION (Conference, School Visit) Managing Co-curricular Activities Enhancing Professional Development Program for Teachers and Principals Attending seminar workshop on K to 12 Curriculum by the Grade I teachers for one week. School orientation on K to 12 Curriculum and conducting of general assembly with parents and external stakeholders. Conducting room visitation from Kindergarten to Grade VI to monitor the enrolment. Visiting the Grade I and kindergarten teachers to observe the implementation of the new K to 12 Curriculum. Observing classes. Monitoring the integration of different concepts of nutrition in some learning areas. Visiting the kindergarten room to Participating in the observance of Independence Day celebration and Cabiao Teachers Day Attending District Echo Seminar on SMART MATH. SLAC session on SMART MATH and reviewing the PHIL-IRI administration. Orientation on the Implementation of K to 12 Curriculum and DEDP/SIP Alignment for Administrators. Rationalizing Assessment and Testing Program Administration of SREA test for all incoming Grade I pupils. Administering Pre-test in all subject areas to assess pupils strength and weaknesses to serve as baseline of the teachers.

MAY 2012

JUNE 2012

JULY 2012

Managing a Cook Fest to tap pupils talent in cooking. Showcasing pupils talent in Folk dancing, reciting a poem and composing jingle in the culminating activity of Nutrition month

SLAC session on Construction of Item bank and computation of BMI for accurate nutritional status of pupils. Attending one-day seminar workshop on Gender And Development Plan and Budget.

Pre-test of Phil- IRI oral reading in English and Filipino from Grades II to VI. Pre-test in Project AN and 4Fs Analyzing and interpreting

observe pupils performance.


results of all the pre-test.

Observing classes. Monitoring the integration of different concepts in Buwan ng Wika in some learning areas. Using Panitikan in developing macroskills among our pupils. AUGUST 2012

Exhibiting pupils products/outcome and performances. School based contest in Read-A-Thon. Participating in District and Division ReadA-Thon in English Grade V and Filipino Grade III. School activity in celebration of Buwan ng Wika through folk dancing, reciting poems, Balagtasan,Folk songs and conducting essay writing, slogan and poster making contest. Participating in the District School Press Conference, and N.E. Quiz Bee. Attending 3 day Boy Scout Training. Participating in the celebration of Araw ng Nueva Ecija School Encampment in connection with Girl and Boy Scout Week Celebration Star and Kab Holiday Tree Planting Participation in Athletic Meet (School, District, CD and Division) School Based culminating activities on Science Month Celebration through Lakad Agham, Science Quiz, Slogan and Poster Making Contest. First Canvassing search for Little Mr. and Miss San Fernando Norte. Hosting the Division Read-A Thon in

INSET in preparation and construction of first periodical in Filipino. SLAC session on the computation of grades using Microsoft Excel format. One day seminar on School Press Conference.

Administration of first Periodical Test. Analyzing and interpreting the test result, most and least learned concepts.


Observing classes. Monitoring and rigid supervision on the preparation of DepED Forms and Records.

Curriculum Material Development (SIM) Construction of school Sentro ng Pagbasa

Issuance of Report Card. Entering correct data in accomplishing Form 1, and 137E

Filipino. Observing classes. Monitoring and supervision in administering second quarter test. OCTOBER 2012 Day Camp, Troop Camp, Backyard Camping and other Scouting Month Activities Integrated Co-curricular Activities Participating in the World Teachers Day Celebration DISLAC on Gender and Sensitivity Program Midyear Assessment and INSET. Administration of Second Quarter Test Administration of Pre-silent and Oral Reading Test Analyzing and interpreting the test result, most and least learned concepts. Performance Assessment on HOTS in all Grade level.


Observing classes. Observing Demo-teaching in different subject area. Observing classes Upgrading and Enriching the Instructional Alternative Delivery Modes (ADM)

National Reading Month Read-A-Thon Participate on District and CD MTAP. Culminating activities on Christmas Day Celebration and Physical Fitness Day.

Leadership Training INSET in Preparation of Instructional Materials in Filipino/ and English INSET sa CRISS/STAR observation Form 178 Teachers Day


Performance Assessment Preparation of Teachers made test in Filipino for the third Quarter Test.


Enhancing the Remedial Reading Program. Observing classes Monitoring the conduct of NAT and RAT review for Grades III and VI

Early registration in Grade I and Kinder Garden pupils Jr. and Sr. GSP Provincial Encampment Participate in Division MTAP Culminating activities on NAT and RAT review of Grades III and VI. Classroom based programs and culminating activities Founding Anniversary of Paistimaka

Demo Teaching and Mentoring INSET in Teaching strategies in English

Phil-IRI Post test Administration of Third Peridical Test Analyzing and interpreting the test result, most and least learned concepts. Exhibiting and Evaluating expected output of pupils for further improvement of skills


Observing classes in Filipino with integration in different subject area.

Meeting with all District Filipino consultant on the Search re: Natatanging Guro

Festival Supervising the administration of, National Achievement Test, Regional Achievement Test and Division Achievement Test, Forth Periodical Test, and Post Test Recognition Day Graduation day

INSET in Computer Literacy- MS Excel Awarding of Outstanding Teacher Administration of RAT/NAT/DAT Portfolio Assessment Checking of DepEd forms in Grade VI Checking DepED Forms in Grade I to V

MARCH 2013

APRIL 2013

Assessment of CB-PAST, PASSA, and Clearance of Teachers and Principal.

Prepared by: DLAILAH F. OLANDA School Principal I Noted: EULALIA S. GONZALES Schools District Supervisor ELEANOR M. GAGARIN, Ph. D. EPS-I , FILIPINO (Elementary)

Recommending Approval: DANTE G. PARUNGAO, Ph.D. Assistant Schools Division Superintendent

Approved: TARCILA P. JAVIER, CESO V Schools Division Superintendent