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Examples Chapter 4: Enhancement MOSFET

Channel Modulation within an NMOS

EXAMPLE 4.4: Four-Resistor Bias Circuit _____________________

Example 4.5: A Common-Source Amplifier_________________________________

Example 4.6: A Common-Drain Amplifier _______________________________

DC load line

Small-signal equivalent circuit

Circuit for output resistance

Example 4.8: Design a Common-Source Amplifier ___________________________ An NMOS transistor has K N = 2 mA / V 2 and VT = 0.5 V . It is used in the common-source (CS) configuration shown in Figure-4.29. Design the circuit so that its Q-point is at VDSQ = 6 V and I DQ = 8 mA , and R in = 60 k ( 5%). Select standard values of resistors. Determine the voltage, current, and power gains of the amplifier. If the peak-to-peak variation of the input voltage is 2 mV, what is the peak-to-peak variation of the output voltage?

DC and ac load lines

Example 4.12: Common-Source Amplifier __________________________________

Example 4.14: Common-Gate Amplifier _________________________

Example 4.15 Common-Source Common- Emitter amplifier __________________________

Small-signal equivalent circuit

Example 4.17 Common-Drain common Source Amplifier _____________________

Small-signal equivalent circuit

Example 4.18: Cascode Amplifier__________________________________________