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Pharmacy Soul

Philosophy of Life

Luis Augusto L

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Dedication My wife Monica and my daughter Gabriela. To all who contributed to the completion of the edition of this book.

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One. Words

"Any doubt consult the dictionary of life, but never follow the idea of a single, because it may be wrong, and to err is human".
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Pharmacy SOUL
Everyone knows a pharmacy full of shelves full of boxes and bottles of medicine. Are antibiotics, vitamins, amino acids and a host of other substances. The pharmacy we know exists to cure the ills of our physical body, our carnal matters. And when the pain, suffering and diseases are in the soul and not the physical body? What we do to seek spiritual healing of these evils? Just as the physical body needs medicine to cure diseases, the soul also needs the same care. Is there a pharmacy Soul? If there is, where do we find? How it presents itself to us? That appearance and shape these remedies have imagined? The elements used in the composition of these remedies are the words, the raw material of language, textual structure (molecular) that will compose each medicine needed to cure various ailments of the human soul. What is the origin of these diseases of the soul? The origin comes from the reality of everyday life, everyday human experiences, failures, fatigue, stress, disappointments, defeats, loss, abandonment, loneliness, unhappiness, bitterness and a multitude of other sources negative. How to cure these diseases? It is not easy to achieve a cure and find the right remedy for each problem. Establish harmony, vibrant energy of a healthy mind requires a positive attitude towards life. Unlike physical remedy, the remedy of the human soul is well tolerated, does not need right dosage or contra-indications. The more you soak those words in context, grouped and summarized in text form, the stronger, the more the soul and inner structure. One must acquire a posture of faith before the text. Read patiently, savoring each piece with ease and expertise of a good

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taster. It is also essential to use reason and emotion smoothly and seamlessly. Each word, each phrase, each section represents a contextualized piece of the human soul and the feelings of the author. Healing happens in a magical, miraculous, inexplicable and individual. Each being carries within him the gift of healing, ideas, desires, human values, distinctly. The same text can cure a lot of pain, suffering caused by very different feelings and emotions. Each person needs a specific ingredient to cure his illness. A single word may be sufficient to achieve this effect. There are people who only achieve a cure after reading and rereading several times the same texts. Each has its rate of healing, the time required to respond within themselves the positive vibes emanating from observation or experience of life synthesized by the author in the text. Do not just read the text and just stay locked up inside yourself. You need to eat inside each fragment read and observed. This means drafting her own life. Delete thinking everything is negative so you can get new information and can be added to new ideas, new concepts. It is precisely in this way that achieves the cure of diseases of the soul, allowing yourself to change attitudes, ideas that are causing this disruption interior. Use and abuse of Pharmacy of the human Soul. It is a pharmacy practically free. Many formulators are anonymous and it can be found anywhere, even emblazoned on the wall of a public bathroom, on the bumper of a truck, a forgotten ticket on a park bench, a piece of paper lying on the ground. It is a pharmacy whose remedies not only cure the sick, but also strengthen the healthy. Indicate that pharmacy so fabulous to all your friends and all those you love and want only good. Here's a nice gift for anyone you love so much. Whenever shine before your eyes a remedy for the soul, even if not needing no cure, read it carefully with understanding and
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comprehension. No hurry. Taste each word, each phrase as if it were the last drop of honey. And most important: always have faith, great faith and perseverance in life.


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Once Felipe, tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city, decided to ask a departure for a week of his service and was camping alone in the woods that was well known within 10km of your city. Since there was so far up in the morning and took with him only the essentials, since the site would remain where it was a ranch of a friend, and there existed the need to stay a week in the woods. Halfway felt thirsty. When he opened the bag, he remembered that he had forgotten his water pot in the kitchen sink. How was a place much frequented by tourists and nature lovers, there were several points in the forest containing wood boards with written directions. They were fixed on tree trunks to indicate the places discovered by other adventurers. Some of them even left his signature below the statement. These tracks led adventurers to several ponds with crystal clear waters, as well as waterfalls, lakes, orchards, shortcuts ... Walking on these trails, Felipe came across a sign that indicated in bold letters: "Weir with Crystalline Water and ice-cold. It is the purest water of this forest. " Happy life and died of thirst, Felipe followed the trail and soon spotted the weir such. It was a small stream overgrown, surrounded by a quagmire gray and had a certain smell. Such was the seat of Felipe who did not attempt to analyze that calmer water. He trusted fully in the words spelled on the board who claimed to be a pond of crystal clear water and ice. Without ado, was drinking that water with her foot stuck in the mud up to his ankles. He even felt a strange taste. Although water is a darker tone, continued taking very dam that will and pleasure.
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After quenching his thirst, resumed walking, followed by another stretch of the trail indicated by an arrow. He climbed a narrow muddy path with some difficulty. When we arrived at the top of the bank of the pond, he saw well near a sty; those that are bred many pigs. Have you encountered another sign that said: "You fool! He drank the water from rotting my pigs sty. Get out of my property, or I'll drop you my lions. " Only then Philip realized that the water that flowed dam came from a small stream that passed within this sty, where pigs bathed, defecated ... He stuck his fingers in his throat and put out all that putrid water. However, it was too late. He had taken her and defiled. Vowed never to believe those words spelled the plates indicating the paths, shortcuts in the woods and followed by another track. Later, he came across another sign that read: "If you water contaminated with rotten pigs, and drink of the dam will be protected and cured of any disease." Felipe, enraged by the words deceiving him once, took a clod and threw it on the plate was all stained. With that impulsive act, Philip left his mark on the board of rage, anger and distrust. Then moved on. Walked more slowly. No longer knew where the place was. Had been lost by the forest trails. Suddenly, his body began to feel increasingly hotter. His head began to ache. The pain was increasing, and increasing, with the weariness, Felipe came the faint lost the trail. When he woke up again was faced with another plate with the following inscription: "Your destiny lies in their small decisions. Words lie, but tell the truth. It is only you judge them. " Felipe, almost fainting, still found the strength to get up. Divested of his charge, throwing his backpack on the floor. He

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[ 14 ]

breathed deeply and took a big decision. Enabled him to give a new chance himself, returning to believe in the existence of words that deserve your trust. If you surrender to discourage and defeat, staying on the ground, would soon die. He decided then to return to that pond that claimed to have the cure for all diseases. But his forces were limited, tiredness and weakness did not let him walk even a few steps. Even so, followed by crawling their way back, slowly, like a snake aimlessly in the jungle. His forces were in order. He stopped crawling and when he was about to surrender to death itself, lifted his head up and saw another sign that stood in front of those who returned, so had not seen her for the first time when he started there. On board was written: "Congratulations for having learned to judge his words. You just won a new life. Eat the bark of this tree and be healed. " And so did Felipe. He gathered his last strength and ripped a bark. Ate with faith, hope and humility. Started to feel better. His strength returned, tiredness vanished, his fever subsided, her face was all flushed and coated with a beautiful smile. Blessed are those who know how to judge each word weighting, patience, understanding and an open heart. Only then can discern Machiavellian, the beautiful, the error, the hit, the lie, the truth. Believe in the power of words. Above all, believe in yourself first, disposing of their weapons, that your trash inside. It is important before judging anything, walk a little further ahead to take a broad view of what is being said to you. Watch for clues, the clues to behavior. Do not be like that Felipe same feeling an unpleasant smell in the air, even seeing the water a bit murky, to drink without first walking a little further ahead to really see the truth of that purity that was contextualized in the plate. The words also lie and tell the truth. Just only you discover whether or not being fooled by acting with care and following up the source of all truth.
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Garbage inside: are repressed feelings that generate selfish attitudes that scare people away and we hold flank and in the icy solitude of a life increasingly dull and empty.


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2nd. Friendship

"Friendship has no boundaries, but respect among friends. To cultivate this friendship need not be a scholar, but we must demand of our wisdom and brotherly a humble heart. "

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After surviving a terrible storm at sea, two fishermen were taken by the force of the waves to well near an island. The canoe capsized before they disembarked on the beach and had to follow the swimming, winning the surf until they saved in the soft sand. Very hungry, after thanking God for having survived, entered up in the woods. Sometime later returned, bringing shirt wrapped in a lot of lumps jabuticabas very large and sweet. The fisherman named Jose had the countenance calm, serene, and showed a lot of confidence within themselves and faith. The other fisherman, Peter, unlike friend Joseph had the complexion very tense, kept complaining and whining for that misfortune. Joseph mumbled: __ Oh, My God! We lost. We will die of hunger and thirst in this desert island. __ Calm down, Peter, have many jabuticabas. The foot is loaded and gives many days. __ And when they run out? What will we eat? __ The island is full of coconut trees. Feeders on them. __ And when the coconuts over? __ Do not worry, Peter. It will not take much to pop a vessel in these parts. After all, we're not-so-distant shore of our little beach. Have faith, a man of God. Everything will work out. __ I do not know, I am afraid Joseph. __ Let's stop this silly talk and eat some jabuticabas. Joseph and Peter sat on the beach eating jabuticabas. Jose with that air of tranquility had enjoyed every jabuticaba as if it were the last. Biting and sucking the juice, enjoying the sweetness

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that slipped through his tongue like nectar. Then spit the seed on the sand and enjoyed the sea for a moment, before grabbing another. Peter, in his frantic anxiety, jabuticabas swallowed the shell and all. When he finished his continued eating, picking up that belonged to Joseph The sun touched the horizon, when a figure appeared in the middle of the waves. The figure was growing and growing and, luckily for the castaways, it was a fisherman, dragged by the waves, came very close to dock them. He drove a small boat that could fit three people with a certain security and stability. __ We are saved! - Peter celebrated, failing to even get up from the sand. __ It said that everything would work out. The other fisherman knocked a stake in the sand and tied a rope to not let your boat be taken by the waves that remained strong. The night was falling gradually. __ Need help? - Asked the fisherman approaching the castaways. __ Yes, we need - said Joseph __ We lost our boat after a storm. We're stuck on the island since dawn. __ Hurry up. Is approaching a new storm. Come to my boat. Taking you to your fishing. I have a good amount of fish in the boat but has room for everyone. That joy was short lived. Peter could not stand the sand. Her belly was so big, so huge that looked like a beached whale in the sand. Also eat as much jabuticaba who sent in shell and core without mediating the consequences of that greed. Even with the effort of Joseph and the other failed to raise fisherman Peter Sand. __ Let's leave it in the sand. When we get ashore, we will notify coastguards to come rescue him - the fisherman said to Joseph
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__ We can not let him stay here alone. He can die sitting on the sand. The tide at night can increase enough to drown him. __ Even if we could get him, he would sink the boat with all this weight. We're leaving now. __ Should not we spend the night on the island and in the morning would decide what to do? __ I told you not. I have to take my fish to the fish market before dawn. They have to be cool to get a good price. __ Man of God! Do not be so greedy with so little fish. See! The sky weapon for a big storm. It will be safer to stay on the island tonight. __ I do not want to prolong the prose. I've lost a lot of time stopping this island. Goodbye. If you want to die along with his friend, who embraced die. Jos Pedro stood by and watched the fisherman, who went on to swim against the waves, distancing themselves increasingly from the beach, disappearing into the darkness that covered the entire sky and sea. __ Joseph, why not save your life? Should have gone with the fisherman. __ Abandoning a great friend stranded in the sand for me would be the worst of all deaths. Have faith, my friend. God will not abandon us. We should be confident because he knows very well what each of us deserve. The __ was all my fault. If I had not been so much jabuticaba strangled and eaten, since we would be saved and the way home. __ Do not regret for his past, Peter. What has not recovered can be more, there can be more fixed. All this has now turned into garbage. Now it's head up and faith in God. Let us give thanks for the time we are living now. We can not be sure if we will have the chance to live a new tomorrow.

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[ 20 ]

__ At least save his life, Joseph If the tide rises, let me die alone drowned. __ I said I'd rather stay by his side no matter what happens, friend. I will not abandon him, even if it was their greed responsible for our bad luck. __ Forgive me for what I did, Joseph Forgive me. __ Calm down, Peter. Open your heart to this seaside breeze. Absorb the serenity and relax, buddy. Do not panic. We're still alive. While we are breathing in this wonderful air, there is hope emerge unscathed and saved this misfortune. One day I'll laugh it all too! __ Jose, only yourself to calm down. Only you. And thus remained at nightfall. Could admire the stars, the brightness of the light that streamed lightning on the horizon, reflecting on the nerve waves. The tide rose and reached to the knees of the castaways. The storm came with heavy winds, but did not reach the small island. Just a few splashes the bother, but soon ceased. In the morning tiredness, slept sitting up knees bathed by the tide. When morning came, the first rays of sun, awoke with a sharp sound of a whistle. Upon opening his eyes, hardly believed what they saw. They were facing a large vessel. A smaller boat docked on the beach, jumping two men dressed in red vests and white. It was a team of lifeguards. They were searching for survivors of a large vessel that had sunk at night in that storm. Later they learned that one fisherman, who departed without taking them, too, had been swallowed up by the waves and disappeared at sea on the way home in the middle of the big storm. Jos and Pedro lamented the probable death of the fisherman and thanked God for being alive and safe. See how everything in life does not happen by chance. Never leave your friends in times of great difficulty. Be patient and always there with ease in all situations of life. Do not be afraid to follow
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your feelings. Open your heart to the good times of life. Take the trash that belongs to the trash and empty all your sorrows, all his defeats, all his troubles, eliminating them from your heart. Thus relieve this weight inside, making room for new feelings that are part of your life.


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[ 22 ]


An old pressure cooker, like a locomotive, releasing hot air through the valve, after so much time serving their mistress, steaming servings of meat and beans, was condemned to bleak abandonment. His fate could be a grave of a stinking dump, or maybe the gigantic press of a junkyard, and his body thrown to the material or flies, or fragmented to be recycled into another object. Not caring much about the fate of the pan, Dona Antonia decided to donate it to a lady from the periphery, which commonly knocked on the door, asking for material recycling. It was the only means of survival that poor lady and a fighter. Such was happiness, that creature has spent much of his visit by thanking peculiar gift of Dona Antonia. Often in life we despise people by their appearance, the clothes they wear, the dirt on the nails that carry at unkempt hair, the strange way of speaking and walking. We despise these people without even really know the inside, his true identity, his true value. We are strongly attracted by looks, by standard model in our social environment over the virtues and qualities of human values. Not always cleaning and outer beauty matches the true inner beauty of the human being. The largest vanity of these people is to keep life simple and as natural as possible, "fresh", with authenticity and spontaneity, so they are often confused and not understood, excluded from their midst. On the same day, Mrs. Antonia bought a new pressure cooker to replace the old. It was quickly removing the packaging and taking fire. Waited for the same cooking time of the old pot. Such was his disappointment when you open the lid and see that the meat had not yet reached the point of cooking. I wonder what was wrong? Maybe the meat was poor quality and needed to stay longer fire. It took an hour or two ... meat and nothing to get to
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the point before and flavor achieved by the old pot. Distrustful of the butcher, went to the butcher shop and snapped up with the poor guy, telling him that he had cheated with that meat sucks. Time passed and never Dona Antonia got a pot that reached the point of smoothness and speed in cooking pot as that old woman donated to the periphery. There were more than a dozen new pots and none was able to surpass the efficiency of the former. One day, visiting a craft fair that took place in the main square of the city, Mrs. Antonia felt a delicious aroma in the air. He approached a stall where it was being served feijoada. The smell was so inviting that Dona Antonia could not resist and bought a lot. Served up right there, on a table next to the tent. The broth of feijoada, the cooking of spices, the flavor seemed very familiar. In his mind rekindled memories of his old pressure cooker. At that moment, Mrs. Antonia perked up, he felt happy. Maybe the pan that had been made that feijoada was some unknown brand, but the end result was the same reached by its former pot. He got up from the table and asked the girl who served him earlier: __ Could you tell me what is the brand of pressure cooker that was made this delicious feijoada? __ Brand? When my mother won the pot she had no marks whatsoever. It was full of dents and reckless that even the brand had faded. The only brand that has it, is the mark of love that my mom left in the pan. __ Make love? - Marveled Dona Antonia. Yes __ Of love, of happiness by having won a lady named Dona Antonia would move the pan in the trash. It was the greatest gift my mother won. She always wanted a pressure cooker like that, but the money was so little they could not buy anything like it.

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[ 24 ]

Dona Antonia's eyes filled with tears. Still joined forces to ask: __ But the pot was not junk? __ Yes To Dona Antonia was just junk. To my mother did. She took the pot and the repair was brand new. It really is a very special pot, cook a bean and meat like no other. Many people have wanted to buy it, but my mother did not sell for any money in this world. Dona Antonia, a sigh of regret, yet made a final question: __ I could see this pot? Just curious. __ Yes There she is - the girl pointed to the pressure cooker that was on a small stove in the corner of the tent. __ Thank you, my dear. Now I can understand the true meaning of life - Dona Antonia said, his eyes growing wet, that object before that served for many years with such efficiency never replaced. Without emotional condition to stay at that location, Dona Antonia went away. "Some people have a magnificent interior, the virtues that have tried both, but its exterior is not pleasant, what makes us stand back from them. We forget that outward appearances can be improved, can be repaired, can be revitalized, while the interior, its essence, its peculiar character is something every human being, something that does not change even with all the wealth of the world. The difference who has a diamond in it and who carries a diamond in your pocket, is that this is always selfish, greedy, shallow, petty, ungrateful, treacherous, dangerous, and he is sensitive, authentic, reliable, true, simple, kind, honest and ethereal. "

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[ 25 ]


3rd. Love

"To love is to stay with this guy silly joyful with this middle voice trembling and fearful, with that insistent and notorious shyness with this uncertainty that causes suffering and living with you in my thoughts."


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[ 26 ]

LOVE is ...
To love is to accept yourself with all your faults and qualities. Love is smiling to the world when the world no longer smiles at you. To love is to shake the dust of the past and open your heart to a new love. To love is renovating its interior, emptying the heartbreak, making room for new emotions. To love is to feel every moment the presence of someone very special inside us. Love is having the courage to take the risks of love and strength within this energy so ethereal. To love is to risk again, two, three, and as necessary until you find the missing half to complete. To love is reborn from the ashes of disappointment to wake up in the arms of happiness. To love is to let yourself be loved, without fear, without prejudice, without worrying about proving anything to anyone. To love is to express this feeling in words so that your loved one is contemplated in all its essence and beauty. Loving is believing that you can, and you deserve to live, filled with true love of peace, affection and sincerity. To love is say what you feel, even indirectly wrapped the puzzles, using the language of feelings. To love is to share the same air, the same feelings, the same goals, each bringing it within themselves their differences and peculiarities. To love is amazing solitude and destroy the emptiness of our hearts. To love is an invitation for life, a living only livable for those who allow themselves to love and be loved.
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To love is to be understanding and patient in times of crises and difficulties. Love is an act of courage, a wise, a gift from God, a gift for life. To love is to overcome the ego, trauma, lack of love in the past, the screams, all our defeats; hope that it is the end of suffering and the beginning of a new era. To love is act naturally with faith increasingly strengthened and nourished by the dreams. To love is to turn sadness into joy, solitude in company, despair in peace, defeat into victory, boredom into fun, uncertainty in confidence and fear into courage. To love is to feel chills, a pleasurable sensation inside covering the whole body, waking up to an intense live. To love is to wish happiness every day and feed that desire every new poetry, new every email, every new look that admires your face more beautiful and irresistible. To love is to listen to the silence of our soul mellifluous voice that sounds the thought of being loved, beating: I love her! To love is to be in doubt for a moment, not knowing what to do for a while, then take courage and open the doors of your heart to the love that prompts shelter and warmth. To love is looking into the eyes of the beloved and see in the mirror shine of the soul itself. To love is to be present at all times, even when physically absent, but always within the heart. Love is crazy and fill the loved kissing, engaged in a tight hug, lots of love. Love is waking up with a smile every morning, making it the happiest day. To love is a learning diary that ennobles these two beings who love each other and involve a union never before experienced.

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[ 28 ]

To love is to stay with this guy silly joyful with this middle voice trembling and fearful, with that insistent and notorious shyness with this uncertainty that causes suffering and living with you in my thoughts. To love is to let it flow naturally this positive energy that surrounds all the reason in the purest emotion. It is build with few words the most sublime expression of life: "My love, will be part of my being." To love is taking the initiative to take the first step and invite your beloved to share the same moments, the same company to make way for laugh idly adversities of life, to join forces on common objectives: as at school, at work , at play, in the big decisions of life. Love is not waiting any longer to happen, do happen but simply one of the most beautiful moments of life, allowing yourself to be loved: the metamorphosis of love, the moment the kiss seals the top of this feeling that joins two souls and two hearts a single life, a single being. A being who becomes two one at the same time without losing authenticity. Above all we must love, because he loves recreates his dreams, strengthens your soul and gives a new direction and meaning to your life. Do not be afraid of that love that only want your good, your company, your attention, your love and your happiness. Anyway, love is like that: an eternal discovery of the other and oneself.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 29 ]


The WHO LOVES AND WHO cheating

The person who loves you should never be confused with that which deceives. Who loves you, when asked, not hiding secrets of the past, life experience, not fears or defects. Sometimes hides the secrets of the heart, waiting for the right moment to reveal this love for you. Hiding in fear, fear of losing it. Who does not tell you the tricks defects, uses cunning and good marketing to tell advantages of personal life. Apparently it is always a successful person, courageous, outgoing, full of initiative, a perfect being flawless, without error, a victor in life, always upbeat and smiling. With so many qualities into one being, it's impossible not to fall in love! The fools because we are human. As humans we are not perfect, have flaws. Also make mistakes, saddened, discouraged about life. About this hides himself is lying and deceiving. Beware of this type of being. They are the worst and the most dangerous in existence. They are able to blind her, deceive her with this excess of beauty and sensuality free. Who loves is inspired to write beautiful poems full of true feelings and is proud to show the world that these words represent that love you. How many women in the world would not want to be the muse of inspiration of a poet sincere? Few have that privilege, and few recognize this gesture a great proof of true love. And this is unfortunate! Who deceives copies these poems made by those who love her, and fills them with perfume and brightness to seduce her by smell and hypnotize her image formed by the arrangement of those words so beautiful. Who loves you, perhaps frightened by the intensity of that love which looks more like an obsession, an incurable disease. It is the hope of one day share the warmth of your heart. Do not be

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[ 30 ]

afraid of love. Let it penetrate your soul. Know it before you judge him hastily, supported only on first impressions or external visual or in their fantasies or experiences of your past. If to love is an individual passenger to another, is eternal. And for you, what is love? Who loves not disappoint. Whoever deceives, deludes also. And who wants to spend only deceives you with mere moments of pleasure. Just want to make you a disposable object, such that once used throw in the trash or on the filthy floor so we can trample him and feel his crying without pity or compassion. Think before you disparage a good soul, before dropping to waste your life who could be the love that you have long been looking for. You have to walk a little further to meet the new environment in which you are entering. This means that you should find out what he likes to do on weekends, the kinds of friends he lives, their troubles and flavors to life. Think before you throw yourself into the arms of one who talks too much. Keep in mind that you, as much as you want, will never change the mind of anyone even thinking. Be wise and hear the saying: "do not straighten crooked stick." This has a large element of truth. Hardly able to change ourselves, to imagine other? Therefore choose and live with someone who resembles their way of life, values and customs. Do not want to take the biggest step of the leg, because you'll end up stumbling and hurting deeply your heart, your feelings. Who loves you, for you suffer in silence. Maybe you will never know that, because that person does not want you to see that you suffer not to cause any suffering. Who deceives in a circle of friends, ends with his reputation, his innocence laughs at jokes with your feelings as if you were a doll made of plastic or straw. Mocks his kisses and calls it foolish. Sit victorious in having total control of you. These wheels friends
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[ 31 ] 31

you become a puppet or a doll submissive to commands from a remote control. Who loves you and who deceives you can send the same text. However, only those who love her have patience to wait for you. Do not wait too long to decide and to meet this be called love, because love is like a seed needs light to shine your eyes, you need the lifeblood of your kisses and the warmth of his affection to survive. In fact, love does not die imagine how many fools does, it will only be dormant and could be overwhelmed by the time and overlaid with new seeds of love. The best way to find out who loves you and who deceives, is paying attention to the state of mind of that person. Who loves is like your own image, your reflection in the mirror: if you are sad, for sure for some time she will be sad too if you're happy, smiling, her countenance reflect that its same joy. That person will always be, at any moment your image. She will always want to be right next to you, ready to help her in small and big events in your life. Who loves you, live in harmony with their emotions, is sensitive to their actions. Knowing how you're feeling, she'll find a way to make you happy if you're sad, and to share their joy of this, if you are happy. If you are experiencing a moment of disbelief in love, do not be overcome by what happened in his past. The best way to get rid of those bad memories and experiences is allowing yourself to open the doors of the heart to a new love without fears, without sorrow, without the desire for revenge that brought the inheritance of his dark past. Build a new story in your life, unlike anything that has ever lived so far. This depends largely not only his fate, but his pure willpower and initiative. It is worth loving again. Is it worth risking. After all life is short and fleeting. If we can live it with someone that makes us feel alive and happy, will have been a major victory in our lives.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 32 ]

It's amazing how hard it is to believe in the words after being the victim of a love traitor, having our hearts often hurt and baffled by the bad luck of the draw. Maybe we have to know pain to mature in love. Never give up. Maybe you have not learned to be humble in heart.

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[ 33 ]


We need to dream and then wake up from the dream to live fully. We must get rid of our vanities and get in touch simplicity fraternal relationships, fresh and consistent. You need someone to play and crawl into a deep delirium and ecstasy. You need someone to go to the supermarket and buy small annoyances, like chocolates, biscuits and relish this simple pleasure. You need someone to go to the movies and listen to one buzzing "eat popcorn" by the middle of the movie. You need somebody to admire the full moon and count the stars, using the marker touching the lips. You need someone to feel the heat our body involving a cloak of warmth and love. You need someone to devote the day, the night, the moments of a lifetime. It takes love to breathe the air of life that only lovers aspire and inspire your heart. You need to wake up and open your eyes and realize that there is next to a very special person who loves her very much. It takes courage and relax, disarm the thought of any kind of prejudice or fear and surrender to that love without fear of being happy. We must act, and act now, because you can not tell with certainty nor the presence of tomorrow. The lot is in a hurry, she can not wait all the time in the world. You have to believe that all is not lost, but all can be lost if not put faith, or hope, to conquer this new love.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 34 ]

That's what life is made: surprises, puzzles. True love, happiness, will be found in what most despise. Worth a try, worth the risk, it's worth giving a chance to the heart. Follow it and be very happy.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 35 ]



At first we live in a wonderful world. The internet has come to strengthen our distances. Too bad this is a dream traveling at the speed of light, linking our minds through a telephone line. Our neurons can communicate through the power of these words. They can be interpreted in various ways and in different ways for each of us. A perfect harmony in the spiritual realm, because our souls are no longer content just to exchange words, letters digital. They want to go beyond the horizons, want to overcome physical barriers and distances that separate us today. The soul is like that: when she feels the presence of a great love, soon transforms our bodies and our lives. At every instant the soul throws us a feeling of immense happiness, that coupled with a longing somewhat strange, snake every one of us the physical presence of our bodies so distantly separated. But the human soul is free to migrate to any material point of the infinite universe. There is no distance that can separate our souls, at least on a spiritual level we will meet at some point, for some time. I feel his presence right next to me even being so far away and never looked in his eyes, but there's a gentle voice in my heart that causes me chills when I remember you. Maybe it's crazy, it might be silly, but even if you never meet me in real life, make sure that within me there is a seed of love for you. If they germinate, becoming a leafy tree, producing many beautiful and tasty fruit, only time will answer. This same time responsible for our meeting at that moment, in that room chat. Have no doubt more than anything in the world. Anything can happen. The destination can not doubt anything, the only thing we can do is go to him. We will never know what we will

Lus Augusto L (

[ 36 ]

encounter. If we thirst will never know if we find water ahead, we may face a desert. Life is full of surprises. We follow a path with dreams and goals. Suddenly, we can take another path quite different from what one day plan. If it is to seek our happiness no effort or to pay any amount. I believe that happiness living very close to each of us. Will not find anywhere else, but in ourselves. No one is happy alone, being abused, betrayed, deceived and without affection and love. All this may be happening to each of us right now. You will never be alone if it is itself a great friend. Being happy with yourself is a good start for you to follow in search of their other half. I believe that the man and the woman need to find your pair to be fulfilled. Our joy in life, the fullness of life, and is earned only complete when two people of different sexes unite their bodies and their souls in a bond strengthened by an everlasting love. Love truly is not only seek perfection, is actually the casting of two distinct souls and also similar to that supplement. Each is uniquely be perfect just for yourself. I confess that I'm afraid to love, throwing to the ground a new seed of love, and water it every day with words full of hopes and dreams, and so, after she begins to grow and blossom their first flowers, I feel the scent of the petals, filling my heart with joy and desires. Suddenly be surprised by an unexpected nature of a disaster and no, a terrible storm, an unexpected and prolonged drought, and all the hopes of reaping the fruits of that love, all end up being destroyed, torn up by the roots, up the stem deflowered without even having the chance to do anything to save her. That way I feel, in this virtual relationship. There could be different. At the moment there is not much that can be done, but to continue loving.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 37 ]



Princess, why do you make me suffer so much? He wanted to be by his side, feeling the warmth of her body feverish love. I wish I could touch your face as vivid a flower. I wanted to smell you, taste the honey of your lipstick, hear their cry. Unfortunately nothing I want, because you stole my hope my life. I feel my body fading away with each new dawn I wake in my bed and not against you. When performing the autopsy of my body dying of passion, will appear on the death certificate the following result: cause of death - heart attack-; reason - unrequited love. Die for his absence by his contempt, lust that both greed, that makes me forget. Learn, Princess, that death means nothing. Therefore, death never destroy our true love. Learn beforehand, Princess, who we are not what we thought. If not for the love, the universe would not exist. How so? Impossible, is not it Princess? However, nothing is impossible to love, for love is absolute and vital energy that originated and is present in all matter in the universe. Love is the gravitational field energy that keeps the protons attached to the nucleus of the atom and ordering the orbit of the electrons. Love unites the atoms form molecules and everything that exists in the cosmos. Love is everywhere. If not for the love, the matter would not exist, there would be no soul, there would be no flesh and heart. Princess, even if you do not mind me, keep my repulsion by way of being, know that part of your body may be in me this instant, and vice versa. Love is like that, has no owner, no boundaries. Perhaps a molecule of water circulating in your

Lus Augusto L (

[ 38 ]

bloodstream pumped by your heart, might be right now, circulating in my body. How so? Suppose that this water molecule, through their sweat, left his body in the form of steam going to join with other molecules, forming a huge gray cloud. After precipitate and fall as rain, the molecule that was part of her body came pierce the fertile soil of my farm orchard. A beautiful mulberry tree, with its roots deep, sucked the water molecule, adding to the sap house and going to the pulp of a blackberry. Some time later, walking through the orchard caught the sweet blackberry, tasting it deliciously. Actually, I would have swallowed a small molecule that once had been part of the composition of your body. There is no reason for you, Princess, be afraid of true love without borders. Learn, Princess, that the air we breathe can be an oxygen molecule that has also been part of his body. In this world, Princess, nobody is absolute, unique, pure. We love all fragments, fragments of the world. I wanted to share with you as much love to touch your skin soft, soft in her hands in her silky hairs; hear the beating of your heart and delight me with the brightness of his eyes, massaging her body and share the same time, the same thrill. If the first man to compare a woman with a flower was a romantic and the second an asshole, then Princess, I'm a hell of a jerk, because you will always be a rose scented lilac in bloom ethereal and infinity. If I could, Princess, speak of love with you the rest of my life. But my time is short, though occupy him thinking about you. In the name of love, the love that gave rise to the entire universe, take a chance on me, Princess. Do not let the empty invade my soul, do not leave me this way. Contempt is the worst of human wickedness. Love is respect, is a smile, attention is, is love, is sharing, is unification, is the breath of life. Annihilate his pride, his ambition and give a chance for a heart that beats for you. My weapon against the shields of his
Lus Augusto L (
[ 39 ] 39

fortress words are heartfelt and true that no one ever dared to utter, especially right now as I write to you. So Princess with all my humility, with all my charm by their beauty, I conclude that love is the core of the universe. The greatest love in the world is fragmented within us, we need to add that love into a single body, a single soul, a single meat. So is love, Princess ... free to love.


Lus Augusto L (

[ 40 ]


Dream. Illusion. Truth. Lie. Born. We live. And die. We seek happiness at any moment. However there are few moments of joy in our lives. Are we too demanding? What will limit our desires, our dreams? To love and be loved? It's so hard to find true love can we truly love, to understand our vices, to relieve our follies, devoting himself body and soul to our purest feelings. Perhaps the daily suffering is necessary to have a reference able to motivate us to go in search of that happiness so fragile that runs out so easily, but necessary to keep us alive forever. How many thorny paths we face in our lives? There are countless disappointments. It is cruel and painful wait. Suddenly we falter and surrender to discouragement whimsical and lethargic, fed back by defeats, by rain and feel unable to solve our problems. Perhaps the greatest pain anyone can feel, is to be deprived of their liberty. It is being forced to discard his desires because it is still dependent on other people or certain material values. And suffer this tie, this tie to keep the minimum resources necessary for its existence. What should be done to change this life so dull? We must do something. Take action. Even if it means losing. Even risking not to win or achieve what craves conquer. Luck is a friend of those who seek it. Venturing a guess and go in search of that ideal. The misfortune is a mismatch with luck. He is eternal and can not be won with each new attempt. Never too late to start over, to resume a dream yet unfulfilled. Dreams only die when we forget permanently. And yet, they can still be raised while we're breathing the gift of life. Was there an answer can justify such vast distance that separates us? Justified if it were possible, if there was the certainty that in reality we form one body in one soul, and now we are
Lus Augusto L (
[ 41 ] 41

constituted in mental status. That way, if not, it was just a lapse in our hearts. A misunderstanding full of mixed feelings, deceived by an image formed every meeting, every sweet word shared in everyday life. If so, there would be more happiness in the world capable of overcoming such luck this meeting, so long awaited for souls worthy of true love and ethereal. Perfection does not exist and will never exist. Happiness is built alongside someone who also seek for your life and have the sensitivity to understand the feelings of the beloved. It takes courage to love. It takes stamina to endure the uncertainty and lack of a love not yet consummated. We feel safer living in the solitude of our cowardice, leaving time to decide for our future now so uncertain and unknown. It's like playing the luck in the wind, and that's what God wants! Often God leaves us free to decide what we want the way we want to follow. Do not always understand that the path to happiness is not made of feathers or gems. He is clothed in simplicity, understanding, tolerance and love. Believing that happiness exists, is to believe that I have you by my side always. At all times. In every moment. Whatever they are, no matter what exists or ceases to exist. What matters is to be by your side. Making a cuddle. Whispering in his ear, countless times: I love her! Without fail. Undeterred by fatigue. While life is not always fair, not always provides moments of happiness, yet worth risking all that dream, all this insatiable desire to be in your presence. Playing in her hair. Hearing his voice uttering a lovely story. Smiling foolishly. Disconnect from the imagination. And actually live that dream as desired before, awaited. You can admire the full moon on the park bench, without noticing the presence of the night goes late into the night. It is the silence hear a love song. It is thanks to the heart by the noblest sentiments. The food flowing between the branches of our blood

Lus Augusto L (

[ 42 ]

system. You sit in a lawn stay green and throwing rocks in the lake for a wave that is formed in the shape of a heart. I want to be by your side, breathing in his scent. I catch his sweet smile, his face brightening the vivid happiness. I forget that the world exists. Because only you are my only existence. Whether you say "I love him" for fear that one day everything was finished. The most important thing is that I can translate the feelings stemmed the sounds of words spelled in my body literal. They are sincere words that can not hide this feeling that blossomed in his noble heart. Radiant and vigorous growing every day. Every night. That feeling is called love. Every moment he echoes, even timidly. Escondido. A cry hilarious formed three noble words, uniting two people in one sense. They are: I love you. The sadness you feel is the same as I feel now. Is the pain of longing. The suffering of lack of anyone who might be walking or riding beside me, feeding my ego with hope and motivation, seeking solutions together to the basics of life. Being one shoulder. Welcoming in moments of defeat and disappointment. Love is a feeling of mutual surrender, where two lives merge into only being able to overcome the difficulties and differences with tolerance, understanding, patience, loyalty and, ultimately, mutual respect. If love leads to madness, do not know if we could call it love. Just know that love overcomes everything. Until ourselves. And we thoughtless attitudes. Sudden. Momentary. Without considering the consequences. Feeding us a courage impossible to exist in our natural state of consciousness. It's so good to love and be loved. Better still is to live that love actually in the company of that person so peculiar to whom one loves. For love is worth risking your life since it is true. Since it is strictly necessary and there is no other way nor the other most rational solution imaginable.
Lus Augusto L (
[ 43 ] 43

Try this love and believe he exists, is the only way to embrace happiness and turn away from that rude solitude insists that both inhabit our hearts. When I say I love you without even knowing the fact, it seems too early to have the full assurance of that love. I prefer to believe my intuition that was laced by you. She is stronger than reason and assured me that I will be very happy at his side. I prefer to believe in love, even at the risk of suffering and lost forever. I believe that when there is love to share on both sides, nothing will prevent this union becomes real. If no such reciprocity, if neither side giving in to a conflict, there is no true love and everything will have gone from a mere illusion. In true love nobody loses, even having to compromise. Both gain when the heart also listen to reality and reason.


Lus Augusto L (

[ 44 ]

4th. Inner Beauty

"Often physical beauty gives pleasure; but omits the true happiness and true love. "

Lus Augusto L (

[ 45 ]



Outer beauty is a trap of human nature. It exists to seduce us and draw us often into the abyss of misery. The true inner beauty is pure, crystalline, simple in nature, without vanity, without luxury and integrates the elements of nature as if it were itself. Sometimes I am pondering: where is it written that this standard of beauty, we all seek today (men and women's bodies are healed, tanned, fragrant, polished contours and curves in symmetrical pre-defined), is one that we must deliver madly in love and seek? After all the time and it is the future that disfigure the body in wrinkles, scars and flare, erasing all this vanity and carnal exterior. When this beauty ends, she goes away with all the charm, all the previous seduction, all the magic of attraction, leaving only the abandonment, indifference, contempt him who allowed himself to be deceived and trapped in this body stoned, sculptural. The memories and the loneliness will be your only company. In fact, what occurs behind this standard of beauty we seek to achieve is a great power originating from human manipulation of ideological sources architected throughout the history of mankind. You need to live fully free of any ideology bloody. This means living without relying absolutely nothing to prove to anyone. Prove to be the best, prove to be the smartest, prove to be the most "it" or "what more". Even if you never want it, each of us has his day of glory. That day is not to show that we are the best in everyone, but to test our emotional control, force our humility before this seductive original glory, power, victory, in front of the superiority of other mortals.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 46 ]

Many forget that the throne is not eternal and end up considering the best of all and smear all of molasses, spitting on his plate that one day they ate. Live this freedom before these ideologies is taking action in our lives in a manner consistent with our principles, desires and dreams, for without it, it must become slaves and dependents of full realization of these dreams to achieve true happiness. Having a life plan is to pursue flexible goals that can be molded into shape and pace as we move forward in time and space. If able to finish all objectives with quality or not, this is not the most important, what really matters is not attain perfection or completion, but while we're living this moment, devote yourself to it always with the same simplicity, tolerance and love we carry within us. After all, the outer beauty can be achieved more easily than the inner beauty. Nothing a good gym not solve, nothing a little money also will add and implement this standard of beauty. In contrast, inner beauty is built in the prime of our lives and she will solidify over the years. There is no money that makes someone beautiful inside, so nobody becomes the overnight. There is nothing worse that being in the company of someone in your outer beauty is erased by time, this being the only beauty it had to offer. In contrast, the inner beauty never fades, she guides us to the realization of our dreams and sustains us in times of trouble. It is an eternal companion of all time and at any time. She does not age, is always young and increasingly mature, more beautiful. Despite the words to express the full force of our feelings, the whole secret of life, yet we are more attracted by lying words that real. Maybe by transparency, simplicity, by the way they present themselves humbly before us or at least give them the opportunity to accomplish all this sincerity. However lying words are always more utopian, they reach deep our desires and dreams, they fill up the possibilities and achievements: shows the easy way, the shortcut, promising immediate happiness, pleasure unlike any
Lus Augusto L (
[ 47 ] 47

other, ie, moves with our vanity, with our ambition. It makes us forget the difficulties we have to go through in life before we are rewarded with happiness, with longer lasting pleasure. When the truth comes out, we pay a very high price; suffering far more painful and deeper. Be sensible and take a moment, breathe deeply, feel more alert and not take actions on impulse. Pay close attention to small details. Listen calmly soft voice that uttered by pure heart, humble and simple that resonates very close to you, but that this prejudiced his temper and prevents you from hearing it.


Lus Augusto L (

[ 48 ]


How often do we worry about what people will think of the clothes we wear, the way you behave, the way we walk, the beauty of our physical body. Anyway, we often live according to the other, depending on the way they "think" that the people around us we see and consider. It ends in becoming a Mutant. And the way they dress or fashion. We invaded the salons not to satisfy our taste, but the taste of others. Unconsciously this is what happens. But we forget that when we need a helping any, these same people to whom we dress and direct our lives, we simply abandon the saddest sorrow and deepest contempt. We serve these people with all the beauty of fashion and physical, but when it's all over they simply trample and throw in the trash contempt. How many attitudes, how we make decisions against our hearts because such actions do not match the values of the people who are around us? We are afraid of being excluded from this circle of friends because they make a choice not please everyone. Neither realized that doing so we weaken our personality and become more vulnerable to suffering. We must be what we are, authentic and grateful to God for our sincerity and not change what we are to meet the tastes of others. Percings, tattoos, all kinds of fashion and clubbing there, so nothing is superfluous and disposable as those things are products of our social manipulation. Incidentally, we cease to be ourselves, to follow our natural tendency of life to become a mere puppet or beautiful little robot taking attitudes and behavior guided by these momentary trends. Be authentic and be real is able to ride a bus if you can not ride in a car or walking if you can not ride the bus without worrying about what people will think of it. Who walks the walk has a certain advantage to those who only goes by car. Walking is good for health, is something recommended by all doctors.
Lus Augusto L (
[ 49 ] 49

However some people have to go to the corner bakery, has the audacity to take the car to the garage and will not walk out of shame or to remain on the throne of his status. Everything is done with exaggeration is harmful to physical and mental health. Of course it is also necessary to ride the bus and by car. So if you want to meet the values of that society increasingly biased you will pay a very high price for it. For the more effort you make, will never satisfy everyone, because people who live in that environment follow two trends: those that manipulate these values to enrich themselves and remain in "power" and other people who monitor these values, charging his neighbor's these prejudiced attitudes, creating some competition between them to measure who have higher purchasing power, physical and social. When it is launched in the market a new shirt that has stamped a symbol of "power" (for example, a drawing of a bird), many are quick to buy it out in front of other mortals, even if they have to sacrifice other more important things in your life. Children are also induced to want certain toys. They tantrum, cry, tapping ... This is just one example of the many that occur every moment. At school, there's always a kid most coveted. Perhaps the beautiful eyes, the more athletic physique, from the look more seductive or economic power by his parents. All the girls only speak and focus their attention on this kid. It turns that competition to see who is the most powerful girl to win the heart of this enchanted prince. Maybe she did not like the kid, but runs after him to show his other friends super powers of seduction. This is a transfer of power and status that occurs indirectly and unconsciously. We should not act like that, things like that are fleeting, just like a snap and only in satisfying a momentary desire. Acquire, hold, win something or someone just to show our fellow this guy done, it is much naivety, immaturity, poor attitude of people, easily manipulated.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 50 ]

It is wise to get what we really want is within yourself so that you can touch, explore, enjoy, enjoy, rebuild and get a bond of love getting stronger, a bond so consistent that it will add and multiply our values, our happiness, giving a true meaning to life. Get rid of these ties, be yourself. Take control of your life and show the world that its simplicity is beautiful, that their values are worth more that the values that the world tries to impose as a rule, that your physical body is beautiful because it is fed and cared for their inner beauty, her smile is beautiful not because they are perfect and white, but because it is true. This sincerity is what matters to always be yourself: is the path that leads to happiness.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 51 ]



Perhaps his silence speaks more than any words. Perhaps their absence is assured of a future. Maybe time to build the courage he lacks. Perhaps freedom is thought to be in a prison. Perhaps not so sure of the way forward, and it does not matter, when the destiny of this involves the energy of pure love. Maybe your doubts and uncertainties are similar to mine. Maybe one day all of this is a laughing matter, and remembering the lesson of how difficult it is to build an ethereal Castle of Love. Perhaps what separates us, right now, are the prejudices that inhabit your soul. Maybe if freed from the chains of their vanities, could find ugliness and simplicity in the world that you both dreamed of living. Maybe it's something magical, not yet happened, that can only be experienced and realized if lived. Thus, as perhaps is the chance. By chance there will be the chance? The coincidence is possible at any time. The accident is different from the destination, while this we try to build it, the chance is simply an event that occurs within the possibilities that exist to happen. Even being so different, chance and fate are inseparable partners. Chance is able to combine two destinations in a single moment to follow the same paths together, even though occupying different. The beauty of life is completed in those rare moments of chance and fate. It is perhaps no accident that you are reading this right now. Perhaps it is simply wanting to awaken your destination within you the light of truth erased by their prejudices, vanities and delusions.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 52 ]

Change your destiny, changing its interior. Believe in the possibility of finding your love. Take a chance and go for it!

Lus Augusto L (

[ 53 ]


5th. Happiness

"Sometimes behind an enviable smile, undesirable sadness. "

hides an


Lus Augusto L (

[ 54 ]


There comes a time in our lives that words mean nothing. The bad experiences in the past create large scars within us. Wounds that are still open in our memory, and we cease to believe in true words. The doubts and uncertainties plague our heads and capping our ears, our eyes and sell a glacier in turn repressed feelings and icy. The fear of falling into the same trap is the same fear that we now have a single outlet or a power cord, when first experienced the displeasure of a shock. In shock also remain in situations that crop up memories of yore. Reliving this agonizing feeling of the past is a risk we take when venturing again. However, this does not mean that commit the same mistakes. Rather, we may be missing by not believe that yes now we face the truth, sincerity. The only way to find out is risking again. Life is made up of large risks. Venturing is always alive. Who lives in fear of suffering the same ills of the past, indirectly already decreed his death and existential everything in your life has just become more rough, rougher, more unhappy, more monotonous, more tedious. Do a simple test: take a coin in your hand, throw it up and try to guess which side will be facing up: heads or tails? That's life and times. You might not get it right the first time, nor the second, nor the third. Be assured that if you keep trying, there will be a moment that will be able to guess the correct face that dropped the coin. So it is in life, in love relationships, seeking the ideal partner, the person who will fill the caresses, kisses, attention and joy. If you give up, stop trying, stop throwing the coin into the air, will be condemned to live in the bleak solitude of your fears and forever feel the pain of these seemingly incurable scars.
Lus Augusto L (
[ 55 ] 55

Is there a cure for all ills. It's so simple to cure, but it seems we prefer complicate everything in our life. The remedy is free and can become bitter if you do not mix it all our courage and willingness to get the other side to find what we seek. We must open our hearts to conquer new, allowing us to love, giving an opportunity for that person both on edge and leaves us with annoyed that such stubbornness and insistence. Watch for signs of love is allowing yourself to love deliberately. You know that do not gum detaches from our walk, that shadow that follows us wherever we move to? It is the happiness that lives in prowling, present in our various moments, disguised as stickies and shadows, waiting for the opportunity to be received arms and open heart, with the wisdom of the gods, with the courage of brave knights. It is important signals, a plea, a request for an opportunity to get to know this shadow, this stick, right in the heart, without fear, remain locked in our own little world extremely closed fanciful. Wake up this fantasy and face reality. Viva reality and sharpen your desire to know this person so special, asking him everything you want to know. Ahab once and for all with their doubts, their prejudices, their fears. Never judge before tasting. Quench your thirst for curiosity and prove that love without fear, without storms, without guilt, without pessimism. Give a chance, a vote of confidence is a noble gesture as intelligent. From now on, when someone driving a deep look, accompanied by a momentary glow, do not waste time with nonsense, go ahead and make this moment the most special moment of your life: listen to the voice of your heart and followwithout the fear of being happy.


Lus Augusto L (

[ 56 ]


It is no accident that God gives us a chance to find happiness in love. But it is unbelievable that always look the wrong person. Never believe that the other person is the right person. After all love is blind. However, it is a curable blindness. To be or not to be, that is the question! There are moments in our lives that we deserve them, whether good or bad times. Living is simple. Happiness is so clear. However, we continue to deny the true path that leads to the encounter of what we seek. You can not feel the taste of a fruit without tasting it. You need to be careful: not all fruit looking good is as good as proves to be. Some are very poisonous. Sequelae and can leave deep marks that become undesirable companions in time. Perhaps the best fruit in the juice that is found not so good. Not so pleasing to the eye. Not so appetizing in appearance. Since the world was invented, things work this way: those who spend a lifetime adventure in risking find perfection, you'll never know the pleasure of many unforgettable moments of happiness exists in simplicity. Looking for someone who has something to teach you. Someone you will also have something to teach. Never neglect your health. Do not lose hope with nonsense or addictions such as cigarettes or alcohol. Good health can preserve your life any longer. Time required for you to live happily with the person who is always by your side, and the extension of your body and your soul. Ready to overcome difficulties and share good moments of a life together. If you need to change, change everything that is negative in you, your body and soul. Be even this super radical change.
Lus Augusto L (
[ 57 ] 57

Make these plastic scars of the past. Switch. And for real change. Change or change in half apart is how to tie a running water. It's like spending all night counting the stars until dawn. I guarantee that your score will be the same which when started, so emerged the first glow in the sky. If not change everything that we need to change, you're always looking for anything anywhere. Perhaps it is more convenient not to change and always remain what it was. And let prevail this negative force that is within you. But even if the order to fight for your happiness, do not hesitate to be a faithful friend of sacrifice. For only they can lead it to that really always wanted in your life. We should not deceive ourselves by letting wishful thinking. An apparent momentary happiness. Because the risk of hurting our hearts is greater as the greater this desire. It's a shame that the words most sincere and truthful does not always penetrate the human soul: because an idiot is one who does not see what they see, not hear what you hear, not what you think reasons, we did not realize what it feels . And just getting carried away by the breeze of words. The impulse of gestures. The intoxication of his feelings. And forget that simplicity is extract all the raw material of the greatest human pleasure: the eternal happiness!


Lus Augusto L (

[ 58 ]

Our journey through life is a remarkably short time. What we say today, tomorrow will likely be denied by us. Our world is constantly changing and every moment we are reinventing our history. We have very little time to mature in all aspects of life, be in love, be in friendship, either internally. We learn from our own mistakes to hit the hands of our lives. Often they are practically useless and ineffective words, even if sincere, directed to the orientation of the path we should follow, especially when locked ourselves in our world, covering our ears and closing our eyes to the truth that lies before us. Not always our needs are the same, it varies greatly from person to person. These differences in viewpoint causes a certain repulsion and resistance that impairs a closer relationship with the one who became our shadow. A shade that looks black, which annoys and irritates with the stubbornness of their presence. We can be deceived, thinking so. Remember that to be shadow should essentially be a light source, a light that deny seeing it because we are attracted by the negative side of life and black. We must change this view. We have to go looking and looking for this light source that projects that shadow in our lives. This means mature. Only mature people know that the shadow is a sign that there is a light that follows us. This light can be someone who insists on getting involved with this presence, illuminating our souls and our lives without us noticing it, because we allow ourselves to see only the shadow cast on us. Time is the master of truth and it is up to him to show us that behind that shadow that uncomfortable and intrusive, there is a light source capable of powering free of happiness and pleasure to our lives as worn by the suffering and the losses already live .
Lus Augusto L (
[ 59 ] 59

Happiness is an emotional state that subjective and depends solely on each individual to be fully achieved, ie, happiness dwells within us and we are responsible for its manifestation. This, however, does not mean that we depend on the outside world to be happy. A priori is what actually occurs. However, because human beings have the capacity to think, to idealize, to dream, design beyond our limit within numerous desires that can only be achieved if there is the support and acceptance from the outside world. So often, our happiness depends on external factors short of our inner world. We can define several types of human behavior in the face of our needs to achieve the ideal and desired happiness in our lives. Among them we have: only one who finds happiness when he can make the person who is happy at his side, thus this dependence is to find someone who matches this love. While this is not done, it is impossible to bring out happiness within that individual who wishes to make their very elsewhere too happy. If you find someone who is sincere and meets all these expectations and spiritual needs, of course, happiness is evident on the faces of these individuals blessed by fate. There is also only one who is happy as it feels with the power of the whole situation under control. It's a person who wants to manipulate his peers, making this as his toy, his favorite game. Thus, happiness is only achieved through this manipulation free full of nuances and lies that become stronger instruments of conquest. A clear example of this profile, it is those who betray their peers and then, using a too wordy, circumvent and fix the whole situation, regaining the confidence that can stand again with the full power of manipulation of the other, hands on . These were two good examples of the way in which happiness can be achieved in its full form and sublime, the inner level. This will largely depend on our inner desires and true intentions. So be very careful not to have your life and your

Lus Augusto L (

[ 60 ]

feelings manipulated by one who says he loves her, but that the way that this individual acts, it only causes suffering and nothing more. Despite all his hopes and all his faith in wanting to change it, shaping it in its own way, it will never be possible by the fact that individual obtain happiness only when you can achieve that goal likely: full handling his fashion victim he wants, like a marionette is manipulated. Look for that person only reaches full happiness when a loved one is also in a state of happiness, a kind of osmosis occurring and emotional balance. That way, they start to share this happiness intensely sincere and true, resulting in lasting love filled with good times and arguably mature.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 61 ]


6th. Renaissance

"The weather makes a wise ignorant an ignorant and a wise man. '

Lus Augusto L (

[ 62 ]

How long have not you stop before the mirror of life? Stop in front of the mirror and see your reflection is an act of courage. Many distanced look in the mirror because they fear not handle the truth that will be revealed before your eyes. Living eyes of his consciousness. There is nothing to fear. The mirror is revealing and crystalline. Look in the mirror is the first step to achieving happiness as desired. If you do not face this fear, this will always live mediocre life of loneliness and suffering. Do not be a masochist remaining to live that way. Shake the dust off your body, get up now and stop before the mirror of your life. You can not open your eyes? If you do not open them right now your life will always be the sameness of yesterday and today. Still afraid to come across the image of a monster inside him? A monster that can take many forms; covered by various masks: are defeats, the prejudices, the disappointments, the hassles and a multitude of other failures that haunts so many years. Stir up while there is still time to move. Amaze your personal ghosts before that amaze even more. Viva less real to the world that you are not captive of the bounds of reality in which he lives. Unleash your imagination, allowing yourself to imagine. Dream more than ever dreams, as poets and romantic lovers do to take the soul of hope and fill their inner emptiness of much imagination and perseverance. Believe in the impossible, possible because you already know and does know how to suffer. Looking for the impossible, love that does not exist, the happiness that exists in their fantasies and
Lus Augusto L (
[ 63 ] 63

utopias for all your most impossible it is to achieve them. Everything becomes very simple when you start believing in the impossible: the fate knocks on your door, the more difficult ways of life become easy, the doors locked and chained before opening up before your eyes. If you never allow yourself to believe in the realization of their greatest desires, make sure you can never accomplish them. Do you know why? Because we must dream, and dream much more than we allow ourselves. Our dreams are the raw material, the path that leads to the fulfillment of our desires. In this world reigns the law of action and reaction. If we give love, receive love. If you sow hatred, reap hatred. If we believe in life the way she is, live happier and more satisfied with ourselves. If fraquejamos before the falls and failures of life, and live forever discredited without faith. If we respond positively to any kind of defeat, always renewing the hope of realizing our dreams, we let live with an open heart and receptive to happiness that runs alongside us all the time. Everything in life is a matter of attitude, courage, initiative. Do not wait for tomorrow, build it now. Do not expect to happen, make yourself what you want to happen. Do not expect much or little, just do not take the time to put an end to a beautiful love story that you could live, but refuses to try to live. Do not wait for long, if today is little more than enough to make you happy. Blessed are those who renew their hope after a tough battle whose defeat him left many scars and sequels. Blessed are those who let their dream and fantasize tomorrow, filling the void of your mind with imagination and desires never before thought.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 64 ]

Blessed are those who believe in the possibility of finding love never found, but it is infinitely desired and designed in the most pure and crystalline our feelings. After many speeches, many arguments, feelings of fruits and august truly sincere, there you answer the following question: have plucked up the courage to look in the mirror of your life? Still no? What are you waiting for? Let foolishness. Sow these words and reap their dreams fully. If you continue to remain with folded arms, silent, thoughtful, indifferent and inert, never the impossible will become possible for you. Your dreams are only dreams and realities become so slight that no light will be reality. Give life to these words that glitters in his eyes, believing in the truth of them, acting now. Take a smart move. Put into practice the theory here is covered in words. If it does not, logically, be useless words in the same way that your life will also continue being. Courage! The mirror of your life reflect your inner image of a clearer and more crystalline as possible and to enable it to see his faults and his qualities in the same way that you view the weaknesses and the qualities of this being that the love of truth. True love between two people only materializes when each becomes its mirror pair, reflecting his image as if they were faced with a single mirror. This feeling leads us to the true mirror of life, a mirror whose vivacity gives us a new face and a new life.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 65 ]



There are details in our lives that should be eliminated forever, others, however, should be preserved forever. There are details that make us ever stronger, others, however, weaken us increasingly. It is essential to eliminate the details that go hand in causing suffering. After all, the world is big and full of options and choices. At this point God is just. It happens that does not understand that God gives us the choice to choose our path, choose the people we want to live and do not always have the courage to remove a detail that is causing us distress to venture into a new detail that will mean the renewal of our hope to be happy and feel fulfilled completely. Have you read the old adage: do not straighten crooked stick. You try to straighten the crooked branch of a tree, depending on the thickness he will leave in half. So why still stubbornly persists in wanting to change the minds and behavior of others? The only person you can change is yourself herself, and yet this change only occurs through a high impact event that will shake the life of that individual. Much attention! If someone ready with something you once, sure, she'll get ready again in the future, just wait and see. This is because our attitudes today contributes to the formation of our attitudes of tomorrow. This is a detail that should fear forever and always be aware of the succession of events that may occur later. It's amazing how we feel secure on this detail that hurts us all the time, repeatedly. It is as if the world existed just this possibility. This is a serious mistake on our part, there are many other ports around us that can be opened. Among them is the door that will lead us to inner peace, happiness, true love, the realization of our dreams.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 66 ]

If you share an environment that is massacring us, causing us a lot of dissatisfaction, sadness and suffering, we are fools to even stay in place and not act immediately, fleeing this sea of suffering, taking the initiative to enter a new port, even for this we have to take new risks. Still worth it, because we will be renewing our expectations and risking to hit. Our biggest mistake in life is not to judge before knowing what's behind a new door if we do not open if you do not explore all its nooks there is the slightest possibility of arriving at any conclusion. Dreaming is accurate. Who does not dream and do not believe in the power of love will go through life without experiencing the greatest of all pleasures: the certainty of the existence of true love, faithful and sincere. A love that will not choke, but that will add their strengths and share the same moments. After all, nobody is an island, much less a spider to live lonely, talking to the walls of the house itself. Feelings are also details as well as people are details. Dispose of your life the feelings of anger, pride, hatred, bitterness, impatience, despair (...), and will be getting rid of these rotten details and infertile. Eliminate negative detail of his life before he first eliminate. Being wise is not only aware, but also have a perception of the future. Our attitudes now is the raw material that will be used to manufacture the future. Therefore a simple detail is so important. Be very wise to notice these little details, those small things that added up in the balance of reason, will show us how we are suckers that insistence on a new grant more chance to certain details in our lives. Is he worth it to live like this? What am I gaining from this? Only suffering or joy? Smile, be optimistic, dream, faith and perseverance does not cost anything to anyone: it's free. This is a positive kind of detail that we must preserve our lives. Think and act positively in this
Lus Augusto L (
[ 67 ] 67

way requires no wisdom, but only the desire and will to live the good times that happiness. Why cry for the one who does not cry for us? It is unfair to overthrow our tears and our hearts hurt by someone who lives constantly bothering us. After all, love is to live in this inconstancy? In this back-and-forth ups and downs, of broken promises, of truths that the next day they become lies? This is not love. It's torture! Here's another detail that we must eliminate from our lives: torture. The same people who are just torturing and condemning to death our feelings. And then we complain and blame God for this tragic end in our lifetime. The details are everywhere: in love, in friendship, in school, at home, on the street, at work, and especially in our soul. Be logical in certain cases: see what you offer and compare with what you get. Did you not being exploited, devoting themselves body and soul to a detail that truly matches their expectations and needs as a person? Pay attention to details. Spend judging each smarter and rational. Details are so important, that the mere fact that we know to master the art of interpreting them, it makes us much wiser and smarter before mediocre people and our feelings. Eliminate the detail. Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and give the answer to your height traitor deserves: indifference, contempt. No more suffering. Wake to life and build a better future for himself, eliminating the negative details, renew your life with positive details. Seek positive detail and when you find it, embrace it with all the strength I can so that at any time he does not escape you. And do not forget to thank God for this gift. Now learned to pay more attention to detail?


Lus Augusto L (

[ 68 ]

Life is a puzzle that must always be assembled, dismantled and reassembled whenever something wrong is happening to us. Rethinking Life is a matter of survival and wisdom. Only when we change or evolve noticed some of our spiritual pieces: the attitudes and beliefs. We must be vigilant and discover the origin of our thinking, our values, our way to go before any life situation. Note that we act subjectively on a specific situation and other people act totally different. Who is right or who is wrong? Okay one whose set of values and thoughts directs the path of fulfillment and inner peace. If your actions are causing you more pain than pleasure and tranquility, is a sign that it's past time to dismantle the structure of your life. This is only possible if flexible our understanding about life, that is, when we become more flexible, closer to our primitive nature and freer of contemporary values. It means that we must preserve humility, simplicity, tranquility, faith, hope, disgusted our inner vanities all negative, such as pride, selfishness, greed, arrogance, impatience and stubbornness. What is the best time to dislocate this puzzle and reassemble it again? I believe this is the moment we look into the mirror of life and personal encounter with a tarnished image of sorrow, suffering polluted, fed and watered uncertainties of mistrust. It's time we turn the tables and reassemble the puzzle of our life. Rethinking new strategies, try new attitudes and actions, replace the parts in other spaces (environments), outlining new goals (pathways) to live in new times and new knowledge. The secret of good living is knowing when to move the puzzle when it is necessary to disassemble it so he can buy a new arrangement of its parts. Maybe carry a lot of heavy load with us, such as hatred, anger, hopelessness, bad life experiences
Lus Augusto L (
[ 69 ] 69

successful, fear. We must get rid of this burden derogatory and new horizons, try new flavors and learn new things. To be very practical and less philosophical or poetic, after all, what should be done? Reassembled? The vanities are almost all related to luxury, have this common origin. Get rid of vanities is to be simple enough to take the toes sandal brand to go barefoot and feel the natural temperature of the earth in direct contact with our body. It takes humility to heart. Never say never and think this way: "I get everything I want in life." This is vanity, is to lie to yourself. Nobody gets everything they want in life because not always what we want may make us happy. If you have not realized this, make sure that life will still teach. There wishes it would be better never have wished, just as there is the contempt that never should have despised. Do not worry too much, God gives the birds to eat and drink, the only effort of each is well know enjoy their freedom to fly. Let us do the same: take advantage of our freedom, the freedom of thought, following the path indicated by our heart, and not the path imposed on us by our parents, relatives or friends. A path changes, coupled with the freedom to choose a new way of life, to experience new emotions, to build new values, to have a new point of view. Shake the dust that coats the ideological pollutes your mind and your body vanities and frills. Rather than pass annatto lipstick on your lips instead of glaze clay smear their nails, makeup instead let the dust penetrate into your skin instead of coal in his shadow pass eyebrows, instead of being transformed into a showcase cosmetics, let your body brighten up the natural beauty of life. Be authentic and not artificial. Just be you, the way that nature has brought to the world and not the way others want you to be the way they want to see it.

Lus Augusto L (

[ 70 ]

Living is very simple, we who complicate our way of living. Being happy is also very simple, just act like a human being in its full essence, taking advantage of an unpolluted mind, clear as pure water from a spring whose thinking fits perfectly malleable nature and its virtues. Be simple, be humble, be calm, be understanding, be flexible and open to new moments of life, that is the great secret of mental playfulness. If your life has lost its meaning, if your negative thoughts are leading to the abyss and death inside if you are feeling lonely without the vibrancy and positive energy of someone to accompany her on this journey of life, it's past time to dismantle your puzzle. Maybe you're so used to suffer, so blind to the darkness and the darkness in which he lives, and is as deaf as a result of the misuse of words, that endless battery of bombings and attacks against its credibility and confidence to be turned in already without faith and hope of achieving his long sought happiness. Reassemble the puzzle of his life, taking apart everything that was done. You will not stop being you, the pieces remain the same, only vai just change them from place and combine them in different ways, creating a new landscape, a new being inside. For example, if you paint your nails instead of clay polish, your nails, which is one of the parts of your body will continue to exist, but in a different way, so act like birds in a free way, to be natural without vanity, coated with simplicity. True freedom is when we integrate perfectly with human nature. If we can free ourselves from the vanities and all kinds of socio-cultural imposition, will be much easier to reach as many moments of happiness in our lives. Have faith, have hope. Dispose of weight that carries. Walk lighter so you can soar ever higher flights, leveraging as much of that freedom that God gave. Freedom of choice, freedom to decide your way, freedom to share life at all times without prejudice and with understanding, always.
Lus Augusto L (
[ 71 ] 71

Do not wait, start now to reassemble the puzzle of his life.


Lus Augusto L (

[ 72 ]


Forgetting is spending a rubber dingy in our past so we can rebuild the head and playing out in front. It hopes to renew, to renew our faith in God is to believe in our inner potential. Believe that we have the ability to start all over again. Believing that we can find what we seek and desire elsewhere, in another being. After all, life is too short to not be allowed to live it. There will be a fall or two, much less three that will be able to bury our desire to build happiness together. We are all liabilities to error. However, when we make mistakes we should learn to never lose hope or faith. It will be useless and a waste of time if we succumb before our error, avoiding the risk and fear of making mistakes again. It is trying to get there: the goals, dreams, happiness. Who errs once should not give up trying again, should not the flame of his desires nor cower before the past and life. Do not give the victory to the loser, not let defeat for the failures of the past, because the past is the wind that passes and does not return. Lift and onward! Go to the Ring. Fight with all your might. Fight with an open heart and the feeling of victory fueling his desire to win. The secret of happiness is to always allow one last chance, one last chance. It is this last chance, this is the last attempt waiting with open arms to their long-sought happiness. Wrapped in a crown of love, perfumed with the fragrance of much affection, their happiness waiting at the bottom of the tunnel, at the end of this maze that seems eternal. Forget is above all an attitude that we must take in the face of negative situations in our lives. When everything crashing down on our heads, when life lose meaning when the blue sky becomes black when loneliness feed our soul, when our hearts fill the void
Lus Augusto L (
[ 73 ] 73

when the tears irrigate our face, and when the sun light of our hope goes, is the most magical time of our lives, the time to believe, to recommence, rise from the ashes of a past now and remain buried for all eternity. Life is like that. Learn to live one more chance to give this heart so needy and abandoned, neglected, but that pulses red in pure love. Mature so you can see that light that shines brightly right in front, but you can not see it. Ripen to hear the speech that takes the sweet words and true, but you can not hear them. Mature so you can touch the heart of this man who can give a lifetime for her love, but you are not allowed to pet him. Give you one more chance, his life, his new love. You need to forget that you can grow, mature and fully live. Forgetting is to learn the most important lesson in life: every end has its end so that we can have a new beginning. If you arrived at the precipice of his life, if his hopes have been exhausted, if their faith was consumed by his suffering, if you do not believe in love even more the possibility of being happy in the company of his ideal match and even more believe in existence of this ideal couple, know that you should open a broad smile on his face, should thank God for having arrived at this precipice, should feel very happy because the end is the smoke that signals the start of a new beginning in your life of a new phase. It is time to reap the fruits planted, it is time to be happy, to realize their dreams, to take a new direction in your life, to share their existence with the existence of his new love, and forget, and leave the trash past all suffering experienced. Rejoice, your reward is before your eyes, your prize waiting for your embrace. Take courage and run to meet him before the breeze take it away from you. Love thus only have once in a lifetime. Do not let go, do not let it slip from his hands that way as children without ever having tasted this sweet treat, without even giving him a chance to prove the truth of this sentiment. Maybe

Lus Augusto L (

[ 74 ]

you are so tired, maybe should have picked up a lot to get here, you no longer believes in the possibility that you can fulfill that dream. This is no mirage, is the purest reality. God is like that, it measures our strength and our faith, and when we arrived at our end, He opens the door of our dreams. However not all reach maturity enough to recognize this attitude of God towards our life. The secret lives within us, we need to remember that we can believe again, you have to give in to our inner pride, our vanity, our thoughts and pessimists believe, and have faith that you are able, you deserve to be presented with this love sincere, real and ethereal. For all the suffering already experienced in your life accept this reward without fear of opening the package that God gave. Courage! Just forget who matures and transforms her into oblivion learning. The positive learning arises from the oblivion of the past, from the moment we give a new chance for our lives and have opened a new door, and follow a new path. It's not worth wasting your time with a troubled relationship and boring. Relieve your mind, heal the pain-to-head, change this distemper adding new ingredients in your life. The negative learning is loaded with anger, hatred, anger, disillusionment with love, and it just sinks in more and more suffering. It is the learning of fools that supercharges your life with this melancholy weight of these negative feelings and emotions. The fate of fools, who have not allowed a second chance, is the daily contact with life imprisonment without end this suffering. Forget it, porting, believe in the possibility of a new tomorrow. Forgetting is the end and the beginning of a new beginning. Forgetting is learning new things. To forget is to know places and new lives. Forget it be wise, is leaving the burden of the past, is to empty our lives of negative thoughts for us
Lus Augusto L (
[ 75 ] 75

preenchermos of hope and faith in the possibility of facing the human who fills our emptiness of this much life and love. Forget it take, right now, this very moment, the attitude to change, and change wisely. Changing opening a new door in order to have a new chance at life. Only write all this, all this context, someone who really truly feel inside all this positive force that is ready to be shared with the person more beautiful, more importantly, more sublime, more peculiar world: YOU. Now, forget it. Believe. Raise your head. Fight for your new love. Fight for your happiness! Go to the Ring ...


Lus Augusto L (

[ 76 ]


Do not let your heart contaminate the "dirty pigs", nor let defeat by tumbles of life. Do not go the easy way. You're a strong girl inside and has proven that strength with all their dignity and personality. There comes a time when patience runs out. It is then that God recognizes our limit and opens a new door in my life. Sometimes we're so tired of these battles and defeats do not allow ourselves to believe in this new light that lights up before us. You have two options: cower before life, indulging in it, or take courage to enter this new door that opens for you. If you never go into it, never know what's inside it. The decision is yours alone and no one else. Since you are in order to "destroy" all the values of his soul, would not be losing anything if risking again. If to kill their values, whatever you throw in riotous living, as venturing into entering this new port. The risk is the same, but with the advantage that it can be different in the second option, instead of the full death of your soul, you have a chance to find the source of a new life. The world is already full of junk. Please do not join these worms, and more of them. Our "kind" personality is endangered. Cheer up. Nothing is by chance. Everything that has happened and is happening is part of our history. It was the way God chose to put us face to face, to unite our life, our soul, our feelings. Just please do not throw the dirty pigs all his dignity, because that is what they eat: eating good souls and good values. Go suck out every last drop and then dumping it in the gutter of loneliness. Be strong and do not give in to this world easy unclean and unholy. Not to be combined with these people today only harmed and caused him so much misery and grief. If this happens
Lus Augusto L (
[ 77 ] 77

has been the biggest loss of his life and all his suffering would be in vain. Think: what was the person who cared about you and cared about your "self" and its inner values so long? Did other people someday have the patience to wait for time to pass, suffering in silence, to use the language of the poems to relieve all the pain of his absence or longed only physical pleasure?


Lus Augusto L (

[ 78 ]

7th. Dreams

"It's always good to dream to be reborn again."

Lus Augusto L (

[ 79 ]


Who dreams are the ones who truly love. Who lives just a dream and not reality, do not know what love truly is. Love feeds the world of dreams. Is it possible to truly love someone without her ever knowing that love, but it is impossible to sustain a love that is structured only in the vacuum of actual physical contact. Love is not physical, much less material. Eternal love is spiritual. We die and yet that love follows us wherever we go. It arises within us and contaminates our bodies as a serene energy that is able to take possession of our thinking in a matter of seconds. His power is so immeasurable that we can not challenge him or beat him. Dreaming is important because it feeds the love of our dreams. Without dreams love dies inside us and life starts to lose all meaning and reason for being. Ends leaving only a void that will increase the distances that separate us from achieving our goals and we lose the direction of the path that leads us to our inner light. So are poets: a dreamer. A being who creates within itself a world that does not exist, but that it craves very existence. No one imagines that this dream world there is a secret door that few people get to see and take the risk of crossing it. Happy is he who does not fear it and plunges body and soul, entering this passage as quirky and ethereal. In this project of life that only dreams can give us, is the formula for the magic potion that unites a couple in love, fidelity, respect and mutual happiness. A man or woman without dreams are two beings without life and without light, people are living a mediocre life, of falsehood, of infidelity, of misunderstanding, of boredom and dissatisfaction with oneself and with one's partner. Moreover, under these

Lus Augusto L (

[ 80 ]

conditions unsustainable nor can we call them partners. Actually, things are, they are disposable and worthless objects that can be exchanged for others at any time and for any price. Observe children. Despite all the adversities of life, children find time to dream and, while they're dreaming, are living this fantasy world, they feel very happy and fulfilled. Dreaming alone is good for the body and soul. A person who does not dream is arrogant, is grumpy, stressed and worried lives. Not infrequently a person who does not dream lives full of diseases, apathetic, angry with herself and the world. It is a living being biologically, but spiritually dead. From now on, when you look at the sky and admire the full moon, radiant and infinitely beautiful, smile, feel drawn to it and allow yourself to feel happy. Think like a child and start to fantasize big dreams, projecting its future moments of joy and accomplishment. Do not be shy, do not be ashamed to dream like a child. If we all destine few hours a day to dream, surely we would not have much time to keep torturing us with our real problems. Many problems do not really exist, because they just part of our imagination impoverished and mediocre. Enjoy harder any kind of art. Stop in front of a painting and notice every detail, every action and try to discover the soul of this work, its meanings, its symbolism, and the reason it exists has been created that way and not otherwise. If you pay close attention you will notice that there are fragments of dreams, expressed harmoniously within that compose light and colors. Dreaming renews our hopes. The dream may lead us to the solution of our problems. We can test our models and ideas safely and nostalgia. You must first dream in real life so that we can accomplish all our goals and what we want. After all, life is not so bad when you still have many dreams in life to dream. Dream increasingly. Dream as much as possible, yet it is fundamental struggle for achieving their dreams always
Lus Augusto L (
[ 81 ] 81

allowing to change the course of your life and destiny. Switch. Risk. Dream. And allow yourself to be happy. And you? How's dreams? Have not dream anymore? So do not waste your time for nothing, nor nourish your life with the tortures of a past that only caused him misfortune and unhappiness. Respond as soon as you can. Leave the past to the museums take over. Think of your time now and plan your future by starting base. And a more consistent basis for the formation of a good future is achieved only through our dreams. So dream all you have to dream and try to live a new life much, much better than now lives.


Lus Augusto L (

[ 82 ]

Believe that you can be happy. Believe that you can be truly loved. Believe that you can be truly desired. Believe that strength that comes from within you. Believe this magic called love. Believe me, even if it is the last time, because it is the last time, the last gasp of hope that God hides what more we seek. And those who make it to the end of his own end can open that door leading to that enchanted garden of dreams and desires. Every end is the revelation of a new beginning. The end of their sorrows, their troubles, you will end only when you enable a new beginning. Only when incinerating his past and make room in your heart to new moments, new events in your life. I wonder how much to hate and distrust of men! You have every reason to think and act this way, but do not make a new mistake generalizing that all men are equal and can not be trusted. Exceptions exist anywhere in the world, in any matter of life and, for me, among the women, you are an exception because, as I demonstrates sincerity, faithfulness, humility, kindness and love. Never judge before have experienced. Never underestimate the power of destiny. Never throw to the wind so that he knocks on the door. Never stop believing in the new dawn. Take the trash that is garbage and clean your heart all those feelings from the past that have caused suffering. Renew your soul, doing a spring cleaning in your mind, in your thoughts, eliminating everything that is negative in your thinking; deleting their defeats of his mind; stripping up of the anxieties, uncertainties and depressive ideas.
Lus Augusto L (
[ 83 ] 83

Give new life to your life and radiate a glow of joy in those eyes of sadness. Take a chance on risking yourself again, making another attempt. When we are children and we are learning to ride a bicycle, fell many bumps before we get the total balance and freedom. When we can, becomes immense pleasure, the feeling of freedom is indescribable and we risk to drop into his hands to further sharpen the pleasure. I would not be here "wasting" my time with you is what I feel was not as strong as real and sincere. Just wish to add our strength to share good times. United for a lasting friendship we enjoy the fruits of the good life. My silence is your silence. My insistence is its strength. My wish is his wish. You can build a story two share the same principles and our differences. We must integrate with nature. We came from dust, are part of nature. We roll on the ground without disgust dust. The same chemicals that are in earth, also exist in our bodies. Is it coming all the food that keeps us alive. For her to come back one day, returning borrowed this body. Then only will remain in the soul, what we really are and what belongs to us: our single being. Might be crazy, but every Madness has its good and true. I see you in everything you see in me: your weaknesses can compare them with mine, its human values are also similar to mine. You lack the courage to prove that love. And without ever proving you can be sure of anything. Perhaps you do not realize you feel for me the same appreciation I feel for you. Perhaps this is why his indifference still could not understand how we can live together in perfect harmony and harmony. For this to happen, just undo our arms and allow the exchange of experiences, dreams, ideals.

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[ 84 ]

Before taking any action, please come to my being in more depth. I can assure you that at no time will regret this decision. I say this with great pride to me because they are my qualities I have to offer. Just want to find someone to move on this winding path of life, sharing and growing with each new moment is overcoming obstacles, is celebrating the victories. Keep this with you because I subscribe below and I promise to honor every misspelled word here for me. I would not remain indifferent to comment (or write) what he thinks about all this; reveal his doubts, his fears, which prevents it from taking that love. Only then, can grow as a person and understand their feelings and desires. I do not want to cause astonishment, not frighten her. I'm just stating what I feel right now. Power sharing your understanding, your opinion about me and all this just make us an immense good for our ego and personal growth. Now consider a great friend who hosted shoulder with patience my words in a mature and comprehensive. This allows me to say that you're really a great and peculiar woman! This is not just a jumble of letters in words, but all the power of thought which constitutes my being, my soul. Love It! I not only see the smile on his lips, but the gleam in his eyes too, because they are the eyes that surface our true self. If I went over his limit, if I'm bothering with all this, let me know so I stop hurting her to say everything I feel for you. Whatever your desire promise I'll respect you, yet do not even know me or love me not wanting, you'll still be living with my being until the time that their absence does dissipate within me. And I guarantee that this will take a long time to happen. You need not fear. Who loves forgives even before being hurt. No matter what happened. Everything that happened was part of the way you have to go to mature that your love for me.
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Do not hold grievances or bad memories. I just feel happy to have survived the suffering to be living this great moment in our lives: the awakening of our love. It's good to wake up, so suddenly, and come across this her love knocking on the door of my heart thirsts for you. All the best to you. All happiness in the world. You deserve to enjoy the joy that the events of your life you stole.


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[ 86 ]

THERE SHE GOES ... There she goes head down aimlessly, without allowing himself to love, without dreams, without hope, without risk, without believing in love again. There she goes to the bathroom to touch up makeup, look in the mirror, straightens her blouse, but forgets to live. There she goes leading to yourself in the company that runs alongside the void of loneliness. There she goes against the target, feeding the disappointments and failures of the past. There she goes complaining about the hard life, without even suspecting nothing, that your happiness beats incessantly on the door of your heart. There she goes opening the book, penetrated the world of lost dreams, feeding your nightmares asleep. There she goes without courage, fleeing their well-wishing, against this long path that life presented to me. There she goes deaf to my words, my shine blind indifferent to that my love deep, sincere and ethereal. There she goes driven by indifference, the result of this absence, it lacks just a pinch of courage and conscience. There she goes in search of a great love, looking for the gems in this happiness will you live before your eyes, but denies receiving it in the warmth of his embrace and comfort of your lips. There she goes falling into the traps of a villain, so fragrant and sculptural this body, after tasting her in delight, shoots the abyss of loneliness. There she goes now without dreams, blaming fate accompli that the unhappy ending no return, sorry for the opportunity now, for the chance to shoot the breeze: as if his luck devoured by that endless suffering.
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[ 87 ] 87

There she goes to his den, in the compass of the sandal steps in front of his happiness, and to opt for the beauty of the feathers or the brightness of the soul. It is time to set the course of their destiny. Do not throw your luck, your happiness in the trash. Realize your dream and will be happy with me.


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[ 88 ]

Eight. Intelligence

"Be smart: be proud of his humility, but never of their own pride. "
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Who is smarter: man or woman? The black or white? Anyway, what comes to intelligence? Animals have intelligence? Man is born fully intelligent, or need to develop it every instant of your life? The human mind has something to do with a computer? Man is an intelligent being, being smarter planet Earth. For all his intelligence, man has not attained fullness. He is weak against the forces of nature, simply because the man is a piece that is part of it. Instead, there's a lot of people unaware claiming that nature is who is part of man. The more answers we find about the science of life, the more questions arise, a proportion uncountable. This occurs when attempting to understand the nature of intelligence. It will be a godsend, gifted by a creator being? Intelligence is everything that makes us think, act, move towards life. Without intelligence man is a slave to a pattern of life, obeying rules impassable, making it one be dead, carried by the breeze of life like a statue. How is work to be intelligent! This is the notion that our unconscious is about intelligence. See that lot of work to it when we begin to question the world around us. Our cells are neurons located in our brain, having the function of coordinating the entire cycle of intelligence being processed and stored therein if necessary. In this place we find the part biological and physical intelligence, processed by neurons, riding a real puzzle in which each piece has several functions. How does this happen? There the combination and recombination of neurons, linking information from simpler forms to more complex, constituting intelligence.


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[ 90 ]

When we came into the world, we bring with us a unique language, consciousness itself. Here's the remainder of our genetic intelligence. Here, what we really are. In the womb began a marathon of learning through sensations and stimuli collected by various sensors sized harmoniously in our body. From that moment, the heart of the world is no longer contained within us, but our back. We now have our own rules, our own sources of mental vitality. Everything we learn is then processed by our mind, storing information (depending on momentary circumstances) and then reused for another purpose. For example: through language found a channel of communication with the outside world, a means of receiving and transmitting information. If you know the color blue and gave this image the name said, when we think of a blue pencil, conversely, we view the image in blue pencil body, with its equally to what was previously associated in our memory. So are two separate information; pencil and blue, differentiated by a common element: the object name. In the past, it was thought that intelligence was a gift gifted by the gods. However this concept antagonistic already lost their veracity. The human intelligence itself undertook to debunk this lie. In the evolution of human knowledge concepts of intelligence has been gradually modified. Until recently, the famous IQ test was the culmination of scientific knowledge about intelligence. The intelligence quotient was measured through tests, where the individual solved some exercises and then was evaluated according to the amount of hits, standardized by age. The IQ test has led many to give up on seeking knowledge, discouraging those who achieved the lowest result to the test, creating a bias about their own ability to cognitive development. However the intelligence returned to work and made a new revelation, bringing new hope for the losers in the IQ test. The intelligence created the true and now goes in search of absolute truth, in search of an answer simplified, understandable and fair.
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[ 91 ] 91

Every question resolved doubts arise over their interpretation. Thanks to this new challenge, as far as time, the man walks forward with the answer within himself, played by intelligence. We all have a similar mental capacity to discover, create, ideate. And even those people who have a physical or mental limitation, within its limits, can also develop their intelligence. Where is the individual difference? In her own human differences in way of life and society, motivation and self-assertion, the desires and knowledge. If we learn something new, if we accept it, feeling motivated by it, we have constantly enabled intelligence: working and processing information, creating and seeking solutions from any situation. I am sure that I know nothing, but all I know is essential to get answers on my uncertainties and my goals. How I will get those answers? Seeking knowledge is driven by intuition, is the path traced by my conscience. Currently intelligence encompasses a process of elastic concepts. All science is a form of intelligence, but would not interdependent, although each one requires a different process than intelligence. There sciences similar, but not identical. Within the same science, human intelligence can discover a new science. The information and images associated form new ideas and concepts. The language is a science used in all other, enriched with each new word created to identify new images, new concepts, new elements. The truth is: where there is mystery, there is intelligence hidden. The human being is hypnotized by the media and the poorest populations are suffocating rules with intelligence, lies and capitalist values of interest. We must develop our intelligence with actions and clever ways. We need to feed our mind with puzzles, not things ready. If we let our minds numb, accepting everything that is said, we lose our identity and our existence as a thinking and intelligent. Intelligence can not be bought, not made nor sold.

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[ 92 ]

The intelligence is learned with the everyday, exercising constantly. We need to diversify our activities, so that our mind develops all its hemispheres and regions. Let's wake up the intelligent being that is within each of us, by our consciousness asleep lazy. Just inferior to live. Tell yourself that you are smart. See how intelligence develops through knowledge. Reading this, how much have you learned about your intelligence. Go in search of knowledge, go in search of answers. Do not be thrown into the corner of your selfishness and give you a gift that we can all have: intelligence.

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[ 93 ]


Everything in life is a matter of perspective. The same outfit that does not fit me, and under my great let me ugly or tacky, is the best dress of the other, which lets beautiful and chic. Likewise occur with people around us. There are those who approach the people who end up becoming friends and others, but hate us and consider us boring people and not care about our existence. We all have our space. Depression is a sign of an imbalance of our physical and mental. Depression means a lowering of our ideal state of mind. It is understood as the ideal state of mind, a certain harmony and balance between our inner world with the outer world so well and peculiar subjective. Thinking in this way, it becomes easier to understand why the environment around us can lead us to a deep depression: a lowering of this state of mind. If inwardly want more than we have, or more than we can achieve, this may lead us to failure, which means the lack of these desires. Without achieving this personal satisfaction, possibly, depending on the intensity level of maturity of our self, vibrate between control and uncontrolled flow of mental energy, the result of this synthesis metabolized by our ability to comprehend. How to cure depression? First you need to find your noxious agent, who is in fact causing the imbalance. The second step is to act to restore the lost balance. A classic example: you know that car of our dreams is that every moment in television advertisement? Not always have the purchasing power able to get that vehicle. How to solve this imbalance if we enter into depression because they do not satisfy this desire to buy it? There are several ways that we can follow, some of highways, other far more time consuming. The fastest way would we attack this vanity within us, which has more cultural value than

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[ 94 ]

really necessary, and content to buy a vehicle worth less, even if it's a bike or a pair of skates. In the long term, we could satisfy that desire in full, striving for a better paying job. I do not know if it was worth staying so long in suffering, knowing that the future is uncertain, we are in the present moment alleviate this anxiety, buying something inferior, but that will be useful in the same way. What is most important in a car? Your ability to walk or luxury that can emanate from him? We are beings of many faces and faces. Depression is required to unbalance our inner being, so that we can improve, motivate and grow within our lives. We have to create devices capable of metabolizing any depression that hit us in full. We must not be dominated by it; dominated it. Look into the mirror of your life and motivate yourself to live. Always have hope as an ally in those moments of greatest difficulty. Imagine having to climb to the top of a mountain and along the way has to return for any reason whatsoever. Be humble and down if necessary. Who knows, to get around the mountain underneath, you can not find an easy way to climb it. Maybe find a group of people to help you with this journey and share the same goal, joining forces to achieve this common desire: to reach the top of the mountain. This happens in our lives, whether at work, in love, in family. Sometimes you have to give in, give up projects, convictions, ideas and dreams so you can find what you want: peace, love, affection, pleasure. Sometimes you have to swim against the stream, follow the path in the opposite direction apparently appointed as correct. Search is simple that your peace, your love, your happiness. Do not let yourself contaminate by fools, wanting to have a life of pomp and glitter. Living well is sitting beside of sincere, authentic, without the use of a mask or makeup, with a heart full of
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innocence and good intentions, so sweet and pure that looks more like an alien. Stop being silly and undo this burden luxury that society impose on us all. It's too much energy, too much work, is very physical and mental to achieve power, material goods, if indeed we need to live well and happy coexistence is real nice people, simple, whom we can trust Our friendship, our lives investing pleasure of fidelity, honesty and good times. Depression is a friend, one that makes us grow, one that shakes us and awakens us from laziness. Depression is a friend who comes to warn us of something wrong within us. While we do not take any action to restore our inner balance, ie, the domain of these impulses and desires torrential, often irrelevant, our inordinate vanity will always be the cause of unnecessary suffering and hypocrisy which we submit for free. Get rid of their vanities, their hate, their greed, their pride and fears. Throw it all overboard to his ship afloat; throw it all in the air, so your balloon will not fall. Fill your life with hope, new projects, new dreams, unashamed of what others say, without fear of failure, without the commitment to hit. A basic rule for living well. Do not give much importance should therefore dress, the beauty products you should use, the body that should have been, all is vanity and passing wind: it is disposable and perishable. Return to its roots. We are born naked and naive, born pure and receptive to knowledge, born to learn from mistakes; finally born to evolve with each new day in the life form immaterial, spiritual. Depression is cured, renewing hopes and dreams, restructuring our thinking and goals in life. Learn to reevaluate his life inside their possibilities of the moment, always focusing on a goal for your future. Be a smart person. Learn to unlearn what you have learned wrong. There is another character you hypothetically unreal as in

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[ 96 ]

novels and movies. Be someone you authentic form and nature that God created it and not how others want you to be. Not prove anything to anyone, be your own advocate. Actually, you are unique and peculiar. There is no one who is equal to you. His human nature is irreplaceable and nobody can remove it from you. Stamp on your face its own brand. Worship your own style and be your own fashion stylist. Take a deep breath. Free yourself. And ball forward. Life goes on. Life only makes sense when we give a meaning to it. Always believe in you!

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I was born in 1974 in the city of Brodowski, Brazil, birthplace of the painter Candido Portinari, 20km from the city of Ribeiro Preto. I wrote my first poem as a teenager inspired by the poem "Bubbles" by Cecilia Meireles, entitled Mathematics. When I performed the course of teaching, I began a new phase, becoming chronic and writing short stories. In 1994, when he performed the college of Science and Mathematics in CEUCLAR in Batatais concludes my first novel approx. 120 pages, entitled "Time to fall in love." Later uni my strengths and ideals through literary writing with my colleague and neighbor Cincio. Together we wrote six literary texts, and "Diary of a Gago" the most important of them. In his solo career, still wrote "Adventures In Imagination Valley", "Who's the Father?" And "Diary of Teo" In 2003 concludes the screenplay "Love and Art." My works cover both the child audience as adults. In 2004, while studying Literature at the University Center Moura Lacerda, Ribeiro Preto, published my first book: Pharmacy Soul (stories and chronic). I have attended several literary competitions in Brazil, receiving several awards, the most important being the 3rd. Place on the 8th Literary Prize University Writer "ima Alceu Amoroso" (Tristan de Atade). The contest was sponsored by CIEE So Paulo, in partnership with the Brazilian Academy of Letters (ABL) in 2006.


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