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Thomas 1 Taishaun Thomas Mr. Neuburger ENG-102-101 6 Mar.


Movie Response A Film Unfinished The movie A Film Unfinished is a film created for Nazi propaganda that sheds light on the despicable conditions the Jewish people were forced to endure inside the Warsaw Ghetto. The movie was mostly uncut and was not intended to be seen as it is. The filmmakers made an attempt to make it appear as if the Jewish actors were genuine, but there are glimpses of desperation in their eyes and smiles. The filmmakers were ordered to set up a party which was to appear as if the Jewish people were living in splendor. The people were dressed nicely, laughing, drinking wine and eating delicacies. The next scene isnt difficult to see through; outside the very same restaurant starving children are instructed to walk in front of the regal Jewish waitress and beg for food who must tell them no. There are several scenes of corpses seemingly forgotten on the sidewalk; at one point prominent looking Jewish people were told to walk in front of the bodies over and over again with their heads held high. The propagandists organized a scene that can only be describes as macabre, forcing the Jewish people to laugh as hard as they could at a comedy act, or be shot. The masses of crowds on the streets reek of neglect and malnourishment. The deceased bodies of the Jewish people are callously piled in a mass grave. The Nazis wanted it to look as though the genocide of the Jewish people was the only option available, clearly placing the blame of the terrible conditions on the shoulders of the tortured Jewish people. One of the most devastating aspects of the movie is how clearly it shows the lack of humanity the Nazis treated the Jews with. They had no respect for the Jewish people and were quick to

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abuse their authority, treating people in a way that can be described as nothing short of evil. The Nazis calculated maliciousness knew no bounds. This movie was an eye-opening experience that shows only a small portion of the evil committed against the Jewish people.