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Thanks to XDA member 1234568 for this extensive list App Name BroadcomMEMsService DRM-Protected Content USB Settings

Mobile Tracker MTP Application 1.0 Samsung Keyboard Gallery 1.0.19 TouchWiz Home Messaging 4.04 SecSetupWizard SecWallpaperChooser 4.04 Tags 1.1 User Dictionary Badge Provider 1.0 Certificate Installer Clock CSC 1.0 Contacts 4.04 Download Manager 4.04 Media Storage 4.04 Phone 4.04 Settings Settings Storage Security Storage 4.04 Service Mode System UI 4.04 Weather Daemon Weather Main Nearby devices AllShare Play 1.0.0132 AllShare Service 1.0 MAPServiceSamsung 4.04 AvrcpServiceSamsung Bluetooth Test 1.0 ChatOn ChocoEUKor 1.0 Google Bookmarks Sync Clock (modern) Clock (funky) Deep Sea Clock (digital) License Settings Dual clock (analogue) Dual clock (digital) Enterprise VPN Services Exchange Services 3.1 Flipboard FM Radio 1.0 Game Hub 2.0 Google Search

Safe To Delete Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution No No No No No No No No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Google Search 1.0 Google Text-to-speech Engine Helv Neue S 1.0 Task Manager 1.0 Kies via Wi-Fi 2.0.0 Luminous Dots Maps 6.8.1 Music Hub Mobile Print My Files Bubbles 1.0 Phase Beam Photo Wall Pickup Tutorial Polaris Viewer 4.0 RoseEUKor 1.0 Samsung Apps SamsungAppsUNA2 2.0.35 Camera Samsung TTS Samsung Backup Samsung Backup Provider 1.0 Samsung Cloud Data Relay 1.1.8 Samsung Cloud Syncadapters 1.0 Internet Calculator S Planner Downloads 4.04 Email HTML Viewer Live Wallpaper Picker S Memo S Memo SNS S Planner Widget Samsung Push Service 1.05 S Suggest SIM Toolkit 4.04 Street View Talk Talkback Topic Wall Trim Video Hub Voice Recorder S Voice 4.0 Windy Weather News Daemon(EUR) Yahoo! News Stock Daemon

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yahoo! Finance YouTube 3.5.5 Search Applications Provider CapabilityManagerService TestSerevice 1.0 ContextAwareService 4.04 Package Access Helper 4.04 DirectShareManager 1.3.1 DSMForwarding 1.0 DSMLawmo 1.0 DttSupport 1.0 Enterprise SysScope Enterprise Permissions 1.0 Face Unlock 4.04 Factory Test 1.0 FWUpgrade 1.2.0 Gmail 4.05 Google Backup Transport Google Calendar Sync Google Contacts Sync Market Feedback Agent Google Account Manager Google Partner Set Up Google Services Framework Personalised EQ 1.0 Key Chain Factory Mode 1.0 Phoneutil 1.0.0 LogsProvider 1.0 My Uploads 1.5.14 Software update 1.0 MusicFX 1.4 Music Player Network Location 1.1.08 Nfc Service 4.04 NFC Test OMACP v4_1205_1_2 OmaDrmPopup 1.0 Package installer 4.04 Try pan 1.0 Remote Controls 4.14 Perso 4.04 RilNotifier 1.0.0 Google Play Store PopupuiReceiver 1.6 Preconfig 4.004

Yes Yes

Applications installer 1.0 Samsung account 1.2.041 VpnDialogs 4.04 Calendar Storage SecPhone 1.0 Wi-Fi Direct 1.0 Wi-Fi Direct share 1.0 Dialer Storage Setup Wizard Share App 1.0 ShareShotService 1.0 SASlideShow SmartcardService 2.3.2 Software update v3 SyncmlDS v2 SysScope 1.1.11 TMServerApp 1.0 try pn Video Player 1.0 Voice Search 3.0.1 User Manual WlanTest wssyncmlnps

Package Name com.andoid.MtpApplication

APK Name BroadcomMEMSService.apk DrmProvider.apk Kies.apk MobileTrackerEngineTwo.apk MtpApplication.apk SamsungIME.apk SecGallery2.apk SecLauncher2 SecMms.apk SecSetupWizard.apk SecWallpaperChooser.apk Tag.apk UserDictionaryProvider.apk BadgeProvider.apk CertInstaller.apk ClockPackage.apk CSC.apk Keystring_DFT.apk SecContacts.apk SecDownloadProvider.apk SecMediaProvider.apk SecPhone.apk SecSettings.apk SecSettingsProvider.apk SecurityProvider.apk serviceModeApp.apk SystemUI.apk AccuWeatherDaemon.apk AccuweatherWidget_Main.apk AllshareMediaServer.apk com.sec.pcw AllSharePlay.apk AllShareService.apk Bluetooth.apk BluetoothAvrcp.apk BluetoothTest.apk com.sec.chaton ChatON.apk ChocoEUKor.apk ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapt er.apk ClockSimple.apk ClockUnique.apk DeepSea.apk DigitalClock.apk Divx.apk DualClockAnalog.apk DualClockDigital.apk EdmVpnServices.apk Exchange.apk Flipboard.apk FmRadio.apk GameHub_2.0_ICS.apk GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk

android.googleSearch.googleSearchWidget com.siso.photoWall com.infraware.polarisviewer4

GoogleSearchWidget GoogleTTS.apk HelvNeueLT.apk JobManager.apk kieswifi.apk LuminousDots.apk Maps.apk MH_20_ICS_HHP.apk MobilePrint.apk MyFiles.apk NoiseField.apk PhaseBeam.apk PhotoWall.apk PickUpTutorial.apk PolarisViewer PRUI.apk RoseEUKor.apk SamsungApps.apk SamsungAppsUNA3.apk SamsungCamera.apk SamsungTTS.apk sCloudBackupApp sCloudBackupProvider.apk sCloudDataRelay.apk sCloudDataSync.apk SecBrowser.apk SecCalculator2.apk SecCalendar.apk SecDownloadProviderUi.apk SecEmail.apk SecHTMLViewer.apk SecLiveWallpapersPicker.apk SMemo.apk SMemoProvider.apk SNS.apk SPlannerAppWidget.apk com.sec.spp.push SPPPushClient_Prod.apk SSuggest.apk Stk.apk Street.apk Talk.apk talkback.apk com.siso.topicWall TopicWall.apk com.lifevibes.trimapp TrimApp_phone.apk VideoHub.apk VoiceRecorder.apk com.vlingo.midas voicetalk.apk WeatherWall.apk YahoonewsDaemon.apk YahoonewsWidget.apk k YahoostockDaemon.apk com.sec.dsm.system com.sec.enterprise.permissions com.sec.factory com.sec.hearingadjust com.wsomacp com.sec.andoird.motions.settings.panningtutorial com.sec.pcw.device

YahoostockWidget.apk YouTube.apk ApplicationsProvider.apk BackupRestoreConfirmation BGCleaner.apk CapabilityManagerService.apk ClipboardSaveService.apk ContextAwareService.apk DefaultContainerService.apk DirectShareManager.apk DSMForwarding.apk DSMLawmo.apk DttSupport.apk EdmSysScopeService.apk EnterprisePermissions.apk FaceLock.apk FactoryTest.apk FwUpgrade.apk Gmail.apk GoogleBackupTransport.apk GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.a pk GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.a pk GoogleFeedback.apk GoogleLoginService.apk GooglePartnerSetup.apk GoogleServicesFramework.ap k Hearingdro.apk KeyChain.apk Keystring_factory.apk Keystring_misc.apk LogsProvider.apk MediaUploader.apk minimode-res.apk MobileTrackerEngineTwo.apk MusicFX.apk MusicPlayer.apk NetworkLocation.apk Nfc.apk NfcTest.apk OmaCP.apk OmaDrmPopup.apk PackageInstaller.apk PanningTryActually.apk PCWClientS.apk Personalisation.apk PhoneErrService.apk Play_Store_3.5.19.apk PopupuiReceiver.apk Preconfig.apk org.simalliance.openmobileapi.service com.wssyncmldm com.smlds com.wssnps

Preloadinstaller.apk Samsungservice.apk sCloudBackupApp.apk SecBluetooth.apk SecCalendarProvider.apk SecFactoryPhoneTest.apk SecFileShareClient.apk SecFileShareServer.apl SecOmaDownloadProvider.apk SecTelephonyProvider.apk SetupWizard.apk ShareApp.apk SharedStorageBackup.apk ShareShotService.apk SlideShow.apk SmartcardService.apk SyncmlDM.apk SyncmlDS.apk SysScope.apk TMServerApp.apk TwDVFSApp.apk VideoPlayer.apk VoiceSearch.apk WAPPushManager.apk WebManual.apk WfdBroker.apk WlanTest.apk wssyncmlnps.apk

Description MEMs: Microelectromechanical systems - Exact role unknown Needed to access media with DRM Needed for connecting to Kies via USB Removing this will stop you being able to locate/track your device from Samsung Dive This is the "Media Transfer Protocol" for transferring files to a PC. It may be safe to remove but Dont remove Samsung keyboard unless you already have another keyboard app If you remove this apk, as well as SecWallpaperChooser.apk, you will lose the ability to set Dont remove TouchWizz Launcher unless you already have another launcher installed SMS/MMS app This is the setup wizard when you first run your phone. I have removed it without issues but only If you remove this apk, as well as SecWallpaperChooser.apk, you will lose the ability to set I expected NFC to crash after removing this app but it works fine. May be other unknown effects User dictionary for keyboard Will cause FC's if removed Certificate Installer Provides System Clock Breaks finding and installing things from the CSC like apn settings Unknown role but removal on SGS2 caused FC on boot Contacts, Call Log Etc. Manages downloads from play store, as well as from internet Needed to access any media including ringtones Needed for phone calls. Causes force crashes when any number is dialed Phone settings menu Syncs settings Unknown role but removal on SGS2 led to force closes Unknown role but removal on SGS2 led to force closes System User Interface - kind of important

Bluetooth Test Samsung's internet based MMS application Alternative font Deleting this will stop the default browser syncing with Google chrome bookmarks Clock Widget Clock Widget Live Wallpaper Clock Widget DIVX player Clock Widget Clock Widget

Flipboard app

Google Search App

Google Search Widget No functionality is lost long as Samsung TTS is not removed as well Alternative font Task manager app, opened through the recent apps drawer Removing this will prevent you being able connect to Kies via Wifi Live Wallpaper

This is the default file explorer Live Wallpaper Live Wallpaper Live Wallpaper Office App - Viewing Only - Play ready UI involved in DRM playback Alternative font

Samsung's TouchWizz Camera App No functionality is lost long as Google TTS is not removed as well

Default browser Samsung's TouchWizz Calculator App This is the calendar app. Unless you install an alternative app removing it will also remove calendar functionality The 'Downloads' app Android email client for non-Gmail accounts

This app allows you to select a live wallpaper as the background

Social Network Sync... i think S Planner Widget

Manages carrier sim services such as mobile money Street Map View in Google Maps App Google talk app Live Wallpaper

YouTube Video Player App

Needed for bluetooth pairing

Create network for photo sharing

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