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An expert system is a computer program that is designed to hold the accumulated knowledge of one or more domain experts .for example MYCIN: Medical system for diagnosing bacterial infection in blood and PUFF : Medical system for diagnosing respiratory disease

Components of expert systems

1. Knowledge base : collection of fact and rules which describe all the knowledge about problem domain 2. Inference engine : part of system that chooses which facts and rules to appl when solving users query. 3. User interface : part of system which takes in users query in readable form and passes to inference engine.

What is an ES
Expertise is the extensive, task-specific knowledge acquired from training, reading, and experience. The transfer of expertise from an expert to a computer and then to the user involves four activities: i) knowledge acquisition from experts or other sources. ii) knowledge representation in the computer. iii) knowledge inferencing, resulting in a recommendation for novices iv) knowledge transfer to the user

Mycin is a medical system to diagnose bacterial infections in begin by initiating diologue with patient and physician response to the questions.mycin provides diagnosis and first analyses laboratory results and patients symptoms.

When to use medical expert system

Provide expertise that is expensive or rare Develop a solution faster than human experts can Provide expertise needed for training and development to share the wisdom of human experts with a large number of people Provide a high potential payoff or significantly reduced downside risk Capture and preserve irreplaceable human expertise Provide expertise needed at a number of locations at the same time or in a hostile environment that is dangerous to human health

Why use medical expert system

Experts are not always available. An expert system can be used anywhere, any time. Human experts are not 100% reliable or consistent Experts may not be good at explaining decisions Cost effective

Problems with medical expert system

Limited domain Systems are not always up to date, and dont learn No common sense Experts needed to setup and maintain system