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Band XXIII, 1
CIPTitelaufnahme der Deutschen Bibliothek
Verzeichnis der orientischen Handscen i Deutscband I
im Einvemehmen mit d. Dt. MorgenUnd. Ges. begr. von
Wolfgang Voigt. Weitergefiihrt von Dieter George. Hrsg. von
HartmutOrtwin Feistel. - Stuttgart : SteinerVerl. Wiesbaden.
Teilw. hrsg. von Dieter George. - FrOher mit d. Verl.Angabe Steier,
NE: Voigt, Wolfgang [Begr,]; Feistel, Hartmut-Ortwin [Hrsg,]; George,
Dieter [Hrsg,]
Bd. 33. Nepa1se manuscripts.
Pt. 1. Nevari and Sanskrit, Staatsbibliothek Preussischer
Kulturbesitz, Berlin. - 1988
Nepaese manuscripts. - Stuttgart : SteinerVerL Wiesbaden.
(Verzeichnis der orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland; Bd. 33)
Pt. 1. Nevan and Sanskrit, Staatsbibliothek Preussischer
Kulturbesitz, Berlin I described by Siegied Lienhard. With
the collab, of Thakur L Manandhar. - 1988
ISBN 3-515-03041-7
NE: Lienhard, Siegfried [Mitverf,]
Jede Verwertung des Werkes auBerhalb der Grenzen des Urheberrechtsgesetzes ist unzulassig
und strafbar. Dies gilt insbesondere f Ubersetzung, Mikroverflmung oder vergleichbare Ver
fahren sowie fur die Speicherung in Datenverarbeitungsanlagen. Gedruckt mit Unterstfitzung
der Deutscben Forschungsgememscbaft. 1988 by Franz Steiner Verlag Wiesbaden GmbH, Sitz
Herstellung: Laupp & Gobel, Tiibingen 3
Printed in the Fed. Rep. of Germany
Preface ...
Introduction .
1. General remarks on the language and literature of the Nevars
a) The Nevars .. .
b) Nevan ..... .
c) N evan literature .
a) The beginnings
) 14th century: early manuals, dictionaries and chronicles
y) Literary activities of the 15th and 16th centuries
I) Legal documents . . . . .
E) Religious writings . . . . .
) Secular and didactic prose .
1) Poetry and drama . . . . .
{) Moder trends . . . . . .
2. Scribes, writing materials and alphabets .
3. The manuscripts described in this catalogue. Explanations for its use
4. Bibliography
a) Catalogues and lists of Nevarl manuscripts .
b) Works on Nevarlliterature ........ .
c) Editions and translations ......... .
d) Reference books and other important works or articles
e) Scripts and writing material . . . . . . . . . .
. . . .
Plates I-XVI
1. Narrative Literature
Religious Literature
Buddhist (Avadinas) .
Hindu (V ratakathis) .
Non-religious Literature
2. Didactic Literature (NIti) .
3. Epic Literature
Ramyal)a and Adhyatmaramayala
Puralas .
4. Mahayana Manuals and Sutras
5. Ritual
Hindu ..
Saiva .
Rituals concerning house bUilding.
6. Tantra ...... ........ .
7. Mantras, Dharalls, Vaslkaral)a, Folk Medicine, Kavacas .
8. Astrology and Fortune-telling.
9. Prognostics
10. Ayurveda
Herbs and Oils
11. Music ..... .
12. Hymns and Songs
Buddhist ....
Hindu (or Mixed) .
Saiva . ...
Vailava ..
13. Legal documents
Donations .
Sales ....
14. Miscellaneous
Painting ............ .
Science of Jewels ....... .
Translations and Commentaries
Inscriptions . . . . . . . . . . .
Manuscripts with mixed contents
A Concordance according to titles .
B Concordance according to library signs
C Authors.
D Scribes .
E Donors and owners
F Names of buyers, sellers, etc., mentioned in the legal documents
G Place-names including the names of tolas and viharas .
H Dates of manuscripts . . . . . . . . . . .
The present catalogue describes mainly manuscripts written exclusively in Nevarl as well as Sans
krit manuscripts accompanied by a Nevarl paraphrase or translation. However, a few manuscripts in
Sanskrit, Nepali, Hindi and BengalilMaithiIl and a single printed text have also been included. This
volume covers a period of almost four hundred years (N.E. 678 to N.E. 1064) and is the first
descriptive catalogue of Nevar manuscripts to be published so far. It is to be hoped that it will soon be
followed by other volumes describing further manuscripts from the Kathmandu Valley, originals as
well as photocopies, which are today in the possession of the State Library (Staatsbibliothek
Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Potsdamer Strasse 33, Postfach 1407, D-1000 Berlin 30) in Berlin. In
compiling this catalogue of the very first Nepalese manuscripts collected by the State Library I have
been assisted by Shri Thakur Lal Manandhar, Kathmandu, one of the best scholars of both modern
and 'classical' Nevarl in Nepal, who, for this purpose, stayed in Stockholm from the beginning of July
1979 to the middle of October 1981. It is my pleasant duty to express here my thanks to him as well as
to all other colleagues and fiends who have given me invaluable aid and advice in the course of my
work. Special thanks are due to Professor Kamal Prakash MalIa, Kathmandu, for reading the
Introduction and making useful suggestions on a number of points. I am also obligated to my student
cando phil. Leif Asplund, Stockholm, who kindly assisted me in correcting the proofs.
I record my gratitude to the German Research Council (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) in
Bonn, which has supported this enterprise from the very beginning. I am especially indebted to t Dr.
Dr. h. C. Wolfgang Voigt, Berlin, the founder and former editor of the 'Verzeichnis der orientalischen
Handschriften in Deutschland' (VOHD), who not only invited me to undertake this catalogue of
Nepalese Manuscripts as a part of his famous project but also gave me his generous help at every
stage of my work. I also a very grateful to t Dr. Dieter George and Dr. Hartmut-Ortwin Feistel,
successors to Dr. Voigt, as well as to Gunter Meier, who were all extremely supportive of my work
on this catalogue.
Stockholm, January 1988 Siegfried Lienhard
1. General remarks on the language and literature of the Nevars
a) The Nevars
At a remote date which is still unknown, presumably long before the Licchavi Period (about
400-880 A.D.), a people of Mongoloid race emigrated from the East or North-East towards the
temperate zone of what is today known as Nepal. They were fundamentally Tibeto-Burman and,
calling themselves Nevarsl, settled in various regions of Nepal, above all in the pleasant and very
fertile Valley of Kathmandu, where they still constitute the greater part of the population'. The
impact of Indian culture converted them to Buddhism or Hinduism; as far as the latter is concerned,
especially Sivaism. They were an extremely sociable people: they lived by preference close together,
in houses of one or more storeys, appreciated the well-protected life of the city community and loved
gaiety, singing and dancing. They were hard-working farmers, shrewd and prudent traders who did
not mind the long and perilous journey to Tibet, and as craftsmen and builders they became famous
even beyond the confines of their valley. In their temples and palaces Indian forms were gradually
changed into a new, typically Nepalese style which, in its turn, exercised a considerable influence on
the art and architecture not only of Central Asia but also of the Far East.
b) Nevarl
The language of the Nevars, which in European linguistic literature has been termed Nevarl, but is
known in Nepal and by its native speakers as Nepal(a)bhi $a, i. e., the language of Nepal, was for
many centuries the principal language of Nepal. It was the main language in the whole valley of
Kathmandu from at least the 13th century until the final conquest of the Valley by Sih Prthvl
Niriyal in 1768 A.D.3. From this period onwards, however, the new rulers and the Gurkha inhabi
tants of the country have consistently tried gradually to replace Nevin with their own, Indo-Aryan,
vernacular, i. e., Neplr or, as it was previously called, Gurkhali. Nevirl, as is well-known today,
belongs to the Tibeto-Burman family of languages and is of the greatest literary as well as linguistic
importance, since it is one of the only five Tibeto-Burman languages to have a long written tradition.
These are besides Nevirl- Meithei (or Manipun), Burmese, Nakhi and Tibetan. The significance
1 The word nevar, probably of non-Aryan origin, is evidently connected with Skt. neptla, "Nepal". The most convincing
etymology attempted so far is that of K. P. Malia who derives it from the Tibeto-Burmese word (yept) which means
"cow-herd" (Kailash VIII, 1981, pp.18 f.). nevar thus corresponds to Skt. gopila which, of course, also means
"cow-herd". It is noteworthy that the first historical dynasty recorded by the Nepalese chronicles (varivall) is that of the
2 On the geographical distribution of the Nevars today see W. Donner, Nepal: Raum, Mensch und WirtschaJ, Wiesbaden
1972, pp.1101.\
3 On the position of Nevarl in the preAGurkha period and after see'S. Lienhard, NevarlgltimaiijarI: ReligiOUS and Secular
Poetry of the Nevors of the Kathmandu Valley, p. 141.
of Nevar! for comparative studies in the field of Tibeto-Burman linguistics is obvious. At the present
stage of research we can place Nevarl between Tibetan and Burmese; it appears to be more closely
related to the languages of the North (Tibet) and East (Burma) than to the Tibeto-Burman dialects
of Assam and, due to its loss of prefixes and final consonants, resembles the written form of Burmese
(Middle Burmese) rather than literary Tibetan" Thus, to give just a few characteristic word equa
tons, Tibetan mig and Burmese myak correspond to NevarI mi, "eye", Tibetan dgu and Burmese ku!
to Nevarl gu, "nine", Tibetan byin and Burmese pe to Nevarl bi(ya), ,, (to) give", and Tibetan bsad
and Burmese sat to Nevarl syi(ya), ,,(to) kill". Nevarl, though Tibeto-Burman in stock, has, how
ever, been greatly influenced by the Indo-Aryan languages, particularly in vocabulary and syntax.
Unlike the peoples of the other branches of the Tibeto-Burman family of languages; educated Nevars
cultivated Sanskrit language and literature and, in more recent times, also the literary styles of some
moder Indian languages, especially Maithil! and Bengali. Due to its continuous contact with Indian
culture, Nevarl has borrowed very heavily from the vocabulary of Indian languages, both Sanskrit
and, later on, the vernaculars. At the earliest stage in its history, Nevarl was used as a second literary
language together with Sanskrit. It was at first employed in bilingual texts written alternately in
Sanskrit and Nevarl, the aim being to paraphrase or translate the Sanskrit portions of the text, stanza
by stanza or sentence by sentence. Gradually independent works in Nevarl were written which were
neither translations nor explanations of Sanskrit sources.
c) Nevari literature
A large body of Nevarl literature has come down to us which, though rich in various departments
and genres, written in prose or verse and comprehending epic works as well as poetry and drama, is
still very little explored. There are two main forms of Nevarl: (1) the language which since Hans
Jlrgensen has been called "classical" Nevarl and (2) modern Nevarl which is characterized by many
morphological changes, especially apocope and contraction of the penultimate syllable of words of
the classical language (as, for example, classical cosa "on the top" becoming coy in moder Nevarl,
or classical phukija "brother" becoming modern phukl. The entire Nevarl literature fom the ear
liest texts we know until the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries was written in the
classical form, though also younger "classical" texts, mainly due to the inattention of the scribes,
often show modern or modernized forms. We are in this volume concerned only with classical Nevar!'
While Jlrgensen defined it as "the language of the manuscripts"S, classical Nevarl, according to our
knowledge of today, comprehends, besides the language of the manuscripts, also the language of
Nevar songs and the Nevarl portions in legal documents, i. e., land grants, sales contracts, etc., and
epigraphy. Modern NevarI represented for a long time an unwritten, colloquial form of the language
and was not developed as a literary medium before around 1900 A.D.
No history of Nevarl literature has so far been written, although a few attempts have been made to
present a preliminary and general view of both the language and the writings of the Nevars6. Too few
Nevarl or bilingual texts (in Sanskrit cum Nevarl, Sanskrit cum MaithilI, etc.) have as yet been
carefully studied or edited and, what is still more important, with the exception of the present volume
and Janak Lal Vaidya's work (see Bibliography, p. XX), no adequate descriptive catalogues have
been published of the Nevarl manuscript collections in both Nepal and Europe which at places are
4 See R. Shafer, Newari and Sino Tibetan, p. 92f., and the more recent classifications by W. W. Glover, Cognate Counts
Via the Swdesh List in Some Tibeto-Burman Languages of Nepal, Urbana 1970 (Occasional Papers of the Wolfenden Society
on Tibeto-Burman Linguistics, Vol. III, Part II: Lexical Lists and Comparative Studies, p. 23f.).
5 H. Jlrgensen, A Dictionar of the Clasical Newir p.3.
6 See S. Lienhard, op. cit. , p.13, note 2. The hitherto most informative and uptodate work is Kamal P. Malla, Classical
Newari Literature: A. Sketch. Not a few of the statements in the introduction above go to the credit of this first scientifc
presentation of the literary heritage of the Nevars.
surprisingly rich7 The following exposition, too, can, therefore, not be more than a modest trial to
summarize what research in Nevar language and literate culture has achieved during the last few
decades and thus give an account of our present, still very restricted knowledge in this field. When
discussing the history and culture of the Kathmandu Valley, it is helpful to divide Nepalese history of
the first and second millennia A.D. into six principal periods, namely:
1. the pre-Licchavi period, ending about 400 A.D.,
2. The Licchavi period, from about 400 A.D. to 879 A.D.,
3. the transitional period, from 879 A.D. to 1200 A.D.,
4. the early Malla period, from 1200 A.D. to 1482 A.D., covering the time between King Arimalla
(1200-1216 A.D.) and King Jayayaka Malla (1428-1482),
5. the period of the three Malla kingdoms, from 1482 A.D. to 1768 A.D., and
6. the Gurkha period, commencing in the year 1768 A.D.
a) The beginnings
No texts in Nevarl, either epigraphic or in manuscript form, are extant from the pre-Licchavi or
the Licchavi period, but a number of nomina, above all place-names and certain administrative terms
which are undoubtedly Nevarl, can be encountered in inscriptions from the Licchavi times. The
oldest document in classical Nevarl is from the transitional period. While the earliest dated Sanskrit
manuscript is the Sahottaratantra of the year [Manadeva SaIvat] 301 (878 A.D.)9, the earliest text in
Nevarl cum Sanskrit is a legal document of the Rudravarlamahavihara (mod. Nev. Vokubaha:) in
Patan, which is dated N.E.lO 235 (1115 A.D.)l1. An inscription of only three lines is to be found in the
courtyard of the famous Vajrayoginl temple above SaI!1khu-in the eastern end of the valley!2; it is
dated N.E. 293 (1173) and contains a short Nevarl word-sequence. The manuscript of the Madka
vanidana, a Sanskrit medical work, which contains a line by line translation into Nevarl of Vijayara
kita's commentary (Sistramadhukosayt', is not, as was earlier believed, from the year 331 (1211
A.D.) but from the year 631 (1511 A.D.). This text is one of the numerous manuscripts which, as has
already been mentioned, are not written in Nevar alone, but are in Sanskrit and Nevarl, the Nevarl
portions being translations or paraphrases of the respective Sanskrit text.
Classical Nevarlliterature flourished from about 1350 A.D. until the end of the Malia period. Both
prose texts and verse in classical Nevarl continued to be composed, however, after the fateful year
1768 A.D. and even as late as the nineteen twenties. During the entire Malla period, kings and high
officials were frequently fervent patrons of the learning and literature of the Nevars, while some
Gurkha kings, like Rala Bahadura Saha and Rajendra Vikrama Saha also furthered the cause of
Nevarl. From about 1350 A.D. the cJassical language begins to be employed not only in manuscripts,
where it appears alongside Sanskrit, but also in epigraphy!4. Its use in inscriptions is at first limited to
only certain technical data, the main part being written in Sanskrit, whereas later epigraphy, fom
about the end of the early Malla period and onwards, makes full use of Nevar!'
7 See Bibliography, p. XXI.
8 K. P. Malia, Kailh VIII (1981), pp. 61. and 12ff.
9 Dhanavajra Vajnicarya, Licchavikilki abhilekh (anuvid, aitihdsik vyikhyaahit), Kathmandu 2030, p.599.
That is, Nepal Era.
See B. KOlver and Herraj Sakya, Documents fom the RudravarlaMahivihira, Palan, Nepal. 1. Sales and Mortgages,
2 K. Tamo" N S. 293 (A.D. 1173) yd chag" abhilekh, in: Nepala, N.E. 1097, 2 (Kathmandu 1977 A.D.), p.12.
13 Library of the Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal, Calcutta, No. G 4812. See G. J, Meulenbeld. The Mtdhavanidina and
Its Chief Commentary. Chapters i-1O: introduction, Translation and Note, Leiden 1974, p.24.
14 Before this time, the medium used for Nepalese epigraphy, whiCh as a matter of fact originated in almost its entirety
fom the Kathmandu Valley, was exclusively Sanskrit. The oldest example is Manadeva's inscription in the temple of Cangu
NarayaQa, dated Saka Era 386 (464 A.D.).
) 14th century: Early manuals, dictionaries and chronicles
Whereas the earliest Nepalese manuscripts, most of which were copied on palm-leaf and which
often have valuable miniature paintings on their wooden cover or on some of the leaves, are all
written in Sanskrit, and as far as the oldest work is concerned, date back to the 9th century A.D., a
great number of bilingual manuscripts in both Sanskrit and Nevarl suddenly emerge during the latter
part of the 14th century AD., as is shown by the text material that has been preserved. The oldest
dated manuscripts fom that time known at present are the Haramekhala in the possession of the
Kaiser Library, Kathmandu, dated N.E. 494 (1374 A.D.)15, the Manavanyayasistra, dated N.B. 500
(1380 A.D.) and three Amarakosas dated N.E. 501 = 1381 A.D., N.B. 506 = 1386 AD. andN.B.
550 = A.D. 1430 respectively. The Berlin manuscript of the Hitopadesa was for a long time taken to
be the very oldest manuscript in (Sanskrit and) Nevar!' Hans J;rgensen gives no date when describ
ing this text in his Versuch eines Worterbuches der Nevirl-Sprache, p. 26, since, as he explicitly states,
the first numeral of the date given in it is not readable. When listing it, later on, in his Dictionary of
the Classical Newarl, p. 4, however, J;rgensen dates the same manuscript N.E. ,,481 = AD 1360",
without mentioning at all the difficulty in reading the first numeral. Recently, new doubts have been
raised against the accurateness of his reading. A re-examination of the manuscript has proved that its
date is clearly an adscript at the bottom of the right hand corner of the last folio and, while the first
numeral remains unclear, the second one is undoubtly the grapheme 9. Thus, even if we might
tentatively accept the interpretation. of the first symbol as 4, the Berlin Hitopadda must, at any rate,
be dated ten years later than stated by J;rgensen, that is to say, N.E. 491 instead of previously 481'6.
The Manavanyayaiastra contains the Sanskrit original of Narada's Smrti together with a Nevar!
commentary named Nyayavikasinl. It was written by a certain Malikya Yardhana in Bhaktapur,
whereas the three Amarakosas mentioned above represent the three oldest specimens of bilingual
lexicography in Sanskrit and Nevar!'
It is indeed a matter of great fortune that kosas are to be found among the most ancient texts that
have been preserved of the earliest literature in classical Nevar!' To these texts of the 14th century
belongs also the oldest chronicle (variavall) of the Kathmandu Yalley, the famous Gopalarijavay
sava{[ l7, which, when judged from both its contents and linguistic criteria, must have been compiled
between N.E. 507 and 510 (1387-1390 AD.). Using several sources, some of which date back as far
as, for example, A.D. 1057, it was compiled in Bhaktapur during the reign of King Jayasthiti Malia
(1382-1395 AD.). This earliest and most important historical work consists, in fact, of two loosely
related texts, the frst of which contains merely genealogical lists of kings and princes. The frst is
written in corrupt Sanskrit, the second in old Nevir!. Only the second text, which forms the main
part of the book, is composed in the form of a chronicle and, interestingly enough, uses a style of
NevirI which is evidently based on the old Bhaktapur dialect. Another important, though, as it
seems, somewhat younger, genre of historical prose-writing in NevarI are the thyisaphi (,fold
books'), a sort of historical diary with notes on noteworthy events, a fairly large number of which
have already been published18.
The Gopilarijavarivall is not the only manuscript compiled during the reign of Jayasthiti Malia.
Innumerable texts were written or rewritten under this great and versatile ruler who, like most of his
lS Kaiser Library Catalogue No. 60.
See Nepal Bhasha (Newari) Dictionary Committee (Casa Pasa), Research Project Proposal: A Comprehensive Dictio
nary of Clssical Newari: Pilot Project toward the compilation of a comprehensive Dictionary of ClassiCal Newari, Kathmandu
1980 (typewritten and xeroxed), p.7 and, especially, note 11.
See Dhanavajra Vajracarya and Kamal P. Mana, The GopilarijavariavaLl, Wiesbaden 1985 (Nepal Research Centre
Publications 9).
See Sailkarman RajvaJsI, Aitihisik gha!anavail, V.S. 2020 (one thyisapha), and D. R. Regmi, Medieval Nepal, Part III
and T: Source Materials for the History and Culture of Nepal 740 -1768 A.D., Calcutta 1966 (nine thyisaphll).
successors, patronized Sanskrit as well as Nevirl and sponsored both scholars and scribes. On the
initiative of the court, manuscripts were copied and collected in the royal archives, and this lively
concern for copying Sanskrit, bilingual and, gradually, also pure Nevirl texts, by no means ceased
when, later on, the country was divided into three separate kingdoms. Now each court competed, as
it were, with the others to produce manuscripts and to enlarge its collections. There also exist a
number of manuscripts of commentaries and dramas, as well as hymns or songs, especially of the 17th
and 18th centuries, which, correctly or incorrectly, have been attributed to certain kings in the valley.
y) Literary activities of the 15th and 16th centuries
It is not possible here to describe each dated text in the flourishing literature that arose in the
following centuries, which, as previously mentioned, now brought forth a considerable variety of text
classes and genres. We shall mention only dated manuscripts written in the 15th century which,
according to our present knowledge, are Haramekhali and Daivajia Jyotirija's Nepilabh&jicikitsi,
dated N.B. 541 (= 1421 A.D.), Bh&jijyot4a, dated N.B. 542 (= 1422 A.D.), Nepilabhiivaidyaka
ra/a", dated N.B. 560 (= 1440 A.D.), another, anonymous, Nepilabhiicitiksi, dated N.B. 561 (=
1441 A.D.) and, fnally, the Svarodayadasi, dated N.B. 581 (= 1461 A.D.), by Daivajia GUl)arija,
perhaps a relative of Daivajia Jyotirija. With the exception of the Hitopadea, a narrative work, and
the Gopilarijava1Sivatl, a chronicle, all the texts we have noted so far are either dictionaries (kosa)
or manuals (sistra) on a certain field of ancient Indian knowledge, preferably law, medicine and
astrology. It is surprising to see that texts that are markedly literary or Buddhist are still absent from
the earliest group of Nevarl manuscripts of the first hundred years (about 1360 to 1460), which all
tend to be didactic. Like the aphorisms in the Ci/akyasirasangraha, which was soon to become very
popular in the valley, the Nevarl version of the Hitopadeia served a primarily educational purpose, as
it was mainly used to teach young N evars how to behave properly. The first writers of N evarl thus
tread in the footsteps of Indian learning and translated, explained or commented on Sanskrit texts for
the benefit of those of their people who had not mastered the Sanskrit language or did not know it
sufficiently well. No author had yet written a Nevarl work that was independent of Sanskrit. It was,
on the contrary, typical of this earliest period that Nevirl was then only employed to translate or
explain and that those who made use of Nevirl in writing were an educated elite profcient in
Soon the perspective widened considerably. We now witness not only a continuous increase in the
types of text that paraphrased or were translated from Sanskrit; we also notice how, gradually, many
independent, creative and literary genres developed. Classical Nevirl was no longer exclusively used
in bilingual texts along with Sanskrit; it began to form a desirable medium for a native literary
tradition that extends from before the middle of the 16th century to the beginning of the present
century. Apart fom the Berlin Hitopadesa, the earliest texts that are not of a technical nature are a
manuscript of the Tantrikhyina, a secular narrative from 1508 A.D., and a manuscript of the
Svasthinlvratakathi, a religious narrative from 1593 A.D. Though scientific and other technical texts
i Sanskrit, such as ritual works, are often written in verse, their Nevirl translations are invariably in
prose. The undoubtedly largest part of Nevirlliterature, bilingual or not, deals with either ritual or
the sciences of medicine, pharmacology and astrology. Numerous texts are devoted to other traditio
nal branches of knowledge which are all very well represented: mathematics, prognostics, music,
drama, dance, architecture and painting, the science of love, elephant-lore, the knowledge of breed
ing and healing horses, the science of jewels as well as politics and diplomacy. Many texts are legal
documents attesting a donation or the sale of a house, a garden, etc., or are collections of mantras
and dhira/l. Still other texts belong, as we have already seen, to Sanskrit-Nevarllexicography,
which had a long and unbroken tradition in Nepal, nourished perhaps by the unrecorded belief of the
Nevars that the author of the Sanskrit dictionary NimalihginuSisana (or Amarakosa), the famous
AmarasiIpha, was himself a Nepalese Buddhist.
b) Legal documents
Legal documents attesting sales are mostly written in a mixture of Sanskrit and Nevarl and follow
highly stereotyped patterns19 They start (or sometimes end) by stating the exact date when the sale is
being efected and then give information (1) on the seller (dhintaka), (2) the situation of the house,
garden or building-site to be sold as well as (3) its dimensions. The situation is usually described in
terms of its relation to the neighbouring houses, gardens, etc., in firstly the western, secondly
northern, thirdly eastern and finally southern direction. The last part of the records mentions the
buyer (grihaka), the eye-(and ear-) witnesses (dmasikin, drtasrutasikin) and, ultimately, the
kiyastha, i. e., the scribe, who sets down the respective transaction. As we know of no document of
this kind fom either India or areas influenced by Indian culture, a more or less free translation into
English of one of the documents contained in this volume, namely ms. 217, is given below for the
convenience of the reader:
"Siddham! (Let this be) auspicious! The eminent and wise King Jayajitamitra Malia is pleased to
grant the sale of the house belonging to the royal family called Bade. (It is) located to the west of the
main road, to the north of the house belonging to srl-Candrasekhara, to the east of the house
belonging to Ramacandra and to the south of the main road. (It measures) 27 cubits in length, 11
cubits i breadth (and includes) the annex measuring 6 cubits in length and 7 cubits in breadth. (The
sale entitles) the owner to use the passage bordering to the east of the waterspout. (The right lying at
the heart of the agreement) is sold after gold in the form of a flower wreath'O has been accepted (by
the king) at a rate (or price) appropriate to the time and the region. (He) is pleased (to declare the
house legally sold) to the two brothers Visvarama and Devarama, who both live in Tavacapalatola in
srl-CaQQigala in Khopabhimi (i. e., Bhaktapur). The eye-witnesses to this document are (the King's)
mother Padmavatidevl and Bhagirima BMro. The scribe Tulaslrama writes. (In the year) N.E. 805,
in the Month of Vaisikha, on the fourth day of the dark fortnight. (Let this be) auspicious. ,<
E) Religious writings
Eventually translations appear of certain, especially narrative, Sanskrit texts, both Hindu and
Buddhist, which are no longer accompanied by the original text. As these renderings are frequently
free and resemble paraphrases rather than real translations, they pave the way for works in Nevarl
which are independent of Sanskrit. Translations of this kind were made of the two Sanskrit epics, the
RimiyaYa and the Mahibhirata, of many PuriYas or selected portions of them, as well as the
AdhyitmarimayaYa. Some of the puriQic tales and similar texts were used as so-called vratakathis in
the Hindu strata of Nevar society, that is to say, as religious stories to be recited during the fasting
rite (vrata) observed on mainly the eighth (atam[) , the eleventh (ekadaSO and the full-moon (purYi
ma) days of the lunar calendar". Certain vratakathis were employed on other occasions: The
extremely popular Svasthinl(parameSvarl)vratakathi was - and still is -recited during the Month of
19 The oldest legal documents so far known are an incomplete document of sale dated N.E. 103 (in Sanskrit) and a
colete document of donation dated N.E. 235 (in Nevari) from the RudravarQamahavihara (or Vokubaha:) in Patan.
I\)8 ftting for a king to accept fowers but not gold or money.
For further reference see B. KOlver, Documents from Nepal 2. A Transfer of a Lease, Studien zur lndologie und
Iranistik, Heft 2 (1981), p. 92ff. ; B. K61ver, Chronicles and Deeds on Currency and Land (Documents from Nepal 3), Joural
of the Nepal Research Centre VN (1981/82), p. 133!. and B. Mlver and Hemraj Sakya, Document fom the Rudravara
Mahivihira, Piian, Nepal, 1. Sales and Mortgages.
2 Cf. p. XXIX!. below.
Magha (January-February) and the Pretakalpa of the Garu4apurafa whenever a Hindu family is in
mourning. Another frequently recited work is the Bhigavatapurafa. Recitations from this famous
text are also undertaken as an act of piety; they may be arranged at any time a Hindu family wishes to
do so but never last for a shorter time than one whole week (saptaha).
Among Buddhists the functions of vratakathis were fulflled by the numerous re-birth stories, the
avadanas, which were for the most part very free paraphrases of their Sanskrit originals and, like the
religious tales of the Hindus, were recited on a$taml, ekadasl and purfima days as well as on other
occasions as, for example, during the Month of GUJlla (SravaIJa-Bhadrapada), the holy Buddhist
month of the Nevars. Whereas the Hindu vratakathis were recited by a Brahmin, a Devabhaju (also
spelled Deobhaju), the avadanas were recited by a Buddhist priest, a Vajracarya. Strangely enough,
and although Buddhist re-birth stories had already become popular in the valley, at least by the
beginning of the 5th century A.D. 2, but most probably even earlier, no avadana manuscripts in the
Nevarl language have so far been found that are older than the 17th century24. It was thus not until
after this late period that avadana texts were copied diligently in various Buddhist monasteries of the
valley. Especially popular stories such as, for example, the Maficu4avadana, the Kavi[ralkumarava
dana or the ViSvantaravadina, were sometimes transmitted separately. As a rule, however, a number
of avadinaswas taken together to form, as was the custom in Sanskrit Buddhist literature, an
avadina collection, which was usually entitled Avadana(vrata)mala or A$.aml(vrata) mihitmya(ka
thi) . Some Nevirl avadanas that were retold in a freer manner were called avadanoddhrta or
avadanotkr$ta, that is to say, "adaptation of a Sanskrit Buddhist legend" to Nevarl prose purposes.
) Secular and didactic prose
Along with the religious - Hindu as well as Buddhist - narrative, two other literary genres
developed, the beginnings of which date, as we have already noted, back to the very dawn of Nevarl
literature: a) secular prose narrative and b) didactic prose narrative, which are so intimately related
to one another that no sharp line of demarcation can be drawn between the two genres.
The Hitopadesa and the Tantrikhyina we have mentioned above were followed by a large number
of secular or didactic prose narratives most of which were adaptations to Nevarl of fable-books or
collections of legendary tales supplied by the enormously rich store-house of narrative literature
written in Sanskrit. The people were particularly fond of such cycles of popular tales as the Vetila
pafcavilliati, the Sukasaptati and the Sirisanadvatrilfiatiki (Battlsaputrikakathi) .
The main work of non-narrative didactic literature is, of course, the famous Cifakyasirasalgra
ha, one of the most widespread anthologies of didactic stanzas in Sanskrit. It was well-known not only
in India, but also in many diferent countries of Central and South East Asia, which lay in the culture
sphere of the Indian subcontinent, but, unlike Hitopadesa and Tantrikhyina, it was not used for the
instruction of children. The Cifakyasirasalgraha served the double purpose of teaching its students
correct behaviour in all possible situations of life on the one hand and a working knowledge of
Sanskrit on the other, and has, therefore, been one of the texts most often copied in Nepal. The
manuscripts give both the Sanskrit original and its Nevirl translation but, as was customary when
verse was translated, the Nevirl text always renders the Sanskrit slokas in prose.
2 An eady Licchavi inscription refers to a caita, possibly the Carumatlvihara, which is said to have been decorated with
beautiful reliefs ,depicting scenes from the Kinnarljitaka; c. Dhanavajra Vajracarya, Licchavikilka abhilekh, pp. 1 and 6 ff.
2 The earliest avadana-text in Nevarl known. to us is a manuscript of the Vicitrakanikivadina dated N .E. 771 (1651
1) Poetry and drama
However, it was not only prose works of a technical nature and narratives that were written in
Classical Nevarl. Besides epic literature Nevar writers also cultivated the two other genres, i. e.,
drama and poetry. The fact that Nevinliterature had since long developed an important poetic
tradition of religious as well as secular poetry was not known to a wider public until 1974, when my
book Nevirlgttanjarl was published in Stockholm25 As I have tried to show in this work, "the
composition of religious hymns, secular songs sung in leisure periods or when at work, love-poems,
narrative verses, and so forth, has always flourished alongside classical prose writing based on
Sanskrit sources, and it continued to do so in later times, when modern Nevin came into use"26. The
oldest Nevirl poems so far known to us are three folksongs dated N.E. 691 (1571 A.D.), N.E. 692
(1572 A.D.) and N.E. 694 (1574 A.D.) contained in a manuscript in private possession27. The three
poems seem to form a group and were possibly written by one and the same author. The first is
fragmentary, while the second song, bewailing the decline of the social and moral order of its time,
strikes a didactic and the third song, composed in 1574 A.D., a political note. Nevar poetry, as a
matter of fact, includes some of the most productive literary genres, which, moreover, in essence are
primarily Nevar and can be divided into four principal types, namely (1) religious poetry, which may
have the traditional form of a slolra as it is known from Sanskrit literature, Buddhist or Hindu, or a
song inspired by one of the avadinas, (2) songs about love and marriage, (3) epic poetry and, finally,
(4) didactic, mostly popular, verse independent of Sanskrit models. While the larger part of Nevarl
literature seems to be anonymous, we know the names of the poets of many stotras and secular songs.
Nevar lyrics, especiany those of the secular type, are very complex. Though some authors prefer
Sanskrit models, the majority of the songs or poems are genuinely Nevar. Unlike Indian poetry they
possess a clearly marked individual spirit and, permitting their reader or listener to partake i the
experiences of the poet, ten of amorousness or disappointment in love, passion and suffering,
repentence and death. Love-poems, having a charm of their own, describe various details of feminine
beauty: a woman's or girl's fair complexion, her elegant gait, her finery and adornments, the way her
hair is dressed as well as the vermilion-mark on her forehead and the flower stuck into her hair. Most
of the comparisons used by the authors are entirely original and are frequently striking. Longer songs
were often employed as working-songs, chanted at the time of the sinhajyi, when Nepalese farmers
transplanted the tender rice-shoots; they appear in ballad-form.
Dances and dramas were performed at the royal courts at least from the beginning of the 15th
century onward. Dramas were composed wholly in Nevarl, wholly in MaithilI, Hindi or Bengali or
used a type of Sanskrit that was more or less adapted to the vernaculars of the country. Of the
dramatical texts that have come down to us only about thirty are written wholly in Nevarl, while
about a hundred are composed entirely in MaithiH. A relatively small number of dramas use more
than one language, for example, Sanskrit (for the dialogues) and Maithill (for the songs), or have
roles in Maithill as well as in Bengali. Stage-directions, however, are invariably in Nevar!' The oldest
drama written wholly in Nevarl is the Vasudhiridevlni
taka by King Pratapa Mana of Kathmandu
(1641-1674 A.D.). :he text, unfortunately fragmentary, dates back to the year N.E. 764 (1644
A.D.). The oldest complete drama so far known, which is composed entirely in Nevarl, is the
Maladevaiaiidevavyikhyinanitaka by Jagatprakasa Mana of Bhaktapur (1643-1672); it was probab
ly written between the years 1660 and 1670 A.D.
Dramatical texts from the Kathmandu Vaney show a remarkable feature not to be found in the
feld of classicl Indian literature, as four types of manuscripts can be distinguished. There exist (1)
2 See Bibliography, p. XX II.
26 Nevarlgltimafjarl, p. 16 ff.
2 See Th. L. Manandhar, Pyasa: da' mayika puli'gu lokagita, in: JhiNo. 20, 7, (Kathmandu) N.E. 1097 (1977 A.D.).
manuscripts with, as we should expect, the complete text of the respective drama, but, besides these,
(2) manuscripts containing only the songs, (3) manuscripts giving only the dialogues and, finally, (4)
manuscripts, that, most surprisingly, contain the role of only one dramatis persona or actor2
i) Modern trends
Modern literature is no longer transmitted by means of hand-copied manuscripts; it is printed, and
naturally it presents a picture that, for the most part, is totally different from any work produced
before about 1900. New literary forms replace the traditional genres, which are hardly used today.
As in modern Indian literature, the most popular genres are short stories (kahinz), essays (nibandha)
and poems (kavita), the cradle and development of which are to a certain extent to be sought in
contemporary Hindi and Bengali literature. The linguistic medium is now modern Nevarl, which is
used in various styles, and Devanagarl has been adopted in the place of the older scripts.
2. Scribes, writing materials and alphabets
The copying of manuscripts, especially of Hindu texts, was, as already mentioned, to a large extent
the work of scribes attached to the royal courts in the valley. Most of the copying of Buddhist texts
was done in the numerous Buddhist monasteries (vihira). While scribes in Kathmandu produced
copies of Hindu as well as Buddhist manuscripts, those in Patan, a predominantly Buddhist town and
the cultural centre of Nepal until the reign of Jayasthiti Malia (1382-1395 A.D.), copied mainly
Buddhist literature and those in Bhaktapur copied mostly Hdu works. Scribes working on Hindu
manuscripts belonged either to the Brahmin castes known as Rajopadhyaya, Daivajfia and Acarya or
they were Kayasthas, whereas those working on Buddhist texts were as a rule either Vajracaryas or
Sakyas, who both form the communities (sangha) in the Buddhist vihiras and, as is well known, are
the descendents of the former monks of the valley. Copying manuscripts, be they Buddhist or Hindu,
was not only considered to be a contribution towards the furtherance of learing and literature, but
was also regarded as an act of piety. Whoever wrote down or caused to write down a religious text, or
presented it as a gift, was performing a devotional act and, moreover, accumulating long-lasting
The oldest manuscripts were written on palm-leaves or, where palm-leaves were not available,
birch-bark. In later times copying was done on paper, thongh palm-leaves continued to be employed,
especially for manuscripts containing legal transactions. The pages of a palm-leaf or paper ,manu
script were usually held together by one or two strings threaded through a hole punched in the mid
dle or through two holes, one punched on either side of the leaves of the manuscript. The Whole
manuscript was protected by an upper and a lower wooden cover, which were frequently beautifully
painted or carved. When reading a manuscript, a person would first remove the upper wooden cover,
loosen the string(s) and, as he fnished reading each page, lift it off the pile of unread pages and place
it face downwards on the upper cover. Text accompanying important donations were expected to last
and were therefore set down on copper-plates, undoubtedly a more durable material than palm-leaf
or paper. When paper was used for copying, two or three layers of Nepalese paper were first glued
together. The starchy pages resulting from this process were then treated with a yellowish paint
(haritaia) , which gave some protection from insects. Before the copying proper commenced, the
leaves were smoothed down with a polished stone or a conch-shell. A special form of manuscript is
2 For valuaQle information on the Nevar drama I express my thanks to Dr. Horst Brinkhaus, Hamburg. For his edition of
the MaladevaSaSidevavyikhyinaniJak. see Bibliography, p. XXXI.
29 Cf. S. Lienhard, Maficii4ivadinoddhrta, pp.56 and 102 f.
the so-called thyisaphil, that is to say, a folded book (thya meaning "fold", "layer", saphu < classical
Nevarl saphuli, "book"). Here the leaves are not held together by strings, as in the ordinary type of
manuscript described above. The pages of a thyisaphu are not seperate but are folded out of one
single piece of paper. Legal documents attesting sales or other transactions are very short one-leaf
documents. They were not kept within covers but were rolled together and had as a rule a clay seal
attached to the left-hand end of the palm-leaf.
A fair number of alphabets, all of which ultimately derive from the Brahml script, were employed
in Nepalese manuscript. Old Buddhist texts written in Sanskrit often use the beautiful and very
orate Raijani, whereas the oldest group of Nevarl manuscripts are written in Bhuji1l ola, which
derives fom the Ku.ila script. Both these alphabets remained in use until the end of the Malla
period, but together with these, many other scripts were employed, the most important of which
were Nepala/ara, which is the "Nepalese alphabet" par excellence, Devanagarl, Golamola (the
"ball-headed" type), Bhu(1)ji(1)mola (the "fy-headed" type), KU1lola (the "point-headed" type)
and Pacumola (the "even-headed" type). Though Devanigarl, at least in an older variant, appears in
the Kathmandu Valley quite early, that is to say in inscriptions dated 1019 A.D. and in manuscripts
dated 1392 A.D., by far the commonest alphabet for classical Nevirl, both in Hindu and Buddhist
texts, was Nepala/ara. Like Devanigarl and various other scripts from Norther and Central India,
it can be traced back to a norther, acute-angled form of alphabet of the 6th century A.D. calJed
Siddhamatrka script, a later variant of which has been terJled Kutila script.
Since both alphabets are related to each other, Nepila/ara and Devanagarl have many features in
common, but they deviate considerably not only in the formation of a number of a/aras and
ligatures, but also in their way of combining consonants and consonant-groups, especially with the
vowels e, ai, 0 and au. In the following, a synoptic table of the transliteration of Nepalak$ara is given
as well as a list of examples of vowels in combination3o
3 After Herraj Sakya, VarfaParicaya (pracalit nevdrllipt). (Kathmandu) 2017 (= Puntattva Prakasana Mala 2),
pp. 39. The tables given i this pamphlet are somewhat overworked, as they also contain combinations which do not occur.
e ai
o au ar
ka kha ga gha na ca cha ja jha ia
fa tha 4a qha Qa ta tha da dha na
pa pha ba bha ra ya ra ia va
Sa a sa ha ka tra jia
Vowels in combination:
ka ka ki l ku ki kr kf ke kai ko kau kar kal
ga ga gi gI gu gi gr gf ge gai go gau gaIJ gal
Consonants in combination:
(1) with ya:
kya khya gya ghya nya cya chya jya jhya nya
!ya !hya <ya <hya ya 'ya thya dya dhya nya
sya ya sya hya kya trya joya
(2) with fa:
kra khra gra ghra ora era chra jra jhra fra lra thra <ra <hra lra
tra thra dra dhra nra pra phra bra bhra mra vra
Sfa fa sra hra kra tra
(3) with la:
kla kbla gla ghla fila cia chla jla jbla ila (Ia (hla gla ghla Qla
(4) with va:
tla tbla dla dhla nla pia phla bla bhla mla yla ria 11a via
sia la sla hla kla trIa
kva khva gva ghva ova eva chva jva jhva fva !va thva Qva qhva Qva
tva thva dva dhva nva pya phva bva bhva mva yva rva Iva vva
sva va sva hva kia trva jiva
(5) with na:
kna khna goa ghna nna oa chna jna jhna tna tna hna Qua <hoa Qua
toa thoa dna dhna nna pua phna boa bhna mna _' yna rna Ina vna
soa na sna hoa kna tra
(6) with ra:
kma khma gma ghma nma cma chma jma jhma fma tma thma 4ma 4hma Qma
tma thma dma dhma nma pma phma bma bhma mma yma rma Ima vma
sma ma sma hma kma trma jfma
(7) Combinations with initial nasal:
rka dkha rga ngha iia fca fcha fja fjha una l)ta l)tha Qqa I4ha l}Ja
nta ntha nda ndha Dna mpa mpha mba mbha mma
(8) Other combinations:
ddha tta kQa Qa rjju kmi slo Ha pta sru
dhru ndra stra tsna rddha !ra ntra kma gll!a reca
mpra stha gdha rkka Ila sea
sta mbha
bdha qga
1l tl
sri ndhya ntya ccha smi


ryya 'stu lpa srya kta


" V

3. The manuscripts described in this catalogue. Explanations for its use
Although the Nevarl collection described here does not comprehend very old Nevar manuscripts,
the texts contained in this volume are nevertheless highly representative, not of Nevarl literature as a
whole, but of significant parts of the literary production of the Nevars. The largest numbers of
manuscripts are to be found in the sections Ritual, Hymns and Songs as well as Narrative literature
which, as has been seen above, belong to the most extensive branches of Nevar writing. A great
many manuscripts deal with mantra, dhirall and similar topics or are legal documents, while areas
which are not at all or scarcely represented in the present collection are above all Dharmasastra,
Painting and Architecture, Drama, Kamasastra, Mathematics and Lexicography.
Our catalogue is arranged in much the same way als Kl. L. Janert, Indische Handchriften, Teill
(= Verzeichnis der orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland = VoHD, vol. II, 1), Wiesbaden
1962, K. L. Jahnert and N. N. Poti, Inische und nepalische Handschriften, Teil2 (= VoHD, vol. II,
2), Wiesbaden 1970, and H. Bechert, Daw Khin Khin Su and Daw Tin Tin Myint, Burmese Manu
scripts (= VoHD, vol. XIII, 1), Wiesbaden 1977. Only in certain details and points of minor
importance a somewhat different array has sometimes seemed necessary. Thus manuscripts contain
ing more than one text have at times been given one common description of their technical details but
have always been split up as regards their respective texts. Each manuscript has its own current
number and is described separately, according to subject or genre. The head-line of each manuscript
description indicates, on the left hand, the current number and, in the middle of the line, the call
number of the library. The general description of the technical details is contained in the section
below the head-line. It informs successively on:
the number and titles of texts, if the manuscript described consists of several texts,
the kind of writing material (paper, palm-leaf, etc.),
eventual covers,
the type of the manuscript (folded book, copy-book, etc.),
the number of pages, with details about missing leaves and possible damage,
the dimensions of the page(s),
the dimensions of the written area on the page( s),
the number of lines,
illustrations, diagrams, etc., if any,
the type of script (Nepilikara, Devanigarl, etc.),
the language(s) in which the manuscript is written (Nevari, Sanskrit, Nepali, etc.)31 and, wherever
necessary, the type of text (verse, prose),
the date of the manuscript,
the name of the scribe and the place,
the name of the donor(s) and the place.
Below this description of the technical details follows the title of the text, preceded by the name of
the author in the few cases where this is known. Where neither the colophon(s) nor the running text
throw any light on the title of the manuscript, it has been given a hypothetical name that clearly
indicates the nature and the contents of the text in question. This hypothetical name is given in
square brackets. Information is given in the same line if the text is incomplete or if it only forms part
of a longer work. If the text described belongs to a manuscript containing more than one work, it has
been numbered (1), (2), (3), etc. Next, there are quotations from the beginning (Beg.) and end
(End) of the text, frequently followed by quotations from the colophon(s) and sUb-colophons. Lastly
come marginal titles and the names of sections or chapters.
Wherever it seemed necessary, or at least useful, the description concludes with a short explana
tion or a brief summary of the contents of the manuscript as well as information regarding text
editions, translations, etc. (the latter for Nevari texts only). The texts of legal documents are
invariably very short and have therefore been transcribed in extenso. In order to facilitate reading
Nevarl prose texts have been punctuated. For the same reason, commas have been inserted after
each item in enumerations, which are rather fequent, especially in medical and pharmacological
texts. In Nevarl texts and excerpts as well as in Nevari titles v (q), when pronounced b has been
transliterated by b, whereas v has been retained in texts, excerpts and titles in Sanskrit (for example,
[Skt.] vande for [Nev.] bande). Instead of constantly having to alternate between the Sanskrit and the
veracular spelling, Skt. sallvat in colophons written in mixed Sanskrit cum Nevarl has often been
rendered with b, that is to say as sambat or safbat. Superfluous words or letters have been put in
square brackets [ ], while missing letters or words have been indicated in round brackets ( ). Two
dots . . denote one letter, three dots . . . several letters, words or a whole passage which have either
proved illegible or were skipped in transliteration. Hyphens have been inserted between proper
names and a following title (padmottara-rijakumira) as well as in certain other compounds, especial
ly synonymous compounds. As in the manuscripts themselves, figures are-used for word-repetition
31 For practical reasons, n distinction has been made between (medieval) Maithili and (medieval) Bengali, which were
both listed as BengalilMaithili.
(thao 2 for thao thao, or srl-3-bhagabana for srlrlsrlbhagabina). A dash has also been put between
two words to avoid hiatus (srl-amoghapiSa).
While the Sanskrit in very old Nepalese manuscripts is handled with care and Sanskrit texts are
copied correctly , or at least fairly correctly, the Sanskrit in many younger bilingual manuscripts has
often been deplorably ill-treated. The glaring imperfections in manuscripts of this type betray, in
fact, a carelessness and a gradual deterioration in the knowledge of Sanskrit that are unparallelled.
Obvious errors in such excerpts have, of course, been corrected, but attempts to rectify discouraging-
ly corrupt passages would have been futile
Fortunately, the same is not true of Nevan manuscripts written in Nevan only, in which the
language is generally good. Since inter alia a and 0, e and i e and a, 0 and va, r and /,$ and kh as well
as $ and s are interchangeable in Nevarl orthography, which is extremely unstable, words such as
rajindra (instead of the expected rajendra) or asvaka (instead of the expected aSoka) have not been
corrected in our descriptions. The most common types of orthographic variants and alternative
spellings are as follows:
a : 0 jula : julo, was, became
a : e lane : lene, to wait
a : i lane : tine, to vanish
i : va : yi mile : mvile, to be necessary
hmiea : hmyaea, daughter
i : I jipani : jipanl, we
{ : e jita : jeta, to me
i : ye si : sye, wood
i : yi itisa : yitisa, on the other side
u : ii kebhu : kebhii, a plate of rice
e : ye : ya me : mye, song
nene : nyane, to hear
o : va : vo goca : gvaea : gvoea, betelnut
o : u bogida : bugida, bugi:, spring, well
vo : u vo : u, that
aya : e puraya (jula) : pure (jula), (was) fulfilled
k$ : kh : eh k$ik$iliki : khikhiliki, staff
k$url : ehuri, knife
kh : $ khusi : $usi, river
e : y tvica : tvaya, friend
c : t yieake : yitake, to cause to do
ji : gy ijii dayake : igyi dayake, to speak, to say
h : ny hi : nyi, fish
r : I pUrya : pUltuya, religious merit, meritorious
n : r dhanya : dharmya, blessed, happy
n : r : h yinal : yiral : yiham doing
n : hn khunu : khuhnu, day
4 : I : r m04a : mola : mora, head
' When the context clearly shows that a word is misspelt, the right form is indicated in the footnotes.
I : I : r cela : cela : cera, servant, disciple
f : lufl : lu, gold
laf : la, way, road
chef : che, house33
r + C(onsonant) : ree sarba : sarbba, all
dharma : dharmma, law, religion34
s : sa : a, hair
s : y lhisa : lhiya, place
S : s aSoka : asvaka, (King) Asoka35
The whole corpus of manuscripts has been arranged in the fourteen sections into which they
naturally fall according to the contents or genres of the texts themselves. In several cases no sharp
line of demarcation could be drawn between two or several categories, for example between Hindu
vralakalhis in the section on Narrative Literature (1), many of which come from the Pural)as, and
the Pural)a part of the section of Epic Literature (3) or, to mention another example of direct
overlapping, between certain hymns which, though used during certain rituals, have been listed, not
in the section on Ritual (5), but under Hymns and Songs (12). A few manuscripts, among them works
written purely in Sanskrit, have been described in this volume because they are part of a larger
manuscript containing other texts which are either bilingual or are written in Nevirl only, or because
these texts played an important part in the religious and literary tradition of the Nevars. The
manuscripts in each section have been arranged in alphabetical order. Works having the same title
form a subdivision within this order; they are arranged according to the library call-number.
It will be useful for readers of this catalogue to know that each of the three towns in the valley -
Kathmandu, Patan and Bhatgaon - has a Sanskritized and a Nevirl name. Thus Kathmandu is also
called Kintipur, in Nevarl Yat(desa)36, Patan is also known as Lalit(a)pur, in Nevari Yala(desa)37,
and Bhatgaon as Bhaktapur, in Nevarl Khopa(desa). As the name Bhaktapur seems to be the one in
general use nowadays, at least in official usage, the town is called Bhaktapur throughout in this
volume. Our descrptions of manuscripts also presuppose that the reader is familiar with the term
tol(aJ (Hindi toli) , which denotes the wards or house-blocks into which Nepalese towns are divided.
The Nevirl equivalents of Skt. vihira, "Buddhist monastery", are the classical form bfhila and the
modern bahi:. Several eras have been in use in Nepalese dating. The eras mentioned in the
scripts in this volume are: the Nepal Era (A.D. 879/880, that is, N.E. 1, Kirttika, suklapaka 1 =
A.D. October 20, 879), the Saka Era (A.D. 78) and the Vikrama Era (57/56 B.c.). Ain India, the
twelve months, which also have Nevarl names, are the following:
33 In other cases, however, nasalization is used to give emphasis as, for example, in papa : pipar, evil, or sadd , sadtJ,
3 The tendency to double a consonant after r sometimes produces "strange" spellings which, from the point of view of
Sanskrit orthography, would be regarded as incorrect such as nimirta (for nimita) or, vice versa, iib(b)id (for isirbbdd).
3 M(st of the alternatives given above, especiay substitutions concerning vowels as well as kh , ,1f , gy and , kh, are
free varints occuring in alpositons and i Nevari lexemes as well as loanwords, whereas some other alternative spellings
tend to appear only in certain positions. A detailed study of orthographic interchangeability in Nevari is an urgently felt
J Also: Yel?(desa).
' Also: Yela(desa}.
VaWkha, krlapaka
Jyetha, krlapaa
.$iqha, krl1apaka
Srival1a, krlapaka
r.dhikaSrivala, suklapaka
r.dhikaSrivala, krlapaka
Srivala, suklapaka
Bhidra(pada), krl1apaa
.svina, krlapaka
Kirtika, knlapaa
MirgaSlra, krlapaka
Paa, krlapaka
Migha, krl1apaka
Philguna, krlapaa
Caitra, krlapaka
Cauli38_gi --

Bachali-gi __


Gilf1 i44-thva
Gilf1 i-gi
Yef1 i45-thva
Yef1 i-gi
Thif1 i47 -thva
Thif1 i-gi
> July-August
:: February-March
The months (Skt. misa, Nev. Ii) were divided into a bright (Skt. suklapaa, Nev. thva) and a
dark half (Skt. krlapaka, Nev. gi) consisting, theoretically, of fifteen lunar days (lith i) each, the
first ending with the full moon (Skt. pirlimivisyi), the second with the new moon (Skt. amivisyi):
(prathama =) pratipad
3 "The lovely (cau < caru?) Month''. variant form: Cetali.
39 Older form: Bochotali, "Month of the half heat".
4 Older form: Tavochotala, "Month of the great heat".
41 Older form: Ditali, "heat".
4Z "Month (of the heat that) affected".
43 Anala/hva and analigi are inserted every three years as an intercalary month, wich in called adhikamasa.
4 Older form: GUali, "Month of virtues".
45 Older form: E1raii, "Month of Indra".
4 Older form: Katila, "Month of Karttika".
47 "Month of tpe bright shining (moon)", from thiya "to shine bright" (of the moon).
4 "Month of Pausa".
49 Older form:

a!a, "Month of Siva".



(paicadasl =) pirlima
(prathama =) pratipad
(paicadasl =) amavasya
ca:rhaya ca:daya<cavadasa)
Each tithi has a special name, which in most cases is identical with the feminine form of the
respective ordinal number in Sanskrit, thus dvitlyi (tithi) being the second, trtlyi (tithi) the third day
of each lunar half. Some days, such as the eighth (l1 !aml), the eleventh (ekidaSl or the fourteenth
(caturdaSl), are especially important, since they mark the dates of certain religious practices or
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102 (0; Hs. Of. 6483): Bd[akubjikircanavidhi, 2 diagrams



115 (= Hs, or. 6492): Pijapaddhatisatgraha, 4 pages with 'germ syllables' (bija)
~-r~m=i9 * +R,H
do.0+8- |

II@ ^, TAi




.T8r |

166 (= Hs. or. 6406): Bijanabol, pp. 1-
208 (= Hs. or. 6217): Document, integral text
209 (= Hs. or. 4373): Document, integral text
1-46 Narrative Literature
Religious Literature 1-36
Buddhist (Avadanas) 1-19
Hindu (Vratakathi s) 20-36
Non-Religious Literature 37-46
U. or. 6214.
Paper. Double-leaves, cloth-bound. 65 paginated, 5 blank leaves. 25 x 33 em. 21 x 29,5 em. 30-0
lines. Nepilakara. Nevan. Undated.
A$!amlvratamihitmya. (Divyivadinoddhrtavratamili).
Beg.: 01 namai srlmabavairoeanavajrasattvaya. 01 namo srllokanatbaya. sn-3-ratnatrayaya.
hnapal)1 sn-3-amoghapasa-Iok[y]esvara-karulamayayata namaskara. prathamasal)1 bhaktipirb[b]a
kana mabasuci yalao Isvarayake mana tayao bhaktipirb[b]akana pija yanao atamibratamabakatba
nepalabbakhana jina hlaya. purapirb[b]akalasa patariputra nama nagaraya asvaka-rajana julasal)
ku[r]kkutara nama mababibarasa sn-3-upaguptabhikuyake arthana yaka julaI)1. bho upagupta. eha
lapolaya !pana jina julasal)1 anega dharm[m]akatba nene dhuna. ahoratra bratakatba adina laka
caityaya katba idi hanal)1 nana dharm[m]akatba nene dhuna. ao brata dakvasa maba uttama juyao
conagu srl-3-amoghapia-lokesvarayagu atamibrataya katba tval)1 nene ika jula. bho guru upagup
tao ajM prasanna juse bijyaya mala dhakaI)1 asvaka-rajana binati yatal)1. thvate bbaa nenao upagup
ta-bhikuna julasal)1 ajda dayakasya bijyatal)1.
End: thvanal)1 li birakusa-mabarajana upabasakusa nama putrayata rajabhieka biyao sakala pra
jiokayata koparapao alinda-mabaraniju sudarsana thva svahmal)1 atamibrata yanal)1 tapobana pra
besa yanao snkarunamayaske japa dhyana yanao svargabhubanasa bimanakhatasa tayao svargar6ha
na juyao bijyataI)1. debalokapanisena totra yaeakao apasarapanisena nrtya yanao gandharbalokana
badya tbanao kinnaralokana gIta yanao siddhilokana tala tbanao thvate pramanal)1 idarabbaba
yanao bijyatal1. thva svayao indrana musuhuna hnelio ajM dayakaral)1. biripaya kara(la)sa prana
tyaga yaya tayara juohma ao suripa juyao oral)1 dhakal)1. ao chana nama upokhadha pirb[b ]adeba
dbaya. he upokhacha pirb[b]adeba. ehapani svabmal)1 puja yaya dbayao palijatasvanamalana ko
khayakao amrtalal)1khana acamana yacakao dibyabhojana yacakao sil)1basanasa tayao ana[l)1]ndana
bijyatal)1. thvate prakarana thao 2 kamunapadabi ranao upabasakusa-rajanal)1 atamibrata upasana
yanal1 sakara lokaprajapanista pratipala yanal)1 conal)1. thvana Ii desasa jurasal)1 mahasubhiku
juyao duikl\i d(r)aridra suI) ra dayao saptabrihina saI)1yukta juyao mabasukhanal)1 conal)1. tha
thiIpgu atamibrata yao he asoka mabaraja dhakal)1 upagupta-bhikuna ajM dayakalal)1.
Nr. 1-2
Colophon: iti srldivyavadanoddhrtavratamalayam atamivratamahatmyekatha samapta. subham
astu sarv[v]ajagatam. mamgalam bhava[n]tu sarv[v]ada.
Marginal notes indicate the contents:
basitha-riya kha (fol. 2 back),
bisva[m]nt(a)ra-rajakuma(ra)ya kha (fol. 5 back),
mayadebiya kha (fol. 16 front),
sucandra-grha[s]patiya kha (fol. 17 font),
simhasarthabaniyaya kha (fol. 20 back),
jakaprajapaticandra(ya kha) (fol. 27 back),
samaracary[y]ayti kha . . . sibadat(t)a-rajaya kha (fol. 29 front),
sarbirthasiddhiyi kha (fol. 30 front),
sujitaka[m]nyaya pind[r]apitra danayi kha (fol. 31 front),
srisakemuniyita upokhatana binati yakagu kha (fol. 32 front),
upokhataya kha. basi!hayata kanagu kha. kasepa tathagataya kha. kritika-raja (fol. 32 back),
kasyapa tathigatayake patubama heribama nihmamsyam binati yakagu kha (fol. 33 back),
samkharacary[y]am bu(d)dhapratima d(h)vamsa yakagu kha. nigarajaya kha (fol. 34 back),
mahasa(t)tva-dijakumaraya kha (fol. 36 back),
basi!hana binatiyagu kha (fol. 40 front),
dharm[m]apala-rajaya kha (fol. 40 back),
kraku(c)chamdaya kha. prab(r)ajyabrata (fol. 41 front),
dharm[m]apala-rajaya a (fol. 42 front),
pracetasa-raja (fol. 44 back),
alolamant(r)a-cimani1 (= kavikumarabadina) (fol. 46 back),
(kusabadina, fo!. 54 front, not indicated).
1 For CLamali.
2 Hs. or. 645.
Paper. Fols. 51, numbered 166-216. 34,7 x 11 cm. 29 x 6,5 cm. 7 lines. Nepalakara. Nevar!'
Dated N. E. 947.
A$tamlvratamihitmya. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . ta namaskara yanao samkepamatranam sd-3-atamibrataya mahema-a jina hlaya dha
ka buddhagayasa bodhima1)qapamahavihalasa jayasrl-bhikuna jinasrl-raja prabhrti sabhalokayata
ajfia dayakala. kukkutara-mahabiharasa upagupta-bhikunam asvaka-raja prabhrti jhimanidola sa
bhalokayata ijia dayakala. Iegradha[la] namasa srlbhagabinanam inanda bhiku prabhiti sibhalo
kayita ijfia dayakasya bijyita. IieIia inanda. chapani sakalasayatam a!amibra[t]tayi katha kanya
dhuno. punarb[b]ara birupa-raja u(d)dhira juoguli a!amibart[t]ayi mahema kane. birinasi-nagara
sa subamdhuraja dhayahma basalapao cona. thva raj ana julasam prajilokapanista Iiol nitlna prati
pila yinio jasapratipanam satru jayalapio cakrabart[t]i-raji juyao aisury[y]ana samjukta juyao
mahasu$anam ranipanisao napa ratikr(i)qa yinao sakat indrao samina juyao cona. sakatana sam
yukta juo mahasui santana chata juko ma duo chahnuya dinasa gvatra prasamsa yanao thvahmaya
putra thvahma dhaka prasamsa yanao rajanam dhamda kayao manasa bhalapalam. haya 2 ji jarmma2
dhitkara dhakam.
Nr. 2-3
End: thvanal)1 li debaraja indrana julasal)1 musuhuna hillao ajia dayakala. bho maharaja. viri
paya karanasa chana prana tolate tena ao ra. ao svarupa jula. ao chana lohitamuktavalimanimala
gana tayao oya dhaka indrana ienao ji putra upabasakusayata biyao tatha dhaka. bho debindra. ao
srikarunatmaya gana bijyata dhaka ienao thana indrana dhaJa. suabatibhubanasa bijyata dhaka
dhayao punarb[b]ara indrana julasal)1 ajia dayakala. bho rajindra. ao chana nama upoadha pirb
[b]adeba dhaya dhaka dhayao bho upoadha pirb[b]adevaraja. ao chapani svahmal)1 pija ni yaya
dhaka dhayaopalijatasvanamalana ko ayakao amrtalal)1ana no sitakao pija yaya dhunakao dibya
bhojana yatakao svargabasa yatakao sua-ananda yanao cona jula. thanal) li gulichil)1 dina osyal)1 li
thva kasidesaya prajaloka mrtyu juyao cakrabart[t]i-raja julal)1. gulichil)1 debaputra julal)1. gulichil)1
svaabati3 thenal)1. gulichil)1 moka lanao onal)1. gulichil)1 tathagata julal)1. gulichil)1 bhiku julal)1.
gulichil)1 bodhisa(t)tva julal)1. gulichil1 pratyekabuddha julam. gulichil)1 srabakajana jural)1. thvate
prakalanal)1 thao 2 kamuna (u)tina parbi4 1anao onal)1. thana Ii upobasakusa-rajana julasal)1 atami
brata yanao sakala prajalokapani pratipala yahu. sua-anandana rajaiyi yanao kala hana II
Colophon: iti srldivyavadano(ddhrta-)atamivratamahatmane virakusavadanal)1 samapta(m) II 12
II ye dharmmatyidi II sreyo 'stu. samvat muni-sagala-dirg[g]a II m(i)ti jyethamase sukrapake
cauthiya pu!yatithau punarvasunakatre buddhava[la]sale brarasigate bhiskari mearasigate deva
guru mithunara(sigate) . . .
Marginal title: bira'.
As far as preserved, the manuscript contains a Ncvar1 prose version of the Virakuivadina. Cf.
Nos. 17-19.
I For nyiyao.
2 For janma.
3 For sukha".
4 For padabi.
Us. or. 6215.
Paper. 75 double-leaves bound together on the upper, shorter edge. A large number of fols. badly
damaged and illegible. 29,5 x 36 cm. 27 x 26 cm. 15 to 21 lines. Several drawings. Devanagari.
Nevari. Undated.
Atamlvratamihitmyakathi. Incomplete.
Beg. (first readable fol.): . . . ha ha deba gathe yaya ji bhaiha patasa svaripa kanya latake mala.
ra dusa biripa jurasana jiva. thote bhilapava putrasayake dhalal)1. bho maharaja putra. chalapo
layata bibahara yaya bhalapa manasa sal)1deha. gathe yaya. bho putra dhayava rajana dhalal)1.
biripa ka[l)1]nya ja chu yaya. sakala kumarapani svaripa1 ka[l)1]nya. raja jula va biripa ka[l)1]nya
chu yaya. sakala kumarapani adika dibya sUl)1dari Ivayakava bibaha yanava kalal)1. jltal)1 dibya
sUl)1dari ka[l)1]nya Ivayakava blbaha yanava biva. ra bivasa ji para[ra]kramana jitaya yanava ka[I)1]
nya rajai-rajya yana kaya. birakusa thuka ji. he mama. chu dha(n)dha kaya ra teo thut! khal)1 ienava
purahitaske dhalal)1. bho guru. mahirajayata ihi yaya hatasa jula. dibya sU(I)1)dari ka[l)1]nya phona
rna] ka[I)]la chova dhayava purohitana tatha astu dhakal)1 mal)1trlva san[a]mat[t]a yanava duta
chotal)1. dutapanisena thana thinatrasa2 rajapanlske ka[l)1]nya phonal)1.
End: (sa)dya mal)1sa hayava biva. ji julal)1 atina pityanava naya hatasa juyava conahma tone
hatasa juyava conahma tatkara!al )1 kva 2 hi la thotena jita sal)1(toa) . . . nava bho maharaja.
Nr. 3-4
chalapola tyagi atasa jita sartokha yanava . . . ma atasa phasa a jaka hlanagu julasa jita bela
biyava chova . . . vane tela dhaka dhilar.. thvate rakasaya bhia tenava ma!)iciga-rajaya hrdayasa
karul)a . . . juyava manasa bhilapalar hi 2 kasta 2 ji gathita kasta jula dhakarp. ava gathya yaya. tho
thiyasa jina chu ut(ta)ra (biya) mebaya jiva ma kasya sadya marsa gana daiva jina dhilasa hirsa
maka . . . yana. ava thathya ma uta. jina danaparamitana pirl)a yaya karal)asa . . . sarirasa cona la hi
dako thva rakasayata dana biya dhaka manasa (bhila)pava conar. thanar. Ii raja thathya cona
svayava bhesadhiri irdra(na dha)la. he parthiba. chana chu bhilapava cona. ji jular pityaka pyasa
cava(hma) . . . tbayasa bila[r]mbha yanagu bya(r)tha dhaka dhisyar. Ii thuti dhivagu bacala
(tena)va raj ana ajM dayakalar. bho rakasa. chana dhayaguli ahira ji(na biy)a phaiva ma u.
gathya dhilasa. bina myebaya jiva ma kasyar sadya mar(sa dai)va ma u. jina dhalasa sur gva
hmar prali chahma su( d)dhartayar hisa yaya mana ' " ava gathya yaya dhakar bhilapava
conar.. thva belasa debadaityalokava mahijuddha juyava asarya loka sinava cona dava. thva
mrtapani hayava rakasaya . . . (remaining part badly damaged).
A rather late manuscript containing the Vlrakuiivadina and Maliciivadina. For the Malicuqi
vadina c. Nos. 69.
1 For 5U,o,
2 thinintaraa.
4 Us. or. 638.
Paper. Fols. 240, numbered 1-240. 2 stray fols., one of which is blank, the other having text on
only one side. 33 x 11,4 cm. 25 x 6,5 cm. 7 lines. Nepalakara. NevarI. Dated N. E. 1001, Vikr. E.
1938. Written by Devldasa Batasa.
Divyivadinoddhrta-A$!amlmihitmya (or Vrativadinamili).
Beg.: or. namo buddhiya. thvanar. I hanar. upo$agha-debaputrana binati yatar.. bho paramd
vara. purapirb[b]akalasa chalapolaya pirb[b]ajanmasa yata mahima-$a katava ananda-bhiku
prabhrti samastalokava hitartha yatava bijyakagu mahema jina binati yaya nesya bijyahune. gathya
dhilasa. purapirb[b ]akilasa chalapola anarda-bhik$u pramuar anega bhiku pramukhar bodhi
sa(t)tva bitaraga pratyakabuddha upasaka upasika raja k$atri samastar. munava chalapola julasar
desantara bijyaka byalasa kathar.thya kathanar parcaladesaya samipasa banartarasa chalapola
thenakala bijyatar. gathirgu banitarasa dhilasa. ati komala juyava cona bhimisa thenava chala
pola snbhagabanana anar.da-bhik$uyata ajia dayakalar. bho anarda-bhik$u. hiya 2. gathirgu
sundara. svava 2. thuguli bhimisa nana prakaraya jata 2 ya svana hoyava ali sundara juyava cona.
thuguli thiyasa bhati bistara yaya jogya dhakar dhivagu chalapola srlsakyamuniya bacana nenava
paramesvara-snsakyamuniyata nana prakaraya pataya nalvagu asrama1 tayao bho paramesvara bi
jyahune. thuguli asramasa2 bijyahune dhiyava chalapola ati haramana yanava iramasa2 bijyatar.
End: thvariar I svargarohita juyava bimanasa svahmar taya dakosena stutI yatakava aneka
gita bidya yatakava svargabhubanasa yanar. thvanar II upo$aghana musuhuna hnelava dhilar..
biripa juya kira!asa pral)atyaga yaya tayara juvahma ava suripa julo. ava lohitamuktaballmala
gana taa dhakar. thva belasa upabasa-debaputrana dhilar. upabisa-kusa nama putrayatar.
biya dhaka. thvana I idrana dhale. upabasa-debaputra. ava chapanI svahmar pija yaya dha
ka parljatasvia chiyava amrtalarkhana acamana yatakava dibyabhojana yatakalar. thvanar. I
gulichir. praja(lo)ka mrtya juvapani cakrabart[tJi-raja jular. gulichi debaputra juyava sukhabati
Ny. 45
thenal)1. gulichil)l bhiku julal)1. gulichil)l tathigata jula. gulichil)1 bodhisa(t)tva juyiva pratyaka
buddha julal)1. thvate gohmal)1 2 sena gugu kimani yita vagu 2 padabl pripti juyiva mahisukhe
bhoga yiiiva ataml 2 patil)l bratayi upisani yiii conal)1. thvanal)1 I upabisakusa-mahirijina
prajalokayita mahinidina yiiiva ataml 2 sa brata daiiva mahiblra cakrabar[t]tl juyiva conal1.
Final colophon: iti sndivyivadanoddhrta-a!amlmihitmye samaptal)1. sal)1bat 1938 sala miti
asvinabadl 13 roja 5 likhital)1 debidisa batasa. subha(m). nepall-sal)1bat 1001 miti silasa siddha
yanagu saphu. subham. subha(m) (a)stu.
Sub-colophons: 1) iti sn[m]-upoaQhadevaputramahisa(t)tvavadani (fol. 24 front). 2) iti snmaI)i
curadanettara nepalabhia samiptal1. subhal)1 (fol. 98 back). 3) iti snvratavadanamiliyi[l)1]m upo
aQhaprasal)1sa sil)hasarthabihuva[r]dana caturtha adhyaya(I) samapta[I)](I). subham (fol. 148).
Margnal titles: nam(o) bUD, manlcuo, sil)lhao and blrakusao.
This manuscript contains the following re-birth stories: (1) Mahtattvivadina (fol. 1-24), Maficil
Iivadina (fol. 2498), Silhasirthabi hvavadina (fol. 99-148) and Virakuivadina (fol. 149-240).
1 For iana.
2 For aanaa.
5 Us. or. 4352.
2 texts: (1) Kavikumaravadana and (2) MaticuQavadanoddhrta. Paper. Fols. 93, numbered 1-53,
55; one unnumbered final fol. (1) 37 x 14 cm, (2) 36,8 x 12,7 cm. (1) 29 x 8 cm, (2) 29 x 7 cm. (1)9
lines, (2) 7 lines. A miniature painting in the middle of fol. 1 (back), text (1), and fol. 1 (back), text
(2). Nepalakara. Nevan. (1) undated, (2) dated N. E. 986. Written by Vajricirya Bhlmarija of
Cakramahivihira, Patan. Fol. 39 of (1) and fol. 1 of (2) are written by another scribe. Donor:
Sikyaval)1sa Bhijumuni of Hatakhi, Patan.
(1) Kavikumirivadina.
Beg.: 01 namo ratnatrayaya. 01 namaI snmadamoghapasalokesvaraya. namo lokanathaya . . .
srl-3-karutamayanal)1 julasal)1 thao guru amitabha tathigata sllasa dharalapao brahma adi debati
srti yanao bijyita. gathe dhilasa. thao bohalanal brahma snti yanao bijyital)1. nugalanal)1 nariya
ta srti yinio bijyata. kapilanal)l mahideba srti yinio bijyata. jao mikhanal)1 candrama srti yinao
bijyital)l. khao mikhanal1 sury[y]adebati sr!
i yanio bijyita. hmutuna biyudebata smi yanio bijya
tao dantanal)l sarasvatl snti yinio bijyita. tephunal) agnidebata srti yanio bijyatal)1. jao pulina
lakmldebl srti yanio bijyatal). khao pulinall kubera srti yanao bijyata. jao palinal prthibl srti
yanao bijyatal)1. khao palina baruIa nagaraja srti yanao bijyatal)1 . . . thugu kathi julasal1 buddha
gayasa bodhimatQapa dhiyi nama mahibiharasa jayasrl-bhikunal)1 julasal) jinasrl-rajal bodhi
sa(t)tva pramukhanal)1 sakala sabhilokayata julasal) ajna dayakalal)1. hanal) kukkutara nama
dhiya mahibihirasa upagupta-bhikukanal) asoka-raja pramukhanal) jhimacyala[I)1] sabhilo
kayata ajna dayakalal)1. Mao he maharija asoka. purapirbakilasa srlsakyasil)lha bhagabinanal)1
julasil grddhakitaparbataya kvasa karattQakanibipa dhiyi beI)ubanasa bijyinio dharmakathi
upadesa biyio idimadhyintakalyina yinio bijyatal)1. thva belasa thvahma snsikyasil)ha bhagabina
brahmi biI)u mahesvara idina indradidebalokapanisyana hnihnichiyi pijimanya yinao conal)1.
hanal)1 sakala manuyalokapanisenal)1 julasil)l nitya 2 pupa dhupa dlpa gandha milya bilepana
Nr. 5-
cirl[l]a dbara cha(t)tra dhvaja pataka camara nibiisanal)l bajraghalta iirika klraja pilcapatra
gvalaka okhadhi asana lasa delasa adinal)l chiyao pija yanao dharm[m]akathii nenao conal)l. thathi
l)lia svabhiyamana juyao conagu byenubanasa mahiidusta juyao conahma ahallkari kumati tha
thil)lhma debadattanal)l julasal)l mananal)l bhiilapao dhiilal)l. gathil)lia ascarya dhakal)l. thva sakya
silhao jio ohe jatal)l tUl)l dharm[ m]anal)l karmanal)l gUlanal)l jdinanal)l baylsanal)l ohe samana.
Ol)l sakyaballsa. jil)l sakyabal)lsa. Ol)l atriya sal)ltana. jil)l k.5atriya salltana. 0 julasal)l suddho
danaya putra sarbirthasiddhi dhakall. ji julasal)l sukladanaya putra debadatta dhakal). 0 sarbiir
thasiddhi kiji. ji diju.
End: he mahiiraja asvakaraji dhaka. upagupta-bhichunal)l agya dayaka. srlbhagabanal)l igya
dayakio bijyaka thyal)l. ji cha(l)l)ta kana. chanam nyana thyal)l brata yi. rija upokhadha dhiya thva
astamibrata calaya yiiya mila. memepil)l prajalokapil)ltanal)l calaya yake mala. thva astamibrataya
prabhibanal)l sa(t)tvapriniyi jaya juya mala. he asvaka. kathathyal)l bodhicar(j)yibrata pirana
juyiva sal)lbodhigyana linao srl-asvaka niima tathigata juyi dhaka srlbhagabinal)l agya dayaki
Colophon: iti srlvrativadanal)l astamivrataphalamitra sal)lkal s(a)mipta(l)). mal)l(galal)l) su
bhal)l[m]. donathiisa kama.
Marginal title: kavira(kumira).
A Nevarl prose rendering of the Kavi(ra)kumirivadina. An edition of this Avadana is given in
Bhikkhu Sudarsana, SiJasirthabihu va KabLra Kumiraya BikhaY.
1 For saripta.
6 Us. or. 6450.
Paper. 64 numbered fols: 31,8 x 13 cm. 24,5 x 8 cm. 7-8 lines. Nepalakara. Nevarl. Dated N. E.
1003. Written by Vajracirya Tejinanda of Kvathabihila in Thahiti, Kathmandu. Donor: Sikyabhi
ku Kiji, Bhaktapur.
Beg.: Ol)l namo srlIokanathiya. Ol)l namo buddhiiya. Ol)l namo dharm[ m ]aya. Ol)l namo sal)lghiiya.
Ol)l namo srl-3-amoghapasalokyasvariya nama!. hnipil)l purapurbakalasa srlbatipura1 dhiya niima
nagarasa anathapilca dhiiyi nama grhesthinasa dayakao tayagu ujhinaya madhyasa jetabana dhiya
nama mahibihiirasa srl-3-sakyemuni bhagabanana julasil)l sriibaka bhikupani munakao sabhi
malcala dayakao bijyatal)l. thva belasa srl-3-sikyemuni bhagabanana julasal)l thao prabhiba kenao
bijyatal)l. thvate prabhibaya punyana deba daitya caturvarl[l]a manuya adinam pranijana sakalaya
papaci(t)tahina juyao puneya ci(t)ta badhaya juyao olal)l . . . bho ananda-bhiku. purapurbakilasa
sake[ke]tu dhiya nama nagara chaguli dase cona. thva desa gathinaia dhilasa. subhika juyao cona.
du(r)bhike dhiiyaguli gvabelasal)l ma duo hanal)l catu(l))a!i b(r)ihina paripirna juyao cona. asall
ya lokapanisyana paripirl[l]a juyao cona. hanal)l u dhi(l)l)ta caura biit(h)a idina dutajanapani
SUl)l ma duo
End: hanal)l manicuda-rajana julasal)l thva durpasa-rajayata jone phako darbya2 biyao bela biyao
chotall. thva belasa nisyam jambudvipasa cona samastayal)l manasa haramana yanao sa(s)ye-sa
hmana paripirl[l]a juyao subhlka juyao olal)l . . . srl-3-sakyamuni bhagabanal)l ajda dayakalall. he
Nr. 6-7
bhikuka. thva saIsarasa gvahmasenaI thuguli manicuda-rajaya putaka cOylo hanaI gvahmase
naI cotakaio hanaI gvahmasyenaI thva kha hlaio hanaI gvahmasenaI thva kha hlatakiyio hanaI
gvahmasenaI thva kha nanio hana(I) gvahmasena kesa pustaka dayekao pujabhiba yanao taio . . .
hana$ sva-ika juyao cone daylO amrtapana bhoga yanao padma3 anandana conao cone dayio
dhakaI sn-3-sakyamuni bhagabinana julasaI srl-upagupta-bhikuyasta ajM dayakusyaI taogu
srlmanicudakathi saIpirl[l}]a samapta.
Colophon: jeya dharm[m]a hetuprabhive heti tekhaI tathigata hevaja(t) tekhi(I) jo niruddha
evaIvadi mahisarv[v]anaI4. subha(I). sambat 1003 m(i)ti baisakhakrla ga hnu 10 thahiti kvatha
bahilaya srlbaj(r)acary[y]a tejlnandana coyao biya jula. danapat[t]i jajamana bhagatapuladesaya
srlsakyabhiku kajiya dharm[m]acitta utpat(t)i juyao srl-3-manicudabadanapustaka cokao kaya jula.
subha(m). suddhaI va asuddha$ va mama dvao l}a diyatye5. subha(I) bhiya(t) sarvadlkale. su
Marginal title: manio.
A Nevarl prose version of the Mal1ic{ivadina. For an edition and translation of this Avadina see
S. Lienhard, Malicii4ivadinoddhrta: A Buddhist Re-birth Story in the Nevirl Language. Cf. also S.
Lienhard, Nevirlglimaijarl: Religious and Secular Poetry, etc., No. 83 (metrical version).
1 For srdbasdo
2 For drabya.
3 For parama.
4 For mahiramanah .
. For dlyate.
. .
H. or. 4339.
3 texts: (1) Mal}iciqavadanoddhrta, (2) Vicitrakarl}ikavadanoddhrta and (3) Atamlvratamahit
mya. Paper. Fols. 205, numbered 164368. 29,5 x 8,5 cm. 24,5 x 5 em. (1) and (2) 6 lines, (3) 5 lines.
Nepalakara. Nevar!' (1) dated N. E. 963, (2) and (3) undated. (1) and (3) written by Vajraearya
Dhi(r)javlra of Dhvakabihila, Kathmandu, (2) for Rajavlra by Vajracarya Divyananda of the
(1) MalJicii4ivadinoddhrta (fols. 164-232).
Beg.: OI namo ratnatrayaya. purlpirb[b]akarasa srlba(s)tlpura dhiya lama nagarasa anathapil
qa dhiya nama grhesthanaI dayakao taya ujhinayl madhyasa jetabana dhiya biharasa srl-3-sakya
muni bhagabinaI julasaI srabaka bhikupani munakio sabhimal}qara dayakao bijyitaI. thva
berasa sn-3-slkyamuni bhagabinana jurasaI thao prabhiba kenao bijyataI. thvate prabhibaya
pUlyana deba daitya manuya ldinaI sa(t)tvapriijana sakaraya papabirttahln[n]a juyao pUlyacitta
utpatti juyao oraI.
End: thvanaI ri maniciqa-rljlyata padmottara ldi samastasyanaI siIghisanasa bijyatakao ha
naI rajyabhiyaka bila$. thvaguli br[n](t)taIta-kha durpasaha-rajana siyao tatkaranaI eaturaIga
bara pi kayao maniciqa-raja thasa oyao earanasa bhoka puyao kema phonaI. manieia-rajana
jurasaI durpasaha-rajlya aparadha dakoI kamii yanao jvane phako dhanadarbya biyao bera biyao
ehota$. thva byalasaI nisyaI jambudvipasa sayaslhma badhaya juyao subhika juyao olaI. thva
berasa$ nisyaI jambudvipaya lokapani samasta[I]yl anand[r]a jula dhakaI srl-3-bhagabina jura
saI thao purb[b ]ajanmaya mahema-kha ajia dayakao bijyataI. he bhikupani. thuguli samayasa
Nr. 7-
maniciQa-nija myaba ma u. ji thuka. hanaI) uguli samayasa padmabati dhiiyahma meba ma u. thva
julaI jasva( d)hiiradebi thuka. hanal)! uguli samayasa padmottara-rajakumala myeba ma u. thva
julal)! rahulabhadra thuka. 0 berasa brahmaratha nama purohita meba ma u. thva juraJ1sariputra
bhiku thuka. 0 belasa bhababhfti nama Iilsvara meba ma u. thva julal)! anand[rla-bhiku thuka. 0
belasa marici-lii julal! meba ma u. thva julaJ1 kasyapa-bhiku thuka. hana brahmada[rltta-raja
julal)! meba ma u. thva julal)! sujodhana-raja thuka. thva berasa kantimati-ra(ni) jural)! meba ma
u. thva julal)! mayadebi thuka. 0 berasa durpasaha-raja juraJ1meba ma u. thva julal)! debadat(t)a
thuka. he bhiku. bodhisa(t)tva juyao conapanisyana thathil)! 2 ne duskala karm[mla yaya mara
dhakal)! srl-3-bhagabanana ajda dayakala. he bhiku. thva sal)!salasa gvahmasyanal! thuguri manicu
Qaya kathiipustaka coio gvahmasya[l!lna cokaio gvahmasyanal! thva kha hlaio gvahmasya[l)!lna
hlakio gvahmasyanal)! nenio gvahmasyanal)! thva pustaka dayakao sthiipana yana tayio ohma 2 saya
kasa gvabelasarp dalidradebatana du svaya phayio ma u. hana naograhadebatana dul)kha biya
phayio ma u. thva pUl)yaya prabhiibana catu(r)barg[gla saptabidhi' paripfrl)[lla juyao iharokasa
sukhasal!pat(t)i bhoga yanao antamarg[glasa sukhabatibhubanasa jatma2 kayao amrtapana bhoga
yanao padma3 anandana conao cone dayio dhakal)! srl-3-sakyamuni bhagabanal! ajda dayakugu
dharm[mlakathi nanao sabhii cona ananda-bhiku pramukha sakara sabhiiloka srl-3-sakyamuniya
caranasa bhoka puyao bera phonao thao 2 asramasa rihii bijyata.
Colophon: iti srimaniciQavadana(l)) nlparabhiikhii(yal)!) parisamapta(m). subha(m). samba(t)
963 m(i)ti marg[glasir()krsla 2. subha(m) . riita dhvakabaharaya srlbaj(r)acarY[Yla dhi(r)jabiran
al)! rikhiipita. subhamaI)1galaJ1bhava[l)!ltu. sarv[v]adikirarp subha(m). orp namo bhagavate apara
mitayarp . . . rocanakalaya.
A Nevarl prose version of the Malici4ivadina. Cf. No. 6.
1 For: brihi.
2 For: janma.
3 For: parama.
Us. or. 4352.
For a description of the manuscript see No. 5.
(2) Malici4avadinoddhrta.
Beg.: or namo ratnatrayaya. eval)! maya srutam. ekasmin samaye bhagavan srava(s)tyarp viharati
sma. jetavane anathapil)Qasyarame yada bhagavan sakyamunina pratihiiry[ylal)! vidarsitaI)1. trirat
nayata sadakalasarp namaskara yana. thugu prakaral)! jinaJ1nyanagu du ki hnapa sarbada jagatakal
yana kamana yana chahnu bhagabin sakyamuni buddha jhil)!svasala bhikupisal)! Iika srava(s)tl
nagarasa anathapil)Qika-mahiijanayagu sumano(ha)ra baglcasa jetabane mahiibihare bijyana chahnu
kala-bakhata bicara yana huatikanal)! padcarasmiteja pi kaya trailokabhubanasal)! khayekao prati
hiiry[yla kYana yogasamadhisa cona bijyata. he sakyamuni. he bhagaban. he guru.
End: thvanar Ii mal)icfQayata padmottara iiirp sakasenar. si(l)!)hiisanasa bijyacakao hanaI)1
rajyabhikhyeka bilam. thvaguli brttanta duwrasaha-rajana siyao tatkarana catura(rp)gabalanal)! lica
kao nialicfQa-rajiya thiisa oyao caranasaI)1 bhoka puyao kama phonar. malicfQa-rajana julasal)!
duprasaha-rijayi apariiha dakvaI)1 kama yanao jone phako dhana biyio beda biyao chotal)!. thva
belasa nisyal)! thva jambudvlpasa sasya-sahmi badhaya juyao subhika juyio olal)!. thva belasal
nisyal)! thva jambudvlpasa lokapanisa ananda jula dhakal)! srl-3-sakyamunl bhagabinanal)! julasi
Nr. 89
thao pfirbajanmaya mahema-kha ajdal)l dayakasyal)l bijyata. he bhikupani. oguli samayasa ma!)icf
Qa-raja meba ma khu. jil)l tu thuka. ognli samayasa padmabad dhiiyihma meba ma khu. thva jula
jasodharidebl thuka. hanal)l oguli samayasa padmottara-rajakumara meba ma khu. thva julal)l
lihula-bhiku thuka. 0 belasa brahmaratha nama purohita julall meba ma khu. thva jula sariputra
bhiku thuka. 0 belasa bhababhfti nama rlsvara meba ma khu. thva julal)l ananda-bhiku thuka.
hanal)l 0 belasa marici-ri julal)l meba ma khu. thva julal)l kiSyapa-bhiku thuka. 0 belasa brahma
datta-raja julal)l meba ma khu. thva julal)l suddhodana-raja thuka. honal)l kantimati-ranl jula meba
ma khu. thva julal)l mayiiebl thuka. 0 belasa duprasaha-raja julal)l meba ma khu. thva jula
debadatta thuka. he bhikaba. bodhisa(t)tva juyao conapanisena thathil) 2 na dukara karm[mja
yaya mala dhakal)l snbhagabinanal)l ajda dayakalal)l. he bhiku. thva sal)lsarasa gvahmasenal)l
thvaguli ma!)icfidaya kathii-pustakal)l coyio gvahmasanal)l thva kathii hlayio gvahmanal)l hlakio
gvahmanal)l nenio gvahmanal)l chesa uhnul)l dayakao pujabhiiba yanam tayio thvahma 2 ya chesa
gvabelasal)l daridradebatana du svaya phayuo ma khu. hanam naograhadebatana du(1) )kha biya
phayuo ma khu. thva pu!)yaya prabhiibana catu(r)barga saptabrddhi' juyao ihalokasa sukhasal)lpatti
bhoga yanao antakalasa sukhabatibhubanasa janma kayao amrtapana bhoga yanao parama auanda
na cona one dayuo julo dhakal)l snsakyamuni bhagabinanal)l ajna dayakuguli dharm[mjakathii
neii o sabhasa cona ananda-bhiku pramukham sakala sabhaloka thao 2 asramasa Iiha ona julo.
Colophon: iti srlma!)icfiQavadanoddhrta(l)l) nepalabhiikhi(yal)) samaptam. subham. sambat 986
m(i)ti jyethasukla punyamasyakuhnu coya dhuna julo. subhal)l. liitam cakramahabihiirabasthita
masedebasa(l)l)skarita guru baj(r)acary[yja srlbhi(ma)rajana coya biya hatakhiiya sakyabal)lsa bha
jumuniya dharm[mjacitta utpatti juyao coka jula. subhal).
Marginal title: ma!icfQao.
A Nevarl prose version of the Ma"iciuivadina. C. No.6.
1 For brlhi.
9 Hs. or. 62.
Paper. Fols. 59, unnumbered. 35,4 x 11 cm. 28 x 6,5 em. 6 lines. Nepalakara. Nevan. Dated N.
E. 975. Written by Vilasavajra Vajracarya, a high ofcial (bhonta) of the Elakvatha, Patan.
Beg.: Ol)l nama! snvajrasa(t)tvaya. Ol)l namo ratnatrayaya. hnapal)l purapfrb[bjakalasa sraba
(s)tipura dhaya nama nagarasa anathapi!Qa dhiiya nama grhe dayakao taya ujhiinaya madhyasa
jetabana dhaya nama mahabiharasa srl-3-bhagabina sakyamunina julasal)l srabaka bhikukapani
munakao sabhiima!)Qala dayakao bijyatal)l. thva belasa sn-3-sakyamuni bhagabinanal)l julasal)l
thaogu prabhii ( . . . ) desa chaguli dasyal)l co!a. thva desa juyuo gathil)lgu dhalasa. subhike juyao
eona. du(r)bhika dhayagu gvabelasal)l ma duo hanal)l sa(s)ya-sahmana sal)lpff[!)ja juya. hanal)l
dhii(l)l)ta eolavala khu adil)l dutajanapani SUl)l ma duo hanal)l sa mesa colaya iiinal)l pasu pa[l)ljchi
asamkhya dayao cona. thathil)lra subhike juyao conagu thiina chaguli dao.
End: pratyeka buddhapani julasal)l ma!)icfQa-raja iiipanal)l paribiHa dakvam akasarathasa tayao
boyakao yanal)l. thva belasa kenamatranal)l sakyaketu-nagalasa thyanakaia bijyatal)l. thva belasa
kus(a)la birtta hlanao bhagabina pyahmal)l lihi bijyatal)l. puna(r)bila thanal)l li ma!icfQa-rajayata
padmottara idll)l samastasyanal)l bijyatakao hanal)l rajabhikheka bilal)l . . . thva byaiasa thva ma!)i-
Nr. 910
cuca-rajana durpa(sa)ha-rajaya aparadha dakvalP kami yanio jooa phakva dhana-salpat(t)i biyao
byali biyao chotalP. pnna(r)bila thva byelasalP nisyalP jalPbudvipaya sa(s)ya-sahma badhaya juyao
subhike juyao olalP. thva byelasalP nisyalP jalPbudvlpaya lokapani samastalP anand[r]a jula dha
kalP srl-3-bhagabinanalP julasilP thao purb[b]ajanmaya mahima-kha ajda dayakalalP . . . srl-3-
sakyamuni bhagabinana ajna dayakugu oenao ' " sakala sabhilokapanisyana srl-3-bhagabanaya
caranasa bhoka puyao byala phoIi o thao 2 julasalP isramasalP tu lihi bijyatalP . . .
Colophon: iti srl-3-mal)ic[a]ucavadana(lP) nepalabhikhi(yalP) samapta(m). subhalP. sreyo 'stu.
salPbat 975 miti akhac(h)asuklaya 5 sa brhaspatibara thva uhnu salPpurl[l)]a si(d)dhayaka dina
julo. suddhalP va asuddhaIP lekhakva doaka (nasti). likhitalP elakvatha-bhonta madjusrl-lalPhoe
sarasuti-nani ba[r]j(r)acary[y]a srlbirasabajrana svacitta haramana juyao thva postaka cosyalP taya
julo. etatpul)yana sarb[b]asa(t)tvaprani uddhara juya mala. gvahmasyana thva postaka bicala yata
ohmasayata sua-analPda juya mala sadakilalP.
10 Hs. or. 4336.
Paper. Fois. 57, numbered 359-415. First two leaves damaged with loss of text at the left hand
side. 41 x 13 cm. 32,7 x 8,5 cm. 9 lines. Nepalakara. Nevarl. Undated.
Beg.: (namo ratna)trayaya. (OI) nama(i)) srlsakemunaya. namo 'stu te . . . IP bodhisa(t)tvaya
mahima-kha nenegu hada ika jula dhakalP. upoata dhiyahma bodhisa(t)tvanalP jula(salP) ' "
(bina)ti yatalP. thvate bhikuganapanisaya bhia nenao thana srlsakyamuni bhagabananalP julasalP
. . . khvala svayao ajda dayakao bijyatalP. he bhikuganapiIp dhaka chaguli samayasa budhagaya . . .
o dharmaya kha-kathi ajna dayakalalP. bho upoata-debaputra. he sadhujanapani. jinalP hoao
kalasa ra . . . nalP ajda dayakao taogu hanalP jinalP nenao tayagu kha thani chapanista kane.
chapanisyanalP yakacit(ta) . . . (bhaga)binanalP ajna dayakao bijyatalP. thvate srlbhagabinaya ajda
nenao sakalasyanalP thaniya dinasa ti . . . ina dhakalP manasa harkhamana yanao salPghaganapani
sakalasyanalP lahita hijojalapao binati . . . ajna dayakao bijyatalP. bho salPghaganapani pulapur-
bakalasa dharm[m]abatipura dhiyagu nagara . . .
End: tuitakayika debaputrapanisyanalP ratnayagu bimana ata kotahata hayao . . . bati-rani ma
nohara apasara . . . ratnayagu bimanasa tayao tuitabhubanasa thata yanakala. thva byalasa dharm
[m]akusa-riji pramuanalP sakala prajilokapanisyanalP hihakala yanao sakala prajalokaganapani
syanalP ikasasa tha svayao hiya 2 dhana mahiraja sudhana-mahiraja dharm[m]abati-rani manohara
apasara-maharani dhakalP nama mitra kayio thvapanisayagu svaka-dhalPda jaka kayio cona. tha
nalP I thvahma tuitaka(y)ika debalokanalP tuitabhubanasa bijyatakao nana prakaranalP puja ya
nao amrtabhojana yata[kata]kao binati yatalP. bho rajakumara. ao chalapola sudharm[m]abu(d)dha
prasid(d)ha jula. hanalP dharm[m]agata bodhisa(t)tva prasid(d)ha jula. hanalP dharm[m]abati bo
dhini prasid( d)ha julalP. hanalP malPgailni prasid( d)ha jula. thvapani sakalyalP myaba ra u. jitUIP
thuka dhakalP srlbhagabinanalP dayakalal. thanaya a thuli. thvanal Ii thvahma sudharm[m]aku
sala-rijakumarayata malPtrlgana prabhrtinalP prajalokaganapani sakalyalP sahita yanao sudina-u
nulP sudharm[m]akusa-rajakumirayata rajy[ay]ibhiyaka biyao silhisanasa bijyatakao raja sii o
sudharm[m]akusala-rija dhaka nama prayalPta yanao raja salao talalP.
Marginal title: sudhao (left) - kumao (right).
A prose version in Nevarl of the Sudhanarijakumirivadina.
Nr. 11
11 U. or. 6462.
Paper. Wooden covers. Fois. 63, numbered. 31,5 x 12,6 cm. 26 x 8,3 cm. 9 lines. Nepalakara.
Nevarl. Dated N. E. 1003. Written by Ratnakdinanda Vajracarya of Kvathabihila, Thahititola,
Beg.: srlganyasaya namo. Oljl namo. ratnatrayaya namo. hnapaljl sri-3-buddhadharmasa(Ijl)
ghayata namaskara yanao thanaljl li upoata-debaputrana binati yataljl. bho bhagabana. purapir
bakalasa juyao onagu sudhana-rajakumarayagu mihatm(y)a nanyagu ati ika jula. ajia dayakasya
bijyahune dhakaljl binati yataljl. thvate upoata-debaputrana binati yakagu nenao srlsakemuni bha
gabinanal)l ajiidayakalaljl. bho upoata neo. purapirbakalasa chaguli samayasa bodhagaya nama
bodhima[ljl]ndapabihirasa jayasrl-bhichuna1 jinasn-rajakumara bodhisa(t)tva pra[r]bhiti sabhiman
dalasa munao conagu belasa dharmakathi ajia [daya] dayakao bijyataljl. bho upoadha-debaputra.
cha mihajii ni sadhu ao. syabisa. yakacitta yanao nyao dhakaljl ajia dayakalaljl. thvate srlbhaga
banaya ajiinanao thaniya dinasa jhijistapanisena sa(d)dharmaya kathi nenya data dhaka dhiyao
haramana yanao lahita hijalapao binati yataljl. bho guru sakyamunL jipanisena nenyegu ati ika
jula. sudhana-rajakumaraya kha-ajiiprasa[ljl]nna juyao bijyaye mala dhaka binati yatalj.
End: thva belasa dharmaba[r]ti-ranina kaya sudhana-rajakumarayata bhalimaca manohara raniya
ta kusalabirtta yanao bijyataljl. thva helasa rajakumaranaljl manohara-raninaljl mama dharmaba[r]
ti-raniyata caranakamalasaljl bhoka puyao namaskara yanao bijyataljl. thva belasa nana prakarana
bhojana yitakio bhojana yitake dhunakao putraya vala soyao dhana-rajana ajia dayakalaljl. bho
putra. cha gana onao oya dhaka ijii dayakalaljl. thva belasa'babiya bhii nenio sudhana-rajaku
marana binati yitaljl. bho babi. thananaljl ji plhi onigu a nisyaljl banayigu parbatayigu dra . .
bhubanayigu bibihara yinigu dako a mama babiyake binati yinio sua-ananda yinio bijyitaljl.
thva belasa prajilokapanista nina prakiraya bhojana yatakao bela biyao chotaljl. prajaganapani
syanaljl maljlgalaglta yanao thao 2 thinasa onao sua-anandana conal)l. thva belasa dhana-rajana
sudhana-rajakumira dharmaba[r]ti rani manohara-rani mantrl-sahitanaljl srl-3-atamibrata dharala
pio prajaloka pratipala yanao sua-inandana rajye bhoga yinao bijyataljl dhakaljl sn-3-bhagabi
nanalj ijia dayakao bijyataljl. thva belasa chalapolayi dharmaputra ji thuka dhakaljl upoadha
debaputrana binati yata.
Colophon: iti srl-atamivratamahima-sudhanarajakumaravadana2 trayodasa[m] adhyaya(i) sa
mapta(i}): thvate pustaka liipitahma kvathabiharaya srl-baj(r)acary[y]a ratnakesananda(na) jaja
minapanista coya biyi jula. subha(m). sambat 1003 m(i)ti baisik(h)asukla 15 mallgalabarayi dinasa
thva pustaka saljlpurr*coyi jula. subham. maljlgalaljl bhavatu.
Marginal title: sudhana (left) - rija (right).
A Nevin prose version of the Sudhanarijakumirivadina.
1 For bhi/uo.
2 For 0kumirivadine.
Nr. I2
u Us. or. 4337.
Paper. Fois. 143, paginated 1-143; last fol(s). missing. 38 x 17,2 cm. 30 x 10,5 cm. 12 lines.
Devanagarl. Nevan. Undated.
Suprlyasirthabi hukathi. Not quite complete.
Beg.: Oi1 namal snratnatrayaya. Oij1 namal snmadamoghapasalokesvaraya. om namal) srlsakya
munaya mahabauddhiiya II yah snmachrlghano loke saddharma(ij1) samupadisat I sasanani trilokesu
yayaij1tu1 tasya sarvada 11 1 1/ natva guru(ij1) triratnaij1 ca kathayami samasatal) I a!amlvratamahiit
mya(ij1) naipilebhiiita(ij1) mahat 11 2 11 tad yathiibhit. purabhijfio jayasrl sugatatmajal) I bodhimal
ca(pa)vihiire sa vijahiira sasiij1ghikah II tatra jinesvan nama bodhisa(t)tvaya privadat. taij1s cbrutva
tha asokaya kukku!aramasaij1srital) II 4 II upaguptal) punal) praha a!amlvratam uttamaij1 1 tathii
snsakyasiij1ho 'sau anandam avadan muda II 5 II punarbara athiinaij1taraij1 thanaij1 li Srlsakasiij1ha
bhagabananaij maitrlya bodhisa(t)tva hanaij1 jimasva(sa)l(a)tya bhikugala sarlputra maudgalyaya
na subhiti hanaij1 debaloka daityaloka yakaloka apsaragal)a kinnaramahoraga sn-asoka-raja snji
nesvara nama bodhisa(t)tva iiiij1 sakala sabhiiloka munakava bodhimal)capa-mahiibiharasa bijyana
va sakala sabhalokaya kbvala svayava thavagu pirbajanmasa supremasarthabahu mahajana dhaya
kava janma juya belasayagu katha ajfa dayakava bijyataij1. he maitrlya bodhisa(t)tva. purapirbaka
lasa baranasi-nagare kasiketre priya nama juyava conahma sarthabahu chahma basalapaij1 cona.
gathii1nahma dhalasa. mahadata dharmatma juyava cona. hanai1 apalapratapa dayava cona. bha
gyamani juyava cona. sadasarbakiaij1 saddharma yayaguli rasa juyava cona. hanaij1 thava pari
biranaij1 apalai1 duhma ananda aisvary[y]a apalaij1 badhaya juyava cona. sakala lokava premacitta
juyava cona. sia sobha[ba]naij1 sai1yukta juyava conahma thathiij1na mahajana thvahma priyasar
thabahu mahajanaya stn bhadraprema dhaka nama juyava conahma hanaij1 patibrata dharmasa
conahma suyanita IakaI)anaij1 saij1yukta juyava conahma svamibhakti juyava cona paramasundarl
srllakmlsamana juyava conahma sarbalokava prlti juyava cona danadharma yayaguli catura juyava
conahma thathiJpnahma bhadraprema nama juyava conal ij1]hma strl napa ratikrlca surasa yanava
mahasukbanai1 pa(rama) ana(n)dana rasabhoga yanava basalapaij1 cona.
End: thanaij1 li thathiij1hma debaraja iJpdrayagu bacana bhakba nenava bodhisa(t)tvagalapisa
naij1 svanaya bimana ata jonava gaijdharbagal)apisyaij1 dUij1dubhi biiya thanava bimana atasa
tathagata bijyacakava brahmakayika nama svargabhubanasa bijyacakalaij1. debaraja iij1dra prabhr
tiJp sakala debagalapisanaij1 pupa dbipa dlpa gaij1dha naibedya amrta phala sa[r]yyasana dibyoa
dhi iiinaij1 dohalapava pijabhiiba manya yanava anaij1danaij1 bijyacakalaij1. thanaij1 li jetabanama
hiibiharasa snsakyasiij1ha bhagabana bijyanava jimasvasalatya bhiku pramukbanaij1 maitn-bodhi
sa(t)tva sariputra-maudgalyayana-kasyapa-anaij1da-bhiu prabhrtiJp sakala debaloka-daityaloka
nagaloka prabhrtiJp manuyalokaya raja maij1tri praja prabhrti[ij1]naij1 sakalasyanaij1 pijabhaba
manya yitakava dharmaya kathi ajfa dayakava bijyataij1 . .. punarbara hakanaij1 magha nama
sarthabihu jinaij1 baradad(v)lpajatra vana belasa la kenava upadesa bivahma ava saradvatl putra
nama bhiku juyava cona gvahma sukesl dhakaij1 nama juyava conahma asvarajana thavagu hmasa
tayava samudra tare yanava hala. ava thani maitrl-bodhisa(t)tva juya janma kala. gvahma jvala
mukbl nama yaa juyava belasa jita julasaij1 kinnarabhubanayagu la keniiva chokahma cha julaij1
kasyapa-bhiku thuka. gvahma mihesvari nama banadebl juyava baradad(v)lpajatra vaneguya upa
desa bvahma ava anaij1da nama bhiku cha julaij1. punarbara he bhikugalapiij1. jina pirbajanmasa
hnasa bara saij1ma ratnakara bani[r]y[y]a bepila vanagu belasa sahasra cauragala vayava dul)kba
biva belasa jinaij1 hnasabhagasa cha bhiiga 2 biyava saij1toa yanava choya. punarbara hiikanaij1
baradad(v)lpajiHra vana lihii vayava ratnadhvaja boyakava ratnava gakava biya ava sahasra bhiku
juyava conai1. ava thva sahasra balijalaganapinaij1 bodhisa(t)tva mahisa(t)tva juyava janma juyava
cona thuka. punarbara .. . sakyasiJpha.
Nr. 12-13
Marginal title: supre(mavadana) and supri(yavadana).
Colophons: iti snbhadrakalpavadane supriyajatake baradadvlpajatrakatha namidhyayai (fo!. 53
back), iti snbhadrakalpavadane supriyajatake prathama(i) kinnarabhimikatha namidhyayai (fo!.
83 back), iti SrIsupriyavadane upagupta[m]asokasaJlbhaane supriyajatake snbhaskaramanlratnada
na nama dvitlya(i) kinnaribhimikatha namidhyaya(i) (fo!. 92 back), iti snsupriyajatake bhaskara
maliratnadanam nama trtlya(i) kinnanbhUmikathi namidhyaya(i) (fo!. 97-98), iti snsupremajata
ke snvasamanikaratnadanam nama caturtha(i) kinnarlbhuvanakatha namidhyaya(i) (fo!. 107
font), iti snsupremajatake kinnarabhuvanena grhaprasthinam namidhyaya(i (fo!. 109 back), iti
snsupremajatake syamakarla-asvaraja-amtardhyanam namidhyaya(i (fo!. 113 front), iti srIsupre
majatake supremasarthabahu-bajrad(v)lpajatrayar grhaprabeso namidhyaya(i) (fo!. 115 back), iti
snsupremavadane sahasracaura-uddharakatha namidhyayai (fo!. 135 back), iti snsupremavadane
supremasarthabahurajyabhieko namidhyaya(i) (fo!. 139 front).
A version i Nevan prose of the Supriyivadina. Cf. S. Lienhard, Die Abenteuer des Kaufmanns
Sif(hala: Eine nepaliche Bilderrolle aus der Sammlung des Museums fur Indische Kunst Berlin, p. 23,
footnote 4.
1 For jayantu.
1 Us. or. 4340.
Paper. Fols. 163. 29,5 x 8 cm. 25 x 4,5 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. NevarI. Dated N.E. 961. Written
by Vajracarya Siddhinarasimha from Thahititola, Suvarlapral)alimahanagara (= Kathmandu).
Avd: Upo$adhavrata.
Beg. : om namo srI-amoghapasa-lok[y]esvaraya namo. om namo ratnatrayaya. om namo rokana
thaya bodhisa(t)tvaya mlhisa(t)tvaya mahakalunlkaya. tad yatha. om malipadme hUm . . . hnapam
sn-3-kalunamaya sri-3-amoghapasa-lok[y]esvarayata namaskara. prathamam bhaktipirb[b]akala
mahisuci ylnao Isvarayake mana tasya(m) bhaktipirb[b]akanam pijlmllya ylnlo srI-3-atamibra
tayl katha neplrabhakhana jina hlaye. purlpirb[b]akarasa plt(a)rIputra nlma nagarayl asvaka
raj ana julasam ku[r]kitl nlma biharasa srI-3-upagupta-bhikuna jogesvarayake prlrthana-binati
ylka ju1aJP. bho upagupta jogesvara. chalapolaya dayl-krplna jina julasl anega prakalayl dharm
[m]ayl katha iane dhuna. ahorltra bratakatha ldina lakacaityaya bratadharm[m]a adina nana
dharm[ m ]aya kathi nene dhuna. lo brata dakosa maha uttama juyao conagu sn-3-amoghapasa
lokesvaraya katha tvam iane ika jula. bho upagupta jogesvara. ajDa prasamna jusya bijyaye mala
dhaka asvaka-rajana binati yltam. thvate bhal nenao upagupta-bhikuna julaslm ajDa dayakusya
End: . . (ca)ranasa bhoka puyao hanam byall kayao asvaka-rljl julasam plt(a)riputra thyanakao
prajlpanista dharm[m]ayl bheda syanlo anandana bijyatam. thana I hanam thva kha bodhimalQa
pamahabihalasa jinasrIrlja bodhisa(t)tvana samastam jogesvalapanista kanam. bho jogesvalapani
dhakaJP gvahmasyanam thva atamibrataya kha kanio gvahmasyanam thva kha ienio gvahmasya
nam thva kha hlayio gvahmasyanam thva kha hlatakio gvahmasyanam thva sn-alamibrataya pusta
ka dayaio gvahmasyanam pUlaka dayakl biyio gvahmasyana pija jaka ylna tayio gvahmasyanam
alamibrataya mahiml-kha kanio thathi(m)gu bart[t]adharm[m]asa
rasa yltasa bii cha yltasa thva
panisamastaylm manobaichi pirl[I]a juyao akalabhaI)Qala lanlo samastaJP bighna haraI)a juyao
Nr. 13-14
onio. srl-astamibrata dayakio biyiyi pUlyana samasta lokana miqlna yitakio mahi uttama juyio
janma kiya dayio. manoba(ql)[c]chi purl)[l]a juyio lokapaica riji mantri samasta lokanaql minya
yiyio. minya yitakio cone dayio. mahapadmajfi li2 juyio. maha bhagemil)i juyio. artha dharm[m]a
kima moka liyio. samasta sistranaql pilaqlgata juyio . . . hanaql bodhijfina linio nirbinapada
lisyaql samyaksaqlbuddha dhiyakao sukhibatilokadhitusa aqltajini' jusyaql mahi inandana bi
Colophon: iti srlsikyamuJi-buddhabhanalaka-srl-a!amivratapuJ)yamahatme atajanmakathiyal)l
avimcikrta-upoa<havrata nama samapta. je dharm[m]a hetuprabhava hetu(ql) teaql tathigata he
vadat[a] teiql ca jo nilodha evaqlvidi mahisramana[ql](l). likhitaql thahititola suvarJ[J]ap(r)aJ)a
rimahinagala maitrlpuramahivihilaya srl-3-vajracary[y]a siddhinalasiqlhena liitam iti. sUbha(m).
saqlvat 961 m(i)ti siraga 11 sa saqlpirl)[J]a yana. 8ubhaql.
The ms. deals with merits acquired by Buddhists by taking a vow (vrata) and performing worship
to Amoghapasalokesvara. As examples it gives the stories of Prince Visvantara (fol. 18f.), Sucan
dragrhapati (fol. 55 f.), King Brahmadatta (fol. 66f.), Siqlhasarthavaha (fol. 68ff.), King Sivadatta
(fol. 104f.) and Prince Mahasattva (fol. 113ff.). For a translation into German of the Simhasirtha
bi hvavadina (Skt. Simhasirthavihivadi na) contained in this manuscript see S. Lienhard 1985, p. 43
and pp. 89 ff.
1 For bratao.
2 For mahi paramao.
3 For antarani.
Hs. or. 6224.
Paper. Wooden book-covers. Fols. 216 (numbered 1-216) and 2 stray fols. one of which is blank,
the other containing a passage from another ms. of the Vasuqldharidevlvrata. 22,4 x 9,5 cm.
18 x 6 cm. Devanigarl. Nevar!' Dated Vikr. E. 1984. Written by lekabihidura Citrakarl of
Tavacapalatola, Milakvache, Bhaktapur.
Vasurharidevlvrata: Sucandrivadina.
Beg.: Oql namo ratnatrlyaya 1 Oql namo bu(d)dhiya [I] gurubya (f) namo dharm[m]iya 1 tarane
nama(l) 1 saqlghaya 1 mahatme nama 1 viharatl kanakridau sakyasiI)1ha munlndro aparlmitasurasaql
ghai(l) sevyamano janoghai(l)) 1 kubelayedaianetro iakaI)ayuktagatra 1 smabhavad hridayastha sar
vaiokehltastha 1 srl-3-ratnatrlyaya nama(l) 1 srl-3-sakyanathi(ya) namaskira(l) 1 hnipiql srl-3-
buddha-dharm[m]a-saqlgha svahmastaql namaskara yaniva srl-3-sakemuni tathigata juyihma na
maskara juio. srl-3-sikesiqlha bhagabina sumeru dhiya parbatasa samastaql debagaJa manuya
ganapaJ)isena caka uyakava dako munlsvaraya lsvaraya dhiyakava sabhi dayakasya bljyaka juio.
gathlhma srl-siemuJ)i bhagabana dhiiasa. uphoiasvanaya hala thyeql mia. saqlpurlaiachenanaql
a(ql)jukta juyava sarlra. samastaql pranlsake uti anakaql elta tayiva bljyikahma. sakaieql iokayita
hlta yanava bijyikahma srlbhagabana juio.
End (214f). saqlsira byaptamana yanava bijyakahma thathiqlhma srl-3-basuqldhara debi chaia
poiaya caranakamaiasa baraqlbara koti 2 namaskira dhakaql parame(sva)rlyata phako stuti yiniva
thlthlql manasa ati inanda yaniva guruya caranasaql bhoka puyava sabhisa cona bhkhuganapani
brihmana chetrl vaisya sudra idlql anega iokapani sakaiyeql ananda yanava dharmasa eltta tayava
srl-3-basuqldhiridebiya brata yanava anandanaql cona juiaql. thuguli a julasaql ku[r]kuttira mahi-
Nr. 1415
vyahirasa1 bljyiniva sn[r]-upagupta-bhlchunaljl sn-asvaka-riji prabhrti saljlpurl)a sabhisa ganapa
nista ijDi dayakagu nyeniva tayi dhakaljl bodhimandapamahibihirasa jayasn-bhlchunaljl jinasrl
rija bodhlsa(t)tva prabhrti sakalyeljl lokarakyi yiya nimi[r](t)tina puripirbakilasa snbasuljldhiri
debiyi vrata prakisa juvagu sucandra-grihapati rakyi juvagu a. sucand(r)ibadiniyi a ijdi daya
ku julaljl. subhaljl.
Colophon: iti sucand(r)ivadina(ljl) samiptaljl . . . srlsambata 1984 jyetha 9 gate 6 asti adltebira
uhnu si(d)dha yini julaljl. thva sip(h)u covahma srl-3-basuljldhiridebiyi srlmahilakmldebiyi Srl-
3-baakumiryi krpinaljl ta(va)capilatola-milikvacheyi bhairabasill citrakiryi chaya. bhiljlbihi
dura dtrayi kiya tekabihidura dtrakirl jula. thva sap(h)ulisa sakalapaljlcasyena dona thisa chemi
yiniva sacye yiniva bilaa tekabihidurayi uparasa sakalasyenaljl krpi [tayi] tayiva boni dlya
mila. srI-3-mihilakmi nama(IJ). srIbasuljldhiri nama(I). srlbilakumirl nama(I). srIsarasvati na
ma(I). srlnabadurgidebi nama(IJ). tettisakoti debatiljl sadikilaljl rakyi yiya [rayi yiya] mila.
Text on front of fol. 1: Oljl. srl-3-basuljldhiridevl. srl-3-mahilakmi. srI-3-bilakumirl. thva sa
p(h)u trItiyi bratayigu.
1 For biharasa.
Hs. or. 4348.
Paper. Fois. 61, fol. 62 missing. 21,3 x 7 cm. 16,5 x 4 cm. 5 lines. Nepilikara. Sanskrit with
Nevirl paraphrase. Dated N. B. 847. Written by Vajricirya Prabhikara of Tarumilamahivihira,
Kathmandu. Donors: four Sikyabhikus, namely the brothers Jayachurif, Jasiljdeo, Jasamina and
Jasasiddhi of Ikubihila, Mahigurlnani, Yenticheljl.
Vasurharivrata (Avaghoanandimukhivadina).
Beg.: Oljl namalJ snvasudhiriya. vasuljldhiri(ljl) sadi natvi dilidra[n]-avatiranl desayimi manu
yirthaljl sar[v]vaduIkbapramocanl. idisaljl srlbasuljldhiradeblyita namskira(I). thvahma para
myasvarI sribasudhiridebfjuyuhma gathiljlgva dhirasi. samastasa(t)tvaprinipanisa diridraduIkha
mocani yifiana bijyika. thathiljlhma basuljldhirideblyita namaskira. atityapirv[v]a srlvasudhira
devlvrataprakisitakathi(ljl) pravak(y)imi. atityal)l tikira ono. pirb[b]aja[r]mmasa1 srlbasuljldhi
rideblyi brata prakisa juogUrl kha jena hliye. sriyatiljl tivan tuitabhuvanadevIgana sarv[v]a mili
tvi ma(r)tyaman<ale sarv[v]adilidrasa(t)tvi(ni) drtvi srlvasudhirani pracodayimi. fial)o. yivat[ra]
gva berasa dhirasi. tivat[ a] thva berasa tuita dhiyi bhubanasa debIgal)apani sakarel)l muIio
madhe2-mal)<arasa dilidrasa(t)tvapani svayio srlbasudhiridebI thama the thamalj udaya jnraljl.
End: thvanaljl rl siryodaya rijiyi kiya rijaputra chahma vao. tbva rijaputra riji sario yaubarija
dhaka nama prakinti yiseljl tayi. thva bratadharm[m]a kha kanakeyita arthana thvahma yaubari
jana ma(r)tyamal<arasa sakabhinall thva srlbasudhirideblyi bratadharma prakisa yiIio sukhana
mahi in(an)dal) yiIio bijyikatvaljl juro. iti pirv[v]asnvasudhiridevlvrata saljlpirn[n]aI. asva
ghokho-nandimukbo-avadina(ljl) parisamipta(m). ye dharm[m]i [vi] hetuprabhivi hetu(ljl) teiljl
tathigata . . . sikyabhiku jasiljldeo pramukhana sakara paribiriniljl jatapule<hadbhavaticiry[y]a
pidhyiya mitipitrpirb[b]a gamanaljl krtvi sak[r]ala sa(t)tva risya anuttaraljl jdinapharaljl p(r)ip
nuyiti. svasti. srlmatpasupaticaral)akamaladhiridhusaritasiroruhasrImatminesvarltadevativara
rabdhaprasidadedipyaminota3ravikuratilakahanumantadhva ja -nepiresvara -mahirijidhirija -rij a-
Nr. 15-16
rajendra-sakararajacakridhisvala-srlsrljayajaga[rlijayamaradeba-palamabhaiiiraka debinam sada
samaravijayinim prabhu thikulasya bijayara[rliya.
Colophon: danapati srllnatkittamalgapamahanagare ki(r)tipulya-mahiviharavasthita-raganato
ra-ikubihira-mahigurlnani entacheyi grhe vi(s )tavya dharm[m ]atmi sakyabhiku bhida srljayachu
rina dvitr bhritr srljasimdeo trtiya bhratr srljasamanadeo caturtha bhratr srljasasi(d)dhi thvapani
pehma samuc(c)ayana srl-3-basudhiradeblya dharm[m]asa(s)tra-kha dayaka juro . . . thvati pUlyana
jajamanasya ayu-arogya-jana[d]dhana-samtina-lakmlbrddhir astu. bhikha atha paladesa. danapati
sakyabhiku srljasimdeo sakyabhiku srljasasiddhi thvapani nihma ut(ta)rapamtha hlasa atrasa
banika-banaja yasyam coni byarasa dharm[m]acitta ut[ra]pa(t)ti jiyarapam oyao thva bhagabati Srl-
3-basudhirideblya dharm[m]abrata-kha dayaka juro. thva byarasa mihi ika juyio bhagabina srl-3-
corabucibaj(r)isana akobhya srl-3-hiratidebi srl-baj(r)abira mihikira srl-3-bhi[rm]masyana agha
debatisyi nikasa conao thva pustaka rikhita[ka]m. etat[ra]pulyinubhivena jajaminasya iha[m]ro
kya sukhasampa(t)ti-dhanalabha(m) pararokya sukhivati(m) p(r)i(p)nuvam[na]ti. sleyo 'stu. svasti.
sambat 847 pauamasyasuklapaka titrya trthva sravanalaksatr[ar]e hatajvagya jathikar(a)l[l]a
mahot[r]are brhaspativi[ra]sare dhanurisigate savyatad dhanurisigate candramasi eta[r]ddine rikhi
tam. sampirl[l]am I[n]ti. rikhiteyam srlkiamalgapasthal)e tarumiramahivihari pirv[v]akhi kva
svaka nairatya-cheyi vaj(r)iciry[y]a-srlprabhikalana rikhita[m]m i[n]ti. yathadetram4 tathi rikhi
tam. rekhako na[. Jsti dvakham. jadi suddham va [m]asuddham vi so . . . (rest missing) .
The ms. concerns a vrata. It contains stories and legends to illustrate the merits to be acquired by
the worshippers of the Goddess Vasumdhari (in Nev. usually spelled Vasurhtri) by observing this
vow (vrata).
1 For janmasa.
2 For martya-.
3 For minonnat.
4 For yatidr!ar.
Hs. or. 4339.
For a description of the manuscript see No. 7.
(2) Vicitrakarlikivadlnoddhrta: PadmaSekharivadina (fol. 233-279).
Beg.: Om namo bhagavate sikyamunaya namo. hnapam thanam I chaguli samayasa dharm[m]a
pattana dhiya nama lagarasa deba naga jaka gandharb[b]a asura garuda kinnare mahoraga thvate
idim samastam debalokapalisyala idalabhibana pijaminya yatakao srl-3-sikyamuni bhagabina
bijyakatvam jula. hanam asamya bodhisa(t)tvapali hanam srabakasamghapaui thvate sabhi mu
nakao sd-3-Sikyamuni bhagabina tvam bijyika julo. thva berasa citrarati debaputrana julasim sd-3-
bhagabinayita sva cika ulio pradachina yanao sra(d)dhabhiba tayao srl-3-bhagabanaya khvala
svayio binati yitam . . . citralatigamdhina dhiyi nama puskalanisa basa yinam conahma ji thuki.
thva puskalaniyi thisa matha chaguli dasyam cona. thugu mathasa jina julasim cojyi yiya dhaka
bhilapi. thva cojya yanana subha juyio Ii asubha juyio Ii jina ma siya. thvate nene dhakam ji thana
oya. he bhagabana dhakam ajda dayakusya bijyiya mala dhakam binati yasyam Ii srlbhagabinana
ajda dayakalam. he debaputra. cojya yanaya phala mahi uttama thuka. athaba debapratima julasim
svanayi pratima julasim simaya pratima julasam nini prakilaya cihna julasam cojya yayagu maha
pUl)ya thuka dhakam ijla dayakusyam Ii debaputrana binati yatam. he bhagabina. thvaguli citraki
lakary[y]a sunanam yata. thva cojya yakahmana chu phala lata. thva samastam ijla dayakusya
Nr. 1617
bijyaya mala dhakall binati yakaguli nenao sn-3-bhagabinana ajna dayakalal!l. he debaputra. thva
cojya yakahmaya pirb[b]ajanmaya br[lial!ltal-kha kane neo. bho debaputra. chaguli karal!lta(ra)sa
bimala nama puskalani chaguli dasyal!l cona. thvaguli margasa atimanorama ke cha a dayakal!l taya
dao. thva tbisa bimala nama puskaranisa julasal!l semantakapuli nagaiasa conahma jnanada[r]tta
nama srilha chahma dayao thvaguli manolama grhesa oyao nana prakara cItra bicitrana pal!lcalal!l
gana coka julal!l. thva jnanada[r]tta Srllhi juyi gathina dhalasa. sra(d)dbiol!lta sU(d)dhaci[r]tta
dharmatma bratasa lasa juo. thathil!lna abasalasa anegatirthabisijanapanisyana thuguli manolama
grlhasa svayao thathi prakarana svaya tUl!l yayapuka sunanal cojya yanao tala khya. thva cokahma
dha[ l!l]nya 2 dhaka dbilal!l.
End: ali ascary[y]a dhakal!l dbioguli nenao srlbhagabanana ajda dayakalal!l. bho kasyapa. ascar
y[y]a caya mumvala. gathe dbilasa. thva ssalasa manuyaloka gvahmasyanal!l bina dayakala
ohmanal!l subarl[ l} ]arupya idina aladbituna dayakalal!l. gvahmanal!l lohaya siya dayakao bud
dhaya bibilasa dvalapatllp stbipana yata thvatena thao 2 anusalatina phala layio. thvatena chapani
ascary[y]a caya mumvala dhakal!l sn-3-sakyamuni bhagabinal!l ajda dayakuguli nenao kasyapa
bhichuna bimati yatal!l. he bhagabina. chaiapolaya ajna nenao jipani bogha juya dhuna dhakal!l
dhayao thithi haramana yanao srabakabhichudebagana nagagana jakegana gandharbagana manu
kegana daityagal}a thvate sabbigal}a samasta[l!l]sena srl-3-bhagabinayak[y]e amrtasamana dharm
[m]akatbi nyanao maM haramana yanao thao 2 asramasa ona julal!
Colophon: iti srlvicitrakarl[l}]ikavadanoddhrta(l!l) nepalabbikha(yal!l) nava2 adhyaya(l)) sam
pirl[l]a(l) samapta(l)). ye dharmma hetuprabhava hetu(ll) teal!l . . . ya drlal!l liital!l . . . su(d)
dhal!l va asuddhal!l va maura doa na diyate. liital!l subarl[l}]apranimabinagala' maitripuramabibi
hare basthita baj(r)acary[y]a dibyanal!ldana coya julo.!l. rajabirayasta.
For an edition and translation of the Padmaiekharivadina of the VicitrakarQikivadinoddhrta see
H. J0rgensen, VicitrakarQikivadinoddhrta. A Colection of Buddhist Legends, IX.
1 For brttinta ..
2 For navama(f).
3 For pra1i1i.
Hs. or. 4329.
Paper. Wooden covers. Fols. 112, numbered 1-112. 24,5 x 7 cm. 19 x 3,5 cm. 5 lines. Nepalaka
ra. Nevari. Dated N. E. 951.
(Vlra)kuivadina. From the A$laml(vrata)mihitmya.
Beg.: Ol!l namo ratnatrayaya. Ol!l namo srlmadary[y]avalokitesvaraya bodhisa(t)tvaya mahakaru
l}ikaya. natva guru(l!l) triratn ca kathayami samasatal) alamivratamahatmya(l!l) naipalibbi
khayal!l ahat[ap. buddhagayasa bodhimalgapamaMbibirasa srljayasrl-bhikusena ajda dayakara.
ku[r]kkula nama mahabibirasa upagupta-bhikusena asoka-mabiraja pramukh jhimacya lakha
sabbilokayata ajna dayakala. nyagrodbi namasa sr1sakyasil!lha bhagabana anal!lda-bhiku pramu
khana sabbilokayata ajna dayakala. nenao aneka alamibrataya katbi kane dhuno. ao biripa
mabiraja u(d)dbira juyigu alamiya mahima kane. baranasi nama nagarasa subal!ldhu nama raja
daya c0ll. ohma rajana nyaya-nitina prajaloka pratipara yana pratapana satru jayalapao cakrabart
[t]i-raja juyao ala aisvary[y]ana sal!ljukta juyao mahasukhana ralipanisao raokriga2 yanao sakat
indra thel!l juyao cona. thathil!lhma rajaya takala dayanal!l sal!ltana chata juko ma duo chahnuya
Nr. 17-18
dinasa raj ana dhal)1da kayao manana bhiilapara. hiihii ji janma dhi(k)kara. rajya datasanal)1 aisva
ry[y]a datasanal)1 mahiisukha julasanal)1 . . . paralokasa u(d)dhara ra juo. hahii daiba. thathil)1gu
sukhabhogasa sal)1tana chahma matra uhnum datasa jithil)1 bhiigebini suI ra duo pirb[b]ajanmasa
chu>,papa yana ola jina ra siya. hii 2 kuladebati sal)1tana dayakao prasal)1na juya mala dhakal)1 nana
prakarana sokadhal)1da kayao kuladebata pijamana yata.
End: indrana musuhuna hnilao ajia dayakara. biripaya karanasa pra!)a tyaga yaya tayara jura. ao
maha suripa jura. lohitamuktabalimara3 gana dhiiyao upabisa-purbidebaputrayake dhiila. upabisa
kusa nama putrayata lao hlana dharagu nenao punarbira debaraja indrana dhara. he upabisa
purbidebaputra. chapani svahmal)1 pijarape dhiiyao parijatasvanamala chiiya amrtalakhana acama
na biyao dibyabhojana yatakao svargabisa yisyaIjl tara. thanal)1 ri guriehil)1 kiirasa blrakusa-mahiira
ji sikyakumara dhiiyaka janma jura. alil)1da-mahani!)i miyadebi dhiyaka janma jural)1. sudarsana
ri!i jasodharadebi dhiiyaki janma jura. u unu hatiraka opil)1 hnasahma rajipinal)1 bhiku juya
janma jUfO. prajilokapani kilamrtyu juyao cakrabart[t]i-raja juyi janma jura. gurichil)1 debaputra
juya janma jura. thvate ti prakirana thvao 2 kimunina padabi rayu. upabisakusa mahiraji jura.
aiaml-upisani yisyal)1 sakara prajaloka pratipara yisyal)1 rajiyi yina rajyasa sukhana bhoga yinao
cona jura. aiamiya mahima gvahmasenal)1 brata yiyu upasana yayu. pija-bhaktl yayu ohmaya
paralokasa sr1-ary[y]abalokitesvara-karunamayaya sebaka juya sukhibati-baikul)1iha-bhubanasa
svargabisa layu juro.
Colophon: iti divyavadano(d)dhrtasta(ml)mahiitmya(l)1) samaptaIjl. subhal)1. mal)1galal) bhavatu
jagatal)1. subhal)1. sambat 951 m(Oti maghasudi 13 sa roja 3 sa siddha yana juro. subhal)1.
A Nevar1 prose version of the (Vlra)kusavadina. Cf. Nos. 2 and 18.
1 For aham.
' For ratkrldt.
3 For omili,
Hs. or. 4330.
Paper. Wooden covers. Fois. 59. 38 x 9 em. 32 x 5,5 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. Nevarl. Undated.
[lrakuSivadina}. From the A$!amlvratamahitmya.
Beg.: 01 namo ratnatrayaya. adi hnapa hanol)1 bho srlsakemuni tathagata biripa-raja uddhiira
juoguli asiamlbrataya mahima kanya dhakal)1 uposadha-debaputrana inapa yatal1. bho sikeraja.
gathya dhiilasi. birinasi-nagarasa subandhu nama raja chahma basalapao cona jula. thva rijana
julasal)1 nyiya-nimitina1 prajiloka pratipira yinio pratipana satru palapao cakrabart[t]i-raja juyao
asia aisvary[y]ana sal)1jukta juyao mahasukhana rinipanisao nipa ratikrdi2 yinao sikit indra
thyal)1 juyao mahisukhana ananda!a conal)1. paral)1tu thvahma rajiya sakati[l)1]nal)1 sal)1jukta
mahiisukhi. sal)1tina chata juko ra duo
End: gulil)1 srabakajina-pratyakajana-mahayana-matana bodhijii na laka. gulil)1 tathagata julal)1.
thvate prakarana thao thao kamuna-bhedatina padabi lital)1. upabiakusa-mahiirijina atami-upi
sani-brata yanio sakala prajiloka patipala yanio rajayi yika julo. desasa julasil)1 atibrti anabrsti
salabha: mukhlkarga mahala dahara pitana kaca sltali sal)1grima idil)1 bhaya chul)1 ra duo daridra
kal)1gala krpana logi kina sula dhusi khvaca pikala ajiini mirkha pipi pikha!<l ca!)<i ra!)<i
chechedhiira hil)1sala ada[r]tti dayikikama mithyiciri mrkhabida paisinya paruya sabhintapralipa
mithyidrsii nastlka sinul)1 ra duo saptab,[dd]hina sal)1jukta juyio lokana sal)1jukta juyio sukhana
Nr. 18-19
conao conaI!l. thathiJpgu a1amIbrata yao. he maharaja asoka. cal)Qasvaka juyagu papa kaya juyao
dharm[m]asvaka3 juio dhaka upagupta-bhikuna ijfa dayakala julaI!l.
Colophon: iti srldivyavadanodd(h)rtavratamalayaI!l srl-a1amivratamihatmya(I!l) samapta[! ](m).
subham astu. subham.
Marginal titles: bio kuo and birakuo (= birakusabadana).
A Nevarl version of the Vlrakuavadana. Cf. Nos. 2, 17 and 19.
1 For nyaya-nltina.
2 F9f krlra.
3 For dharmioka.
1 Us. or. 4339.
For a description of the manuscript see No.7.
(3) Vlrakuivadina. From the A$tamlvratamihi tmya. (fol. 280-368).
Beg.: OI!l nama(!) srtvaj(r)asa(t)tviya nama(!) . nama ratnatrayiya. nama lokanithiya. OI!l na
mae!) srlmadary[y]avalokitesvaraya bodhisa(t)tviya mahisa(t)tvaya mahikarulikaya. OI!l namo ro
kanathiya. natva guru(I!l) triratnaf ca k[r]athayami samasata a1amivart[t]amahitma[l)]ne lyapala
bhasayaI!l aha(m). hnipaIl guru sri-3-bu( d)dha-dharm[m]a-saI!lgha sada namaskara yanao saikap
tamatral srl-3-as1amibart[t]amahatm(y)a mahi taodhana mahima-kha jel)a hlaya. budhagayasa bo
dhimal)Qa(pa)mahibihirasa srl-3-yayasrl-bhi(k)huna srljinasrl-raja bodhisa(t)tva prabhlti sabhilo
kayata kanaI!l. pat(a)riputra-nagarasa ku[r]kkutara(ma) nima mahibihilasa upagupta-bhikuna as
vaka-rijiyita kana prabhitiI!l jhimacyi lak(h)a sabhirokayita ijfi dayakala. ieo he inanda bhiku
prabhiti sabhiroka anega a1amibart[t]ayi kathi kane dhuna. hanaI!l punar[a]bira io birupa-raji
u(d)dhira juoguli a1amibart[h]aya mahima-$a kane. baranasi-nagarasa subandhu nama raja basala
paI!l cona. thva raj ana julasaI!l nyayanitina prajaloka pratipala yanao pratapana satru jayalapao
cakrabart[tJi-raja juyao a1a aisvary[y]ana saI!ljukta juyao mahisuana ranipanisa napa ratikrida
yanio sik$ita indra thyaI!l juyio mahasuasa cona. parantu thva rajaya sakatanaI!l saI!ljukta juyao
mahisukha saI!ltina chata juko ra duo chahnuya dinasa gvatraparaI!lpari p(r)asaI!lsa yiia thvayi
putra thvahma [thvayi putra thvahma] dhakaI!l pastabasa yana raj ana dhaI!lda kiyao manasa bhira
paraI!l. hi daiba. ji janma dhi[r](k)kara. rajya datasaI!l aisvary[y]a ratasaI!lna mahisukha julasiI!l
sakataI!l byartha china dhilasi. santana chata juko ra du . . .
End: thvate rajaya ajfa ianao prajalokana tath[y]astu dhiyao thu bart[t]a caraya yataI!l. thana Ii
birakusa-maharajiI!l sudarsana ari(I!l)da-mahirani thva prabhitiI!l purohita ma(I!l)triI!l prajalokana
aS1amipatiI!l bart[t]a yanao conathisa sri-3-ary[y]abarokitesvara bijyanao kartti(ka)sukraya a1ami
$unusa aosarasa darsana biyao akasamargasa bijyanao atiharana aS1(ai)gapranama sto[s]tra yata.
OI!l namo iry[y]abarokitesvaraya namo 'stu te bodhisa(t)tvaya mahasa(t)tvaya mahakarul)ikaya. OI!l
namo lokanathiya Iokyasvara[I!l] rokanatha rokalokaguru[I!l] guru Iokapujya[I!l] Iokadeba[I!l] lokot
taragata[I!l] gane . . . thvate prakarana stotra yataI!l. saptabidhi pija yataI!l kama phonaI!l. thana Ii
srlkarulamayana baradana bilaI!l. he birakusa. janma janmaI!l tarasa [sa] bart[t]a yanio jatisamaya
juyao kathathya danapiramiti khat[i]paramita piraya yinio jagatasaI!lsira sa(t)tvaprani u(d)dhala
yanao . . . taihigata juyao thvate ajM dayakao . . . bodhijfina ranao lipatasaI!l paI!lcaka$aya samaya
sa sakemuni tathigata juyao thvate ajfa dayakao dvibhuja khadbhuja a1abhuja dasabhuja thuli 0
Nr. 1920
satasahasrabhujaprayanta bisvarupa juyao da(r)sana biyao. anta(r)dhyana juyao bijyatalJl. thanaI)l li
prajalokapani kasa mahiimaha ananda du(!))kha dalidraya nama chuI)l ra duo sakasyaI)l mano
ba(I)l)chi purl)[lja yasyaI)l thithi parase[b]ba u(d)dhira yanaI)l cona II 7 II thanaI)l li birakusa
mahiirajana upabiisa nama putrayata rajya biyao sakala prajarokayata korapao arind[r]a-rani sudar
sana raniju thva svahma tapobana prabhesa2 yana atami-upasana yasYaI)l Srikarunamayaya nama
kasyaI)l japa tapa dhyana yanao kala jusyaI)l ri sorgalokana bimana kvata hayao bimanasaI)l tayao
svahmaI)l sorgalohana jula . . . thanaI)l li nihmasaya kha hlanao cona. gurichi dinasa prajaloka mrtyu
juyao cakrabar[t]ti-raja jula. gurichiI)l debaputra jula. gulichiI)l suabati thyanaI)l. gurichiI)l moka
marga Ie jUI)l. gurichiI)l srabakajana jura pratyaka ja. gulichiI)l mahiyana samartana bodhijii na
rata. gurichiI)l tathagata jula. thvate prakarana thao 2 kamuna bhegatina padabi ranio onaI).
Colophon: iti srl-3-ary[y ]abalokitesvaraya atamibrataya birakusaya (s )totra samipta. liitaI)l
dhvakabaharaya srlbaj(r)acary[y]a-dhijabirana riapita. subha(m).
A Nevarl prose version of the Vlrakuivadina contained in the Atamlvratmihitmya. Cf. Nos. 2
and 17-18. -The Dhvakabihira mentioned in the colophon is a Buddhist monastery in Kathmandu
the Sanskrit name of which is not known. It is possible that the Sanskrit name given to the Vihira of
the scribe mentioned in Nr. 16 refers to the same Vihira.
1 For sa1liptao.
2 For prbesa.
Us. or. 64 0.
Paper. Fols. 24, numbered. 27 x 9,2 cm. 21,5 x 6,2 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. Nevari. Dated
N.E. 975. Written by Dinanatha Daivajia of YaI)chetola, Bhaktapur.
Beg.: srl-3-galesaya nama!1 sri-3-sadasivo (u)vaca I kailasasikharastnaI) devadeva(I)l) jagatguruIl
II gaunprokte sivo vakyaI)l vismayaphalalocanaI)l 11 kailisaparb[b]atasa deba[ya]yanaI)l deba juyao
cOlahmaI)l jagata-saI)lsaraya guru juyao conahma srlmahideba bijyataI)l. srlparb[b]atlsenaI) suma
lapao hnelao thava svamiyake inapa yataIl II sriparv[v]aty uvaca II he jagadisvara mahideba. chala
polaya dayaprasadana chalapolasyaI)l gupta yanao tayagu brataya khaI)l nene yaya nL bho nila
kal!ha. Mesa daya dasya bijyahune. (e)kacitta yanao nena. chana bacanana je saI)l[t]tokha. sa(I)l)tu
!a juye dhuno. jena uttama bratakathii chaguli gupta yasye(I)l) [na] taya dao nL he paramesvarL
jena chanata kane. chana ekagra yasya nehuni dhakaI)l ajia dayakalaljl II asti devalayasthine
ca[I)l]ndra caura jage nave vinayakasya s[r]apena bhavantlva jayantika! II he priya parb[b]ati. pura
pirb[b]asa i(n)drasanasa debataya sabhisa yana bijyaka belasaI) srlgal)esaya s[r]apana caI)ldramaya
khvala soko caura juyava khu jusye bhasma julaljl. thvaya kathii kane.
End: ohmaI)lsaya gugu 2 manabiI)lcha yata ogull ba(I)l)chi-manoratha pifl)[l)]a juyio. thvahmaI)l
puruana julasiljl stnya julasaI) bijoga-biya conahma[I)l]ya St purua milapa juyio. gvahmaI)lsena
thva catu(r)thi cothadhalaI)l pirlyamaya brata dana ohmaI)lsaya jana-dhana-Iakmi-sa(I)l)tati-saI)l
t[t]ana brddhi juyio. manobiI)lchii sakala pirl)[l]a juyio. rajyalakmi ohnia[Il]saya chesa basalopio.
thva dharm[m]abrata danahmaI)l manuyayata kudasana thiye ra phayio. naograhana pi<a biye
phayio ra khu. akala ani!a nasa juyio. bhita preta pisaca <akini agniya bhaya rajaya bhaya caura-
Nr. 21-22
bhaya satruya bhaya sir.haya bhaya byaghraya bhaya thvate sarb[b)a bhaya nasa juylo. asubha dako
phunao sUbha-mangala juylo. alakml phunao subhalakmlna bisa yayio dhakar srlmahiidebana
srlcarpdrabrataya katha ajia dasya bijyatar. thva brataya mahima-kha sutana naimikharanyabanasa
basalapar. conahma rigal)apaniyata kanar.
Colophon: iti srlcaturthipurl)yamavratakathii samapta. sambat 975 miti adhika-akhadhabadi 3
ro(ja) 1 sa yarchetolaya daibajia dinanathana thva cothiidhala(r)ya kathii-saphu coya siddha yana.
The manuscript contains a vrata story connected with certain rituals observed on the day called
Galesacaturth! or, simply, Cotha (mod. Nev. Catha). There is a belief among Nevars that if a person
looks at the moon on this particular night, he is liable to be accused of having stolen something.
21 Us. or. 6226.
Paper. Fols. 30, numbered. 27,1 x 9,2 cm. 22 x 6,5 cm. 6 lines. Nepilaara, Nevarl. DatedN.E.
975. Written by Daivajia Dinanatha of Yarchetola, Bhaktapur.
Beg.: or nama! srlgal)esaya nama! I srlgurubhyo nama! I srlparv[v)aty uvaca I kailasaparb[b)a
tasa srljagadisvara mahiidevaya h(n)aone sriparb[b]atIna hiita jojalapava binati yasya bijyatar.
thvate srlparb[b)atlya bacana nenao srlmahiidebana musuhuna hnelao daya prasanna juyao ijia
dase bijyatar. srisadiivo (u)vaca I sflU tvar parv(v)atidvl. mama tusti karomy ahar vratam
ekar mahiguptar ekagracittasiihanar II 1 II thva belasa rlmahidebana ajia dasya bijyataijJ. he
priye paramasundarl parb[b)atl. chana eya phuio. samasta kamana siddhi juyio. brahmal)a katr
baisya sudra thva catu(r) 4 varl)[l)ajatIyata jena kane tana. thva sarsarasa ihatra sukha paratra
moka juyio. thva ekadaslbrata conahma[r)yata jamasasana mumala.
End: thvate putra bhadraslIaya ajiabacana nenao pita galava ,lya manasa atl haramana yanao
sartuta julam. hnapa-2-yagu samastana b,(t)tart[t)a[na)bart(t)a nenao manasa atlharamana ya
nao ajia dayekalar. ji sakala janmaya papa yanagull samastana papa mocana julo. ji hnasaguI7
janmaya papa dako phunao jl sapta 7 pusta pita pitamaha hnasagull putato moka julo. dha[r)nya 2
je bhiigya. dha[r)nya 2 je putra bhadraslIaya bhiigya. je barsa uddhiira yakahmap. somakulasa
janma juyao cardraba(r)sl dako uddhiira yaka sadakalar biluya bhaktisa conahmar dha[r)nya
putra. chena bil)ubhaktiyagu ekiiaslyigu bratadharm[m)apu[r)nyayagu mahima ajia dayekaoguli
je sartokha juye dhuno . . . thva nehmar 2 bi-kaja1 bilubhaktise uddhiira juyao baikulthapurlsa
basalapar conar.
Colophon: thvagull ekiiaslya bratadharm[m)apu[r)nyakathii martyamal)Qalasa cale juyao co
nar. iti srlbrhannaradlye ekiiaslkathii samapta. yadgrhe vail)avasastrar pathyate sruyate 'pi va
likhyate sthiipyate caiva tatra sarnihita hari!. sambat 975 miti asvinabadi 6 sa budhabiraya dinasa
yarchetolaya daivajia dlnanathana cosya taya julo.
Title on front fol. : ekiiaslvrata.
1 For .ki ya.
Nr. 22-23
Us. or. 6225.
Paper. Fols. 39, numbered. 27 x 9,3 cm. 21 x 6 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. Nevan, prose. Written
by Daivajia Dlnanatha of Yal)lchetola, Bhaktapur (c. No. 21). Undated, but probably ca. N.E.
Mdrtaliavratadharmakthi. From the Bhaviyapurila.
Beg.: sngaIesaya nama! I Ol)l nama!) srlsiry[ylaya nama! I adityaya dharm[mlakathii hlaye. srlju
dhithira uvaca I aditya devataya mahimiiharm[mlabratakathii-khii Ienegu at! icchii-trIa yanao
cona. chalapolasena iiesa upadesa daya prasa[l)llnna jusye ajia dayakall prasanna juye mala.
srlla bhagavanovaca. aye raja dharm[mlajudhlsthira. chana adityaya dharm[mlabratakathi jeke
neno. he judlllsthira. cha dha[l)llnya 2 khao. idityadebata dhiiyahmal)l samasta debataya sinall
sretha samasta lokayal)l andhakara phutake ohmal)l. samasta lokayal)l sak1 samastaya mikhii juyao
conahma. samasta thiiyastal)l pabitra yakahmal)l. thvahmal)l bra[l)llhma bil)u rudra thva svahma 3
debataya sarlra ekatva juyao thva utpatti jula. snsiry[yla dhiiyahmal)l utpatti juHi. saptaml adityal)l
laka belesa rabisaptami dhiiye. dasami aditya binalaka belasa dasiiitya dhiiye. sa(l)l)kra[l)llnti
iiityabara Hika belasa rabisal)lkranti dhaye.
End: thva snsiry[ylayagu bratadharm[mla rabisaptami-kuhnu julasal)l rabisal)lkranti-kuhnu jula
sanal)l dasaditya-kuhnu julasanal)l iiityabira patil)l julasal)l srlsiry[ylayata samasta raktopacara
dayakal)l phala pupa tambila pal)lcapakva[l)llnna klrodana gudodana pal)lcamrta iku [slka[l)llI
<amila samasta upacara dayakal)l pija yanio dhipa dlpa naibedyadibhi chayao thva dharm[m]a
brata danao thva kathii kanlo kanaklo. thvahmal)l purukhayata samasta kamani manoratha
pif[Ila juylo. santana ra duhma[l)llya santana daylo. daridrahma[l)llya dhaniihya juylo. roglya
rogamoka juylo. kutlya sarlra kal)lcana juylo. netrasa roga julasal)l netraroga mocana juylo.
dasadasl julasana daslmoka juylo. satruna pl<alapao talasal)l rajapl<a rogapl<a satrupi<a samasta
pl<a nasa juylo. raIabhimlsa vanasal)l jayakamana juylva. putra ra duhma[l)llya putra daylo. gugu
2 bal)lchii yata oguli bal)lchii samastana manoratha pifI[Ila juylo. thva brata dii ahma[l)llyata
nabagraha ra bhlnasal)l dasa ra bhlnasal)l pl<a biye ra duo akalana siye ra du dhakal)l snmunisva
ra narada rlnal)l naimikhiiraIyabanasa basalapal)l conahmal)l sita dhakal)l nama juyao conapul)ll
rlganayata kanal)l.
Clophon: thvagull katha sal)lkapa[l)llpirb[blakana martyamandalasa cale juya cona. iti srlbhavi
yapuraIe marl[tlaI<avratadharm[mlakatha(yal)l) saptama(!)) patala!) samapta!. subhal)l sarv
[vlada bhavatu. ava[l)llntlnagaraya asvasena-rajayatil)l kanal)l. thva katha daibajia! dinanathana
coya II
Title on font fol. : adityavratakatha.
1 For conapani.
Us. or. 602.
Paper. Fols. 29, numbered. 26,9 x 9,3 cm. 22 x 6,5 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. Nevarl, prose.
Dated N. E. 976. Written by Dinanatha Daivajia of Yal)lchetola, Bhaktapur.
Siraddvratadharmakathi. From the Padmapurila.
Beg.: srl-3-gaIesaya nama! II srl-3-gurubhyo nama! II srI-3-saradiievyai nama!) I suklal)l brahma
vicarasarapa(ra)m[ahlal)l jiyal)ldhakarapahiil) haste sphiitikam,likal)l vidadhatll)l padmasane
Nr. 23-24
salj1sthitalj1 valj1de talj1 paramesvari(lj1) bhagavatillj1) [II] buddhipradalj1 saradalj1 I salj1saroddh1ra
marg[g]a uttamavidhl dharm[m]avratalj1 briyate /1 suto (u)vaca II sutana binati yatalj1. bho sarasvatI
sarad1debL thva salj1sarasa jagatasalj1sara uddh1ra jUYIgu manukhyaganayatalj1 hita jUYIgu upadesa
chalapolayake binatI yaya. daya-karuna tasya ajfa prasa[lj1]nna jusye bijyaye mala dhakalj1 srI-3-
sarad1deblya caranasa bhoka puyao h1ta jojalapao binati yatalj1. bho saradadebI. chalapolasyana
bra[lj1]hmajfana catur[b]beda-catur[m]mukhana ajfa prasa[lj1]nna jusya bijyakahmalj1. jadatva
alj1dhakara phutakao bijyakahma chalapola. hanolj1 cholapola gathiiahmalj1 dhalasa. jao lahatana
phataglya mala lekhanl bena baradana bisye bijyaka. khao la(ha)tana kamalj1dalu putaka bena
abhayamudra bisya bijyaca(ka)hma. padmasana yaiao jogadhyanasa bijyacakahma. chalapola tha
thliahma parameSvarI bhagabatIna thva jagatsalj1sara uddhara jUYIgu uttamagu upadesa dharm[m]a
brata ajna prasanna jusya bijyaye mala dhakalj1 binati yatalj1.
End: lakml sarasvatI nehma[lj1]na chahma 1. du!)kha daridra phutakao drabyalakml rajyalak
mlna bisa yaylo. gvahma[lj1]sena srI-3-saradadeblya seba yayI dharm[m]abratakatha kanI kanaklo
ohmaya chesa daridra du(!)kha nananalj1 phuiao dhan1dhya juyao lakmI kuberana bisa yaylo.
bidyabanta ripabanta juylo. samasta manoratha-kamana pirl)[l]a juylo. dasa navagraha ra bhlna
salj1 thvapanlsena kuphala biye ra phaylo. subha phala biylo. rajabhaya agniya bhaya satruya bhaya
cauraya bhaya rogaya bhaya jantu khyaka bhi ratraya bhaya bhita preta pisacaya bhaya thvate
samasta bhaya mocana juylo. subha phala juylo. santati-sa(n)tana brddhi juylo. jana dhana lakml
aisvary[y]a thvaylo. gugu 2 manobalj1cha yata ugu 2 bilj1cha pirl)[l)]a juylo. samasta loka thvaya
basasa juyI dhakalj1 srlsarad1deblna ajM dayekasya bijyatalj1. paratrasa kaibalyamoka prapti juyao
baikul!hasa bisa laylo.
Clophon: it srIpadmapural)e srIsaradavratadharm[m]akat.ha samapta. subhalj1. sambat 976 kart
tikabadi 12 roja 5 sa yalj1chetolaya daibajia diniinathana coya taya julo.
Title on front leaf: siradabratakath1.
Us. or. 61.
Paper. Fois. 33, numbered. 27 x 9,2 cm. 21,5 x 6 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. NevarI, prose.
Sivaritrivratakathi. From the Lihgapurifa.
Beg. : srI-3-gal)eSaya nama! II srI-3-knlaya nama! II vande brndavaslnam midiranalj1damalj1di
ralj1 I upelj1drayelj1drakarunyalj1 paranalj1dalj1 paralj1 vibhulj1 11 1 II bra[lj1]hmavilumahesakhyalj1
yasyasalokasadhaka!) tan namami deva cid[d]ripalj1 visuddhal1 paramalj1 bhajet 11 2 11 sita uvaca II
sutana ajna dayakalal1. thva memegu bratadharm[m]aya slnalj1 uttama taodh1iagu bratadharm[m]a
svarg[g]amadhyapatalasa1 trailokyasa cale juyao coiagu uttama brata ienegu manukhyalokayata
jlna kane tana. thva brataya prabh1bana dakoya nabaratrIya kh1 iene dhuno. dana dharm[m]a tirtha
brata japa tapa patha jajia thva dako nene dhuno. thathenalj1 nene yayanI. bho svaml calj1drasekha
ra. ao chalapolasena ajfa dase bijyahune. dharma dakoya miia dharma-kh1 bhuguti muguti biogull
khalj1 nene yayanI. bho prabhu. chalapolasenalj1 ajia dasye bijyahune dhakalj1 srI-parb[b]atIna h1ta
jojalapao binatl yatalj1. srimah1deva uvaca.
End: hanalj1 thvanalj1 11 thva sivaratrIbrata gvahmal1 purua-manuyana brata dharm[m]a upabisa
conI athaba iIpabasana taylo thvahmalj1 puruayata nabagraha 9 ra bhlnasalj1 dasa ra bhlnasalj1
thvatena pIQa biye ra duo hanalj1 silj1gha byaghra dhi kisl gayeda thvate banajalj1tuyalj1 bhaya mu-
Nr. 2425
mala. naga graha bija makara m1na thvate nagaka[Ijl]nya adina thvate jalaja(n)tuya bhaya mumala.
hanvaIjl rajaya bhaya satruya bhaya cauraya bhaya agnlya bhaya bayuya bhaya rogaya bhaya jalaya
bhaya rakasaya bhaya brkaya bhaya pisacaya bhaya bhitaya bhaya khyakaya bhaya pretaya bhaya
manuyaya bhaya dakiniya bhaya thvate samasta bhaya thva bratakathi upasa dharm[ m]aya kathisa
thva kathisaphu coya tao thisa samasta bhaya phuylo. hanoIjl tao daridra mahidu!)khl julasanaIjl
thva bratakathana du!)kha sa(ma)stana phuiiva mahidhanl juylo. kuberaya samana drabya thoio.
rogl juyao conasaIjl roga samastaIjl tolatio sanra nirm[m]ala ka(Ijl)cana juyio snja(ga)d[d]lsvara
dhakaIjl mahadebana ajia dasye bijyataIjl. srlparb[b]atlna anandana iesye bijyataIjl. thvagu katha
sitana naimikharal)yasa basalapaIj coiapanl rlgalayita kanaIjl .
Colophon: iti sriliigapurale umamahesvarasamvade srlsivaratrlvratakatM(yaIjl) mrgavyadhivya
khyana(Ijl) samaptaIjl. subhaIjl.
Titel on front leaf: sibaratribratakathi.
1 For 1rtaQ
25 Us. or. 600.
Paper. Wooden covers, painted with flower designs. Fol. 36, numbered. 29, 5 x 9,4 cm. 24 x 6,5
cm. Nepalakara. Nevarl, prose. Dated N.E. 979. Written by Daivajia Dlnanitha of YaIjlchetola,
Somavirlvratakathi. From the Bhavyapuri7a.
Beg.: sn-3-gal)esaye nama! II srl-3-bhagavate vasudevaya nama! II saratalpagataIjl bhlmam upa
gamya judhisthira! I krta!) pral)amo dharm[m]atma hitaIjl vacanam uktavan 11 1 1/ purapirb[b]akala
sa mahabhiratasaIjlgrima juyava mahabihu arjunaya sarapraharana dayakava taya sarasa[r]yyasa
mahabira bhima pitamaha sayana yailao bijyataIjl . pitamaha bhimayata pral)ama yiiava hata
j ojalapava manukhyaganayata hitaguli bacana hlayao binati yataIjl. judhithira uvaca I hateu kuru
mukhyeu bhlmasenena kopina tathipareu bhipeu hateu judhi jil)uni II 2 II dury[y]odhanaku
mantrena yato 'smakaIjl kulakaya!) na santi bhuvi bhipila bilabrddhi tuloddhrte! II 3 II dharm
[m]itma iudhithira maharajana bhlma pitamahayake hata jojalapao inapa yataIjl . bho pitamaha.
thva mahiblra mahibahu bhlmasenaya kopa juyio kurubaIjlsasa mukhya 2 juyao coiapiIjl senapati
dako molo.
End: iudhisthira mahiraja. thva brataya mahima ...ihatrasa saIjltati-saljltanaya kaye chaye chuyl
saptamapusta tvaIjl ayu brddhi juylva. pifl[ I ]iyu dayiva. kuberaya samana lakml brddhi juyiva.
raja-aisvary[y]a dayiva. kalikalaIjlkha nisa juylva. nana prakaraya roga dako samastana moyuva.
sanra nirm[m]ala inaIjldana juylva. gugu 2 bi(Ijl)chi yata oguli samasta baIjlchi siddh[r]a juyiva.
atasiddh[r]i labha juyiva. hano thva brata daIaya punyana kathi ieii ya prabhibana ... samasta
asubha moyuo. kadacit chapola mitrana thva kathi ieiina purua stnjanana ienasa sa[Ijl]ntana
badhalaplva. manaya kimana siddh[r]a juyiva. sanre rogana tolativa. misajanayata janmajanmiIjlta
rato bidhava ra juyuva. nariyal)aya prasadana dhakaIjl bhimana judhiihirayata kinaIjl thva kathi
naimikhara[Ijl]nyabanasa basalapaIjl coilapuIjl sutana saunakidi rigalayata kanaIjl .
Colophon: iti srIbhaviyapural)e bh1majudhithirasamvade somavirIvratakathi samipta. sambat
979 jyethabadi 14 ro 3 yaIjlcheyi daibajia dininathana coya siddha yii i dina. subhaIjl.
Nr. 26
2 Hs. or. 4319.
Paper. Wooden covers. Fols. 238. 26,6 x 12 cm. 20,5 x 8 cm. 9 lines. Colour illustration on
separate leaf, showing in the middle Siva and Parvatl, to the left GaJesa and to the right Skanda.
Nepalakara. NevarL Dated N. E. 955.
Beg. : srlgaJesaya nama(!) . gaJapatiIp ca herambo vighnaraja vinayaka II deviputro mahibalapa
rakrama! mahodara mahakaya ekadanta gajanana!) svet[tjavaW[Jja mahidrstil)l trinetral)l gaana
yaka! II akamala svadantas ca dakiJakaraJa tatM II pasumodakapatal)l ca vamahaste vidhiraJal)l
nanapuparatnal)l devinanagandhinurepanal)l ll nagayajiopavital)lga(l)l) nanavighnaviniSanal)l de
vasuramanuyanal)l siddhigandharv[vjavandital)l ll trailokye vighnahantaral)l makhvaridha(ll) na
mamy ahal)l II ja kuphenderadukharadukharahiradhavara1 ja svetapadmiSana ja brahma
cutasallkarap[rjavit[ajradevl sada vaJQita sa mal)l patu sarasvatl bhagavatI nisek(h)ajaQyap[rjahi II
suddhasphatikasal)lkasal)l trinetral)l dhyanarupinl I praJamya sirasa pr(c)chal)l parv[vjatl parameS
varl. srlsrlsvasthinlparamesvaraya nama! nama 'stu te mahidevl sa(t)tvanal)l papahiriJ1 I trailokya
jananls tubhyal)l svasthanlparamesvarl I sil)lhasanasamari( Q)hi khaQgaphetakadharinl I utpara
bhayahastal)l ca canditasu varesvarl ll prathamasal)l srl-3-svasthinlparamesvarl dhakal)l jvalanahnas
kanasa ol)lkara cosyam thiprapao gal)lgajalana snana yacake jajamaka svana naibidya phala mila
pakvana tambira kapila kastura bastra samastall dayakao odasa upacara dayakao pija yanao pija
dhunakao bakhana hlaya. dharm[mjabrata dane jukosyena mahisuci yanao cone isvarayake mana
tayao yaye sra(d)dhina sal)ljukta yaya dako indriya cinao ekacitta mana tayao srl-2-svasthinlpara
mesvarlyi bikhana kathi nenya. thana bikhana nenyayita .pijaviriyata samastal)l sra(d)dhi the
bastra idinal)l biya mila julo. adiprathamasal)l hnapal)l svarg[gjaya kha ni hlaya. sal)lkara uvaca.
bho agastya-munlsvara dhakal)l karttikakumaraJa julasal)l ajna dayakasyal)l bijyatal)l. bho kumara.
jena kane ekacitta yanao nena dhakal)l hiaokalasam thva sal)lsalasa jalamaya juyao cona. thvanal)l li
adiprathamasal)l sunya juyao cona. jivajal)ltu manuya parb[bjata sima lvaho chu nal)l ma duo thva
belasa lamkhaya duone parabra[l)ljhma srlmahabiJu yogamaya yakena sa[rjyyana juyao bijyatam.
thvasapolaya nabhina s[rjahasra kamala utpatti juyao cona. thva sahasra kamalaya munasal) pitama
ha srlbra[ l)ljhma bijyaka. thvanal)l li srlbra[ l)ljhmana juiasal)l jagatsal)lsara srti yaya arthana dhyina
yanao bijyatam. thvanal)l li pitamaha srlbra[l)ljhmana julasal)l jao lahitana pacinana hnasapotaya
pUYI pi kayao thikala hnuyakao jalasal)l kutikalal)l chotal)l. thva belasa thva puyina[l)ljna julasal)l
mahiblra parakrami thulio cona. madhu kaitabha dhiya nama daitya nehma utpatti juyao olal)l.
End: thvatena gvahma manuyasena julasal)l dharm[mja-artha-kama-moka manuyasena i(c)chi
yata ohma manuyasena thvahma srl-3-svasthinlparamesvaraya dharm[mjabrata dane thva dharm
[mjabrataya prabhibana srljagatmata srlparb[bjatlna[naj julasal)l jagadisvara srlmahideba svaml
laka julo. thvahma jagatmata srlparb[b jatl deblna julasal)l ajfa dayakal)l taya samasta brataya sinal)l
uttama thva brata dhakal)l srlnaradidisapta-rlsvarapanisyana ajfia dayakalal)l. thvate srl-3-svasthi
nlparamesvara kalyaJaripa srljagadlsvaraya katM julo.
Colophon: iti srllil)lgapuraJe srlmahidevasrlparv[vjatIsamvide nanasastrasal)lgrahe naradidisap
ta-ribhiitasrlsrlsvasthinlparamesvarldharm[ m javratakathividhi(! sampirJ[ J ja(! samap
ta[l)lj(!) . srl-3-svasthinlparamesvara varal)lvara(l)l) subham dehi. nepilabdagate vara bhutaragankl
vatsare pauakrnadvitlya ca sito baras ca siddhaye. sambat 955 pauamase krapake. dvi
tiyayal)l[nj tithau. asleanakatra prltipara2 ayumanayoge sukravasare. etasmi(n) dine.
A Nevarl vrsion of the extremely popular Svasthinldharmavratakathi. During the month of Ma
gha (January-February), which is considered to be a holy month, every household, Buddhist and
Nr. 2627
Hindu alike, recites the story of SvasthinL On the day of the fJI moon, the last day of the month,
people celebrate the ending of the story with a formal ritual worship of the Goddess. This is
considered to be an act of piety. -The versions of the vratakathi deviate very much fom each other.
One version has been edited by Acyutananda Rajopadhyaya 'Juju', sr Svasthinl Dharmabrata
Kathi. For a translation see L. L. litis, The Swasthani Vrata: Newar Women and Ritual in Nepal.
1 For kundendutusiraharadhavali.
2 For pratipadi.
Hs. or. 4351.
Paper. Fols. 142. 33,8 x 15,5 cm. 27 x 11 cm. 13 lines. Devanagarl. Nevarl. Vikr. E. 1961. Scribe:
Kula Bahadura. Donor: Atamina.
Beg.: srlgaIesiya namai. srlsarasvatlljl namai. srlsiry[y]aya srlsvasthinai nama(i.l ). Oljl nama(i.l)
srl[r]guru(ljl) gaI)apatiljl durgibatukaljl sivam acetalj brahmanaljl g(i)rljiljl lakmiljl vini(ljl) valjlde
vibhitaya. nariyana[ljl] na(ma)s tubhyaljl nalaljl caiva nala(t)t[r]amaljl'. debi(ljl) sarasvatiljl caiva[n]
tato jayam udilayat. prathamasalj srl-3-svasthinaparamesvara dhakalj hliya. hnasakanasa oljlkira
cosyaljl thipani yiya. thanaljl Ii gallgajalana s[a]naJa yicake. srlkaljlda raktacaljldana siljldira
nini sugaljldha svanaljl jajamaka dhupa dlpa naibedya phala phula . . . sri-3-svasthanlparamesvaraya
piji yiya.
foJ. 1: idikha kalantara juyava cona belasa srlmahabisnu jalasa sayena yanava bijyaka belasa
srlmahabisnuya nabhina sahasra kamala utpatti juyava conaljl. thva belasa tho sahasra kamalaya
mutisa srlbrahma utpatti julalj. tho belasa srlbrahmana julasaljl p,thi s,ti yayayata bicala yanava
bijyitaljl. tho belasa brahmana julasaljl pacinina hnasapotaya puicipi kayava thika nakava chotaljl.
thva belasa thva puicina julasaljl mahibira bhayanaka juyava cona madhu kaitabha dhaya nama
daitya nihma utpatti juyava vaialjl. thanaljl li srlbrahmana julasaljl joga dhyana yanava bijyataljl. tho
beJasa lamkhaya jalamaya juyava cona belasa tho madhu kaitabha coneyata thisa mala julalj. tho
belasa srlmahibisnuya nabhina utpatti juyava cona sahasra kamalaya cu lulaljl. tho belasa tho cu
jonava thihi vanaljl.
End: . . . hanaljl satruya bhaye . . . nasa juyiva hanaljl aljltakilasa m,tyubhaya nasa juyiva . . .
thote dharma danahma na liyiva . . . srl-3-svasthaniparamesvaraya dharmabrata japa dhyina stotra
patha binina tare ra juva. thote dako bratayi miladharma. thuguli dharmabrata mahi uttama
dhakaljl srlnarada-muniSvarana ijia dayeku dharmabrata thote srlsvasthiniparmesvarayi dharma
kathi samipta[na]. gohma puruanam strlnalj tho dharmabrata joniva dharma danava chapola unu
danasa phatasi jhimau data dharma danava paristi2 yitasa vahma manuyaya go belasaljl du(i)kha
juya ra du ' "
Colophon: iti srl-3-svasthanidharmavratakathi saljlpirna[ Ijl] samapta[ Ijl] . subhall ' " vatutola
dathunanisa conahma manabagotra rajakula rijabamsa . . . kathi coke biya jula. subhaljl. adya
srlminavagotra. adye mighamase suklapakadasam[i]yaljl punyatithau r,gasiranakatre vikam
bhayogya yathikarJamuhirt[t]ake budhavisare kUllbharisi(gate) bhiskare mithunarasi(gate) can
dramasi vatutola-dathunanisa conahma minavagotrarijakularajavaljlsa asmat mama pit, praJana
raljl, tasya bhary[y]a ci<hithakulj, tasya putra atamina, tasya bhiry[y]i ninibyeti, tasya putrlbhi-
Nr. 27-29
gyalakmi, tasya pita a!amana! thuguli sn-3-svasthiniparamesvarlya dharmabrataya katha coke
biya jula. thuguJi srisvasthiniparamesvarIya dharmabrataya kathi va!u!ola-pithananisa conahma
kulabahadurana!. srI-3-svasthaniparamesvarIya caral)akamalaya asa tayava coya biya jula. subham.
1 For narotamaf.
2 For prt4!hi.
Hs. or. 4344.
Paper. Fols. 83, numbered 1-82 + cover fol. ; first and last leaf damaged. 38,7 x 19,2 cm. 32,5 x
14 cm. 14-16 lines. A drawing of the Goddess Svasthanl on the back of the cover-leaf. A coloured
miniature showing Siva and Parvatl in the middle of fol. 1 (back). Devanagar!. Nevar!' Dated Vikr.
E. 1993. Written by Ratnakaji Vajracarya of Pakvo, Kathmandu.
Beg.: srlgalesaya namo. O! namo vasudebaya nama!). O! nama(!) srI-3-svasthanlparamesvaraya
nama!. sa!takara(!) bhujaga[!] . . . va!de VIlU(!) bhavabhayaharana! sarvalokaikanatha!.
agast(y)a uvaca. bho kumaradeba. chalapolaya lpa datasa srlmahadebana yana bijyakagu katha
Iane Ika jula. srlmahadebana! dakeprajapatiya putrI gathe bibaha yata. hana! tho sa!sa(ra)
gathe srti jula. hana! dakaprajapatiyi jyathahma putn satidebi srImahidebana bibiha yaniva
chuya nimit(t)ina hemaIayasa janma kala vana srtmahadeba napa. hanrup gathe blbaha jula. thote
srlmahadebaya caritra juva kha julasa! jimita kasya bijyahune dhaka! kumaradebayake agast(y)a
munina ajia dayakuyu kha Ianao mahajianihma sanatkumai1a agast(y)a-muniya khvaIa svayava
ajia dayakala. srIsanatkumara uvaca. bho agast(y)a-muni. dha[!]nya 2 dhaya chalapola dhaka!
thathina amrtasamana kha Ianegu Ika yanava bijyata. thathina trIlokabhubanaya adhipati srtmaha
debaya caritra kha gulita hlaya tara chana yakacit(t)a yakamana yanava Iao dhaka! sanatkumara
na! agast(y)a-muniya khvala svayava ajia dayakala!.
End: . . . . . (sa)mudrapara tare yayata mebatana! ma jiva. kebala punyana jaka! para tare julva.
thotena! srt-3-svasthanlparamesvaraya japa dhyana t[Iotra . . . hana jaka tare julva. thotena sa!
ptrla bartaya sina maha-ut(t)a(ma)gu sakala debatana ptjamanya yani tavahma thathinahma Isvara
binana . . . narada-munisvarava saunakadi risvaraya h(ny)avane ajia dayakasye bijyata. thote sau
nakadi risvarana narada-muniya . . . va narada-munisvarayata ptjamane yanio caranakamalasa
bhoka puyiva sakala sabhaloka thava 2 asramasa Ilha vana.
Title on the cover leaf (font) : atha srI-3-svasthaniparamesva(rt)vrat[t]akathi . . . Marginal title:
Colophon: iti srI. . . pural)e naradasaunakadisrvade srIsvasthanlparamesvarlkatha sa(!)purla
samapta. sa(m)bat 1993 sala sraval)asudi nami1 soma(bara) tho khunu siddhayaka dina jula. subham.
1 For navaml.
Hs. or. 690.
Two types of paper, one Nepalese, the other (beginning, end and fol. 77) non-Nepalese. Fois. 156,
numbered 1, 1-155. Some fols. damaged, sometimes with loss of text. 22,2 x 13,2 cm. 18 x 8,5 cm.
9-12 lines. Devanagart. Nevir!. Undated. Written by several hands.
Nr. 29-30
Beg.: oIll nama! srlgaI)esaya nama!) I srlsaradayai nama! I OIll nama(! srl-svasthaIlparamesvari
nama! I prathamasaIll srlsvasthanlparamesvariya dharmabra[r]ta jone. [y]ekacit(t)a yanava . . . thva
te svasthinlbrataya a julo I srlmaigalayai nama! I srlkumara uvaca I bho agast(y)a-munlsvara
dhakaIl snkumarana ajia dayakalaIll. hnapaya kalasa thva sansarasa jalamaya juyava coia belasa
thvanaIll Ii adiprathamasaIll sU[Ill]nya juyava coia belasa thva laaya duvanesa snmahibiIu joga
maya yake sayena juyava bijyaka. thvahma lsvara mihibiI)uya nabhlna sahasrakamala utpat(t)i
juyava coia. thvaguli padmasa sn-caturmua-brahma bijyaiava palesvanaya munlsa pheka tuiava
coia belasa thvanaIll Ii snbrahmina julasaIll jagatsaIllsara srti yiyeta dhyana yase bijyaka. [thva
hmaIll lsvarana mahabiIuya nabhina sahasrakamala utpat(t)i juyava coia. thvaguli padmasa srl
catur[a]mua-brahma bijyaiava palesvanaya munlsa pheka tuiava coia belasa thvanaIlIi srlbrahma-
8I)a juiasaIll jagatasaIllsara sr!i yayeta dhyana yase bijyataIll. ]
End: thva sn-3-svasthinlkathasa gathe gvamayaju candravati i( d)dhira jula. athye u( d)dhira
jUlva dhakaIll. saIlla daye mumala. gathe catu(r)masasa sita naIll ridhika naIll tulasi piiava manora
tha pura jula athe thyeIll IhalokasaIll mihasui juyava a(n)takalasa snkailasabhubanasa tava padabi
laiava cone dalva. thvaguli khaIll gulito dhiya. thva saIllsarasa hiilanaIll srl-3-svasthinlparamesvara
bihikanaIl meba devata davagu ma u. tavadhiila julaIll. snmahideba srlnarayana sakti madhe
tavadhii a srl-3-mayasoriplhmaIll. thvatenaIll bahikana sunaIll ma du dhakaIll srlbrahmanaIll ajia
dayakagu srlmaghamihitama srl-aga!(y)a kumaraya hnavane ajia daseIll bijyataIll. suta[na]naIll
saunakadi munlya hnavane kanava bijyataIll.
Colophon: 1ti srlmaghamihatame kedaraaI!lde brahmana ajM dayakalaIll. kartikakumara-aga
!(y)akumarasaI!l[m]vade srl-3-svasthanlparamesvarikathi samapta II subh[m]aIll [I] [m]astu (I] sarv
[v]ada I si(d)dhir astu I yadrS!aIll pustakaIll [drsta] tadrstaIll leitaIll mama. yaH su(d)dho (m]asu(d)
dha va mama doo na diyate II subh(m]a(m) II
3 Hs. or. 423.
Paper. Fols. 201, numbered. 31,3 x 9,7 cm. 26 x 5,5 cm. 6 lines. Nepalikara. Nevarl. Dated N.
E. 954. Written by Vajracarya Ralananda Gubhiju of Saikhu (Sakodesa), DhvaIllla!ola. Donor:
BhijuvIra Bhiro of Saikhu, Silakha!ola.
Beg.: OIll nama!) srigaIapataye nama!. srlsarasvatyai nama!. OIll nama!) sivaya nama!. adipratha
masaIll srlsvasthiniparamesvara dhakaIl hlaya. hnasakanasa oIllkara cosyaIll sthipana yaya. thva
naIll Ii gaIllgajalana snana yitake. snkhanda raktacandana siIlldura nana sugaIlldha svina jajamaka
dhipa dlpa naibyadya phala phila pakvana kastira tambila dakaIa bastra idi anega samagn
milako thama phayathya tala latakio srl-3-svasthaniparamesvarl pija yaya. phako stotra padape.
phakva japa dhyana yaya. thvate pija dhunakao bikhana arambha yaya. thana dharmabrata dane.
jUkosyana mahasuci juyao sn-Isvarayake mana tayio bhaktisraddhina saIllyukta yinao dako indriya
ciiao ekacitta yanao srlsvasthiniparamesvariya kathi iene. thana bakhana ieneyata brahmaI)a nl
pija yaya. sraddhi duthya dakaIa biya phatasa bastrana hilake. ma phatasa sraddha duthya yaya.
thvate dhunakao brahmaIaya bikyana bakhana iene.
End: akalamrtyu nasa juyio. thvaguli uttama pabitra[ya] kathiya phala gulita hlaya. athiha akaya
juyao cona thao manana chu baIlcha yata oguli baIllchi pirI)a juyio. asvamedhajajia dolachi.
bajapeyajajia satachi. kapilasa dolachi. ka[Il]nyadana dolachi. thvate punya thva dharma danahma-
Nr. 3031
na layio. prupcamahapataka brahmahatyadipapa nasa juyio. punarjanma mumala. snsvasthantpara
mesvaraya dharmabrataya prabhabana nabaraja brihmal)a gomayaju cal)ldrabatt thvate thvapanista
u(d)dhara juothyrup juyio. ihalokasa sukha paralokasa kailasapuri basa Jayio. srlsvasthantparames
varaya dharmabrata japa dhyana stotra patha dako dharmabrataya mUla dharmabrata thvaguli dhar
mabrata maha-uttama dhakrup srlnaradadi sapta-ntsvarapanisyana ajna dayakala. thvate srlsvastha
nt-paramesvara kalyal)asvaripa snjagadtsvara mahadebaya dharmabratakatha jula.
Title on front leaf: snsvasthanibratakatha. Marginal title: snsvao (left hand) and sthanio (right
Colophon: iti srisiva[l)l]parvatlsallvade liI)lgapurale nanasastrasallgrahe naradadisapta-ribhai
tasnsvasthantvratakatha samapta[l)lj. bhagnaprlhakaligrlva adhadrlir adhomukha! // kalena Ii
khital)l grallthal)l. yatnena pratipalaya! // 1 // yatMdrslam tatM likhital)l. lekhako nasti doal)al)l.
yadi suddham asuddhal)l va mama doo na dtyate // 1 // subha(m). sambat 954 miti baisak(h)abadi
amabasya-saniscarabara thva unuya dinasa thva saphU sal)lpirna yana coya si( d)dhayaka. lekhaka
sakodesa dhval)llalola mUlacheya srlbajracary[y]a raiananda gubhajuna sakodesa salakhalolaya bha
jubtrabharoyata thva saphi coya biya jula. subhru. thva saphuli sunanal)l lobha yaya ma du. bhi
nakal)l bicara-nidana yanao taya mala. dharmakatha prakasa yaya mrua jula. etatpul)yanubhabena
yajamanasya janadhanasal)ltanavrddhir astu. ihaloka sukhasal)lpatti(l) paraloka kaiiasavasa(l)l)
31 Hs. or. 4368.
Paper. Wooden covers. Fois. 202. First and last fol. unpaginated. 27,4 x 13 cm. 21,3 x 1O,2cm. 13
lines. Illustration on the back of the font leaf (Galesa). DevanagarL NevarL Printed. Published by
Pt. Ttrtharaja Misropadhyaya of Bagmati-Pulapari, Kanedevata ka than, and printed by the Pasupa
ta Chapakhana of Pt. Naradeva Motikrla Sarma, Nepal, ca. 1912 A. D.
Svasthinl( vratakathi}.
Beg.: sngalesaya nama!. narayanal)l namaskrtya . . . yasya prasadad vak(y)amt narayal)akatham
imam // 1 // srlgal)esaya nama!. snsvasthaniparamesvary[y]o nama!. snkumarana agya dayakya
tyana hnapa snsvasthaniparamesvaraya bidhana hJata prathamasrup lusi dhyanakava snana yanava
suci bastranrup tiyava ekabhakta yanava pauasuklaya pUfl)emasikhunu nisya(l)l) snmahadebagau
r1sal)lkara pija yanava katha nyane maghasuklaya purl)emasikhuhnu barta yanava sruppurla yaya.
prathamasal)l srlsvasthaniparamesvara dal)Qavat pral)ama yaya. hnasakal)lsa ol)lkara cosya thvana Ii
(ga)ngajalanall snana yacake srtkhalQa raktacandana sindura aketa jaj(a)l)lka nana sugandha sva
na dhupa naibedya phala phula pak[va]vana tamula bastra daksiQa aneka samagri dayakava pija
yaya. brata dane. bhaktinal)l sal)lyukta yanava pafca indd(ya) dnava bakha nyane. hnapa kalrup
taraya bakha ni hJae.
End: bho brihmala dhakal)l thva belasa ji putrayata srlhariharanal)l dhala. bho brahmal)a dha
kal)l ava cha ravanyadesa hunt dhakal)l. thva desaya raja cha jula dhakal)l. jina julasa klstyake du
binava conya. thva byaiasa thva desasal)l vayo dhakal)l jina chanata rajaya abisyakha biya dhakal)l
ajna dayakava srtharihara antar[a]dhyana juyava bijyata. bho candrabatL thvatya bart(t)a-kha cha
nata kane dhuna. thvana It ji julasa thava manasa ati haramana yanava chana bhalata nabarajayata
saguna biya. gathya biya dhalasa. cya pata acitamadht lava hlanava biya. cetasvana adina biya.
thvaya modesal)l ji hlata tayava asirbada biyava bho putra nabaraja chana manor(a)tha kimana
Nr. 31-32
tatkarana ptrIa juya mala dhakaQ. bho putra. ava chana srlhariharaya ajda thyeQ ravanyadesa huni
dhakaQ asirbada biyava bida biyava choya. bho bhalica. thva byalasa srlsvasthiiniparamesvaraya
dharmabrataya punyaya prabhiibana dhaya theQ thva ravanyadesaya raja jula. bho candrabati.
hanaQ thva sapta-risvaraya upadesana hanaQ srihariharaya dayana srlsvasthiiniparamesvaraya
krpana ji kae nabaraja ravanyadesaya adhipati jula . . . dhakaQ agniya bhaya jalaya bhaya khusiya
bhaya rijaya bhaya satruya bhaya kudhaya bhaya kutaya bhaya apacalabhaya tridoaya bhaya
thvatya bhaya nasa juyava vaniva. hanaQ svarga vane bidchii yatasa svargabasa juiva. gvahmana stri
baichii yatasa thvahmayata ratisamanahma stri layuva . . . hanaQ gvahma manukhena thvahma
srlsvasthaniparamesvarayagu thuguli dharmabrata daniva thvahma manukheyata niscayana nabaraja
brahmaIa gomayaju candrabat thvapanita uddhiira juyava vana theQ uddhara juyava vaniva.
hanaQ ihalokasa mahiisukha siyava antakalasa kailas(a)parbatasa basa layuva dhakaQ. hanaQ gulita
kha hlae thva sansarasa hamiva samudra thva samudra tare yayata srlsvasthiiniparamesvarayata japa
dhyana totra patha bihikana meba debatana tare yaya jiva ra khu dhakaQ thvatya samasta brataya
sina thuguli dbarmabrata mahii uttama juyava cona. hanaQ thva dharmabrata sunana gohmana
paicapithiba ta datava yakacitta yanava yaiva. thvahma manukheyata thogu hnevane hlanava taka
phala laiva. hanaQ tho kathiiha kanahmaya asvamedhajajda yanaya phala liiyuva dhakaQ puraptrb
akalasa srimahiidebana srlpar[a]batiyata kanava bijyikagu kha thva kha srlparbatina srlkumarayata
kanava bijyata. thvana Ii srlkumarana agastya-munisvarayata kanava bijyata. thva kha naimisaran
yabanasa sutana saunakadi cayacyadola ripanta kanava bijyata.
Colophon: iti srlskandapuraIe maghamahatme kedarakhaI)qe kumara-agastyasamvade srisvasthii
niparamesvary[y]a(l)) katha catvariQso 'dhyaya(l) samapta[Q](h). subh(a)m. upanayatu mangalaQ
val . . . karomi yadyat sakalaQ parasmai narayaIayeti1 samarpa[r]ya tat. iti samaptam.
Title on front fol. : (atha) srlsvasthiini (prarambhal)) , on last fol. : (iti) srisvasthiini (samaptam).
The last fol. but one also contains a dedication (samarpara), in Nepali called gorkhilibotl, by the
editor and publisher, Pt. Tirtharaja Misra, saying that he got printing permission from the Gorkha
bhaaprakiini Samiti Office which later, in the 1930's, chauged its name to Nepali Bhiiaprakiini
1 For niriyatil.
32 Hs. or. 6223.
Paper. 337 paginated fols. and 1 unnumbered front leaf. 33,4 x 14,8 cm. 26,5 x 8,5 cm. 9 lines. On
the back of the unnumbered front leaf, between bold letters, an illustration in colour of the Goddess
Svasthani, on the back of fol. 337 a crude drawing in black and red. Devanagarl. NevarL Dated N. E.
990. Written by Gaurlsarikara Batasa of Tavacapalatola, Bhaktapur. Donors: SimanasiQ(ha) Citra
karl, Haravira Citrakarl and Sivalala Citrakarl.
Beg. : OQ gaIesaya nama. srlsvasthiimparamesvaraya nama. OQ nama vagisvaraye I srgaI)esaya
nama(l)). srlsvasthaniparamesvaraya nama(l). guruQ galapati(Q) du(r)gabarukaQ sivam ucyate I
brahmala girija(Q) lakml(Q) vanlveda vibhutayat narayana(Q) I}ama(s)krtya naraQ caiva narot
(ta)ma(Q) debi(Q) sarasvatis caiva tato jayam udirayat II 1 II prathamasaQ srlsvasthiiniparamesvara
dhakaQ nama kayava hnasaka(na)sa oQkarana coyava kalasa sthapana yaya. gaQgajalana snana
Nr. 32-33
yacake. Srikhaa raktacaI)lda(na) nana sU[I)llgaI)ldha svana jajamaka . . . sra(d)dha dava the yaya.
thvate dhunakava brahmalaya ajdana bakha nene. hnapaI)l svargaya kha ni hlaya I skaI)lda uvaca I
he aga!(y)a-muni. yakacit(t)a yanava nena dhakaI)l. kumaral1a ajM dayakalaI)l. he agat(y)a-,khi
svara. prathamasaI)l thva saI)lsarasa jalamaya juyava cona. thanaI)l li adiprathamasa sunya juyava
cOl1a. thva belasa lakhaya duvane srlmahabil1u jogamayayake sayana juyakava bijyaka. thvaya
nabhisa sahas(r)adala kamala utpat(t)i juyava cona. thvaguli padmasa srlbrahma bljyaka. thvanaI)l li
srlbrahmana julasiI) jagatasaI)lsaraya s,ti yayata dhyana yanava bijyataI)
End: gvahmaI)l manuyana thvahmaI)l srlsvasthi nlparamesvaraya thvaguli dharm[mlabrata diniva
thva vahmaI)l manuyayata niscayal1aI)l nabaraja brahmala gvamayaju ca(n)dravatl brahmanl ud
dhara juva. thva uddhira juyava lhalokasa mahisukhi juyava a(I)l)takalasa kaiJasapuri bisa lalva.
yakacitta juko yaya mala. gulito hlaya. thva saI)sara hinanaI)l samudra thva samudra para yayata Srl-
3-svasthinlparamesvara bahikana meba ma duo brahmana bilu rudra thvas(a)polaya japa dh(y)ana
stotra patha bihikana mebatanaI)l taraye ma juva. thvate samasta brataya sil1aI) thvaguli dharm
[mlabrata mahapulye dhakaI)l srlbrahmaya ajda naradamuniya ajda srlsvasthanlparamesvaraya ka
thi narada-munlsvarana dayakava talaI)l.
Colophon: iti srlmaghamahitme srlsvasthinlbart[tle brahmaya ajM srlnarada-munl(ya) ajda gva
mayaju ca(n)drabatl nabaraja uddhirakatha caturthasaptadaso 'dhyiya(! 11 74 II svadatti(I)l) vi
para[I)lldatti(I)l) vi yo hala[I)ltlti vasudhara(I)l) khatibarkhasahasrini vlt(h)ayiI)l jiyate k,ml(!) II
1 II yid,taI)l putaka(I)l) [drtil tidita(I)l) likhitaI)l maya. yadi suddhaI)l va [mlasuddhaI)l va mama
doa na diyate II 2 II padakara(I)l) padabhrataI) svaravyaI)ljalavarjitaI)l tatsarva(I)l) kam[mJ(y)at
(t)a(I)l) devl prasida paramesvarl II 3 II srl-3-l1epalasa[I)llmbat[tla 990 miti ma(rga)sirabadi 14 roja 3
sa si(d)dha yil1i dina julo. thva siphu dayakahri rlikocheyi siranasiI)l citrakari harabira citra
kari sibalila citrakiri thva svahma[I)llsenaI)l dayakali julo. thva siphu covahma ta(va)capila fita
cheyi gaurisaI)lk[hjara batasana coyagu julo. thva siphu khuyi yanaa paI)lca mahipitaka !i I.
sarasvati rima lachlmana
rama rama rama rama.
Marginal title: srlsvao.
1 For lakmafa.
33 Us. or. 613.
Paper. Fols. 136, numbered. 23 x 8,9 em. 19 x 4,5 cm. Nepalikara. Nevari. Dated N. E. 1004.
Beg. : OI)l nama!) srigurugaleSaye nama!) . hnapaI)l poye-puhnisi-kuhnuI)l1 brata jonake bidhi misa
taye luyalusl dhenakio snal1a yitikio suci bastrana tiyio upasana conao brata jonake la chi bakhana
hlaya mala. gurudebatayi bhajani yiya. thanaI)l ll bakhana hliye. idiprathamasaI)l jakaprajipatiyi
hmyacapani hraI)l 120 dasyaI)l cona I 1 I chahnuya dinasa svarg[gJal1a debalokapani sahuti-samadha
ra dayakase bijyata. thva belasa debalokala thithlI)l ajda dayakasya bijyika khao khe dhakaI)l jhiji
debaloka thiI)l juyio coniyi jhiji suyiI)l kalita ra du nL io gathe yiya mila dhakaI)l debalokapal1l
sihuti yinio bijyika. jhijita ihipile sunil1a yatakio. thaota thamanaIl yaye nuyo dhakaI)l. io jhijita
bahala juyao cona ja(ka)prajipatiyi hmyicapani adikaI)l dayao cona du dhayakala choya nuyo
dhakaI)l samahira dhunakio nirud[rla2-riiyake ijdi dayakalaI)l. bho lirada. chalapola jakapra
japatiyake Ole mila dhakaI)l. chila dhilasi. oyike ka[I)llnyi adlka duo thva ka[I)llnyapani pita biya
Nr. 33-34
du la ma du la dhakal pita biya datasa debalokapanista phone dhakal1 binati yatakala ji chose hala
dhakal)1. thuH jya cha onao puta dayakao oya mala dhakal)1 chotal1. debalokaya ajM thel)1 narada
muni onao jakaprajapatiyake ajM dayakalal)1 II 2 II
End: dulisa svaka thanao yanal) I 104 I thana rajaghalasa thenakala yanal. thana rajaghalasa
thenao atisul)1dari juyao conao bhilatona mamahmanal)1 hma ma siyao chaguli thasa yanao bonao
thva bhalihma yake sasamamahmana bhalato sohma maca cona hneoya kha nenal) I 105 I thana
bhalihmana hneoya kha-bistanta3 du(1 )kha sukhaya kha cha khal) nisel)1 kanao halal). samastal)1
cila lanao gvamayajuna ji bhali khao dhakal)1 bonao rayaghalasa4 sukhana tayao talal) I 106 I
thanal)1 H gvamayaju onao raja rajaka[I)nya nal)1dini pehma macana 0 ketraya dhani juyao bara
patil)1 srl-3-svasthiniparameSvariya bhakta5 yanao sal)1sara-prthibisal dhal)1ne prakasa yanao su
khana conal I 107 I thanal) Ii dharma calllapao thithil) yakamana yanao ulanao manaya sukha
yanao mahi anal)dana sukha yinao bijyanao prajapani sukha siyakao prajanal)1 paramananal)1
syabisi yatakal)1 daya-karula cayakao naoketraya naoraja raja juyao anal)dana sukha bhogya
yanao sukhana khelalapao pehmaya thlthi khvala soyao ananda yanao bijyatal) I 108 I
Colophon: iti srisvasthanivrata(l) samapta(m) I subham I subha(m). sal)1bat 1004 sala miti bhi
drababadi 14 roja br(ha)spatibiraunul) si(d)dhayaka jula. subhal).
1 For Skt. paa.
2 For ndrada.
3 For .brttanta.
4 For rljao
5 For bhakti.
3 Us. or. 622.
Paper. Fois. 26, folded thrice and stitched together at the upper edge; much damaged by water and
insects. 37 x 32 cm. 32,5 x 27,5 cm. 28-30 lines. Devanagarl; difficult to read. Nevarl. Undated.
Svasthinlvratkathi. Incomplete.
Beg. : . . . (Ia)hita jojalapava binatl yatal)1. bho svami srlmahadeba. jlna chalapolayata aradhana
yana. mebatana ma u. chana dhalasa. chalapola svami laye mala dhakal)1 bhajana yanyava conya. he
isvara. jl rakya yanyava bijyaya maIa dhakal1 nana mathana . . . yata. bho paramyasvara. hal)naja
binuyatal)1 kanyidana biyayata tayara yata. thote nimi[r)ttina . . . bho svami. jl u(d)dhara yanyava
biya mala dhakal)1 anega mathana bilapa yata. thva belasa srlmihidebana julasal)1 agya dayakalal)1.
bho parbati. chana babijunal) kanyidal}a ma biyekal) chanata jina stri dhakal)1 dhiya ma jiva nl
dhaka agya dayakava thvate parbatlna julasal) srlmahidebaya car(a)nasa bhoka puyava bilti ya
tal). bho isvara. jlna gathe yaya mala dhakal dhayava thvate parbatiya bhaa nenava srlma(ha)de
bana agya dayakala. bho parbat!. ji purua kaye julasa biSnu bijyanava upadesa bila . . . vaya upadesa
nyenava chana yava dhakal)1 agya dayakalal)1. thva belasa chana ji svami lalva dhakal)1 thvatena
bil}uya upadesa nyana dhakal)1 ajM dayakava srlmahidebana julasal)1 ananal) a[I))ntar[a)dhyana
juyava bijyata.
End: srlmahidebanal)1 julasal) parbatiyata thava mudesa tayava naldl bhil)1di pramathagana
bhUta preta pisaca bhi[a)majoranal) fyekiva sibasak(t)l juyava kailasaparbatasa bijyaka ju(la).
thvanal li hanal) gohma manuenal)1 julasal1 thuguli srlvasthanlparamesvaraya dharmabartakathi
neniva gohmasenal)1 hlatakiva gohmasenal) thamanal)1 hlatal)1 gohmasena kesa unu dayekava tala
thopanlsaya sadakalal)1 satru nasa juyava vanlva. paralokasa (kailasa)puri bisa julva. hanal)1 agniya
bhaye rajaya bhaye ul)1ya bhaye satruya bhaye bokasiya bhaye da[I)1)kiniya bhaye apacaraya bhaye
Nr. 3435
gobe(1a)saljl dalva ma u. hanaljl ihalokasa mahasua siyava paralokasa kailasa padabl laiva. hanaljl
mahiipat[ t]aka julasaljl bra[ ljI]hmahathyanaljl kenasaljl thva dako papa mukta juyava vanlva. dlbesa
rira juyava srlsvasthiinlparamesvarayake lina juyava vanlva. hana gathe srlparbatiualjl thuguli dhar
mabartaya prabhiibanaljl srlmahiideba purua lauava caturdasabhubanl juyava bijyatalj. atheljl
bhaktlsra(d)dhanaljl saljljukta yanava gohma manuenaljl thuguli dharmabarta dana vahma manu
eya julasaljl thugu padabl lalva niscayenaljl dhakaljl s[a]kaljldakumaranaljl julasaljl agasF-munlsva
rayata kanava bijyakagu a naimiaraljlnebanasa sutava saunak(iii) cayecyiiola ripanila kanava
Colophon: iti srls[a]kaljldapurane svasthiinlmahiitme kedaraallde svargaya kathii . . . [y]eka
viljlsO 'dhyayeha. skaljlda . . . thvanal li hanaljl kar(t)tlka-kumaranaljl agast(y)a-munlsvaraya vala
svayava ajia daye(kalaljl).
1 For agasta,
35 Hs. or. 639.
Paper. Wooden book-covers. Fois. 197, the first and the last few fols. somewhat damaged. 27,5 x
12,7 cm. 21,8 x 9 cm. 9 lines. DevanagarL Nevarl. Dated N. E. 942, Vikr. E. 1878, Saka E. 1743.
Written by Joganarasiljlha, son of Jayanarasiljlha of Kathmandu.
Svasthinlvratakathi. c
Beg.: srlgaIesaya uama(i) II srlgurubhyo nama(i)) II Ol nama(i) sivaya II su(d)dhasphalikasaljl
kasaljl trinetradhyanarupinaljl II devadevo mahiideva sarvajno caljldrasearaljl II 1 II prathamasa Srl
svasthiinaparamesvara dhakaljl hlaya hnas( a)kanasa valjlkara cosyaljl sthapana yaya. thonaljl li galjl
gajalana snana yatake. srlaljlda raktacaljldana siljldura nana sugaljldha svana jajamaka dhupa dipa
naibedya phala mula pak[u]vana kastura tallbu!a dachina ba(s)tra iii anega samagri malako tha
maljl phayathe tala Hitakava srl-3-svasthinaparamesvara pija yaya. phako stotra polape. phako
dhyana yaya. thathe pija dhunakava biana araljlbha yaya. thana dharmabrata dane jukosena
mahiisuci juyava lsvarayake mana tayava bhakti sada[ljI]naljl saljljukta yanava dako iljldri(ya) cinava
srl-3-svasthiinaparamesvaraya kathii nene. thana biana neneyata brahmana nl pija yaya. sraddhii
duthe dachina blya. phatasa ba(s)tranaljl hilake. ma phatasa sraddhii duthe yaya. thothe dhunakava
brahmanabikyena baana nene.
End: thohma srl-3-svasthiinaparamesvaraya japa dhyana stotra palha bihika mebatanaljl taraya
ma juva. thotenaljl samasta brataya sinaljl thoguli dharmabrata mahii u(t)tama debayanaljl deba
mahadeba dhakaljl tho bratayanaljl brata jusya bijyakahma. hanaljl gathya srlparbatina thvaguli
brataya prabhiibanaljl srlmahideba purua lanava catu(r)dasa bhubanaya rani julo. athyaljl bhaktina
saljljukta juyava nabaraja gomayaju caljldrabatipani thopanista sua-saljlpada laka thyaljl lalva julo.
gohma manuyanall thoguli dharmabrata daniva thohmayata thote pad(a)vi lalva julo. srl-3-brataraja
dhakaljl naraca-munlsvaranaljl ajia . . .
Colophon: iii srllilpgapuranadinanasastrasalgrahe naraca-munisvarabhiiitaljl srlsrlsrl(svasthii
nl)dharmavratakathii[hii] saljlpurIa . . II yiirsall pustakall drla tiirsaljl liitaljl maya. yadi suddho
asuddha va mama doo na diyate. jayanarasi(ljI)ya saphu julo. bagmati biIumati . . kantipuranagare
rajadhiini svanagaravasi jana jayanarasilphasya putra joganarasiljlha namnena liit[t]am pustakaljl.
subhaljl bhiyat. svasti. srlsa[ljI]mbat 1878 sala miti pauasudi 13 roja 7 sake 1743 nepalisa[ljI]mbat
942 sa coya jula.
Nr. 36
36 Hs. or. 644.
Paper. Fols. 104, numbered. 32,3 x 14,2 cm. 26,5 x 9,5 cm. 11-13 lines. An ornamental painting
on white paper has been pasted on the front of fol. 1. NepaUikara. Nevan. Dated N. E. 951. Written
by Daivajia Tejanarayala.
Svasthi nlvratakathi.
Beg.: sngalesaya namaiJ II srlgurave namai II 01 namaiJ sivaya II 01 namaiJ srlsvasthalyai II gu
ru(l]1) galapati(l]1) durg[g]abatuka(l]1) sival]1 acyutal II brahmalJal] girija(l]1) lakml(l]1) valJa' val]1-
de vibhitaya II prathamasal]1 srl-3-svasthanaparamesvara dhakal]1 hlaya. hnasakanasa ol]1kira co
syal sthapana yaya. thvanal]1 li gal]1gajalana snana yacake. srlkhalJQa raktacandana sil]1dura nana
suga[l]]ndha svana jajamaka dhipa dipa naibedya phala phila pakvana kastira tambira bastra
dakina adinal anega samagrl malako thamana phayathe tala latakao srl-3-svasthanaparamesvara
pija yaya. phako japa dhyana yaya. stotra yaya. thvate pija dhunakao biikhana ala(m)bha yaya.
thana dharm[mJa dane jukvasena mahasuci juyao srl-lsvarayake mana tayao bhakti-sra(d)dhana
sal]1yu[rJkta yanao dako indriya cinao ekaci[r]tta yanao sn-3-paramesva(ra)ya katha neneyata brah
mala nl pija yaya. sra( d)dha duthe daila biya phatasa bastrana hilake. ra phatasa sraddha duthe
yaya. thvate dhunakao brahmalaya bikyena bikhana nene. adiya kha kilantara juyao cona belasa
srl-3-mahabilJu jalasa sayana juyao bijyata.
End: thvate samastal]1 snnarada-munisena ajia dayaka gohma manuenal]1 thuguJi sn-3-svasthani
paramesvanya maha u[r]ttama dharm[m]abrata mahapabitra juyao bha[r]kti-sraddhana sal]1yu[r]kta
juyao ekaci[r]ttana lsvarayake mana tayao gohmasyanal thvaguli dharm[m]a danio. athaba bikhana
hlatakio gohmasenal]1 nenio athabi gohmasenal thva katha chesa dayakiio tayio. gohmasenal]1
hlayio thvapani chesa daridradebatana du svaya ra duo hanol]1 nabagrahadidebata sadil]1 prasa[r]n
na juyuo. hanol]1 sadikilal]1 srllakmlna basa yinao conio. hanol]1 thva sal]1sarasa anega roga dayao
conasil]1 thva roganal]1 thvahmayike thiya phayio ra khu. hanol]1 banajantu dhu adiyike nal]1 bhaya
dayuo ra khu. hanol]1 bhita plsaca preta dakinyadi thvapanisenal]1 duiJkha biya phayio ra khu.
hanol]1 agnibhaya lakhaya bhaya khuya bhaya satrubhaya nisa juyio. hanol]1 ikilamrtyu2 nasa
juyuo. gohma 2 manuyena guguli bil]1cha yata ugu 2 li pirlJ[l]a juyuo. hanol]1 sa(n)tina yako dayuo
gulito dhaya. thao manana chu bil]1cha yita uguli pifl[ lJ]a juyuo niscaya. hanol1 pafcamahapitaka
brahmahathyadipapal1 nasa juyuo. hanol]1 puna(r)janma mumala. srl-3-svasthanlparamesvaraya
dharm[m]abratayi prabhabana nabarija brahmala gomayaju candrabati uddhara juo thyal]1 juyio.
ihalokasa saukhya paralokasa kailisapurisa bisa juyio. srl-3-svasthanlparamesvarayi dharm[m]a
japa dhyina stotra patha binana taraya juo. thvate dakva brataya milagu dharm[m]abratakatha
samapta II
Colophon: iti sriil1gapurilidininasistrasal]1graha niradabhaital]1 srl-3-svasthanlparamesvaraya
dharm[m]avratakatha sal]1pifl[lJ]a samapta[l1] II sambat 951 sala miti paukhasukla 12 bhara
lJlnakatra siddhiyoga adityabira mearasi. thva kuhnu coya siC d)dhayaka dina juro. liital]1 daivajia
tejanarayala. yadi suddhal]1 va [m]asuddhaI3 va mama doo na diyate. subham astu.
1 For vinlm.
2 For akla'o,
3 Cf. r (Nev.) suddhar (Skr.).
Nr. 37-38
37 Hs. or. 608.
Paper. Fols. 54, unnumbered 1-9, 11-55, fol. 10 missing. 28,9 x 8,7 cm. 23,5 x 6 cm. 7 lines.
Nepalakara. Nevan. Undated.
Sukaaptati. Incomplete.
Beg: OI!1 nama!) sngaJesaya nama!) II praJamya saradidevII!1 divyavijianasirinl(l) vacmi cetovi
nodarthal!1 sudhiral klrasaptate!) II yathi II hnapal!1 saradadebl namaskara. gathil!1 sarada. sama
stal!1 bidyasastrana sal!1jukta juyava conahmal!1. namaskrtya yanava jena hlaya apirb[b ]ayi kha
dhakal1 hnasanepu khal!1 sukasarikaya hlaral!1 11 yathi II candakara dhiya nama nagara chagula
dasyal! cona. thva desasa bikramasena nama raja dasyal!1 cona. mantrl harida[r]tta nama. thvaya strl
srl!1galasundarl. thvaya kaya madana nama dhakal. thvagura desaya svamadattaya hmyaca mada
nayata bisyal taral!1 prabhibatl nama. thvapani stnpurua atl sne[na]he yana conava mama-babuya
bacana ra nese cona. thva prabhibatiyake tu lu[r]ddha1 juyava tu conava babu haridattana cintaka
chapam vane bhlna nayo dhakal!1 hma[l!1]tI(l!1) laka 3 sahi thvatl rasa blyava babuna dhilal!1. bho
putra. chapanlsena dja amulya bastu hayake mala dhakal dhiva julo. thvate babuya bacana nenava
babu namaskara yanava ajia kayava banaja viatval!1 julo.
End: jena thvava napal!1 sal!1bhoga yaya dhakal!1 jana chabma[l!1]yata pheyava tathi lakama
biyava dhayakala cholal!1. thana jana vanava lakama htiavane tayava dhilal!1. bho sundarl. thanlya
ritnsa raja bijyaYlva julo dhakal!1 dhiyava lih; vanml. dhaya thyal!1 ratnbelasa thva baniyaya
karatayake raja vana julo. thva belasa thva banlyaya chesa suka-salika lahise taya dava. thana
salikana s[I]loka polapalal!1: lava[l!1]nyasundarl kanta urv[v]asl jadi ripinl I paradarakrtabhoga
samudhanarakal! vrajet II atyanta kamiJ)I julasano lava[l]nya tha jula. sundarlna ju[ra]lasa urb[b]a
Sl thil!1na jurasanol!1 parastnva napal!1 gvahma[l!1]na karj[j]a yata ohmal!
purua nar(a)k[k]a vanlva
dhakal!1 dhiya tayava s[i]lokaya artha raj ana thuyava paralokaya bhayana raja Iihi bijyatal. he
prabhibatl. thathyel!1 juya phava pa[l!1]kijataya kha dhakal!1 kutala ra dayake ra teva. chana vane '
juko khi. lajya juyu bhaya mumala la dhakal!1 dhiya nenava prabhibatl nidra julal!1 11 22 11
Colophon: iti sukasaptatau teyIsa-kathisal!1graha(!)). puna . . .
A Nevarl prose rendering of the Sanskrit work Sukasaptati containing tales Nos. 1 to 22. A manu
script of a Nevarl version of the Sukasaptati dated N. E. 866 has been edited by Prem Bahidur Kasa,
Suka Bahattarl (ViUhattuyi hnayanipu bi khal.
1 For lubdha.
38 Hs. or. 6397.
Paper. Fols. 47, numbered. 31,8 x 9,6. 27 x 6 cm. 7 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit verse with
paraphrase in Nevarl prose. Dated N. E. 901. Written by Tuisil!1.
Beg. (1 back): 01 nama!) sarv[v]ajnaya I tal!1tra[k]yanakathi srethabuddhipadmaprabodhina I
idityadl(p)tim eval!1 tani dhisyami yatnata!) II ta[l!1]ntra[k]yana dhaya khal!1 dhalalape mala. thva
buddhi hitalava padma hoyakava siry[y]asa kilana thel!1 thva khal!1 chu jatnanal!1 dhalalape mara II
1 11 lakatavyal!1 sada vakyal!1 vakyal bhavati nasanal!1 l hal!1sabhyal!1 glyamanasya1 kirm[m]asya
Nr. 3839
patanal)l yatha II sadakalal)l bacana lakalapal)l yane mala. belakala ma sosyal)l hlaya bacana nasa
juya phava. hal)lsa nehmasena kapale boyakal)l yale bacana hlatolena kapale taka dava II thvaya
upayana II gvachinal)l thayasa desaya samipasa pukhuli dayava cola. thva puulisa kapale basala
pal)l cola. chahnuya prasthanasa brahmabhubanana rajahal)lsa nehma thva puui1sa juta vava. thva
belasa kapalena rajahal)lsabrnda khalava lenal)l . che sakala genal)l jhaya dhakal thesa hal)sapani
sena dhalal)l. jepani jurasa brahmabhubananal)l vaya dhakal)l kalava kapalena dharal)l. brahma
bhubanaya bafl[l)la gathe lala dhakal)l dhalam. thva leliava hal)lsana dhalal)l.
End: akulasya mukhal)l pasya kulasya ca kathal)l bhavet I sloka palapa. tama calalava khvala
svaya gyalapu tama calatasyal)l amoya khvala gathe soya dhakal)l bibhakalapal)l raja ma yaka julo.
thathena bacanana yala satru jula dhakal)l thva satruo gathe sal)ldhi yaya dhakal)l dhiyava dur
b[bluddhi dhaya kokhana dhalal)l. ulil)l mocakeya upaya jena athell yaya dhakal)l. al)lgilapava thava
dehesa bibhacha yalava uli cola simasa polava va[l)lllava dhilal)l. bho chi. ulil)lsane che sakalasta
gunakhal)l hla(ya)ya nimittina je thava jati kokha dakosena bibhachalapal)l hali. ava che sakalasake
sarana vaya lakalape mala dhakal)l o[l)llla julo. thesa ulil)lpanisena khava bhalapa bisvasana du
bola tava julo. thvanal)l li thva kokhana ulil)l basalapal)l colia simasa ulinaya sosa mi coyava ulil)l
dakval)l mina dahalapal. mocaka tathava besya vala julo. thvatena pirb[blabiJodhi satruo mitrapa
nena olasanal)l bisvasa yaya ma teva II 44 II ratrae svasti dine svasti svasti madhedinasthite I svasti
bhiyat sadanityal)l svasti sarv[vlatra sarv[vlada II thva tal)ltrakhyana dhaya khal)l lelahmayal)l
hlakahmayal)l ratri julasa[l)llnal)l dina julasanal)l mal)lgala-kalyana juyiva. samasta lokayil)l kalyana
juyiva. sarb[bladikilal)l subha-mal)lgala jui julo II 45 II
Colophon: iti taltra[klyanakatha samapta II subha(l)l) II sal)lbat 901 maghasudi 12 brhaspatlku
hnu d(h)unaka dina. subham astu. sU(d)dham asu(d)dha(l)l) na diyate. rkhlta(l)l) tuisil)l. subha(l)l)
. . . sivaghana . . . sriganesaya nama . . . sarveu karjeu guruvig(h)navinasa[l)llnal)l. iti sngana snsa
[ salradidevi.
On fol. 1 front a short stotra addressed to Nariyala written by another hand. 6 lines beginning
with raga pra[raJtara. lsa prabhu niriyana tera and ending with lsi prabhu niriyana teri.
Like the Hitopadesa the Tantrikhyina, containing stories for the education of the people, was very
popular in the Kathmandu Valley.
1 For nlyaO,
2 For rltrau.
Us. or. 610.
Paper. Fois. 25, numbered. 26 x 8,3 cm. 23 x 5 cm. Nepalikara. Sanskrit verse and Nevarl prose.
Dated N. E. 807. Written by Manohara Sil)lha and Chattra Sil)lha.
Beg.: Ol)l nama! sarv[vlajnaya I tantri[kj$yal)akatha sristha[l)llbidhipadmaprabodhil)l I iditya
dhipate deva!) trani dhyasyami yatnata(! II tanta[klyala dhiya khal)l thva bodhi hataia padma
prakasa yaka siryaya kiral)a thYal)l thva sastral)l ya[rltnanal)l sene mara II 1 II lakatavyal)l sada
vakyal vakyall bhavati nasanal)l I hal)lsabhyal)l nlyamanasya kirmasya patanal) yathi II sadal)l
bacana rakyarapa te mala. belakala ma sosya hlaya ma teva. hal)lsa nihmasenal)l kapare boyaka
yare bacana hlatolyal)l kapare taka thyal)l taya phava II 1 II thvaya upa[kl(y)ana. gochino thiyasa
Nr. 39-0
pukarali chaguri dava. thva pukaralisa kapare basaraprup core svarg[g]ana rajahaIPsa nihmaI
juta vava. thyasa kaparepanisyaIP hrupsa kha[IP]nava kabutakal casyaIP haIPsayake ieia. che neh
maI gena vaya dhasyaIP ieia. haIPsana dharaIP. svarg[g]abhubanana vaya dhakaIP dhaya. kapare
na dharaIP. svarg[g]abhubana dhaya gathiIPgva haIPsana dharaIP.
End (on fol. 24): gvachinaIP desaya brahmana daridra juyava gukosa cho do rava taya dava. thva
cho sadaIP carana nava. cha kanasa thva brahmanana cho va svara vava. carana carana cho nayava
cO[IP]ia khat IP ]iava thva brihmanana parapa sroka cinava desa riha vayava raskurasa2 rajaya sabha-
8sa cone3 thayasa niralasa thva sroka cosyaIP tatha. thva brihmana che vanrup. Iithya raja mocake
dhakaIP mantrlna nauca-kakava boiava dharaIP. thva raja chana mocake mara. chanata rajeIP
dhanaIP blya dhakaIP dhayava nauna robha casyaIP da jena mocake somabarakuhnu rajaya gvaca
khayu. thva kuhnu mocake dhasya marakva samadhara yaiava somabarakuhnu rajaya gvaca khareIP
nauna syana thyaIP mantrlya bacana iene mara thyaIP aIPdarana khora cure rajaya khvara soso
yana. thva berasa raj ana khora cutorena mikha boranasyaIP brahmanana caya sroka kha[IP]iava
tecakaIP sroka boia. ghasasi ghasasi khvarrup. nauna gyanava thama saiava uraiava rajasyaIP sero
bharapava nauna thava dokha bharapaIP saIP chosa pheiava raja bhoka pvasyaI hlaraIP. je dukha
na' ma duo mantriya dokhana. mantrina je haia tava. raja je ranarisa khora penaka dava dhakaIP.
Colophon: iti [s]tantra(khyana)katha samapta. manohara siIPha chaya cha(t)trasiIPha nehma[IP]
syana coya si(d)dhayaka dina. srabanakrla 10 dasami idranakhetra surajoga siIPharasi svamabara
sambat 807 thva kuhnu saIPpirl[l)]a dina. subhaIP bhavatu. ayuy(dhir astu. sarv[v]ada kalyanam
astu. subhaIP bhavatu.
1 For kautuka.
: For rijakula.
3 For eDna.
4 For dokho,
Hs. 62.
2 texts: (1) Tantrakhyana and (2) SatakasaralokasaIPgraha. Paper. Fols. 47, stitched together in
book-form; much damaged by damp. 28,7 x 24,5 cm. 22 x 16,5 cm. 23-28 lines, written as in the
page ofa book. 3 figures, one in colour, the others drawn in black ink. Devanagarl. (1) Nevar,
(2) HindI. (1) Dated N. E. 984, Saka E. 1786, Vikr. E. 1921. (1) Written by Ratnadhara Rijopa
dhyaya of Bhaktapur; owned by Gaurldasa of Jachotola, Bhaktapur.
(1) Tantikhyina.
Beg. : srlgalesaya nama!) II tantra[k](y)anakatha srethabuddhipadmapra . . . (a)di(tya)dhi(pa)
tim eva . . . syami yatnata!) II 1 II thva taIPtra[k](y)ina . . bicara yaniva jnanilokana idityaya
kiral)ava uthiia thva kha . . jatna yaiava thva sastra dharalape mala II rakadarvya(IP)l
sada va
kya(IP) . . . (na)sanaIP I haIPsabhya(IP) nlyamanasya kurmasya patanaIP yatha II sadakalaIP ba(cana)
(r)aklape mala. belakala ra sosyaIP kha hlaiaya bacana nasa juya phava . . dhalasa. chaguIi
gramasamlpasa puuIi chagu dasya cona. thva puuIi . . . Ie basalapava coia. thvanrup I chahnuya
dinasa brahmabhubanana rajahaIPsa . . . puulisa juta valaIP. thva belasa kapalena thva rajahrupsa
nehma an'iva . . laIP. he rajahaIPsa. chiskala nehma ganana . . . dhala. thvate kapale . . iava
rajahaI)lsana dhalaIP. he kapale . . . ya dhakaIP dhilaIP. thvate . . . ya bhakha neiava kapalena
Nr. 4041
dhilar. . . . loka julva . . . dhilar. thvate kapaleya bhia neia . . kapale ji . . lokaya barnana hlaya
ra phaya. dola . . phu. jepanlsena gathe kane dhakar dhi(Ia) . . .
End: upaya yaya jena dhakar ar.gliapava thava dehesa bib hache yailiva sakala . . . apani mu
nakar clrar.jiba dhiya koa uluka conagu simasa sakala . . vaiava cirarjlba koana dhilam. he
uluka. jina loka sakalya(r) chesa . . . yata gUla-a hlaia nimi[r)ttina jl thava jati koa dako chiskala
. . . rala vaya ava chinar. rakalape mala dhakar. thvate koaya bhia neiava ulukapanlsena ava
bhilapava bisvasa yaiava boiava tava julo. thva(nar.) I cirarjlba koana sakala koana uluka
basalapar conagu siasa ulukaya sokasa mi tayiva uluka dako mlna dahalapar. mocakava sakala
koa bisye vava julo. thvatena purbabirodha satru valasanar mitra bhilapava valasanar bisvaya ra
teva dhakar. II ratrau svasti diva svasti svasti madhyidinasthiti II svasti bhuyat bhavet nityar. svasti
sarvatra sarvatai II thvanar. Ii tbva tartri[k )(y )ana ienahma hlakahmaya thva tate t )va dharalapar
kalyina juiva. ritnsar dinasa madhyihnasa thull yataniva sadasarbadi kalyana julva. juanl julva
dhakar dhayiva thva sastra dayakar. taya II
Colophon: iti sntar.tra[k)(y)inakathi catvarir.sati II 4 II yidr!ar [drtatvar. drsti)tidr!i Iii
tam maya I yadi su(d)dho [m)asu(d)dho va mama doo na dlyate II srIsake 1786 vikrama 1921 nepala
984 aaqhamase suklapake tithau 1 vare 2 ta( d)dine bhagatapa!ananagaravasina snratnadhara
rajopidhyayena idar pustakar bhagatapa!ananagaraiachotolavasinai) gaundasanamne Iiitar
da(t)tar. dlrghiyur astu. subhar. dlghiyur astu. subhar.
I For ralitavya(T) .
41 Ms. or. FoI. 600.
Paper. Bound in strong covers. Fois. 83. 29 x 7,5 cm. 27 x 5 cm. 5-7 lines. Nepalakara. Nevan.
Dated N. E. 921. Written by two scribes, namely Bhijudattamuni and Suvarl)amuni of Yarpivihira,
Beg.: or nama(i)) srIganyas[r)aya namai). namami maijusrIyam indusekharar I yadiyapidadvi
teyaprasidatai) vidantl rokatrina1 manasvinai) karasthitar nirm[m)alavaribinduvat II thva prthi
ma(n)da(1a)sa sahasra 2 rajapanisyar gonahma rajaya caranakamarasa seM yaii va coia. raja
cakrabart[t)i snbantai) bikramakesarl nama dasyar coia. gathir. raja. bibldha indranila malaketa
padmaraga baj(r)a baidu(r)[j)ya mukta ratna[sa)saharmu2 kuberaya sampat(t)i ther jasa[r)kl(rti)
indra tber bidyadha[bidyidha)rlpa(ni)syar. gUl)akirt[t)i-kha hlayuva. thva rajana aneka samanta
mantrl sahitana catu(r)diga(sa) samudrasima Pfth(v)iya lsvara juyava coia. paramarajyesukha bhuk
tarapa(r.) kala ha[r.)ia bijyaiava coia. thva rajaya sury[y)a udaya ra juvana hna snana yaya mara.
snana yayata larkha kala vaia belasa jogina bicitra bilvaphala chagola bisya hal[ana)r[na)(?).
raj ana nenar. sunanar. bila dhakar. dhiyava kintisl1a nama kapar[r)ikanarp bisya hala dhiyava
raja haramananar conar.. thva ratna janayake sisya talar. dinaprati bisya hayuva. chahnuya
kanasa janana bilaiasya rajaya rihitana ko tar.kiva khal)qa khalqa jula.
End: athe chana ni yana keo dhakar. chanayaka .svayao jena yaya ra khi dhakar dhio lithe
ki[r.]palikana bhoka puraiisyar. chalaporasyar oya sila chedalapio tira-betila siddhi kao. tha
the dhiyao betarana mrtakahma toratao ona. lithe rijana sika jonao ka[r)pallkayake onar.
ka[r.)parikana raja 00 khaiao anyakaprakaral)a puka3 dhupa [y)ityidinar mal)qarapuja yanao
Nr. 41-42
rajayake dhalal)l. he maharaja[na]. thva ma(Q)Qarasa chena daQQapraQama yao dhakal)l dhalal)l.
thva nenao rajana dhalal)l .bho ka[l)l]parika. da[I)l]QQapraQama yaya je ma saya. chena ni yii ao keo
dhakal)l dhalal)l. thva bacana QaQio kiparikan[am]al)l daQQapraQima yitanisyal)l rijina khaQgana
sila chedalapio deoyita barityidi bilal )l. thva belasa ikisana nina pukabrtta4 julal)l. debadul)ldu
bhibidyinlna5 jula. thva belasal)l tira-betira oyio dhilal)l . bho mahirija. che basasa jepani nehroall
jula gvo dhakal)l betirana dhilal)l. thathe siddhi siidhalapio mahi inandana birabikramiditya riji
thao rijya bijyinio samasta pith(v)lyi rijil)l jayalapio sukhana bijyitval)l julo. 25. iti
patcavil)lsativetira(l) sampifQ[ Q ]a[ 1)l](I) samipta(I .
Colophon: subham astu. subhal)l . sreyo 'stu. sa(m)bat 921 bhid(r)apadamisyasukrapakamisyil)l
tithau ut(ta)raphag[g]una ... ta(s)mi(n) dine pa[t]cisavetira sal)lpurQ[Q]a !lkhita[ll]m iti . subha(m).
lekhaka srlYal)lpivihilivasthital)l sribarhl)lacaryabhiku sunayasrl misra-sahaskirlta6 svaval)lsabrah
macary[y]abhiku dhanadat(t)amunL tasya putra mija(li)putra bhajudat(t)amuni catu(r)thaputra
suva(r)namunl etekasya(n) itL subha(m). mal)lgara(m). yathidrli tathi rikhital)l. lekhakasya do
kha Qisti. iyusukhavr( d)dhir astu. subhi subhal)l.
A Nevirl version of the Vetilapaiicavilati. To tales from this very manuscript have been
published and translated into German by H. J0rgensen, ZDMG LXV (1921), p.213-36: Ein
Beitrag zur Kenntnis des Nevirl .
1 For "tritayan:.
1 For "samuhana.
3 For ppa.
4 For PUfpabU!i.
5 For bddyadina.
6 For wsarkdrita.
Hs. or. 4341.
Paper. Book. Fois. 30, beginning leaves missing. 26 x 11,2 cm. 21,5 x 7 cm. 813 lines. Nepila
kara. NevarL Undated.
Vetilapaicavil'ati. Incomplete.
Beg.: ...thva madi vava tlyi purua byakta ma duo thva khasa betilana rijiyike nena. he maha
rijan. thvayi purua gvahmal)l chenal)l kene mila dhakal)l dhayiva rijanal)l dhila. bho betila nao.
priQa biv[v]ahmal)l thvayi purua ma u. babu thuki. drthasa asthi cuyakahma mirkha putrakir
y[y]a yikana thvahma putra thyal)l bhasma raki yikahmayi strl julal)l. thathya dhistunul)l rijiyi
bohoda todatal) sil)lsapibrkasa cona [v]vanal)l II iti dvitlya betila(l II atha lrtlya betila(l) II punar
api sil)lsapibrkasa cona mrtaka boholasa taYiv[v]a hanal)l [v]valal)l . punal)l betilana dhila. he
rijan. suka-sirikayi kha nenal)l bijyihunL gal)lgitllasa pilaliputra nama nagala da[v]va. 0 nagalasa
bikrama nima riji dasyal)l cona. oyi putra parikramakesarl nima. ohma samasta nltisistral)l sar[v]
va bhitabhabi[k](y)abart[t]amina si[v]va kilayi abhipriyal)l siv[v]a.
End: thvanal)l li milatl hastinl jula. ji hasti juyiva nipa linio oguQi janmasal)l va[l)l]na titha.
thvanal)l Ii oyi sokanal)l priQa toQati. thvanal)l li miratl cakrabikl jula. ji cakrabika juyiva napa
lina thva cakrabika janmasal)l vi[l)l]na tithiva hinval)l priQa toQati. thvanall li milatl minuya
strl juyiva janina kila. ji manuya janma juyiva milad mila juyi. nipa liya ma phayi Qi . gaQa ji
bhagyana nipa liyio khesa dhakiva thiyapratil)l thvayi brttinta[ra]-kha hlila juyi dhakal)l dhiyiva
Nr. 42-3
thvanail li maratina vata tayava sola onaii syaijl thva thava hilathu janmaya kha hlaka soyava mala
tInaijl lasa tayava thao che boIa hayiva kha Iiena. thvanaijl li thava a samastaijl IaIava thva thava
svami khao bhilapava aliijlgal)a yaii va kholaijl. thathya nihmasenail mahidu!kha yanava anyonya
naijl kholai. thvanaijl li khosya khosyaijl maratInaijl dhilaijl. ava tini ji thvaguQi bethinail tOQatala
dhakaij dhiyiva punarb[b]ira maratInaijl dhila. bho pralanatha. ji marati. ji svami chi. ava jinaijl
besyabrtti tOQate telo dhakaijl dhiyava sakalyail dhanaijl sakaleijl saijlpatti oyata biyava stnpurua
juyava sukhanaijl conaijl. lithyaijl gulichinaijl kalanaijl li maratI joIiva thava desa vanaijl. thanaijl li
rijinaijl siyiva thva gathiIa buddhibanta dhakail dhiyiva dhanya 2 dhakaijl dhiyava 0 ratna svagu
liijl biyava thavata mantrI yaIava sukhanail conaijl. thva khasa betalanaijl Ienaijl. he rajan. thva
malatInaijl hIava 2 janmaya thava svimi sio. thvaguli janmasa gathe thava purua ra sila dhakaijl
betalanaijl dhila. thva kha IaIava rajanaijl dhila. hIava 2 janmasa thava svami u bhilapava coIa.
thvaguli janmasa besya juyaya papanail ra rumana. thathya dhistunuijl betala thava thiyasaijl cona
Colophon: iti ekaviijlsat vetala(!) samapta(!). atha doviilsati vetala(!). punarb[b]ara . . .
A Nevan version of the Vetilapaficavimati comprising 18 stories, namely story No. 3 to story
No. 21.
43 Hs. or. 605.
Paper. Leather-covers. Fois. 118, numbered 1-54, 56-119; fol. 55 missing. 23,5 x 7,5 cm. 19 x 5
cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. NevarL Dated N. E. 801. Written by Vaijlsadeva.
Beg.: Oijl nama! sivaya II namami matjusriyam induSealaijl yadiyapidadvitayaprasadata! I vi
danti lokatritayaijl manasvinai kalasthitail nirm[m]alavaribinduvat II prthvlmal)Qalasa sahasra 2
rajapanisyaijl gvanahmaijl rajaya caranakamalasa sebalapail coijlgva. thathiijlgva raja cakravart[t]I
snbanta bikramakesarl nama raja dasyaijl cOijlgva. bibidha indranila marakata padmaraga bajra
baidury[y]a mukta ratnasamihana kuberaYi sampat(t)i theijl dayaka indra theijl sarb[b]aIgaijl sun
dara gonahma[ijl]ya bidyadhanpanlsyail gUl)akirt[t]ana-khail hlayuva. thva rajana aneka samartha
mantn sahitana caturd[ d]igasaijl samudrasima prthviya Isvara juyavo paramarajyasukha bhuktara
paijl kala haijlia bijyaka tvaijl julo. thva rajayataijl surya udaya ra juvala khaijl caya belasa laijlkha
bila vaIa janaya hastasa bicitra billophala chagoQa kintisila nama kapalikana bisyaijl halaijl. thva se
kha[m]Iava haramanana thava jana lava hlisyaijl talaijl. dinapratiil biyava hayuvo. chahnuya ka
I)asa ona bilaiasyail rajaya lihitana ko ta[ijl]Iava khalQa 2 julaijl.
End: lithe Qna bhoka pulaiava chana oya sila chedalapava tala-betila siddhi kava dhakail thathe
senail. thathe dhiyava betilana mrtakahmana tolatava vanaijl. lithe rajana sika jvaii va kapalikaya
ke vanaijl. thvanaijl li kapalikana aneka prakarana malQalapuja yaIava talaijl. thvanaijl li kapalika
na raja khaIava dhilaijl. he raja. dhanya 2 chao ava thva mal)Qalasa dalQapranama yava dhakaijl
dhilail. thva ieIava raj ana dhilail. bho kapalika. je ra saya. chana nl yal)ava keI[av]o dhakaijl
dhilail. thva ieiava kapalikana dal)Qapranama yataijl. thva belasa raj ana oya sila chedalapava
debayata bali bilaijl. thva belasa akasana pupalrti juiaI)l. debaduijldubhibidyidina julaijl. thva
belasa tala-betala vayava dhilail. he mahiraja. che basya jepanl nehmail jula go dhakaijl dhilail.
thathe siddhi lanava mahi anandana bikramiditya raja thava rajya bijyaIava samasta prthvlya rajaijl
jayalapava sukhana bijyaka tvaijl julo.
NT. 43-44
Colophon: it! palj1caviIllsati vetilai samiptai). bhavinl pntir astu. sambat 801 bhidrapadakrla
trayodasi maghanakatra siddhijoga budhabara thva kuhnu sal1purl}[l}la dina. Iiita srlvalj1sadeva.
subham astu sarv[vladi. rtunima rkhitalj1. phirg[gluna-caitra vasanta-rtu. vaisakha-j(y)e(s)tha gra
marltu!. ikhi<(h)a-srivana var[ilkhi-rtu. bhid(r)ava-as(v)ina sadararitu2. karttika-marg[glasil()a
hemanta-rtu. paukha-magha sisirarltu. itu rtunama.
1 For gr'mo.
2 For saradrt.
Hs. or. 6414.
Paper. Wooden covers. 107 numbered fols. + 2 unpaginated blank leaves. 22 x 6,5 cm. 19,5 x 5
cm. 6 lines. 1 punch-hole. Nepilakara. Nevar!' Undated.
Beg.: OI1 namai siviya II namimi malj1jusryam iljdusearalj1 yadlyapidadvitayaprasidatai) I
vidanti lokatritayalj manasvinai karesthitalj1 nirm[mlalavaribinduvat II thva prthvlmal}<alasa sahas
ra 2 rajipanisyana gvahmalj1 rijayi caral}akamalasa sebarapalj1 cOl1gva. thathilj1gva raja cakra
bart[tll snbanta vikramakesari nama dasyalj1 cOljgva. bibidha indranlla malakala padmaraga bajra
baidiry[yla mukta ratnasamihana kuberaya sampa[rltti thelj1 dayaka indra thelj1 sarb[blalj1gasun
dara gvanahma[1j11yi bidyadhanpanisyalj1 gUl}aklrt[tlana-kha! hliyuva. thva rijina aneka simanta
mantrl sahitana catur[ dldigasalj1 samudraslmina prthviyi lsvara juyiva parama rijyasukha bhukta
rapalj1 kira ha[1j11Ia bijyaka IOIj1 juralj1. thva rijayita siry[ylodaya ra juvala khyalj1 cayake yatalj1
lalj1kha bira val 1j11Ia janaya hastasa bicitra bilva-se chago<a kantislla nama kapalikana bisyalj1
haralj1. thva se kha[1j11Ii va haramanana thava janayake sesyalj1 taralj1.
End: jena chata upadesa biya. Ie[111Ia. je mastakasa metalj1 cyayuva. mal<alapija yaIava
dal}<apral}ama yava dhakalj1 cha kapilikana hayuva. chana bhoka puraiasyal1 chana sira cheda
rapava ona siddhi layuva. thvatena chana dal<apralama yava dhakalj1 hitaiasyalj1 chana thathelj1
dhiva. je raja. suyakenalj1 bhoka ra poya je ra saya. chana ni yava. chana yii a soyava jena yaya
ra kha dhakalj1 dhiyava Iithelj1 ona. bhoka puraIi sYalj1 chana oya mastaka chedarapava tala-betala
siddhi kava. thathel1 dhiyava betilana mrtakahmalj1 to<atava vanalj1. Iithelj1 rajana sika jO[1j11iava
kapalikayake va[1j11nalj1. kapalikana aneka prakarala mal<arapija yaIi va rajayake dhiralj1. he
rajan. thva mal}<arasa dal}<apralama yava. thva ie[111iava rajina dhral1. bho kapalika. je ra
sayi. chana ni yii ava ke[1j11iana. thva bacana ne[1j11iava kapalikana dal}<apralama yataiasyalj1
rijina oya sira chedarapava debayitalj1 bali biralj1. thva berasa akiana pupabrti juralj1. debana
dUlj1dubhibidyidina juralj1. thva berasa tala-betala vayava dhiralj1. bho rajan. che basasa jepani
nihmalj1 jura go. thathelj1 siddhi laiiva mahi anandana bikramiditya raja thava rajya bijyii ava
samasta prthv1ya rajal1 jayarapava sU[i)lkhana bijyaka tOIj1 jurolj1 11 25 II
Colophon: iti palj1cavilj1satitamo vetilai) samaptai).
Nr. 45-6
4S Us. or. 623.
Paper. Fols. 71, leaves 3 and 30 missing. Fo!' 57 damaged, a part of the fo!. being tom of at the
right, with loss of text. 23,3 x 7,8 cm. 20 x 5,2 cm. 6-7 lines. Nepatikara. NevirL Undated.
Vetalapancavirati. Incomplete.
Beg.: OJ!1 nama!) siviya II namimi mafjusriyam indusearaJ!1 yadlyapidadvitayaprasidata!) I vi
danti lokatritayaJ!1 manasvina!) karasthitaJ!1 nirm[m]alavaribinduvat II thva prthvlmal)calasa sahasra
sahasra rijipanisyaJ!1 gvahmaJ!1 rajiyi caralakamala sebarapiva cona thathina riji cakrabart[t]l
srlbanta bikramakesarl nima dasyaJ!1 cona. bibidha indranla marakata pupariga bajra baidiry[y]a
mukti ratna sahita knberayi saJ!1pa[r]tti theJ!1 dayakiva cona. indra theJ!1 miihisundala gohma[J!]yi
bidyadharipanisyaJ!1 gUlaklrt[t]ana-khaJ!1 hliyuva. thva rajina aneka simanta mantrl sahitana ca
tur[d]digasaJ!1 samudraslmi thva prthvlya Isvara juyiva parama rijyasukha bhuktarapiva cona. thva
riji(ya)taJ!1 sury[y]a ma luva belasa snina yiyayiti laJ!1kha kira va[J!1]na ... cha gvaca bisya haraJ!1.
kantislla kapilika jogina bisyaJ!1 hava thava se rij ana kha[J!1]niva haramana juyava rijina thava
janayake sese taraJ!1.
End: je mastakasa mataJ!1 cyayuva. malcalapuja yanava dal)capralama yava dhakaJ!1 kapilikana
che hiyuva. chena bhoka puranasyaJ!1 che sira chedarapava ona siddhi layu. thvatena chena dalca
pral)ama yiva dhakaw hitanasyaJ!1 chena thatheJ!1 dhiva. je raja. suyikeJ!1 bhoka ma puya. chena ni
yava. 0 soyava jena yaya ma kha dhakaJ!1 dhiva. litheJ!1 ona bhoka polanasyaJ!1 chena oya mastaka
chedarapiva tala-betila-siddhi kiva. thathyaJ!1 dhayiva betilana mrtakahmaJ!1 tolativa va[m]nam.
lithyam rajana sika jo[m]tava kapalikayake va[m]nam. thva rijina mrtava hava kha[m]nava kapali
kana aneka prakiral)a malcalapuja yanava kipalikana rajiyake hlalaw. he rajan. thva mal)calasa
dalcapral)ima yiva. thva ne[m]niva rajana dharam. bho kipalika. je ma saya. chena ni yanava
kena. thathyaw ne[J!1]niva kipilikana dalcapral)ima yitatisyam rijina oyi sira chedarapiva de
bayitam bali biraw. thva berasa ikisana pupabrti juraJ!1. thva belasa tila-betila vayiva dharaw.
bho rajan. che basyasajepani nehmam jura go. thathem siddhi liniva maha inamda juyiva bikrami
ditya riji thava rijya vayava thva prthvlsa samastam jayarapava sukhana bijyaka jurom II
Colophon: iti pafcaviJ!1sati vetaJa!) samapta!. subham bhavatu sarv[v]ada.
Us. or. 61.
Paper. Foldbook. Fols. 61, partly damaged. 22,8 x 6,7 cm. 18,7 x 4 e. 6 lines. NepaJakara.
Nevarl. Dated N. E. 927.
Vetilapancavirati. Incomplete (beginning missing).
Beg.: ...(catur)d[d]asiya ratrlsa kha[r]dga jonava yakitam mebana ra khanakam smasinasa
kipirikaya saripasa bijyi . .. raja bijyaka khanava ati haramanana rajayata tuti yata. bho mahari
jan. chi parama sittvika mahibira ca(krabard) ...sihasa yiniva caturd[ d]igayi bhayaJ!1kara andha
kirasa ji samipasa s[ a]masinasa bijyika. thathe dhiyatunum rijina dhiram. bho kipilika. chana
kha nde dhakam ati rasa tisya vayi dhakaw dhiyiva kintisirana dhira. jipani mrtakasiddhi sidha
rape. ji vattarasidhaka1 juya mira. thathe sidharapiva chiji siddhibara rayUva dhakam dhiyiva riji
bikramakdari haramanana romi(f)cita deha yanava kantisira idesa bira. bho kiparika. chana
yayaguri sidharapiva. thana uttarasidhaka ji juyiva jina chu kirj[jJa yaya mira vaguri hlava dhakaJ!1
dhiyiva kipirikana dharam. bho mahirajan. thva naditirasamipasa simsapabrkaya tarasa u[r]tta-
Nr. 46
masaasa mrtaka purua d[ a ]varayamana2 yarana cOIllgva. mauna yarava joria vaya mara. thana
nanabi[d]dhi bicitra pijamal)<alasa hayakava chijisyana siddhi sadharape dhakaIll dhiyava rajasya
na kha[r]dga dhararapava thathiJpgva andhakarasa siIllsapabrkasamipasa bijyanava mrtaka jo(ria).
End: dhakaIll dhiyava rithe vana. bhoka purarasyaIll chana vaya mastaka chendarapava tara
betala-siddhi kava thathe dhayava betarana mrtaka chahma toratava vana. rithe raj ana sika joriava
kaparikaya samipasa varava kaparikana anega prakarana mal<arapija yanava rajiyaIllke dhiraIll.
bho mahirajan. thva mal)<arasa dal<apranama yava dhakaIll dhiyava thva rerava raj ana dhiraIll.
bho kaparika. ji ra saya. chana ni yariava kerio. thva bacana rerava kaparikana dal<apranama
yatariasyaIll thva rajana vaya sira chendarapava debayata bari bira. thva berasa akasana pu[r]
pabrddhi' jura. debana dundubhibadyadi thita. thva berasa tara-betara vayava dhira. bho mahira
jan. charaporaya basya jipani nihma cOl)e juro. thathira si[r]ddhi rarava mahi halkhamana yanava
anandana bikramaditya raja thava desa bijyarava samasta prlthiviya rajapani jayarapava sukhana
ananda yarana bijyata II 25 II
Colophon: iti pa[Ill]fcaviJpsati vetara[Il](i)) samapta(i)). subha(m). (By a later hand) sambat 927
sravanamase. sU(bham).
1 For utarasO.
2 For doliyamana.
: For br!i.
47-53 Didactic Literature (NIti)
47 Ms. or. fol. 59.
Paper. Leather-bound volume. Fois. 57. 29,8 x 9,5 cm. 25 x 6,5 cm. 6 to 7 lines. On fol. 1 (back)
the miniature of a four-armed Galesa. Nepalakara. Sanskrit verse with translation into Nevan
prose. Dated N. E. 811.
Beg.: namal) sarvajfaya. pralamya silasa buddha(Jll) taiiokyadhipati(Jll) prabhuJll I nanasa
stra[Jll](d)dhrtaJ)11 vak(y)e rajanltisamuccaya[i](m) II trailokyaya adhipati juraJ)1 buddhatvaJll na
maskara yanava nana sastrasa pi kasyaJ)1 rajanitl mnnaJ)1 taya khaJll jina hlaya II 1 II adhit(y)aiva[Jl]m
idaJll sastraJ)1 naro jfta(sya)ti tat(tv)ato I dharm[m]opadesa(J)1) vinayaJll kary[y]akary[y]a(J)1) subha
subhaJl II niscayana manuyana thva sastra dhararapaJll dharm[m]a adharm[m]a syayuva. upadesa
banta juyiva. kary[y]a akary[y]a subha asubha seyuva II 2 II
End: atimani ca kami ca gurudvei tathaiva ca II thva nahma purua tatkiranaJl moyu. thathiIa
juranava tavadhi lobhi atimani kami gurudvei thvate II 298 II gobhir viprais ca vedais ca s[v]atlbhil)
satyavadibhil) I alubdha(va)i(r) danasilais ca saptabhir dharyate mahI II sa dakvana brahmala dakva
na beda dakvana satI dakona satyabidl dakonaJll alobhi dakonaJ)1 II 299 II asare 'pilia saJ)1sare saram
etac catutayaJll I kisya(J)1) vasal satiJll saJlgo gaJllgastal)2 saJ)1bhupijanaJ1 II thva asila saJllsaiasa
thva pyata sala jura. chu chu dharasa. kasibisa, sat[a]puruao saJlgama juya, gaJllgasa s[a]nana
yaya, sibapija yaya julo.
Colophon: iti canakesarasaJ1grahe trtIya[I)](J1) satakaJll. subhaJ)1.
On fol. 1 (front): saJ)1bat 811.
The Ci1akyasirasa/graha is one of the most widely-read Sanskrit texts in the Kathmandu Valley.
In the manuscripts each Sioka is usually followed by a prose rendering in Nevin. For an edition and
tanslaton of a Ci1akasirasa/lgraha manuscript dated A. D. 1754 see Prem Bahadur Kasa, Ci1a
kya Sira Sa/lgraha, and I. Alsop and Prem Bahadur Kansakar, A Translation of a Newari Version of
the Ci1akya Sar Sa/graha.
1 For sistoddhO.
2 Fo! gart gimbha1.
Nr. 4849
4 Hs. or. 4333.
Paper. Fols. 57. Leaves numbered; 1, 2, 3, 29, 40, 42, 43, 54, 55, 57, 61 and 63 missing. A few fols.
slightly damaged. 23 x 9,8 cm. 18,5 x 5,5 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit verse with translation
into Nevan prose. Undated.
Ci/akyasirasargraha. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . vrata II kuraputraya ripa ju1rup bidya. tapasiya ripa julal!l kama. kokiraya ripa jula
svala. misaya ripa julal!l patibrata (12). na ca vidyasamo bandhu(r) na ca vyadhisamo ripu(l) I na
capatyesamo sneho na ca daiva(t) parall varrup II bidya julrup bal!ldhujanao tule ma duo byadhi
julrup satruo tulye ma duo sinehana julal!l kayamacao tulye ma duo bara julal!l daibao tulye ma du
(13). vidya pravasino mitral!l bhir(j)ya mitral!l grheu ca I aturasyauadho mitral!l dharm[m]a mi
tral!l para[l!l]t(r)a ca II paradesaya mitra julal!l bidya. keya mitra julal!l misa. rOglya mitra julal!l
auadhi. paralokaya mitra julall dharm[m]a (14) .
End: thvate svata tolatao la naye mala (291). na milsabhakelrup dokhrp na madya(l!l) na ca
maithuna(m) I pravr[r]t(t)ir eva bhitanal!l nivr[r]ttis tu mahaphalal!l II la nayanal!l doa ma duo thva
tonanal!l doa ma duo kamas[y]eba yananal!l doa ma duo prallyake svata byebahila dao thuka.
thvate nibr[r]ttikarm[m]a dhakal!l siyao tolate mala (292) . catul)sagalaparyanta(l!l) yo dadyat
prth[ v]ivim imal!l I na khadec capi yo mal!lsa( I!l) tulyem etat vidu( r) [b ]budhih II pio samudrasyenrp
neko prthibi dana yaiya put I!l]nye phalao nlrimil!lsi juyiyi phalao uti dhaka lokajanal!l sihune
The frst 11 (in the Sanskrit text, the frst 12) verses as weI\. as the last 7 verses are missing.
49 Hs. or. 4346.
2 texts. Fols. 51-105: (1) Calakyasirasal!lgraha and fols. 120-122: (2) LokeSvarastotra. Paper.
Fols. 55 + 23; fols. 1-50 missing. 21 x 7,3 cm. 17 x 4,5 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. (1) Sanskrit verse
with translation into Nevarl prose. (2) Nevar!' Undated. Two scribes.
(1) Ci/akyasirasargraha.
Beg.: namo mal!ljunathiya. Pralamya siJasa buddhal!l trailokyadhipatil!l prabhu(l!l) nanasa
(va)k(y)e rajanltisamuccayal!l II trailokyaya adhipati julal buddhatol!
yana nana sastrasa pitp kasyrup taya rajanlti mU[I!l]la taya kha
!l jana hlaya.
End: asaro 'plha sal!lsare saram etac catustayrup I kisyil!l vasal satal!
srupgo gal!lgambhal
sal!lbhupijanal!l II asira srupsalasa thva pita sara jural!l. chu chu dhirasa. kasibasa, satpuruasal!lga
yaya, gal!lgalal!lkha[na], mahadebapija yaya, thvate sala data (100).
Colophon: iIi canakyasalasal!lgrahe tritiya[l)](I!l) satakal!l samapta[l)](m). subhamalgalal!l bhuc
ca2 sarv[v]ada[I!l]. subhal!l.
1 For sistot.
2 For bhaydt.
Nr. 50-51
50 Us. or. 6386.
Paper. Wooden covers. Fois. 63, numbered. 24,6 x 9,6 cm. 19 x 6,5 cm. 7 lines; on frst fol. ,
written by another hand, 6 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit verse with translation into Nevan prose.
Dated N. E. 966.
Beg.: sriganesaya[lJl] namo II prana[lJl]me sirasa visnu(lJl) trailokyidhipati(lJl) prabhu(lJl) I nana
. . . rajanitlsamu(ccayam) II trailaukeya adhipatl juse II " . kamyaya I yena prajia pravar[d]dhate
matraiva hitakarini! II manuyayatalJl hi(ta ya)ya kamanana jena hlaya. gvanau purukhena prajii
bantana thva sastra dharalapalJl saya-matrana nenahma[lJl]ya mamana hita yana thYalJl thva sastrana
hita yayuva II 3 II milasitra(lJl) pravak(y)aml cinak(y)ena tu bhiitall I yena vijianamatrela
sarv[v]ajiatvalJl hi jayate II milasutrakhalJl jena hlaya. hJapa canak(y)a-riisyana hlaya gvanau
puruasena thva sastra sena matrana gathe paramesvara(syall) bhitabhaviyavart[t]amana syalalJl
athYalJl sayuva 11 4 11 mirkhasiyopadesena dutastnbharanena ca I dviati salJlprayogena palJldito
'py avasidati II murkhajati siyayata upadesa biyalJl tha jula (kuca)ritrastnyata bastrabharana tiya
byartha jula. chapola bigrahana Ivanava cona satruva salJldhi yayalJl tha jula. thvate yalanava jiani
julasanall abasana vaniva II 5 II
End: annid atagunalJl pitalJl pitid atagunalJl paya(i)) I payod atagunalJl malJlsalJl malJlsid
atagunalJl ghrtam II annaya cyide madhlya guna. midhlya cyade liya guna. Ji ya cyade duduya
guna. duduya cyide ghelaya guna II 98 II palJlca kipra(lJl) vinasyallti (s)tabdho lubdhaS ca yo
nara(i) I atimanl ca kaml ca gurudvei tathaiva ca II thva nihmalJl mathanalJl nasa juyuva. tav(a)dhl
lobhi atlmanakao kimi gurudvekhL thvate mathinalJl nasa jUYlva II 99 II gobhir [v]vipre (c)a
vedai(s) ca satibhi(i) satyavidibhi(r) alobdh(a)rr danasilais ca saptabhi(r) dhiry[y]ate mahi II sa
dako bra[m]hmana dako beda satyabadi dako sati dako alobhl dako danasila dako thvate hnasatana
prthvi dharalapava talalll lOO II asare 'pi salJlsare saram ekalJl catutayal! l kasyalJl vasa(i)) satalJl
salJlgo galJlgimbha[i] sambhupijanalJl I asara sal!lsarasa thva peta sara data. chu chu dhilasa.
kasibasa yaya, satpur(u)sava salJlga yaya, galJlgajala[na], snmahideba pija yaya, thvate sara data II
Colophon: iti sncanak(y)acary[y]aviracitalJl
sarasalJlgrahe trtiya(lJl) sataka(ll) samapta(m). sam
bat 966 phargunasudi 14 ro(ja) 4 thva kuhnu thva saphu sal!lpirl}a yanagu dina julo. subhalJl.
51 Us. or. 6396.
Paper. Fois. 35, numbered 2-3, 5, 7-20, 21-40; four leaves missing. Fois. 2 and 40 tom of with loss
of text. 31,6 x 9,5 cm. 26,5 x 5,8 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit verse with translation into Nevan prose.
Cilakyasirasarraha. Incomplete.
Beg.: bisvasa yakahmalJl abasyalJl phuyuva II 8 11 vairllalJl visvasalJl yo narai) kartum icchati . . .
tibuddhyate II gvanakhu purukhana satruva bisvasa yayu ohmalJl sima cosa hneIa va . . . hnelana
cayuva 11 9 II dhanadhanyaprayogeu vidyasalJlgrahaleu ca ahara vyava . . . II dhana sihasa yayalJl
tha jula. va cho du kayasalJl tha jula. bidyasastra senesalJl tha ju(\a) . . . lajya tolate mala 11 10 II na
gurusadrsl mata na gurusadrsl pita yas tareti maha . . . dhi(lJl) dustaralJl II gvanau purukhaya
Nr. 51-52
mamaIJ1 babuIJ1 guruIJ1 dustara saIJ1sara hitanava samudrasaIJ1 talalapu laIJ1kha . . . II 11 II (mata)
gaIJ1gasamaIJ1 tlrthaIJ1 pita pukaram eva ea gurul kedarasamaIJ1 tlrthaIJ1 mata gaIJ1ga puna(l) pu
na(l) II gvanau manu(kha) . . . tirtha gaIJ1ga theIJ1. babu julaIJ1 pukara dhiya tlrtha theIJ1. guru
julaIJ1 kedara dhiya tIrtha theIJ1 11
End: sadyo maIJ1sa(IJ1) ghrtaIJ1 sadyo bala strl klrabhojanaIJ1 uIodaka(IJ1) taru(e)ehiya[IJ1] sad
ya(l) praIaharaIi ai II naka syana la naka kaya ghela balaka strl dudu 0 ja naya kvaka laIJ1khana
simaehiyana koyaka eO[IJ1]ii na thva utana ta(t)kaI)aIa II annid a$iaguI)aIJ1 pii piiad aiagu
IaIJ1 paya(l) payaso '$iaguIaIJ1 maIJ1saIJ1 maIJ1sid aiaguIaIJ1 ghrtaIJ1 11 annaya eyidena gUIa midhe.
midheyake eyadena gUIa dudu. dudu eyidena guI)a la. laya eyidena ghelaya gUI)a II paiea kipraIJ1
vinasyanti (s)tabdho lubdhos' ea yo naral atimanl ea kaml ea guru[r]dvel tathaiva ea II thva nata
nalvaratinaIJ1 nasa juyu. tav(a)dhl lobhl gona gona julaIJ1 atimanyana kava kaml gurudve$l. thva na
(hma) (ma)t(h)ananaIJ1 moyu II gobhir [v]viprais ca vedais ea satibhil satyavidibhi[I)](r) alub(d)hair
[d]dinasl!ais ea saptabhir [d]dhiryate mahl II sa dako brihmaIa dako beda sava satyabadl dako . . .
ko danasiia dakva. thva hnasatana prthibl dhalalapava taraIJ1 II asare 'pi hi saIJ1sale saram etae
eatuiayaIJ1 kasyaIJ1 (vasal sa)taIJ1 saIJ1go gaIJ1gambhal sambhupijanaIJ1 11 asara saIJ1sara thva pita 4
sara julaIJ1. ehu ehu dhilasa. kilbasa satpuruasaIJ1ga yaya gaIJ1galaIJ1kha[na] mahideba pija yaya.
thvate sara data 11 100 II
Colophon: iti eanakesarasaI1grahe trtlya[I)](IJ1) sataka[I)](IJ1) samapta[I)](m). subhaIJ1.
1 For /ubdha,
52 Hs. or. 620.
Paper. Fois. 53, numbered. Fol. 5 torn into two pieces. 30,2 x 10,2 em. 24 x 5,5 em. 6 lines.
Devanagarl. Sanskrit verse with translation into Nevarl prose. Dated Vikr. E. 1996. Written by
Bhaktamana Bhaku Manandhara of Tavaeapalaiola, Bhaktapur.
Beg.: srigaIesaya namo. srlsarasoti namo. srigurubhya(l) namo II pra1ame sirasa vi1u(IJ1) trailo
kyadhipatlIJ1 prabhu(IJ1) nanasistra(d)dhitaIJ1' vak$(y)a rajanltisamu(e)eay 11 1 1/ trailokeya adhi
pati juyava eonahma srlbiI)uyata namaskara yanava nanasastra svayava sara 2 Ii kayava rajaniti
idiya khaIJ1 thava kayayata syaneya nlmI[r](t)tlna eanak(y)a-r$iI)aIJ1 ajia jula II adhi[IJ1]t(v)aivam
idaIJ1 sastra(IJ1) naro gyasyati ta(t)tvata(1 I dharm[m]apadesa(IJ1) vinayaIJ1 kary[y]akary[y]a(IJ1)
subhasubhaIJ1 11 2 11 manuehe1okanaIJ1 tho sastra bOIeva1aIJ1 tho dharma thva adharm[m]a dhakaIJ1
siyakiva kiyuva. mebayita atibuddhi biya phayuva II
End: an(n)id asta[IJ1]gu1aI1 pmaIJ1 piiid astaguna payo I payod [r]i$ia[I1]guIaIJ1 (maIJ1saIJ1)
ma(IJ1)sid astaguIaI1 ghrtaIJ1 11 97 II aIJ1nayaseIJ1 eyata gU1a marisaIJ1 duo mariyasyaIJ1 eyata gUIa
durusaIJ1 duo duruyaseIJ1 eyata guna ma(IJ1)saya duo maIJ1sayasyaIJ1 eyata upa ghelasaIJ1 dava II paIJ1ea
ehipraIJ12 vinasyti s[tJarv[v]as ea yo nara(l) I abhimanl ea kami ea gurudve$i[sJ tathaiva ea 1198 11
thotya nahma naninaIJ1 nasa jUl. su su dhilasa. atilobhi ehieara ehinara gurunilJldaka II gobhir viprais
ea vedais ea satibhi(l) satyavidibhi(l) I alubdhena danasilais ea saptabhi(r) dhirtya3 mahi 11 99 11 sa
brahmana sati beda satyabadi alobhi data thotya hnayatanaIJ1 prithi dhirana yaniva eonagu da II
asare 'piha saIJ1sire siram ekaIJ1 eatustayaIJ1 1 kisyaIJ1 visa(l) satiIJ1 sa(IJ1)go ggambha(l) sa(m)
bhupijanaIJ1 II 300 II thathinyagu asira saIJ1sarasa sara peti dava. ehu ehu dhilasi. kisibasa yayagu,
srlmiharudrapija yayagu, sadhu lisyaIJ1 conyagu, gaIJ1gajala tonegu, thuli sara II
Nr. 52-53
Colophon: iti sncanakesarasaIjlgrahe tntiya(I) satakaIjl s(a)mapta(Il). subha(Ijl). nambar 3. saIjl
(bat) 1997 / 7 / 3 1 5 I pu bhaktapura ta(va)capilaya bhaktamana bhaku manaIjldharanaIjl coyagu.
Marginal title: buddhi(canakya).
I For Sistroddhrtal.
2 For !t.
3 For dhiryate.
U. or. 68.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 21. 20,6 x 8,6 cm. 17,5 x 6,5 cm. 7 to 8 lines. Nepilakara. Sanskrit verse
and translation into Nevan prose. Undated.
[Ntikathi J. Incomplete.
Beg.: thama htyaka theIjl daiba bihnuna yatna ma sidhu. karm[m]aya abasya yatna I! II pirv[v]a
janmaltaIjl karm[mja tad daiva[cajm it! kathya(te). tasmat puruakire la yatna(Ijl) kury[y]id
apaIjQital II II daiva dhaya juraIjl pirb[b]ajanmasa yata taya karm[m]a. jatna ma yasyaIjl karm[mja
prakasa ma juva II II yatha mrtpilQatal kart[tja kurute yadyad i(c)chati evam atmakrtaIjl karm[mja
manaval pratipadyate II II pirb[bjajanmaya i[rjchana puruapaniseIl bhiIjl ma bhiIj karm[m]a yayu
go totheIjl kuhmalana mrtpilQana nana patra dayaka theIl I kakatallyavat praptaIjl drjvapi nidhim
agrata na svaYaIl daivam adatte puruartham apekete II II kikasa tilana subharl[ljaghaja thurasa
daivana hastasa tasya ma biva jatna yata thva drabyaghaja kaya II I! sudarsana rijana thathe nana
ciItarapa II I! mata satur! pita vairi baloyana na patita2 na sobhate sabhamadhya haIjlsamadhe bako
jatha I gohmaIjl purua bilakabelasa sastra ma senakayu thvahma[Ijljya mama satru dhiya babu
bairi dhiya. china dhirasa. sabhisa thva purua sobhi ma laka. haIjlsaya sabhisa bohara mirkba
sobhi ma du I!
End: avana Ii u[r]chiha3 yahuna. kbaIl sava juanl palQitahmaIl gena vanasaIjl manya daiva. yare
vanasaIjl siIlha raja juva theIjl. checunaIjl arasa mumila. ujogihma[Ijljna hanaIl dayakayu. saIlsarasa
sukbadul)kbacakra hera theIl heragu. utsahihmaIl puruakriyibidhi savahmaIjl jvala Ivaya adina
besanasa ma vilahmaIjl. silayi dara seba sucitta thvatesake Iamla bisa yayu. jaubana dhana
sanra adi anitya dhaya. karm[mjasa cose hayuva. dhana daiva ma daiva samastayaIjl maya. dhana
[dhana] dayake trla papa. thvatena dhana mokaya bairajua4 chena mocakene dhakaIjl aneka baIjl
dhanana hiralyaka bodha yatava chu kapare kokba bhoja yativa kokba sima cosa conaIjl. kapare
pururaseIjl COIjl I! thva belasa citraIjlga cara chahmaIjl bega gvatava vava bese. he mitra dhakaIjl
hraka bacanana citratga seyava kaparena bicara yata. he mitra. udakidi ahara yahuna carina hlayi
da. chu kokba kapare cara nana sukhana disana. thva tetava cara rasa taya. svechahira yata laIjlkba
totiva simi kosa pebmaIl cota. kaparena hraya. che sunana kbyatava hayakara. carana hrara. lu
brka ( . . . )
1 For satru().
2 For pa/hita.
3 For utsaha.
4 FOf,p.airagya.
5465 Epic Literature
Ramayala and Adhyatmaramayala 54-56
Mahabharata 57-59
Puralas 6065
Us. or. 607.
Paper. One wooden cover. Fols. 215, numbered 1-12, 14-26, 28, 30-139, 141-200, 202-206,
210-212, 214, 216-225; 10 leaves missing. 22 x 8,7 cm. 18,5 x 6,5 cm. 10 lines. Punch-hole in the
middle of the fols. Nepilikara. NevirI, prose. Undated.
Rimiyala: Sundarakilta. Incomplete.
Beg.: 01 nama! snrimiya II jaya yuktaminana1 bijyika to ramaeandra to kausalyasahrdaya
ananda . . . dasabaktra rabana moeakava padmanetra rima to namaskara yaIava sundarakilQa
rimayanakatha hlaya dhakal)1. sal)1pati himalaya val I1jIiva thvana . . . gala dakosyal)1 maM ananda
yaIava haramana yaIava dakiladisaya uttarakulaparb[b jatasa thaJ)lhi va(Ia)va binara dakosYam
samudratal)1 timinakrasamakula nana jaIajantuna sahita maM 2 [maM 2j sanra banarala soral.
maM 2 jalajantu knQarapava eOl)1gva maM 2 baktra maM 2 sanra jalajantu laea maM ueca 2lahuQi
tMyasa parb[bjatakara thiJ)lgva jalajantu krlQarapam cOl)1gva soram. daitya paHlabasi daitya dako
bu maM 2 bhayal)1kara thathil)1gva adina bisarapal)1 cOl)1gva soyava dakiIasamudraya uttaratIra
vayava basa yaya jlyakara. binara dako . . bu akiiSaya amrasya thya samudral)1 thathya thathil)1gva
gathya tararape dhakal)1.
End: thva binara mocakiva liM vaya dhakal dMyava bajradamtrana dharal)1. bhayal)1karagu
rija2 kayava krodharapava dMral1. chapanisyal hanumanta mocake dhakal)1 dMral)1. banara chu
lyakha mocake. chu kutala janaya rama lakmala sugnba thva sva[l)1jhmal)1 mocakava je liM vaya
dhakal)1 dMyava trisiri krodharapava dMral. bho rakasendra. thvaguQi chesyal seherape ma
jlva. gvana kho snbantaya antaspurasa yaIia karm[mja banarala matrala janal)1 krodha yaIava thva
muhirt[tjanal!1 lacakal)1 samastal)1 mocakava liMI1 vaya dhakal) dMyava yajiahanur nama rakasa
parb[b jatapramaladeha Sl pheyava krodhana kayava dMral1. bho rakasa. chapanisyal)1 kata ne'
ma mala ni. samasta banara dako hanarapam mocakava jena yaya. bho lal)1kesvara. chalapolana
sukha bhuktarapena. jena rama mocake. lakmalal)1 sugrIbal)1 binaragallal)1 samastal!1 mocake
dhakal dMyava kumbhakarl[ljaya putra kumbha krodharapava dMral)1. bho rajesvara. chalapola
syal sukha bhuktarapal1 bijyahune. jena rama lakmala banara mocake.
ramayale sundarakallQe samudrakramalacinta (8 f. back).
hanumatatejanam nama (11 back).
Nr. 54
sagarakramal)acinta (17 front).
mahendrarohanal)1 (18 front).
hanumadutpatanal) nama (20 font).
surasal)vaktrapravesa[l11(1) (22 front).
sundarakalge hanuman ial)kapravesa(l) (34 front).
sundarakal)ge ial)kavijaya(l)) (36 front).
sundarakalge pradoavart[tlanal) (38 back).
sundarakal)ge ravalagrhadarsanal)1 (43 front).
sundarakalge avarodhanavadhidarsanal)1 (51 front).
sundarakalge strlvart[tlanal)1 nama (55 font) .
(sundarakalge) antaspuridarsanal) (61 font) .
sundarastha-hanumantanacinta (63 back).
sundarakal)ge aSokavanapravesa(l)) (67 back).
sundarakalge asokavanikapravese sltidarsanal nama (73 back).
sundarakalge hanumatviiapa (7 front).
sundarakalge asokavanikapravese ravalasal)darsanal) nama (79 front).
sundarakilge sltasal)sthinavarlanal)1 nama (81 front).
sundarakal)ge sltapraiobha(na)l)1 nama (84 back) .
sundarakalge sltavakyal) nama (87 back).
sundarakal)ge ravalagarj[jlanal) lllma (91 frnt).
sundarakalge sltasal)1tarj[jlanal nama (95 front).
sundarakal)ge sltanirv[vleda(na)l nama (98 back).
sundarakal)ge trijaiavakyal) nama (101 front).
sundarakalge hanumatvicaral)al) nama (105 back).
sundarakal)ge sltasal)mohanal) nama (107 front).
sundarakalge hanumatsal)bhaalal nama (112 front).
sundarakal)ge al)1gullyarp[plalal) nama (116 back).
(sundarakal)ge) sltavakyal) nama (119 back).
sundarakalge hanumatvakYal) nama (121 back).
sundarakalge sltahanumatsalvida(na)l nama (125 back).
sundarakalge malipradanal) (131 back) .
sundarakal)ge asokavanikabhagna (135 front).
sundarakalge prasadabhagnakil)karanasa(l)) (138 back).
sundarakalge matriputravadha(l) (141 back).
(sundarakal)ge) palcasenapativadha(l) (144 back).
sundarakalge akakumaravadha(l) (146 back).
sundarakalge indrajitprayanal) (148 front).
sundarakige hanumatgrahalal)1 nama (151 front).
sundarakal)ge raval)adarsanal)1 nama (152 back).
sundarakil)ge prahastavakyal) nama (153 back-154 front).
sundarakalge ditavakyal) (156 back).
sundarakalge vibhlal)avakyal) nama (158 front).
sundarakalge iatigiiadlpanal) nama (160 back) .
sundarakalge ialkidaha(l) (162 back).
sundarakal)ge ial)1kidihanusaya(l)) (164 back).
sundarakalge saramavakyal)1 nama (166 back) .
sundarakalge slta-asvasanal) nama (169 front).
sundarakal)ge aricchirohanal)1 nama (170 front).
sundarakfuQe hanumatpratiyanrp nama (172 back).
sundarakalQe hanumatvakyanivedanal) (182 font).
sundarakfuQe sltaprasal)1sa nama (183 frontlback).
sundarakfuQe al)1gadavakyal1 nama (184 back).
sundarakalQe hanumatvakyal1 nama (186 front).
sundarakalQe madhuvanavidhvrupsanrup nama (187 back).
sundarakalQe dadhimukhanivaral)al)1 nama (188 back).
sundarakalQe madhuvanadhval)1sanal)1 nama (189 back).
sundarakalQe dadhimukhanivedanrup (191 front).
sundarakalQe madhuvanat vanaraprayalrp nama (193 front).
sundarakfuQe sugnvavakyrup (194 front).
sundarakalQe abhijianamal)ipradanal nama (196 back, 197 front).
sundarakalQe ramaparivedanal)1 nama (198 font).
sundarakalQe hanumatvakyal)1 nama (203 back).
sundarakilQe hanumatprasal)1sa (205 front).
sundarakilQe samudradarsanal)1 nama (216 front).
sundarakalQe ramavilapo nama (217 back).
sundarakilQe kaikaslvikyal)1 (219 back).
sundarakilQe rik$asamautpitikadarsanal)1 nima (221 front/back).
sundarakfuQe ravalavakyal)1 (223 front).
sundarakilQe mantrivakyal)1 nama (225 back).
1 For bhukta'(?).
: For mpa.
3 For naya.
Hs. or. 4345.
Nr. 5455
Paper. Fols. 528, numbered 1-14, 16-22, 24-39, 41-63, 65-84, 86-87, 89-122, 124-138, 140-315,
317-327, 329-380, 382-401, 403-20, 422-540. There are two fols. numbered 497. 45,5 cm x 15 cm.
37,5 x 8,5 cm. 9-10 lines. A miniature in the middle of fo!. 1 (back) depicting Rama and Slta,
another miniature on fo!' 155 (front) showing Rama, accompanied by Sugrlva and Hanumat. Nepa
likara. Nevirl, prose. Undated.
Adhyttmartmtyala. Incomplete.
BtiaktI4a (fols. 1-26; fols. no. 15 and 23 missing).
Beg.: 01 nama!) srlgalesaya nama(!) II idipurukhlya nama II snramabhadraya nama! II ya(l)1)
brahmavedantapiro1 vadanti[!] paral)1 pradhlnyapurukha(l)1) tathlnyavisvarl)agate klral)am esva
ral)1 vi tasmai namo vighnaviniyakiya II nirayanrup namaskrte2 naral)1 caiva narottamrup devi(l)1)
sarasvati(l)1) vyasa(l)1) tato jayam udirayat. snrimacandrlya nama(!) II satyalokasa brahmana jula
sal)1 taodhaia sabhl dayakao nlna munisvara bedaghoidi yailo nlnl maigalasrokirtha yliao
thvapanisena byi$lha yacakrp bijyailo cosyanal)1 Ii prajlpati brahmlna julasal)1 thva sal)1slrasa
srsti yiya nimittina parrup brahma ramacandraya dhylna yasya bijyaka belasa thva belasa mahl
ta(t)tvajfa jfani ri dakosa srelha narada bijyaiao brahmlyi caranasa bhoka puyao aneka stotra
yanlo nana byadaghokha yiiao mahl lnandana rama-nlma dhyaolapao naradana julasal)1 brah-
Nr. 55
maya sabhasa bijyanao inapa yata. bho pita brahmasa. chalapolaya prasadana chalapolaya putra
juona aneka dharm[mja punya jii naya kha samasta nene dhuno. bho pita brahma. thathyanaljl je
atmasa trpta ma juo ni chalapolaya karuna kataka krpa la datasa jagatsaljlsaraya Isvara ramacan
draya mahima nene dhaka i[rjcha juyao oya. bho pita brahmasa. chalapolasena adhyatmarimaya
naya kha bistara yana ajia dayakasya bijyaya mala.
End: thvana li dasaratha rajana paramyasvaraya mayana chataljl bhalapyaljl ma phuhma thva
p( a )rasurama liha ona svayao thao kaya ramacandraya thathiljlgva parakrama svayao harkhamanana
bhilapa. je kayaya pUI)ajanma nasa jUlo dhakaljl bhilapa. rama ghasa punao sukhaya khvabhi
hiyakao cUljlbanidi yanao ananda yana anega lokana badya thicakao thao rajya ayudhyasa lihi
bijyata. thana rama lakmaI)a bharata satrughna thva kaya pyahmasta bicitra 2 di[rjbya kothi biyao
thao 2 ranipani sahitana bonao thao 2 kothi duhi oyao sukhabhogana kriga yiI)ao conaljl. thathya
cOIa belasa kekaiyI desaya raja thva bharata satrughna thvapanisa paju thva ayudhyadesasa oyao
raja dasaratha sakaleljl kusalabirttana bicara sacara yanao dasarathayake ajii dayaka. bho chi
mahiraja dasaratha. chalapolasa putra bharata satrughna thvapani nehmalj rani sahitana bona
yanao jya' rajyasa khacikhaca taya dhakall bhilapa bOI)a yane hnaljl dhakaljl ajia dayakao ranipani
sahitana thao rajye bonao yanaljl. thvanaljl li dasaratha rajaya ananda ju gathya ramacandrao sltao
birasamana4 yanall eona svayao ananda julo. amarabatisa indrao sacio birasamanana5 cona svayao
kasyapa aditipanisa ananda juo thya dasaratha kausalyaya ananda julaljl. thva ramacandrana sitao
anega bidhina krlga yanaljl maha anandana bijyataljl. gathya baikuQthasa narayanase lakmio krlga
yanao anandana bijyata athyaljl naramirt[tji srlramacandrana thvaguli prakirana ananda juyao
bijyata dhakaljl srlmahadebanaljl parb[b jatl kana kha thathya dhakaljl brahmana narada kana kha
gutana saunakadi kana kha,
Colophon: it srlramayaIe umamahesvarasaljlvade bilakande saptamo 'dhyaya(l}).
Marginal title: bilakanda.
1 For vio.
2 For namaskrta.
3 For ji.
4 For birdjamina.
5 For birijamt,
Ayodhyiki1qa (foJ. 262, foJ. no. 40 missing).
Beg.: isvara uvaca II bho parb[bjati neno II thvana Ii ayudhyasa srlramasyaljl sltao nehmaljl siljlhi
sanasa bijyanao tbithiljl anenyana khvala svayao musuhuna hnilao parama anandana bijyaka belasa
brahmaya ajii na naradatvaljl bijyanao srlramacandraya mukha darsana yaya dhakaljl bina jonao
ramacandraya nama dhyavarapao ramaya k1rt[tjana yanao ayudh[ajyadesa bijyataljl. thathya narada
00 khanao srlramacandraljl sltaljl nehmaljl opa danao siljlhisananal koha oyao naradaya caranasa
bhoka puyao irama tayao asramasa bijyacakala II narada uvaca II paramyasvara srlramacandra.
chalapolasyana thvaguli prakarana je manya yaya ajogya. chalapola juylO jagatsaljlsaraya svimi
juyao cona. tbathinahma chalapolasyana jeta jiana bisyall bijyaya mala dhakaljl naradasya(ll)
ramacandrayake stuti yanao bho paramyasvara. taodhana jojiesvarapanisyalj
ruyake ma jio. tba
thi(ll)gva chalapola namaskara. bho paramesvara. hanoljl srlmahiiba dhilasaljl thva chalapola
hanoll miha[ljljmayl parb[bjatlya asaljl2 sita dhakall kayakaljl bijyaka. hanoljl sa(lj)saraya u[rjtta
ma juyao bijyika.
End: thvathiljlgva chalapolasyana jeta darsana lacakall bijyataljl. je janma kayaya saphare' julo
dhakall. thva prakarana ramacandrayata stuti yanao punarb[bjara atr-munina4 kha hlataljl. bho
ramacandra. je strl anasaiyaya5 thiyasaljl slta bijyacakio dhakaljl dhiyio rimacandrana sltayata
Nr. 55
dhalalJl. bho slta. thva atr-muniya4 strl anasaiyaya5 thayasa huni dhakalJl. thvanalJl li ramaya ajfa
thyalJl sitana anasaiyaya5 thayasa oiao svatalJl. thva anasaiya5 gathilJlgva dhalasa. mahabrddhi", va
chapUl ma data. sa ati bhoyisya conal)1. mahabrddhi6 mahapatibrata thva svayao sltana namaskara
yaliao thana thva anasaiyana5 sitayata anega idara yaiao irama tayao bijyacakao kusalabarttadi
bicala yaiao thva anasaiyana5 ajfa dayaka. bho slta. thathilJlgva abacara7 vanasa chu dhakal)1 bi
jyaia. karana chu. ajfia dayakio dhakalJl ieio. thana sitana dhaya kha ieiao anasaiyana5 dhaya.
bho slta. dhanya 2 chana patibratadharm[mla dhakal)1 thathya ajM dayakao thva anasaiyana5 thao
chesa dayao coia kar[l1lamura8 thao lihatina aneka pakha yaiao rama lakmal)a slta svahmayata
hieol)e tayao anega iara yaiao bhopayakao anandana bijyatal). thathi(lJI)gva ramaya mahima
dhakal)1. snmahadebana parb[blatl kaia kha hemalayaparb[bla(ta)sa bijyiiao thva kha satyalokasa
brahmana narada kana kha naradasyalJl thvaguli kha naimikharan(y)asa sutana saunakidi kaia kha.
Colophon: iti sn-adhyatmaramayal)e umamahesvarasal1[mlvide ayudhyakande naomo 'dhya
ya(i) samapta(i .
Marginal title: ayudhyakanda.
1 For yogeSvarao (ogesvaraO).
2 For amia.
3 For sihalya.
4 For atri.
5 For anaio.
6 For brddha.
7 For a
8 For kandamula.
Ara'yakafa (fo\' 62-87; fols. no. 64, 85 and 88 missing).
Beg.: srisadMivo uvaca II bho pa(rba)tl ieio II thvanalJl I rama lakmala slta svahmalJl atr
muniya' asramasa ca chi bijyaiao ramacandrana ajfia dayaka. bho atr-muni'. jepani dakil)adisasa
one teia. la ma siya. la keiao choya mala dhakalJl dhaya. thva atr-munina' thao siyapani haiao
sayakala choyao thathya sva[lJIlhmalJl ona belasa taodhaia nadi chaguli lulal)1. thva para yayayata
thva atr-muniya' siyapanisyana nama chaguli hayao thva namasa svahmalJl daiao para yacakalalJl.
thana ramana ajfa dayaka. bho brahmalapani. chapani oya mumvala. l bijyahune dhakalJl bela
biyao thva atr-muniya' sikhyapani samastalJl Ii chosYal)1 halalJl. thvanalJl Ii rama slta lakmal)a
svahma jukva mahidur[glga bana duha ona. thva bana gathilJlgva dhalasa. mahabhaya(lJI)kara
manuya jhalJlgala pakiya salalJl ma duo thathi(l1)gva bana svayao snramacandrana julasi ajfa
dayaka. bho sita lakmal)a. thva banantarasa mahabhayanaka rakasaya sil!lhaya byaghraya nana
jantuya bhaya mala dhakalJl rama hnapa 2 lakmal)a lipa 2 dathusa slta tayao raksa yaiao thvaguli
prakarana bijyika belasa mayadana2-bhimi chaguli rula. thva mayadina2-bhimisa taodhaia saroba
ra chaguli duo thva sarobarayi jala nirm[mlala jala pirl[lla juyio cola. hanol)1 thva pukaranisa
aneka padma getapatrapadma3 sahasrapadma raktotpara pitotpara prakasa juyao coia. mahasvab
hiyamanana coia. thva svinayi gandhana byipta juyio coia. atyanta manohara sthana. hano thva
sarobarasa anega rajahalJlsa pa[lJIlkiganana cararapio coia. anega bhramara madhupina yanao
svinabuyi ti toiio trpti juyio coia. thathillgva mahamanohara sthinasa sarobara svayao rima slta
lakmalaya inanda juyao thva thayasa bisa yaiao srlbisrama yanao cona. thana lakmalana thva
sarobaraya lalJlkha hayao thva lakha rima sltiyata tvanakao thamanalJl toiao hrdayasa sltara yanao
anandana bijyitall.
End: thva sabanna dhiya. bho paramesvara. chalapolasyana thamalJl sisya[lJIlnal)1 jike iesya
bijyataiasa jena kane. iesya bijyihune. chalapolaya slta lalJlkaya rija raola dhaya nama raasa
nalJl yana. thvaguli lanal)1 yana thuka. jena svayao cona. bho paramesvara. thvaguli lana oiao
Nr. 55
parppa dhaya nama atimanohara juyao cOa sarobara chaguli dayio cona. thva thiyasa mahibistara
juyao cona. hanol1 thva thiyasa rimukha4-parb[b]ata dayao cona. thva parb[b]ataya cosa sugnba
nama banara chahma pyahma mantnna uyakio cona. thva banara mahibira mahiparakra[rm]mi.
thva sugnbaya dada ban dhaya nama kiskilj1dhyisa raja juyao cona. thvaya bhayana gyanao cona.
thvahma sugnbao chalapolasyana mitra yaya mala. thvabma sugnbana chalapolaya slta lilacakao
biyao dhakalj1 thva sabadna thathya dhiyao ramayake punarb[b lara binati yana. bho parameSvara.
ghan chi ne ghan panmanana chalapola thana bijyiune. jena yajna yaya dhakalj1. thva sabarina
julasalj1 ramaya hneone sipa tanao thva sabadna su[r]ddhacitta yanao ramaya hleone conao rama
nama hrdayasa thanao thva sabarlna thao sadrana homa yatalj1. thvana I akasana bimana kota
hayao thva biminasa thanao thva saban baikul)thasa yana. thvathya dhakal1 sdmahidebana parb
[b]ati kana kha. thathilj1gva mabima ramaya dhakalj1 hinajati thva sabanna ramacandrayake thathya
bhakti yanao debalokanalj1 laya durl[l]abhaguli baikunthasa thva sabadnalj1 rata dhakalj1 brahma
katnya baisya sidra thvapanisyana paramyasvaraya bhaktaS yitanasa baikul)thasa basa yaya. chu
salj1bhaba dhakarp thvatenalj1 jii nilokana ramaya bhaktaS yaya mala dhakalj1. srlmahidebasyanalj1
kailasaparb[b]atasa pirb[b]atiyita kanio bijyatalj1. thvaguli kha satyalokasa brahmana naradayata
kailao naimikhiran(y)asa sutana saunakidi kana kha thva kha.
Colophon: iti srl-adhyatmaramayal)e umamahesvarasalj1va[n]de dasamo 'dhyaya(i) samaptai) .
Marginal title: aralekal)ca.
1 For atri.
2 For Nep. maidin(a).
3 For sata"(?).
4 For rsyamaka,
, For bhakri.
K4kindhikiIta (fol. 87-122; fol. 123 missing).
Beg. : 0lj1 nama!) snrimayane salj1sirasa tirale snramacandraya namai II krl)aya nama(i)) II
Srlahadeva uvaca II bho parb[b]ati ieio. thvanal1 li rama lakmala nehmalj1 sltaya nimi[r]ttina
mahi svaka yaMo sabarlna dhiya thasa one dhakalj1 palj1pa dhiya nama sarobara-thayasa thyanaka
la onalj1. gathilj1gva thva sarobara dhilasa. atimanohara juyao coia. pye jojana bistara. dako saroba
rasa sretha juyao cona. hanol1 anega padma getapatrapadma1 raktapadma prakasa juyao coia.
atyantana so ( . . . ) .
End: (fol. 123) missing.
Marginal title: kiskindhya, but on fols. 89 and 90: aralekalca.
Sundarakilta (fol. 124-154, fols. 123 and 139 missing).
Beg.: missing.
End: thathilj1gva duskara karm[ m]a yanao seba yaka hanumantayata ramana chata bastulj1 prasa
da ra bio. ghasa 2 punao jukvasana dhakalj1 kha hlinao samasta banarapanisyana svayao cona
belasa harihara juyao darsana bilalj1. thva belasa julasalj1 srlramacandrana hanumanta aril1garapao
ajii dayaka. bho hanumana. thvaguli lokasa jeo ali(w)galapao cone dullabha. chana dhilasa. cha
juyio jike mahabhakti. chana yana sebana je salj1stuta1 juya dhuno dhakal1. thva prakarana srlrama
candrana hanumanta alilj1galapao cona dhaka II srlahadebanalj1 parb[b]ati kana kha. bho chi
parb[b ]atl. gvabma manuyanalj1 thvahma ramacandraya caranarabindusa tulasipatra adina svana
Nr. 55
dayakao pija yata thvapanisa manuyayata biluya aturaguli padabi lanao moka ona. thathihma
srIramacandrana alimgana yana sarIrahma bayu oya putra hanumantana gathimgva padabi layio
dhakam srmahidebana parb[b jatl kana kha satyalokasa brahmana narada kaM kha. thva kha
naimikharanyabanasa sitana sannakidi rlloka kana kha.
Colophon: iti srI-adhyatmaramayale nmamahevarasamvide sundarakande aihamo 'dhyaya(!)
samapta(!). subham.
Marginal title: sumdaraka(I)Qa), sundarao.
1 For sa!a.
Lahkikifqa (fo1. 155-401; fols 316, 328, 381 and 402 missing).
Beg.: om namo srIgalesaya nama! II srIsivo uvaca II atha lamkakiQa II bho parb[bjatl neno II
thvanam Ii srtramacandrana julasam hanumantana slta mala onaya slta luyakao sltaya brtlantara
samasta hlako kha nenao mahihara yanao ajda pras(a)n(n)a julam. bho mitra sugrlba. hanumanta
na yaM kary[yja debalokapanisena yaya ra phu dhakam meba janana thva prth(i)bimaIQalasa
manana bhliape ra phu. thathimgva kary[yja hanumantana yato dhakam. gathya dhilasa. satachi
100 jojana bistara thathimgva samudra purao one gvahma purukhayam samarth(y)a dao la. hanom
rakasapanisena raka yanao taya lamkasa duhi oyao kacimgala thane suyam samarth(y)a dao ra u.
bho mitra sugrlba. thathimgva bira hanumantana julasam sebakaya samasta kary[yja yato. bho
sugrtba. thva hanumanta (tha)thimgva thva lokasa onam ra duo oYlom ra du. bho mitra sugrIba. je
julasam raghnbasamya1 che julasam lakmalaya thva hanumantana sltl luyakao raka yato dhaka.
End: (fo1. 402) missing.
Marginal title: lamkao.
1 For ba1aya.
Utarakifqa (fo1. 403-540; fols. 402 and 421 missing).
Beg.: (fol. 402) missing.
End: thathimha srtramacandra sila lakmalaya kirt[tjana gUlabar[ljl(an)a samasta sunanam
hlaya samartha1 ra duo gvahmaya sahasra jibva sahasra badana datasa thvahmanam hlaya samsaya
mahi 2 ki(r)t[tjana yaya samartha1 ra duo thathimgva ramayalakabya uttarakalQana sahlta yana
bilmlka-rlsyam prabandha yanaguli sloka matram gvahmasyana hlata gvahmasyana nena
gvahmasyana cota gvahmasyana cocakao chesa unum dayakio tala thvapanisa sarbapapana mukta
juyao apada ra dayakam kit[tJi rabha juylo. hanom bipra[najpanisyana nenasa bipraya pradhanata
jUylo. katrtna nenasa bijayl juyio. baisyana nenasa dhanadhinyana samyukta juylo. sudrana nenasa
sukha prapta juyio. thathi(m)gva risvara balmikasyam nirm[mjana yana kathi gvahma praninam
nenio juro. thvapanisa naraka hirana tararapio. hanom prabisa onao cOmpio hone bamchi yatasa
thvapanisao hone daylo. hanom garbhasa daohma strtna nenasa putra prapta juyio. rajyam bimchi
na nenasa raj yam prapti jUylo. hanom sanatana puruana nenasa hlatasa asvamedhajajiaya phala
ranao debatulya yanao svarg[gjasa bhuktarapao conio. thathimgu rimayalakathi tenasam hlata
sam paramesvara narayala sahlta debaloka dakvam samtu!a juyao ayubrddhi jula. pitrgala idim
samtu!amana julam. antakarasa uddhira jula dhakam. thvate kathi sampirl[lja yatao dvija
sreiha pracetasa putra bimikasyam pirapirbanisyam dayakao taya kathi klrt[tji saukhya khyanti
pUlya bim1kasyam adyapi thani talyam bhuktarapam cona tini. thva dasaratha srtramacandraya
kathi gvahmlnam tenio thvahmaya dhyana satabidhana thyam utlama brahmal)apanista grasakara
na dana biya phala laYlo dhakam.
Nr. 55-56
Colophon: iti srlvilmike uttarakande srlramacandrasvarg[g]arohana nama sarg[g]o 'dhyayal 11 811
ramayal)a saptakal)<e sampirl)[l]a(i)) samapta(i)) II
Marginal title: uttaraO, uttaraki<e, u[r]ttarakande.
1 For samarthya.
S6 Us. or. 6219.
Paper. Fols. 135, leaves 1 and 3 somewhat damaged. 39 x 10,7 cm. 32,5 x 7 cm. 9 lines.
Nepilakara. Nevirl, prose. Undated.
Adhyitmarimiyala. Incomplete.
Beg.: om namal; srlgal)esaya namai) I sn-3-ramacand(r)aya nama(i)) I narayana(m) namaskr
tya[m] naras1 caiva naro(t)tamal2 I devl(m) sarasvatis3 caiva tato jayam udirayat 11 1 II natvi ramapa
dapadma(m) dharm[m]arthajMnasi[r]ddhaya Ii nepalabhakhaya(m) ramarajenatayate 11 2 11 satyalo
kasa brahmana julasam tavadhaia sabha dayakava srti yaya arthana p(a)rabrahma ramacandraya
dhyana yasya bijyaka belasa thathha thayasa Harada bijyaiava brahmaya caranasa bhoka puyiva
anega paramata(t)tva nana katha nana jMna iasya bijyanava brahmana julasam naradayata anega
jianaya kha kamsya bijyitam. thana naradana julasa puna(r)bara binati yaia. snnarada uvaca II bho
pita brahma. chalapolaya prasidana jena anega jianaya katha iane dhuno. athenam je manasa trpti
ma juva ni. paramesvara ramaca[m]ndraya kha iene dhakam tavadhana i(c)chya juyava cono.
thvatena bho pita brahma adhyat(m)aramayana-kha bistarana ajM dayakava bijyaya mala dhakam
thva prakarana naradanam julasam brahma prasta4 yaiava thana brahmana julasam naradaya bhi
kha ieiava ajM dayakalam II brahma uvaca II
End: thvanamli aneka kataka syaia. hanamlamkadesasa mi tayava agnina dag[ a]dhalapava sana.
bho rama. thathe jina kanamatrana yaiava je lihi vaya dhakam vaya dhakam srlrimaca[m]ndraya
ke hanuma[m]ntana inipa yatam. thvate banuminana hlina a ieiava thani snrimaca[m]ndrana
julasim phachinam lasa tala. thvahmam bhaktabatsara srlamana ajia dayakalam. bho sugrlba.
samasta pamcadebapanisyana yaya ma phaya kary[y]a hanumanana yatam. he miruta hanumanta.
ava ji svasarb[b]asva chanatam biya. thvate dhayava hanuma[m]ntaya ili(m)gana yata. srlama
ca[m]ndra lasa tiyiva thva hanumana uthya 2 ghasa puiava ali(m)gana yatam. thva svayava guguli
bastu prasada biynva dhakam bhilapava coia. koti 2 padma 2 aynta 2 banaraloka thithi vala svayava
kha hlita. thathiia syava yakahma[m]yata chata ma biva ghasa 2 jukva puta dhakam sakalas(y)am
mana ciku dhanakava sumuka conam. thva svayava srlrimaca[m]ndrana julasim puna(r)bara hanam
ghasa 2 puiiva kenam. thana sakalasyana ghasa puka svastunam harihara juyiva darsana bilam.
thvanam I hanumanta ali(m)gana yitam. thana srlrimana ijia datam. bho hanumana. thva lokasa je
ili(m)gana du(r)labha. bho haripumgava. cha je bhakta je pnya dhakam ijia prasa[mr]nna julam.
bho parb[b]atL gvana[m]u manuyapanisyana thvahmam snramaca[m]ndrayi caranidubidusa5 tula
slpatra idina svinana puji yatam opani manu(ya)pani bil)uyi aturapnyaguli padabisa vaniva.
thathiia snramaca[m]ndrana ali(m)gana yinahmi salilana aneka pUlya yikahmam thvahmam vayu
vaya kiya hanumana hanam gathi[m]iaguli padabi layuva dhakam dhayiva' thathe dhakam kailisa
parb[b]atasa sriahidebana parb[b]atlyatam su[m]nd(a)rakal<akathi ajda prasa[r]nna jula <hakam
satyalokasa brahmana svaputra narada-muni kaiava bijyata dhakam naimikhara[m]nyasa sutana
saunakidi ata[si]-rsisvarapani kaia am.
Nr. 56
Colophon: iti sn-adhyat(m)aramayale umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvide sund(a)rakaIQe paqtcama
'dhyaya(i)) samapta(i)) II [pta) 5 II subha(m) II
Bilakilqa: iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvide bilakalQe prathama 'dhya
ya(i)) (f. 4 back). iti sn-adhyatmaramayale umamahesvarasamvide barakal)Qe dvitrya 'dhyaya(i))
(f. 7 front). iti sn-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jl)mvade trtlya 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 10 front). iti
sn-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvide bilaka[Jll)IQe caturtha 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 13 front).
sn-adhyat(m)aramayal)e umamahesvarasa[Jl)mvide bilikalQe paJllcama 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 16 front).
iti sn-adhyat(m)aramayale umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvade idikalQe athama 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 19 back).
iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvide birakalQe saptama 'dhyaya(i) (f. 23 front).
Ayodhyikilqa: iti sn-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvade ajodhyakalQe prathama
'dhyaya(i)) (f. 24 back). iti sri-adhyat(m)aramayale umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvide ajodhyakalQe dvi
trya 'dhyaya(i) (f. 28 front). iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvide ajodhyakiQe
trtlya 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 31 back). iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvide ajodhyakalQe
caturtha 'dhyaya(i) (f. 34 back). iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvide ajodhya
kalQa paqtcama 'dhyaya(i) (f. 38 back). iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvide
ajodhyakal)Qe at(h)ama 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 43 back). iti sn-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvara
sa[Jll)mvide ajodhyakiQe saptama 'dhyaya(i) (f. 47 front). iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahes
varasamvide ajodhyakalQe atama 'dhyaya(i) (f. 51 front). iti sri-adhyat(m)aramayaIe umamahd
varasa[Jll)mvide ajodhyakal)Qe navama 'dhyaya(l) samapta(i)) (f. 56 back).
AraIyakilqa: iti sri-adhyat(m)aramaYal)e umamahesvarasi[Jll)mvide ara[Jll)nyakal)Qe p(r)atha
ma 'dhyaya(i) (f. 58 back). iti sn-adhyat(m)aramayale umamahesvarasaJllva[I))Qe aranyakalQe
dvitiya 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 61 front). iti sn-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvide aranyakalQe
trtlya 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 63 front). iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvide ala[Jll)nya
kalQe caturtha 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 65 back). iIi srl-adhyat(m)aramaYale umamahesvarasamvide aranya
kal)Qe paJllcama 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 68 back). iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvade
aralyakalQe athama 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 71 font). iti sn-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasaJllvide
aralyakal)Qe saptama 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 75 front). iti srI-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)m
vide ara[Jll)lyakalQe atama 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 78 back). iti sn-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvara
sa[Jlljmvade ara[Jll)nyakalQe navama 'dhyaya(i) (f. 80 back). iti sn-adhyat(m)aramayane umama
hesvarasa[Jll)mvide ala[Jll)nyakalQe dasama 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 83 front).
Ki:kindhikilqa: iti srl-adhyit(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvide kiskiJlldh[y)akalQe pra
thama 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 90 front). iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvide
kiski(n)dh[y)akaIQe trtiya 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 93 back). iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvara
sa[Jll)mvade kiskiJlldh[y)akalQe caturtha 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 95 front). iIi sri-adhyat(m)aramayale uma
mahesvarasamvide kiskiqtdh[y)akalQe paJllcama 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 96 back). iti srl-adhyat(m)aramaya
le umamahesvarasaJllvide kiski(n)dh[y)akan(d)e athama 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 99 back). iti srI-adhyat
(m)aramayane umamahesvarasaJllvide kiskiJlldh[y)akal)Qe saptama 'dhyaya(l) (f. 102 back). iti srI
adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasaJllvide kiskiJlldh[y)akalQe atama 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 105 front).
iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasamvide kiskiJlldh[y)akalQe navama 'dhyaya(i) samap
ta(i) (f. 107 back).
Sundaraklqa: iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasamvide sU[Jll)nd(a)rakaIQe prathama
'dhyaya(i)) (f. 109 front). iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvade sU[Jll)nd(a)
rakal)Qe dvitrya 'dhyaya(i)) (f. 111 front). iti srl-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvarasa[Jll)mvade
Nr. 5657
sU[Il]nd(a)rakal)ce trtiya 'dhyaya(l)) (f. 117 back) . iti sri-adhyat(m)aramayane umamahesvara
sa[lJl]mvide sund(a)rakalce caturtha 'dhyaya(l)) (f. 130 back).
The manuscript contains Bala-, Ayodhi-, AraQya- , Kikindhi- and Sundarakal)ca, the latter only
up to the 4th chapter inclusively.
1 For naral
2 For narottamam.
: For saravatlm.
4 For sp!a.
s For narabindasa.
57 Us. or. 679.
Two texts: (1) Asvamedhayajia and (2) StotrasalJlgraha. Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 39; last few
leaves damaged, with loss of text. 18,2 x 8 cm. 13,5 x 5 em. 6 lines. Devanagan. Sanskrit with
paraphrase in NevarL (1) Dated N. E. 981, (2) dated N. E. 980. Two scribes. Text (1) written by
Dhirjamana from YalJlchetola, Bhaktapur.
(1) Asvamedhayajia.
Beg.: 01 namo bhagavate vasudevaya. vaisampayana uvaca II dvapare ca samutpanne nagare
hastinapure gurunapr(c)chata raja janamejaya mahibali / 1 / janamejaya rajana vaiampayanayake
nela. judhi(thi)ra mahirajayake dharm[m]a gathe candararipana vana dhakava chalapola samasta
hita juyava bijyiune dhakalJl janamejaya rajana agya dayakaralJl /l 2 / vaisampayano (u)vaca. sflu
rajan. pravak(y)ami kathayami na salJlsaya yekayo sarv[v]adeveu indra(di)daityasavai muni / 2 /
vaisampayana li!ina kanalJl. he janamejaya mahiraja. chulJl salJldeha ra dayakava kane. ieia.
brahmidi raya sarve vaidyavaidya subhidhvani viludevasamayukto ravi(s) candro vinayaka(l) /3
/ tathi sarasvati galJlga karevara tathi sthitalJl ga(lJl)dharv[v]a ca gana sarv[v]a navasyati tato bhavet
/ 4 / chahnuya samayasa indradidebaloka daityaloka muni brahma candra siry[y]a galJlga dhanvan
tari bilu mahideba samasta ri coia belasa naradana namaskara [yara] yanava agya dayakaralJl /l
narada uvaca
End (14-15): debalokasalJl thathiila desa ra duo jena karuna cayava hlaya. thvate agya dayakava
dharm[m]a svarga bijyatalJl. he palJlduputra. thvate chana dharalape mala. thvagu katha snmahide
bana niradaya h(n)avane ajia dayakalalJl. thva he kathi vaisalJlpayalana janamejaya-rajaya h(n)a
vane agya dayakalalJl. thva he kathi vyasana suta rii1okaya h(n)avane ajM dayakalalJl. thathe
judhilhirayake dharm[m]a calcararipa juyava bvaya sola vana dhakalJl kanalJl / dharm[m]eu
ha[lJl]nyate vyadhi(r) dharm[m]eu ha[lJl]nyate graha dharm[m]eu ha[lJl]nyata satru(r) . jato dharm
[m]a(s) tato jaya(l)) / 94 / dharm[m]ana roga phul. dharm[m]ana graha phul. dharm[m]ana satru
phul. gana dharm[m]a data ana jaya [jaya] jui /
Colophon: lti srlmahabhirate satasahasryalJl salJlhitayalJl [asvamedhajajJa] dharm[m]ajudhithi
rasalJlvide asvamedhajajia(l) samapta(l) / subha[lJl]m astu / sambat 981 miti kar(t)tikasudi 9 roja
5 likhitalJl yalJlchetoraya dhirjamana. jadi sue d)ham asu( d)dhalJl va mama doa na jiyate1 subh( a)lJl.
1 For dlyate.
Nr. 58-59
S8 Us. or. 64.
Paper. Fols. 32, numbered 1-32. 29 x 13 cm. 23 x 9 cm. 1013 lines. DevanagarL Sanskrit witb
Nevan prose paraphrase. Undated.
Bhagavadglti. Incomplete.
Beg.: II (dhrta)ratra uvaca II dharm[m]aketra kuruketrasa sakale! napa lailava je kaya dur
j[iJodhanapani pal)Qavapani thvapani sakale! gathir dhilasa yuddha yaya i( c )chya dava. sakalasa!p.
he sa!jaya thvapanisena chu yaiava cona. parichinna vanaka!p. chana je kane mala dhakaqt rajana!p
iena! II 1 II sa!jayana dhrtarata-raja kana. he rajan. thva [bela] berasa dury[y]odhanana palQa
vaya sainya hithilasa soya. gathi! sainya. paripirla yaiava coia. thathe coila soyava dronacary[y]e
napa !aiava dury[y]odhanana bacana hlala! II 2 11 he acary[y]a. thvapani sakale![ia] pa(I)Qavaya
sainya adika! chana! sohune. drupada-rajaya kaya che siya buddhibanta. thvana raka yii ava
cinta yaiava tala chena sohune II 3 / dhrtaratra uvaca II dharm[m]aketre kuruketre samaveta . .
kim akurv[v]a[n]til sa!jaya 11 1 II sa!jaya uvaca II drtva tu pal)Qavanlka! . . . raja vacanam abravIt
11 2 II pasyaita(!) palQuputralam acary[y]a mahatlqt cami! II vyi[d]dhi! drupadaputrela tava
siyal)a dhimata II 3 II (written in the middle of the fol.).
End: goguli sukha a!ta yaya ra jiva buddhi juko kaya jlva. indriyana agocara thathiia[ia]guli
sukha gohma yogina ta(t)tvapirb[b]akana vavahma ta(t)va tolatava mele ra vaia II 21 II goguli
labhana Ii mebata libha ra duo tavadhiiagu guli bastusa coilahma yogi tavadhiila du!)kha datasa!
cancala yaya ra jlva II 22 II thathiiaguli yoga seya du!)kha napa laya mumalakeguli thathiiaguli yoga
yojana yaya mala. thva sa!sara chataia ra khu dhaka thathiia manana II 23 II sa!kalpana utpatti
juva kamana samasta! tolatava manana indriya samasta! basya yaiava sakalabhenana! II 24 II
sukham atyantika! cittabu(d)dhigribya! . . . tat(t)vata!) II 21 II yal labdhva capara! . . . . gurul)api
vicalyate II 22 II ta! vi(d)yid . . . yogo 'nirv[v]il)l)acetasa II 23 II sa!kalpaprabhavan . . . viniyamya
samantata! 11 24 II (written in the middle of the fol.).
The ms. contains only Bhagavadg. I, 1 to IV, 24 and is accompanied by a prose paraphrase in
1 For vala.
S9 Us. or. 4362.
Paper. Fols. 78. 25,2 x 12,3 cm. 18 x 7 cm. 7 lines. Devanagan. NepaJ, prose. Dated Vikr. E.
1891. Written by Ramarama Jyotika.
Beg.: sngal)esaya nama(l)). rambodara(!) mahikaya(!) rambostagajakarnaka! papaya! par
badputra(!) namami ganana(ya)ka! II nikhadha bhanyako desa mahi parapurba birasena bhan
yaka raja thiya. tanaka cela nararaja bhanyaka thiya. nana gunale-sa!jukta bhayaka juva elanama
prti bhayaki kamadeba jasta ramro thiya. bahutai sU!dara kehi ra ula Ia bhayaka esta nararaja
thiya. tahi (u)p(a)ra!ta bidarbha bhanyaka desama bhima bhanyaka raja thiya. inaka rautyrua
rautyali kehi rahenachan. aphni rani sIta dukhaka kuri garyachan. himiharuka kya abhigele kya
uimityele sa(n)tana bhayana kehi karma garyako thiyo ki purbajanmaka karanale ho ki himiharule
kya upal gary sa!tana hola. sa!tana bina yo rajyeko sambhira kaunajukti gari hola bhani kuragari
rahada bhaya.
Nr. 5C. O
End: . . . bhaikana aphna putraputrilai kaama rai aphu aphai mukhiimua herada bahutai anaJ)l
dasal)lga rahaJ)lda bhaya. taha (u)p(a)ral)lta aphna desaka mamtri bhiiradara bhala manisa budhii
budhi bolaI artijima diya. taba sal)ltisvarti1 jajfia di2 karma garikana yo nitile aphna pra[r]jaharaka
na3 pilana sn aneka jajia puranadi gari aphna rajyeko aneka sua bhoga gari parajyetasamma4
rahada bhaya. narara(ja)-uayena5 jasale kahala jasale sunala usalal kaliko bhaya havaina. lakmile
basa ga(r)nm tastaka gharama dua pa(r)daina papa sabai harana bola. taska manale citayako klrjya
si(d)dha hola. l(t) snnararaja-up[rar]ayane5 kathii[ha] samapta. subhal)l.
Colophon: iti samba(t) 1891 sala miti j(y)elhasudi 8 tha lojadinami leitam nikate subhma6
subhma6 ramarama j(y)otika. se liital)l nikatel)l katha samapatal)l7. ilital)l. subhal)l. Ie.
A Nepili prose rendering of the story of Nala and Damayanti (Na/opikhyina) contained in Mahii
bharata III, 52-79 . .
1 For svoti.
2 For idi.
3 For 0haruo
4 For paryantao
5 For upikhyana
6 For subham.
7 For samptaf.
Hs. or. 64 7.
Paper. Fols. 82, numbered 8-15, 17-35, 37-92; fols. 1-7, 16, 36 and 93f. missing. 26,2 x 11 cm.
18,5 x 6 cm. 7 lines. Nepalakara. Nevan, prose. Undated.
Bhigavatapurila: Xth Skandha. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . na stuti yata II ekayano 'sau dviphalas trimilas capirasal' [ra] pal)lcavi(dhai}) agatma
saptatog2 alavitay03 navako dasa(c)chad(l) dvikhagi cadivrkai} II (27) / thvaya artha II eka brka
1 phala 2 pU[I)l]lya 1 papa 2 sa(t)tva 1 raja 2 tama 3 mila ha catulasa dharm[m]a 1 artha 2 kama 3
moka 4 kama 1 krogha 210bha 3 moha 4 maya phalaya lasa dvividha dina ratn prthvibl 1 apa 2 teja 3
bayu 4 akasa 5 ha gva jaga II khagatma 6 at[a]-rtu 6 saptatvaga saptadvlpa prthvl saptadhatu
astadiga alabasu kaca siya pho gala prthvl teja bayu akia 5 kala 6 diga atma mana 9 patra disadipa
dasalokapala dvikhagga suk1apaka krl)apaka anekasrli adina na 2 prakaral)a stotra yanao dhala.
brahmadina hatal)l basudeva devaklyake snnarayal)asa al)lsa chesa modi yana jayalapao 10 che
sakalyal)l gyaya mumvalo. thvana kal)lsa mocakio dhala 1I 11 suka uvaca / bho parichita-raja4 thathe
stotra yanao sarasta devalokal)l svarga onao prateka thvatena stotra yata oya dhila 1I11 itl srlbhaga
vate mahapurale dasamaskandhe dvitlye 'dhyaya(i}) 11 2 II
End: thva patra asana yanava krla tval)l conal)l. gathe dhilasa gopastrlna nuyakao conal)l. thana
krla svayava na 2 prakaral)a hasya yanava katakana svayava purbaya krodha luraii va thava 2
togata tathava val)lgva lumaiava samastasenal) dhilal)l. he krl)a. che asadhuna. che ati ra!aka jati.
mebaya thi 2 a[l)l]nyonyana pnti yanava vona. chahma yao chahma ra yava stn yao purua yava
puruayake strl ra yao gvahma bhi[l)l]na dhahune dhaka dhaya bhiikhii nenava krl)ana cintalapava
thvamisena krodhalapava thva kha hlata dhaka srlkrl)ana dhala. snkrl)a uvaca. bho gopikapani.
purua thithiIp anyonyana yayava bhajalapuhma thva suhrt dharr[m]a ra u. thithil)l sal)ljlbaraka
Nr. 6061
yayena jaka dhaka thathe jasyanaQ yaianaQ upakara ra u. thvatena chapani ji ra yaya chahma
yayao chahma ra yayao jioraka5 yaya arthana stnna dhiya thya talasa thva dharm[m]a dhiya. stri
yasyanaQ purua ra yala( . . . )
1 For cataO,
2 For saptatvag.
3 For !aviapo.
4 For parl/it{aj-.
5 For jlbara!i.
Us. or. 64 2.
Paper. 38 numbered leaves + 1 front leaf without pagination. 27,6 x 12,5 cm. 22 x 8 cm. 7-8 lines.
DevanagarL Nevan, prose. Dated N. E. 998, Vikr. E. 1934. Written by Bhijuratna.
Beg.: OQ nama! sngalesaya nama!} II sngurubhyoQ nama!} srlsarasvatye nama!} 1111 srlsury[y]aya
nama!} II aditye bhiskara[Q] sury[y]a[!] ravl bhinu divakara[Q] II s(u)varlareta bhaga pua I krla
saQtu[s] tamopaba 11 1 11 it! dvadasa namani ll pratar utthiya pathe(n) nara II tasyarogya jasva laksmi
ravinade vajamy ahall 2 II . . . II 5 II iti srlsury[y]advadasanamastotralj1 samaptaQ II judhithira
uvaca II he baikulthanatha srlkrla. aditye debataya bratakathi-khaQ iene ika dava. chalapoJasye
na ajia dayakava prasaQna jusye bijyaya mala dhakaQ srljudhithira rajala [ajna dayakava pra
sa[Q]nna juya mala dbakaQ1 judhithira raj ana] binat! yataQ/l.srlkrla uvaca II bho judhithira raja.
srl-adityabrataya kathi iene chana i(c)chi yata. dha[Q]nye 2. samasta debata dakosa adityedebata
sretha juyava coia. samasta lokayaQ trilokeyaQ aQdhakala phutakava samastaQ pabitra yaka.
End: thote baradana biyava jamaraja lihi bijyataQ. thote a ienava ripanisena dhanye 2 dhiyava
tho khunuya cachiQ anadana conaQ. satikhunu pratakala juyava prajaloka vayava satru bisye vano
dbakaQ raja bona volaQ1. thote prajaJokaya madhura bak(y)e ieiava sudumna raj ana thava putra
bhali hita. tho belasa thava rajye vanava suana cona vanaQ. savitrlya babu asvasyena rajayiQ1
sat[a]putra-kaya da[t]taQ. sri-aditye bhagabanaya mabima thathiia asvasyena rajana thathiiahmaQ
putrl laiava u( d)dhira julo. tho adityebrataya mahima hiiava brata daiahmaQ tho kathi ieia
hmaQ hlikahmaQ tho saphula dayakava tavahma[Q]ya mahipulya dhana lakmi br(d)dhimana
juiva. ayubrddbl juiva. srl-3-adityeya dvadasanama kayava puja yanava dipadana yaiva thohma
[Q]ya sarb[b]akarjasaQ kalyana juiva. srl-adityeya mahima thathye dhakaQ1 naradana ajna daya
Colophon: it[t]i srlbhaviyapurale p[r]ativrata-u(d)dhira saptama 'dhyaya(!) II yatti! su(d)dhaQ1
[m]asu(d)dhaQ1[m] va leako nasti do[ay]o II srlbikramasambat 1934 srlnaipalasambat 998 sala mitl
margasudi 2 milanakatraQ1[ m] silajoge br(ha)spatibara. sva dine liita bhijuratna nama. subham.
srlsrlsrl-adityedevata suprltaya.
Subcolophons: iti srlbhaviyepuran[y]e arulajanmakathi prathamo 'dhyaya! (fo!. 4 back) .
iti srlbhaviyepurale dasibhiva dvitlye 'dhyaya(!}) (fo!. 10 back).
iti srlbhaviyepuri,le gajaka(c)chapabhakana trtiyo 'dhyaya!} (fo!. 15 font).
iti srlbhavikhepurale amrt[r]aharanakathi caturtha 'dhyaya(!}) (fo!. 19 font).
iti srlbhavlyepurale naga nama maQ1trana paQ1camo 'dhyaya!} (fo!. 20 back).
iti srlbhavlyapurale astikajanmakathi astamo 'dhyaya(!}) (fo!. 27 front).
1 For yadi.
Nr. 62-63
62 Us. or. 6452.
For a description of the manuscript see No. 207.
(2) Dharmalakimia/lVda. From the Dharmalakmluri/a.
Beg.: 011 namo sa(r)vaya namo II tato sa[1]1]tya1]1 tato lakmL jato rakr tato harIl. jato dharm
[m]a tato jaya I dha(rma)lakrsa1]1[yam]vade bhasaskatabharI te dharm[m]e vaca II dharm[m]esena
hlara1]1 lamlsa hnavane. bho lakmL chara[rap]pe(ra)l samasta rokana charapolasa[1]1] paduka
namaskara yanana sumarapa1]1 vaia II II thvatena charapola samasta charapora lokayake charapora
chu dhakal]1 ma bijyana dhakal]1 dharm[m]asyana lakml tva haila II II bho lakmL gvarichino1]1 roka
mahadhanadya catuatibrhir alpa2 data. gvarichino roka dari[n]dra II II katha1]1 loksmI tato . . . dava
II gathe bho chl lakml agya dayakI[ne]. charapola bhora jura1]1. thathya1]1 pukarana3 dharm[m]asya
na lakmlyake itena II iti sutva4 lakml uvaca II
End: guruputra juyuva gulu juyuva. thvapanisake seba yaya mara. gulubacana nene. guruna dhaya
the yaya mala. guru upala(1]1)ta suna11 ma duo tirthagamana yaya. bastu dana yaya. pirke5u(d)dhala
yaya. bilu sthapana yaya. jirajana hmyaca moca nake. bicara yaya . . . . slba tu bharapava [i]sthapa
na yaya. sur[y]ya(ya) bhakta6 [ya]yaya. bra[r]hmayake seba yaya. jithi nake. ti yake dolachi nakaya
phala raka. thvatena manuyapanisyena bujharapava soya mara. brahmaya the1]1 bil)uya the1]1
thama yana karm[m]ana thavana juyuva. bhina yatasa bhina juyuva. (ma bhina yatasa) ra bhina
juyuva. thvatena suyava manu$yalokana bujharapava . . . hana1]1 thava sarila nldana yaya mara. ra
. . . nusa I(c)cha yaya mara. sa1]1pat(t)I dako trIbhaga yaya. bhogu bhukti yaya. cha bo . . dana rjha
yaya. cha bo kuradharm[m]a yaya. cha bo bhina karm[m]asa du biya mara. sadhujanava sa1]1ga yaya
dhaka1]1 dharm[m]ana lak$mlyata kana jula.
Colophon: iti srldharm[m]alaksmlpural)e atama 'dhyaya[na] namo II subha(1]1). sa1]1bata 1866.
1 For charapola.
2 For apa.
3 For prakl/.
4 For sruta.
5 For pirro
6 For bhakti.
Us. or. 64 9.
Paper. Fois. 53, numbered 2-, 9-20, 23- 50, 62-70; 16 leaves and end missing. 38,3 x 10,6 cm. 32
x 7,5 cm. 8 lines. Nepalakara. Nevarl. Undated.
[Sivavivihakathi]. From the Svasthinlvratakathi. Incomplete.
Beg.: (sa)hasrakamalaya pUrisa srl-3-brahma utpatti jnla1]1. thva belasa srIbrahmana julasa1]1
prthi(vl) srti yayayata bicala yanao bijyata1]1. thana1]1 1i pacinina hnaspotaya pui pi kayao thikala
nakao chota1]1. thva belasa thva pucina julasa1]1 mahabIra parakramI madhu kaitaba dhaya nama
daitya nihma utpat(t)i juyao ola1]1. thana1]1 1i srlbrahmal)a joga dhyana yanao bijyata1]1. thva belasa
lakhajalamaya juya cona1]1. thva belasa thva madhu kaitaba coneyata thasamalao jula1]1. thva belasa
sahasrakamalaya culusa1]1 [thva belasa] cu jonao thaha olaql. thva belasa srl-3-brahmaya thasa the
nal]1. thva belasa brahmayata sasti yanao kuti1]1kala choya tyana1]1. thva belasa srlbrahmana srljoga
maya aradhana yata1]. thva belasa srljogamaya utpat(t)i jula1]1. thana1]1 Ii srIjogamayana para1]1
Nr. 63-
brahma srIbiI)uya jagart[t]ana juyakala.:p. thva belasa srIbiIuna svatanasyar madhu kailaba dhiya
nama daityana brahmayata sasti yaka svayao srIbiI)una julasar tbamanar. bijyanao thva madhu
kailaba daitya 0 jalasa khuyadola dar samma anega prakarana mahikallola sargrama-ju[r]ddba
yanao bi jyatar.
End: bho parameSvara gaurisakara. chalapola gathinahma dhilasa. thao mayana thama toka
puyao manuyaya mayasa lnddha juyao anega mathana krida-bilasa yiao bijyakahma thathirhma
bhabinisar.karaya caranasa kOli 2 namaskara. bho jagadlsvara. hanar samudramathana yaka bela
sa kilakila esa thahi oyao p,thib[h]i bhasma juya tanal belasa chalapolana kayao galapatasa thata
kao debaloka daityaloka manuyaloka raki yikahma n1lakarlha dhaka nama prakinti juohma
thatbi(r.)hma n1lakaIlhayita koli 2 namaskara. bho srImahirudra. hanar S,li sthiti sarhira tha
mar. yasya bijyika. thathir.hma kalintakayita koli 2 namaskara. bho isvara. hana tripurisurao
juddba juo belasa chalapolaya sarathl gathina dhilasi. p,thibi ratha catu(r)veda sala candrasiry[y]a
ghacaka brahma sarathi sumeru parb[b]ata dhanua seaniga ligona mahabiI)u ba . . trna dhiyi
ghica chapu phutakeyita saja. thathirgu tripurisura mocakao conahma bisvambhara sn-3-mahide
bayita koli 2 namaskara.
1 For lena.
6 U. or. 4353.
Paper. Wooden covers. Fols. 324. 32,2 x 12 cm. 27 x 7,5 cm. 7 lines. Nepilakara. Nevirl prose.
Beg. : or namo ratnatrayiya nama[ha]i. hnapil. namaskara yiya. yasya prasidakiraI)e skalitat
mata(t)tvai) ratnaprabhiparikaraprahatidhakara pasyar.ty anaviladrsai) savirasamucai tasmai na-
maskrtariyar. gurubhiskaraya. or namo buddbiya . . . or. nama(i) srIprajiapar(a)mitayai . . . or.
namo lokanathiya[i] . . . or nama! srImaIjughoaya . . . Olp namo srIsarasvat[rI]yai . . . or nama!
srI-ary[y]atirayai . . . srIgaI)eSaya nama(i) . . . Olp namo ratnatrayaya namai). atha mahiyanasitra.
viharati kanikadau sakyasir.ho muni(n)4(r)o 'paramitasurasalghai(i) sevamano janoghai(i)) ku
valayadalanetro lakanai(r) yuktagatra(i)) , samabhavahita[tha]sthi sarvalokai(i) hitastha. asyartha.
parapirbakila srI-3-sakyasilp.ha bhagabinar sumeruparbatasa bijyatalp.. gathir.ha bhagabina dhi
sa. munindra dhiya munisvara dakvaya ind(r)a juyao bijyakahma. hanal brahma biIu mahesvara
ind(r)a adir asalya debalokapanisyana minya yikio bijyina cohma. hanalp. gathi(r)hma dhisi.
uphosvi[l]nayi hala thyalp. birign mikhi juyi cohma. hanalp. dakva lakaIanar. sarjukta juyio
cogu sar1la juyi cohma. hanar srIsikyasilp.ha bhagabina dhisi. bhabahitastha dhiya salp.sira svari
pa samudrasa conapanista hita ciyao. samudra para yatakao bijyakahma. thathi(r.)hma srIsakya
silp.hanalp kanakacala dhiya sumeruparbatasa dharmasana bijyanao dharmakathi ajia dayakao
End: thvall jayasrI-bhikunar ajia dayaku nyanao sabhiloka sakalyalp bodha juyio cona. tbanal.
I sabhiloka sakala lihi onar. thana I jinesvari-bodhisa(t)tvanal guruyigu ijia sirasa dhiraIi
yanao thao salpgha sakala munakio hnithal. 2 bhaktinar dvadasatlrthasa snina yanao. jathib,dhil
thyalp danaka\ia yinao jula. thanalp. Il gulichilp. thugu pUI)yayagu prabhibanar. thuguli nepilasa
sadasarbakalat sakabhana utpa[ n ]ta santa juyao mar.gala juyao cona. thanalp I thuhma tathigat
[t]aya dharma badhaya juyio mahabhijia juyao bijyakahma jayasrl-bhiunalp. julasar hanalp
Nr. 6465
sar.ghapani sakalyar svayao thugu prakilar ajda dayakalar. he lokapi(r.). thugu thinasa thugu
svayambhuya kathi kanegu nyanao calaya yatar.. thugu thinasa thugu pUl)yayagu prabhibanar
sadasarbakalar. sUbha-margala juya mila. hanar. thugu nama mahabiharasa bijyana CO(r)pl(r)
. . . . ya or. thva svayarbhimahipurana bhikha cokao thao grhasa tayao taya jula. thva saphi
sunanar. gVahmasyanar 10bhiyanI papayani yaya ra du jular. sva jaka svayagu dhisa thva bi
kha(r) juka kane dhisa hiyahmasyanal]1 kane jio. subhar..
Marginal title: svayar.bhi'.
I For (SkI). yathividhi(m).
65 l. or. 6426.
Paper. Wooden book-covers. Fols. 165, numbered 1-136 and 138166 + 2 unpaginated fols. Fol.
137 missing due to mistake in numbering. 36 x 13,5 cm. 27,5 x 8 cm. 9 lines. Nepalakara. Nevan,
prose. Dated N. E: 1013. Written by Vajracarya Ratnabhadra of Milasnvihira, Otulola, Kath
Beg.: or namo ratnatrayaya. or. nama!) snsarvabuddhabodhisa(t)tvobhya!. or. nama!) svayar
bhudharmadhituvaglsvaraya. srlatayanasarvadharmas triJokasa prakasayasita! snghanatar mahi
buddha(r) vande 'hal]1 saranasrtar. natva trijagadlsanar dharmadhitujinalaya! tata(!) svayar
bhisardarsa(r.) vak(y)ami sunutidarat. srisakyamuni bhagabinatvar namaskara yanao osapolaya
sarana yanao guhma snbuddhabhagabana paramesvarasyer. tribhubanasa svargamadhye patalasa
hanar sa( d)dharma prakasa yana biyao lokapir. uddhara yakatvar jula. thathirhma biglsvara
hanal] punarbida1 kamadhitu ripadhitu arupyadhitu bhubanaya isvara dharmadhitu bigIsvara sri
svayarbhi bhagabana namaskara yanao svaYal]1bhipuranakathi jinar. hlaya. mokapada laya ika
yakapi[r]nisyenar nene mala. idarabhiba tayao idarabhiba yana guhma manukar. sraddhabhiba
tayao pirbakana yana s
lsvayarbhikathi nenao manya yata ohma manukaya samastar papa mo
cana juya mana bacana sarira suddha juyao bodhisa(t)tva juyuo. tadyathi. thugu katbi gathe
dhi(la)sa. bhirkar. jina hlaye tena. parapirbakilasa jayasrI-bhikur dayio cona. thva jayasrI
bhiku chahnuya d[nasa aneka bhikupanisyenar1icakio bodhimarQapa dbiyagu bibirasa bijyika
tVal]1 jula.
End: he maitnya bodhisa(t)tvapir. china dbilasa. kalikilasamayasa suninar. guhmasenar. nir
malajajia idlnar aneka jajiakarma yiyagu isamartha juyuo. hanar. danaparamitina para onegu
idlnar. danapul)ya yayegu. hanal1 mahimeghabhojana idlpanar. sarghabhojana thuti idi[r.]nar
nana prakirayi saddharma yayegu jular. asamartha juyao onyiya karal)asa sa( d)dharmakathi nene
thirgu mahataodhana2 pUlya chur. ra du dhaka. thvateya karanasa chikapisanar jisil]1 sadasarba
kalar. sa(d)dharmakathi-a birarbara nene mala dhaka. snjayasn-bhikusena ajda dayakugu a
nenao sinesvan nama bhiu pramuanar. sakala sabhilokapanIsaya anarda citta yanao sakala sa
bhilokapisanar. snguru jayasrI-bhikuyata namaskara yanao thao 2 sthinasa lihi bijyata. thanarli
srijayasrl-bhikuya sal]1ghapit hanar. jinesvan nama bodhisa(t)tva prabhrti sakala bodhisa(t)tvapa
ni sakalyer ikasama(r)ganar bosye oyao nepilamalQalasal1 thenakala onao sakala tirthasar sna
na yina danapul)ya yanao srlsvayarbhU bhagabanayake bhajana yanao cona. thvate a srljayasrI
bhikuna s
Isoye( m) bhi bhagabina utpanna juogu darsana yanao sakala sarsarayata upadesa biye
dhuna dhaka thao manasa sua-anar.dana bodhimarQapa-mahabiharasar conao bijyata.
Nr. 65-66
Colophon: iti srisvayaJjlbhu-utpattikathayaJjl subhaitadharmamahatmyekathayaJjl dasamo 'dhya
ya(l) samapta(l) II 10 II ye dharma h[y]etuprabhava h[y]etu(Jjl) teaJjl tathagata hy avadat tea(Jjl) ca
yo nirodha evaJjlvidi mahasravaQa[Jjl](I). sambat 1013 sala miti suddha aaghasukla 13 roja brhas
patibira thu uhnu kiJjltipuramahanagare otutola milasrlmahabiharaya piJjlbahacarya baJjlsabatara
srlbajracirya srlratnabhadrana Iiapita. sfbham astu sarvajagataJjl.
Text on front fol. (written by another hand): svayambhupuranasaphu. harkharatna jaya jaya.
Marginal title: svayamO purao and svayaJjlbhupurana.
I For punarbi ra.
2 For mahaf.
6669 Mahayana Manuals and Sitras
66 Hs. or. 6383.
Paper. Two texts: (1) Arya-aparimitayu-nama-mahiyanasutra (fo!. 1-40) and (2) Pratijna-nama
dharal)l (fo! . 41-45, first fols. missing). Fols. 45, numbered 1-45. (1) 17,8 x 6,9 cm, (2) 18,5 x 6,5
cm. (1,2) 13,5 x 3,5 cm. 5 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit with Nevan paraphrase. (2) Donor: Kulavaj
ra Vajracarya of Kvathabahila, Thahititola, Kathmandu.
(1) Arya-aparimitayu-nama-mahi yanasCtra.
Beg.: 01 nama! sarv[v]abodhisa(t)tvebhya!}. hnapal)1 thva sal)1sarasa dakva buddha dhiyakao
bijyakahmapani hanal)l bodhisa(ttva)gal)apani dakvasayasta namaskara. eval)1 maya srutam. ekas
min samaye bhagavan sravastyal1 viharati sma jetavane anathapil)cadasyarame mahata bhikusal)
ghena sar[d]dham ar[d]dhatrayodasabhir bhikusatail) sal)1bahulais ca bodhisa(t)tvair mahisa(t)t
vail. tatra khalu bhagavan mal)1jnsriyal)1 kumarabhutam amatlltrayate sma . . . (fo!. 4 front) hnapal)1
srava(s)tipura dhayagu mahinagarasa bhagabana jurasal)1 chagu samayasa bijyata dhaka dhiogu
ienao taya du thva a. gathe dharasa. jetabana-mahibiharaya agrasa anathapilca dhayahma maha
jana(na) dayakio tayi ujhinasa taodhanapani inand[r]a-bhiu siriputra-mau(d)galyayanabhiku
pramuanal)1 jhimasvara iaya mi bhikupani hanal)1 asal1ya bodhisa(t)tvaganapani hanal1 debaga
na nigagala daityagala manuyagala yakarikasagal)1dharbakinnaramahoraga thathil)1ganapani
sakalel)1 napa srlsakyamuni bhagabana julasil)1 sabhimal)1cala (da)yakao bijyaka byarasa dakva
sabhilokapanisyanal)1 pujibhiba yatakio inandanal)1 bijyika byarasa dakva sabhalokapanisyana
pujabhiba yatakao anal)1dana bijyakatval)1 jula I
End: snsakyamunina ajfia jula. bho mal)1jusn kumara. thugu sutra niyagupu gvahma minuyana
bonlo ohma puruaya thao ayu thamanall basasa tayio coie dayao1 ji thurita mviyaki ji thathel)1
mrtyu juyaka dhaka dhaya samarth(y)a dayakao coia daio. hanal)1 gva byalasal)1 jyitha juyagu'
mamvara2 byadhikataroga dhayagul)1 daio ma u. siya mvara byidhi ma dayakao ati banarikagu
sarira juyakao sukha-anal)ldana coie daio thuki dhaka bhagabananal)1 ajfa dayakaral)1. thuti bhaga
banaya ajfia amrtasvarupa bacana ianao anal)1d[r]a-bhiku prabhitil)1 hanal)1 ma(l)1)jusrl kumara bo
dhisa(t)tva adil)1 thugu sabhasa conapani debatana manuyagana daityagana [daityagala] garucaga
na gandharbagana guri sabhiloka data urital1 bhagabananal)1 ajM dayakugu ilanao thao 2 cittabo
dha juyao bhagabanayata svacaka urao caranasa bhoka puyao byara kayio thao 2 bhubanasa liha
Colophon: ary[y]a-aparimitayu nama mahiyanasutral)1 samaptal)1.
1 For: dayao.
2 For: mumvara.
Nr. 67
67 Hs. or. 4334.
Paper. Fois 68, numbered 1-1, 63-64, 66-70. 41,5 x 12 cm. 32 x 7,5 cm. 7 lines. Nepalakara.
Nevan. Undated.
Laltavitara. Incomplete.
Beg.: Om namo buddhiya. namo dharm[m]aya. namai) samghiya. Om namo dasadiganamtapar
y[y] antalokadhituprati!hitasarvabuddhabodhisa( t )tvary [y] asravakapratyekabuddhebhya atitana
gatapratyutpannebhyai) . tadyathi. parapirb[b]akale hnapam b[a]uddha bhagabina janmakila
bijyakagu lalitabistara puranayagu nepilabhikhanam byakhyana yaya tyena. gathya dhilasa. bud
dha dharm[m]a samghayata namaskara yaya. buddha dhayihma gathimnahma dhilasa. bairocana
akobhya ratnasambhaba amitibha amoghasiddhi thvate nahma idibuddha dhiya. hanam bipasvi
sikhi bisvabhi kraku(c)chanda kanakamuni kasyapa sakyasimha thvate sapta muni dhiya. thathi[m]
napim b[a]u(d)dhayata namaskara yaya. hanakanam dharm[m]a dhayahma kana bhagabatl prajia
piramiti gandhabyiha dasabhimisvara samadhiraja lamkabatara saddharm[m]apulQanka tathiga
taguhyaki subarl)[l)]aprabhi thvateyita dharm[m]a dhiya. thva dharm[m]ayita namaskira. hanaka
nam samgha dhayahma kana srI-ary[y]abalokitesvara maitreya gagalagamja samantabhadra baj(r)a
paQi maijughoa sarbanIbar( a)Q[ Q ]abikambhI kitigar[b ]bha khagar[b ]bha thutiyata samgha dhiya.
thvate samghayata namaskara.
End: thvate bhikhi nyanao suddhod[h]ana raja banasa putrayata svara bijyatam. thana banasa
hata 2 sana duhim bijyanao sviyanidvala kumalam bhukao cOl)ahma putraya thi(ya) thyakara bijya
tam. raja mantri kaji bharadira sainya sametam thana putraya khva(1a) svaya a(s)cary[y]a caya
conam. bOdhisa(t)tva lidhi simastaka agnikala uthaya yanao sva(r)g[g]ao thatum kvatum yani
bijyatam. jajvalyamana yana bijyatam. thana baubana bi(n)ti yatam. bho putra sarbajia. chiya
imathya cona putra jita bijoga yaya mate. cham amagu karya yaya samaya ra ji nL bho putra. jita
anatha ya(ya) mate. rajya sthira yina bijyihu. jita durg[g]ati choya mate puta dhaka aneka prakara
Qam bujhaya yananam bujhaya ra ji mikha ra kana. thathe juyao suddhod[h]ana rajana 0 ya(ya)
mi thva ya(ya) ra mata. thana baubana kayaya caraQ.asa bhoka puyio bimti yatam. bho putra
bodhisa(t)tva. ko!i 2 kama jimike bahutim maya taya thugu chava ni dana bijyihum. nirmaya jimi
upare juya bijya(ya) mate. birambira bhoka puyao bimti yitam. thanamli harabihaka macitasyam
svaya conao suddhod[h]ana rajayata hisa yatam. aho a(s)ciry[y]a baubanam likam putrayata ani
ya(ya) Ii. thva dharmasa ra logu kary[y]a yata. thva rajaya buddhi chum ra du ka matyaogu karma
yatam dhaka sa java macata hila conagu nanao mantrinam macatayata dhilam. bho hala . . .
Colophons: iti srIlili[l!avi!are nidanaparivart[t]o nama prathama ('dhyayai) (fo!. 8 front). iti
snlalitavi!are samutsahanaparivart[t]o nama dvitlyo 'dhyaya(i)) (fo!. 24 front) . iti b[a]u(d)dhajan
mavadana(m nama) trtiyadhyaya(i)) (fo!. 33 front). iti snb[a]u(d)dhivatarakulavamsaparisuddhipa
rivart[t]o nama trtIyo 'dhyaya(i)) (fo!. 38 back). it b[a]u(d)dhajanmadharm[m]alokamukhaparivarto
nama pamcamo 'dhyaya(i)) (fo!. 40 font.) iti srIlalitavi!are prabaleparivart[t]o nama a!(h)ama
'dhyiya(i) (fo!. 43 font). iti lalitavi!are gar[b]bhivakril)ltiparivart[t]o nama saptamo 'dhyaya(i)
(fo!. 47 back). iti devakulopanayaneparivart[t]o nama!ama ('dhyayai) (fo!. 64 front) . iti abhiral)a
parivart[t]o nima navama ('dhyayai)) (fo!. 64 back) . iti lipisalasandarsanapalivart[t]o nama dasama
('dhyayai)) (fo!. 67 back) .
Nr. 6869
68 Us. or. 6459.
Paper. Wooden covers. Fols. 116, numbered. 32 x 10 cm. 26 x 5,8 cm. 7 lines. NepiHakara.
Sanskrit. Dated N.E. 1051. Donors: Sakyabhiku Rajamana, his wife Nanimaya, and their sons
PirQananda, Prayigavajra and Unukevajra from Indravatmahiivihara, Inaco(ola, Bhaktapur.
Mahi pratalgiri.
Beg.: 01 namal snsarvabuddhabodhisattvebhya II 01 namo bhagavate ary[y]apratyaQgirayai II
srImadyamadviam aseaguQaprasiti . . . m vart[t]akananavaniia tava prakinti II vaktratrayin kili
sakba<gadhara(l)1) sakart[t](r)icakrabjakarp[p]arabhrtat manasa namani II 1 II eval1 maya srutal)1.
ekasmin samaye bhagavan deveu trayastril)1seu sarvadeval nandanavane viharati sma. maQisu
vakuvalayacampakanagapupiiibhi(r) nanavidhai ripasobhitakalpasamalal)1krte ninial1kiravi
bhiite II nanamrgadipakigaQakijite II tiry[y]akuQ<avenubheriprabhrtipraQavedite II sakrabrah
mididevanam indreQa devapsarabhi[l]r nanavidhiibhir vikri<ite II sarvabuddhasanghabodhisa(t)tva
dhi!ite /1
End.: iti buddhayogena sarvopadraveu trijapta kart[t]avya II idam avocad bhagavin. sarvabud
dhabodhisa(ttva)nal)1 ca [d]devamanua-asuragaru<aki[l)1]nnaramahoragagal)1dharvas ca loko bha
gavato bhiiitam abhyanandan iti II
Colophon: ity aryadvidasasahasrikiyil)1 mahapratyal)1giriya sarvatathiigatoQlasititapatrinapa
rajita nama mahiividyarajil avalokitamir[d]dhi trtlya(l) kalpa(l) samapta[m](It) II subham II su
bha(m). sambat 1051 sala miti jye!hamase suklapaka 1 pratipadayal1 punyatithau mrgasilanaatre
dhrtiyoge yathakarQ[Q]amahotarel bn[d]dhava[ra]sare vrarasigate savitare2 sayavarasigate3 candra
masi dinapate jajamana nepalamaQ<ala bhaktipuramahanagare inacotola indravatmahivihire 'va
sthita sakyabhiku rajamana tasya bha(r)[j]ya nanimaya tasya prathama putra pUrQ[Q]ana(n)da
dutiya putra prayagavajra trtiya putra hnukevajra. thuti samiha juyao cona belasa dharmacitta
utpat(t)i juyao snkla(deva)tasthanasa nitya nitya patha yayata srImahapratyal)1girapustakasaphii
coka taya. subham.
Marginal title: (on the left) mahao, (on the right) pra(tyan)gl(ra).
1 For muharte.
2 For savitari.
3 For sa evarasi".
Us. or. 4320.
Palm-leaves. Fois. 88; several leaves damaged or tom of. 53 x 4,5 cm. 46 x 3 cm. 2 punch-holes.
Nepilakara. Sanskrit, prose and verse. Dated N.E. 5(4)9 or later but certainly during the reign of
Jayayaka Malia (1428-1482 A.D.) who is mentioned in the colophon. Donors: Sncandra Bharo and
Srljasaklrticandra from the Tarucchayivihira, Kathmandu.
Beg.: namo bhagavatyai aryamahapratisarayai. ghorair ityupasarv[v]arogamakarair ikrantam etaj
jagat drstva yakapisicaraka(sa)gaQail santrisita dulsahait sarv[v]ajial) na dayavatal)1 pratisari
devi tvam utpiiiti t(v)i vande paramesvan bhagavatl sarv[v]arthasampatkarI. lokarthasiddhipara-
Nr. 69
mabahuratnacitrmp. saddharm[mlakosam asamar. sramalaya vIral) ayantu tal siramahoragadaitya
sarghiil) pijavidhinanirava garuga narendral. aryam imar pratisarar. smrtimatranathir rakavi
dhanacaturai jagatar. samastar. sarvarl[l)lita stutisatais tai(l) sarv[vlai ca siddhinicayar. prasa
mar bhiyal). evar. maya srutam. ekasmin samaye bhagavar mahavajramerusikharakilangare
viharati sma. mahavaj(r)asamadhibhimipratilhiine mahivajrakalpavrkasamalankrte mahavajra
pukiril)lratnapadmaprabhodbhiite mahiivajravilikasarskrtabhimibhige mahiivajridhisthane ma
hivajramalgalagate sakrasya devanim indrasya bhavane mahiivajrasit.hasanakoliniyutasatasahas
rair v[v]irajite dharm[mladesana pratiharye sarv[vlabuddhiidhisthiinidhisthil . . .
End: vidyimantraprayoganar. ca sarv[vlei sidhuprayuktanar. siddhinar. siddhakarl siddhi
narp cakobhal)l paraprayuktanai ca vac[clanl. paravac[clananar. ca mocanl. sarv[vlavighnavinaya
kanai ca nianakarl. kalikalahakaluaprasamanakan. sarv[vlagrahavimocanl. yo graho . . . saiva
. maijari vajrapalis casya mahiyakasenapatir vajrelidlptena prajvalitena cakrajvallbhitena. tavad
dhyayed yavan mirdhina spholayet. catvaras casya mahiirajano ayomayena cakrel)a mirdhina
spholayeyu(l kuraprahirel)a ca viniayeyu(I) . tasya ca yakalokac cyavanar bhavet. agakava
tyar rajadhinyarp na labhante vasa(m). asya khalu puna rahula mahiltavatl mahividyaya sakrtpa
rivart[tligayar rajacaurodakagni[rlviasastratavlkantaradurgamadhyagataI) sarv[v]abhayebhyal pa
rimocyate. iyatp. khalu mahisltavatl nama vidya cakanavatya ganganadlvalukasamai(r) buddha[r]
bhagavadbhir bhiiita bhasiyate. siddhi paramasiddha siddhaparakrama. sarv[v]adevanagayaka
gandharvasuragarugakinnaramahoraga vandita sarv[v]ajinagalaparivrta. sarv[vlabhayop[r]adraveu
mama sarv[v]asa(t)tvanai ca sivam arojna1 santi bhavatu. idam avocad bhagavan attamana ayuma
rahulal). sa ca sarv[v]avatlvarat sadevamanuasuragandharvas ca loko bhagavato bhiisitam abhya
nandann iti.
Colophon: aryasltavatlmahividyarajil nama dhirall parisainapta. aryamahipratisara. aryamaha
mayin. aryamahisihasrapramard[ d]anl. aryamahimantranusarall. aryamahasltavatl. ete paicara
kasitra parsamapta. ye dharm[mla hetuprabhava hetun tear. tathiigato ['dd]h(y) avadat teai ca
yo nirodha evar.vidl mahisravaIa(I . deyo dharmo ye pravaramahayanayayina paramopasako pa
ramadhiirmiko sribhiiro candra bhratr snjasaklrt[t]lcandrau tadubhayasahanumat[t]ena saganapari
varanam. ya(d) dattapunyatp tad bhavatv. acaryo matapitrpirv[v]adhna mad krtva
sakalasa(t)tvaraser aluttarajianaphalapteti. rajadhirajaparamevaraparamabhallarakasnsrijayaya
kamalladevasya vijayarajye abde svidasarandhrabal)a ca yute mase site karttike saptamyar. raviva
sare sravala . . . sampirl)[ I ]ar . . . dese srivarakalhamal)gapataru( c)chiiyavihirilaye sadhvl ya(r)
kulilakmi-matur udarat sarjatabhratidvayol) bhirocandra. (Then follows, written by another
hand:) idar pustakar bhikha goyar. samapta[sa]r.. kalasapijajorana kumalipija mala juro. guru
panista dakaIa dar 2 dhire biya mala. guru beta thakali noko nakihmar 2 thvati uti dakala mara.
miragubahara 2 . . . kura 3 pra 2 betayata kura 1 gvayasa samaptam[a]. mirasvaguruyata tayake ku 3
dakaI)a ke kura 2 beta kura 2 dakala utir. guruhmar 2 antaradiguri bhopayake mila juro.
The texts deals with the five personifications of certain formulas, i.e., Mahipratisara, Mahisahas
rapramardanl, Mahamantranusaril)l, Mahimayiri and Mahasltavatl who form the group of the five
protective goddesses (Paicaraki) and are original dhi ra1l.
I For iroga(').
70-121 Ritual
Buddhist 70-101
Hindu 102-119
aiva 102-118
Vail)ava 119
Rituals concering house building 120-121
U; or. 658.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 39 1/2. 19 X 7,8 em. 14,5 x 5,5 em. 5 lines. Nepalak$ara. Sanskrit, with
directions in Nevarl. Undated.
Beg.: 01)1 nama! snvaj(r)asa(t)tvaya II acary[y]abhi$ekavidhim aha II bidhi thel)1 sthipana yaya II
nakasa [1 caya. gurumatQaia pa(l1)cagarbhe chyaya. sindhra taya. pal)1cakul)1bhapija mohani so
dhal)1 adi samaya lakha balibisarjana. tisamidhiklesanyasa kuhmapija hia thel)1 debapija II thana
la svasyal)1 hake svastikasa taya. gurumaQQaia danake bisa[r]j[iJana yatake II hitha jojalapal1
ad[h]ekhana II bodhivaj(r)ena buddhanal)1 yathidattam ahamahamamapitana nathiya khavajidye
dadahi me II bodhibaj(r)ana buddhapanistal)1 gathe bira athel)1 bihune. he natha he guru II bhivana II
rajasa ri$iti$!a(da)lakamalopari candrasury[y]a upavisya si$yem baj(r)adhararipaw vibhivya II akar
$ana nirajana baj(r)atara. camata phana toya II bhivani II
End: thana jajna yini yitasi cha jipa ihuti biya II II hoti biya // pal)1 Ii ghal)1. stuti II thana
a$!i)lgapranama satik$ara. thugu kathal)1 hanal)1 dasyasasal)1 jukhyo pramina pija yiya 1/ padyidi
nisyal)1 yaya // a$!il)1gapramanayi sloka // 01)1 namo manjusrlya svihi /1 01)1 namo srasnya svihi // 01)1
namo ubhamasrlya svihi 01)1 al hil)1 /1 nama(l)) sarv[v]atathigatebhya!) kiyavak[a]cittapijopastha
naya itmi niry[y]itayimi / 01)1 sarv[v]atathigata kiyavak[a]citta adhiti$!hatu mil)1 rak$a[l)1]ntu sva
hi // 1/ thana pratipaprati$!hi 1/ sal)1kalpa yiyal)1 chiyake // thana mihibali biyake // cakrapiji //
pirnihuti // isirbidabisarj[j]ana // sagana taya /1 gurupiji dak$ani s[y]e$ihuti /1 bisarj[iJana. klesa
ma(Q)Qaia lao hliya // iti satapujividhi(l) samipta(l) //01) hara hara nilavarQ[Q]ava[r]j(r)apinl hUI)1
hUI)1 pha! phat svihi 1/ mihikirayi mantra II
1 For Ii.
Nr. 71-73
71 Hs. or. 4301.
4 texts: (1) Amogba,amivratavidhi, (2) Siyapravesavidhi, (3) CakrasaJvarapijavidhi, (4)
Nrtyesvarapijavidhi. Paper. Fois. 19, numbered 61, 7\ 62, 72, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 19; 1 , 4, 9, 14, 27, 33;
and 3, 9
, 10
Many fols. missing, some damaged. 22 x 7,6 cm. 18 x 5 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara.
Sanskrit, with directions in Nevan. Written by two scribes. Undated.
(1) Amoghi$tamivratavidhi (fol. 61, 71). Incomplete.
Beg. : . . . (a)rya!am arhatar sikam anusiye anuvidhiye anukaromi 11 7 11 argha II or. sara 2 sirl 2
kara 2 paca 2 hara 2 ba 2 hi 2 hir. 2 orkara brahmavesa I dhara 2 dhiri 2 dhuru 2 tara 2 mara 2 bara 2
rasmisatasahasrapratima!gitasarlre jvala 2 tapa 2 bhagavan somiitya[r]yamavaru!akuberabrah
mendrar. ridevagabhyarc[c]itacara!aya argham prati(c)cha varadaya svaba II 3 II vrataka II or. sara
2 hulu 2 bhagavan dhara 2 samayam anusmara bUr. hir phal pha, svaba II 3 II Iiya dvaphola.
End: idar. ca yoadhasliasarvarasamadanar. cittakalarkalaya cittapariskaraya yogasambharaya
sarv[v]asa(t)tvanar. mUktaya buddhatva[r.]praptaye 'stu. silas candanaliptaIga dhyanaparavara
!avrta bodhyargakusumavair![!]ar. viharadhvar. yathasukhar. krto va sarv[v]asa(t)tvarthar.
siddhi da(t)tva yatbanuga. gacchadhvar buddhaviayar punaragamanaya ca. hir a ur
vajramargala mul) 11 7 11
Colophon: amogba,am1vratavidhi(l)) samaptal) II 7 II subham astu sarv[v]ada II 7 II
On the A$tami-day, the eighth day of the lunar calendar, Buddhist Nevars observe group worship
of Amoghapasa-Lokesvara. They fast until the whole rite, which takes many hours, and the recita
tion of the avadina-story selected for the concluding part of the i$!amlvrata is over. The ceremony is
held in a vihira courtyard or on a river-bank. A Vajracarya and his assistant perform both the
worship and recite the story. Directions in Nevarl are given to the participants, who all have to
execute a great number of ritual actions, mudris, etc., during the ceremony.
Hs. or. 4309:
Paper. One leaf only. 26,2 x 12 cm. 25 x 9,5 cm on front, 8,5 x 9,5 cm on back. 26 lines oniront,
10 lines on back. Nepalakara. Nevarl and Sanskrit. Undated.
(6) Ava!okitesvaradhyina.
Beg.: srl-3-parkare!a setavikasitar pamaparisasthita. bho siya sapakarar utpan(n)a juyao
gathir.guli padma dhilasa dvalachi hala. mayila cu thva padmaya devane amoghapasa-Iokyasvara
End: vame tara samayuta daki!e bhrkutitara sarve sU[d]dhanakumalar. vame hayagrl tatba
etadrsa saga!ama!galar bbavayet. thathirgva tara debiga!asahitar. bijyata. gathi dhakar dbala
sa. bhrkutitara sudha(na)kumira hayagrl(va)kumira thava java khava mahi anandana sobbamanar
yaIa bijyata.
73 Hs. or. 4295.
Paper. Fold-book. Leather covers. Fois. 12. 13,8 x 7,l cm. 11,5 x 5,5 em. 13 lines, written in an
upright manner. Nepalakara. Nevart. Undated.
Nr. 73-74
Beg.: Ol!l nama(l)) sncal)Qikaya II Ol!l brahmayalIyata II garbha, lu, blhi, tacho, basta, pita,
cet[r]a, kUl!lkuma, svlna, cal!lpasvlna, bhuguti, kirajl, bali, rasvanaya ti, dhupa, snkhalQa, hmasu
- itara, si, sima indul!lbira, dakina, sawka, madhi, ridhi, mokasira, gvaya, sita, vasya 11 1 Il ol!I
mahesvariyata II gar[b]bha - oho, bnhi, bhoyu hl(m)ara, basta, toyu svana, jilasvana, cet[r]a,
karp[p]ura, bhuguta, duduja, bari, ra, prana, dudu, dhipa, kasturi, Itara, toyusi, kasti, dhlre, sima,
tarasi, dakina, Hi, bata, madhi, cvamusomadhi, mokasira, narikyala, bihi, . . . . hamara 11 2 II
End: cola thathya juro II kvamari, hyalu II 1 II brahmlyani, hmlsu II 2 II svari, toyu II 3 II
mahlrasmi, toyu II 4 11 11 5 11 11 6 11 11 7 11 11 8 11 11 9 11 thuti javasa II su 11 11 1 11 indrayani, hmasu 11 2 11
bilubi, valu 11 3 11 bijaya[ca]candrabhairaba, pita. barahi, hyalu 11 4 11 ganesa, toyu 11 5 11 kumlra,
hyalu II 6 11 kalacandrabhairaba, hyalu II camulQa, hyalu II 7 II byaghini, pita II 8 11 thuti kvatha
cheya devaka thathe the II khavasa thuti II
Title on font leaf: atamatrkabhairabagalesakumarasil!lghinlbyaghranlpiJpta pijaya garbha
The ms. gives lists of materials for puja offerings to the Atamatrika goddesses and deities such as
Bhairava, Galesa, Kumara, Sil!lghinl, Vyaghrill, etc. The last portion of the text indicates also the
appropriate colour for each deity with regard to tilakas and offerings such as, for example, flowers,
flags (dhvaja) , etc.
74 Hs. or. 6389.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 24. 20,5 x 8,2 cm. 16,3 x 6 cm. 6 lines. Diagrams and a drawing
representing Bhairava. Nepalakara. Sanskrit, verse. Dated. N.E. 813.
Beg: oll nama! srimahibhairavaya nama(l) 11 3 11 sadyojata(l!I) sasalgal!l srethavadanal!l sarv
[v]atra kamadalll tal!l srlgaralalitasusaumyavadanal!l snvamadevo[r]ttamalll i ghoral!l ghorakalala
gholavadanal!l ghora[lI]mukhal!l dakinal!l pirvantetpurukhal!l susantavadanal!l brahmendrayoges
varal!l ll ir[d]dhvamokapradal!l susantavadanal!l santal!l sivasasvatal!l pltlle varahltakesvaramu
khall nagendrasallpijital!l ll nityal!l nityal!l surasurai(l) stutipadal!l admirt[t]ihal!lkaralal!l sarv
[v]ajfal!l pralato 'smi nitya(f) jagatas t(r)ailokyanithal!l sival!l ll Ol!l namal) mrtYU(I!I)jayaya II 3 II
sugrllgabhasmarlgal!l himakanikanibhibhitakarp[p]irakantil!l ekasyaf ca trinetral!l catur[a]bhu
jadhalal!l l danahastal!l bhayal!l ca pirl[l]akumbhaf ca sa(t)tval!l sasidhanikaral!l dakava motiso
bhalll i sayal!l mrtYl jaYI so sakalabhayaharal!l patu mrtyuljayI sa II
End: agnikalasavisarjanal!l astramal!ltrela II iti bhairavagnihomavidhil!l samaptal!l ll kharavisar
janal!l ll pirv[v]a [y]iJpstadeguri' II dakina krlasmasana II pakima s[v]ayanavasuk[h]i II gal)apati
ut(t)are rakta II durgl atrapara madhyo nira II hetukalll pirv[v]apithal!l[n] tu agneyart[t]i pu
ra[l!I]nta[l!I]kal!l dakila cagnivetalal!l agnijihv3l!Is ca nai(r)rtyal!l II kilakhyavirulyapitha vayus
cakrararine I u[r]ttare ekapidal!l[n] tu ISlle bhlmaripa[l!I]kal!l II a[d]dhes tu hl!akal!l deval!l
ir[d]dh[v]a acarabhairaval!l I hetukidipI!he madhye pltl)a(l!I) prapijayae II iti hetukastaka II
Colophon: (fo\' 15 front) iti srlbhairavagniho(ma)vidh[(I) samapta[I!I](I) II ' " sa(m)bat 813
caitrakrladvitlya budhabara thva kuhnu bhairabagniyajfabidhinapustaka coye dhunaka dina juro.
Nr. 7476
The ritual described in the ms. is performed as worship to Bhairava in his aspect as war-god. It is
believed that Bhairava bestows victory on a king in war against his enemies. In this connection there
is an old custom in Nepal called the kha4gasiddhi during which the King of Nepal exchanges his
sword with that of a Bhairava represented by a masked dancer. The dance is called gathupyikhal!
and is still practised today. There are two occasions in the course of twelve years when the King of
Nepal receives the kha4gasiddhi by exchanging his sword with that of a Bhairava: once in front of the
Gorakhnath Satala and once in Makhantola in front of the temple of Taleju in the vicinity of the old
Hanuman Qhoka Palace in Kathmandu.
1 For i!adeQ.
2 For yet.
Us. or. 4309.
Paper, square-sized. 20,8 x 20,4 cm. Devanagan, Nevan. Undated.
(7) Bo ghisi tayagu pramila.
The manuscript shows a circular diagram illustrating the positions of the different items of food
served on a flat leaf dedicated to deities before the food is thrown away.
(On the ends of the four corers is stated): bOljl gbasa tegul pramala, nepale nyavasamajaya thiti,
kolahataljltrayi pramialjl thugu kriya (and again) bOljl gbasa pramal}a.
Text in the second circle: toyngu amrtapatrasagara 1, jala-amrtapatrasagara 2, madya-amrtapatra
sagara 3, cauduru-amrtapatrasagara 4.
Text in the innermost circle: bajra. de. lao padma. bajl; mabaljlkila -baku musya; mabakill-palu;
kalabhairaba - Ia; svetakall - hi.
When a ritual feast is arranged, a certain share of the food is dedicated to a deity. The ms. explains
how one has to place the various pieces of vegatables, fied lintels, etc. , cooked as well as uncooked,
on a large leaf before this leaf containing the food is actually thrown away on a site called the chvasa.
The text also explains for whom these pieces are meant, etc. On the back of the ms. the scribe has
written a short preface.
1 For tayagu.
Us. or. 4301.
For a description of the manuscript see No. 71.
(3) Cakrasal! varapujividhi (fol. 1, 4, 9, 14, 27, 33). Incomplete.
Beg.: Oljl namai sricakrasaljlvaraya. trisamadher anantarall balidanapirv[v]akaljl mal}<alabhi
miljl gandhopaliptaljl pupadibhis catukolacatu(r)dvaradhipaghatikadibhir nrtyagItidibhis ca
saljlpijya hastima saljlsprsan mal<aladhipa . . . (a)ltasataljl japet satakarai ca saptavaran parijapya
tatraiva de . . . s ca sayiteti. bhimiparigrahavidhil II 7 II
Nr. 7677
End: ' " sarv[v)avighnan baIJldha 2 hiIJl phat iti. hiIlkarajii pitena svayaIJl ca pathan kl . . .
drail sarv[v)adutan nirdahya taIJl ca siya saIJlkarel)a samantabhadraripaIJ vicintya hrdi . . . man
dumalQalam antyasvarohrva'visvavajradhithitaIJl vicintya sirasi candrastha hiIJl jatam ardhasiras
kaIJl mamakyikrantamadhyapancasicikavajraIJl vibhivyataIJl jnanadevl hrccandrastha vajravarata
kintargata mantramalotpanna pltasikmavajrarasmisphural)aii pirv[v)angam abhivyapya kavac
taIJl dhyatva. OIJl ai sankare santikare ghuta 2 ghata nighataya 2 ghita ni amukaIJl raka 2 sva(hi)
The text deals with a ritual concerning the worship of CakrasaIJlvara.
1 For saroruhaO(?}.
77 l. or. 4296.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 41. 15,7 x 7,3 cm. 12,7 x 5,5 cm. 15 lines, written in an upright man
ner, but irregular. A diagram covering 2 pages (fol. 10 and 11). Nepalakara. Nevan. Dated N.E.
812. Written by Vajtacarya Siryamuni.
Beg.: oIJl naIJlai snbaj(r)asa(t)tvaya. causa[s]thibali biyayata thapana thuti juro. kalasa gvada 1
cakalasa gvada 1 sagvana dhali, svagarasamatra, snlakmi 2 jaka[rJiakimi 2 hidara, k[r)edara,
hnasakana, si(Il)dha(ra)mUla, si(m)dhara, mohonisadhana, pancasali, pancadhara 5 gvada 3 japi
ca, p[r)arihirapi(ja) choyayata, karl[I))
p[r)a(ta)ka 3 mvatra, masa, ra, rakha, thva sariva 3 rapra
teo thuti tayava p[r)arihirapija choya. lila sara vane mara juro. causathibarithip[r)ana, gvada 1
chukiIJldara, madhyasa svane, dhunanava, kafl)[I)ap[r)ataka, pancap[r)ataka, m
atra, masa, kaja,
sisabusa dakva. nagamalQala goda 1 barunakola, madhyasa gvada 8 nagapo, bimacuru, pradhira,
dhitu, dbipa pu 1 nagap[r)atra. thuti thipana dhunaiava.
End (of the text proper): pigala . . . supya, pa 1 pekha . . . cinaya, pa 1 keyanaya, pi 1 gukva, pa
1 rQlokvara capara, pa 1 rutabibara, pa 1 yarakha, pa 1 kotavara, pa 1 otabu, pa 1 jahla, pi 1
matikasa, pa 1 duraia simiko, gva 1 thachesa chakidrara, pa 1 duraia debagara, pita 2 thuti
causatbibari vayayata thuti juro.
End (on fol. 11 and 12): dhupa ba 1 ghela, kasti, sikhara II aIJl 1 ghela 1 sam 1 bhoyu himara
pra 1 kasti 1 ka 1 akat[r)a ta 1 dvoki 1 ku 1 taeva 1 sakhara 1 thuti bhu I guti II ra 1 dudu p[r)atha
yaya. 1 meghra sutra 1 paIJlcaraka 1 ka laIJlbitta 1 graha matrika 1 basu(n)dharadharanl II thuti
patha yaya mara II
Sections: yogimbarastuti, cal)Qikistuti, causa[s)thibali, causathipijabidhi, nigamal)Qala, niga
deguli, paIJlcop[r)ahirapijarasyastuti, baraprananagamal)Qalapijabidhi, nagamarapijabidhi', etc.
Title on front leaf: causathibali biyegu pustakam.
Colophon: jathidrta(IJl) tatha rita(m). su(d)dhaIJl vi asu(ddhaIJl) vi mama dukha2 nasti.
vaj(r)acary[y)a su(r)jamune namena iti. sambat 812 akha(Qha)sukra.
A ms. from Patan concerning mainly oblations (bali) to the Nagas. The rite is known as causathi
(Skt. catu/$mti).
1 Skt. nagama14alapujdvidhi.
"2 For doo.
3 For likhitaf.
Nr. 7879
78 Us. or. 4328.
Two texts: (1) CausathibaJi and (2) Nigasidhanajalayajiavidhi. Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 52. 26,S
x 10,S cm. 22 x 7 cm. 7-S lines. A table attached to the last fol. but one, one diagram. Nepilaka
ra. Sankrit and Nevin. (2) Dated N.B. 952. (2) Written by Vajricirya PUl'inanda, son of Vajri
(1) Causathibali.
Beg.: OJ namal) snvaj (r)asa(t)tvaya // causathiyogillbhya namal) 1/ vaj(r)apil)ir uvica. adhye
ayimy ahan nitha sarvajia sarv[vJaseara baJibidhiJ!1 yathikhyitaJ!1 tathi vadatu me prebho 1/ 1 1/
bhagavin uvica 1/ pralamya mu(r)[dJdhni parama(r)gham iry[yJanabhonibhaJ!1 nirm[mJaJacitrade
h sukhilayaJ!1 sarv[vJagulilay ca baliJ!1 pravak(y)e bahuvighnaSi ntyai // 2 1/ . . OJ1 namal)
srlyogimbariya causathiyogillbhyo namal 1/ natvii yogimbaraJ1 nithaJ!1 yogil)lgalaniyakaJ!1 vigh
nahar yogidhiraJ!1 sarv[vJavinisakaJ!1 buddhadharm[mJasaJ!1gharatniJ!1(s) tathi sarvin suraga
lin sarv[vJayogesvarsin devin yogillgal)amal)Qitin . . . yogapariyal)al) / tatal) priliyimidinyi
saJ!1 kirayet / yogimbaranyisa yiya.
End: (fol. 23) 1/ idaJ!1 vaj(r)eSvarl-ijii ivihayet sarvakin 1/ OJ!1 kark[kJalanabandhabar[dJdhana
khakkakhidana sarv[vJadu!in hana 2 ghitaya 2 amukasya kiry[yJa kuru hUJ!1 3 pha! 3 ja svihi 1/
iti suvihugithi 1/ thana paribirapuji. digulibali biya 1/ svina ki tanake 1/ gurupuji / dakili digusa
maya kiya /1 sindula mohani kamipana yanao kaya /1 agama tine I guru prabhiti sakalem tiye II
samayicakra kiya 1/ baJikamipana yinio bali choya 1/ iti saJ1kiptabalikarm[mJa 1/ subh.
The text deals with the giving of puji offerings and oblations to the sixty-four (causathi < Skt.
catulfi) Yoginls.
79 Us. or. 6456.
For a description of the manuscript see No. S2.
(2) Dinavikya.
Beg.: . . . suddheti ghanamil[IJi vici[J!1Jnti ca devasaJ!1ghi yadi jayasira sulli vibhi / yatakhaQgi
misaJ!1 prajiyate /1 svina 1/ S II jya dhiam yatisaJ!1tima . . . tha ripumedyiya sabhio tasya niyataJ!1
suam i(p )nuvanti suito bhogesvarisurina nibhil)ltamitayo bhavati vasino dhyane khurarpasyada
santi yiti manohari yatudiyal)l pujasu deviucaina /1 duneyi 1/ 9 1/ nistabhir arm[mJiu samidhakoi
bhayty asoni re visiranetraJ)1 nari narinam ativikaniyo jodi pramaraa karotiti sghe /1 mata 1/
10 1/ svachaniyanti ghanighaJ!1 raghutaral)l svadivitaJ! sitarayoni jotiyati havitaJ!1 rajasal)lghi he
dejaral)l II kapu rkha /1 11 /1 dvi tri haratakiral)lbhicautaJ!1 ca phanasidikal)l kal!hamuridikal)l
dinal)l jathyasitaJ!1 phaJaJ!1 bhave 1/ phara phUla 1/ 12 /1
End: khemipaJ II 33 II mihikaghoraJ!1 sarv[vJakanikiJ!1 ito 'yaJ!1 vaikibhya dura mahidakaro
vanibhye tasyi daditl satataJ!1 jinasi(J!1)ghikebhyo sva pri(p )nuvati bhojiasvarijarasml 1/ kiraji 1/
34 1/ jya saJ!1ghepati pidayti muditi [tJtil)ichil)ldrapinakaJ!1 he desya durasivitaJ!1ya purasaJ!1-
ghidhibhir itmi priya chitvi te bhava rigasaJ!1bhavi tisni nati yajiiyi pirajiti bhavinuvasye
niyataJ!1 da(t)tvi subhaJ!1 . . . inukaJ!1 II l)aati /1 35 1/

vaJ!1 mayi liitaJ!1. jadi suddhaJ!1 vi [mJasuddhaJ!1 vi mama doa[J1J na d(l)yate.

subha-maJ!1garaJ!1 bhava[J!1Jtu sa(r)vadikiraJ!1. subha(m).
Nr. 791
Among Buddhist Nevars it is the custom to ofer various kinds of substances such as fruits, cereals,
flowers, etc. to one's priest as an act of charity. The priest usually utters some hymns in Sanskrit
describing the merits of ofering such substances by his client after the completion of a particular
ritual. This kind of utterance by the priests is conunonly known as danavakya. The text is extremely
8 Us. or. 4293.
2 texts: (1) Dasakarmakriyavidhi and (2) Mantravakya. Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 2. 19 x 8 cm.
16,5 x 6 cm. 67 lines. Nepalakara. Nevan prose with Sanskrit mantras. Undated. Written by two
(1) DaSa(karma)kriya(vidhi).
Beg: 01 namal) snva(jra)sa(t)tvaya. idani(l1) palapustaka viharadi-caitya g(r)alhakila de
biraye mrtasitchidi pratimiS ca dasakriyabhidhinavat. puthi patibharia babiri-bahira caitya gal)
thakuti debag(a)ra f oho sijara ca Ivabvalj1 silj1 adina[na] dvayake. kriyasaljlgrahasa dhiya thel1
bhipangraha idina bidhina thelj1 yaye. thathelj1 dasakriya yata he. sa1lkipta jurasa pratilhi
berasa chatiralalj1 yaye. bistara jurasa thava thavasa [bela]belasa jojamal)aya anuripal)a atibistara
yayalj1 do kha., brabma atri vaiSya sidra catur( a) var!)[!]a sveta rakta pIta krl)a. thvate dasakriya
bidhina yata
End: ela lavalj1gadina hmalj1sa boya. hyaliu patana mvalj1casa yine. eyu va(sa)tana tlyake. pura
silldra chiyake. thvate liva eheya murjata2 thel1 phalII)I sata bhya
jlcaka silJldhunsala idina
teo puraaya byala ra mala. misaya byala gacolj1thasa pvaca ceya. pupajalal)a khvala poyake.
agnlpradakIla. anInI hasa idina[na] toya. satabhe[lj1]daka stnpurua thethe tara kenake. yoyakag
ni. caturthibhiseka. pirl[l]a. desabali, asirb[b]ididi. caru sababhojana. desajatra. lalj1 sOSYa1l.
dUIj1 kiya. kmalipija. gal)acakra. thvate ehe-kriya.
Tis is a brief description of the sacred rituals which a Nevar has to undergo during his life
according to Buddhist tradition. I is based on the Sanskrit work Kriyisa/graha. At the end ,of the
text the marriage-ceremony (ehe-kriya) of Buddhist Nevars is described. Though the words yatra
bugadeva barani dasakarmakriya are written at the end of the last folio, the Yatra of the Red
Matsyendranatha, also called Bugadeva, has nothing to do with this ms. Possibly the remark was
written during the time of a Matsyendranatha-Yatra by a diferent hand in order to identify the
damaged ms. later.
1 For purukht (= puraQ).
2 For mf.
Us. or. 4350.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 18. 21 x 10,5 cm. 16,5 x 7 cm. 7 lines. Devanagan. Nevarl; only the
Sakyamunistotra gven in the beginning is written in Sanskrit. Undated.
Beg.: 01 namo buddhaya. pralamami jinalj1 sugatalj1 'satatalj1 tapanlyahira[Ij1]l)yasanrachavilJl.
surasuramanusapapaharalj1 II 1 II pral)amami munind(r)a(lj1) gurulj1
Nr. 81-82
lalitar satatakulanijitamarabalar. I dasaparamitapratibodhakarar. caturary[y]avibodhakarar suka
rar. II 2 II pral)amami hita[r]karar devanarar.sanaramarapujitadevavarar amaradikaatgatihai
tyakara sajaramayamrtyubhayadiharam II 3 II . . . II 11 II iti navagrahakrtar sakyamunistotra(r)
samapta(m) II bhagabinyata thva totra bonasa nabagrahar pIga biyi ra khu. sadar anar.da sukha
juyi. bodhijianar lai jula. or namo ratnatrayaya. hnapar. thavagu manayata ciyagu kha kanya.
mana taya nyo. thva sarsararipI samudre cvana janmajaramarala roga[r]byadhir. kayaka: nana
prakarayagu du!)kharupI agnir daha juyaka: thalhiJjagu sasararipI samudre cona gulitaka du!)
kha bhoga yina cone. he mana. he cittaratna. thva sasara gathiJgu dhirasa. kalpakoti janma
jusar. sar.toa trpta ma jugu thva sar.sara. he mana. char. buddhir sIka:ka. gvahma sasaraya
natha juya bijyakahma adinathar gubale sar.sara dayakala thva belar. nisyar. charta nar srsti
yana tala. thva sarsare cona bhramana yana caca ula juyagu ja mahikata dhaka sIkI. he mana. he
End: sakala papar. nasa jui. snana yayata mela jukva sirhasar.kratir nisyar. gvaya
hayagu jula. thugu kathar. tirthajatra vana caityapuja yana dana karma yana tIrthasyabi yasa bahu
pur r.]nya lai. hinar. thva nepale hnapa nisyar. lar.kha cala sthinasa sakabhanar bvarga
hili pukhu tUr daha sakabhanar. tIrtha dhaka hnapa bijyapir bhagabinapirsa ajii dayaka
vana. thva kha nyana lokapir. sakasyanar. tIrthasibi vana triratnayake sarala vaua bhiba yaya
Colophon: iti dvada(sa)tIrthakathi samapta. thugu dharmanar jagat uddhira ju mila. subham.
On fo!. 3, font: iti navagrahakrtar sakyamunistotra(m) samapta(m).
A modern ms. describing bathing places such as fountains (hili) , tanks (pukha, pukhu/i) and lakes
(dahan) considered holy by Buddhist Nevars. The text beginswith a Sanskrit hymn called Sikyamu
nitotra by Navagraha.
82 Us. or. 6456.
2 texts: (1) Gurumal)galavidhi and (2) Danavakya. Paper. Fols. 17. 19,5 x 9 cm. 16 x 5,5 cm. 5 to
6 lines. Nepilakara. Sanskrit, with directions in Nevan. (1) Dated N.E. 952.
(1) Gurumafalavidhi. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . surekhe sarvatathigata adhithina adhilhintatu svahi II II svanamal)gala uyekar. balisa
taye II or candra(r)kavimare bUr sviha II or vajrasa(t)tva sarv[v]avighnanutsare bUr II mal)galasa
svana boya II or ha!) s( v )aha madhyame label r.] nama!) II madhyasa II or. hrir madhyame label r]
nama! II madhyasa II or. su . . . madhyame rabye[r] nama! II madhyasar II 0$ yar purv[v]avI
dyahaya[r.] nama!) II hneone II or rar jar bo[d]dhipaya[r] nama! II khaosar II orla pra gadava
liyaya nama! II thaone II or var utukulave[r.] nama!) II jaosar thathu kur II or. ya upadvIpaya[r.]
nama!) Ilkhao thathu kur. II or. ra upadvipaya[r.] nama!) II khao kvathu kur11 or. la upadvIpaya[r]
nama!) II jio thathu kur II or. va u(pa)dvIpaye nama! II jao kvathu kur. II or. gajaratnaya[r] nama!)
End: cita kayao malgala dhvaye II svanar chuye II iti gurumalgalavidhi(!) samapta!) II sa[r]m
bara II tuti II or. sarv[v]ajie jii nasardeha jagadarthaprasadakar. cintamanI rijobbUta srlsamva
rar namas tu te II vyaptavisva mahijii nar sarv[v]atmanI sadasthita II krpa krogha mahirudra
snsamvarar namo 'stu te II or. natva[r] snvajravarahI(r) mantramurt[t]i(r) jinesvali(r.) a[n]tenta
balada(r) bh
ma(r) ri(d)dhisi[r](d)dhibalaprada(r) evar. kilar samasIlar. sahajanan(d)arupi
nI(r) prajii jiinadehigra(r) namami srlvajrajogini[!)](r.) II
Nr. 82-4
Colophon: II saI!1(bat) 952 II
The texts describes the ritual of the gurumaltala which is either performed independently, as a
rite in itself, or forms the introductory part of some other ceremony such as, for example, the
8 Us. Or. 4324.
For a description of the manuscript see No. 125.
(2) Hiphala svaneyi bidhi
Beg.: OI!1 guru caranakamalebhya namai) II hiphala svaneya bidhi . . . iti svaneya bidhi. subham.
End: sngurucara!akamalebhyo namo nama!) . acamanaI!1. gurunamaskara. pra!ayama!). mi-
lanyasa! . . . thvate japalape(ya) bidhi.
Usually, specially among Buddhist Nevars, animal sacrifices are performed at a separate site close
to the shrine of their gods and goddesses, which they call hiphala. Hi means blood and phala means
terrace. Thus hiphala can be called an altar where animals are sacrifced. The site is called in mod.
Neviri hipha: dya:. It is regarded as the god or goddess for whom the sacrifice is meant. The present
ms. describes the rites necessary when setting up such a site.
8 Us. or. 4309.
Copy-book. Paper. Fols. 6. 16 x 20 cm. 12 x 16 cm. 360 lines. Devanagan. Nevari, prose. No
text on fol. 1 (back) and fol. 6. Undated, but eVidently modern.
(8) Karulimayasidhana.
Beg.: thana 11 karu!amayasadhana yiyegu hnapa dharmayagu milagu jiana chagu 2 dui)kha
bhuktamana yana cvaI!1piI!1 pra!ltegu kara!e dhaka lumaI!1ka thagu agre akiSe paicarasmimegha
svaI1 idiya dhitu! mUlasvarupa guruva pharaka ra duhma karu!amaya triratna gurudeba daki!}!
adiya svarupa bhapa dhyana yana vaspolaya agre sakala pra!!piIp saIsiraduikhasagaraI!1 uddhara
yana bijyana cvawhma dhaka s!ka asa-bharosa yakyeI!1 tasakaI! niscaya yana sara!}a vaI!1sa raka
yana bijyay! dhaka dhatthe niscaya yana Ii rajheobo dhaka sara!}a vanyegu gathi bona thva pril}!
sakaleI1 vaspolaI!1 rak yana bi jyata dhaka mane taya hara yana 1 hanaI!1 thva pra!}! dakva maI!1
bau ra jipiI!1 chahma he ra du pri}!piI1 sakalasinaI!1 ' " samyaksambuddhayagu pada pripta
jV!gu1l taya ph(ay)e ra.
End: vaspola saI!1 deSa! bijyana thisudechen saI1kalpa yanigu gubinaI!1 nidaw taka bina siddha
seI!1 l! hanat thisawdechen rajaI!1 binti yata. jiI!1 pratijna yana conagu guI!1bi siddhai SiI!1buddha
bhagabanaw kaI!1gu lokasa(t)tvoddhara jVlgu dharma thana hemalayadesasa ra duguilI!1 sastinaI!1
ajia jigu dharma madese2 cvaka thana cale yana bijyaye mala dhaka tasakaI!1 niscaya idarabhaba
naI!1 binti yaseI!1 ll padmasaI!1bhaba khus! juya ijia jula. he raj an. chaI!1 tadhaI!1gu pratijia yata.
thva sastra thana cale yaeta saI!1desaya macita abyabih!ta kumara bicaka!}a svabhibapiI!1 valabma
kumirapiI!1ta saI!1skrta adhyayana yaka madesaw bimalamitra idi vala. saI!1dese bijyaka sastanaI!1
bhaita jigu kargyu dhaigu grantha 100 thu va teI!1gyur dhaigu iryanagarjuna adi santideba mahi-
Nr. 8485
pal<itapiIllSal!l ajfa jugu tel!lgyur grantha 200 thu mahaguru bajradhara padmasal!lbhabapil!lgu
ajM mal!ltrayana 6400000 grantha sakala tautra sapta bara paryantaya bhitre bhaantara yana
bijyata. padmasallbhaba sal!dese 260 taka bijyana jal!lbudvIpa pula hlanubu dhaigu dvIpe rakasa
pil!lta bodha yana rakasa dakva dharme laka bijyata. thanal!l li sutra mahayana va tantra bajrayana
mahasandhiyagu sasana sal!ldesasa asal!lkhye cale juyagull daya vase I sal!ldese toyatarI dhaigu
desasa dhubcho chulal!l thim sal!lpo dhaihma mahasiddha 130 dal!l daya vasal!l brddhayagu bhaba
ma duhma vaspola nirbala juya bijya bale rasmiyagu sarIra juya bijyahma mahasiddhayata srIkaru
lJamaya aphaiyagu svaripa darsana biya bijyana thva he thujye chenpoyagn sastra upadesa biya
thugu dvara apalal!l pralJIpiI1ta raka juya uddhara jvI dhaka ajfa juya antardhyana juya bijyata.
anal!l lI 400 d dasenI kham dhaigu dese aphai apha mal!ljusrIya abatara mahapalJ<ita mahasandhi
tantrayanayagn jMna sal!lpurlJa syuhma jyal!l yan cyen cenampo dhaihmayata dhubcho chul thim
sampona rasmiyagu svarupa darsala biya. thugu thungpe chenpoyagu dhyanajfana kana bijyana.
thva sastra asal!lkhe pralJ1pinta raka jvI dhakal!l ajM juya. anal!l tUI!l lIna juya bijyata. vaspola
khyeceval!l hyonten gyachva tasIrachese tenpai mima thulasI ri(n)poke anal!l srIguru bajradhara
najatell jin norbuyata biya bIjyagu.
On the front page: avalokitesvarasadhana tibbata val!lgu anubada nepalabhasa. a<akari artha.
The text deals with the worship of Avalokitesvara, also called Karulamaya. It describes how
Avalokitesvara revealed himself to the Siddha called Dhubcho Chul(al!l) Thim Sal!lpo.
1 I.e., Tibet.
2 For madhyadeie.
85 Hs. or. 4361.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 10. 21,5 x 10 cm. 17,5 x 6,5 cm. 89 lines. DevanagarI. Nevar!' Dated
N.B. 1015.
Kuhmapyikhanayi bidhi.
Beg. : kuhmapyakhal!ya thiti. lityapujasa natesvaraya thasa kisali taya puja. laya-sibi-jolal!l puja
yana kisali kel!l yal!lka akha svane. pujakalasajolal!l. sahmaca-bhojasa sI kayagu. nihma duguyal!l
hmatil!l is!. mulasilaya dugu syanagu sila va val!l kahne-unu bisarjanapujasa syanahma dugu. nisi
nal!l sahmaca naya dhusyal!l li bhojasa hmatil!l nisi 2 kayagu. mulasila-unu sahmaca jaka nayal! ga.
nasa1-mohani li teyata2 laya-siba-jolal!l puja yana cabahal!l jaka syana guruyata kisali hmatil!l dal!l
taya guruyata biya. ke ona duthe bhojana yaya. sila kaya II sambat 1004 asvinasukla 4 roja 5 mulasila
kayagu dina jula. subham II sambat 1009 bhadraba<i 6 rojasa kuhmapyakhal!l mulasila kaya dina
jula. subham II sambat 1020 bhadrabakrna 10 roja 3 sa kuhmapyakhal!lya mulasila kaya dina jula.
End: mulasilaya bidhi II hnapal!l pulu-ke goya. sihnapujajolal!l thakape. il!l, kota, ta, babhu,
poga, kal!lsakarojaka bali debaya hnevane thakape. puja yayagu saphuli coI!l thyal!l thika. bali biya
dhusyal!l II musIlaya ci[IlJhna ma dutale sakasyana1!l japa yana cone. ta, il!l, babhu, poga, ghal!lgala
chuyal!l sabda dayu. athaba debaya sile cOl!lgu sval!l, sval!l-ma
idil!l kuji vayu. thvatisa chata
ci[I!lJhna dayao gata. dugu sal!lkalpa yana tarp[pJana, cakrapuja, mal<ala thile, stuti, citapuja.
dakala mahani-deoyata jaka chaye.
Colophon: (on the head of the beg. leaf) sambat 1015 miti bhidrabakrna 7 sa kuhmapyaal!lya
mulasila kaya dina. subhal!l.
Nr. 85-6
Marginal titles: puluke, musila, javaavapija, badeuja, aijana, a!J1janasodhana (in pencil) .
puna debapuja. bali.
It is custom to perorm the Kuhmapyakhana (mod. Kuhrpyakhar), that is to say, the "Kumar!
Dance", every year during the Dasai!J1 (or Vijayadasami) festival inside the Hanuman Qhoka Palace,
in front of the Taleju temple in Kathmandu, for which the older members of the dance-group
concerned have to train young boys and girls in advance in preparation for the occasion. When used
for this purpose, the private or public hall is called akhila (Hi. akhiri) , mod. Nev. akhi: . Our ms.
describes the ritual performed to Natyesvara, the god of dancing and music, on the fnal day of the
training. The dancer, a girl or a boy, is then considered to be Kumar! (Nev. Kuhma) . The ms. also
describes how the parts cut (Nev. sUa, mod. sl from an animal, a buffalo or a goat sacrificed for the
occasion, are to be cooked and shared among the group of people involved in the training, i. e. , the
tutors as well as the players of the various musical instrnments. This particular dance is still practiced
by Nevars in Kathmandu City.
1 For nasala < nitesvara,
2 For tayayata.
3 < svanamtld.
8 Us. or. 6388.
Two texts: (1) Kummpijakrama and (2) Kumanmahimayastavadi. Fols. 26, slightly damaged by
insects, a part of the fols. tor of. 16,4 x 5,4 cm. 57 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevar1.
(1) Kumarlpujakama. Incomplete.
Beg.: kumanpijaya adi . . . kumanya krama. kula I . . , jima ne da!J1 ta kumar!pija. sva da!Jlna Ii
yu(vati) . . . gu da!J1 to praughi. gu da!J1na Ii jima ne da!J1 te b,ddha. (tr)ivatsarat samarabhya
dvadasabdam . . . dhika!J1 vapi bhojayat paramesvar!!J1. trivatsarat . . . agabdanta!J1 bila[ n] ity abhi
dhiyate. agabdat navavaranta!J1 yauvana[!1] parigiyate. agabdad [dvidaso] dvadasabdanta(!J1)
vrddha kaumari . . . m eva para!J1 prokta!Jl krama!J1 tu naganandini. na japya!J1 na ca homa . . .
nary[y]apijana!Jl yathi. yani kini ca papani brahmahatyadikani li!J1gotpata!J1 mahaghora!J1 nMayet
balika kaIat. yani kani ca ketrini tirthiny aya . . . vrthi bhavati parv[v]ati. higakhyatantra. thoya
jatibheda. vesya, sauIgi, kaivart[t]l, ataki, ka!1dukl, rajakl, chipini, koati. thvate ata kula. brah
maIi katrini vaisyani sidr!. ma!J1ti kapalikii caiva rajakl napita!J1gaIa. gopalakanyaka!J1dhina!J1
brahml!J1 sugatakanyaka!J1. tatra srethi brahmanli ca tatha sugatakanyaka!J1. thoya krama.
End: icchisiddhipradata vipulavaraprada sarv[v]ama!J1galyakali I ta!J1 devl!J1 yauvanadya!J1 paru
puravijaYl(!J1)! ya(m) uma!J1 kamadat,!J1 caturbhuja(i) I caturv[v]aktra(i) ciruripa(!J1) trilocana(!J1)
I si!J1dirMisadrsa jvaIamuktattahisinl l survarIJ[I ]abharaIopeta mukuta!J1gadabhiaIa I vasuklsa!J1-
khapalas ca karIJ[IJ]akuIgalabhiita I khagga[!J1]-trisila-damaru[!J1]-kapaIamalinI priya I adhirasak
tim arabhya yavan si!J1hisanasthita II mayirasanam arighi bilark[k]akotibhivibhi caturbhuja
khyamala ca kare saktldhar! vame bhayakapaIa!J1 ca sarv[v]ala!J1kirabhiita I yajiayagyadikiry[y]e
u (sa)ntiputikarani c I mohana!J1 (s)ta!J1bhana!J1 caiva dveoccatanamaraIo satrunMa!1 jaya!J1
v,ddhi I lakmisaubhigyadayaka!J1 I ca(tur?)varg[g]a pijayed devl! kha!J1dendunabhasa!J1yuta!J1 1
kaumarl kU!J1kumabhi mahiripugati ( . . . )
The text deals with certain details of the Kumarlpija such as the age, the choice, the qualifications,
etc. , of a Kumarl.
1 For parapc.
Nr. 87-8
87 Us. 432.
For a description of the manuscript see No. 78.
(2) Nigasidhanajalayajiavidhi.
Beg.: atha baripanabidhi. jalayajiayita bidhi cosyaljl taya. nakasa sisaina ba thilio phi liya
gomayana hiya. madhyesa luphuli tayi sijalayi kvapali thipana yiya kopaliyi dathusa barulJaniga
pvaci taya. digabidigasa go 8 niga pya dusvacakaljl kathaljlthya thipani yiya. malQalaprikira taya.
paljlcaratna nabaratna taya. lupale ohapale isana taya. paljlcabnhi paljlcoadhi paljlcapallaba cUljllu
pidhira dr!i bimi thvate nigapvasa taya. thvayi javasa kalasa taya. thvayi kha(va)sa osi kasi kuni
pvaci taya. hmati 2 puvi kidvaljlci taya. sidudu-vilagu jiki. bhukti taya. thathya barulayi ghela
kasti sia. antayi ghela. padmayi kasti. takakayi dvalija. biSukiyi siala. mahipadmayi dudu.
saljlkhaparaya bhuyu himala. kark[k]o!aya akata.
End: madhyadisa barulanagaya sira gva 7 sitabarlJ[1 lao
uttaraO bisukinigayi (sira) gva 7 syama.
purbao anantanagayi sira gva 3 nliao.
dakilJao padmanagayi sira gva 5 sitaO.
lsinao mahipadma(naga)ya sira gva 7 pltao.
agni saljlkhapalayi sira gva 7 raktao.
biyabyaO kulikaya .ira gva 7 kU(Ijl)kumao.
pachimao takakanagaya sira gva 9 raktabarla.
nairiteo1 kark[k]o!akanaga(ya) sira gva 7 krlJabarlJa.
nabanagaya kalasabhaljlcasa cihna cokye thathe.
Colophon: iti nagasidhana jala j a jiavidhir iti. likhitaljl snva j (r )acary[y ]asrlharasyitma j aSripurlJ
[l)]anandeti. subhaljl. snmat[i]nepilasamvatsara!) netra bana grahe. philgulasukle mahi!amyalj
tithau sanivasare tatra dine tat pu!akam likhyate maya. yadi suddhaljl asuddhaljl va sodhaliya(ljl)
mahadbu( d)dhe. subhaljl. sa(ljl)bat 952. (Added by another haud:) nigayi svina, diphasvalj, abha
latisviljl, jilasviljl, kalihasviljl, ajisviljl, palesvil, tuyu abharatisviljl, lachimisviljl, guliphasvaljl.
The manuscript deals with the sacrifces and rituals pertaining to the Nigas in order to satisfy them
so that, according to the belief held by Nevars, when the Nigas are pleased, they will be generous
with water in the form of rain, in the city wells (rafili) and from street-springs, which will then flow
unceasingly. The tradition of performing ceremonies of worship to the Nigas at wells, springs and
gntters is still a living one among Nevar householders.
1 For nairrteo.
88 Us. or 4301.
For a description of the manuscript see No. 71.
(4) Nrtevarapijividhi. (fol. 3, 9
, 10
). Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . ra 2 pracal)Qatyidi. pitra khatviriga Qamaru. thavake pupa[ljl]nyiSa. tvaka snana jipa
yiriiva ca(bi)hi taya. ajana ekamukhagrlvivastra. curl)[1 ]akrta rahicake. pihi vaya II 7 II yamaniki
bari biya II na[ljl]ndri II Oljl nama!) srlpa(d)manrtyesvariya 3.
Nr. 88-90
End: . . . saprajnakobhyasvabhivalJ1 sr1vajravarihiripalJ1 jftanasa(t)tvabhinnam abhiicya. punal
. . . di mirt[t]ibhil padmat nisrbhya gaganam apijya sthitail). locanidividyasahitail) chat(t)radhvaja
patakavastravadigltanrtyapu$pakulJ1kumadivr$!ibhil) karakisarayavarj li]itabodhicittamrtapirl)[ I ]a
sitakarasail [s]talJ1 si$yam padmalJ1 nisrbhyam abhi$ifcatmanalJ1 yogini ma(lJ1)galagltalJ1. 01 mahi
sukha-vajrasa(t)tvam abhi$ekena vajrasa(t)tvam abhi$ifcami. sarv[v]atathigatadhipatitvena drgho
bhava. abhi$ekalJ1 dadya!. 01 namo bhagavate vajravarah(ya)i. valJ1 hilJ1 pha!a. 01 namo ary[y]a
aparajite trailokye matal) . mahi . . .
The manuscript deals with the worship of Ni!yesvara, the god of dancing and music, and gives
directions as to how a musical group, after having received their training, should act before the deity.
89 Us. or. 6394.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 12. 18 x 7,8 cm. 14,5 x 5,5 cm. 5 lines. Nepalak$ara. Nevarl. Undated.
Beg.: 01 namal) srldharm[m]adhituvagesvaraya I name$ !e he [ra] indapu$!a uvasca1 I vasubalJ1-
dhu mahinando caityapugarasitrakalJ1 I prthivya vandatu tani !hicaranis ca II he vasubandhu bodhi
sa(t)tva. caityapugala dhiya katha idesa dayake mara. prthibisa samasta praliroka sthibaracara
samasta hita yaya nimistin" caityapugara dhiya katha ajna dayake mara dhakalJ1 indapula rajana
basubandhu bodhisa(t)tvayake yinapa yatalJ1. gathe (y)inapa yata. caitya batra3 dharm[m]a karm
[m]a pija thutiya phala adina samast[r]alJ1 pradanalJ1 cittanalJ1 ajfa dayake mala dhakalJ1 adyakalJ1
inapa yatalJ II vasubandhu uvaca II he indapu$la. ekaci(t)ta yanalJ1 nehune dhakalJ1 ajfta datalJ1.
End: dharm[m]arate mantrana thiana pi kasya thipana yanaya pharana putraputridiparija(na)
salbrddhi juyu. thvanalJ1 ri janma(n)ta(ra)sa samasta tathigatidi indradidevaganasahitanalJ1 pU$pa
bimanasa thanava sva(r)gasalJ1 prap[a]ti juyuva. supratisthitamantrana caityathipana yanaya phala
na abyara raja juyu. catu(r)digaya isvala juyu. nyaparaya cakraba(r)ti-raja juyu. bacana sunanalJ1
ralJ1gh(a)na yaya ra phayu. gUl)aya sagara juyu. manoratha-i(c)chya phala rayuva. anut(t)aragyana
ranava tathigataya putra juyuva. thathya dhakalJ1 bipas(y)i-tathigatasyalJ1 adi kasmika bhichukana
dhakalJ1 basubandhu-bodhisa(t)tvana indapu$!a raja kana.
Colophon: iti rak$acaityapudgarabha!larakarak$acaityasthapanaphara nusvasa prathama
'(d)dhyaya(I). subham. astu sarv[v]adi kalyanalJ1. subha(m).
There is a custom among devout Buddhists to make a large quantity of small caitas out of a
certain kind of black clay by means of a mould (Ihisa). This is regarded as an act of religious merit
and is done throughout the Buddhist month (gura) in a holy place or shrine, usually on the bank of
a river by taking recourse to fasting. The caitas are subsequently disposed of in one of the sacred
1 For uvica,
2 For nimittina.
3 For brata.
Us. or. 4286.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 6. 17,3 x 9 cm. 13,5 x 6 cm. 6 lines. Nepalak$ara. Sanskrit, Maithill!
Bengali, (directions in) NevarL Undated.
Nr. 9091
Beg.: raga hi(n)dola. 01 a hil)1 svabhivamirati niraji muktasal)1kasa 2 arbaral)1bodara tininaya
na calibadana bhayal)1kara (dhm,
) . deba srlmahikara hil)1 kalamirati. riddhisiddhibaradata 2
karatikhararakhacgat( r )isira. maradarp[p jasa( 1 )harita. (dhm'). ripuhidayoparip( r )atyarldha
byaghracarm[mja adamudra. mauli akobhya jinabara sasanapalita mahibira (dhru').
End: totra. nama[1 jsyami mahakara(l)1) sarvasal)1pattidayakal1 kharbalambodalal)1 viral)1 astana
gavibhiital)1. drastakaralavadanal)12 vyaghracarm[mjanivasanal mnIcamalasusobhita(I)). bhiva
bhavatmakal)1 nathal)1. buddhasasanarakakal)l ka(r)ttikapaladharaI)3 deval)1 samastakrochabhi
khanal)1 sarvapapaharal)1 viral)1 suddhaprakrtinirm[mjaral)1 bhivabhivavinirmuktal)1. jagatsabodha
sidhakal1 mahikara(l)1) namami hal)1'.
Fo!. 1 (front) gives as title: mahikaladhyana. 01 a hUI) svabhivagitarcanapustakam.
The mantras and the stotra contained in this text are recited by Buddhists during the ritual of the
worship of Mahikila. In every vihira we find an image of Mahikala, which is supposed to guard the
shrine against evil. In Nepal the word is ofen cormpt and spelt as Mahai)lkaJa by both Hindus and
1 Here ad elsewhere dhruo dhruva(m).
2 For damstrit.
3 For krt
< For n
mimy aham.
Us. or. 4347.
Paper. Fols. 87. Fo!. 1 missing, a number of leaves slightly damaged. 20 x 8,2 cm. 16 x 6 cm. 6 to 7
lines. Nepalakara. Nevarl, interspersed with Sanskrit. Dated N.E. 798. Written by Vajracarya
Rakana of HiraIyamahivihira, Patan.
Beg. : . . . bantal) he maijusrl dhakal)1 sal)1sara hinal)1 mahisamudrasa lopa dUDava (va)na sama
stal)1 manuyaloka thva sakare tarapyaya karaI)asa ajia dayakal)1 bijyaya mara gathya tararapya
gathye mukti yaya II 2 II ajiba(haI)kural)1 yabat pary[yjanta bodhimaIcape yamani(ya)ma suci santi
katham pirajika puna. jalma kasyal)1 nisyal)1 tathigataya pada maratoreya kha SUrl tone ma jura.
nema yayaya pahara SUel yayaya pahara santi yayaya pahara gathye 2 mara dhakal)1 srlsakyamuIi
tathagataske maijusrlnal)1 paramesvaraske inapa kha l1 3 1l srlbhagabin aha. sal)1bratal)11 SrIu mal)1-
jUSrl sa(t)tvarthekamahirata brahma katris tatM vaisya sudras caiva varI[ljaja. srlbhagabanta
sakyamuI)i tatMgatasyal)1na ajia dayakaral)1. he kamIabantal)1 juya co!a he mal)1jusrl. jena kane.
nehune dhaka samasta sa(t)tva hita yaya karaI)asa brahmaIaya paripata2 katriya baisyaya sudraya.
thva pyaguli jatiya paripata2 gathya 2.
End: Chap03 caityidi pradakiIa yanana khaIca yaya. nebo patha japa dhyana karm[mja yanana
khaI)ca yaya. iti ary[yjasadharm[mjat(r)ip[ijitakid uddhatasa(t)tvasya kukarm[mjavipakajasuddhi
praya(s)cittavi[djdhi samapta. paicagavyasthipanapaicamaIcalakal)1 krtva madhya gomayal)1 sa
khi. pirb[bja gomutral)1 saco taya. dakila sidhar taya. pacchima sidudu taya. uttare saghrra' taya.
madhyasa kusodaka kusalakha.
Marginal titles: jatakarm[mja, jatakarm[mjaya nali(c)chedana, namakara!)a, cucakarana,
(prabra)jya(grahaIa)bidhi, al)1ganyasa, sucinirdda, s[ ajnana debataya . . . sikaya papanasa sahira-
Nr. 91-92
gnihoma, sikaya palipata2, pil}ca thaya, pil}cadana, linapilca, nityapil}ca, pil}ca daya, argha biya
. . . bharape muma, pil}cap(r)adana, thamathyathana sikaya, sikaya bera, sikaya buvaya, desatara
sigu, (sikaya) soka cone, (sikaya) papa phuke. iti catu(r)barla jatiya syana, pasupakhi syanaya, iti
saparajika syana papa, iti bhojana yaya, gurutatpakanirdesa, gurumamaprasa(l)1)ga yaya ma te,
babuya pil}ca thaya, paicaga[r]bya chaya, paicaga[r]byasidhana taya. thuti sthapana yaya. thana
adhisthana yaya. 0l)1 hUl)1 tra[ l)1] hnl)1 khal)1 hUl)1. thva akara chatha' chatana adhisthana sodhana
yaya. thva nata adhisthana yaya dhunal}a natal)1 napa chyaya kusodaka sahitana. puua sodhana yaya.
tadyatha amo[r]ghaparisu(d)dhetyidi. iti paicaga[r]vyasodhanavidhi(!). 0l)1. ye dharm[m]a hetu
prabhava6 hetu(s) teal)1 tathagata . . .
Colophon: sam[rb]bat 798 aidha krslasa(p )tami' ut(ta)rabhadranakatra atiga(n)dhayoga ravidi
ne mrthunarasi savitari tatha minarasigate candramasi. ete dine liital)1. jathidita(l)1) tatha ri
(tal)1)8. li$ik09 nasti doa. srlsnsrlher(a)l[I}](y)abarQ[I}]amahabiharalO srlkata bhol)1ta snbanti ka
ribiche-grha snba[r]j(r)acarya rakana para(r)thena neparabhaana svahastana liita[l)]m iti. gva
hmal)1 baj(r)acary[y]anal)1 thva parajika svaya mara nitya (pa)r(a)pya mara. rokaya hita yaya kara
Qasa svaya mara. gvahmal)1 pa(n)ditana ma jiguri" hlone mara. hlonana iharokasa sukhi pararokasa
mukti juyuva. hano gvahmana sinakeva hano gohmanal)1 robha yayu thvahmayata mahapapa raka
juro . . . subham astu sar[v]ada. kalyana(l)1) bhava[n]tu. thva sata dayakana iha[l)1]rokasal)1 sui
pararokasa mukti juya mara. jalama12 jalama12 bu[r]ddhadharm[m]a-sal)1[r]gha triratna debatayake
saraQa vane daya mara. subham.
A collection of rituals such as pravrajyigrahalavidhi, sucinirdesavidhi, pildapradinavidhi, etc.,
which Buddhists have to undergo during their lifetime.
I For simpratalf.
2 For paripo!i.
3 For chabo.
4 For sighera.
5 For chaUL
6 For prabhivi.
7 For saptami.
8 For tathi likhitam.
9 For lekhakasya .
For hiraryao.
For juguri.
For janma.
9 Hs. or. 425.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 24 1/2. 18 x 8,5 cm. 14 x 6 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevan.
Beg.: Ol nama! srlvajrasat(t)vaya. jarajajiam aha. bidhi thyal)l dayakal)l tbapana. surya(r)
gh[r}a. gurupatra(r)gha. paicag[r]avesvadhal)ll. kaya biya. gurumalca(la). rokapara. vahasi maQca
ra. nagadigun. Ol)l nama! snvaruQaya. samanvaharal)l ma bU[r]ddha aseadiku samasthita 3. su[r]d
dhasphatikasal)lkasal)l atanagadhipa! prabhu!. dvaramanikaladharya balunadi nama 'stu te.
End: purQabhi$eka kaya. pal)ltu. iti purQahuti. digubari biya. parihirapuja. sval)l ki tanake guru
puja daaQa. thana argh[r]a yake. rupadharidi, paicamrta tasyal)1 jaradana mahadana. adya thana.
pUl)1ja [ja] baya. 108 kamapa[l)1]na. thana ciropana. saganal)1 toya, kesabhrkasa2 kaya. jajamal)l-
Nr. 92-93
pi(n)ta sihnaral)l tike, asi(r)bida, kesabbikaka2. svebtl)l sahmaya[rl btya. mat(r)ika-bad choya.
sikahuti. karasa ra hlaya. thi coya. kumadsadhana. samayacakra, ganacakra, dhlmal)lgad, mukha
Colophon: iti jarajajia pupamatra samapta. subhal)l.
Thereafter follows written on two fols. divided into nine squared sections: (1) dhitu, bido, dhlpa,
agura, ka(r)kotaka, dhaora, saptapha[l)llna, kUl)lkuma, debt, syama, rakta, t(r)ipha[l)llna, bija,
kal)lsa; nai(r)rta.
(2) takaka, rakta, naopha[l)llna, syama, kanasata, rakta, t(r)ipha[l)llna, bija, sijara, bija, sIja-dhitu,
manika, dhlpa, kastu; pachima.
(3) kudka, kUl)lku[l)llma, mata, saptaphana, kana, rakta, pita, tripha[l)llna, bija, na-dhatu, raota
laota, dbipa, gatha, ol)lna; biyubya.
(4) padmasata, pal)lcapha[lllna, syama, debt, kUl)lku[l)llma, tripha[l)llna, rakta, bija, dra, dhitu,
pupa, ra, gal)ldha, dhlpa, stra; dak$i/.
(5) madhya, barul)a, svata, saptaphana, rakta, debt, ptta, tripha[l)llna, syama, bija, phataki, dhitu,
hera, phatika, teo dbipa, kusa-hi; madhya.
(6) basuki, saptaphana, syama, kanya, sukra, rakta, t(r)ipha[l)llna, bi(ja), oha, dhitu, malpa, dbipa,
kapara; ut(t)ara.
(7) sal)lapara, sukra, saptapha[l)llna, pita, debt, ptta, kUl)lku(ma), tripha[l)llna, bija, hyara, dhitu,
kraketana, dbipa, naki; agne.
(8) ana(n)ta, knl)a, t(r)iphana, rakta, debI, seta, tripha[l)lna, syama, bija, ru, dhatu, nIra, dbipa,
gugnd; purb[bJa.
(9) mahapa[rldma, pita, saptapha[lllna, kanya, sukra, syama, tripha[l)llna, bija, kayahlal)l, dhatu,
mati, dhlpa, sdanga; iSina.
varapravesa, pharesa cona, naga, deoya sthana jukval)l, bisukIplja. ja, dhl, dhyana. Ol)l vasuki
nagaraja, pltavarl[lla, saptasI(r)a, syamavarl[lla, ekamukhi, dvibhnja, dahina varada vame de
vyalil)lgital)l, nagapasadharal)l, ka[l)llnya sukravarl)[lla, raktat(r)isira, nirotparakitasira vibhavya.
a, ya, pl. dhi, oha, dhu, ka(r)pura. Ol)l vasukinagarajaya sviha. Ol)l saptasi(r)aya svahi. Ol)l
nagakal)l x Ol)l trisi(r)aya x Ol)l mahimeghi x pl, ra, bhut[rla. Ol)l vasuki hll)l [nal. bil)l vara
praya svahi. bhuguti saara, bhut[rla. Ol)l jaridhipati nagarajayebhyal)3 svasvadivyavasthital, sa(t)
tva(r)thiya sadanitya(l)l) viukiya namastu4 teo bari. Ol)l namo samal)ltakaraya. vak[alci(t)tavaj(r)e
bhyal) nagarajebhyal) . idal)l bad x thana hitisa plja. japa, dbipa, dhyana. Ol)l nand[rlop[rlanan
d[rlo nagaraja. ekamukhal)l, dvibhujal)l, kanya, patra, trisi(r)kha, a(r)ghacandrakrtal)l
vicitrama(n)daral)l vibhivya. a, pa, pu. Ol)l nal)ld[rlop[rlanalld[rlo nagarajaya svahi. Ol)l up[rlanan
d[rlona(ga) x Ol)l nand[rlonaga x Ol)l mahameghi.
Sections: nagadigud. prathamihuti. jianahuti. devatahuti. sal)lkahuti. plflahuti.
The ms. deals with rituals to be performed in connection with the Nigapuja (Nev. pU/ja hiya).
1 For gavyaQ
2 For kalaSibhieka.
3 For rijabhya

4 For namo 'st.
93 Us. or. 4297.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 18, slightly damaged. 19 x 8,4 cm. 16,5 x 5,5 cm. 7 lines. Nepalakara.
Sanskrit and NevarI. Undated.
Nr. 9394
Pancaraavidhana1 paja yaya.
Beg.: Ol!l nama(!)) snvaj(r)asa(t)tvaya II paicarakavidMnam aha. nakasa sarlra p[r]abit(r)a yaya.
lusi dhenya. mOQa hluya. sasakhina bhimi pabitra yaya. mal)Qala vi boya. mal)Qara coya. jathi
marjata thyal!l thipana yaya. kalasapakarana. nakiri cyapu kvarachi hika. puvaki pha 1 11 malQa
(la)-prakara tasyal!l nabagraha thipana yaya. grahabali. digabarahu mata. rahubali. rakabidhi.
caityabhaQila II paicarakaputhi pallc[h]alakadari matikabali. pa(l!l)casali mata. thuti adina la
barauni pary[y]anta thipana dhunakava sury[y]a(r)gha gurupada(r)gha. paicag[r]abyasvadhana
pupabhajanadhisthina. gurumal)Qara. ral!lkhabali. deguri-kala(sa)puja. kuhmanyasa. malQaladhi
hasana. sal!lkhalal!lkhana hiya.
End (front) ' " varl)[l)]abhal!l. devadoavinasa[l!l]nal!l sarv[v]adevagurunathal!l. vacaspatil na
mamy ahal!l II japa II 4 Ol!l bhogaspadaya svahi. iti brhaspatipujavyadhyana. tata! agnaye dare.
raktakamalo( t )pa( t )ti cand[ r JanagandhamalQalake. paC d)masanasa( I!l )s!hital!l. suk(\ )avafl)[ I) ]apa
supatavratadhilina. jatamakut[h]inal!l. bhujabhyal!l akasutrakamaI)Qaludharal!l. vaj(r)asukra(l!l)
vibhivayat II a. pu. nyasa I Ol!l nama!) sukradhipate asurottamaya. suddhe blla he svaha. s(v)etapu
pa svetavast(r)a s(v)etagandha. dhipa ka(r)pura. bhojana klrabhakta. lasya stuti. asuranal!l gurul!l
sukral!l. svetavafl[l)]amahijalal!l. sarv[v]avidyapradaHiral! vaj(r)asukral!l namamy ahal!l ll japa.
Fol. 1 (font) gives as title paicarakabidhinal!l puja yayegu saphu.
The back-folios are painted black so that accounts may be written on them in a white chalk-like
substance called salama in Nevarl. Some leaves in this ms. actually have accounts of this kind
scribbled on them. Black-painted leaves of this sort are called hikusapha in NevarL The text deals
with santi, a rite for the pacification of the nine planets (graha) , the so-called grahasanti. When
someone falls iI, Nevars believe it is due to the bad effects of grahas. A Vajracarya is therefore
consulted and this ritual performed so that the evil effects of the grahas may be averted.
Hs. or. 427.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 23 (first and last fol. half-size). 20,5 x 8,3 cm. 18 x 6 cm. 7-8 lines.
Nepalakara. Sanskrit and NevarL Undated.
Beg.: nama! srlvajrasa(t)tvaya. paicarakavidhina[l!l]m aha. marako thipana yaya. thvati dhu
narao sury[y]a(r)gha yaya. paicagavyasodhana. pujabhaQi jopeke. ma(r)jata thyal!l gurumal)Qala.
lakhabali. deguli. kalasanyasa. kUl!lbhanyasa. mal)Qaladhivasana. bhil!l khal!l SUI!l lal!l hil!l. sal!l
kharal!lana hiya. Ol!l vaj(r)a yaka hUI!l. baj(r)ana thiya.
End: . . . tval!l kha[rJdgarajake bruhi. ra kane. idrsal!l subhadataral!l jajiasa(l!l)skrta manavanil!l
krtal!l mlna bruhi tval!l nagarajake. balipujayata. pasu(c)chedana. khaQgapuja. lal!lana hiya. svana
boya. Ol!l khaQgaya svahi. aranathiya svaM. sil!lghikaraya svaM. puja stuti. adgaya aranathiya.
sil!lghikarajamal!lpura. pasu(c)chedanathiya khaQganathal!l namas tu' teo pasusodhanapijiL moka
biya. sunyam eval!l jagat sarval!l. suneta karunabhava hitva durgati bhadrante suavatim apnuyat.
pasucchedana bila. mantra padape. thana subahugathi parape.
Sections: paicarakavidhina, paicarakapija, ucchitabali, subahugathil, pasu(c)chedanamantra.
Marginal titles: pratisarapuja, paicarakapija, cakradakila, vaj(r)aci, ratnacil!l, dhitupura, pad
macil!l, visvavaj(r)a, masaca, saradakina, danapija, ucchitabali, etc.
Nr. 9496
This is the end of the chapter called ucch4tabali biya of the Pafcara/ividhtina. The contents of
the ms., a manual for oficiating Buddhist priests, are listed in the upper half of the last leaf as
follows: pafcarakividhinapaji, ucch4talacau biyagu, dina kiyagu pustakaJ. The ritual is perform
ed in worship of the five goddesses 1) Arya-Mahiipratisara, 2) Mahiimayin, 3) Mahiimantranusa
ri!t, 4) Mahasttavatt, and 5) MahiisahasrapramardanL
1 For namo 'st.
9S Hs. or. 431.
Paper. Fols. 32; last leaf somewhat damaged. 12,2 x 5,8 cm. 10,5 x 4,5 cm. 4-5 lines. Nepalaka
ra. NevarI prase, with hymns in Sanskrit. Dated N.E. 958. Written by BhiinasiIha.
[pajividhij. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . chusya. baji kola sakasyita mala. thana siphata mya. baj(r)a raka biya. cakalapij a.
digabali biya. jajamana(na) gumma!)Qala danake. svana ki tanakya. gumpija. dakina asia btya.
paca kusa. bisa(r)jana. sagana toya. sihna mohanina toya. k(a)ras[r]abhieka biya. khiija chiiyake.
[r]komali choya. bhalicamayajU hnasakana silimi jvanakya cva-deba japakala choya. khacu koma
ri syakha samayacakrabhojana. nichiibhiyake bhalimacayata rava hraya. majU tone. riphii hnephii
yaya. svastibikya yaya.
thuti jura. subhaIjl. ritaIjll bhiinasiIjlju jura.
End: OIjl nama(l)) snvaj(r)asa(t)tvaya. sa pyake bidhi cosyaIjl taya. kalasa, hnasakana, sihnami,
sagaIjldhau, gvagarasa, kaumali, thache, kvache, sihna, mohani, digubali, thiipiIjl, aja thuti thiipana
dhunakava sury[yja(r)gh[rja yaya. gummatargha. pijabhara japake. gumma!)Qara danya. rahasi
danya. kalasapija yaya. thana ajalasiihana yaya. [rjkomalipijiL thana mayaju bhiiju baJina pisyaIjl
haya. bisa(r)jana. nirajana, mata, pha, talaca. thana samajvalana hneonya tayava biya. cikana
kolana buyake. thana cusapanaIjl sa nya bo thayake. thakuti kakicanaIjl sa kanake. bhaguna tulina
sihna phiiyake. !a gvada sapa pyake. kuhmakanaIjl dathu nisya hinya tu 12. cusapana chuke. saIjl
kha-la[ Ijlkh janaIjl mikhii pi . . .
A manual of various rituals and ceremonies such as, for example, the rituals connected with
marriage which are to be performed by the oficiating Buddhist priest.
1 For likhitar r4itar).
96 Hs. or. 6469.
Two texts: (1) Ratnama!)Qalaracana and (2) Mantradhira!)tsaIjgraha. Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 5,
partly damaged. Text partly illegible. 26,2 x 10,2 cm. 21,5 x 6, 5 cm. Nepalakara. (1) Sanskrit with
Nevarl paraphrase. Undated. Text 2 written by another scribe than text 1.
(1) Ratnamal4alaracana. Incomplete.
Beg.: (ca)ndraya namal II kha II sUIjl siry[yjaya namal) II ja II OIjl ii srIvajrasa(t)tvagumbhya
namal II ma II . . . ya II alasrIjlgam ayaIjl memIjl caturdvtpap(r)asobhitaIjl I saptaratnasamaklr!
[!jaIjl daden uttaradayine II guru . . . buddhadharm[mjebhyal) saIlghebhyas ca tathaiva ca I niry[yja
tayami bhiivena saIjlpirl[!jaratnama!)QalaIjl II cyagult tvapaJana sahita jusyaIjl suvar!)[!jaya
Nr. 9698
(h)mal)1 juyio atyanta sobhiyamina juyio cona sumeru parb[b]atasa pyagu dvipana ulio sapta
ratnayi kiral)ana barobara khayakio anuttara dhiya thihi thyakani kiya ma jyigu. thathil)1gu
ratnamal)gala dayakio chalapola guru buddha dharm[m]a sal)1ghayita bhiba niry[y]itani yisyal)1
sal)1pirl)[l)]a dohalapi II 01 ii hUI srlmadvajrasa(t)tvasadguruvaraca(ra)nakamaliya
samyakjiinivabhisanakariya name hil)1 II srlmin juyao bijyakahma. he sadguru bhagavan. chaia
polayi caranakamalasa namaskara II
End: (readable last but one folio) karomy aa svapararthaprasiddhaye II buddha-dharma-sa(I)
ghayata saptavidhanuttarapija yanao bodhicitta utatti yasyal1 jagatasal)1saraya kary[y]a siddha
yaya II utpidayami paramal)1 varabodhicittal)1 nimantrayamy ea ca sarv[v]asa(t)tvan II bodhicitta
utpatti yinao sarb[b]asa(t)tvayata nimantrana yasyal)1 II ital1 cariye varabodhicary[y]al). buddho
bhaveYal)l jagato hitaya II buddhacary[y]a caralapio sal)1sarayita hita yiya II desanal)1 sarvapapanil)1
pUlyanil)l canumodanal)1 II krtopavasal)1 cariyami ary[y]a$tal)1ga-(u)poadha(m) II pipidesanidi
pUlyinumodanio II ary[y]atil)1ga-upoadhabrata caralape II II maya bilena midhena yatkil)1cit
papam acital)1 II prakrtyavadyasava . . .
9 Hs. or. 4301.
For a description of the ms. see No. 71.
(2) Si.yapravesavidhi (fol. 62, 72, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 19). Incomplete.
Beg.: prapya siyapravesaya mal)galasiddhim abhilaet I mal)gala[ l)]pradakil)a I svacaka I ikiot
pidaci[l)1]hnatvat anidinidhanai) parai) I mahivajramayasa(t)tvo 'kobhyai vajradya si(d)dhya me I
sarv[v]ottamamahisiddhimahesvaryididaivatal) I sarv[v]avajradharo raja siddhya me paramakarai
II nirdo$ai) sasvatas casi sarv[v]araganuraginai) I ta(t)tvena siddhya me bhagavan mahirigo mahima
tal II atyana suddhadharm[m]agra idimuktas tathigatai) I samantabhadra sarv[v]atma bodhisa(t)tva
prasiddhya me I sarvottamamahasiddhimahaisvaryagramudraya siddhya vajramahotkarat vajra
garbhiyater mana II
End: sahasradesananidanatathigatanidhiniyojanaya sadhvanighal)1tasamayai). svabhivasuddho hi
bhava svabhivair vibhavlkrtai I svabhivasuddhai) satsa(t)tve kriyate paramo bhava. ghal)lthil1
vidayan. mudra hi samayai) prokti manomirt[t]ii) drghitvatai. sarvamirt[t]i drgha tena mudra
prakaipiti. prajiopiyasamayamahasukhatmasal)1buddhasvabhivasudrghayogyatidhinaya mudra
samayai II iti trisamayai) II madhe samaya. tad uktall paramidyatantre II vajral)1 ta(t)tvena sal)lgra
hya ghal)1ta dharm[ m]ela vadyate I samaye ca mahamudra adhi . . .
The text describes the ceremony of entering into disciplehood (siyapraveSa) under a Vajracarya.
98 Hs. or. 4326.
Paper. Fois. 28. Fol. 1 damaged with loss of text in left upper corner. 28,8 x 8,8 cm. 15,5 x 5,5 cm.
6-7 lines. 1 punch-hole. Nevarl, interspersed with Sanskrit passages. Undated.
[Utkrdntiyoga]: (1) Utkrdntiyoga, (2) Antetikriyd, (3) DurgatipariSodhanasamddhibali.
(1) Beg. (fol. 1 back) : 01 namai) srl-vajrasa(t)tvaya. namo ratnatrayaya. atha[m] utkranti(yogam)
. . . mi. recakal1 pirakal)1 yoga sodhayed dehamalgaial)1. nananimittasal)1pripta sva ' " chijjati
Nr. 98
chijjati. ao hanall mebata balJldhanalJl mrtyu jayelapeyata hnapalJl recaka piraka yoga yanao japa
yaye lakachi 100000. thanalJl li svasa pirl)[I)a juyio ii da dasyalJl li mrtyu juyao prila on10.
End (fol. 5 front): artha. gvahma manuyenalJl debatipanisayigu bhibani ra yita ohma manuye
abasyenalJl naraka pary[y)anta gati on10. thvateyi kiralasa mrtyuyi cihna siyakio utkrintiyoga yiye
mila. thuguli karm[m)a yininalJl abasyenalJl subhagatisa one dayu jula. iti mrtyuniflaya utkrintiyo
gapatala. subhalJl.
(2) Beg. (fol. 5 front): atha antyastikriyim aha. antyest[h)ikriya samyak kartavyalJl vidhina yadi l
salJlsar(a)rlavamagninalJl nivrtyartha[IJl)i ca dehinilJl II thana utkranti yiye pramana chuya nintilJl1
dhilasa manuyalokapani samastalJl salJlsarasamudranalJl para juyao moka oneya karal)asa anega
bidhi yaye mala.
End (fol. 17 front): thana trp[pa)ti bastranalJl pupalJl mi tayu hmanalJl pijibha salJlkalpa yaye.
antakriya s[a)masana yajia homa pijanarthalJl sarvadurgatimocanarthalJl sat[a)gatimirgaphalaprip
(3) Beg. (fol. 17 font and back): thanalJl Ii durgatipariso(dha)nasamadhi yaye. samidhibali.
hanalJl kilJldhi apaca sadya dhaupati gane(sa) mahikala khaQga dalJlQa thipilJl mata bidhi thyalJ
pija. thanalJlli khayubaisi siyagu catvanalJ bheotayi dathusa adhilhana yaye. 01 vajrasa(t)tva. ai
svasti luyakalJl kusasthipanapija yaya. hanalJl svasi juosalJl khayubaisiya si julasalJl pija yaye.
bheotasa taye. ka 32. pija. hanalJl cahoma cyatake. brihl duye. pija. hanalJl silJlta pva cyake. bakya
uthyalJl jajiasa agnisthipanapija. prathamahuti. jii nihutLdebatimalQalapija. debatahuti. tha
nalJl li mrtakaya sirasa baj(r)analJl thiyakalJl taye. japa chaja yaye. mantra. 01Jl jralJ ValJl jalJl jvalJl
lalJl nalJl lilJl [k )kvalJl hUIJl hUIJl hUIJl phal 3.
End (fol. 28 front): (anty)astipija yayegu svahnu atapija yaye . . . ra phatasi hnasa hnu yalJlkalJl
maI)Qala-astipija. phatasa Iihma tathigatayagu dhiral)l bonake. akobhyayagu dhirall bonake.
phakva 1000. 10000. 100000 salJlkhya pramananalJl dhirali bonake.
fol. 1 (back): atha[m) utkrintiyoga ( . . . ).
fol. 5 (front): atha antyastikriyam aha.
fol. 17 (front): thanalJl li durgatiparisodhanasamidhibali.
Marginal titels:
fol. 1 (back): utkrintijoga yayegu.
fol. 10 (back): palJlcabhieka biya.
fol. 16 (front): utkrinti yaye.
fol. 18 (back): snina yatake.
fol. 19 (front): pupa[IJl)nyasa.
fol. 20 (front): jajiasa krabyagnibhibana.
fol. 20 (back): alasmasana bali biye.
fol. 21 (front): sati unu. sithall yaneta.
fol. 24 (front): svahnu unu malQala coye. prasti sileo
There is a custom among Buddhist priests whereby a Vajricirya or a Sakyabhiku who has died is
kept at home in a yogi posture for a day or two so that certain rites may be performed before the dead
man's funeral procession takes place. This practice is intended to show publicly that he died after
having practised utkrintiyoga, the subject of this ms., which is considered to be the state of merging
with the Bodhisattva Amitabha. The ms. also deals with the various ceremonies to be performed
Nr. 98100
after death, such as the rites to b carried out at the cremation ground when the dead is burnt, the
custom of performing Durgatiparimocana to ensure that the dead man attains Sukhtvatlbhuvana,
1 For nimittif.
9 Us. or. 4300.
Paper, Fold-book and one separate leaf numbered 8. Fois. 27 112. 20,3 x 11 cm (fold-book), 21,8
x 8,6 cm (sep. leaf). 18 x 9,5 cm (fold-book), 17,6 x 5,2 cm (sep. leaf). ll1ustrations in colour on the
separate leaf. Nepalakara. Sanskrit, with directions in Nevar!' Undated.
[Vajrasattvamudrisa1graha]. Incomplete.
Beg.: Ol!l nama! grlgurvajrasa(t)tva(ya). atha mudraprarambha. hasta cosyal!l taya jula. Ol!l
vajraratna tral!l. Ol!l vajradharma hrl). Ol!l vajrakaca al). Ol!l vajrasa(t)tva hil!l. Ol!l vajraraja jal).
Ol!l vajraraga hoI. Ol!l vajratacha dhval!l. Ol!l vajrabhia cal!l. Ol!l vajrakarma kal!l. Ol! vajrasadhu
sal. Ol!l vajraratna Ol!l. Ol!l vajrateja a!. Ol!l vajrahetu mal!l. Ol!l vajrarake hil!l. Ol!l vajrayake
End: Ol!l sarvatathigatapuapija meghasamudraspharalesamaya hil!l. pita. Ol!l sarvatathigata
dhipapija megha(samu)draspha(ra)lasamaye hil!l. gila. Ol!l sarvatathagata-alokapija meghasamu
draspha(ra)lasamaye hil!l. rakta. Ol!l sarvatathigatasa(t)tvapija meghaspharalasamaya hil!l. gila.
Ol!l sarvatathigatabodhyama(1a?)ratnalal!lkarapija me(gha)spharalasamaye hil!l. pita. Ol!l sarva
tathigatahasyalasya ca tintI-abhyokhinut(t)arapija meghaspharal)asamaye hil!l.
Text on seperate fol. containing 8 illustrations:
front: Ol!l sarv[v]avidvajralasya hil!l. Ol!l sarv[v]avidvajramale tral!l. om sarv[v]avidvajragIte hrll!l.
Ol!l sarv[v)avidvajranrtya al).
back: Oll sarv[v]avidvajrapupe hil!l. Ol!l sarv[v]avidvajradhipe tral!l. Ol!l sarv[v]avidvajradlpe
hrll!l. Ol!l sarv[v]avidvajragandha a.
Al fols. except the seperate single leaf have headings as given above with squares under each
heading supposed to contain illustrations of the diferent hand-poses drawn, but left empty. Thus the
manuscript is incomplete. On the seperate fol. hand-poses are drawn with colour undereath the
headings, which are mantras to be uttered by the Vajracarya performing the hand-poses.
100 Us. or. 4309.
Paper. One leaf only. 28,5 x 7 cm. 26 x 4,5 cm. 5 lines. Nepalakara. Nevar!' Undated. Cf. No.
(4) Fragment.
Beg.: nama(i)) srlgur-ajia Ol!l.
End:. thva mal!ltra dha 108 jaki japarapal!l chuvake. dhipa guguri ku Ihanakeva. Ol!l midyabe
saphi dhira 21 dhipa gara biya thvatena deba khake jura II Ol!l abesahal!lnyahu phatu svihi II dhi
21 dilake jura.
Directions for the ritual accompanying a certain mantra.
Nr. 101-102
Us. or. 4284.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 19 1/2. 18 x 6,4 cm. 15 x 5 cm. 4 lines, on leaves with vertical writing 17.
Nepalakara. Sanskrit, with directions in Nevarl. Undated.
14 12 9 7 5 3 1 2 4 6 8 11
Beg.: baj(r)acand[r]abhairaba. siI!lghi. maha. bhai. ca. biL ko. brahma. ma. bi. i. mahira. ketra-
pa. gal)e. toyu. toyu. hiku. hiku. hyalu. hyalu. hya. iyu. toyu. valu. iyu. toyu. toyu. byagh(r)ini.
12 9 7 5 3 2 1 4
iva. dharaputaya kal)!tha. ru(d)racand[r]abhairaba. hi. mahim. bhai. ca. ha ko. brahma. mohe. bi.
6 8 11 10 13 14
i. mahi. kuma. gale. kuma. si(l)!)ghini. hiku. hyalu. hyalu hyalu. iyu. toyu. valu. iva. toyu.
hyalu. toyu. byagh(r)ini. hyalu. toyu. iiva. paQuigalaya kal)!tha 2 (In the ms. the numbers are
placed below the respective words they belong to).
End: . . . biya. japa, dhipa, nirajana. thvaua li debapadhisthi
yaya. 1. klesa hlaya katha. gvara 2
guruba. puba, muklesa, guhahi, bailo, toyu. 1. indra, kresa, raja, hyaliu. 1. yama, naQa, haku. 1.
baru, toyu, thakarl. 1. kubya, cit(r)akara, hmvasu. 1. agne, agnikulQa dalahmayata, hyalu. 1.
nairrtya. paramana, valu. 1. cayu, kahira, toyu. 1. isa, naya. toyu. 1. candrama, guruhahi. toyu. 1.
siry[y]a matra, hyalu. 1. bahma upadhya hmvasu. 1. prthibl, kumhira, hmvasu. 1. naga, kajhita,
toyu. 1. asura, paramana, hiku. thuti digakresa hlaya paripatl juro.
Fo!. 1 (front) gives as title: sahasrahuti. yajne. ata[u]dikkalasapijapustakam.
A text dealing with the tantric ritual of the Q$tadikkalaias.
1 For prat4!hi.
Us. or. 63.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 34 + 2 half-leaves. 21,7 x 8,5 cm. 17,5 x 6,5 cm. 8 lines. Diagrams at the
end. Nepilakara. Sanskrit prose, with directions in Nev3r1. Dated N. B. 783. Written by Karmacar
ya Bhairava Bhiro.
Beg.: Ol)! namal paramasambhavaya II athipara pravak(y)ami krama
pijarcana[l)!]vidhirp I yena
vijnanamatrel)a bhuktimuktyarthasiddhidal)! II adau snatva sucir bhitva val)!de sal)!dhyam anukra
mat I adau tavat malasnanal)! pirv[v]adisyam (am)rtam anlya II mayabljena bhramanar krtva II yarp
ral)! lal! val)! prathamena dakilavamapadau II dvitlyena gUQalil)!ge II trt1yena katijal)!ghiya II urun
ca caturthena[l)!] II vagbhavenacamya II mukhanasaputo vamadakil)akarl[l)]ada2 sarpspa(r)sya II
pirv[v]abhiga(l)!) pallcakena[m] adaya II ail)! uparimatral)! sal)!sodhya II pirv[v]ad3 arabhya II
vamahasteu bhigatrayal)! krtva II hrll)! dakilakole diku II ail)! vamakOJe toye II ail)! ayakole
sarv[v]algeu II atra jale saptadhiral! japitva II ail)! karelotthipayet II ail)! aghore ail)! sirabhieka II
hrll)! sikhabal)dha II hil)! vastrasuddhi II ail)! hrll)! Srll)! ubhau at II dvariSinabhimukhabrahma
ral)!dhrantani sprsed iti II gayatrlnyasal II
End: tribhuvanajananl rajarajesvarl tval)! eka sanekaripa pral)amati satatal)! naumi devl(rp) ku
marl(m) II yatha vanaprahiranal)! kavacal)! bhavati varanal)! I tatra devo vighitranal)! santir bhavatu
varanal)! II mantrahlnal)! kryahinal)! bhaktahlnal)!4 mahesvarl I yal pijital)! maya bhaktya tat astu
Nr. 102-103
tava ptjanrp II atra grupdhidi II ailJl yonimudraya pralamya II pntipretatyidi II tarp[p]ala II II
jajamana-abhisekha II bhucasa hnasakana te II jajamananivalJlchanadi II hnasakana jajamanakala
sabhisekha II ceta silJldhura sagvana II mohan! II silJldhrammia hlaya II svana biya sakalyana II
kumbha hlaya II arathina gaya II pratiiha II hnasakana kene II II tato anukramena bhramana II II
kaumarlbisarj[j]ana II saki thiya If kegvaca biya II sarv[v]amalJlgalama(lJI)galyatyidi II kuhmara
bhuja choya II blrabhojya II kara[lJI]aptja II karalJlkabhi[y]eka II
Colophon: iti snpascimamnaya-balakubjikarc[c]anavidhi(h) samapta[lJI](l)) II II subham astu sarv
[v]ada II II sambat 783 karttikasukla 3 II salJlPtrl)[l]adina II likhiti karm[m]acarya bhairava bhiro II
srl-3-kubjikapntir astu II
A text describing the ritual of homage paid to Balakubjika, that is to say, a Kumarl. This is a
Saivaite ritual practised among Hindu Nevars according to the Kubjikitantra.
1 For kramit (1).
, For kr[Jau (?).
For parv[vJid.
4 For bhaktf.
103 Hs. or. 6.
2 texts: (1) Bhairabaguihaya bidhi and (2) Ragaragillmala. Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 38. 27,7 x
11,2 cm. 23 x 8 cm. 69 lines. Illustrations of ragas and ragil)ls in black ink. Nepalakara. NevarI.
(1) Bhairabaguthayi bidhi.
Beg.: srl-3-bhairabaguihaya bidhi II paralaka hnakohmaya hnapana yaya gathi nugaralJl nise II
palJlcabihaptja II akheta, taya, potaya II bari pala 1 palJlcapataka ju 1 diii ju 2 II kheja gva 1 II
jojamaka pu 3 II dhuma pu 3 II dora 12, nivata 12, misa nivata 12, gva 1 , inaya gvaraja, mera
gva(ra)ja 1 II sogvana dharipata 4 II kata nyana baya nithana II cata-machi phalJl 1 II sabuna ku 2 II
cichasarisa-cekalJl subhara 1 II mvata pataca 1 II sara-na pehma nahma dakva II aji nyana gva 1 thane
II bheraca hmalJl 1 II kata nyana chagvapo, aji nyil cha dhara 1 deke yane II thvali htiakohmaya
rikohmaya sabulI kura 2 mvata pata 1, na nehma sohma machi phalJl 1, guchesa yane aji nyana gva 1
II ba ji marako nehmasena biya I I a ji nyana dhara 1 yane deke. (On the right hand margin) bhita gva 10.
End (on the left hand): palJl-la ta 8, pa-na ta 8, byaka ghisa ta 8, ora ta 8, ghara' sakha, murasura
ta 2, dudu daya, hmalJl 1 pata dhan, hmalJl 1 mokasipora II (on the right hand) ptja rihi vaya ri
dharipa 12 caku cha p(a)ra ta(ya) yane. napa thuri [II] biya. bhalJldari aca nehma[lJI]yata pa-dhari
nepa nepa biya mara pararaka nehmasenalJl II pararaka nehma[lJI]sena biyamva-ctlJ ku 1 ku 1 thaha
bijya kuhnu II salJlgra(n)ti' satikuhnu biridyasa nake rikohmaya II srlmahibhairabaya bisakatalJl
khatasa tako patara tako khuhma nayakayalJl. snmahibhairabaya tukalJl-chi tukalJl va vaneva sine
hma 2 sora bica nehma ku sva ku 3. snmahibhairabaya bisaka-jatara deba kvaha bijyai. mtradeba
jone nayaka kideba jone nuku chahma nuku tava chahma. tvaka jone Mca toralJl c macakhaca
dathu caparasa tahara yaya nayaka khuhmasenrup. amidimi khuhmasayalJl. mahabari vaya yane.
suvara tipva dabudabu bahu barihi khu pasa hmuya. nayaka pukhahma valle mara. bokalJl-chayata
marasa dalJl 4 balJl ( . . . ) .
A handbook dealing with the various activities of the guthl association which i s called Bhairaba
gutha by its members. The ms. describes the worship of the deity and the materials to be used for this
Nr. 103-104
purpose as well as the rules aud regulations to guide the members in observiug the various rituals
connected with this gu/hi. The main deity worshipped by the Bhairabagu/ha is the Bhairava housed
in Taumirhitola, Bhaktapur.
1 For ghera.
2 For smrant.
Us. or. 4355.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 23; beginning folio missing. 21 x 8,5 cm. 18 x 6 cm. 7 lines. Diagram on
fol. 24 (front). Nepilikara. Sanskrit mantras and Nevirl. Dated N .E. 783.
[ DaSamlpujibidhi].
Beg.: . . . bhyil) namai. 01 ail)1 hrll)1 Srlc[y]imul)ciyai bicce tarj[j]anibhyil) namai}. 01 aim
hrll Srlcimul)ciyai bicce madhyamibhyil)1 naruai. 01 ail)1 hrll)1 srlcimul)ciyai bicce animiki
bhyil)l namai. 01 ail) hrll)1 srlcimundiyai bicce kal)ithikibhyil namai. 01 ail) hrlrp srlcamul)
ciyai bicce karatalaprthibhyil)l namai}.
End: goya chiya. ta(t)tvasodhana. samaya chiya. thama thamastil kiya. sal)lti-kuhnu thava
nitya dhunakiva paramesvarl piji yiya. japa 108. stotra. ta(t)tvasodhana. sagona chiya. dakili.
bisarj[j]ana yiya. svana ko kiya. dlpayi mohani ki(ya) . binduyi si(n)dh(a)rana kiya. kuhmasakti
biya. cetasvina biya. ta(t)tvasodhana. ail)1 ca(?)si sakti porape. birabhojana yaya.
Colophon: iti iratrikavidhi(i). sambat 783 ki.
Title in Nepali, given by the owner (on last. fol. , back), dasaiko pijapaddhati.
This ms. containing Sanskrit mantras with directions in Nevirl deals with the day-to-day rites to be
performed in worship of the goddess Durgi (Bhavani) beginning from the 7th day of the bright
fortnight of the Month of Asvina onwards up to the 10th day. These four days constitute the most
important period of the 10 days starting from the 1st of the month. The most important day is the 9th,
when sacrifces, mainly of bufaloes, take place. The nine preceding nights are called Navaratri aud
are regarded as holy. Tey are dedicated solely to the worship of Durga in one of her aspects as
Mahiamardanl. Instruments and arms are worshipped. As Navadurga, this goddess has nine aspects.
The followers of the Hindu tantric schools conceive of the eight petals of a lotus as the Atamitrkis.
At the centre of the lotus they imagine the position of Durga. All the petals of the lotus signify
diferent aspects of the same deity. Tantric imagery is followed by artists, too, when they have to
paint or carve on stone or make bas-reliefs with symbolic representations. There is also a dance
called navadurga in Bhaktapur. The dance was instituted by one of the Malia Kings and is performed
for several months a year. The masks of the dancers are housed in a building specially designed for
the purpose of worshipping the nine Durgas.
The worship as described in the ms. is mainly performed on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th day. In
Nepal even Buddhist householders celebrate this festival. Nepalese government officials observe the
last days (from the 7th onwards) as holidays. The Government or Nepal still imprints the word
Bhavinl and a sword on Nepalese coins as a sign of the high respect paid to this goddess. The Malia
Kings called the goddess also Tu!aji(-Bhavinl and worshipped her devotedly during this festive
occasion. The :festival is called Dasail ("tenth day", including the previous three days) by Nepali
speaking people, but is called Mahani mahahna, "great day") by Nevars.
Nr. 105-106
105 Hs. or. 67.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 33, somewhat damaged. 21,5 x 7,2cm. 17 x 5 cm. 6 lines. 17 illustrations.
Nepiliara. Sanskrit, with directions in Nevarl. Undated.
Durgipiividhi. Incomplete.
Beg.: OIll nama!) srldurg[gliyai nama!) II atha pratipadavidhir Iikhyate kalasasthipanavidhi(!) II
aiIll atmata( t )tvaIll sodhayami svahi II kIIIll vidyata( t )tvaIlsodhayami II saUIll sivata( t )tvaIlsodhaya
m svahi II hraIlhriJll sa!) srisurY[Ylaya idaIll arghaIlsvahi. thvate sury[ylargha II nyasa II thana
bhUmisthipana II haIll prthvivyai nama! II laIllkhana hiya. astraya phat II dhinyavikapana. dhinyai
nama!) II byadisa kalasa taya II m11lana pafcaratna taya II OIll saIllPufl[llakalesaya nama!) Il laIllkha
thine II OIl varulaya nama! II m1lana pafcapallava taya II sasakhi gurato taya II OIll durg[glayai
nama!) II srIllgayai nama!) II sa!) aIlIgu(thi)ya nama!) II OIll hrdayaya nama!) II jUIll sirase svahi II 5
pujanaIll II saIllPurl[llakaresapatisthiyai nama! II m(r)[iltYUIlljayakhaQ3JlIganyasa II OIll astraya
phal II jUIll kanithiya nama!) II sa! anamikaya nama!) II OIll madhyamaya nama!) II jUIll tarjanyaya
nama! II sa! sikhiyai vauat II OIll kavacaya hUIll II
End: dhyana II suddhasphatlkasaIllkasaIll trinetraIl candramaulikaIll I varadabhayahastaIll ca mu
drimalisusobhitaIll II evaIll dhyitvi mahidev3Jll ilakamarthasiddhaye II tryaIlljali II jUIll sa! amrtis
varaya mahaIakmisaktisahitaya nama!) II thvanaIll (Ii) bali II OIll indradidasalokapalebhyo nama!) II
OIll adityadinavagrahebhyo nama! /1 Ol!l aSvaltbamadyalacira(l!I)jlvibhyo nama! II Ol pratipadadi
paIllcadasatithibhyo nama! II OIl asvinyadyalaviJllsatinakatrebhyo nama!) II OIll vi
skaIllbhidisaptaviIlsatyogebhyo nama! II OIll babidisaptakaralebhyo nama! II OIll anantadyalana
gebhyo nama!) II OIll meadidvadasariSibhyo nama!) II avahanadi II SrlIll srlve nama!) II SrlIll SrlIll
lamyai nama! II hnasakana sihnaramUlapuja II tato upacarapuja II gaIl dha siIlldura pupa dhUpa
dlpa naivedya japa stotra II jUIl sal) sviha II ratnauadhltyadi II iti kalesarc[clanaIl II tato kUIllbhapu
ja II adhirasaktaye nama!) II kUIl bhacatu(!)saIllskara! II
Subcolophons: iti kalasasthapanavidhi(!) samapta!),
iti nabaratra svane bidhi samapta[ IIl .
On the back folios figures of the Durga are drawn with hints for choosing the right colour, for
example, toyuva duvira, muladeva hyinu, eyuva duvlra, hyinu duvira; deva hyinu, cakra hyihu,
toyuva, kito, vinu, hyihu, eyuva preta; cakra hyihu, deva rakta sarb[bjirra, preta toyuva, etc.
106 Hs. or. 6390.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 29. 22 x 9,5 cm. 19,3 x 8 cm. 7 x 8 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit, with
directions in Nevarl. Dated N.E. 857. Written by Devarama Karmacarya.
Beg.: OIll nama!). srlnavagrahebhyo nama!) I atha balividhi. biya thisa patabisana coya. tavadhi
nakaIll gupati palepati coya. thva palepatiya madhyasa khatkola coya. dathvasaIll mala. thvana Ii
porona caka yanava asana kyaya1 3. peka 2 a(t)kona 1 svastlka 1. liya bina 1. trikona 9. thvate puna
dayak. poro cha caka kayava adityayata hyanuke, ja kUQa chi 1 thuyava thva jana cyapati palyaIl
dayake. makaragarbha yaya. thvaya devane svanavana haya. thvate adityaya. somaya bidhi. poro
cha caka yatava puva ke jimau yala 16 thva ja thuyava haIlsa dake. oho garbha yaya. thvaya devane
bhoyu (ha)mla baya. somaya bidhi. aIllgaraya purona tikol)a. thvaya devane svapharake ja jasa
Nr. 106- 107
si11dharana111 hyaimka111 phasi dayake. kakaQe polagarbha yaya. praka devane hiya. thvate a11ga
End: hi tbva patra. rasnodaka thva patra. ghera (thva) patra. dadhi thva patra. caku thva patra. riti
thva patra. kastl thva patra. nasakyati thva patra. thvate patra. dhfipaga!)a. jatamasa. srlkha!)Qa.
agura. setha hlasa. ghera. akata. kusara-hi. kasturi. khorasima. karp[p lura. dhupasa. thvate dhupa
sa. yutaraga!a. kusubi-yita pu 16. manya hyai yuta pu 3. eyu yita pu 4. mavana yIta pu 5. toyu ta pu
6. variu yita pu 7. haku yita pu 8. pa111cala111 yita pu 9. toyi yita pu 10. thvate itaga!a.
Colophon: sa111[r]b[b]at 857 srabanabadi 6 Sa111pfr![!]a yaM dina riiti2 karm[m]aca(r)[j]ya de
baramana coya juro. subham. subham astu sarv[v]ada. subham.
0111 nama!) sury[y]aya. 0111 gurupadukebhyo nama! . . .
On fol. 28 back: pfja grhna 2 mama santi kuru 2 hfi(111) phal svaha . . . iti vasisthapfjabalividhi(!))
samapta[ 111]!).
On fol. 29 back: 0111 nama!) sivaya . . . ityagnii ca pracod[h]ayat pranahutipradanena. plyante
devatan ive savitrl caturapa11dii.
1 For chyaya.
2 For lkhia1.
107 l. or. 603.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 35. 17,5 x 8,5 cm. 13,5 x 7 cm. 8 lines. On the back of the last 2 fols. the
fgure of a deity drawn later and dated Vikr. E. 1981. Neplakara. Sanskrit, with directions in
Nevarl. Undated.
Beg.: srlgurave nama!) / ga!)esadvidasa nama! / 0111 svastina indra I acamya. pra!ayamanyasa.
jalasodhana111. murana soya. ai111 k11111 saU111 sau111. astraya phala 4. ai111 kavacaya hf111. dhenu
mudraya mrt1(111)1 krtya yonimudrilll darsayet. 0111 / . . . ga111ge ca jamune. mfilena jape!. yonimudra.
vakya. jajamanasya srl 2 sveladevata prltlkamanaya mahilamlpa111copacaradevyarca!a(111) kartu111
srlahitripurasu11d[r]arl srl-anand[r]abhairavaya snana111 nama(!). ukara111 vayublja. dudu. payasa
paya pU!ya111 ca prthivyilll pfita sarv[ v]ada. kamadhenusraya11 nitya111 snapayami sivajiaya. dhari.
dadhi umapati111 deva111 devana111 priyavallabha111. snapata111 ca sadanitya111 suprlta devata sada.
ghera. ghrtapfitapinakinl li111gapitapinakina111. agnisarp[p ]isvarfpe!)a tratriloka111cana111 siva111.
End: khecarlmudra111 darsayet. ko kayava bhUmisa adhomukha yarava taya. taQana yaya. daki!a
chiya / ai111 h Srl111 patalastha yogin! trpyantu. rahita siya. acamya. kaumarlpfja. asana. triya111ja
I 3. aQa111ga. avahanidi. mudra. dhUpa dlpa japa stotra. ma!)Qalavisa(r)j[j]ana. kaumaryake svana
ko kayava sakaleta111 biya. nyasa. balivisarj[iJana111. saktina2 patra thirava kaya. jajamanayata biya.
silava dhupasa pane. kaumarlvisarj[j]ana111. sarv[v]ama111galama111galya saki thiya. vakya. gotraja
janasya srl 2 .sveladevata p(r)ltikamanaya mahitamlkhaQgasthipana mahinavaml bhogapuja ma
hidasaml kulaku111bhakaumarljagarc[c]a!)a Sa111pfif!)[!)]a krtakarm[m]a!)e saki!e brhadbhinave
agha111 nama(!)).
Colophon: iti kau(ma)rljaga.
1 For murtir
2 For saka-tna (?).
Ny. 108-109
108 Hs. or. 657.
2 texts: (1) Kubjiklpujlvidhi and (2) Plthyavatlrastotra. Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 19. 23,5 x 7,3
cm. 19 x 4,3 cm. 5 lines. Neplillkara. Sanskrit, i (1) with directions in Nevlr!. Undated.
(1) Kubjikipujividhi. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . vyltmakaIlgaIlldhaIll kalpaylmi II kanithayo(i)) II vaI!1 lplitmakaIll pupaIll kalpaylmi
II aIguthayoi II raI!1 tejltmakaIll dhipaIll kalpaylmi II tarj[iJanyoi) II yaIll vlijvatmakaIll dlpaI!1
kalpayami II madhyamayo(i) II haI!1 lkls[r]ltmakaIlnaivedya(Ill) kalpaylimi II anlimikayo(i)) II aiIll
yonimudrayli tambilaIll kalpayami II triyafcali1 II aiIll 5 haIll 9 srlgurunlthas(y)a 9 srlgurupatnl(Ill)
parlIll vl srlplduklIll 3 II a<aIlga II hrli hrdaylyetyldi II lvlihanldi. yonimud(r)li(Ill) darsayet II
jlpa. aiIl svlihl II akhal)<amal)<all II milldhlle catu(r)d[d]ale trikolopari vlilaliIllgavetitata<inko
tikarlrliIll muravidylmayl(Ill) kal<alall(Ill) dhyltvl sukmal)l mlrg[g]ela a<cakra(Ill) bhedayitvl
paramatejasi saIllyojye sahasradale p[a]rasaI!1tukul<elanl samalasi bhl(va)yitvl tadamrtadhllaYl
lolibhitlIll caitanyamaYl(Ill) punai) mildhliram lniya hrdayakamalaparameSVarl(Ill) caitanyaIll
bhlvaye II
End: dhenumudrlIll drasayat' II aim kubjiklya vidmahe kuladlplya[d] dhlmahe tan nai) kubunji
pracodayat II arghapatrapuja II ai1)l 5 kurm[ni]lsanlya plduklIll l1 glum slum plum mlum nlum II
pa[Ill]fcaratnaya pldukam 11 0m (?) hrdaylya nama(i) II hrlIll sirase svihl II srlsiaya baat ' "
arghapatrapidukim pujayami II avahanldi. candanakatapupaIll name II yonimudraIll d[rJarsayet II
bhutlisuddhi II em hrlfi . . . plduklIll II aim candanapldukaIll II hrlm akataplduklIll II Srlm virabhas
masiIlldura[Ill]padukaIll /1 . . . nanlpupapadukiIll II anlmikena pltrodaka(Ill) sirase si1)lcet II ku
sl[Ill]pldukaIl 3 II lvahana II srlsamvart[t]lmal)<allnte kramapadasahitlnandasaktii) subhemlisrti1)l
nyliyacatukaIl akulakulagataIll pafcakaIll cliruatkaIll /I catvaro pafcako 'nyai) punar api ( . . . )
I For tryaljal.
2 For darfayet
109 Hs. or. 677.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 55. 20,5 x 11,1 cm. 16,8 x 8 em. 7 lines. Devanlgarl. Sanskrit, with
directions in Nevlir!. Undated.
[ Kubjikipujavidhi]
Beg.: srlgalesaya namai 11 atha saIllkapa nityarcanavidhi Ilyate II coya II boya II ac(a)ma(na) 11 3
/1 asmat[a]pascimajyethlij(y)ethamlhamlyl-ugracal<a-guhyaklIl-siddhilakml-tripurasundarlmur
tebhyo II nityakarmadevarcanapujl(Ill) kartuIll srlsuryaya arghyaIl nama(i)) II bhaskarlya canda
nlkata puspaIll nama(i) II asmat[a]vlkyapurvavat[a] nityakarm[m]adevarcanapujl(Ill) kartuIll
abhiseasnanaIl nama(i) II cal)<anaIll nama(i)) II sindhuraIll nama(i) II akataIll nama(i)) II pupaIl.
nama(i) II lic(a)ma(na) II 3 II nylsa II hrlIll astrlya phat II hraIll atguthlbhyaIll nama(i)) )1 hrliIll
ta(r)j[j]anlbhyaIll nama(i)) II hrlIll madhyamlbhyll nama(i) II hrlIll anlimiklibhyaIl nama(i)) II
hrliIll kanithlbhyaIll nama(i) II hrlIl karatalaprt(h)aklbhyliIll nama(i)) II hrlIll hrdaylya nama(i)
II hrlIll sirase svahl II hraIl siravliya vaat II hrlIll kavacaya hUIll II hrlIll netratrayaya vauat II hrlIll
astrlya phat II arghapltrapujl II ldhlrasaktikamalasanlya paduka II arghapatrlisanaya plduka II
End: trailokyaIllkaarl)l hrlIll klmlngadrlivall kllIll srlmahlikobhaklirill aiIll sauIll sai) srlpldu
klIll II aiIll 5 namo bhagavati hr phre(Ill) kubjikayai hrliIll hrlIll hriIll ghore aghore aghorlmukhl
Nr. 109-111
cchilJl cchllJl kil)i 2 bicce pidukalJlll ailJl 5 namo bhagavati hr phrelJl kubjikayai sralJl SrllJl srUlJl na fa
l)a na my a aghoramukhl cchilJl cchllJl kili 2 bicce pidukalJl ll ai(lJl) 5 namo bhagavati siddhe . . .
kubjike sralJl sril)l srulJl khage ai(lJl) ghore aghore aghoramukhl kili 2 bicce pidukil l ll ailJl 5 . . .
anandasaktibhairavanandavlridhipataya . . . padukalJl ll ailJl 5 . . . anandasaktibhairavanandaviridhi
pataya . . . sripascimamUiasthinabhaltarakaya padukalJl ll hralJl hrdayaya nama(q) II ityadi . . . a
Qanga salJlPujya II bali II ai(lJl) 5 samastamantraplthisil)lhasanaplthapithopaplthaketropakatra
salJldohopasalJldohadivyasiddhisamayacakrapadukall uktanuktalJl yat kilJlscit tat sarv[v]a(m) ailJl
hrdayaya padukalJl II bali grhna 2 svahi II thvanalJl (li) bali II avahanadi II dhenuyonimudra II
tarp[p]al)a II iti pascimapuja II
Hs. or. 4323.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 43. 19,3 x 8 cm. 16 x 5,5 cm. 7 lines. Nepalakara. Nevarl prose,
interspersed with Sanskrit verse. Undated.
Beg. : 01 namaq sivaya. ratya kuhnu hninasa cakra-uddhara yaya bidhi. basalape bidhi. patabisa
na malQala coya. bhote thal)Qiri coyagu. siba sakti taya. mahipatra taya. thvate agrasa arghapatra
teo dvalJldubali taya. no siya. sury[y]argha. kulama(r)talQapuja. thava agrasa ke bona bo tayava.
gurunamaskara. gurus[u]marapuja. gurunamaskara yaya. nyasa. batlsi. jalapatra. gayatr!. arghapa
trapuja. bhutasuddhi. atmapuja. srlsalJlbart[t]ana abihana. trideba. palJlcabali. bMsa knmbhasa
patrasa catu(q )salJskara. s[ a ]nana yacake. bhosa kumbhasa patrasalJl candana lepana yaya.
End: . . . bali thoyava choya. thana kumarlpuja yaya. thvate dhunakava yajamana pil)Qa coyakava
livaranava svastika coyava asanasa teo nrbalJlchanadi. bhocasa hnaskana tayava kalasa abhisea
yacake. ukaralJl (i)tyadi. ceta. sindhala. sagona biya. mohan!' ekaneka ku(m)bha hlaya. thalQilina
tvaya. bamahastena thal(Q)ili hmonava silJldharana tecake. arati. purl[l)]acandra. thana thvate
dhunanava blrabhojya yacake. yajamanayata kuhmaya prasada biya. dlka lako sakalestalJl biya
birabhojyesa. birabhojya dhunanava kalalJlkapuja yacake. kalalJlka choya. kalal)lkabhisea.
Colophon: iti kulapil)Qarc[c]anavidhi(q) samapta(q).
The frst folio contains the title of the ms. in Nevarl as: latyaya kulapilQa thayaya puja-sapM.
A manuscript dealing with the rituals regarding oblations to the deceased on the 45th day, that is to
say, one and a half month (lati) after his death.
111 Hs. or. 615.
Paper. Fold-book with a hard cover attached to each end. Fois. 39. 21,5 x 8 cm. 18 x 6,5 cm. 22
lines written in an upright manner; two fols. with 7 and 5 lines respectively written horizontally. Some
fols. blank. Nepalikara. Sanskrit, with directions in Nevar!' Dated N.B. 758.
Beg.: 01 namaq sivaya II srl-3-sphitikasivalingapratithidina vaisaasukiapurn[n]imakuhnu [II]
dina. yajfajolana basape marj[jJata thyalJl ll sivasakti tahiQa pvalJl 2 kalJlkalasa gva 1. balipata 7.
Nr. 111-112
gograsa kuhmala bhuja II saguI)a II debastaJjl paJjlcimrtapija II dhvaja teva akata dvaphala miihe II
thvate basape II pupabhiijanaJ krtva II vakya II asmatgaI)apatyiii caturayanasphiitikasivaliigapra
tithii 1 prativara ya jfanimit( t )yarthaJjl II ratnoadhl ll suddha saJjltaJjl l1 siddhir astu II sury[y jargha II
nyasa II arghapatrapujatmaJjl ca II kusaJjlQlkarm[mjaJjl kury[yjat II yatha 2 bidhi thyaJjl sivasaktipuja
End: juhiiyat II OJjl tanipa agne II tUJjl medhiime deva savita idadhituJjl medhiiJjl devl sarasvatl
iiadhiituJjl medhiim asvinau deviv iihattiJjl pukarasrajau aJjlgini ca ra ipyayatiJjl vik priI)as
caul srotaJjl yasobalaJj/1 dasa balaJjl II OJjl iyuaJl bhasmani tilakaJjl lalite II OJjl yajfa yajfaJjlga
II arghapitrodakena kUIQatribh(r)amanaJjl krtva II OJjl gaccha gacche tri kamasva II se$ahoman
dadyit II timbolaJjl dadyit II OJjl udvayantaJl kUI)Qavisarj [ilaI)aJjl II nyisa Ii (ki)ya II OJjl krtiya
karm[mjaI)e svihii akrtiya karm[mjaI)e svihi II brahmi siJl Qoya II bali iiina visarHijana yiya thiiya
2 choya II kalasabhi$eka candanidi saguIa ilrb[bjiia II pirI)[I)jacaJjldra II kumirldarsanaJjl l1 siki
thoya II
Colophon: iti kityiyanoktakusaI)Qlkarm[mja samipta[lj(m) II saJjlbat 758 karttikasuddhi$athl
sanibira II subham astu Il lekhakapithakayo(r) 'stu [II] subhaJjl.
A handbook for Hindu priests of the Nevar group of the Rijopiihyiya Brahmans which describes
theiuites during the kuk arma.
1 For catrinanaO
11 Hs. or. 4322.
Paper. Wooden covers coloured red. Miniature drawings of the Buddha figure in gold on the
interior sides of the covers. Fois. 70; 1-50 numbered at the right hand margin, the rest being
numbered separately at the left hand margin (variously and sectionwise). 31,8 x 8,7 cm. 24,5 x 5,5
cm. 7 lines. Punch-hole in the middle of the fols. Nepilikara. Sanskrit and Nevin. Undated.
Beg.: OJjl namal gurave. atha mabakarm[mjarcaI)avidhi(r) likhyate. iiau kulamirt[tjaI)Qirghal;.
adyiiivikya. aiJl hrlJjl snJjl . . . hyuJjl sauJjl kulamirt[tjaIQamababhairaviya mirt[tjebhyo idam
ivahayimi. atha dhyana. kharv[vjalambodaraJjl rakta[JjljpadmaJjl varadabhiitaJjl. silaghaI)tasa
miyuktaJjl mUI)Qamilavibhi$itaJjl. evaJjl dhyitvarghayet pascit mantreI)a jalapu$pakail kulamirt
[tjaI)Qamahiibhairavaya mirt[tjebhyo arghyaJjl namal; . hlaJjl kulamirt[tjaIQamababhairaviya pra
kisasaktisahitaya mirt[tjebhyo pU$paJjl namal; . iti mantreI)a tr[ajyafijali 3. dhipa, dlpa, jipa, stotra.
kalikalukhakrtaJjltas caIQamirt[tjaIQabhlmo rajasakulakulinjianasaukhyab[bjhidata. tridivatala
maniniJjl tvaJjl janetarghahart[tja kusumajalaphaloghais tvaJjl kulirk[kjaJjl namami. iti kulamirt
End: gaIisa cokvasa bali thoya. gurumaIQaladebasake cbaya. baJjl puya. sakale bUJjl no siya. tato
ugracaIQa bali biya. snana, ceta, siJjldhra, yajomaka, svina. aduvila, dmi, karI[ I) japataka, pafca
patiki khele. pafcabalina ioyake. ugracaI)Qiiegulisa karm[mja khiiiana yaya mala. dhUpa, dlpa,
stotra, salj1bart[tji, trideba. mitrkibijaya. ugracaIQayi jukva. yajamanasyal tryalj1jali cbaya. 3.
pntipretatyidi, tarp[pjaI)a. cupepijiL pasuyaga. yajamanadi, prasadasamaya biya. tato komirljarc
[cjaI)alj1. dakiIa. abhieka. caJjl[njdaniii yajamana ilrb[bjiia. kumbhu hlaya. arati. komarlbisarj
[jjaI)al. sakl tbaya. blrabhojya. tambilabhakaI)am.
Nr. 112
Colophon: iti srlmachrlsrlpascimajye!hinujye!hamnaya srlbr[r)ddhakrama' srlkubjikadebya ma
iti kUlamart[t)algapija
iti gurupija
iti karanyasai)
iti vaktranyasai)
iti agangany1sai)
iti jalapatrapija
iti arghapatrapija
iti bhitasuddhii)
iti divyaughai
iti manaughii
iti ketrabali(i)
iti yoginlbai(i))
iti cimulgibali(i)
iti paicabali(i)
. iti ta( t )vasodhanalJ
iti pitrapiji
iti trisuddhipiji
ity itmapijanalJ
iti ryidinyisai)
iti milinyii) . . . caturbidhinyisai
iti milinlnyisasya phalalJ
iti bhavanyisai)
iti sthitinyisai
iti sabdarislnyasasya phalalJ
iti ghoriki!aka[I)nyisai)
iti divyanyisai)
iti dvidasinganyisai
(iti) agditlnyasai)
iti milinyadiodhinyasai)
iti prathamaaganganyasai, iti siry[y)orghyai)
iti granthinyisai
iti ratna[I)nyisai
iti rudrakhalganyisai)
iti mitrkhal)ga(i)
iti ekikarlnyisai)
iti bljapaicaka[I)nyasai)
(fo!. 1 back)
(fo!. 2 front)
(fo!. 3 front)
(fo!. 3 font)
(fo!. 3 back)
(fo!. 4 front)
(fo!. 6 back)
(fo!. 6 back)
(fo!. 7 front and back)
(fo!. 7 back)
(fo!. 8 back)
(fo!. 9 font)
(fo!. 9 front)
(fo!. 9 back)
(fo!. 10 back)
(fo!. 13 back)
(fo!. 14 back)
(fo!. 15 front)
(fo!. 18 back and front)
(fo!. 24 front)
(fo!. 24 back)
(fo!. 26 font)
(fo!. 28 front)
(fo!. 30 front)
(fo!. 33 front)
(fo!. 33 back)
(fo!. 36 front)
(fo!. 36 front)
(fo!. 38 font)
(fo!. 39 front)
(fo!. 39 back)
(fo!. 41 front)
(fo!. 41 back)
(fo!. 42 front)
(fo!. 42 back)
(fo!. 43 font), etc.
This is a collection of various rituals of worship for an initiated Saivamargin containing also the
periodic worship of the goddess Kubjikidevl, the so-called pavitrirohaqavidhi. The Saivamirgins
practise these rituals on the bank of holy rivers or in their own inner sanctorium after having taken
their ritual bath.
1 For srlbrhatkrama.
Nr. 113-114
113 Us. or. 61.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 28, one missing leaf being tor of. 17,7 x 7,7 cm. 14,5 x 5,5 cm. 6 lines.
Nepilikara. Sanskrit, with directions in NevirL
Nitakarmadevircanapujividhi. Incomplete.
Beg.: o!p nama! snkubjikiya nama(!). atha nityapujividhi(r) Iiyate. atha Iiigi(r)canapuji.
icamya. hn!p itmata(t)tviya sVihi. hn!p vidyata(t)tviya svihi. hi!p sivata(t)tviya svihi. nyisa.
gli!p astraya phal. 3. glu! kanilhikaya piduki. gli!p animikiya piduka!. glu!p madhyemaya
piduki!p. glt!p tarj[jJanyiya piduka!p. glu!p a!pgulhiya piduki!p. glu!p kalatalapil(h)aya pidu
ki!p. hrdaya[!p]nyisa. glu!p hrdayaya nama(!). gli!p silase svihi. glu!p sikhiya baual. glu!p kava
ciya hi!. glu!p netratayi vaal. gli!p ast(r)iya phal. arghapatrapuji.
End: japa. stotra. syiilaktityidi. thvate dhunakiva debaske svina kva kaya. [y]ekaneka bha
va!pti sa bhavati puresvan visinL bhitesi gaganopami bhagavati nityasvari dachine. jianiga[n]me
kuhesvari kulaganicira!p nyadiganiyaka. srlvima pral)aminll visvajananl nidesvarl si[r]ddhida!p.
si(d)dhya yo pirv[v]akta!p pada!p bhagacaita[!p]nya rupitamakva. jiinakyibahali tathi harlhali
brahmiyanl ci!ptaya. bhisilabhairavapa!pcakatarayuga!p srlyog(i)nipaicaka!p. candrakvaca alma
maraya!p mi!p pitu nitya! kuji. chuya. mal)Qala dayake. la!pa kegvada kiya. saki thvaya. asmat
nityakarm[m]adevi(r)canapuji sa!ppurni tha!pkrtakarm[m]asiksinl srlsury[y]iya argha nama(!).
argha biya.
Colophon: ii nityakarm[m]adevarc[c]a(na)pujividhi(!) samipta(!). subha(m). Then follows, by
a later hand, in Devanigan: asmatpachlma j(y)elhij(y)elhaniya mihimiyi ku(b)jlki urgadi
siC d)dhilachinll guhekalika!p trlpur( a)murlmutltya asmatnl( tya)karmadevircanapuji abhlsyaena
nama 'stu'.
1 For namo 'st.
114 Us. or. 627.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 15. 13,5 x 5,7 cm. 10,8 x 3,5 cm. 4-5 lines. Nepilikara. Sanskrit.
Nitakarmavidhi. Incomplete.
Beg.: atha nityakarm[m]avidhir [I]likhyate. sahasradalakamale guru!p gurusakti!p dhyitvi ' "
gurave gandha!p nama!. pupa!p nama!. dhipa!p nama!. dlpa!p nama!. naivedya!p nama!. timbi
ia!p nama!. japya . . . gurusaktyai gandha!p nama!). pUpa!p nama!. dhupa!p nama!. dlpa!p nama!.
naivedya!p nama!. timbula!p nama!. iti prata(!) krtya!p. phu!p hmau. vasantaya saha svihi. iti
da!ptin sodhya . . . ratisakti kalike dehe suddhi!p praya( c )cha 2 . . . iti gandaka!p. iti dantadhivana!p.
sninam. jale trikol)e khe phe!p Iikhya. tadvahir aladalacatusra!p likhya.
End: ityisana!p pujya. hu!p phu!p. kimakalikallm ivihayimi, O!p nama! svihi. iviham idimu
dri!p pradarsya. hu!p phu!p kimakalakalyai pidyirghicamanlya!p nama!. madhupark[k]a svadhi.
punar icamanlyasninlya!p nama!. ga!pdharaktaca!pdanasl!pdura!p nama!. pupa! nama(!). so
dhya dhipa!p nama!. dlpa!p nama!. hu!p. kimakalakilyai madhvidi naivedya!p nama!. pril)ihutir
Nr. 114115
dat(t)vi hUIl nama!). svadhi jalaIll dadeta. hUIll kimakalikilyai tiIllbulaIll nama!) . milena tri!)
pijya. tarpya. hUIll kilimahikilibhadrakilisripidukil pijayimi tar[p]ayimi nama!). hUIll srtyidi-
kilipaIllca sri . . . purl)[l)]aisvary[y]adi asaktayai sri . . . asitaIllgidyatabhairavabrahmil)yidyata-
saktaya sri . . . indrididasalokapali sri . . . vajridisastristril)i sri . . . gal)esabatukakatrapilayogini
sri . . . srikamakalakilyii jyotivaktidiva . . .
Titel on front page: nityapija kamakali.
115 Hs. or. 69.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 52. 24,7 x 10,5 cm. 20,5 x 8 cm. 9 lines. Diagrams. Nepilikara.
Sanskrit, with directions in Nevirl prose. Dated N.E. 815. Written by PirlasiIllha. Donor: Jayajiti
mitra Malla.
[Pijipaddhatia/graha ].
Beg.: OIl nama! srl-3-mahigal)eSiya nama!) II srlgurupidukibhyiIl nama!) II srisrisri
galesacimulQayai nama! II yajamanapupabhijana II OIll a(r)ghyadi II vakye II srlsamvart[t]a II
brahmall II syama rakta II utphulliIll II cimulQi varacand(r)amuI)Qadharal)l sa bhlal)l trManl
sird[d]ilarc[c]itakhaQga carm[m]aphalakaIll saktiIll ca mUIQa[Ill]dhrtaIll I piSaIll tomare bhilQipila
dhanua[Ill]cha(t)tritkusa[u]dhirill(Ill) tin devlIlsatataIll namimi sirasa bhltirt[t]ibhayanasanl(Ill)
II OIll gauraIll trka vibhiti paicavadanalsiIllhasthaIll akaral)alpisaIl mudgaratatikam akava
layaIll nagesvaraIll QambaraIll I patraIl modakapirita[Ill]m abhayadal savyipasavyaii) karair
[v]vibhrachilamanoharaIll sukhakaraIll herambanithalnama! II siddhir astu tyidi1 11 no siye II trita
tvane II gurunamaskira II akhal)Qamal)Qalakaretyadi II nyisai II gliIll astraya phat II 4 II gliIll
kanithikaya nama! II gliIll animikaya nama!) II gliIll madhyamaya voal II gliIl tarj[j]anyiyai hiIlI!
End: eki mirt[tJir al)ekadhitujagati pirl[l]esvari visave bhiteSl gagal)opama bhagavatl naises
varl dakil)e I jianigasya kijesvarl kulagale carul)yadiInayika SrlvimaIl pral)amami visvajananl
darsesvarl siddhida II dakil)a yaya II bacana taya II mohanl kayava debasake chiya II svana ko kayava
kolorasa taya II thamaIll chuya II atma-iSlrv[v]ida I ambe pirv[v]agataIll padaIll bhagavatl caitanya
ripatmika jinechi vahtIla tathi hariharau brahma maricitrayaIll bhisvadbhairavapaicakaIll tad
anu ca sriyoginlpaicakaIll candrark[k]au ca marlciatkama[ma]laIll maIll patu nitYalkuja II yajama
na idina malakosta svana biya II bicana laIl kha kayava taya II mohanl taya II laIllkhana hiya II
ikaraIll II ceta I srikhalQa II si(n)dhara II blresvarl ll mohanl ll trailokyemoham ll svane taya I
varabhivetyadi I svana malakosta biya I astramantrana balibisarj[ilana yaya II no siya. bali bhoka
luya II saki thiya.
Colophons: (1) iti SrlsrlsrlgalesacamuIQapijapa[r]ddhiti(! samapta[i)] II sambat 815 karttikasu
di 11 11 thva kuhnu II srlsrlsumati-jayajitamitra malladebasana dayaka juroIll l1 themiya inayakvapi
jabidhi II Srlsrlsrlsveladevata prll)atu II subham astu II nakadesasa yaya malasa pujana thvaguliIl
camul)Qa jukva tolate II
(2) iti srl-3-siddhilakmlpijapa[r]ddhati(!) samapta[i] II sambat 815 karttikasudi 15 II thva kuhnu
srlsrlsumati-jayajitamitra malladebasana saIlltaya2 no sikvaya pijabidhi dayaka juroIl l1 Srlsrlsrlsid
dhilakml prll)atu II subham astu sarv[v]ada II (by another hand:) srl-3-agal jupriti II
(3) iti srlsrlsrlmahilakmlpijapa[r]ddhati(i) samapta[!] II sambat 815 kar(t)tikasudi 1 11 thva kuhnu
II srlsrlsumati-jayajitamitra malladebasana dayaka juroIll II bUQeya mahilaksmlplhapija II
pirl)[l]asiIlltana coya II Srlsrlsrlsvetadevati Prltitu II
Nr. 115-117
(4) iti snkaumanpithipijapa[r]ddhati(!) samapta[!)] II sambat 815 kar[tikasudi 6 II thva kuhnu II
snsnsumati-jayajitamitra malladebasana dayaka jurOJ II themiya kvalalilkhupijabidhi II yidrsall
pustak81i drtva tidrsall likhit81 maya I yadi suddham asuddhalil va mama doo na dlyate II
1 For at itddi.
2 For safhydya.
116 Us. or. 65.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 63. 19,7 x 5,7 cm. 17 x 4 cm. 5 lines. Illustrations and diagrams.
Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevan. Dated N.E. 729. Written by various hands. Donor: Nugu Bhiro,
probably Bhaktapur.
Beg. : sngurubhyo nama!) II prata! krtyalil II Ir lihita siyava no siyava suthalilya deba jope II
akhal<amal)<alakaram II lalil bhita(t)tvatmakena calildanalil nama! II halil vyomata(t)tvatmakena
pupal 2 II yalil pavanata(t)tvatmakena dhipalil 2 II ralil dahanata(t)tvitmakena d!palil 2 II calil
jalata(t)vitmakena naivedyalil 2 II yonimudra II suddhasphatikasalilkasall sallkhakulildendusalilni
bh81i I varabhayakaralil nityalil gururipalil namamy ahal II idhiracakrana deb! abahana yaya II
avihayimy ahat devI(t) sarv[v]asatsarataril)i(lil) I alcakrat bhedayitva tu ga(c)cha yatra para!)
siva!) II uthelil hiapaya thelil patcopacirapija II yonimudri II phakva milana japa yaya II stuti II
syama rakta II maya kUll<alinl II jope II thana mala mila vane II tata! sninavidhil II dalltadhavanall
End: ativitatikarm[m]abhattirikaya bali grhna 2 svahi II brahma pretasaniya pidukili 3 II
tr[i]yatjali II ait 5 ha 9 sa 932 sa 9 " . pascimayi devyaya pidukit. 3 I YOl)i II ait. kllt. saulil
pidukall 1/ vat II II kat II II snlil hr!li II glull II hUlil kali aki(a)caral! II sa(r)v[v]ebhyo bhite
bhyo II YOli II gandhapupa II dhipa dlpa II glu(lil) svihi srllil hnlil II prip. II . . . akhal)<a II
srlsalilvart[t]i II brahmal! II syima rakta II maya kUI)<alall II . . . idhiraliiga nabhau sarasi hrdaya
tilamile lalite dYe patre 2 odaSire 16 dvidasa 12 dasadale 10 dvidasa(r)[d]dhe 6 catuke 4/ vasinte
bilamadhya daphakathasahite katthadese svaral)i hakata(t)tvirthayuktat sakaladalagatat
varl[l]aripl namami II II lalite mukhavrt[t]ikisrughralesu gal<ayo! 1 01t(h)adantottamat.gasye
dvopatsadhyageu ca I parsvata!) prthato nibhau jathare hrdayatsake I kakudy ca hrnpirv
[v]apilipidiyugat. tathi II jatharan an[a]yonyasya mitrkif[l)]an yathikram81i II
Colophons: iti nityakarm[m]avidhi! samapta!) I subhat.. (fo!. 31 font) thva pustaka sun81 kene
ra teva. dey! kruddha juyuva. papa loka jurolil II sambat 729 vaisakhasudi 14 ribibirasa dhu[lil]ia
nugu bhiroyatat coya II (fo!. 32 back) iti skandapural)e sltalidevya! stotra(lil) samiptall (fo!. 42
front), iti snrudrayamale patravivarale saptama(!) patala! samipta! (fo!. 6 back), iti mahitamlvi
dhi(!) samapta! (fo!. 39 back).
The ms. contains a description of the nityakarmavidhi and mahi#amividhi, furthermore a hymn to
S!tali taken from the Skandapuri/a and a portion of the Rudrayimalatantra.
117 Us. or. 6411.
Paper. Wooden covers. Fois. 238. 29,7 x 8,6 cm. 24,5 x 5,5 cm. S- lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit,
with directions in Nevir!. Undated. Written during the reign of King Bhipatlndramalla (1696-1722
A.D.) of Bhaktapur who is mentioned in the beginning.
NT. 117
Beg.: sngalesaya namal / snguruve namal / atha sripatrapratitM siddMgniyajievidhi(r) likhya
te / atMdhivasanavidhil / yajamanana javodaka yacake / pupabMjanal!1 / adyadi / vakya / manava
gotrayajamanasya srlsnjayabhipatlndramalladeva-varm[ m jal)al srIsnsrlsvetadevata-pntikamanaya
sripatrapratitM abhyidaivata yavodakavrddhisraddhe kartul!1 pupabMjanal!1 samarp[pjayami /
siddhir astu kriyarambhe. vrddhir astu dhanagame. putir eu sarlreu. santir eu grhe(u) tava /
sarv[vjavighniprasamanal!11 sarv[vjasantikaral!1 subhal!1 / ayu putrai ca kamai ca lakmIsal!1tati
var[djdhanal!1 / yatM banapraMranal!12 kavacal!1 bhavantu varil)al!1 / tatvadvaivavidMtral)al!1 santir
bhavatu varil)al!1 / pupabMjanaJil samarp[pjayami /
End: nyasa likaya / astrala / kUl)<akalasabisarj[j]ana yaya / acamanlya svaM / yajamana / nival!1-
chanidi / hnasakana tayava abhieka / kalasabhieka / ukaraJil vayubljal!1 / candana / snkhal)<a /
sil!1dharammia boyava tayaguliya taya / viresvari maMmohani traiiokyamohani / sagvana / si[rjd
dMrtha dadhiya / pal!1casitraka / svana taya utphullambuja / yasantaka / aindrasyaiva / namas te
deva devesl / rajyadal!1 dhanadal!1 devi / thvate pa<apal!1 svana biya / marakosta svana biya / arati /
pratitM pratisthito 'si / pirl[ l) jacandrana yaya / pirl)[ l) jacandranibhal!1 / saki thiya / thana malako
bali / gal)a / gogrisa / kaumari / dukha pikha malako sakatal!1 cMya juro / samaya kaya bhojyadi
jathet[hJa / kalal!1ka choya / gvala biya /
Colophon: iti siddMgni caturthl karm[mjavidhil samapta[l!1j(l) / subham astu /
Subcolophons: iti yavodakavidhil! (fol. 10 back), iti kara[I1Jnyasal (fol. 13 front), iti vaktra[I!1J
nyasal (fol. 13 front), iti aJilganyasal (fol. 13 back) , iti navadvaranyasal (fol. 14 front), thvate
adhibasanakuhnuya bidhil (fol. 21 back), iti kara[I1Jnyasal (fol. 25 back), itYaJilganyasal (fol. 26
back), thvate atmapija (fol. 27 back), iti kala[l!1jnyasal (fol. 30 front), iti aiganyisal (fol. 30 back),
iti dhyanapupal!1 nama (fol. 32 back), iti dhyanal!1 (fol. 38 front), thvatenal!1 bali (fol. 39 back, 40
front, 42, 43 front), iti kara[l!1jnyasa (fol. 56 front), thvate vaktra[l!1jnyasa (fol. 56 back), ity
aJilganyasal (fol. 56 back) , iti itmapiji (fol. 58 front), thvate dumajuya pata (fol. 60 back), iti
kara[l!1jnyisal (fol. 62 back), ity al!1ganyasal (fol. 63 front), iti dhyinapuPaJl namal (fol. 67
front), iti milimantra(m) (fol. 68 back), thvate garialal!1uyi (fol. 70 back), thvate jujumipita
(fol. 75 front), thvate rajakalal!1kaya (fol. 77 back), iti kara[l!1jnyasa (fol. 85 front), iti vaktra(I!1)
nyasa(l), iti al!1ganyasa(l) (fol. 85 back), iti atmapija (fol. 86 back), thvate homasipija (fol. 89
back), iti agnidasakriya (fol. 97 back) , iti jihvahoma(l) (fol. 98-99), iti agnipija (fol. 101), iti
ghrtahuti pifl[l)ji (fol. 107 back), iti tilahuti pirll[lja vidhil (fol. 120 back), iti vaktra[l!1jnyasa(l)
(fol. 122 back), ity al!1ganyasal (fol. 123 front), iti arghapatrapija (fol. 123 back), iti kara[l!1jnya
sa(l) (fol. 142 front), iti vaktra[I!1Jnyasal (fol. 142 back), iti al!1ganyasa(l) (fol. 143 font), thvate
atmapija (fol. 144 front), iti kha<gapija (fol. 151 font), iti sivasaktisamarasa(t)tve mahamayasto
tral!1 samapta(m) (fol. 163 back), iti vaktra[I!1Jnyasa (fol. 172 front), ity al1ganyasa(l) (fol. 172
back), iti arghapatrapija (fol. 173 front), iti avahanal!1 (fol. 174 front), iti malamantra(m) (fol. 177
front), Ity adi-kara-aiganyasa(l) (fol. 182 front), iii supasujagavidhi samaptal!1 (fol. 184 back), iti
mil!1sihuti (fol. 195 back), iti siddMgnisripatrapratitMyajiavidhil samaptal (fol. 206 front), iti
catu(l)saJilskara(l) (fol. 207 back), iti itmapija (fol. 211 back), iti trideva (fol. 212 front), iti
catu(l)sal!1skira(l) (fol. 212 back), iti prathamacakral1 (fol. 219 front), iti dvitlyacakraJl (fol. 219
back), iti trtlyacakral!1 (fol. 220 front), iti vaktranyasal (fol. 224 back) , iti aJiganyasa(l) (fol. 225
1 For vighnao.
2 For bdfao.
Nr. 118119
18 Us. or. 6216.
Paper, Fold-book. Fols. 100; 18,6 x 8,2 cm. 14,2 x 5 cm. 5 lines. Nepilikara. Sanskrit, with
directions in Nevin. Dated N.E. 963. Written by Midhavaniriyal)a of Galahiti, Patan.
Beg.: vimakarl)[lje. f pirl[l)jagiriplthiya namal. dakananisipute. fl abbudaplthiya namal} .
vimanisipute. !U imritakesvaraplthiya namal dakanagafl[l)jel. !U ekimanaplthiya namal} .
vimagafl[lje1 e1 tisvataplthiya namal} . iture2 air kimakrotaplthiya namal} I adhot(h)e 011
kailisap1thiya namal}. ir[djdhvadante. 01 bhrgupuraplthiya namal. adhoda1te. a1 kidirapI
thiya namal} I jihvi. a1 candrapuraplthiya namal. tilu. ka1 srIplthiya namal I dakan(a)ska1-
dhe. kha1 ekiraplthiya namal} I dakakurp[pjare ga1jira1dh[ajraplthiya nama(l}).
End: kurukinyisa. rikhichanda. mila julo. sasrI tu liya. pripa risi. dhipa. dlpa. jipa 108. stotra
yiya. gha1t[hja baje. Qamaru ni11. cupi piji yiya. hi1sikarm[mja thani. idarsadoinam ati
bh(r)amad va. sva(c)chikrta1 vapi ca drstadoin. kiyasya dosa1 vacasipi yad vi tat sarv[vjadoa1
tu kamasva mital. subham.
Colophon: saIbata 963 mirgasi(ra)sudi 13 roja 5 snsnsn-upidhyi-srIdayinitha-jujuyati gilahi
tiyi daivajfa madhavaniriyal)ana coyao cahri yaiijulo I subhar astu ma1galar astu snsva!adeva
tisu3 prItir astu. pasacheya chita meba suyati1 kene ra du thva siphu.
Subcolophons: iti plthinyisal, iti yogininyasal}, iti astamitrkinyisal}, iti vasinyidinyisa(l}), iti
lomavilomanyisa(l), iti catu(l)p1thanyisa(l), iti arghasthipana(m), iti parikhyidi[rjvyegha(l})4, iti
aparikhyisiddhaugha(l}), iti parikhyiminaugha(l), iti gurupakti(l})', iti ta(t)tvasodhana(m), iti
aprijfi prirthal)i, iti trailokyamohanacakra1.
Title on font leaf: trailokyamohanacakridl.
This is a manual of priestcraft concering various rituals of worship to be performed by a Hindu
priest of the Nevar group of the Rijopidhyiyas.
1 For kare.
2 For uttar

J For sveto
4 For 'vydgha() .
5 For 'bhakti@.
119 Us. or. 4317.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 46. 19,9 x 6,6 cm. 16 x 5 cm. Number of lines irregular; text on 42fols.
written vertically, with 18-21 lines, on 4 fols. horizontally. On fol. 32 (back) an illustration drawn in
pencil depicting Vil)u on the back of GaruQa. Diagrams illustrating the position of various piji
equipment and persons involved in the particular ritual. Nepilikara. Sanskrit and Nevin. Dated
N.E. 790 Written by Gal)apati of Cafigu-Niriyala.
Beg.: 01 namo garuQaniriyaliya. hfathva kohnu deba imantral)a yiya. matapiji ju 1 dayaka1.
mata biyiva stotra yiya. yikostaI santi. prital}sninidi nityakarm[mja dhunake. pancabali biya. 01
gi1 giI) gi1 gai1 gau1 gal} glo1 . . . supafl[ljadvlpasubhaklrt[tjiti devI calQinitha ketrapila
Nr. 119-120
balil grhna 2 svilia. 01 nalJl nll nUI nail naul nal) . . . nayanadvlpa kalikidevl gopala ketrapila
balil grhna 2 svahi. asitangidi 8. brahmal)yidi 8. veda!. 01 galanil tva. 01 ambe ambike. 01
Ima rudraya. 01 ghrtal ghrtapivana. 01 namo varulaya. dhipa, dlpa, japa, stotra. 01 nirv[v]a
lal nirv[v]ikalp niru ( . . . ). atra gandhidibalil kipet.
End (fol. 18 back) . . . yata mahibyahrti. beda. thava 2 sa 5. 01 glol gal)apataye svahi. 01
galanal tva. gograsamahabyahrti. om ayal gaul). OII krauI!I kaumary[y]e svilia. 01 jatavedase sr.
balibyirti. OI!I namo vatlusaya1. desabali. byahrti. OII ghrtaI!I ghrtapavana. sagal)aparibara. maha
byirti. samidha saha pratithi. sruvanatvaya. iti tilahuti biya bidhi. caI!Iguya paripati thva. kesaval
patu val). mangail sarv[v]ada sarv[v]ada sarv[v]ada. madhaval) patu val. subhal.
Colophon (fol. 17 back): yatebde khanabicale sasiyute mase sucau hastabhekilasyaiva2 tithau
dine snragurau vilor dhvajarohal)aI!I. srldolagirivasino galapatir [v]vipro 'likhat svarg[g]adal ne
pale lalitapure snlalite srlsrlnivase-nrpe sal' 790 jyethasukladasame hastabrhaspatibira thva ku
hnu thva dhvaja-chi-bidhi srlgalapatina coya dhunaka dina. rajadhiraja-srl-3-nibisamaIlathikulasa
na jataladebaske dathupororahlakhesa IUlpari tara. subhal.
This ms. , written by Ganapati, deals with the rituals concerning the fag-hoisting ceremony in the
temple of Cangu Narayal)a. The author might have acted as the officiating priest of the temple on the
day he finished writing the ms. - Srlnivasa MaIla, then King of Patan and mentioned in the ms., built
the gilded roof of the temple in the village of Harasiddhi as the author records in the colophon.
I For varya (?).
2 For hastabrhaspatiki (?).
10 Us. or. 4327.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 11. 22,5 x 12 cm. 17,5 x 8 cm. 10 lines. Diagrams on fol. 5, 9 and 10
(front). Nepalakara. Nevarl. Dated N.B. 1019. Written by Vajracarya Jujumana of Kvathabihila in
Thahititola, Kathmandu.
[Bastubidhi]: (1) bastu pene, (2) padasthlpana, (3) nyla pi kaye mantra, (4) ratnanylsa.
(1) Beg. (fol. 3 front): 01 namo ratnatrayaye. caitya dayeke sthinasa bistu pyanegu bidhi cosyal
taya. hnapal siryargha. gurumal)Qala. pancaga[r]byasvadhana. sihna taye. malQala thile.
End (fol. 4--5 front): bastu peneyata phosi kathi tvaka 38 kola chi pela hiko mao. phiyagu ma jio.
kuhmasutra-ka tu 5 hlanagu ku 84 mao.
(2) Beg. (fol. 6 front): atha padasthipanavidhim aha. hnapiI!I. prajnaparamiti patha yiye kalape.
pidasthipaniyita padma cosyal ci gvaQi api tasya sthipani. api kha QUlgu duna ma gakagu
silhayi vala . . . thathilgu cihna daogu ma jio.
End (fol. 8 front): . . . nimi[r]tti kiyagu. bajradhitucaitya-iridhanarthal pidasthipana. yajna.
iridhanapijinimi(t)tyarthal. pijayi nimitta thathya.
(3) Beg. (fol. 12 front): 01 iI) hoI) . hrll sarvatathigata. (folio 13 front) thana samasta jyi
dhusyal li nyasa du thaneyita. hnipil nyisabali biye (3).
End (fol. 15 front): pancasili kiye. mal)Qala thile. svina tane. pirl)[l)]a yaya. kamipana. isirbi
da. dakali. samayicakra. seiliuti. gal)acakra. thuti nyasa luyayita julo. subhal (3).
Nr. 120-121
(4) Beg. (foJ. 13 back): paicaraka patha yaya. ratnanyasavidhim aha. yajiasthipana yaye. sur
yargha. gurumal)Qala. paicaga[r]bya. sihna taya mandala thiye. ki tane. samadhi.
End (fo!. 18 back): snana. pmcaga[r]bya. paicagandha. snanmp.. thana milacaryo li oyao
Colophon (on foJ. 1 front): sambat 1019 m(i)ti aaQhasudi 2 roja somabara-khunu kvathabahilaya
bajracary[y]a jujumanana! thaota thva saphi dayaka taya julo. subha!p..
Colophon (on foJ. 1 front): bastu pene: padasthipana. ratnanyasa yaya saphi julo. subha!p. nyasa
Marginal titles: caitya dayaketa bastu pyanegu pijabidhi, bastu penegu ka!ptha thathya julo,
padasthipana yayagu bidhi. pratisthayajia thakalapegu ka[!p.]ltha, nyasa luye, ratnanyasaya pijabi
dhi, ratnanyasaya kothisa bija thanegu pramana julo.
This text concerns the rituals observed in laying the foundation of a caita and other buildings. 38
sticks, measuring a span and four fngers in length, and 84 cubits of kuhmasiitra, a thread (with fve
threaded string of cotton), are used by arranging the sticks on a squared pattern as shown in the
diagram in the ms. Many diferent rites as mentioned in the marginal titles are to be performed in the
121 Us. or 6.
For a description of the manuscript see No. 203.
(2) Grhasthipanividhi.
Beg.: ata[r]yava jyethi(!p)gull saptayava madhya!pguli II pramana iti kathyate II kaIasitraJp.
gurubhatau pramana!p tu madapatra II gurupada!p na pascadau yathi deva tathi guru II vayuvyas
ma!p. vina[r] vesma!p. II tatra grhadhanasa!prada!p II rO!p.ja roga! bhave[r]t tasya[!p] nitya!p. roga
bhaviyati II pascimena vina vesma!p jalasoyapajayate II sJtavijyapriya nitya!p. sU[!p]grahadhana
sa!pp(r)ada! II pirv[v]apralamvavrddhikalamava!na!(s) t[r]athi varitradhama!p dadati II artha
kaya pascime talava mrtyubhaya!p dakil)ato pravesa!p. II II daJssinahina vesmai ca namai ca dval
aka aguhini kulahini eka!p. ratra!p na vasayat II asane kesall vidyat sayane kujani tathi II vrabhoja
napratreu dhvajacha(t)tradi karayat II chasijati Jsetri II debala gobala bahinbahila ma!psadopara
capaIa phale tralathi balibahira thise ra avayaku namusi culika dika si!pcurika cU!p. thvate teva II
End (to diagram 38): thvate pole agneyasa juka dava che hutasa nama t[r]ejasvI juyio. krodhi
(to diagram 39): nai(r)rtyasa juko daogu che samasero lupanasa lana payeyiva. papa dayio. ra bhina
juyi II
(to diagram 40): pakimasa che chakha mulakha che kha ra duo cakala chi dao. ati du(i) kha II
(to diagram 41): pekunasa!p che dava. pekhesa!p pona dhanalabha. sukhi. satrunasa II
(to diagram 42): pirb[b]asa!p milasakhi lakanakaka. pascimasa sokha lakanakaka. dakinasa!p.
u(t)t(a)ra[ra]sa chakha chakha dhanarabha putrarabha bidyarabha ka[!p.]nyarabha.
A text on laying the foundation stone of a house. The author also indicates fture good and evil for
the owner of the house which will result from certain arrangements.
122-125 Tantra
U. or. 4305.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 17, some of them slightly damaged. 17 x 8,6 cm. 15 x 6 cm. 6 lines.
NepiWikara. Old Bengali mixed with Nevarl. Undated.
[ Caragltj.
Beg. (front): karuna krlyayi naro ra II marayaja kunduru bajayi Ii Ii matra hi bajayi II tahi bharu
kbajana galldhyaljl mayanapi baja yayi 2 hale kili janapala yiyi i['llnduru bajana yiyi II cau sara
kasturi sihla kapura rayana yayi 2 marayaijana sari jana tahi bhabaru khajana yayi II pauIa
kbetakara . . . su[rj(d)dhasuddha namunayi 2 niraljlsuha allg candra vayi II
End (back): ya acary[yjajyapadaljl 2 mantrajanadarp[pjana sarakapa dasabalamati paribhamu
laljl II namami 2 srlcakrasambara guru bake drdhaliya 2 satagurucalanaprasiie anuttarasiddhio
(ka)pradall II raga gandhabhairabi II pirb[bja brahmayani haljlsam aridha karI.l[I.ljakabarI.l[I.lja
akasitradhiri 2 u[rjttala moheSvari bikbabahane caljldradhabalati suradhali II hiljl hill ausmasane
nrrabalasahita aiabhailaba ganapati.
Beginning words of the songs contained: . . . nabharaljl . . . , trihada, bibihaljlbihanu re, jayallba
chari, sarb[bjabnddha, jvaritabajranara, cakrikudra, abauinihita, hUIjl bijasaljlbhaba, abanlnihita,
jayall jayaljl, palcakapa, srlhebajra nairatma, asu catvari tribhubanajvalita, dharadhala, harasila,
alapacana, e mahim3Qara, sapatinadita, bhasvala, prabisaljltu, purb[b jabrahmayani.
A book containing old Buddhist songs which in Nevarl are called caea (SkI. cara). There is still a
tradition of singing cara songs at certain occasions. Generally these songs are sung by Vajracaryas
and Sakyabhikus and are accompanied by particular positions of the fngers (mudra). Some of the
songs are only sung in the inner sanctorium, the aga/he, of the vihi r s that they can only be heard
by those members of the sangha who have been initiated. Kathmandu is considered to have three
diferent styles of singing these songs, i.e., the style of the northern, the middle and the souther part
of the city. The people of Patan are not so well-known as singers and the Buddhists of Bhaktapur do
not have this tradition at all. The Sanskrit term cara was transformed into Pkt. and Apabhr. cajja

ich, i Nevarl, was incorrectly pronounced as eaea or caeca.

Us. or. 4332.
Paper. Foldlbook. Fols. 59. 19,5 x 8,5 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. Front: Bengali/aithilL Back:
Nevarl. Dated N.B. 985. Copied by Vajracarya Kulamanaju of Nakbacukanani.
Nr. 123
[ Caryaglij .
Beg. (front): Oljl nama! srlvajrasa(t)tvaya. raga bhairavl. tala jhapa. madhya meru mahimalika
nakarijite, pirbavideha jarajaljl bodiye I apara gOQiyani uttara gurubhubane pafcava ratna paftcaji
na vyapiya re II name pafcabuddhaljl 2 bisvasrljita bisvahita bisvabhita pii camiruti I
End (front): thana bau caca hire. raga bhairavl. Oljl a hUIjl phat ante sviha mantra bisya khau
carule 2 piji pijita pija sambhibya sa(t)tvaripa smara bhava hantu re. kha kha kha hita alibaripi
jale ghagha ghitaya ghitaya bighna re pafcamiyi rasa paftcasiri re pa(ft)cajiihana sarb[b]a barini.
sarb[b]a yaka rikasa bhita preta re piSica apasmaru re 2 dikaQa knyadi aHasmas[v]ane idaljl bali
grhna grhna hantu re. samayi arakantu moka siddhi re sukhasaljlbhabapada bisuddhi re 2 jathaiva
jathaiva bhujartha pibartha re. jighraltha ma tu kamanor artha re danapati sarb[b]a kary[y]a siddhi
re manoratha sarb[b]a sukhapada santi re 2 ara saljlsara tathigatabacane svahiyall kara bhava hantu
Beg. (back) : thana. svana ki taljlke. gurupija. dakal}iL kaka pafcakusa. kamapana. sagaljl.
mohani kva kisyaljl deta tanya. mimaki ko kaya kusa-abhiyaka deta tanya. thana sindhuramalQa
rabisarjana . . . baj(r)abhiyakakusabhiya(ka)-kirt[t]ikarasabhisya(ka). ki biya. thana sindhu. igaljl
tanya. sakasyiljl tiya. gita uditatara. riga bibhiisa. tara mitha. udita tara yana duti 2 bara dima rika
ki kalita. ghora dutara bhaya nisi calita 2 akhaya niraljljana moka krti.
End (back) : raga kahi. meghabaisvanaranisitabarl[lja ur(d]dhvapiljlgarakesa srlkilikidebi
(dhruO). jagatamoka kili srlcami(n)d[r]idebi (dhruO). siry[yJasamadehii bindukaparadhara apa
rabhujadvayaaQgaphetakadhari (dhruO). karacaljldrabhairaba ilimgana sra(d)dhe 2 mahiragabi
su(d)dhi maha(ljl]mayakari (dhruO) . ratnamakita sila srlmullsumarabhalal)e 2 naracarm[m]abya
sthita kaljlkararipiIi (dhru) . pretasilalipigana sabbe 2 capayi caral)e pratyiliQhapadaljl (dhruO) .
Colophon: sreyo 'stu saljlbat 985 m(i)ti maghakrl)aya naomi brhaspatibia thva uhni thva caca
saphi coya siddhayaki dina jura. likhitaljl nakhucukananiya ba[r]j(r)jacary[y]a srlkulamanajunaljl
coya jura. subham.
Marginal titles: (1) madhyameru. (2) adisune. (3) anuttara. (4) khatajogni. (5) dhanakari. (6)
kumbhanira. (7) nirabafl(Ija. (8) pltabarI[l)ja. (9) raktabafl(I)ja. (10) haritabarI[I)ja. (11) gvaku
dahana. (12) Qakili. (13) rama. (14) khandrarohi. (15) rupini. (16) pafcamahiipatra bhanumaIQara.
(17) baj(r)amayabhumi. (18) baj(r)adhara. (19) ba[ljljmbhababasuljldhara. (20) avanini. (21) Oljl
kha baj(r)adhrka. (22) pramodita. (23) pirb[bjadigaljlcana. (24) namaskara kaya. (25) bamakara.
(26) tridasaroha. (27) jayaljl bachari. (28) namami baj(r)abarahi. (29) tridarapaljlkaja. (30) jarajara
cakra. (31) dibhuja ekamukha. (32) tridarasaljljara. (33) amaratidara. (34) nirm[mjanaljlbuja. (35)
pafcatathiigata. (36) candragrahasmas[vjana. (37) bau caci. (38) udita tara. (39) hUIjl hUIjl deha.
(40) trihallda capayi. (41) hada-abharana. (42) cakrikul}Qara. (43) jarajaracakra. (44) raljlbokara.
(45) rayamahimegha. (46) Oljl a hUIjl svabhiba. (47) tridarapalkaja. (48) sahasradara. (49) eka
mukhabidyadharl. (50) oljlkira silasi. (51) tribhubana. (52) pirb[bjadigasthita. (53) pirbadvara.
(54) samiraya. (55) thana ta coya taya (which are not actualy the beginning words of the song) . (56)
maIQalasamayacakra. (57) prabisatu. (58) sahaja. (59) korayi. (60) bamadahi. (61) dhara dhara. (62)
cakri cakri. (63) supratimalQita. (64) harasira. (65) tribhubana. (66) tiniroyana. (67) jolitabajranara.
(68) korayibaljlsa. (69) indusilomani. (70) aganita. (71) raghaba. (72) rddhisiddhi. (73) baj(r)i(l}i)
ghari. (74) atakietrapala. (75) namami jinadhiitu. (76) namami dharm[mjadhatu. (77) ganacakraga
thi. (78) dvambisarobara. (79) sopindrabhisa. (80) sarb[bjatathi(gata).
Nr. 124
124 Us. or. 4343.
Paper. Wooden book-covers. Fold,book. Fols. 87, including the two leaves attached to the book
covers. Three leaves damaged, many other leaves fallen apart. 15 x 6,5 cm. 11 x 4,5 cm. 5 lines.
Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Old Bengaii/MaithiI, verse; directions in Nevan. Dated N.E. 924.
[ Caryagltl
Beg.: raga bhailav!' tara jhapa. kumbhanibhifijana pafcajfanasvabhiba kaljlkarakara bije mu
nyani 2 nibisitamahisvabhibaljl mamaki surasundan navajauban!. namimi snbaruni rasibajindra
bhaikhaje samupanabhi 2 alidhasea binayasanasthita ekamukha trirocani deb!' atidasabhujadhili
kekaradhaka birasarakala paditi kare 2 pasaljlkusa-aparadhvaja-gaQibaj(r)a navame barada
p(r)athamasakare. apara uddhaka phetaka dhanu baj(r)abandha atvaljlga kamarante 2 trisura mu
garabaj(r)a bena galaya tridanuda kaljture.
End: . . . santadharm[mlagrasaljlbhitaljl jii nacary[ylivisodhakasamantabhadrakayagraljl bhia
malQalam u[rlttamall. sarv[vlalakalasaljlpirl[lJlalj sarv[vliakanavarjitaljl samantabhadra citta
gral manomalQalam u[rlttamaljl. sarv[vlasa(t)tvamahicitta suddhaprakrt[tjinirm[mlalall saman
tabhadra vacigraljl ghoamalQalasarathe. dinap[rlati jajamanasya x prav(r)ajyavrata karm[mla
kriyasaljlpfrlJ[lla nithall ratrinisi cakrasaljlpfr[lla nimittathaljll bho sie urtha bhava 3. mata
hirake. e jagata nibasi ya reo malQalabisarjana yacake. gurupfji. dakani. thana gurusyea biya.
thvanaljl li sagaljl biya maljlgalagatha. subham astu sarv[v]adi[t].
Colophon: sambat 924 maghasukla 3 pfrv[vlabhadranaketra sivayoge maljlgaravara maka(ra)ra
si(gate) savitra minarasigate candramasi. etat[aldine puaka(1l!) simpurl[llam iti. sri-3-manadeva
saljlskaritacakramahabiharibasthita snbajracarya srlbirada[rlttadebana thavata dayaka juro. thva
pustaka sunanaljl robhini yaya ra duo subhall.
Marginal titles: 1) kUljlbhani . 2) nliabarl}[lla. 3) pitabarlJ[lla. 4) raktabaljl. 5) haritabarl[lla. 6)
gokuda. 7) nliabarl}[lla. 8) dvibhuja ekamukha. 9) raktabarlJ[lJla ekamukha. 10) namimi 2 srufipi
l!. 11) baj(r)amayabhimi. 12) pfrb[bladvira. thana kiraljldhya. 13) pramodita. 14) tridarasa. 15)
ciricara. 16) potala. 17) udayagiri. 18) namami 2. 19) nilabarl}[lla. 20) sakara. 21) kaone. 22)
pfirb[bladigasthita. 23) bhlmadeba. 24) jalhadeba. 25) atadara. 26) krlabarl[lJla. 27) bimakhapa.
28) khatakvati. 29) ekabadana. 30) biyaljlbisamaya. 31) dinamani. 32) pfrb[blbrahmayal!. 33) ram
bokara. 34) siddhibhubal)a. 35) namaskara. 36) bhinumalQala. 37) jaya ba(ljl)chaii. 38) nlarb[bla
kara. 39) malQalasamaya. 40) dhipa cacao 41) tricakra. 42) namimi 2 jogasvara. 43) prabanafkari.
4) abani ni. 45) atibhiana. 46) tidarakama. 47) korayi. 48) jvalitabaj(r)anala. 49) jaya 2 biljl(chali).
50) bali cacao 51) bibi habi. 52) hUIl hUIjl deha. 53) cakrikulQala. 54) gaja jina. 55) dvibhuja. 56)
namami 2. 57) baj(r)ilJi ghori. 58) ataksetrapi. 59) arula. 60) kamarabikasita. 61) snkachapagiri.
62) basudhialita. 63) jina hire. 64) udita. 65) medani. 66) namaskira. 67) bimaka. 68) dharadhara.
69) hida abhara(le). 70) uditi tara. 71) madhyameru. 7) atasr(ljl)ga ca. 73) adisfinya. 74) anila.
75) anuttara. 76) kalaSica. 77) raktabarl[lla. 78) gokfdaha. 79) tiniroya. 80) tridarasa. 81) i hUIjl
svabhiba. 82) atighora. 83) grahapati. 84) supratimalQita. 85) galacakragatha. 86) dvaljlbirasaraba
ra2 87) sopendra. 88) sarb[blatathi(gata). - One incomplete song is written at the end leaf by an
unskilled hand.
1 For nimittirtham,
2 For sarobara.
Nr. 125
1 Hs. or. 4324.
2 texts: (1) Siddhilakmlcakroddhara and, on two back fols. , (2) Hiphala svaneya bidhi.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 12. Slight damage on right side. 21,5 x 10,5 cm. Diagrams and malcalas
on each fol. except on first and last half-fol. Nepalakara. Sanskrit, with directions in Nevarl.
Undated. Written by two scribes.
(1) Siddhilak.'mlcakroddhira.
Beg.: 01 namo bhagavatl barn[ n ]a!l 2 barahl 2 barahamukhe 2 alJldhau alJldhya nina marulJldhai
rulJdhya nina moyalJl bhejyalJl bhai namo moha mohani namos te [ste ste ste] ni mama sarv[v]adu
tapradutinilJl sarv[v]eill sarv[v]avihal) cital Sitramukha gati jihva stalJlbhanalJl kuru slghralJl
kuru 2 . . . hUI phata svahi.
End: srlsiddhilakmldevyai. candacandana[ki]kismlra[lJl]karp[p ]irldravale(kbi)talJl. sinduralJ
rajasalJl chat(t)ralJl likhyete hemasalakaya. madhya trikol)a rtukol)a tribr[r]tiyukta tadvahya dvida
sadale saracalapatrall vr[r]tte dvitlye caturasracaturthadvaralJl srlsiddhilakmlvaracakra jayapra
datall . .
Colophon: iti srlsiddhilakmlcakro( d)dhiral.
Explanatory titles of some diagrams:
iti nirv[vlinaal)c;[dlala. nimiara kiya.
bilajyethaya krama.
ganayojinl. ketrabetuka.
moca buyake. salabidhina.
srlsiddhilamlj antra.
01 namo guhyakilikayai.
The Goddess Siddhilaml is worshipped by a section of Hindu Nevars in the inner sanctorium of
their temples and homes. She used to be worshipped by the Malia Kings and the Nevar aristocrats as
a goddess bestowing victory in warfare. Tey used to keep her mantras and the way she is worshipped
secret and they disclosed the secret only to those who were initiated.
126-142 Mantras, DharaIls, VaslkaraIa, Folk Medicine, Kavacas
Us. or. 616.
Paper. Wooden covers lined with red linen. Fols. 20, numbered 1, 3-20; fol. 2 missing, last fol. not
numbered. 17,5 x 6,7 cm. 13 x 3,5 cm. 5 lines. A fine miniature painting in the middle of fol. 1
(back). Nepilakara. Sanskrit and NevarI. Dated N.E. 969. Scribe: Nakali. Donor: Rajamanasil)1ha
of Khusibahili, Kathmandu.
Maijusramuda Dbarmasvimi Siyabh5: [Dhtrala/rahal.
Beg.: 01 nama ratnatrayaya II 01 svasti II 01 sal)1bhara 2 vimarasayara mahavaj(r)e hil)1 II 01
sambhara 2 vimanaskandba mahavaj(r)a hil). thva mantra bo dhara 1 bonasa hnapayagu mantra tu
bonasa hmakuchi-pramana. 01 sal)1bhara 2 vimalasagara mahavaj(r)a salbhavaya svaha. dha 2 . . .
yagu dharm[m]a yana da . . . (fol. 3) na akarma akrti adharm[m]a sarbapapa nasa juyio. akanit(h)a
dhaya srIbuddhakatrasa manikapadmasa jarm[m]a1 juyio II 9 II 01 namo sakyamuni-tathagataya II
thva bonaya pUJyana kOlisahasra jarm[m]asa2 yana(ya) papa nasa II 10 II 01 namo tejasamanta
atabasavijitasal)1graliyatathagataya II dhaka bonaya pUlyana cukuri yanaya papa nasa II 11 II
End: thva dasal)1kusala papa phuyuo. kaya vaka citta yanagu sarbapapa mocal)13 yaya dhakao
upagaralasal)1 bijyakahma mahaguru paramesvaranal)1 karisa dharm[m]acakrapabart[t]ana yaya
dhaka gupta yasyal)1 taya II 89 II thugu pustaka mal)1jusrIsamudra nama dharmasvami srIsakyabhi
kuna bhaktibhabana pi kasya tala II 90 II 01 namo bhagavate vairocana prabhakyatu rajaya tathaga
taya 'rhante samyaksal)1buddhaya II 01 namo bhagavate samantabhadra-tathagataya bodhisa(t)
tvaya mahasa(t)tvaya tadyatha . . . yaje mukhe sviha II thuti bonasa hnyagu totra yatasal)
chi-pramanal)1 II iti . . . kirahrdaya samaptal)1 II ry[y]a dharm[m]atyadi II sreyo 'stu.
Colophon: sambat 969 m(i)ti baisaakrla 13 hnusa salpirl[ I)]a yana dina jula. Iikhital nakalina
Iikhapita jula. subhal)1. jajomana khusibahiliya lijamanasll)1yasta jula. subhal)1.
A collection of dhiral with indications referring to their use, etc., in NevarI.
1 For janma.
' For janmasa.
3 For mocana.
17 Us. or. 4335.
Paper. Fols. 62. 27 x 11,4 cm. 23,5 x 7,5 cm. 8 to 9 lines, Diagrams on fols. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (front and
back). Nepalakara. Sanskrit and NevarI. Dated N.E. 991. Fol. 2 written by another scribe.
Nr. 127
Haramekhali. Incomplete.
Beg.: ot cramahiiroaQiya. tato moharusidhanat.. pithagaQasa bihiina dayakat. catur[ d]dasi
uhnu ritrisa gahanasa teo vati va ma(r)jita thyat deba piji yiya. samayahetu chiya. stotra
padape. thvate dhunanio mohoni phaya. hetusa tamasa khi coliva sariciyi duvane nanakatp yile.
gaQaniva sihnaIana buriva bija coya. mantra thva. ait hritp. sritp . . . svihi. mata cyiya. matasa toka
puya. thvayi deone samayahetu chiya. giyatrimaQ<ala1 piji yiya. aitp 5 kaumirikiyai vidmahe
kiry[y]asiddhi(tp) dhimahe tan no siddhi(t.) pracodayit. thvanatli hi uya. debayike mohonl sake.
yiti<asa hiithi. jva\p. teva. saublrijat teva. duthane mila. dakiQi chiiya. deba jvape. thvate
dhunakio kamipana yiti va mohoni ko kiya. basa taya ra teva. igara tine. svina ko kiya. samaya.
thvate mohonlsadhanabidhi.
End: thva sona phila bisyatp telina besyayi nikat jivasa buyake. chiigachlrarasatjanapuladag
dhagajendradantamasilipta jiyante saptaritrit khalvitasyipi cikurii. dantacirn[Q]apula
pika yiniva rasljana thvate corasa duduna buriva modasa tele dina 8. thvatena modasa nikatp
jivasa buyuva. bhrtpgarajarasonmisrita gutp.jiphala(tp) cirQ[Q]asidhita tailat karoti. siroruha
siddha-kutimilituti-jatisahita. kayamuga cim[Q]a yiniva thvayi pidya himala-so. soyi pidya
bhimarija-ti. thvate unat. so bhiiga lenake. thva sona phula bisyat te1ina mo<asa yako dayake.
bhalli!aka-brhatlphala-gutjimila-philini[ tp.]m ekaike madhusahiter vilipta surapatiluptat samatp
yiti. biri<asa kaQ!hagirise gutjahi gutpjap\l. thvatesa chatinat. gika cirQ[ Q]a yinatp kastina
viriva mo<asa leparapina. sipinana ( . . . )
On fol. 1 (font) the owner or some other person has given as the date: sambat 991 mit! baisikha
Colophon and subcolophons:
iti caQ<amahiiroaQatantra(t) samipta[i)](m) (fol. 4 front).
iti jlbanyisa pi kiya bidhi(i)) samipta\ (fol. 12 front).
iti brahmiQyidigaQa thane (fol. 12 back).
iti priQaprati!hi (fol. 13 back).
(iti) jivanyisavidhi(i) samipta\ (fol. 14 front).
iti mitrkigaQa thaneyita bidhi(i) samipta (fol. 14 back).
iti haramekhaIiyi dvit!ya(i) pari(c)chedaninikautukacamatkira(i)) samiptai (fol. 27 front).
iti bahuvidhakautihalahrdahrdayavidagdhakiminldayititra samipyate halamekhiHiyii) pratha
ma(i)) pari(c)chedai (fol. 41 front).
iti halamekhaliyii dvit!ya(i) pari(c)chedai samapta (fol. 52 back).
ityea parisamipyate vividhavaslkaraQayogasatppa[t]nnaharamekhaliyis tftlya vidagdhadayitai)
pari(c)chedai) . . . iti haramekhaliyis trtlyai) pari(c)cheda samiptai (fol. 61 back).
This is an incomplete ms. of the Haramekhali comprising only two chapters. The work contains
Sanskrit mantras for exercising power, yantras to be used as talismans as well as medicinal prescrip
tions. The ms. begins with the second chapter (ariccheda) and ends with the opening lines of the
fourth chapter. The second chapter consists of the following sub-sections: call4amahiroalafantra
(fol. 4 front), mohonisidhana yiyasa mitrkigalastofra (up to fol. 5 back), jlbanyisa (fol. 11 front to
14 back), rimagu!iki (fol. 14 back to 15 font), rudragu!iki (fol. 15 front to 21 front) and deblgu!iki
(fol. 21 front to 26 front). The third chapter contains no such sections.
1 For "mantala.
Ny. 128-129
128 Hs. or. 6391.
Paper. Fois. 46. 40,5 x 11,5 cm. 11 lines. Several diagrams in black and red. NepaIakara. Nevarl,
interspersed with Sanskrit.
Beg.: Ol!l na(ma)s caJQamahiroaJaya / tato mohonlsadhanal!l / PlthagaJasa bahana dayakal!l
caturd[d]asi uhnu ratrlsa. gahanasal!l teo. vara marjata thyal!l debapija yaya. samayahetu chiya.
stotra padalape. thvate dhunarava mohonl phaya. hetusa tamasa kha colava sarlcaya duvane tana
kal!l yile. gaJatava slhnalana burava blja coya. mantra thva. a hrll!l Srll!l . . . sviha / mata cyaya.
matasa toka puya. thvaya deone samayahetu chiya. gayatrlmantraJa puja yaya / aill 5 kaumarlkayai
vidmahe kary[y]asiddhi(l!l) dhlmahe tan no siddhi(l!l) pracodayat / thvana Ii hi iya. debayake
mohont. ke yitaQasa hithil!l jvalil!l teva. saublrajal!l teva. duthane mala. dakita chiya. deba jvape.
thvate dhunakao kamapana yarao mohoni ko kaya. basa taya ra teva. agara tine. svana ko kaya.
samaya. thvate mohonlsadhanabidhi.
End: kisiya dantacurJ[ J]a ambarava napa ninao pitapaka yanao dadhana lu. thvayi piQya hama
la-sva. soya piQya bhimaraja-ti. thvate utao so bhiga lenake. thva sona phita bisyal!l telana besyayo
nikal!l javase buyake / chigachlrarasal!ljanapitadagdhagajendradantamasilipta jaya[n]te saptaratrit
khalvatasyapi kUl!lcitas1 cikuro [I] dantacirJ[J]apita paka yanao rasaljana thvate corasa duduna
burao modasa tele dina 8. thvatena modasa nikal!l javasa buyuo / bhr(l!l)garajarasonmisrital gU(I!l)
japhalal!l cirJ[J]asadhital!l tailal!l karoti. siroruha-siddha-kumulituti-jatasahital / kayamuga cirJ
[J]a yatao thvaya piQya hamala-so. soya piQya bhimaraja-ti. thvate ut so bhiga lenake. thva
sona phuta bisyal!l telana mOQasa yakol!l dayake / bhallataka-brhatiphala-gu(l!l)jamilaphalana[l!l]m
ekaika madhusahitair vilipta surapatiluptal!l samal!l yati / baradase kaJthagirise gUlljaha gUl!ljapu.
thvatesa chatanal!l gaka cirJ[J]a yatal!l kastina valao mOQasa guI!ljapu leparapana. sipanana
( . . . )
Subcolophons: iti haramekhalaya dvitlya(!) pari(c)cheda[!)] nanakautukacamatkara! samapta!
(fol. 20 back). iti bahuvidhakautihalahrdahrdayavidagdhakaminldayltatra samapyate halamekha
laya(! prathama(! pari(c)cheda! (fol. 30 front). ityea parisamapyate vividhavaslkaraJayoga
salpannaharamekhalayas trtlya vidagdhadayitapari(c)chedah . . . iti haramekhalaya(s) trtiya(!) pa
ri(c)cheda!) samapta! (fol. 45 back).
Marginal title: harameo.
1 For kWta.
19 Hs. or. 6395.
Paper. Fois. 130, numbered 11-140. First 10 fols. missing, last leaf damaged. 26 x 10 cm. 20,5 x 6
cm. 7 lines. Nepilakara. Nevarl, interspersed with Sanskrit. Dated N.B. 933. Written by Vajracarya
( . . . ) devaju of Yasodharimahivihira, Patan. Donor: ( . . . ) sabhidevaju of Thahititola, Kathmandu.
Haramekhali. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . du thatio lico lal!lkhana hi ha yatal!l svina tU til!l noo khe. svana tU til!l noyake.
koyagiri-svanaya pu cirJ[J]a yit geruva vario lal!lkhana phosyal!l tayana lal!lkha khvasyal!l
khvao hi thel!l conio. athaba sudarsana-svinayi hara tayio lal!lkhasa tasyal!l khoogu hi thyal!l conio.
Nr. 129-130
laJkhana hi yaya. bhiIlIgu jhaga jhaga dhiio kaIlsakhora nibhiira curina tayava kapapirlna tha jure.
gaIJlgu sai bigodana tha juraIJl. me cyacakaIJl he jio khe. kaIJlsakhorina mi cyike. lusi thurana
teva. saru kapatanaIJl teva. saru siunaIJl teva. kUIJl-durunaIJl teo. saIJlkha siya seranaIJl teva. narinaIJl
teva. dokhalanaIJl teva. ru dayakaIJl ni byana deva-bi chabl garuQa hmosakhii bhaula iiipaIJl yaya2
gu ripa dayakao laIJlgana pasyaIJl dayakaIJl tayao sikhara-duduna lelikhvalasa tayava nayake keQa
peta punakaIJl tayava niyakaIJl choyao lokapani iScary[y]a kene.
End: thvanaIJl li khayarasi cuplna hmoya mantra. OIJl kal)Qesu cunuru malini iti calQika jagada
vart[t]ini staIlbhani mohani namo 'stu te svahii II thvaya li oadhl lyeya mantra II OIJl jayottare svahii
II japa mantra II OIJl blraripe svihii II thvate hlikva s[i]roka . . . syaIJl . . . jdi khe. oadhl . . .
yasanapathana[IJl]na mantra padape miro. baiSalokasena mOQa hlusyaI)l upa . . . naIJl suci yinao
oadhl prasasta juraIJl khe. sravala asvinl hasta pupa thuli nakatrasa lyaya teva. oadhl chyayaya
mantra . . . gavim api tapasi tejasa caiva prasiddheti sivaya I oIJl . . . vidhi I . . . mahiimayahara pil)Qas
taQintaralakara rudhire chiiya . . . dadati japya ma . . . hila . . . du anusvira mahiimaya ikaral. thva
netina rakilana cesyaIJl tahakara . . . ar[d]dhacandrana tane II hrlIJl II thva mantrana gvahmana japa
yitaIJl 0 puruayik[y]e va samasta strl dakva ragalapaIJl cittana sarlral)aIJl hlaca bUIJl[i]ca khe II
pratipiditahrdayamohako . . . manmathakamakiniIJl dirasthitani[IJl]m api te II thva mantra jap(a)-
rapina thavake . . . ragarapeke moharape jlva khe. iti bljamantraprabhiival) ityi . . . divamuktimali-
kanakanivahapramukhadhana[l] . . . dagdhananada ea haramekhalaya sapta . . . iti haramekha-
\iyiIJl yogamalayaIJl nepalabhiisa . . . parisamaptaIJl.
Colophon: saIJlbat 933 kirttivakrlapaIJlcamil hastinaksatra sukrabiha thva kuhnu saIJlpi(rla)
dhunaka dina juro. lekhaka lalitapattanamahiinagary[y]aIJl yasodharamahavihii(riva)sthitavajrici
ry[y]asrl . . . devena likhitam idaIJl pustakaIJl. subhaIl. dinapati srl-3-kintipuramahinagare thahiti
torasa dika . . . sabhidebajusana dayaki tayi juro. subhaIJl. srl-3-girvil)a yuddha bikrama saha . . .
juya berasa thva saphira coki juro.
1 For kirtikaO.
130 Us. or. 6454.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 30 112. 12 x 6,4 cm. 10 x 4 cm. 6-7 lines. Devanigarl. Sanskrit, verse.
[Kavacasalgraha]. Incomplete.
Beg. : srlgaIesiya nama(l II OIJl namas calQikiyai II mirk[k]alQe(ya) uvica II jad[u] guhyaIJl
(p?)aramaIJl loke sarv[v]arakakaran nmiIJl II yatna(IJl) kasyacid ikhyitaI)l tan me brihi pitim[m]a
ha[I)l] II 1 II brahmovaca II asti guhyatamaI) vipra sarv[v]abhitop[r]akirakaIJl devyas tu kavacaIJl
punya ta . . . [u]lU1 mahiimunya II 2 II prathama(IJl) sairaputrl ca dvitlyaIJl brahmaciril)l II trtlyaIJl
candraghaIJlteti kumil)Qeti catu(r)thakaIJl II 3 II paIJlcamaIJl skaIJldamitetl atha(maIJl) kityiyaniti
ca II OIJl hrlIJl kIlIJl sr\IJl phat sviha iti m1lamantra II saptamaIJl kiralatrl ca mahiigauriti cilamaIJl II 4
II navamaIJl siddhidata ca navadurgi praki(r)t[t]iti II uktin(y) etini nimani brahmal)aiva mahiitma
ni II 5 II agnini dahyamanas tu satrumadhyagato rale I viame durg[g]ame caiva bhayart[t]a saranaIJl
gata II 6 II
End: 11 76 II nirahaIJlkara nirgunl nirm[m]a(la)jdinadiyaka(l) nltyevaro mahidevaZ nlrakaIJltha3
niramaya(l) II 71 niraIlja[IJl]no nirilaIJlko ni(l))seapril)inipahrt II . . . pa pad[ma]masana(l)) para-
Nr. 130132
para(l)) II padmayoni(l) paral)! brahma padmapatradarajyuti(l)) II puralapuruo II 78 II ( . . . ) juya
puruo gananayaka II 79 II paral)! dhama paral)! brahma pavitral)! paramal)! (ma)hat II parananda
rasorasalocana(I)4 smerabhaala(l)) II 80 II paraparamalokesa(l) paramesthi(r) varap(r)ada(l)) II
paraka(l) paval)adhisa(l) pavacana paravara(l) 11 81 II paiagula(l)) paral)!deva(l)) pas paramari
padhrk II parv[v]ati-premapriti(s) ca parv[v]ativallabhesvara(l) II 82 II pasapali(s) cakrapali(l)
parajyoti(l) paresvara(l) I puresvara(l)) purapati(l) padmapatranibhanana(l)) II 83 II padmakara . . .
Colophons: iti snhariharabrahmaviracital)! devya kavacal)! samaptal)! II subha(m) II iti snmal)!(?)
galastuti samapta[l)!] II subha(m) II iti snbhagavatya(l)) kllakal)! samaptal)! II subham astu II iti
snbrahmapurale narada-agastya-sal)!vade ramaproktal)! hanumatkavacal)! samaptal)! II subham astu
II iti sruamakavacal)! sampOrl.[l]am iti II subham astu II iti snmahagalesakavacal)! samaptal)! II
subhal)! II
I tacchmu (?).
2 For devo.
3 For ka1l ho.
4 For soltsao,
5 For patu (?).
For a description of the ms. see No. 96.
Us. or. 69.
(2) Mantradhiralla/raha. Incomplete.
Beg. : II atha pujamantra(l)!) bhavati II ol)! krnacale pupal)! prati(c)cha hil)! phat II ol)! utacare
pupal)! prati(c)cha hOI phat II Ol)! pitacale pupal)! prati(c)cha hUI phat II Ol)! raktacara pupa(l)!)
prati(c)cha hOI phat II Ol)! syamacala pupa(l)!) prati(c)cha hOI)! phat II Ol)! dveava(r)ji pupal)!
prati(c)cha hUI phat II Ol)! mohava(r)ji pupal)! prati(c)cha hil)! phat II Ol! pisunava(r)ji pupal)!
prati(c)cha hOI phat (11) Ol)! ragava(r)ji pupal! prati(c)cha hil)! phat II Ol)! i(r)yava(r)ji pupal!
prati(c)cha hOI)! phat II 2 II ma(n)tradharani II
End: Ol)! aci nici namo bhagavati hOI hOI he svaha II Ol)! hral)! hril)! hril)! hril! Ol! candrarupe
cara 2 pracara . . . kaha 2 prasphOtaya 2 prasphataya 2 hana 2 graha 2 va[l)!]dhaya 2 jambhaya 2
stambhaya 2 mohaya 2 sarvasatrOnil)! mOava[n]dhana kuru 2 sarv[v]aQakininal)! grahabhitapretapi
sacavyaghravyadhijakala[l)!]n trasaya 2 mara 2 maraya 2 ru 2 calQarOka raka 2 . . vadatu candra
maha(ro)s[y]anal) sarv[v]al)! ajnapayati II Ol)! candramaharo(ana) . . . malamal)!tra Ii sarv[v]asa
parivOnake . . .
Us. or. 6220.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 26 + 1/2 + 112. 22 x 9 cm. 20 x 7,5 cm. 89 lines. Nepalakara. Nevan
and Hindi prose, mantras in Sanskrit. Undated.
Beg. : Ol)! guru ke adesa. va[rJira ka danta. mayana ka kita. kilorahi ka kill. masvaka
mahelo. kila. nakilal)! tova. hna vil)u maheSvara ki duhiya. Ol)! hi k1i srldatakiliya svaha. va-syakaya
mant(r)a thva. Ol)! kala kala ma sva soga du dUI badhe. patale vasukhi badhe. snbagha ut(ta)ra
Nr. 132-134
dakvi1 badhe. kapurb[bla pakvi bidhe. satra brahma badhe. astarkvalava badhe. navanilasilJl ba
dhe. ut(ta)ra daina badhe. badhe ghariri mahiyita sval). 01 halJl mahidevi kamukakimuvya devi
sidhl guka sri gyal.
End (last but one folio back): OIl daralJl ca 2 bajrabirihi hnu pha! svaha. dhira 7 pyatasi yama.
01 adho bidho Paljlto svahi. parata cekana japarapalJl peta soya. moca boya ra phuya. 01 tare tu
tare ture svahi. gucini lalJlkha japalapalJl tonake nayu. 01 trai hra hnulJl. bhu(r)japatrasa coya.
vasara alirakan!ha pilJlQa takaraya hi. sanikaljl!ha yaguQijala hi. sitairasa buca cahnana parb[b la
ta. alaIlQa2-hii. thvate sararaki bhiljlgo. siniscarabara. brhaspatibira. adityabaro lutis cavadasa3
thvate lacakalJl cecake ranja bhilJlgva. balakho suyatalJl bhilJlgva.
The handbook of a quack who uses mantras and sometimes also herbal medicines in treating his
1 For da/iQa (?)
2 For era14a-.
3 For likhitai caturdaie (= Nev. cavarhae, cavarhaya).
133 Us. or. 618.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 22. 19,2 x 8,6 cm. 15,5 x 6 cm. 5-6 lines. Illustrations and diagrams.
Nepalakara. Nevir!. Written by several scribes, partly bad writing.
[MantraWadhiarttgraha l
Beg.: 01 nama(l) kumalaya II sa(r)v[vlagahanasa(r)v[vlakrodhanasiya svihi II thva mantrana
dhira 9 teo bhiriyiha japarapaljl dhira cesyalJl kva khiyake. biraka-mocito adhinl cavaya rakhi II
01 biri mahibiri. 01 rana ca mahirani ca. 01 dhaniyila svihi II thva ma(n)t(ra)na dhira 7 lalJlkha
jap(a)rapava tonake cekana jap(a)rapava pyata suya. p[hlyata kyo dava neva kha II 01 namal)
sarv[vlas[rlihaya II nini krodharadananisaya bolakinala svihi II thva mantrana dhira 7 tu basiyihi
japarapalJl dhira clsya khrase basye barakamicito khvasi civaya ra ciyake jura II
End: sainyamadhyagato va. cauramadhyagato va. silJlha[ Illmadhyagato vi. mafijumadhyagato va.
sarp[ylamadhyagato vi. hastimadhyagato va. samudramadhyagato va. kirapisamadhyagato va. ki
!hamadhyagato va. naramadhyagato vi. ete sarv[vladevya!a raka 2 myalJll sarv[vlasa(t)tvinifi ca.
iyu arogya. sn-iry[ylavalokitesvarasya hataharita hara vihar[rla. sarv[vlapratisthitinalJl si[rlddhi
bijani nama(l svahi II iti ary[ylavalokitesvarasya abhayakali nima dhirani samipta I (followed by)
bhitlnipuja . . . (in bad handwriting).
A collection of mantras to be used for averting various troubles such as, for example, the incessant
weeping of children, snakebite, accidents caused by elephants, lions, etc. The practices constitute a
sort of folk medicine current among Ojhis.
1 For ma' (?).
Us. or. 619.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 24. 22 x 9 cm. 19,5 x 7 cm. 8 lines. Illustrations and diagrams. Nepili
kara. Nevirl. Undated.
Nr. 134136
[Mantrauradhisalgraha]. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . 10 II 6 II Oljl namo slddhl. gulu-ijfi Il olj ki . . . amuyali hU(Ijl) phat[a] svaha II dhila 7
thva mantrana laljlkha . . . vavayi julo II Oljl namo sl(d)dhl gu(lu-ijfi ). Oljl tyala tela kalate amukl
tlki ke . . . mohana hahu brahmiyam yI kupocaH sl kupociH sl te II sl slddhl gulu-[II]igyi II dhila 21
thva mantrana cekana jap(a)rapava pyat[h]a suya. pVit(h)asyikayi julo II Oljl namo slddhl gulu-igya
/1 Oll nl si ni pate svahi II dhila 7 thva mantrana cekana jap(a)rapava pyat[h]a suya. pvathasyikaya
mantra julo II Oljl namo gulu-igya II H Ii mi Ii H te hi(ljl) phata II dhaIa 7 thva mantrana puya. kimina
pvathasyakaya julo II
End: thvasa mantraya . . . thva mantra . . . mira . . . roganisa . . . jhire yiya dava. saraljl phiya
Iaya kaila ra. Oljl . . . che . . . na Oljl ijfa. 11 hyinu kapo hmosu kapo patiparba yaki dasaya
siljldhalana noya. khiyisi mala. dayakiva . . . ya mala. pe . . . juko cona Iayake mala II
The ms. contains medicinal prescriptions and mantra for curing diseases such as stomach pains
caused by worms, etc.
15 Hs. or. 4354.
Palm-leaf. Wooden covers. Fois. 12. 15 x 5 cm. 13 x 3,5 cm. 5 to 8 lines. 1 punch-hole on left side.
Nepilakara. Neviri, with mantras in Sanskrit. Undated.
[Mantrauradhyupacira]. .
Beg.: haQaya lala eka manaljl . . . liljlgasa . . . Ii ti saljlsarga yaliva misana kamadeba sarha dhayi
. . . thvate nayava liljlgasa lepalapaljl sallsarga . . . nOIjl moharape jlva kha . . . sa juye su su . . . Oljl
nama! kamadeviya. amuka vasa sabhasya hUIjl phat[a] svihi.
End: . . . rata jutu juse syikvayi kothe oadhi. sukamyaIa lavalatvaca pipari diribi bedaci sama
bhiga diga-phalatisa phose tone jhvijhvina syikvayi. sarirana kasa ra bhi(ljl)gvaya. duraraljlbha
micikisi pvaro dava ti cipa ayara laIjlkha myira 7 macha myira dvayake sakarata samabhiga.
heQaroyayi oadhi. ballsi guri akata 7 thva neti kapaQasa pOQa ciya. kuhnarakipu 9 na ciya. garasa
ko ayake. subhaljl.
The text gives prescriptions of ayurvedic medicinal herbs and describes the use of certain amulets
and mantras to be uttered during the treatment of the patient.
16 Hs. or. 4293.
For a description of the manuscript see No. 80.
(2) [Mantravikya].
Beg. (fol. 6 front) : Oljl namo buddhiya. namo dha(r)miya. namo saljlghiya. Oljl anyonyanugati
bhavadh(v)a. Oljl abhyaljlt(ar)inugata sarvadharm[mJa devyapramisamayapramanaljl tad uta vaca
p[r]aramaljl pramanaljl. etena satena bhaveyur etaljl devyim anugra(ha)hetu bhiti. hUIl bhava
sukra jihi vibhive. Oljl vajraralitaja!) hUlll.
End (fol. 10 front): Oljl ekavika smasine vi papate khaQare su he krimapase yathi ketre
sunyigire visesata bhijanastho thuragate bhimau mata gi tu visyaata kfIa rudra maharudraljl
Nr. 136138
devadital)l samisatal)l Ilakaririri samanal)l dvitita viniyaka cimu(n)d[r]a ghore vivasi u kumi
(rI)devi tu sa bhavi jaya caiva ajaya caiva ajita aparajita bhadrakarI mahikarI thurakari tu joglni
ghoraripa mahirupa damatarupa kaparinl.
The text seems to contain prayers to be recited for prosperity. The ms. is full of mistakes and
written by another hand than (1).
137 Us. or. 6383.
For a descripton of the ms. see No. 66.
(2) Maijusrbhallaraka: Pratijfii-nima-dhira1I. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . khe amitabha akobhyahrdayajatal)l I ratnanabhau amoghapidal II 4 II lalitasya vailoca
na dahina ratnasambhaval) I pascima amrtabha vamasya amoghasi(d)dhil) II 5 II vailocana mahijyoti
sukravarl[l)la maho(j)jvalall I svetapltaraktasyama(s) catu(r)vakt(r)a bhavatu ahall II 6 II parama
guru vajracar[j]yal vajraghal)t[h]adhara subhal I prajfajii no samalil)lgal) sarvatathigatodbhaval) II
7 II
End: Ol)l namo bhagavatya ma(l)l)jusrI-kumalabhutaya. bodhisa(t)tvaya mahisa(t)tvaya mahika
rulikaya. tadyathi. suddhe visuddhe jayavahini ru ru ca re 2 hil)l pha!. yal) imam dharani(l)l)
dhirayat vacayat sal)lprakasayat samedhi bhavati susuro bhavati sa krtasitasastr9l)l parigrhnati.
ekavara(m) uccaritamatrena kalpakolisal)lcito 'pi papal)l kayal)l gacchati. ekarakajipena mahi
palQito bhavati. dvitiyarakajapena vidyadharo bhavati. trtlyarakajapena mal)ljusrIripal)l pasyati
paficamrtakarinyo 'pi siddhi(l) syit jadi si( d)dhyati.
Colophon: iry[ylamafjusrIbhattarakasya pratijfa nama dhirani samapta[l)ll. je dharm[l)llatyidi
. . . riit9l)l thahititola-kvathabihilayi sriba[r]j(r)acary[y]a kulabajranal likhipita dina jula.
138 Us. or. 65.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 8. 23 x 11,5 cm. Varying size of writing area and varying number oflines.
Illustrations and diagrams. Nepilakara. Nevirl. Undated.
Beg.: thva ja(l)1)tra kUkhl dhaya. thva jal)ltra phoylva matra udo svinavi kapisila goloca[l)lln[drla
gahilasi badyico kustapurI bhemarijayi hi cal)lbyaJisvanaya hi. thote marm[mlabhiga cu(r)na
yinava bhu(r)japat(r)asa coya. th[vlava hmasa taya. cal)ld[rlag(a)lahaya laka julo. d[hllnadasaya
laka. 01 bhailavalaka 1. thvana deoduana julasil)l thva laya biya dava. dakinlbhayasa mataya
bhaya ma du. laka thvaya bilagvalaca[l)lln[dr]ana kUl)lku[l)llma apamaghaya hi s9l)laphuli c9l)lda
phola. thvate thvaya vasala bhu(r)japatrasa coya. laka nima juli. devava bhailavayake thinya.
samasta haku mala.
End: nagalakia. thva jallt[alla bhu(r)japatrasa coya. ka(r)pula badyacolaya pu galacal)l[dr]a
kas[a]tulava maIsila sulapu. sihikayii kUllku[l)llma manasikahlaya slhnliaya hi svabilajaya hi
nakaphetvlya hi. thvatl samabhigana cu(r)na yaii va nagajal)lt[a]la coya. th[v]ava hmasal)l taya.
Nr. 138140
samud[a]lasa cone jlva. nagalaa julo. thva ja(11 )t[a]la bhu(r)japatrasa coya. bilakaya adhinlcavaya
laka julo. thvaya vasaia phasI-na kamasaya na kas[a]tuli lgvadakila. thvati samabhigana cu(r)na
yanava coya. adhinacavaya laka julo.
The text describes various yantras, i. e., magical amulets, to be carried on the body to avert evils
as, for example, children's diseases, snakebite, etc.
139 Us. or. 6221.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 26 112, partly damaged. 19 x 7,8 cm. 17 x 6 cm. 6-9 lines. Diagrams.
Nepalakara. Nevar!' Undated.
[Va.lkarala ].
Beg. (fols 2 and 3): hmyaca 2 buvaya (below that a circular diagram). thva ja(n)tra kU11 kurana
cosya11rahitasa hnyaya jayatiti-sva(na)gu phora kiyava gherasa varava nake moca hymaca 2 buvaya
kaya buyake duo thva vamara jura.
(fols. 4 and 5) below 2 diagrams: 011 amuk! vasa11 kulu svaha. thva mantra si(n)dhura akara
japarapava horyamito basya yaya jio. 011hn11aruki vasa kuru svahi. thva rtra mohani jap(a)
ralapa11ticakya raka vaya. a(11 )garabara-kuhnu jura. sna[11 ]I)Qa agura kU11 kuma kutha kuta sahi
debadalu rupa kesara. yati s(a)mabhigani basya dhipa jura.
End (on last 2 fols. back) , left: satruyake sabada daya (below that a circular diagram) gvatl
cand[r]ana kU11 ku(ma) bhu(r)ja[va]patrasa coyao debaya thinasa dhara kosa tayava taya. satruya
cha(n)ke sabda vayake jura.
right: loka vasya (below that a circular diagram). ka(r)pura kU11kuma va ci svatana coya. bhu(r)ja
patrasa coya. sa(ma)staroka basya. thathe royao raya biya jura.
140 Us. or. 6222.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 27. 19,2 x 8,2. 16,5 x 6,5. 6-7 lines. Illustrations on fols. 26 (back) and 27
(back); diagrams on fols. 8 (back) and 25 (back). Nepalikara. Nevan and Hindi prose, mantras in
Sanskrit. Undated.
[Vaslkarala ].
Beg.: 011siddhi gulu-ajda. siddhi natha. siddhi galesa. siddhi bajrajogini. sid(dhi a)kasabhabani.
siddhi guru-ajM. dhi 14. gugusi srlkhal)Qa gU[11 ]gu karp[p]ir(a). thva mantrana dhupa thanao
mantra siddha yaya. mantrabala biya. siddhi guru-ajda. asimasi sunasasi gadhl luti dhamapati pata
nilaparta jiryo khirya piryo. guluka bhati melosasi phula ma11 tra isvala k bica. dhi 3 lakha
tham japarapava tone mebana ra khu. yaya ra phu. mebana ra khu. yako kva thayu jiyiva.
tiloyaya11jio. siddhi guru-ajM. 011idadite saphukotha phuke. bhitani badha dahini palime laha.
isvaia gvali melo bhagati guru sakati pal[a]bati ko bici. hi hU11phat svahi. dhi 9 thao ji jahna[r]pu
bakhi aguraya hi kalaya khiti. thull bhaga yanao ma11 trana jape. nake rsa vasya juyi.
End: pa11 ca
li naomi khathi ca[n]tu(r)dasi atami thva tithisa salapana natasa rvaya ra phu.
ma(11 )g(a)rabala sanisca(ra)bila grahana kuhnu. thvatya bana hlava h1ana bva-chetrasa mvaya ra
Nr. 140142
phu. vasala ra du. lohinl mrgasila asalyaa bisaa dhasu krtika. thvati naka[sya]trasa toya julasa logl
mvaya ra phu. indrl maha bodha maha c1uda maha galasyala maha jalllga maha peta maha rahatasa
kala salldhisa mibhisa hnasapanasa byakosa thvati thayasa bna sadhya ra ji asadhya. thvati thayasa
dalllsalapuya mvaya ra duo
141 Us. or. 4291.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 62, frst two leaves damaged. 14,6 x 7,5 cm. 12 x 5 cm (stotra section).
5-6 lines. Illustrations, diagrams. Nepalakara. Nevarl prose, with mantras in Sanskrit. One section
contains stotras in NevarL Undated.
[Yantramantrasafgraha ].
Beg.: helll pha!a kalikadevi hUIl. taranaya hUIll. guru guhyakali hUIll. nama(i)) svaha. dhara 2
thva malllstanal bhaupithya bibhiti debiya sindhara akata vana chayake de . . . bhita ja(k)e pisaca
dakinl samatu dako yaya thi bhaya(lll]nasa. mina pukaya thva. susucalll vayalll svaha. mi puna vaya.
Olll nama be(n)dra dnna bendra masa palllca bendra pu[nd]rari cara bendra siddhi gura-ajia. dhara 9
sura bau yadana vavaya puya thva.
End: (with diagrams) thva ja(n)tra bhajapatrasa2 coya. catusa mana coya. abicaraya laka. thva
ya(n)tra gvaco ko asyalll dhana munya phayu. putra ra duya dayake raka.
Tereafter follows a list of materials like pi 3 ru agu. pit(r)a mara kathoha agu. ju 10 paicaratana.
ju 10 ru-pare oha-pare. ju 10 diti dasa koa paicasari gva 4. bharubhara gva 2. samaya karotaka.
bisamaya karotaka. sagam (Ill) mata hnaka. sinami, pamcapat(r)a, karasa, bhasma, palllca, kisa.
To fo!. 1 (font) a slip of paper has been attached with glue saying: thva saphi aneka jantramantra
coya ta(: )gu duo tamke ma jii. la(: )pinta kyane nalll ra jii.
Yantras and mantras with directions in NevarL
1 For mantrana.
2 For bhurjao.
142 Us. or. 4292.
Two texts: (1) Yantramantrasalllgraha and (2) Auadhisallgraha. Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 24,
slightly damaged by insects. 18,3 x 6,4 cm. 15 x 5 cm. Number of lines varies. Illustrations and
diagrams in text (1). Nepalakara. Sanskrit mantras and Nevarl. Undated. Written by several hands.
(1) [Yantramantrasafgraha].
Beg.: java rahatasa coya candrama1)Qala. thutina juvarayata biya. tyayuva (with illus.). (2) kUIl
kumava gorocanava bhu(r)japatrasa thva cakra coyao saniscarabara-kuhnu cavadasa jure srlga1)es
varasake bidhi thyalll pija yaya. maca ra duya dayake. sika hiyaya rithyam mvayu (with illus.).
End: kamasastra seva caturallga jaubhanaberasa thamava uti hiyava jatihmall mara. aheta da
vahmalll tlri. thamava heti. thathillgva tiriva kamakrlQa yaya. kamasastrasa seyake mara. thutina
gvacchinolll ryacamo [r]yasyabelasa bicitra toyu vasatana tiya mara. dhupisa ku thane mara. nana
Nr. 142
abharal)a tisana tiyake mara. nasaka svana hiiilava chuya mara. snkhal<a cetana teyava gara
nayava kUlllkuma idina[naJ nasaka kvara dayake mara. tiriva kamakn<a yaya sava mijana chiya
bhinakal)1 joya mara.
On fo!. 1 (front) the owner marks as titles Plthapuji and mohanajantramantra. Only the 4th
mantra, however, deals with va.lkarala. The ms. gives information on talismans, for example, how
to draw a certain diagram that will ensure that a gambler wins, how to draw a diagram that will
ensure that a woman becomes pregnant, etc. It also contains mantras to be spoken on special
143-155 Astrology and Fortune-telling
143 Hs. or. 4294.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 8, slightly damaged by insects. 21 x 8,8 cm. 17 x 5,5 cm. 7 lines.
Nepalikara. NevarL One section in Sanskrit verse with Nevarl paraphrase. Undated.
[ Gamanaphalavicira). Incomplete.
Beg.: dvitlya dhanumlne tu caturthi vfakumbhayol) meakifk[k)atayo(l) athl kanyayaI1 mithu
no 'stamL dasami vfscike siI1he makare dvadasl tule yatastu tIthayo dagdha varjanlya prayatnata(l)).
dhanurasi mlnarasisa duraa rare, bfarasi kumbharasisa cothika rare, mesarasi kark[k)atarasisa
at(h)aml rale, kanyarasi mithuIrasisa asti rale, bicharasi siIharasisa dasaml rale, makalarasi
tulalasisa dvadasl rrue, thavate rrue dagdhatithi dhiya. dina ra bhiia.
End: bhukhi-hoya svaya. mine kurlle makare ca kirma siI1haI1 tulayaI1 mithune phaIis ca.
ku(m)bhe dhanuka[I1)nyakayoI1
dharatrlI mekhe bfsalyal digabhi caranti. mina ka(r)kkatamaka
la thvate ragnasa bhimikaI1pa jurasa kapaleyakena bova. siIha tulasa rthunasa thvatesa bO[I1)ra
sa nagayakena bola. kUI1bha dhanu kanya thvatesa borasa bhimi vona. mesa bfsa bircha thvatesa
bhusa borasa kisiyakena bola. ka[r)chape carita mrtyu durbhiksam atha pannage kusai31 sarvajan
tunaI. prthibyaI carite gaje kapaleyake[I1)na borasa kataka siyio. nagayake[I1)na bolasa du(r)
bhika oyi.
There are 3 sections: (1) with 2 subsections (a) and (b), (a) beginning with kruadisa and ending
with iti ja[r)nmadisa samapta and (b) ending with bhayadisa and siddhidisa, (2) ending with sastapa
riksasubhisubhaphala(I1) samapta(m), (3) cilakadasa soya bidhi.
A handbook for professional astrologers dealing with the good and bad efects of leaving home in a
certain direction, depending on which of the ruling planets in a man's horoscope is in the ascendant.
1 For yor.
144 Hs. or. 688.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 61. 24 x 9,8 cm. 20 x 7,5 cm. 8 to 9 or more lines. Many colour
illustrations, diagrams and tables. Nepalaksara. Nevarl. Dated N .E. 836.
Nr. 144-145
[ Grahadaiisintividhil
Beg.: pav[vla sose bu ro 10, 11, 13, 20 II dhvaja idi II va pika khusi . . . sl pirb[bla do. ka phyaia
dava. sIho dayuva. badhaia vaia bi co cola. khaigaka mia bikani svayI. nugala ra chiniva. O! sn-
3-brahmayaIIdevlmu(r)t[tlaya nama!) I dhvajena roga sirasi pridla . . sya pIQa nrpate ca danda I
silasana! triSanakampanas ca ripuprasa!ge ka . . . gyaka. tama cayuva, va hiele yayIva. kha hliya
lisala ra biyuva. O! sngalesaya nama!) II Srlsugrlva uvaca II dhvajasthine dhvaja! drlva roga . . . I
sira, mikhasa pIQa, pitta, slema, daha, jvara, thara thara nuyuva, heyayu, mora-pida juyu. debaya
II santi pirb[bladisa desana pi sivapija, pa!camrta II grhadebita jathibidhi pija II indra
pija II va!-bina desana pi sima kosa rak$asayata khira pata 1 II kaumariyata bhuja ke petana chiya.
amayana chiyava coye II mora hluya thiya-pija puei 9 II
End: pidarisa conasa Iana ba(n)dhana seyu. rokana pIda biyI. putrahini juyiva II navagrahaya
salirasa coia phaladasa samapta II 9 II a$aQha 7 pasuvrddhi, sraval)a dhe 2 dhananasa, bhidrapa[!l
dana 3 sa[!lntinaviddhi2, asviru 4 br[rltanasa, ka(rt)tikana 5 putrarabha, ma(r)gasir()a 6 kanyira
bha, pauana 7 yuddhinasa, maghana 8 agnIbhaya, philgulana 9 dhanarabha. thvate grhira(m)bha.
macaca!debana si(d)dhideba mahideba semata3 836 cait(r)amasasuklapaka. muhu(r)ta jyaya. thva
ryakhana 11, guna 39, thva tithI birana tane, bhiga 19, mrt(y)ubhaya 9, sea 1, ayudhana dayu 10,
kaya 2, sn 11, jaya 19, risubha 3, bijaya 13, dhanarabha 4, ananda 7, pusti 5, dhana[!lnda 7
pramana. roga juyu 6, sat(r)ubhaya 7, karabhaya 8, roga dhitu, idite pit(t)a, a!p.gara slema,
svamaba(ra) sukrabi(ra) samadhitu, budha brha(s)patiya phara dhitu, sanisca(ra) rabha[ya] , ketu
ya agnima!da, atisara. saptabi(!)sa nakatra II saptabi(!)sati jogaya! thva the! bhoga yayu.
grahana [Ill saniscara cola nakatra nrya. hlathva negoda koli! vava syaya II dvibara sorolasa
masa! sa!p.khya II ekena san[iltyadi.
The ms. describes different means of alleviating the evil
ffects of various planets, which cause
headaches, fever, eye-troubles and other ailments.
1 For dokhana.
2 For 9vrddhi.
3 For sa
Us. or. 429.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols 31. 20 x 6,8 cm. 17 x 4,5 cm. 6 lines. Several diagrams. Nepalak$ara.
Sanskrit verse and Nevarl prose. Dated N.E. 873. Written by Vajracarya Sndhanaju1
[Jyauti:apha/abhogavicira l.
Beg.: o! nama! sarv[vlajnaya. ragne suklo budho yasya yasya k[rlendro brhaspati(r) dasame
ca!garakakhetrasajatakuradIpaka!) I 1 I ragne dhanyo sukra bhauma mIna jIveture budha. n1cacan
drasamayuktarajajogo vidh1yate I 2 I ragnasthine yada saurl aristhineu candrama kujo saptama
(s)thine$u pitamrtyu na sa!saya!) I 3 I rabhaj1varipukatre ragnasthine caturthake marati suta
jatasya tada vara trayodasa I 4 I m1name$avracandrakark[klaj1vanasa(!)sthita dhaya nama bhaved
yogarajyarabho na sa!saya!) I 5 I
End: (With diagram) thva kothisa sugraha conasa bhi[!lia. kugraha conasa ra bhila. kugraha
dhiya a, a!, sa, ri, ke. sugraha dhiya thuti: bu, br, su, ca!. sukra budha juko dhiya ra du, gvahma
graha conasano! vaya phala juro. thvathya kothiya anuripana sihune. (With diagrams) kena vaya
kuhnuya nak$atra nisya! rogiya nakatra to niya juro. [kena vaya kuhnuya naktra nisya! rogiya
nakatra to niya juro l .
Nr. 145-146
Colophon: iti navagrahacaradasasubhisubha samapta. baj(r)acary[y]a rldhal!ljuna likhita sal!l
pirt[!))am. sal!lbat 873 asu 14 subhall.
Sections: [nakatraphalavicara).
[grahadasa soye].
kothisa graha cotaya phala. jatacakra.
sanica[k)ra boye kantha.
A small guidebook of astrology based on popular Buddhist practices.
14 U. or. 4316.
Fold-book. Fois. 35; last leaf torn of at the left side. 20,8 x 8,4 cm. 18 x 6,5 cm. 89 lines.
Diagrams. Nepatakara. Nevarl, occasionally interspersed with Sanskrit. Undated.
Beg.: barahnasa. sanicala. al!lgata, brhaspati. adityabalakuhnu. javarahnasa. jatra va!)e berasa
hnasaya sa bara laka tina svaya juro. java khava sara jurasa ra bhita. so 2 sukla 5 bu 4 khava bara
litasa labha. sanicala 7 ral! 3 br 5 a 1 thvati javaya sa bala ratasa labha. tithi balaf ca nakatral!l
amrsasahasratalaka saptabhir bhagasya. kena. bata!al!l ut(t)amadhamall. bhinu bhaumya bha
v[y)ed dui)khal!l. soma saumya sukhal!l bhavet. guru sukla bhave( d) rabha[n). roga dul)kha sanisca
ral!l. sal!lgantikuhnuya1 dina nisyal! udayatitlll to niya. ryakha kaya. bala chu rata ona tanya. thava
naksetra to nisYal!l tanya. thvati lyakha motava hnasa hnasa hmuya. rekona chu bata rata oguri
baraya phala hlaya. hnihniya subha hi!)i svaya.
End: u. siva sa satya ra hmal! 34 trl, da 14 phasall, syaka sikaya bhaya, da 1 ja sa(l!I)grima
bhaya, da 21. ni 2 jora, da 28 cOI bil!l kutiniya bhaya, mrtyu, da 32 coya satrubhaya, mrt[t)(y)u da
50 sa(l!I)gramabhaya. sra. era. makrasa. de hmal!l 3 trl hnu 4 ra 4 da 4 kathUl syal!l, kachubhaya, da
12 ni 2 rogagrahapida, da 20 trlya nimi(t)t[r)ina satruju(d)dhu juye, da 25 COI kutini vata dupini
bhayana mrt[t)(y)u, da 30 peta jora, da 40 khiyi siya bhaya, da 50 atisara, da 70 ra 2, dha va a
sil!lghasa ra hal 3 trl hnu 2 ra 2, da 2 khvamani, peta, da 8 khara syayu, khoya bhaya, da 14 cau
uya bhaya, da 30 gumabhaya, da 58 pra bhayana mrt[t)(y)u khal!l, da 80 nil 2 roga mrt[t)(y)u, sa
thvasa sarasatra ra hmal!l tri hnu 8 ra 8, da 8 kukhirogabhaya, da 16 a[s)tisira, da 20 khoyi khuya
bhaya, da 2 sa anega bhogana mrt[t](y)u khal!l, da 30 pra bhaya, da 35 sat[t]rubhaya, da 50 sanipi,
da 55 ni bhaya m(r)[i)t[t)(y)u.
On last fol. (back): tantrokta[:) jalavr!istal!lbha. raktapita. mma.
A simple handbook of astrology and prognostication.
1 For salrant".
Nr. 147-148
Hs. or. 6438.
Paper, Fols. 24, stitched together into the form of a copy-book. The front of fo!. 1 and the last 4
fols. are blank. 12,3 x 17 cm. 12 x 10 cm. 9-11 lines. Tables and diagrams. Devanagari. Nevarl and
Nepali. Undated.
Beg.: srlgaJesaya nama(Q) II lagna atama dvadasasa siry[y]e conasa katrapalaya dosa. lagna
khat(h)ama atama dvadasasa candrama conasa akasacarl joginIya dosa. dvadasa dasamasa malJlga
la conasa <a[lJ]kinlya dosa. pvithasa syiyi. saptama dvidasasa bu[d]dha conasi banadevl banaki
liyi dosa. jhakari day!. piji phyini tagu dayi. caturtha atama dvadasasa brhaspati conasi debayi
dosa. atama dVidasasa sukra conasi jalapisicaya dosa. khusisa sidha bali taya. duvitasalJl jyi.
janma caturtha. alama dVidasasa sanlcara conasi bila pi(t)ta imasfa juyi. bihmalJlko syiyi.
dvidasa dasamasa rihu conasi diju kija nipu jUyi. dvidasa palJlcama khat(h)amasa ketu conasa
dhana phuy! II
End: sapaniko prasna vicara garl heme. - avi<ya asubha hune. - sahara pauna aucha. - vikala
bhojana paucha. - namaripa kohi marega. - a<al bhalo chao - bedana mitralabha. - trlsana1
golhako bastubigira. -bhavana kohi kalaha garcha. -jatika iphana pauna aucha. -asaprasna subha
hUlJlcha. - upadana kohi mare giL -
jaramarana kehi samacara aucha. vikala 2, a<aI 12, sahakira 3, namaripa 1 , asaprasna 11, avidya
4, bedana 10, jaramarana 5, bhavana 7, trlsana1 9, jitika 6, upadana 8.
bilaa janmeko prasnavicara - avidya, janmadina 9 maihna 3 bara 1 ra samala sukhl ho. catur
ho bhalma kalaha game vidyavan.
A simple handbook of astrology and prognostication. The latter part shows the impact of
Buddhism (ratltasamutpida).
1 For tr'.
148 Hs. or. 651.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols 17. 28,8 x 10 cm. 26 x 9 cm. Mostly 13-14 lines. Diagrams and tables.
Nepalakara. Nevari.
[Jyautiaphalabhogavicira ].
Beg.: (mva)yuo. dalJl 60 thvate pheya phatasa bara 77 mvayu. bharaninakatraya jataya ditara
pallca dayasa srnta santi kanya ni sonta jamadebati bharaba bia adhidebati preta bihana liyasa
jita garjasato agaribira naetal mearisi ut(ta)raduvira. atha mr . . . jita pintarbana ugasabhao
adhira mana khivi juyu. baya libi balakhasa dU(Q)khi lithyalJl sukhi juy!o. dhana riy!o. cinaIJ
hninalJl juyuo rijasebaka juyuo. paradesasa sukhi juyuo. dhana moyu. ariphela khal hliyuo.
tejabo[lJI]nta bhaglmini juyu. debapiji hiiyu. atithigurubhakti. mikhi toyu. rihitasa dhana ra
cona. paradesa byarobha boriha. ilalJlbhasa samasta kirja si(d)dhi juyuo. jyi saya biiyuo. myeba
soya ra phu. jili juyu. karatahmalJl 3 kiyuo. moca ra dayuo. nayalJlsa ceta bhiii. mebayike isi
tayu. mesa khinasa rasa tayuo. svinasa laya juyu. thvate samio ihira samastall yayuo: ji dudu dhali
paru piiu khiy! miku phaku ghela kasti ra ii. roga dhatu atisira molasyika hmisyika aji(r)n[n]a
kachu nini byidhi jola. thvate rogana akalamrtyu. dalJl 1 jola. a[n]tisala dalJl 5.
Nr. 148- 149
End: ca[lJl]ndra bhoga Mina soya. trisurasa ratasa mrtyu juyu. pinya cyagvalasa ratasa madhya
ra. ca[lJl]ndra garbhasa ratasa rabha. jaya-dhana-dhinedi2-rabha. bisyakhana trisumadhyasa ratasa
ati ra bhina. thvateya ca[lJl]ndraphala svaya. 10 jhinu, jhira (10), jhida 10 asvadebana roga. khika
kana robhe cayu. bahni juyu. peta kva dayu. hiele yayu. bata pita jola meba dayu. khetinao svayu.
khiia 2 gu phoni. mikha manayu. yaya nake ra phayu. dudu ghela kasti ra na thva gugu aIJlguli sihla
kusa-hiva kulikula pe pahalasa pe dukasall kalaesa pulake pra 2 niyao oya thisa mahMebapuja.
1 For nalatra.
2 For dhinyidi.
149 Hs. or. 4299.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 22. 20,8 x 6 cm. 17,5 x 5 cm. Number of lines irregular; partly horizontal,
partly vertical. Diagrams. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevar!' Written by various hands. Undated.
[Jyau/4apus/aka]. Incomplete.
Beg.: nakataya nia. das[r]a - asuni. jama - phal(g)uni. agni - krt(t)[r]ika. brahma - rohin!'
saumya - mrgasila. raudra - (bh)adra. aditi -puna(r)basu. guru - puya. sarp[p]a - asaslea. pitri
maghi. bhaga - purbaphi(\)gun!. apasi - uttaraphirgun!' kara - hasta. tvasr - citri. biyu - svati.
indragni -bisaa. maitra -anurMhi . sakra -jyethi. nitratl -mula. tvaye -purbiadha. bisvedeba
uttaraaQha. bldhl - abhlct. bil)u -srabala. basu -dhanethi. baru -satabhla. ajapat -purbabha
dra. ahirbudhana - uttarabhadra. pausna - rebati.
Beginning of the text proper: (fol. 11 f) 01 nama\ snsury[y]aya. samasaptama atakatama dvi
dvMasa. thvatesa amabasikuhnu salJlkrantiya lagna tina. lagna gosyalJl Mitya tayava rahu ghana
soya. lagna[na]sa Mitya cole rahu vanasa amasi ghati 30. thvatesa ghati 1. thva prapati1 sarb[b]agrasa
juyakalJl jvaniva II 1 II lagnasa aditya dvitlyasa rahu vanasa amabisl ghati 2 du belasa anguli 1
kenakalJl jvanlva II 2 Il lagnasa Mitya at(h)amasa rahu vanasa amabii ghati 6 du belasa bacaka
alJlguli 1 ra jvana 11 6 11
End: 01 namai} sngal)esaya. mekha sapta eka netra 217. brkha navasagarambu 249. mithu(na)
trisunyaloka 303. kark[k]ata triyugas ca vahni 343. silpha nabav[a]edaloka 349. kanya grahabhuvana
vahni 339. tul[y]a grahabhuvanavahni 339. bicha navavedaloka 349. dhanu triyugas ca vahni 343.
mak(a)ra trisunyaloki 303. kumbha navasagarambu 249. mlna sapta eka netra 217.
(by another hand): guragilJl atapa rasa mayachi chuna nayao lyakha. sokotl o nlyape sura dana
thuti dava. thva atapa phuka juro. subha.
Sections: tanaya svaya. iti bhumikampari samapta, iti candragrahala(lJl) samapta(m), iti sur
y[y]agrahana(lJl) samapta(m). [janmavaraphala(m)], iti amrtasiddhil), etc.
Text on front leaf: 15 tithi 27 nakatra 7 varaphala gamanalJl ca bodhaka slkegu nepalabhia
A handbook for practising astrologers.
1 For paripiti.
Nr. 150151
Hs. or. 4304.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 17, last leaf damaged. 17,5 x 8,5 cm. 14 x 5,5 cm. 5-6 lines. Nepilikara.
Nevan. Dated N .E. 702. Written by various hands.
KeliSitra. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . no ma si(d)dhara kha (14). ya va a. bho prcchakasa. tho kirj[j]a khacina cikut! mana
khacinaJp. irayana dava thel)l ati subidhina ma juva. thva kirja cintarape mumira. ma si(d)dhu kha
(15). ya a a. bho prcchakasa. kirj[j]a akisasa coiagva svina thel)l bhirapusane. athe jurasanol)l
jatna yihune. itadebatisa barana si[r]ddhi va kha (16). iti yakilidioQasa. da da da. bho pfccha
End: . . . ya dava. bho pr(c)chakasa. china cint[t]arapi kirj [j]a lokasa bacal)l ma iene ma te Ie.
thava bu[r](d)dhina tu si[r]ddhina va kha . . . (9). ya va ya. bho prcchakasa. tho kirj[j]a dona
rigarapahune. paralokasal)l dayu kha. tikirena thama the thamal)l si[r](d)dhi va kha (10). ya ya. a.
bho prcc(h)akasa. thva kirj[j]a nanina ma siC d)dhu dra[r]bya-kha cinta(ra)pahune. at!kata yiii l)l
takilana si[r]ddhi va kha (11).
On fo!. 17 (front) the owner states: caturdiga. bariphala. biraphala slkegu jot1sira nepilabhi
i. gamanaphalasahitall -702 sal)lbat baisakha. 4 chapters: akiradiodasa, vakiridiodasa, yakiri
diodasa, dakaridiodasa.
3 sections: gaJnanayi bhaka, baaphala, bilagamanayi pida.
Marginal titles: dakiladi, gaJnanayi bhaka, vakilidi, yakilidi.
A handbook of fortune-telling. The client asks the astrologer some question by touching one of the
ak$aras (a, va, a, etc.) in a diagram. The fortune-teller then consults this handbook, which provides
him with the answer to the client's question.
11 Hs. or. 4313.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols 41; beginning and ending fols. missing. 16,1 x 8 cm. 12 x 5 cm. 6 lines.
Nepilikara. Nevarl. Undated.
[Nak$atraphalabhogavicara] . Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . ia. gati bhiia. buddhi cidhal)l. drabya dayake niri[r]ttina dhana muni. bilakasa bitini
sal. diridra. stribiyoga. kaJni ma duo tiriya nirit(t)ina paradesa oni 0 thyall sukhi. soka ek02
balaonta. teja rika. mitra thila. paradesasa oni. raja-syava yagu. bal)ijala. citta callcala. papa atma.
hepacana cola citta. prasidika. sakalasal)l khyari Ol)l. alambha yako, kary[y]asiddhi. thiya rubya.
santana thira juyn. thuti svabhiba II tila-ci[l)l]hna khvarasa, yakosa, jal)ldhusa, jabasa, chechesa,
arasa, lahitasa. ci[l)l]hna thuti II svapnasa nana bidhi II ahara sarasta yao II pakila. rayanagulpa
byadhi. dall 9 jvalatisila-roya. dal)l 16 braya bhaya. dal)l 26 jvalakui-roga. dal)l 32 col)lcina kutina
oy! bhaya, uya bhaya. da(ll) 50 atisara II thuti phiya phatasa dal)l 95 mvayno. karttikasukla dhane
tanakatra bur d]dhabara-ratri mrtyn. akalamrtyn mumvarakeyata sibapfja, t1rthasa jalajajie, ho
ra choyake, balya(r)c[c]ana, santisvastikana, annadana yaya. thutina akalarrtynnasa II (2).
End (fo!. 39: back) rebatnakatraya II tritala. cakra bihina. deba jata. gaja sa(t)tva. pa[l)l]lQita.
akharasa prlti. sl1ajia. kuturpbabrddhi. dharm[m]asila. debata-iradhana prabaracnta. bighna ra
Nr. 151-153
dayakr kanyarabha. li thyaljl sukhi. dhana dao thyalj bhao JUYI saraya. colabala atma. samasta
prakarana bastrana pUlya dhayu. (k)iprak(r)odhi nirftpama mikha. mitra aneka. niti-kha. parijana
yako dao. hl)ela misa thyaljl nayu mikhagvara. thuti svabhaba. tila-ci[Ijl)hna baha niyaljl nugarasa,
pvat(h)asa, guhyesa, hastasa, mukhe, gribya. ci(h)na thuti II svapnasa nana alallkala II dhatu,
bat[t]apittaroga II ahara samasta eo. akalamrtyu. daljl 8 mukhapata. kuiroga, hnasapana-syaka,
ajim[l)a, va-syaka, kamajola, mikha-syaka, samesaya bhaya. dal 21 niya ehahnuya bhaya. kutina
oYlya bhaya. dall 32 sa(ll)gramasa bhaya. da(ljl) 50 apacalabhaya. hrdayabyatha, satrubhaya daljl
A handbook of astrology dealing with the efects of the constellations (naatra) under the ascen
dancy of which a man or woman is born. The author describes the temperament (svabhiva), the
special signs (cihna) on the limbs, the diseases in various periods of life, the rituals averting premat
ure death (akilamrtu) and, finally, the span of life as determined by the respective horoscope.
1 For bittaO (Skt. vitta! .
, For yiko (?).
Us. or. 69.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 19. 16 x 17 cm. 14 x 5,5 em. 6 lines. NepaJakara. Nevari. Undated.
[Naatraphalabhogavicira). Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . ya bhaya bara 32 atisara. sanipata juyu bara 61. parama ayu bara 80 thana mrtu II 1 II
kr[r)ttika. agni biha(na). raka(sa). carasa. putrarabha. buddhibanta juyu. satyabadi. tvaca dayu.
dharm[m)abata juyu. debapuja hnayu. srgramasa bira juyu. tira kaparasa. natarasa. hnatikasaljl.
guthlsa. pvat(h)asa. kharasa. nasa naya phayu. dudu dhari caku ra Iithvate yayu. roga dhatukona
puyu. peta syayu. toda syayu. akaramrtyu. dachi 1 beta juy. vara 26. byadhi. debadu(i) khana.
bara 28 moda-syaka. khuya bhaya. mahabhaya. nana byadhiroga. svasaroya. mikha-syaka.
End: 11 24 II revati. cakra biha(na). deva jati. kisi sa(t)tva. a(r)thabhagi. nana vidya sayu. rajase
baka juyu. dharm[ m)acit(t)a juyu. ahaljlkara. raya juyu. svanana chuya raya. byaharasa coniva. dhana
dayu. baraka du(i) kh1. rithe sukhl juyu. jva sayu. dhako bacana nistara juya. papakarm[m)a juyu.
kamadhari. karata hmrp. 3 kaya. moca dayu. nahera-lahera juyu. tira kathusa. kaparasa. bahasa.
pvat(h)asa. kharasa. dina 7 bara 7 kona puyu. peta-syaka. bara 3 mikha-syaka. bara 21 samudraya
bhaya. samesaya bhaya. bara 27 modachu. bara 30 saljgramaya bhaya. bara 32 ghara juyu. bara
21 atisara. nugara-kvasa-syaka. bara 91 thana mrtyu II 25 II
U. or. 4314.
Pape. One wooden cover. Fols. 59, numbered 1-40, 50-58, 61-68, 79; one fo!. without pagina
tion. On fols. 53, 55, 56 and 58 no text. 20,8 x 7,5 cm. 16,5 x 5,5 cm. 7 to 8 lines. Punch- holes. An
illustration representing a serpent on fo!' 68 font, diagrams on fols. 35 and 40. Nepalakara. Sanskrit
and Nevari, verse and prose. Undated.
Nr. 153-154
Beg.: OJjl namal siryaya II divakalaJjl prana[Jjl]myadau (j)yotiaJjl jii nadipakaJjl nanasastrama
taJjl drstva krteyaJjl salapa[m]ijika II varo niha[Jjl]nti du(l)svapnaJjl naksatraJjl papanasanaJjl tithi(r)
vivar[d]dhayad ayul kalanaJjl sriyam avahet II yoge bu[r]ddhikara khyata ca[Jjl]ndra saubhigyakila
kal aJjlsa balapraQa teaJjl sriyante ye dine dine II hastyasvayane rathamargakathapaananaukave
saneu saktel u( c )chitarikho nisi va dinake I srnva[ Jjl]n avapnoti sivasa mrt(y) [r ]u( Jjl) II irdhvabhi
ge bhave[t]d rag! adhobhige daridrata madhyabhige bhave(d) mrt(y)[r]u(l) kathaJjl dhalayati patn
ka II urdhvabhige trayaJjl tyajya adhobhige tejed (d)vayaJjl dhilaye(d) vilubhigai ca dhanaputra
pravar[d]dhanaJjl II adityal savita sahasrakilalai pradyotano bhiskarai t(r)i[Jjl]malQatalanis tathi
dinapal)ibhinvaJjl vivasvaJ haril).
End (fol. 79): vastucakraJjl pravak(y)ami vrkhabhakaariete I yasmin(n) rkalikhed bhinus tatra
dau tril! mastake II dvikaJjl dv!kaJjl cagrapade pascat pade dvikaJjl dvikam I trlni vrte ca datavyaJjl
catvara vamakukike II catvaro dakile kukau tril)! pucchaJjl viseatal nasikagre tathi dvau ca
vastucakralJ1 praki(r)t[t]itaJjl II silasthite bhavet lakm! udvasam agrapadayo pascat padasthilaJjl
mokaJl pr!halakm! tathaiva ca II vamakuka ca daridraJjl lakm!van dakakukike pucchantu
jayate hil)i svamrt[r](y)ui ca nasike. bhi(rja)patragre pathet patra prata(i))kare visekhata irdhva
bhige bhave[n]d rag! adhobhige dhanakayaJjl I madhyabhige bhavet mrt[r](y)u(i)) kathaJjl dhi
raye(t) patrika I adha-urdhvadvayaJjl tyajyaJjl madhyabhige dvayaJjl tyajet I dhireyed vil)ubhigai
ca tatra dharaye(t) patrika sriyate jayavrddhi syat pathyate papanasal)am I srota vakt[r]a ce ye teaJjl
dhanasantanavard[d]dhanaJjl II
Colophons: iti salapa[Jjl]ijikayaJl prathama (fol. 10 back).
iti salapa[Jjl]ijikayaJjl dasakriyavidhikaral)o naJjla dvitlya (fol. 20 back).
iti jyotiasalapaij!kayan nanakriyavidhino (nama) trt!ya (fol. 27 front).
iti salapaijikayi jyotikasastrakabhim!ka[Jjl]mpa(l) samapta(l) (fol. 32 back).
iti aQaJjlgarahukaranaracakra(Jjl) samapta(m) (fol. 35 back).
iti salapaijikayaJjl saJjlgramadikarodaya(l) samapta(l) (fol. 39 back).
iti saptaniQicakra(Jjl) samapta(m) (fol. 7 back).
Title on font folio: mahipratyaJjlgiratantraktakalacakraJjl cipi srlpavanajalahimabhikaJjpa[ma]
14 Us. or. 4290.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 33. Right side, especially right upper corner, damaged by rats and insects.
21 x 8,8 cm. 17 x 5-7 cm. 6-9 lines. Diagrams. Nepalakara. NevarL Undated.
Beg. : candra svadasa. rohil)! hasta sraval)a. bara 1 masa 8 catamayaJjlca. bara 2 masa 3 kukasi
ra. bara 3 masa 4 bragnibhaya. bara 4 masa 6 bastrabharal)arabha. bara 5 masa 7 thva karyahini.
bara 6 masa 8 aneka karyalabha. bara 7 masa 9 joratisara. bara 8 masa 7 gobhumilabha. bara 9
madhyama. bara 10 jora netrap!Qa. bara 11 masa 9 bragnibhaya. bara 12 masa 4 strilabha. bara
13 masa 3 nanabhayasoka. bara 14 baJjldhubiyoga. bara 15 strllabha. bara 16 rajabhaya. bara 17
du(1 )khi stnlabha. bara 18 satrubhaya.
End: siddhl. 212 thvate d[r]asa1 dulkha kata juyu. 211 thuti d[r]asa1 rabha du, ka(r)jasiddhi. 221
thvate d[r]asa
manasa dulkha, ka(r)ja ma si(d)dhi. 223 mana(Jjl)bhapa ka(r)jasiddhi. 213 thvate
Nr. 154- 155
d[r]asa1 mana(l!1)bhipa ka(r)jasiddhi, rabha duo 231 thvate d[r]asa1 upad(r)a(va) juyu, kOia juyu.
223 thvate d[r]asa1 rabha duo 311 thvate d[ar]asa1 dhanarabha, rajamane. 312 thvate d[r]asa1 ka(r)ja.
Sections: candranukila soya, taranukila soya bidhi, rogamukti, nakatraphara soya, bhumi
kal!1pa, etc.
An astrological manual for laymen or popular astrologers. Too simple for use by professionals.
1 Or for datasi (1).
155 Hs. or. 4306.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 11, first fo!' damaged. 24,5 x 11,2 cm. 20 x 8 cm. 9-10 lines. Devanagan.
NepalI. Undated.
Beg.: prana ka biaya. prathama prasna. (1) . . hUlllcha ki hU(I!1)daina. (2) karya siddha hUl!1cha
ki hUl!1daina. (3) pardesa bita pharkal!1(cha) ki pharkal!1daina. (4) chora hola k chon hola. (5)
thuniyako phukcha ki phukdaina. (6) harayako dhana kaso holi. (7) jhagara ma jitil!1cha k hirilll
chao (8) pardesa janu parla k pardaina. (9) ajako dina kasto chao (10) deeko sapna kasto chao 1) ka
kha ga gha ra ca cha ja jha fia[ 1!1] -matsya. 2) kha ga gha ra ca cha ja jha fa ka -kacha. 3) ga gha ra
ca cha ja jha fia ka kha - varaha. 4) gha ra ca cha ja jha fia ka kha ga - nrsil!lha. 5) ra ca cha ja jha
yal!1 ka kha ga gha -vimana. 6) ca cha ja jha fa ka kha ga gha ra -pa(ra)surama. 7) cha ja jha fa ka
kha ga gha ra ca -rama. 8) ja jha fa ka kha ga gha ra ca cha - knl)a. 9) jha fa ka kha ga gha ra ca
cha ja - buddha. 10) fa ka kha ga gha ra ca cha ja jha - kal(al!1)ki.
End: . . . tesko prIti tal!1 mathi chaina. byartha asa nagara. tesale garda tero byaljat hunecha 2.
byaparma dhana arca gares[a]. tero yai kam asala hunecha 3. tera sathi asala chao tara kyai
matalabi hunan, bicara gara - 4. taile eka chora paulas. dhanda na mana - 5. tero svabhiva kapaii
jasto cha . . . 6. tal!1lii jagir bita sukha hunya . . . -7. choro bihi ta hola. tara te(ro) stn . . . - 8. yo
birami sarhai thaliyeko rahecha. tesko bhiala chao so samajhlkana sraddha purbaka puja gari de.
teslai caQai niko hola - 9. tero marane baata bahutai asala chao sukha paula. so jani aile dekhi
nidhukka1 bhai rahanu 10.
A text dealing with fortune telling. Cf. Nr. 150.
1 For ni(r)dhakka.
156159 Prognostics
16 Hs. or. 409.
Paper. One leaf only. 46,5 x 11,2 cm. 38 x 10 cm. Text only on front. 47 lines. Devanigarl.
Sanskrt. Undated, but evidently modern.
Kikaparlli. Incomplete.
Beg.: mistinubhojana1 tatha iSi ne yadi ramate kika rijavir(tt)i(ljl) kathayate 8 brahmasthine
yadi ramate kika manasiddhim eva ca 9 cokamadhya. iti snprathamaprahara(!) samipta(!) .
End: agnedlsisa2 catha mahiaprtheyate buddhidarsana(ft) jiyate 2. yamyiyanyasya asvasya
prtha yadi min[y]alibha jasidhina 3. nai(r)rtyidi kupitate yadi ramate manasiddhi(r) jiyate 4.
asvavrkasaumyi yadi svabhagyaka 6. bayalvrka yadi arthalibhaljl ca 7. bodhivrka yadi baljldhu
darsana(f) jiyate 8. sirivane pachimadite yadi catutatavrhi(Ijl)3 rabhate 9. smphalasa4 mastake
yadi rathi sarvapipa vinasyati. iti snkikapariki samipta.
Nevirl titel on the back: ko hallgu slkegu, "how to interpret the croaking of a crow". Cf. No. 157.
J For mistinnao.
2 For ag

3 For catu!ivrlhi('l).
4 For phalasya.
157 Hs. or. 678.
Two texts: (1) Kikarudra, (2) Stotrasallgraha. Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 28, damaged by rats. 16,2
x 5,9 cm. 13,5 x 4,5 cm. Nepilikara. (1) Sanskrit verse with Nevirl prose paraphrase. (2) Sanskrit.
(1) Kikarudra. Incomplete.
Beg.: svati. ganesiya nama(!) II prathame kigarudra(ljl) pra[r]v[v]ak(y)iml II na(n)dikesara
bhaite pratha[m]maljl pahare purv[v]a ramate kiga subhavitriljll kathate II agni lamate kiga agni
bhaya(ljl) ka[ljl]thate I daina la[lj]mete kiga namrte2 Ia[lj]mete kiga pathaga(ma)na(ljl) kathate I
pachima ramate kiga ativitri(ljl)l kathate. viyuve lamate kiga ad(bhu)tavitri(ljl)l kathate II ut
(t)a1a ramate: kiga karahavitri(ljl)l kathate II isine ramate kiga mihihine3 kathite. brahma[Ijl]
(s)thane ramate kiga atha ribha(ljl) kathate II *Jti4 pratha(ma! p(r)ahara(! II
Nr. 157-158
End: nanasatrupiga dayuva II mikhisa [In candra cona(sa) . . . dhana- [In bastra labha dayuva II
g(h)ranasa soma conasa [In mahibandhana II . . . la phala II bastrasa [In candrama conasa [In nana
bhojana [II) mahibhigi juyuva II kathusa [II) svama conasa [II) dhana- [II) bastra [II) lasta ubbha
mahipuja yayuva II hmuthusa [II) candrama conasa [II) sarb[b)akarya [In siddhi dayuva II petasa [In
soma conasa [II) nana bhaya [II) piga dayuva II guhyasa [II) condrama conasa [II) dhana [II) a[r)nna [II)
bastrana [In purq[q)a juyuva III pidaresa [II) condrama conasa [II) nana bhaya dayuva II mihidui)kha
dayuva II candramaya [II) phala [II) al)!galabhogidi II padarsa [II) al)!gala [II] conasa [II) mahidhana
[II) a[r)nna II bastra [In du(r)labhagama juyuva II pursas al)!gala conasa [II) alogya [II) dhana [II]
subastra ( . . . )
The cries made by a crow at diferent times of the day (rahara) and coming from diferent
directions, are believed to indicate some good or evil for a person hearing the cry. The ms. deals with
this kind of auspicious and inauspicious portents.
1 For Virttam.
2 For nairrte
3 For mahihani(t).
4 For ir.
S For pulia.
158 Hs. or. 6404.
Paper. Fois. 25, first 5 leaves slightly damaged. 24,4 x 5,7 cm. 20,8 x 3,3 cm. 4 lines. Nepilakara.
Nevan prose, in the beginning three Sanskrit verses with paraphrase in Nevar!' Dated N. E. 98l.
Written by Vajracarya Viramuni of Catu(r)brahmamahivihira, Bhaktapur (?).
Beg.: Ol)! nama(i)) sn-ary[y)avalokitesvaraya I srlmatpotalake ramyalokanathal)! prayacchati I
manavanal! hitarthaya taradevi mahakrpa I utpatalakaqasyapi subhisubhaparlkal)am 11 1 II potala
kaparb[b)atasa snlokesvara bijyata. potalokaparb[b]ata gathil)!gu dhilasa. atimanohara atel)!tasu
khaya thina. thva parb[b)a(ta)sa snlokevara bijyata. thva belasa sntaridebina lokesvarayake binati
yatal)! II desaya svakrpa siras te . . . dahasal)! prabho II 2 II he lokanatha dayana samudra the(l)!)
bijyakahma chalapola manuyaya utpata julasa santinal)! bidhinal)! bhil)!gunal)! ra bhil)!gunal)! ajda
dayeka bijyaye mala II srllokesvara aha I Sf1U tare. pravak(y)ami cotpatasantikal)! kramal)! pascima
kala yo lokai papacari bhavanti hi II 3 II lokesvarana he taridebi utpata jUYlgu gathe dhiHlsa.
manuyana papasa laya juy! niscayanal)! II
End: sambat 712 baisaasudi 10. subha. thvate pulal)! saphuli hleya tayi. subha. snsnsntribhu
banamalladeba-maharajaya palasa thathe jula II 65 II hanal jagatprakasamalladeba-mahirajaya
belasa candrasekhala upidhya. thvaya belasal)! thva thel)! sika tola phila. thugu sa(s)trasal)! soyao
santi yata. subhal)! II 66 II hanal)! thvanal! 11 sn-3-ral)ajitamalla-mahirajaya belasa bhatabarahUl)!
sithil)! yal)!bhale tibokochesa sika tola phlla. sva belasa upidhyayake thugu sastra ra luyao sn-3-
lokesvala-pijaban baj(r)acary[y)a sndhanaraja bande boIao Ienao thvagu sastrasal)! soyao santibi
dhina yacaka jula. samb(a)t 876 marg[g]asilabadi 11 thu kuhnu jula. subhal)! II 67 II adbhuta utpata
cosya taya apadesaya srlmahibhairaba-debataya bisvaya trasa yosil)!dyo thiriibhale yosil)!dyo sotva
dayakal)! tva dhula. thuli jusyal)!1i hanal)! pulal)!gu yosil)!dyo hayao puja yiao [s)thina. thuli jatra
dhunakal)! Ii apadesaya suba snbalabhadrasahi nama raj ana thugu bighna jugu samacara joIao
srlralabahidura-rajaya h(I)aone ajia jula. thugu samacara srlral)abahidura-mahirajana thugu ba-
Nr. 158
cana nenao ugu gharisalj1 upadhya brahmar;a bhairabanayaka ary[yja-josi thuli adinalj meba jii ni
gurika bonao nenao sastrasa svayao santi yakaguli cosya taya. srl-3-mahibhairaba-debataya hnaone
homajajia yata. bali 3 dila bali adilj1 anyaka bali blla. aneka santi japa patha pija yaka. dana
naograha adilj1 hirarya dana bio. desaya 10kapiljta sahmayabhojana bio. thvati santi yaka II sa(m)
bat 914 caitrasndi II subhalj1 II 68 II sal1bat 981 m(i)ti sravana sudi 14 sa caturbrahmamahibihiraba
sthita baj(r)acary[yJa biramunina coya jula II 69 II subhalj1 II
The text describes evil or inauspicious omens foreboding calamities and also ways and means of
averting them. To illustrate this the author cites some incidents fom the history of the country. In
N .E. 712, during the reign of King Tribhuvana Malia, a dead body which was being carried to the
cremation-ground dropped on the way. Vajracaryas were consulted as to how one should avert the
evil results of such an incident. During King Jagatprakasa Malia's reign the same kind of incident
occured, and during the time of King Rarajit MalIa in the year N .E. 876 a similar incident happened.
According to the instructions received fom the Vajracaryas, people performed some kind of atone
ment in the form of charity, etc. In N.E. 914, the wooden pole of the Indradhvaja in Bhaktapur fell
down and broke into three pieces. This time, too, the same sort of atonement was performed.
159-165 Ayrveda
Medicine 159-163
Herbs and Oils 164-165
Us. or. 819.
Paper. Fols. 69. h14, 16, 65, 66 and final fols. missing. 22,3 x 7,3 cm. 18,5 x 5,5 cm. 8 lines.
Nepalakara. Nevan, interspersed with Sanskrit quotations. Dated N .E. 708. Written by Raghurama
Midhavanidinaparikramacikiti. Incomplete.
Beg. (on fol. 15 front): thva pyal!ta-roya tridoana jayarapo II 7 II tais tai(r) bbavail) socatalpo
satasya bapomatvaivahnima visvajantol kOlhal! gatva kbhayan tasya raktal! tac cadhantra
tvakananti prakial! II nirgacusvaivivimiprakvavilva nigandh va gandhavavatisaral) I soko(t)pan
nos cikitsyati
matr rogo vaidyail) kal)lha evapadital) . babandhana sanroya kala jule kho yaya
manasyal! jole lvamo khobi dUI vecakia agni koparapava pyal!tasa va[l!]nava kikobha yatal! ka
dayu. gulja thyal! baku hyanu pil!lu vava. mikasavo napal! byela ma vaIasyal gUl!ja thel! tu
vava. talahm ma vonal ma do bUI davana daval! dava. sokana jayarapa neyake tbaku. thva
sotbatisara dbaya II 5 II
End: parepu maraca nesy tona thana vavaya bhilgva II II tava sarakana bama vaca tonao kiIli
vavaya bhil!gva II hmosakbapa diharapal! kastina varanakal hikuche bhilgva II pipall kvalha
dasyal tona slemaya bhil!gva II . . . kara vasa mal!sa 6, pi[l!]paliila mal!sa 6, sipi 6, trikatu 6,
lavana 6, lavalatvaca 6, halaQa 6, jiliphala mal!(sa) 6, hakajiri jiri mal!(sa) 6, ripakesara 3, pataka
3, sukamyara 3, cetaka 3, kusaraba 3, QokuQa 1, lakhal!ku 1 , cikuta dbare ma nesya cO(I)gvaya
bhil!gva II pipali mal!(sa) 6, kUla mal!(sa) 8 . . . kokhatuba 6 . . .
(On fol. 97 front) iti nepalabha-vaidyasastra(l!) samaptal!. raghuramavaidyana liital!. bbadra
padalnacatu(r)thi. sambata 708.
160 Us. or. 4303.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 25, somewhat damaged by rats. 25,7 x 10,2 cm. 22 x 9 cm. 12 lines.
NepaIakara. Nevari. Undated.
Nr. 160- 161
Beg.: 01 nama! sivaya. sngalesaya nama(!) . dhyatva sival)l paramata(t)tva(l)I) vicaravaidyapal
gi(ta)m abhilapharada(l)I) saganal) ganesal)l dhanoltari-munivaral)l munilgasutadinatreyam jaga
t[a)prasi( ) manasa prana[I)me. kasu, khukana, kusarahi, snkhand[r)a, bara, suthi, s(a)mabhiga,
kvatha dasya. khvanakal)l, tonakal)l sarb[b)a joranasa. era khvakanal)l, gvadasoho, snkhalga, ista
min, s(a)mabhiga nesye, sakhara chunal)l, tonake, batapi[r)tta, slema, nicava, sarb[b)a jora, thvate
jvaranasa. jiri, pip[p)aramira, SUlJlhi, pip[r)ari, gUIgasu, haraga, kasura, metme, s(a)mabhiga
cirl[IJ)a, kastina varanakal)l, yatebhobhadhiva, hmutu ra saka, ajirlJ[I)a, hmatukam, carati hio,
batajvara thvate loyanasa. raona, gvagasoho, kila, jiri, s(a)mabhiga ci(r)na, kvake rakhasa pho
syam tonakal)l batajvaranasa.
End: . . . moho, kila, gvacaparaaha, jirisvana hara, jitaphorasvana hara, kanyahosvanaya hara,
mayurasia, atamara, dhval)lpin, khrkhinasval)l, nihara, dududasa, caphuri, badeyara, nipaharadJ,
hladralltara, rupakes(a)ra, sorayapu, harada, iripu, manathi, ajaphun, thuthuca-ghicha, kabu,
habaru hal)lsapara-ghica. kastu(ri), ka(r)pura, snkhand[r)a, comehi, kusahi, santakachunasa.
him(a)la-cekana une gharaya.
Chapters: - rogiya mata biya, chayabaJi, sasahinibrddhi soya, balikhaya kala svaya, iti alavarg
[g)a(!) samapta!) .
The title given on the front folio is: rogacikitsabaidyasaphi tantroktakhalgasastra.
When somebody sufered from a disease, the age-old custom among Nevars was to present
offerings (bali) to deities, bhittas and pretas (spirits), nagas, the catulUl1tiyogini, etc., and also to
consult an astrologer, who would advise his client as to where,to send piji offerings, etc. Only later
would the patient consult an ayurvedic doctor, i. e. , a vaidya. Nowadays, many Nevars have lost their
belief in such practices, but the custom of sending offerings or gifts to the above-mentioned deities,
spirits, etc. , still prevails among uneducated Nevars. The method is called santi, "pacification". Our
text describes the remedies for various ailments such as fever, loss of appetite, etc., and indicates
some of the methods of "pacifing" them.
161 Hs. or. 6406.
2 texts: (1) Rogacikitsa, (2) Bajanabol (= Bijal Bol). Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 67. 22,5 x 9 cm.
20,5 x 7,5 cm. Nepalakara. Nevan, NepaJl and Hindi mixed; prose. Undated.
(1) Rogacikitsa.
Beg.: sn-3-si[r)d(d)higanapate nama!) II sarasuti1 nama! II ci aya hna tose hlaya svatoniva chato.
hi cheya nasa. kavara kotuya ha. karn[n)asn(Ja)ya vasa. curava pa. samudraphara kuclra thva neta
curava pa. nata mana va. hathalPpu kayaharalP dhu syanya hi svota niya paya. barg[g)a mahlama
nama sarb[b)a okhadhi kara thosa niyava pa. hajila kara nibnsi bhukha-pu che dahi dhu svati
kayahara yara dudha haryati thvarina pa ruya paya. aracekal pratya himara cikalP prachi du cikalP
prachi yara dudha ti pra nase 2 si cha tora pipi cha (to)ra marya cha tora hara cha tora behara to 1.
End: pelhakrimi ri mare I haraga samudraphala gaika didha salPga ai to puna!) kUlji kiri lepana
kije to kUli ja. maha salPga lagai to ghiya bhalo ho. ni(m)bu sa(lP)ga aya to pethasula ja. bela ka
pata salPga dije to pitta vayu ji. javani salPga aya to ajiflJ[I)a ji. ekavarlJ[IJ)i gai ka didha salPga
ya to thal)lbaua hoi. sivalika-rasa salPga dije to idri-jvala ja. higa salPga aya to kallha kokila ja.
karl[I)asila ja. maha salPga dije to tapa ja. bakri ke mitra sal)lga dije to al)ljatirimiri ja. ni(m)bu ke
Nr. 161-162
rasa sal)lga dije to iihisisi ji. ekabarl[l)li gil ki mitra sal)lga tilake kije to mohana hoi. siviliki-rasa
salga tilaka kare k02 riji pradhina-basya hoi. ghrta sal)lga lepa kare to pasini ji. ni(m)bu ke rasa
sal)lga iya to sinyaviyu ji. mubu<iso dije to tal)lbhana hoi II
The ms. deals with the preparation and application of iyurvedic medicines. It also gives directions
as to the right proportion of the various herbs prescribed for a particular disease.
1 For sarasvatai.
2 For to.
162 Us. or. 4349.
Paper. Fois. 49 (5-54). 4 leaves missing in the beginning. 24,5 x 9,3 cm. 19,5 x 6 cm. S lines.
Nepilakara. Sanskrit and Nevin. Undated.
[RoganidanaJ. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . ke vi purina nillgva naka ra nil)lgvi. kapha pi[rlttimra jinmursai) kakbiiya madhu 10
laghu. mUl)lsa-ke sltara pyantasa nil)lgva bita pi[rjtta slema hi mocaku. raktapittajvara(l)l) hanti
kalayas citivatara. kalasu-ke sitara raktapitta jvarasa teva. raktapi[rlttajvaronmathl sltogrihi muku
lakal)l. bhutika sItara raktapi[rlttajvarasa nil)lgo. masuro maahural) sItasal)lgrihi kaphapittahiL
musura-ke sltara pi[rlttaslemasa teva. avrka slemapittaghno raja makhanilikakrt. pundu masa-ke
sltara pittaslemasa teva. bitasa ra teva. kulanchasvasahikkisai kaphasukranilapahal). [kaphasu
kranilapahal)lj. korata-ke khara moska hikusa bitaslemasa teva.
End: moca buvahmayi lugva<a mvanda casa syayu. thva mark[klalasura dbiiya. prthivyil patite
vatse jonau pidanam iyate, apamesya jethibiyo 'Ipalpa sal)lrakate kriya. balsa Iva<a biise varani
va mvaci vovatunul)l joni kapayonaka ra tayisa. dandi de ta[l)llna ra tayisa phasa du [blphviyu.
thva phasa du ra biiyakeyi upiya cauti tua dvita. dandi te ta[l)ljna tarasa phasa du biiya ra photo.
hrtkukisuramidhyinapravila tatra jiyate allgamard[ djo jvalakampa-pipasi-gurugi<ati. IUl)lgvada
casa syiyu. pVit(h)a tyama 2 dhiyu. phasa payisrapiva thathe jiyaraparal)l. hmal)l chya 2 yiM the
syayu. kvadvayu. hmatvayu. pyisa ciyu. vahmal)l Iyitayu. sothasurotisaro ca sutikirogalakala.
mithopacirit sal)lkIesiviamijlfl[l)labha . . .
The first six sections are: khara sltara naya nil)lgva ra nil)lgva.
slemapittajvarayi lakal)a.
sannipitajvarayi lakala.
The last six sections are: mukharoga dbiiya hmuthuya roya juko.
nasaroga dbiiya hnisayi roya.
cakuroga dhaya miiya roya juro.
siraroga dbiiya mo[nldasyaka.
asrgdara dhaya rakta-atisira.
A text on nosology indicating the symptoms (nidana) of various diseases such as eye-troubles,
nasal diseases and after-efects of child-birth.
Nr. 163-164
163 Hs. or. 4315.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 29, somewhat damaged by insects. 21,5 x 8 cm. 18,5 x 6,5 cm. 67 lines.
Nepalakara. Sanskrit verses and Nevan prose. Written by more than one hand. Undated.
[ Rogopacaravidhi].
Beg. : sedho maI)l to(la) 1, yumuni to(la) 2, cetakaha to(la) 3, pipari to(la) 4, suthi to(la) 5, harada
to(la) 6, gaI)lji to(la) 1, naranama cur[n]a dhaya gulmanasa agni dayu barabanta juyu. bandhana.
maraca 3 maI)lSu, pipari 3, suthi 3, jitaphora 3, akrakala 3, hinpi yana kadava ni, sidakhara bhasma
. . . svasa, kasa, kaya, gulma . . . , pnhe, ajirn[nlanasa.
End: raktanithlvanaI)l1 mi(r)cha joro mohas tatha bhramal) I vanti hikvatisaraf ca sa(I)l)jii naso
vyatlsvamani II ma1calaIl syavarakafi ca dehal syal laka1)ail) samail) I jii tavyaI)l sa[rlnnipato
'yaI) raktathlvyatighatakal II hi hloyu, nugara ra chinayu, jvara tava, sarehena phava, pyasa cava,
yiku, okili dava, hlrku vava, chvasahana vaigva, saI)lgya ra do, sa thaI) thaI) paia, vaI)lcasyaI)l,
jyaiasyaI)l hmaI)lsa caka caka vava. thvate lak1)ana raktatibisa[rlnnipata saya, asMhya juro 11 10 II
pralapakampas cittarti prajfanaso 'titapavan I padbhyiI)l sotho '(i)gaplcafi ca.
Subcolophons: iti sa[rlnnipatavr(d)dhi(l)) samaptal), iti nacibhedaya aIl2 samapta[ll.
Chapters: brha(t)saI)lkhMirasa, kamesvaramodaka une bidhi, atisara-amasilanasal, sitikaya
1)isa, kilajfina, mikharoyayi paicira, royayi a[r]nnapa[r]nnabidhibicira3, sitikiya hi cheya bidhi,
A practical handbook serving as a manual for ayurvedic physicians.
1 For "vimanal.
2 For hhedaya khar.
: For annapinao.
Hs. or. 4292.
For a description of the ms. see No. 142.
(2) AWiadhisalgraha.
Beg. (fol. 3 back): ra gvaya chuyava cipa khayara va s(a)mabhagana niyava phota yaii va phoya.
misa(I)l) havaya vasra. rakama, siva, saI)lgu, nirathuti, abinputi, gesa thvati samabhaga yaiava gura
Inisa chuyava cikanasa chuilava paya duo phuta phoya duo thvati payava kusatanasa. misa havaya
End (fol. 22 back): pipari, maraca, supithi, harada, byaharada, aIlbara thvate s(a)mabhaga yaia
va chuya. sutha chagvada, barahni chagvada, ghera1)a vala nel. bita siraya rayu juro dava.
A text giving prescriptions for certain ayurvedic medicinal herbs for various diseases such as loss of
hair (misal haya), rheumatism (Mta), colic (sOJa), etc.
1 For naya.
Nr. 165
165 l. or. 685.
Paper. Fois. 39, numbered 1 (right upper comer with pagination tom off) , 5, 6, 8-43. 21,5 x 8cm.
16,5 x 5,5 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. Nevan. Undated.
Ayurvedlyataia. Incomplete.
Beg.: OIJ1 nama narayalaya II acyutana[IJ1)ndagovindanamoccaraIJ1 sa bhaiajo . . nti sakala roga
satyasatya vadame 'haIJ1 II . . . rogaya osala lakesa1 pa<ape thvate. svati ichya bhogadina. anura<ha
vastradana . . . rba bhadrakemasa pharadala II 7 II 12 me<a mihame<a gucuryi guribhi mirji
migarala gumu gumasa tora nase 2. thvare samabhiga IaIkha phaIJ1 2, kvatha diyarena kepu kura 1,
cekaI kura chi 1, sidudu phaI 1, dharati ku 2, svadhe kura 2, sighera pia 2, mesyi sera pIa 2,
bhiroyi daka pia 2, thvate dayake. syadhu maIJ1 6, istim(i)ri 6, vira 6, svaraposva 6, kikajaIghi 6,
kiya harru 6, chativaI6, krlaj[jJira 6, manyathi 6, kuta 6, biIi<a 6, (a)svagaI[r)dha 6, preyasi 6,
badyacaura 6, devadara krera 6. thvare2 samabhiga nipa khune. paa vanakava dayakava naasal
dhvara khane. ona Ii kathicane iyava kaya. ona II thva cekanala phoya. kachda samasta kacheIJ1 rana.
kacheyi guna II 8 II
End: yaladva dharya-ti pra 1 ya dvarya hara kaya. nebhi maruva kaya mala. nebhi runaIJ1 ra jlva.
saghera asta 2 du cekaI asta chi 1 thvare khuriava paya. nebhiresa chataIJ1 mumare. Iathamaraya
tutimaraya thva netiyiIJ1 rara juro. chipihaia t03 1, mikisl to 1 , beho to 1, jira to 1, plpi to 1 , sutha to
1, ajamuIsa to 1, istlmi(ri) to 1, sedhuci to 1, chativaIJ1 to 1, dhanejhisraya Ii to 1, hmu(sa)khiyi
java tuti to 1, yaabetariya hnipu ra dasa la to 1, bhoduruyi papu to 1. thvate china yariva du
cika[IJ1)na kura chi 1. thva dka[IJ1)nasa khune. baresa nebhiresa paya boya. thva ceka[IJ1)naya gUla
thun. totesyikaya4 kacheIJ1 hlakaya chechesyakayi hmaIJ1 tapaIJ1 syakaya phasaIJ1thikayiIJ1 samasta
syakayaIJ1 lala julo I salasaIJ1khura cukuIJ1dhigura kicha gvahmo taya. kicha gva<a pra tayayaIJ1
thyake ra du hakajila. thva neta ri . . .
Marginal titles: simdhuriditaira (fo!. 1), kavucekaIJ1 (fo!. 2), bataya cekana (fo!. 2), sustikaya'
cekaIJ1 (fo!. 6), dvadhatlceka[I)na (fo!. 6), sitaIJ1gataira (fo!. 7), kustayacekaIJ1 bhinubrajataira (fo!.
8), bitaya ceka[IJ1]na (fo! . 9), todava kachuya vas(a)racekaIJ1 (fo!. 9), kam[n)asulaya cekaIJ1 (fo!. 10),
hnasakachiya cekana (fo!. 10), pihrtasaya vis(a)raceka[IJ1)na (fo!. 11), rkhahicuya ceka[IJ1)na (fo!.
11), hnasakechecekaIJ1 (fo!. 11), syikasikaya ceka (fo!. 11), IiIJ1galo(ya)ya cekaI (fo!. 12), kuta
lo(ya)ya cekaIJ1 (fo!. 12), ghagha(Ia)ka(chi)cekaIJ1 (fo!. 13), ghoryakache (fo!. 13), casukachecekaI
(fo!. 13), bita(na)syakaya cekaIJ1 (fo!. 14), ghilaya kache cekaIJ1 (fo!. 14), silaya cekaI (fo!. 14),
syakasika hnas(a)taya rara cekaIJ1 (fo!. 14), ghilaya kacheyi cekaIJ1 (fo\' 15), kapakacheyi cekaIJ1
(fo!. 15), ghalaya rao cekaIJ1 (fo!. 15), silaya ceka[IJ1)na (fo\' 16), barl[ljasilaya cekaI (fo!. 16),
siIJ1dhiriditaila (fo!. 16), paabetaliceka[IJ1)na phasaIJ1thikaya (fo!. 17), gaIJ1dhaprasiritaila (fo\'
17), mimpukaya ghelakhura (fol. 18), ghilaya lavo cekaIJ1 (fol. 18), ravo cekaIJ1 (fo!. 18), piyisesya
ka(ya) cekaIJ1 (fo!. 18), dhanaIJ1jayataila (fol. 19), misahivaya cekaIJ1 (fol. 19), sndhanaIJ1jayataila
(fo!. 19), (mar)matataila (fol. 21), maIJ1bhu[IJ1)raya cekaIJ1 (fol. 21), ghilaya cekaIJ1 thva (fo!. 23),
tuhiyakeyata (fol. 23), ghila mahniyake (fol. 23), gharayi cekaIJ1 (fo\' 23), hnahnujorya cekaIJ1 (fol.
24), bitya cekaIJ1 (fol. 24), toyu ceka[IJ1)na (fo!. 25), ghila ga(na)ke (fo!. 25), com[n)avas(a)ra (fo\'
25), todayi cekaIJ1 (fol. 26), kavacekana katharasa (fo!. 27), hnipatamuke vas(a)racekaIJ1 (fol. 28),
kastisilaya cekaIJ1 (fo!. 28), veka hinyaka hiya cekaIJ1 (fo!. 29), mabhiIJ1kachiyi ceka[I)na (fo\' 30),
photapho(ta)kachu (fo!. 30), capacapakachu (fo!. 31), barn[n)asuraghila (fo!. 31), kapakac(h)eya
(fo!. 32), palatya cekaIJ1 (fol. 34), hivaphasaya cekaIJ1 (fo\' 34), ciukacheyi (fol. 35), petaka
c(h)e rara (fol. 39), kachiya cekaIJ1 (fol. 40), bityi cekaIJ1 (fo!. 40), apacaryaghi(la) rike cekaIJ1 (fol.
42), tutilahamanaya cekaIJ1 (fo!. 43), rahakacheI hlakaya (fo!. 43), sutikaya bhi(IJ1)gu cekaIJ1 thva
(fol. 43).
Nr. 165
The manuscript gives directions as to how to prepare medicated oils for the treatment of various
ailments according to Ayurveda. Among the various oils described we find, for example, mikhihicu
yi cekana, "oil for eye-troubles", kWita!oyayi cekana, "oil for leprosy", ciukachecekana, "oil for
1 For nakesa.
2 For tkvale.
3 Here and elsewhere for tola.
4 For tun',
5 For sutikiyi.
166-169 Music
Us. or. 646.
For a description of the ms. see No. 161.
(2) Bijanabol (= Bijatbol) .
Beg. : (fol. 14 back): orp nama(l) snnatesvaraya. narpdicandividhiirinin ete si[rpr]ddhi(rp) pradiHe
ca saubhage dehi mehi I iti srlnateSvaraya (s)totra(rp) samaptam I tahiika deba hlaya. asatara.
parimana. kharjati p(r)a[ra]tara. e. dha C ghe tirp narp C narp Cna de a tirp narp de a tirp nirp na
de a tirp nir ni de a tirp narp. a C ghe tirp nirp C nir C ni de a tirp nir de a tirp narp ni de a
tirp ni ni de a tirp nip. a C ghe tirp nir C nirp C ni de a tirp nirp de a tirp nip ni de a
tirp nirp ni de a tirp nirp. kharjati: a C a C a a C. a a C a C a C a a C a a C
a Ca a Caa C. pralatil: a a 0 a a 0 a a 0 a. etira: a ti ghe de ti ghe de ta a te re ta ghe
ni . . . a C C ghe tirp nirp C a C a C ghe tirp nim.
End (fol. 4041 back): te re tir nir ta ni te re tirp nirp ta ni di tir di dhe dhe na dhe. C dhe na
dhe da te re a tirp narp tir da tirp dhe ka ta de ta tirp dhe ka ta. karesa rihii vaya. dhirp dhirp dha re
a ta a te re ta ghe. narp de narp de nir de narp de narp de narp de narp de narp de. dhirp dhirp dha re
a ta a te re ta ghe tirp nirp. a ta dhir dha re a ta a te re ta ghe tirp narp. a te re ta ghe. a te re ta
ghe. a te re ta ghe. ghe gra ghe de ta ghe de ta ghirp tirp ta ghe tirp narp. ka re sa cova. dhirp dhirp
dharea ta ( ghetirpnip. a tadhirp dhare a ta ( ghetir narp. ( ghe ( ghe Eghe. ghe graghe de ta
ghe de ta ghrirp tirp ta ghe tirp narp dhirp dhirp dha re a ta ( ghe tirp narp. a ta dhirp dha re a ta (
ghe tirp narp ( ghe. ( ghe. ( ghe. ghe gra ghe de ta ghe de ta ghrirp tirp ta ghe narp. rarpga
cidamaniya jaka. 2 dhiirp nirp nirp dhiirp narp narp dhiirp nirp narp dhiirp narp narp. rarpga cidama
niya cova. ta re ka tirp narp. ta re ka tirp narp. ta re ka tirp narp. ta re ka tlrp narp. 2 tirp ta re ka to
ghe. murchii juro. te re narp de te te teo ta re nirp de te te teo ta re ni de te tarp tirp. 0 dhiirp C dhiirp
C dharp C dharp C dhip. ghe ta tirp ghe na tirp ghe narp. ta re ka tirp nirp. a ta ghe. de te a ta. ghe
ghe C na ra nirp. de ti ghe. de te a ta ghe ghe C na ra narp. tirp ghe C narp tirp ghe C narp. tirp ghe
de te ka ta ghe. na dhirp a dhirp ( ghe II 7 II
A handbook for drummers. The text gives notations with syllabic sound-symbols (bol) for playing
the khi, the two-headed Nevar drum. Drums i general are called bijaY in Nevarl. The circular
signs mark rests of various lengths; ct. No. 167.
1 For pratila.
Nr. 167-168
Hs. or. 6470.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 40. 25 x 9,5 cm. 17 x 7 cm. 69 lines. Nepalakara. Nevan. Undated.
[Bajanaboq (= Bijarhol)
Beg.: ( . . . ) kbata dita kba dita ka dita khata tilJl diya gheya naya una 1111 dita ta kba . . . ta kha tilJl
11 11 dhan tiri kbata rita kha tilJl nalJl na dita kba tilJl nan titi rikba tiri ta 2 kba ti ghye 11 11 kbata diri
tilJl Ctiri kha tilJl C tilJl 2 diya gheya naya una 1111 rahata chuya juro 11 4 jati gvara II ghe C ghe na dita
kha tilJl 2 ghe na tari na ghe ti na ghe tilJl tilJl ti nara ghe II gvara marakva II ghe tilJl nara ghe tilJl
na dipi kba ta ghe na tari na ghe ti na ghe tari na ghe na 2 tari na 4 kha t nana dhare kba ti tilJl dari
na dari na ghe na 0 ghe na dita ghe na ghe tidi kha ta diti kha ta ghe na tari na tari ta tilJl dhii1111
khara dita kbati na di kha ta ghe ghe na ghe na khati na didi talJl kba tilJl na dita kba ta ghe ghe na
ghe na ghe tiJl na tari na ghe tari kba ta kba tilJl na dhare khati ti tilJl dari na dari na ghe daka
ghe dita ghe na ghe diti kha ta ghe na tari na ghe ti ni gha till tini nana ghe II
End: II jurdha cokha II tare ta na ghe na re ta ghe na diti kha ta ghe dilJl na ghe ti na 2 ghe tilJl Oti
nana ghe 1111 nilJl ni nalJl nalJl na nilJl nalJl 2 ghe di na 0 2 ghe na di tilJl ghe na ghe na 2 nalJl na nalJl
nalJl na nalJl nilJl ghe 0 ghe na diti kba ta kbata reta ghe 0 ghe dita ghe tare t ' khara dita kbati
na diti kba ta kba tilJl na 6 ti na na na khatilJl n

he dita ghe na na ghe dita ghe didi ghe dita ghe
ni na kba dira dita kba ti na diti kba ta kbati na 0 ti na na na kba ti na ghe ta ghe na na ghe dita
ge didi ghe dita ghe ni na khal ghe <ila ghe na ni 6 ni ghe di ghe na na 66 di ghe dita ghe na
na ghe dita ghe didi ghe 0 ghe dita ghe tare tilJl llll ghe dita ghe 0 ghe na II tilJl pa 11 4 tati tita kha tiri
2 kba ti na dita kba ti ghe na ghe tilJl na ni 2 ta thalJl thalJl II
A text giving musical notations (bol) for drummers. The circular signs mark rests of various lengths
such as 0 breve rest, C semibreve rest, minim rests and 6 crotchet rest.
Hs. or. 4288.
For a description of the ms. see No. 176.
(2) Pancatalagltavidya.
Beg. (fo!. 1, back): dha tya rialJl dhrka dyakbra dhidhra dhita taka tata kata dyadha dhiga
dha(ka) . dhadha ta . . . dha ( dha 3 dalJl dha 0 dha dha. thana tara! durj [j]amana. jiga jig! . . . yalJl
nalJl. jinalJl jig! . . jiYalJl nalJl. jinalJl jigl . . . dha ra jinalJl ji . . . jigl - dha ra jiralJl dha jig! jigl dha
dha. ca ca ca. ca ca ca. dalJl " . katha jiyalJ tadhr. ( dagl jidhya na nalJl dha 3. ca ca. dhi ( da . . .
thoga jiYal ta. 0 dha 0 da 0 dhyaka thoga jiyalJl dhl ( tyanalJl dhita . . .
End (fo!. 4, back): aM hi ca ca ca. ( dha dhiga dha 0 jiyalJl 0 dhi ( taka tha dika thi dhr dhi te
na nalJl dya dhi dha tiki dilJl dha (2). thva svapnya cakira. a ha ha ca ca ca. ( te ga nalJl dya tadhya
kalJl dha dhi jhelJl jigl -. dhugu. thana gacho penya nadi parapya. thana 2 kha ja ruya.
The pancatila(vadya) is a long trumpet-like musical instrument blown to the beating of a three
headed drum. It is usually played by Buddhists when singng caryagias2 The rhythm as indicated
herein is called bol by moder singers, both Nepalese and Indian. It is expressed by words snch as
dhi ri jinar gala saka jinar, etc.
1 For tila.
l Cf ms. No. 122.
Nr. 169
169 Hs. or. 4288.
For a description of the ms. see No. 176.
(3) Pitch indications.
Beg. (fol. 6, back): orp amiyamayukhavirajitamauli (1). kva (= low pitch).
surasaridavanakesaprabardha (2). ja (= high pitch).
ravisasipavakamal)Qalaneta (3). kva.
savavibhisitakul)Qalina(t)ha (4). ja.
bhitivibhisitadhavarItadeharp (5). kva.
mrgapatipaI!yacarm[mjanivasarp (6). ja.
End (fol. 2021, back): . . . yal! deb! candrabadanamukha atisvabhita 2 siddhibinayaka
tribhubanabyapita big(h)nibinayaka jagatapijita raga . . . tara! durj [jjamana. arunasarp mabamukha
bisaranayana jagata-u( d)dhilana nirm[ m jaradehi 2 khatagatitarana2 bhayadu(l))khahilana karulya
manasa srIbugamyasvara 2 tairok[kj(y)anatha. raga madhumat. tara! jhapa. amarabatisama srIralita
puri atimanoharabhubane 2 manima[rpjl)dapamanikunmalabidite subarl)l)ap(r)anali srIbhimasyana
bira-2-nibisita debagana sagana sahita rokanatha. srIyoganalendra-malla bhipati.
The beginning of the text lists nine versions of a certain song by indicating their high pitch (a) and
low pitch (kva) in order to guide a would-be musician. The song given at the end is addressed to
Matsyendranatha-Lokanatha, Lord of Bugama. The text is undated; it mentions Lalitapura (Patan)
and, in the last line, King Yoganarendra Malia (16841705 A.D.) of Patan to whom the song is
1 For tila.
2 SkI. a4gatl"
170-208 Hymns and Songs
Buddhist 170-183
Hindu,(or mixed) 184-193
Saiva 194-197
Vail)ava 198- 207a
Us. or. 43.
For a description of the manuscript see No. 49.
(2) [Lokevarastotra].
Beg.: jyaka karasa-chegulina tiyava bijyaka. gathilJlgva kala$a-cheguli dhirasa. luya thilJlgva teja
thvara thathiIpgva padmapaQi namaskala II 3 II [tvalJl] lokanatha(h)ma chalaporasa nama avalokites
vara dhakalJl samast[r]asyana dhasya tara. charapola juyiva gathiIpgva (dhirasa). nagaya raja basuki
tvalJl. jvara jura cintamaQi dhiya nama thama yaya yaya bastu phone dava. thathiIpgva cintamaQi
chalaporaya kUQQ[ d]ala juralJl. thathilJlgva padmapaQi namaskala II 4 II
End: (ghu)nu ghunu hirava thva sabda Ietava samasta praQi dako raka yalava moka chor.
thathilJlgva lokesvara namaskala II 15 II durbhikama x II he paramesvara. purb[b ]akarasa ji mane
[da] va ma giava tava durbhiJsa juyava cola belasa thva belasa chalapolasyalJl samasta praQilJl
puthi yalava va brhibaha acina anna va gacakava puthi yaka. thathilJlgva karuQa thvara namaskala
11 16 / baliha asva x II bho paramesvara. samasta rikasini hastasa pararapu. chimadunasra banijara
moya tana. pabanabega thvara sara yatava samudra para yacak raka yaka thathilJlgva padmapa
Qi namaskala 11 17 II traidhit1ka x II bho paramesvara. salsara ( . . . ).
A stotra (with paraphrase) addressed to Lokesvara-Avalokitesvara. Stanza 17 alludes to the legend
of SiIphalasarthaviha (Sirrlalasirthavihivadina). Cf. No. 13.
Us. or. 691.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 20. 21x 9,2 cm. 17 x 6 cm. 6 lines. Devanagan. Nevarl, verse. Dated
N.E. 1051 (see verse 77).
[Mahilaktmlkumirlvasu1haritotra ].
Beg.: sarana mahalakmi-kumari-basulJdhara-prabhuya carane dana sira taya I javaya khvala
kUllkumabarana khavaya khvala hiIpgulibarana dathuyagu khvala hmasugu barana surjasamana
Nr. 171-172
tyaja thina cohma II 1 II ratnaya matuka slrasa puyava prathamagu hlati(ljl) japamala jona dutiyagu
hlatlljl jola hnyekaljl jona tritiyagu hlatilj abhayabara biya II 2 II khavaya prathamaljl pustaka jona I
dutiyagu hlatil vaguji jonava tritiyagu hlat1m kalasa jona dulkhiya upare karuna tayava II 3 II
ratnaya mala tisa jula vasaya kalasaya dyonya asana yana I dulkhijanaprani u( d)dhira yayata svaguli
ripa kayava bijyata II 4 II thava maca sanka prani lahina aljlna dhana ratna paripurIa blya I
khatgatiyoni guli du praIi thava maca bhilapa mokapada biya II 5 II sarana mahilakmi-kumari
basuljldhara-prabhuya caraIe dana sira taya II dhruo II
End: barta daneyata sarajama magu tayara yanava raniyata bila II 73 II tana mana boliyakaci(t)ta!
yana deblyagu mirti nugalasa taya I sachi cyahma raja rani napaljl tiJa barta dana syana guru yana II
74 II vai ra khu nipam tho dhanasaljlpat(t)i vana thake mani chahnuyagu dine I anityamohasal)! guli
sua yaya debiya barta yana tare juyava vane II 75 II mata basulldhara prasaljlna juya bhaktajana
pil)!ta darsana biya I tuitahhubanaya thata bona yana pukhe biane sakasyataljl taya II 76 II snsu
bhasambata dochiva nyachi bhidavakrIaya tritiya dina II du(l)khi anathaljl cina jula gral)!tha praIi
u(d)dhira yaya kimananaljl II 77 II sarana mahilakmi-kumari-basuljldhara-prabhuya caraIe dana
sira taya II dhru' II
A stotra to the mercifl three-faced goddess Mahalakml-Kumarl-Vasuljldhara.
1 For ekc".
172 Hs. or. 4331.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 67; frst leaf missing, leaf 42 damaged being tor off at the right hand. 23
x 10 cm. 18 x 6 cm. 6 lines. Devanagan. Sanskrit verses with paraphrase in Nevar!' Dated N.E.
1064. Written by Sakyavaljlsa Ratnajyoti Dasasthavira of Kakvatola, Sikukanani, Patan. Donor:
Sirimana Sidra of Mikhabihala, Patan.
Nimasarglt. Incomplete.
Beg.: atha athanamtara pirbakatha nene dhakal! bajradhara bajrapali juhiljl snbhagabinya
thisa bijyita. thana srlbhagabanal)! ajfa jula. akaraIall prajfi piramita udaya jula. thakaraIaljl
bajrasa(t)tva udaya jula. thvasapola nihmasyanal)! samasta debaloka manuyaloka atgatisaljlsara
utpatti yakagu khall nyanava. snsobhinaljl saljljukta juya cval)!hma. aneka durdanta maragaIapiljl
jite yana bijyikahma. hanam durjanayata damaka biya bijyakahma. indriyagaIa adill mardana
yakahma. trailokya dhiya svarga madhya! patala dakvaljl thava tapaya balanaljl parakramall dakva
jite yana cvaljlhma. thathil)lhma guhyaya adhipati juya k(r)iyakarmaya raja juya bajraya iSvara juya
bajra dhare yanii bijyakahma bajrapiIi julall srlbhagabinya thasa bijyaka jula II 1 II
End: sthivaralaljl ca mirtaye. tiras camoharipiya ripiyas cary[y]amirtaye II 8 II he bhagaban
hinaljl chalapola julaljl gathil)lhma paramesvara dhilasa. jal)!gama dhiya. deba daitya manuya
pasu pa[ljl]ki i patal)!ga idiljl j!ba daya cvaka dakoya ripa dhiraIa yana bijjyakahmaljl chalapola,
hanal)! thibara dhayagu. parbata Ivahaljl sima lata gukhi phalama SVal)![m]a vara choma dakva
jataya ghasa ityadiyaljl dakva mirti dhiraIa yana bijyakahmal! chalapola jula. hina tiry[y]aka
joniljl janma juya cval)!pil)! sarpa adiljl kim! kltidi dakva praIipiljlta moha [ . . . ]
Colophon (fol. 910 back) ye dharma hetuprabhavi hetu[s](Ijl) tesal)! tathagatal} hy avadat [te
iljl] yo nirodha evaljlvidi mahiSramaIal} . yo 'sau dharmal sugatagadital pathate . . . sarve ca
kary[y]al. saphali bhavalltu manoval)!chi(l) sarvasiddhir astu. sada[ljl] kalyal)am astu. subhaljl.
Nr. 17-173
salj1bata 1064 miti aihamase suklapakadasamyalj1 tithau svati naktre. siddhiyoge saniscarava
[ra ]sare mithulj1rasigate bhiiskare tularasicandramasi. tasmilj1 dine. srlnamasalj1gltipustakasloka
bhiiasamyatalj1 salj1purIa sir d)dhayaka jula. thva pustaka coyaguli akhai) dOlj1gu tuta phuta juvagu
artha jyfr ra jy dakvalj1. srl-3-mahiimalj1(ju)srl-guruyake kotI 2 kama ajnaniya manaya bhiibana
nalj1 cvaya biyagu lekhaka kakvatola sikukananiya srlsakyabalj1sa 81 bara duhma sriratnaj(y)oti
dasathablra ajulj1 cvaya biya jula. subhal1. thva pustakaya danapati mikhabihiitolaya sirimana sudra
jula. nityalj1 2 patha yayagu gva belasalj1 ghalj1taya bvanegu i( c )chii juya cvaka biya. thva namasalj1glti
tadhalj1gu pustaka juya nitil1 ji chelj1 dana yinagu sanaguthikhalaka guthihiirayata. ji ra daya vani
bale tota biyagu jula. thva saphu bholj1 alaga 3 taka dakina biya cvaka kayagu saphu. guthiharakha
lakalj1 bicara yana taya mala. sakva phakva thva namasalj1gIti bone mila. thugu dharmanal1 jagata
salj1sara uddhara juya mala. Olj1 nama(i) srlsvayal1bhu-buddhaya. namas te buddharpaya dharma
rfpaya te namai.
1 For marta(loka).
173 Hs. or. 4302.
Paper. Fols. 44. In the pagination fo!. 26 is marked twice. Beginning leaves damaged; fo!. 5 is torn
of, only the right half being preserved. 38,5 x 9 cm. 33 x 6 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit verse
with paraphrase in NevarL Undated.
Beg.: nama ma(fr)junathiiya. atha vaj(r)adhara(i)) srlman durd[d]a(n)tadamaka(i)) parai) trailo
kyavijaya vila! guhyara(t) kuilsesvara(i)) (1) II atha athiinantaralj1 pfrrb[b]akathii iata bijyaiao
akasana prajiaparamita-udayasa thakarana baj(r)asa(t)tva-udaya tho nehmasana sa(ma)stalj1 deba
loka manuyaloka atgati sa(lj1)sara utpa[r]tti juva kha ileiliva srlsobhiina salj1jukta juo aneka dur
d[d]anta jayarape ra jio indriyagaI)a adina [r]damana yake trailokyal1 thava tapa[l1]dharm[m]a
balana jitarapalj1 bijyaka. guhyantara mahiiyaniidi kriyaraja tvalj1 baj(r)aya Isvara thathi(lj1)gva
baj(r)adhara tvalj1 juyao bijyaka II 1 II vibu[r]ddhapuI)<arlkalj1ta(i)) prophulla[lj1]kamalanana(i))
p(r)ollalaya(n) vaj(r)adhara(lj1) svakalena muhurm[m]uhui) 11 2 II
End: jagata(s) capy anathasya vimu(k)tipharakii(i)kinai) . sreyo[r]marga visuddho 'yalj1 mayaja
ranajadditalj12. thva khalj1 gathilj1gu dhiirasa. jagatasalj1sarayalj1 mokekamana yakahmaya moke
rata karyana [r]marg[gJasa du bikakugurl thva a gana hlia dhiirasiL maya[lj1]jalana yoddita dhiiya
miya[lj1]jaratalj1t[t]rasa hlasya taya kha thva kha je galj1bhiladarabipfrn[n]a maha thva jagata krtalj1
buddhinalj1 viayo hy aa3 sa[lj1]myaksalj1buddhabhiiitalj1 othilj1gu nama salj1gItiya a atiga[lj1]m
bhlra, thiihii siya ra jio, thiihii ra duo u(t)tamagyana-kha mahagup[a]ta, tao artha kha, rokayata
hita yaka, upakara yaka, thva kha mebata ra khu. samastalj1 tathiigataya dhanasalpatti juva,
sa[lj1]myaksalj1buddhagyanaya ha, sakemunisena iiesa dayaka kha. thuti upasalj1baragathii iapu
- Colophon: thuti namasalj1gIti hlaia prasalj1sa. ary[y]amaya[lj1]jarakhvadasa'-s[r]ahasrlka[t]
mhiiyogatantrapatisamiihiraja[ra]patalya(d)5 bhagavan[a]sakemunibhiiita bhagavato malj1ju
sri[yalj1]jianasa(t)tvasya paramarthanamasalj1gIti(i) parlsamapta. thuti u(t)tamamaya[ lj1]jaratalj1t
[t]rasa hlaili jhimakhudora ghalj1tasa mahiiyogatalj1t[t]rasa coiagu thva mfraparamayogasa coia
Nr. 173-174
samadhijarasa6 coia pi kaya kha sakemunisyana hlaia maljljusr!na sarira [d]dharalapa bijyaka thva
parama(r)thanamasaljlglti thutina samapta jura. subha(m).
A anthology of Mahayana hymns. The title (MaijurI)nimasa/glti is perhaps more current.
1 For viro.
2 For nayoditaJ.
3 For esa.
4 For <
s For opa/alad.
6 For dhirijasa.
174 Us. or. 6157.
Paper. Fols. 24. Wooden covers, with lining of red velvet-like cloth. 18 x 6,8 cm. 14 x 4 cm. 5
lines. A miniature on fol. 1 (back). Nepalakara. Sanskrit verse. Undated.
Beg.: Oljl namai) srlmalljunathiya. atha vaj(r)adhara(i)) sr!man durdantadamakai parai I trailo
kevijaya Vlro guhyariljl kulisesvarai) II 1 II vibuddha(i) pUl)qalikaka(i)) pra[s]philakamalananai) I
prol(l)araya(n) vaj(r)abala(ljl) sokareIa muhurm[m]uhui) II 2 II bhrkutltaraljlgapramukhair
a[t]na(n)t[r]air vaj(r)apil)ibhii I durdantadamako vlro vlrabibhatsaripibhii II 3 II ullarayabhi(i))
svakaraii) pra[s]philavaj(r)akotibhii) I prajnopaya-mahikaruli-jagadarthakaraii paraii II 4 II hrta
tutasvayaljll muditaii) kroqhavigraharipibhii) I buddhakrtyakarai(r) nithai sardha(ljl) praIatavi
grahaii 11 5 II pra!amya nitha(ljl) saljlbuddh02 bhagavanta(ljl) tathigata[i](m) I krtaljljalipito bhi
tva ida[ljl]m aha sthito 'gratai 11 6 11
End: dharm[m]agaga!amarasuparisuddhai dharm[m]adhitujnanagarbha ai). mantravi[ljl]nyisa
II 1 II atha vaj(r)adharai) sr!min hr!atutakrtiljljalii) I pral)amya nitha(ljl) saljlbuddh02 bhagavan
ta[i](Ijl) tathigata[i)](m) 11 2 11 anyais ca bahuvidhai[i](r) nathai[i)](r) guhyendrair vaj(r)apilibhii) I
sa sar[d]dha(ljl) kroqharajan03 provacoc(c)airidaljl vacai) I anumodimahe nitha sidhu sidhu subhi
italjl II 3 II krto 'smikaljl mahan i(r)tha(i)) samyaksaljlbuddhap(r)ipakai)' I jagatas cipy anithasya
vimuktiphalakal)kinai 11 4 II sreyomirga visuddho 'yall miyijilenayoditai) I galjlbhlrodiravaipulya
mahirtho jagadarthakrt II 5 II buddhiniljl viayo hy esai sarvasaljlbuddhabhiitai.
Colophon: iti upasalhiragithi(i)) pallca[ma] . iry[y]amiyijalaodasasihasrikamahiyogataljl
trintai p[r]atisamidhijilapatali(d) bhagavantas tathigatai) srisikyamunibhiito bhagava[n]to maljl
jnsrl[i)]jnanasa(t)tvasya paramirthoS nimasaljlglti(i) parisamipta. ye dharm[m]ityidi. subhaljl
Title in the margin: srlni(masaljlgiti) or nima(saljlglti).
1 For tu!!iayair.
2 For ddham.
3 For dharijanyai.
4 For sambodhio.
5 For Cartha.
Nr. 175-176
Hs. or. 64 3.
Paper. Fols. 18. 26,5x 11,2 cm. 21,2 x 7,5 cm. 7 to 8 lines. Devanigan. Sanskrit verse with Nevirl
prose paraphrase. Dated N.E. 1014. Written by Vajricirya Sugatarijamuni of Thathubihila in
Dhvatli!ola, Sakodesa (Satkhu).
Bhi Sarvajia Mtra: Sragdharistuti.
Beg.: bilirkilokatimrapravarasurasirasciruciqimaJ)isrlsarppatsarpparkariginaticiraracitala[rk]k
takavyaktabhaktl II bhaktyi pidau tavirye karapu!amuku!a!opabhugnottami(rp)gas tiril)y ipa(c)
charal)ye nava(s)tutikusumasragbhir abhyarcayimi II 1 II orp nama!) sn-iry[y]etiriyai II he iry[y]e.
he ipa( c )charalye. he tarali. jipani sarala oye yogya juyio bijyikahma. bhaktibhibana chaJapolayi
pidapadma nipisarp hnula dayaki stotrasvaripasvana[mana]milina jina puji yiye dhakarp ba(n)
dhanigirasa cotahma sarbajfamitraya ati dulkha juyio binati yitarp . chalapolayi. tu!ipili nipa
gathita dhilasa. bilaka snsurye svaya thyerp raktabarl)a tavadhata debalokapani sirasa tayio bijya
ta ati surdara ratnayi svabhibasvaripa sarppattina milaya ra juo bafa sthira juo alaya barlasami
ha thyarp juyio cotagu. he janan!. ji gathirphma dhilasi. lihita nipirp goga munakiva sirasa tasyarp
ko chuniva cotahma II 1 II
End.: he janani. chalapolayi gUlajfinasarpkhyidanarp dayikihma sebakayi pu[rp]nyana madhu
ra bacana birpchiphala liniva srl-iry[y]ibalokiteSvarayi caralayi galasa dayiva conagu svasti sva
stiya cihnasa dayakava conagu bhimi svakhibatibhubalasa thva siloka popalapinista bisa liya
da(ya) mi dhakarp sira julo. thuti dhakarp II iti srl-iry[y]atiribhattilikiyi sragdharistuti(l) sarp
pirl)a[rp] samapta II II subham II sr-ugratiriyai namal} II,naumi sn-ugratirarp satatapataruchp
svadganilibjadhirirp II pretikrirpti(r) trinetrirp suralitavadanarp mUIQamilarp vibhaktirp II visvi
narpdaikaripi(r) trigul)agul)anidhirp sarvasa(t)tvaikadhitrlrp pral)llokoddharirthhp pratidinam
anisar dehi moka(rp) tvam eki II 1 II sn-sarasvatyai namal II suklirp bra[rp]hmavicirasiraparamirp
idyirp jagat[ a ]vyapinl(r) [vl]vll)iputakadhiril)lm (abh)ayavaradirp jiQyirpdhakiripahirp ha
ste sphitikamilika(rp) vidadhathp padmisane sarsthitarp varpde tarp paramesvarIrp bhagavatlrp
buddhipradirp siradirp II 1 II subha(rp). sarbata 1014 sila miti jye!habadi parpcamlroja
sanicarabirakhuhnu sakodesa dhvarplitola thathubihirasa conahma snbajriciry[y]a sugatarijamu
ninarp thva pustaka coyi tayi jula. subhar bhuyit sarvadikile. margalarp. subham II
Margnal title: sra(g)dh(ar)i.
The text contains the Aratiribhattirikisragdharistuti in both Sanskrit and a prose paraphrase in
Nevir!. The stotra is followed by a Sanskrit verse in praise of Ugratiri and another Sanskrit verse
addressed to Sarasvat!'
Hs. or. 4288.
Three texts: (1) Stotrasarpgraha, (2) Pafcatilagltavidya and (3) Pitch indications.
Fold-book. Fols 23. First leaves damaged, parts being broken of. 16,5 x 6,5 cm. 13 x 4,5 em. 5 to
6 lines. Nepilikara. Sanskrit. Undated.
(1) [Stotrasalgraha].
Beg.: samarapijiti (15). sinyidisinya mahiSinya sarv[v]asinya niraftjana 2 . . . rambanirikira
vacibu(d)dhimanomaya (16). srlsvayambhi sndharm[m]adhiti jo . . . prakisita 2 deva[n]tideva1
Nr. 176177
malildeva sarv[v]adeva p(r)apijiti (17). locane . . . lake paica te 'nekaja(n)masu 2 pirvajarm
[m]akrtepapalJ2 buddhaka jarmapapita3 . ata (r)rddhi(i sarv[v]asiddhir bhavatu bhavabhaya
;muktidalJl. caityarabhaktamahisarasi . . . bhi(i) p(r)adakine (19). saptasya bukajatmakhalcita ra
jakanya surabha te 2 . . .
End: galJldha dhUpa pupa dipa pijanaya p(r)amoditalJl. cha(t)tra-dhvaja-patakidilahanaya4
namo 'stu te (24). muniganasatena bochitalJlsa pharapharalJl, jinaganasu ca asya mokemafla sa
p(r)apada (25). iti buddhagltalJl samapta(m). OlJl namo buddhi(ya) . astasi kusuma-salJlkiad[y]eha
pirv[ v ]amukhaditadhirala du( r )dantarayane bighanabala jita. namimi sn-akbhe-ra jaka( lJI) .
snsugatasumaranam ahorat(r)a(m). varadakrtanaralokasalJl mokava(lJI)chita mihanasalJl svlmica
rana[ ra Jratnasnsugatasumaranam[ a] ahorat( r )alJl (1).
1 For devddt.
2 For 0janmakrtapdQ.
3 For janmao.
4 For idyirohaliya (?).
177 Hs. or. 4307.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 59. 24 x 9 cm. 18 x 5,5 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit verses, some in
Nevlri or with Nevarl paraphrase. Dated N.B. 1023. Written by SakyavalJlsa Sribhijumana from
[Stotrasalgraha ].
Beg.: (front) OlJl namai snsakyasi!Jlhaya. name srlghanalJl tvalJl sada bhivabhakto bhavalJlbho
dhisetull lasatmokahetulJl tridhatulJl vidhitulJl surakalJl virakalJl sudakalJl sukakat sujatalJl su
dantalJl II name danasliakamo dhyana-vlry[y]a-mahijii naparalJlgata saugata(lJ) tvalJl
caturbrahmabaihiralokoddhavalJl talJl catuisatyadharmopadesalJl suvegalJl II
End: (front) atcakrapadma tava bhedita malJltraraja sarvarthasidhakajana sugatilJl tvam eva.
tvalJl jianagamyabhavaduikhavinasaklri te sarada sakalasiddhi sada namami. iti saradastakasto
trlI)J samlptalJl.
Beg.: (back) OlJl namo lokanathiya. kamari(pa)parvata suvarlayakakiqmaranagasamirt(t)i I
dUlJlduma chandana sagaranalJldi birilJlcinirayaladeba namas te II camara uyava sagaramaka
nldi kaplta surayatamane siry[y]asumalJlcala sir[r](ya) suteja birilJlci(narayaladeva namas tel II
End.: (back) yat pathanti karunastava(lJI) nityakllalJl santii ca postiil ca dhanavrddhi surat[h]a
kama ayuvibhUti varasvakhya visarabhigl niskara praptam api tasya trailokyanatha II 24 (I guhma
manuyana thva karulamaya-(s)totra nitya 2 parapuhmaya santi pustika juyuo dhanaonia juyuo.
yakva kary[yJa siddha juyuo. ayubala brddhi juyio. bala layio. saubhigya juyuo. paralokasa sr-3-
ary[y]abalokitesvarao napa cone dayio II 24 II salJlk1rt[t]ayanti tava vlry[y]amahinubhiva(lJI) ratrau
diva ca tava namam anusmaranti du(i svapnavighnabhayapapa vinasayanti tuyanti deva satatalJl
tava rakisibhi(i) 11 25 II thva karula(s)taba nitya 2 totra yakahmaya rajao uti parakrami juyio.
hanalJl cahnlI)JsalJl hninasalJl sri-ary[y]abalokitesvara ekacittana sumarali yakahma ra bhina
hmaya kuphala ra laka. samasta papa phuka. samasta devaloka salJltokha juyuo. lakayatalJl tha-
thilJlhmasrl-3-karulamaya janmajarmma2 namaskara II 25 II
Colophon (after 23): ary[y ]amayajalaodasasahasrikayan mahiyogatantrotai)patisamidhi jalapata
la(d) bhagava[n]ta tathigata-srlsakyamunina bhiita maijusnjianasa(t)tvasya paramarthi nama-
Nr. 177
saIglti(l) parisamipta. ye dharmi hetuprabhiva hetu(I) teiI tathigata[l)] hy evadat teiI yo
nirodha[y] evaIvidI mahiSramal)al). sambata 1023 miti jyesthabadi 5 sa yetabii laya sakyabaIsa
srIbhijuminayi sucitta juyao totra yiyata thva totrapustaka dayakava tayi jula. suninaIlobha yiya
ra du jula. subhaI.
Beginning of the stotras as indicated in the margins:
(1) kimarpa.
(2) pirl)[ I ]akali.
(3) thira ra u (NevirI).
(4) madhya vailo(cana).
(5) namas te buddha(ripiya).
(6) devamanuya.
(7) stutva pralam(ya).
(8) stutam api.
(9) sarvabhitaI.
(10) stutvi praJamya (with paraphrase in Neviri).
(11) maijusrI lo(kanitho).
(12) snigdhaniia.
(13) bhuvanatraya.
(14) diridra.
(15) indridide( va).
No marginal titles for the rest of the stotras.
(1) iti srImadiry[y]ivalokiteSvarabhattira(ka)sya anantanigarijistavastotra(I) samaptaI.
(2) iti srIdharm[m]adhituviglsvarastotra(I) samipta(m).
(3) iti srIbuddhadharm[m]asaIgha(s)totraI samipta[I](I).
(4) iti srIdharmadhitupaicabuddhastotra(I) samiptaI.
(5) iti srIsviyaIbhupuril)oddhrtaI maijusrIkrtam idibuddhabhattirakasya dvidasanimastotraI
(6) iti srImadiry[y]avalokitesvarabhattirakasya carapatistavastotraI samiptaI.
(7) iti srImadiry[y]ivalokitesvarabhatiirakasya bandhudatti(ci)ryakrtaI karul)istavastotraI sa
(8) iti srIbuddhabhattarakasya haradevarajakrtaI stotraI samiptaI.
(9) iti srImadiry[y]ivalokiteSvarabhattirakasya rpastava(s)totraI samiptaI.
(10) As 7.
(11) iti srIbhadrakalpivadine visvaIbharakrtaI srIsikyamuni(s)totraI samiptaI.
(12) adhyapanijii nagithi(I)3 odasa.
(13) prativacanagithi(l) at.
(14) miyijilibhisaIbodhikramagithi(s) tisral).
(15) vajradhitumaI)Qalagathi(s) caturdasa.
(16) suvisuddhadharm[ m ]adhitu jii nagithi(l)) paicaviIsati(I).
(17) idarsajiinajii nagithi(l)) pidonasar[d]dhaI dasa.
(18) pratyavental)ijiinagithi dvicatviriIsat.
(19) samati[I]jiinagithi(s) caturviIsatil.
(20) krtyinusthinagithil) paicadasa[I].
(21) iti paicatathigatastutigithi(l) paica.
(22) iti upasaIhiragathi(l) paica.
Nr. 177-1 79
(23) iti snsakyamunimahabuddhabhattarakasya atamalJlgalastotralJl samaptalJl.
(24) iti srImadary[y )ivalokitesvarabhattarakasya candrakantabhikul)istavastotralJl samaptalJl.
(25) iti srlmadary[y)avalokitesvarabhaHirakasya narakoddharastotralJl samaptalJl.
(26) iti saradastavastotralJl samaptalJl.
A collection of Sanskrit stotra accompanied by a prose paraphrase in Nevar!' The collection
includes the (MaiijuSfi)nimaarlti (see colophons 12 to 23).
I For pu/in.
2 For janmajanma.
3 For adhyafat.
178 U. or. 4309.
Paper. 2 leaves. 22 x 17,5 cm. 22 x 27,2 cm. 23 and 31 lines. Text only on the front of each leaf.
Fo!. 1 written in Picumola, fo!. 2 in Golamola. Sanskrit. Dated. N.E. 1051 and 1061.
(3) [Stotrasafgraha).
Beg. of fo!. 1: 01 krna(r)canacaI)QamaharoaQaya namo namal).
Co!. to fo!' 1: idalJl stotralJl sardiraviknditalJl vrttalJl[m). sambat 1051 sala.
Beg. of fo!. 2: 01 snkrl)a(r)canacaQQamaharoal)aya namo namal) .
Co!. to fo!. 2: sambat 1061 sala.
179 Hs. or. 4310.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 17. 3 leaves badly damaged by rats. 16,5 x 6 cm. 15 x 4,4 cm. 59 lines.
Nepalakara. Old MaithiI / Bengali, verse. Undated. Written by two scribes.
[Stotrasarraha). Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . ta caQQa (3). pachimadigata bijayasn. amitabha-jina barada maira bihatayt taratabana
(4). u(t)taradigata bijayasrl amoghasiddhijina bara (5). garuQ[an)asana thiba syimabar[t)a. jiheri
hara brahma cakra nigujaju surisura dava. hubidvi upahira pujacocanalJl. - iti pa(lJl)cabudd(h)a
s(t)akalJl samipta(m). (This is the end of the Paicabuddhitaka the earlier part of which is missing).
End: budhva salagarija bicita jiQa gunisa basabanukalJlpi (3). pragya calJldra bagira tajanuja
bhuguti phana salJlbhara bhia mali bimira mara sakara bhaya hara. pitaba(r)na nlhata maryari
mamaki bakapitali puga napidalarobanaya (4). gadhari jagurica bhijagana kata kara khagapasa
kusaga birahi bajahati asiphala sudhara Qhamadhatesvari ca keryalagyana suridhaja miri na hitaka
ra khagapas[r)adhali catu tva baira mara gita prathila jinabare savali dhipa baj(r)a betari gaQha
baj(r)a prahasitabadana sugratQibaryatali rahni badhase rOQhi sakalajanayita sarathi dipabaj(r)a tu
tva. dasi jhyadhama cakrl prathita jinatala prabate grlQhakate sivan praribini ca kidg carali hita
kokane bodhi ca tvi srlmata debitiralJl surag[r)ananamitalJl mraphara sa(lJl)kha cakram ramate
svasta pvasrasta dadhiphara jasumo pavako dipamirittu tva chao
Nr. 179-181
An anthology of Buddhist hymns. After the Paiicabuddhitaka follows the Daiabala(s)tavastotra,
the Srlbugamaiokevaratuti by Bandhudatta Acarya, the Srl-Aryavaiokitevarastotra (on two leaves
which are damaged) and, lastly, the Dharmadhitu-'atasi-kusuma'-stotra. The copy is very poorly
written. Only the last 3 leavps, written by another scribe, are in good handwriting.
180 Us. or. 4318.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 68. 23x 8,5 cm. 18 x 4,5 em. 6 lines. Miniatures of figures of the
Vajrayana pantheon on 4, 14, 16, 58 (front) and 19, 23, 33, 39, 47 (back). Nepliakara. Sanskrit and
Nevan, the Aryavalokitesvarastotra by Carapati being paraphrased in Nevari. Undated. Written by
Vajracarya Dharmadhara of Makhanabahlia.
[Stotrasa'1graha]. Incomplete.
Beg. (front): . , . Ie mahatant(r)ayacasmin sa praglyate I mahabaj(r)adhara hrtarameya[r]mantra
dharibhi I aharcana dharayiyamy iniyanal) ca drdhasaye I yatha bhavamy ahal)1 natha saval)1sal)1
buddhaguhyadrn I prakasayiya sa(t)tvanal)1 yathasaya viseata(i) I asekhaklesanasaya[i)] trasaa
jfanahanaya I eval)1 madhyaya guhyando vaj(r)apani tathagatal)1 I krtal)1jalipu\o bhitva pradva
kayast(h)ito 'grata II adhyaal)a gatha odasa 11 16 1/ atha sakyamul)i bhagavan sal1buddho dvipadot
toma I ninay[y]acetasthital)1 svajikasv amukhadhrtal)1 I smita sadarsya 10kana[l)1]m apayatra yaso
dhane I trailokyabhasakaral)ai) catumararisasana I trilokam[ a] pirayantya brahma madhuraya gira I
pratyabhaata guhyan dal)1bapali1 mahavara I
End (back): . . . kalisarpakipitana nepalabhujalathala 2 dharmamana mal1jusnna chedit3l)1 bhi
mi thapita II 10 II ghoirayana agribuvasitatal)1 sugatesvaral)1 2 buddhadharmahiubha sarv[v]adui
khavinasanal)1 II 11 II kim ite asthahakasa dalidradui)khakatanal)1 2 dharmaramalaharaya utsital)1
pradeyakal)1ja II 2 II sucandra acitavata kil)1 puna(i) ki(l)1) pharaphalal)1 2 a[d]dharcaityesubhakani
sarv[v]a1akmlsal)1prapadal)1 II 13 II me ajani cittabh(r)anti sarv[vladui)khakakamital)1 2 tva(l)1)
bhaktana phalaprapta sarv[vlakaryasi(d)dhip(r)adal)1 II 14 II tval)1 saral)ya jayakali ragadvakhavina
san3l1 2 jena jena sumaranya subhakrt[tlisal)1prapada.
Colophon (fol. 63 front): danapati tal)1racheya sionamana2 dharm[mladhatuya tutraga[*hi coko
phala raya nimi[rlttina onao cocakal)1 dayaka juro. samba[slta 817 maghasuddhi 6 sast(am)ikuhnu
namasal)1gltipramukhana sakala tutraga[l!ha sal)1pifl)[llla coya dhunakal)1 biya sionimajuyata2 juIo
likhita[yall)1 makhanabihalaya dharm[mladhatusyavita santipulival)1sabhava sribajracary[yla
dharm[m]adharana likhita . . . subha(m).
This is an incomplete ms. written in very corrupt Sanskrit. I also contains some caryagltis.
I For dtai'.
2 For sivao.
Us. or. 4321.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 50; last fol. slightly damaged; beginning fols. missing. 22 x 9 cm. 16,5 x 5
cm. 5 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevan. Undated.
Nr. 181-182
[Stotrasa/grahaj. Incomplete.
Beg. (front folio): . . . sal)!khedam ayal)!t[rji putre krodhal)! dhatte pitapi pratidivasam asatprar
thanasu prayukta(i). tyatra[ l)!j t( r )ailokyaba(l)! )chii vipulapha1amahiikalpavrkagravalli sarv[ v je
bhyo tlrthyata(r)thiil visrjasi na ca te vikrlya jatu kecit II 5 II he janan1. gvahma sal)!sarasa mama thil)!
taodhana SUl)! ra duo athil)!hma mamanal)! chul)! ra sio balakhasa khvayuo. chiina dhiilasa. dudu
tvaneya karal)a oyake julasana mamayal)! karul)a ra dao. hanal)! hnihnichiya phonaona kala mnao
taiasal)! athil)lhma kayaya uparasa babuna kroQhana nvayuo. he mama. chalapola svargamadhye
patiHaya icchii yanao tayahma. gathe dhiilasa. bistaral)a phala biyao kalpabrkasimaya thyal)! oya
nal)! milakaca chalapola. hanal)! suyata julasanal)! guguli bastuka phona uguli bastuka biyao bi
jyakahma. hanal! ra du biya ra khu dhaka dhayagu bacana chalapolaya gva belasal)! ra du II 5 II
End (back folio 24- 25): tapasi tirthika pratyakabuddha j(y)otika pal)Qita nrpati mantri mahiijana
guhasthi2 gramabiSi nagarabisi parb[b jatabasi nana loka dakvasiyal)! thao 2 suddha bhiiba tayao
pal)!copacarapuja kvanao sumeruparb[bjat(a)sa jusal! srlsakyasil)!ha bhagabanaya sabhiimalQalasa
dharm[mjayagu kha-ajfidayakugu iane ka dhaka icchya yanao jhigu disanal)! samastal)! dasadig[aj
lokapala pramukhal)! svargamadhyapatalasa coia debalokanal)! manuyalokanal)! saka(la)lokapani
sena lata hiijalapao prthvimal)Qalasa mahiidullabha juya COl)!gu athil)!gu mahiiyanasutrayagu kha
jusal)! drta(n)tal)! iane ka dhaka bhiilapao srlsakyasiIpha bhagabanaya vara svayao lokanal)! na
maskala yatal)!.
An anthology of Buddhist songs with a prose paraphrase in Nevarl.
1 For 'bhyarthitarthd.
2 For grhathi (Skt. grhastha).
182 Us. or. 60.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 22. 15,7 x 7,8 cm. 12,5 x 5,5 cm. 6 to 7 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit,
verse. Undated.
[Stotrasa/graha j. Incomplete.
Beg.: Ol)! nama(i)) srlSiddhilakml namai II ol)!kararupal)! himasubhradehiil)! pal)!cananal)! pal)!
cadasayatakil)! II virajamanal)! dasabhil) karabjaii srlsiddhilakmil)! pral)amami nityal)! II 1 II hrll)!
bijaripai(r) janahrtsusal)!sthiim anandarupais ca nivasayanti(l)!) vicitraratnabharal)abhiramal)! II 2 II
hUl)!karanad ahatadaityadarp[pjal)! brahmendracuQamalighrtaviii(l)!) II rudral)!gasal)!sthii(l)!) ra
malIyaveal)! II 11 II 3 II hii visvadhiitrl(l)!) trigu[l)!jnatmaripal)! srtisthitipratyavaradhahetul)! II
jyotirmayIn dinadayardracittal)! 11 II 4 II phel)!kararavaii samare surarln vidarayal)!tim atibhlmari
pal)! II sahasrabalark[kjasamaprakasal)! II 11 11 5 II kol)! kobhayal)!ti(l)!) suradaityamartyan nagen
drakanyal)! navayauvani[djdhyal)! II khaQgiiisastrair atidlpyamanil)! 11 11 6 11
End: joganandakari ripukayakarl dharm[mjakanit(h)akarl candrirk[kjonalabhiinanakall trailo
kye rakikarl saC r )v[ v jaisvary[y jakarl tapaiphalakall kiSipuriihisvarl bhikal)! II 3 II kailasoparakan
d[rjarl lavanakan gaurl umasal)!karl kaumarl nigamarthe gocalakall ol)!karavldyakall mokal)! dva
rakapatapananakarl kasipulidhisvarl bhika(m) II 4 II drsyidrsyavibhitapavanakarl brahmal)Qa
bhil)Qodarl ll1anatakasatatranakarl vijfanadlpal)!karl srlvisvasamanaprabodhitakarl kiSipuliihisva
rl bhikam II 5 II gurv[vjasarv[vjajane . . .
Colophons: iti navikanstotral)! samiptal)! II
iti srljyotisinandastava(i) samapta[l)!j(i) II subhal)! II
Nr. 182-183
iti snbhagavatipadya[q]pupaijali(l)) samapta[q](I)) II subham astu sarv[v]ada II nama! sn-3-anna
pfrI)[I)]adevyai namal (thereafter an incomplete stotra to AnnapffIa).
Remarks: An anthology of hymns containing stotras addressed to Siddhilakmi, Tripurasundan,
Bhagavati and AnnapffIa.
183 Hs. or. 8188.
Paper. Fold-book in a paper-case coated with cloth. Fols. 58. 17,5 x 8,5 cm. 14 x 5,5 cm. 6 lines.
Devanagan. Sanskrit verse. Undated.
[Stotrasafraha]. Incomplete.
Beg. : . . . namo namal II buddhavaca namas te '(s)tu buddhabhiva namo nama! II 3 II abhavad
bhava1 namas te '(s)tu namas te buddhasaqbhava I gagaIodbhava namas tubhyaq namas te jiina
saqbhava II 4 II mayajila namas tubhyaq namas te buddhanataka II namas te sarvasa(t)tvebhya
jiinakaya namo 'stu te II 5 II iti paqcatathagatajianastutigathi(l) paqca II 5 II Oq sarvadharm
[m]abhavasvabhivavisuddhavajra a a aq a II prakrtiparisuddhil sarvadharmil) II ya4utasarvata
thigatajii nakaya maqjusnparisuddhi tam upadayeti II a a sarvatathigatahrdaya hara hara Oq hfq
hnq bhagavan jii namfrt[t]i vagisvara mahivaca sarvadharmagaganamalasupari [II] suddha
dharmadhitfi(jii na)garbha al. mantravinyasal II atha vajradhara(l) snman hrtatutakrtaijalil II
praIamya nathaq saqbuddhaq bhagavaqtaq tathigataq II .. II anyais ca bahuvidhair nathai(r)
guhyaqdrai(r) vajrapanibhil II sa sar[d]dhaq krodharajaI)ai(l) provacoccair idaq vacal 11 2 11
End: bodhisa(t)tvo mahasa(t)tvo lokatlto maharddhikal I prajii paramitanithal prajiata(t)
tvatvam agata!) II 2 II atmavit paravit sarval sarvadyo hy agrapudgalal II sarvopamam atikranto
jieyo jii nadhipa!) para! II 13 II dharmadanapatisretha(s) caturmudrarthadesakal II pary[y]upasya
tamo jagataq niryaI)atrayayayinaq II 14 II paramarthavisuddhasn(s) trailokyasubhago mahin II
sarvasaqpatkaral snman maqjusrll snmataq varal II 15 II krtyanusthinajiinagathi(l) paqcada
sa[l] II 15 II
iti paqcatathigatajii nastutigathi(l) paqca.
iti upasaqhiragathi(l) paqca.
iti srlmadary[y]avalokitesvarabhaHarakasya snbaqdhudattacary[y]akrtaq karuI)astavaq samaptaq.
iti snpaqcabuddhabhaHarakasya vaglsvarastavastotraq samaptam.
iti atpadlyastotraq samaptaq.
iti snbuddhabhattarakasya vilidhanakrtaq buddhadharmasaqghastotraq samaptam.
iti srlmadary[y]avalokitesvarabhaHarakasya katikarastavastotraq samaptam.
iti sn-aryavalokitesvarabhattarakasya carapatipadaviracitaq stotraq samaptam.
iti snmadaryavalokitesvarabhattarakasya caqdrakaQtabhikuI)IstavastotraQ samaptaQ.
iti srlmadary[y]avalokitesvarabhaHarakasya naradharastotraq samaptam.
iti snsvayambhupuraIo( d)dhrtaguhyakillstotraQ samiptaQ.
iti snmadirY[Y]ivalokitesvarabhattarakasya narendradeva-bhfpatikrtaq rfipastavastotraq samap
iti snbuddhabhattarakasya haradeva-bhfpativiracitaq suprabhitastotraq samaptam.
adhyeaIajian. gathi(l) odasa[l].
prativacana. gathi(l) at.
Nr. 183-185
a!kuUivalokana. glUhii dye.
mayajalabhisal)1bodhikrama. gathii(s) tisra!.
vajradhiitumahimatgala. gathii(s) caturd[d]asa[!].
suvisuddhadharmadhiitu jfanastuti. gathii(!) piionapal)1cavil)1sati(!}).
iiarsanajfana. gathii(!}) pidonasar[d]dhal)1 dasa.
pratyavek$atijfiina. githii dvicatviril)1sat[a].
samatijfana. gathii(s) caturvil)1sati(!}).
krtyanu$!hiinajfiana. gathii(!) pal)lcadasa.
A collection of various Buddhist stotras beginning with the Paficatathigatajfinastutigithis, the
Upasa1hiragithis and the KrtinWithinajfiinagithis of the (Mafijuirl)nimasa/glti.
1 For abhavoc.
Hs. or. 6475.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 58, partly damaged at the borders or corners. 22 x 18 cm. 17,2 x 14cm.
12 to 13 lines. Nepalikara. Old Hindi and NevarL Undated.
[Bhajanamili] .
Beg. (fol. 2 front): ahnara raga II pratila II dolata gal)1gitaral)1gi sumari bhiio II dhruo II ura gaura
sa para tilaka candrakali II bhasamalepana saba al)1gi 11 1 II chiraki chakita chabi nira$i hota saba II
nrpati bhiiba saba ral)1gi 11 2 1/ 1 II ahnara raga II cautala II mahadeba mahesvara ja!iyukta sira dhare
gal)1ga II dhruo II kara trisura dam[b]aru gale mundamila pirabati a[0]r[a]dhal)1ga
II 1 11 2 11 ahnari
raga II bal)1dhitala II deba mahesa sesabesa gal)1gamaku!a ja!i dhire ar[d]dhacandra siba II dhruo II
pal)lcamukha pal)1ca tina nayanana lile lale II gauri biraje Mme ardhanari nace II 1 Ilbhujal)1gabhia
na bhiibe muttgamala nilakal)1!ha II baghachiila ohre bhiil)1ga dhatura capaoya II 2 II gam[b]ari
trisula sari khatvil)1ga kharp[p]arabara II
End: kamalanayana bisala sUl)1dara snpati garugasanal)1 II 1 II molamakuta sira makarakuttgala
al)1ga sobhita bhiattal)1 II 2 II caratapal)1kaja karata seoka mohi anatha niral)ljanal)1 II 3 II 9 II raga
lalita II pra II dekho bidura jori prabhu tero bani II lala java java chiitiyi me darada aoti nabi haya
prabhu tero badi II 1 II raga [raga] II balali II ca II he mana pasupati bhaja tripurari II dhruo II
pal)1cabadana chabi netragni sasirabi bhabyasarupa hitakiri II 1 II ja!a makuta sira ca[m]ndra
ja[l)1]hnabidhara raktal1bara jina dhari II 2 II brabhapretasana mu(n)d[r]abhibhiiana trisura al)1ku
sa juddhakari 11 3 II marja!i harihara deba munisvara jagaji ana bhaba tari II 4 II bhajati hi satvara
dehi pada . . . sarata . . . pala uddhirl II 5 II
1 For ardhinga (?).
Hs. or. 6409.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 49, partly damaged by long handling. 28,5 x 13 cm. 23 x 9 cm. 7 lines.
Nepalakara. Nevarl and Old Hindi, verse. Undated.
Nr. 185-186
[Bhajanival]. Incomplete.
Beg. : raga gauri II vantha II chi guna hlaya ra phaya. khvala una mahesvala. silasa candrama taya
molamala galasa kva khaya 2 kvati 2 . . . la osahmaya bhayalj1kala ripa thvala oya II helamani
manikaya . . . kesa thusa taya. hnasasa kUala jula biya 2. mutiya harana tiya kesa . . . tilaya rupa
jabhitana jasabi II hatatana hnelaya sabadana . . . bise jula paka bariya 2 deo muni svargaya bhagati
na . . . jananiya . . . II jana si . . II . . salj1sala . . . thva sarira kocarayamaya yana guni hnasa chi sina . . .
robha maya mohasa rukuni phise kilata ciMo tara rana II . . . yana papana puna thugu du(1t )kha
dayibana bharape ra phuta. thva dhalj1dhana 2 . . . chi dhaka coM cherikvasa bisa phola. thva jiona
chu sua ra khala II . " gana cone gal)a ji a[rd]dha(r)mi mvana cola taya ra te china jita vala II
End: syao! kara 2 para utara gayi muruamagake2 khevare bande II 1 II name re bhagatana na
gurupija alj1takara ja paritare bande II 2 II raga II cau II japa galanayaka malgala gaya 2 II bhakta
bhaktijana karata baana II dhruo II jagamaga jotika puraki biti sa(lj1ha dhunikara cavala dolaya 11 1
II brahma bilu siba to he galapati agya janike karata badhanuhi II 2 II tala tambora mrdalga bajaya
tumali arati hamane kare II 3 II he nrpa sngirbana yuddhabikrama saha. jagabharirajatirak[h]a bara
de II 4 II
A text-book for bhajan-singers. The ms. contains songs usually sung in groups in front of a temple
in the morning or evening. Most of the songs are praises or hymns (bhajan) to deities. The last song
mentions Girvana Yuddha Vikrama Saha (1799-1816 A.D.).
1 For seb.
2 For mtrkhamirga" (?).
186 Hs. or. 6417.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 19. 30 x 11,5 cm. 24,5 x 8 cm. 7-10 lines. Nepalakara. Old HindI and
Nevan. Undated.
[Bhajanival]. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . ekasara sural)ara sabaka-adharell 1 Il hemapa!j1kajatulabadana tuhmaya malimaya gala
para hare 11 2 11 bedab[e]yapini agamabaane keo nahi tuo bidhi jane II 3 II surapati digapati karata
dh[e]yane ralajita gUl)a bhane II 4 II me pu 27 II bhairava padayugama II laiitabhairabi II co II murati
kirati deba !banana sahayana II dhruo II hiaoyahma bitidebi haral)a juyana lokapaicasamihana
sahuti yalana 11 1 II dhatuna thala balunasila sobhamana sarikasundari yana kiseta bina II 2 II java la
saphuli du lasikala dhyana kolataka jose cola karal)a sujii na II 3 II thvahmaya pratitha yata bidhina
bidhana ahuti biyava yajia yaka balidana II 4 II aneka karm[m]ayata ihi idipana ralajita nrpatina
pitala bakhana II 5 II me pu 27 II 28 II
End: saral1g1 pal1cama II co II jaya 2 bhabini jaya karo ral)i arati gaya maya jani ajani II dhruo II i
bhava athira salj1sara mayamoha teji jaya kaise para tohara bhaba bhagati nahi jani u( d)dhara hoyi
kaise hamara rani I jibana cala ati hoyi kaise gati sarala rai maya he bhabini II 1 II suta nita dhana
kala kama krodha robha mohakaya base saba narajana yaha maya teji maya aja avaya kaise
dharama kiya nahi mae dhana tribhubanamata sabasukhadata tohe janani tohe bhabini II 2 II carala
sarala deha jagtamata tohe kahe ralabahadura biraraja apana bika jani kusalakaya aja rai haya ra
mora baQe kaja I tohe niraijana debi tohe nira[lj1Jkara rani tohe svastesvari sakalabhabini II 3 II
Nr. 186188
dhruO II amarakha mo II bhupali II pra II jaya jaga(t)tariuI 2 kamaha bhabinl manoratha pura karo
maya brahmayali II dhruo II snjanani tannl 2 salllkastatanni II dhruo II ala . . .
An anthology of religious hymns. The first song mentions King Ralajita Malia (1722-1769) of
Bhaktapur, the last song King RaIa Bahidura Saha (1777-1799).
187 Hs. or. 621.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 31. 21,2 x 10,2 em. 15,5 x 5,5 em. Nepalakara. Old Bengali I Maithill
and Nevan, verse. Dated N.E. 933.
[Gltasargraha ].
Beg.: kihelone ra II ballidi rage II co II kimati bolaya balllse II dhruo II suni re akulamane gela
nidadare gurujana jagite na parabati pure II 1 II dibasa dekhila ami patha upabane saghana jarada
ehabi kamalanayane II 2 II raj ani ra kiya mana bhaya atibhale bikala holo nere II 3 II nrpila pati
bhipatindramalla bhane gamana kariya tu milava ekhane II 4 II me pu 51 II gora II godagiri II ekatari
gvala II moheta mani magama upajata rasa geyala kiralera bikala parakase II 1 II sumeru bhramane
jora ahani sribhige earalakamalatala mana mora lage II 2 II bu(d)dhajana jana japanatikara eti klla
karulanidhina tumi kara pratipile II 3 II nrpa jaga(j)joti kaha ehi mayajale raga godagiri na gabe
ekatale II 4 II me pu 52 II
End: nana bhichya biyao manukana pujita I bhull tiI tilll data he ta ke ta kya ta bhayirabel 11211
hlalu bhipatimaraya jagata jio natha idiya atarate bhuban(a)ya natha natha natha bhumiraba II II
raga baradi II jagananatha je galapati pasati yaya hnapa mane e jepani seoka sise china ara II 1 II
nathe soli bihune nanana si(d)dhi phonya II siba he II hlira r<najitasana e i(n)drajatra io pada laya
ide II 2 II binodana suya desa hira thiya thaya siba he II basalllta II na II dhaliku jona vana java nakta
ju khana suna u khunu khaia rasana danasa khiea na bona 00 the khaM II II pili tahika souaya tvaka
kokha nasvaka masira raka raehina rake 2 ova jio jaka ama ji thika soya ra gaka II 1 II manikamala
hmasa apara lupa nihira asti te jala gopio khyira ya hiku supayana daya kaya I gathina ehiya hiya 2
jina I nvatake ehi atina bila gvapara 11 2 11 kesali gaya ba(lll)sa dulaya onio a ehu hlaya II 3 II 00
samana savaravana hmosakhipana osaya svina I ba(lll)sa paya . . .
On the font leaf: sambat 933 eaitrasudi 8 roja 5. subha(m).
A handbook for singers containing songs and hymns in Old BengaliIMaithill and Nevan.
1 For bhairabe.
Hs. or. 637.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 66. 27,5 x 11 em. 22,5 x 6,5 em. 6 lines. Nepalakara. Nevan, Old HindI I
Maithill I Bengali. Dated N.E. 942. Written by Dhanavanta. Owner: Dhanta Narayala1
[Gltasalraha ].
Beg.: Oll nama(l sngalesaya nama(l) II ramakali II jaya debadebl jogani[n]dra jotirupa jora
makhl sakala a[t]isurasal!lhara sallkara debagala saba kiya sukhl II dhruo II jaya jagadalllba asvike
Nr. 188-189
nija bhakta abhimatadayani kalika karakharg[g]a kha[r]para danuja svanitapayani 11 1 II sura sasidha
ra srabanandala sihajani trisurili mundamala [sa]kamtha sobhita adikarana sidhani II 2 II ta(t)tvata
nrpasimha jhapayo jnanaripaharahani tohe deta kauna bilambha dhanajana paramapada parames
van II 3 II gora II korava rage II ganapati mana gUl)i bhajilo caral)e II sura muni jatajana tohare saral)e
11 1 II kapolajagalamadhe bhamala susohe gajanana prabhu tva he tribhubanamohe II 2 II mod[r]aka
amkusa pasa japamala kare bighiniharale umi deho moke bane II 3 II nrpa jaga(j)joti [til kaha ehi
anumane raga korama gabe ehi jati mane II 4 II korava II cali II pra II
End: saramga raga II co II ananda rakha mohi tohe bilakumari II dhruo II tohara krpa mohe
abhima[mJntapura bala deha bhayamkara dira II 1 II sutari khemiya aparadha jahi thame hama sao
janu tohe bime II 2 II tohara bhajana bidhi kichuo na janihe anugata rakha bhabini II 3 II dhana ragva
saba bidhi kara tuva bhabe ranajita tuva guna gabe II 4 II kaphi raga II kha II jaya jaya bighamati
lokaya gati atina sati sund[r]ara ati II dhruo II tithasa mira sr1samkhamila parabata bura sibaya kula
la(m)khaya hUla ra du ja thura 0 tu jii ia ananda julo II 1 II begana hnyaka gana ra thaka parabista
yaka . . nana laka 0 chahma jaka bhagati 0 jaka satura chaka suna ra jnaka II 3 II osaya dhyana yao
nanana nama kayana ati svahana osa siona layo ja gyinaprada cinana dhijaya bana II 3 II mugutiya
una thiya ja cola oya ti guna meba ra du[na] daitya nayana daha the thuna sr1krl)ajuna china
prabhuna II 4 II me pu 124 II
Colophon: sal)lbata 942 nastasuklaya ekadasi khuhnu thva saphu si(d)dhuka julo II likhiti dhana
vanta II dhanta naral)lya saphu julo II su(d)dhal)l va [a]su(d)dhal)l va mama dokha na diyate II
subham astu II
A collection of 124 hymns. The first song mentions King Jagajjyotir Malia (1614-1637) of Bhak
tapur. The serial number and the beginnings (or ragas) of the songs are indicated in the left margin.
1 = Naraq.
Hs. or. 6476.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 22, damaged. 26,7 x 12 cm. 20,5 x S cm. 7-S lines. Devanagari. Nevan
and Sanskrit, verse. Undated.
[Gltasal?graha]. Incomplete.
Beg.: dhanasa mana tasya dharama ra dhisya dharalapu papasariranal)l II 2 II vane talo jhijhi onio
jamapura oyao buya siya malanal)l II juyao cona ana jamaya sasana jarmal)a1 dua sila ohmanal)l II 3
II kalisa janama kapata papamana kathina gati laya lokanal)l II thUliya hunina thuguli janamasa
thunaka harinama kaona II 4 II manuejanama ra date sadana manana gathe ra silanal)l II sujana
subaca sumati manena sukhasa papa bhoga yalana II 5 II kusal)lgasal)gana kubu( d)dhi papamana
kugati kulanasa julanal)l II dayao dhana chaya dasyana dana ra du daridra juyi Iithu janamasa II 6 II
ra ate thva sarira ra khate tiri dhana ra khate putra parijananal)l II thamana yaM juko thavata
dayio thamana danapunya malana II 7 II bala tha dao dhaka bala ra duhma jana balana dua bisya
sananal)l II parayata du(l))kha biya parama papa laka paraloka narakasa onina II S II
End (4th line) II nal)lqi milava II tha pra qha pra II pralayapayodhijare dhrtavan asi vedal)l
vihitabahitracaritram akhedam II kesava dl)rtaminasanlal)l jaya jagadisa hare II dhruo II kitirativipu
ratale tava tithat\ prthe dharalidharanakil)acakragarilhe II kesava dhrtaka( c )chaparipal)l jaya
jagadisa hare II 2 II vasati dasanasi(kha)re dharal)i tava lagna sasini kalal)lkakaleva Iimagna2 II kesava
Nr. 189-191
dhrtasikararpa[!p.] jaya jagad!sa hare II 3 II tava kalakamalevale naam adbhuta(sr!.)ga!p. dalitahi
ranyakasiputanubhr!ga!p II kesava dhrtanara(hariripa) jaya jagad!sa hare II 4 II chalayasi vikrama
ne bali . . . padanaanIrajanitajanapavana II kesava dhrtavama(naripa) jaya jagad!sa hare II 5 II
katriyarudhiramaya jagadapagatapapa!p. . . . payasi samitabhavatapa!p II kesava dhrtabhrgupati-
(rpa) (jaya jagad!sa hare) II 6 II vitalesi . . .
A collection of religious songs and hymns, the last stotra being the famous a!apadl fom Jayade
va's G!tagovinda: pralayapayodhijale, etc.
1 For janmana.
2 For nt.
Hs. or. 67.
For a description of the ms. see No. 199.
(2) [Stotrasal(graha]. Incomplete.
Beg. : I asavari II pra II avadhi so jog! guru mera aisi pada k! karaya nibera II dhruo II taru de . . . ka
mura binu thidhe binu phile phala raga, sakhyapatra kachu nahi biko astagana khagaja II taruvara
ekapa!pi dunu baithe eka guru eka cera, cela cuni cuni saba juga khayo baithe guru akera II paga
binu nacata te binu tU!pbi binu jihva binu gavaya giva n!hira Ji pa na dekhi, sata guru hoya sva
dekha II gagaIamaI4aramahe amrtakiva tahi nila!pjanabasa, sagula hoya to bhan bharl p!vaya,
nigu rajayapi asa II basti me si[!p.]nya sinyama basti agama agocara aisa, gaganamaI4aramaya
biraa kheraya rpa vaf[I]a kaha kaisa II dharati guphi akisa mekhari asana sU[!]nya biraje,
kanakadatta manikamudra anahada sitpgi bajavaya II . . . kahata kav!ra vicaU aparamapara parama
piluottamamiratl ki ka balihiri II 25 II
End: tau nad! basa gyara jamunat!ra II tare lekha jada krI.1a snana bihara jasoda taruna . . II raga
vasanta II kha II lakha kara vana thama bidhalapa svase cona nana maudha kanhi ke nama II he pasa
si jara vavo khana syama II dhruo II hmukhipaya svanana hnasasa kUI4araluna su day!va osathlna
khvara1 II niravanahmasa eyava dhvavati osa athena re ko khi vanamara II rasikalana purabisa
kadu!basimaya kosa dhaylraja yay!va sunana II thugurlya dhuka sana thaniya cahnasa hmana osava
rasala!pgabhiba II 0 bhibana p!da bira nugara hitu hiye ruma!luma! kama at! java II srlnivas(a)ya
sivakana hlara sapanaya khaja . . .
A collection of religious songs in Old Hindi, MaithilI and Nevarl. Te first song is ascribed to
Kab!r, the last mentions King Snnivasa Malla (1661-84) of Patan.
1 For khvia.
Is. or. 6474.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 41; partly damaged. 28,7 x 12,5 cm. 23 x 8 cm. Nepalakara. Old Hind!
and Nevin. Undated.
[Stotrasallgraha] . Incomplete.
Beg. (fol. 1 back): rama binu haribhakti mukti kehu kaise jl dhiga jibana haya syama kahata II 1 II
bedapaddhi pa . . . tathi . . ji kahe narapati sva li jhiya sabara rikara kara paraba bhulava jit! . .
Nr. 191-192
mrda(m)ga bajaya II 2 II yatana bacana suni harina(m) kusa kvapa ji badhe khambala giy! kadhe
kharga siraii para tM dhe ji aba kahu rama kaM II 3 II andharayita sujhana hito kaji ghate ghate
byapita rama mohi me tohi me kharg[gla khamba ra ji aba kaune samMra II 4 II narasi(m)haripa . . .
hari taba hi ji nikase amba pMre harina(m) kusa nakha odra viraje surako svami saMya II 5 II raga
kaphi II a II ganapati sarala chi pall re II dhru' II khvala kisiya the hnasapata sana uthe sogola mia
palepati the galasa kvakhase tala naga jona vana the II 1 II matuka 100 ali thunao taya koti siry[yla
tva joti the raka chi candrama saa teja jula uti the II 2 II p(a)rasu modaka patramila dha(ra)lapu
peka laMtina re tuyiva damna uti madu bana oti II 3 II hiakahmaya gati gal)esa siddhipati nehune
sahasra binati re phutakiva papamati bihune chi sarana II 4 II
End: raga bhiprasa II co II gvabindasiromani sakhi he sundarasironidana II dhru' II karunamaya
ka(m)sasurakhandini kesipaka sira sva(b)ha karja lalitamukha kamakotichabi dekhata trlbhibana
mohe II 1 II nilapitakalasyama kalyabala sankhacakra giridMri II dasarathananadana daityavikhanda
na badana jagatanidana II 2 II se uyi se sarahata kamaJasanapati gIrlrajakumari II diM cala dulkha
mocani mona kathaka kahata pukale II 3 II abudha eka re ripa brahma dina unake si beMri II
pamkajacaranana unaka basa paii nabhe uparari II 4 II bhrgu sibi sani nisakare thva . . gaota subhaya
bicari II panatipa . . calacala . . . kathaka kahata pukare II 6 II II raga jajati II co II nda II nandadvara
yaka joga ayu sigi . . . ta sasibadana sva(b )Mya arunana chabicMya 11 1 II . . . manate nahi hara laya II
Iiya ho utM go . . . samkara nama bataya II . . jaya jaya samkara jaya tripurari jaya . . .
Hs. or. 678.
For a description of the manuscript see No. 157.
(2) [Stotraalgrahal.
Beg.: Om namo sarasvati nama II prathamam bharati nama dvitlyafi ca sarasvati I trtlyam sarada
devi caturtham hamsagamini II pafcamam yugaviyata atha vagesvad tatM I kaumad saptamam
prokta atamam brahmalasuta II navamam vindumal mata dasamam brahmacarini I ekidasam
bhaved vani dvidasam varadaya2 ca II eta dvidasa namani pratar u(t)tMya yat pathet bhave[rlt tasya
subham. bhuyat[al tasyam devya prasidata II . . . saradadevi dvadasanama[mlstotram samaptam II
End: durj [jlodhana uvaca II nit yam srlvijayo nit yam nit yam kalyanamamgalam yeam hrdistho
bhagavan mamgalayatano hari II 20 II gamdMryovaca3 II labhas team kulas team parajaya(l) I
yea[mlm ind[rlivalasyame hrdayastho janard(dlana(l) 11 21 II sdknla uvaca II knla krl)ati4 krl)a
ti4 yo mam smarati nityasa I jalam bhi . . . tM padme narakid u( d)dharamy aham II 22 II idam
pavitram ayu . . . l)yam papaprasasanam5 dul.tsvapnanasanastotram pal)Qavai(l) parikilpitam6 II 23 II
yat pathet p(r)atar uttMya[ml sucita[rlgatamanasa I gavam satasahasrasya sampadatusyar yat pha
lam II 24 II tat phalam samavapnoti yat pathed iti samtatam II sarv[vlapape pramucyate viIulokam sa
gaccati II 25 II iti srlpalQavagltastotra(m) samapta(m) II 7 II subha(m) II
A collection of stotras ending with the Pil4avagltistotra.
1 For vindhyavisinl
2 For varadiyinl.
3 For rya uvica,
4 For krsneti.
s For p;lao.
6 For parikirtita1.
Nr. 193-194
13 Us. or. 679.
For a description of the ms. see No. 57.
(2) Stotrasalgraha. Incomplete.
Beg.: gnrubhyo nama! II gal)apataya nama! II sns!taliievataya nama! II sltalaya japa II yelll hrllll
shale visphotakan nasaya nasaya viadihalll samaya samaya krta krta chedaya chedaya s!tale hnll
sviba II sUhh(a)m II sra! astraya phat 12 II Olll 12 hnlll 10 srilll 16 II sra! astraya phat 4 sralll
gutbabhyalll nama! II snlll tarja'. srilll madhya' II srailll ana' II sraulll kani' II sra! kara' il
sralll hrdayaya nama! II sri sira' II srilll slkha' II sraill kava' II sraullnetra' il sra! astraya phat II
srlgurugalesaya nama! II sris!taliievyai nama!) II skanda uvaca II bhagavana devadevesa s!taHiya(!)
stavalll. subhalll I vaktum arhasy aseena visphotakabhayapahalll II sri-lsvara uvaca II Olll asya
srlsitaliievya! stotramallltrasya srl-lsvara ri anutub(ha) chanda srl-s!taliievata s!talopasallltyarthe
jape vinijoga! II dhyayahalll sltaliievilll rasabhastha(lll) digalllbaralll II marjanikalasopetalll sirya
lalllkrtamastakalll II vande 'hall sitalil!l dev11ll sarv[v]arogabhayapaballl II yam asiiya nivarta[lll]te
visphotakabhayalll mahat II s!tale sltale ceti yo bruya( d) dahapiqita! II visphotakabhavodiha!'
chipralll2 tasya vinasyati II
End: ravi mitro budha jiva candra mitro tu bbaskara bhauma mitra guru siry[y]a budha mitra sani
bhrgu jiva mitra kujo iiitya sukra mitra sani budha sani mitra budha sukra mitra graha vicarayata 11 1
II ravi satru sita sauri eandra satruvivarjita bhaumasya budha satruvidhasya eandrama ripu jiva satru
sita sauri sukra satru ravi tatba. sani satru ravi bhauma iti graha bhaveta ripu II 1 II meali bhaume
vra tauri sukre kame juvatya budha indra karke silllghe ca bbanu guru ea . . . mina tula kramata
iiitigraba uea nicoya yadi saptama ( . . . ).
Colophons: iti snskandapurale sltalidevya(!) stotralll Salllpiflalll. subh(a)m. iti srlkarpavrka
stotra(lll) samapta[!](m). subh(a)m. iti snvaravrkastotra(lll) samapta[!](m). (On cover leaf) svasti.
snsakesalllbat 1782 srlvikramasambat 1917 snnepalisallbat 980 miti adhika-asunasudi 15 roja 7
coyagu julo. subh(a)m.
A collection of stotras beginning with the Sltalidevlstotra(mantra) from the Skandapurifla.
1 For Qbhavad.
2 For /t.
For a description of the ms. see No. 86.
(2) Kumirlmahiimiyistavidi.
Us. or. 6388.
Beg.: Olll nao 'stu te mabamaye debatite nirallljane pratyalllgiramabadevi rajalakml namo 'stu
teo aiJ Olll srlkaumandevyai nama! I srlbhairavo (u)vaea. ailll hrill Srl Olll namo 'stu te mahagaun
raktangl raktavasinl I pratar [b]baliniripa ca madhyahne yauvanl smrta 11 1 II sallldhyayall vr[r]ddha
ripa ca jagadvyapi namo 'stu te I kalaratn tvam evasl vil)umiya tvam eva hi II 2 II tvam eva
devlprakrti(r) visvalll vyipya vimohita I sarv[v]atra vyapinl devl paraparanivisinl II 3 II jaganmites
van devl srtisthityantakarill I aqamnayesvarl tvalll hi namas te paramesvan II 4 II
End: OlJl kmtaya namal) II narada uvaca II
vil)ave vilave nityalJl vil)ave vilave namal I
namami vilulJl cittastham ahalJlkaragatalJl harilll l ll
cittastham Isam avyaktam anantalJl aparajitalJl l
vilum ltyamaseal)am aniiinidhanall vibhulJl ll 2 II
vil)u(s) cittagato yan me vil)u buddhi satas svapan I
yathihalJlkarago vilur yo virmayi salJlsthital 11 3 II
hrlkesa hrlkeSa hrlkesa namo 'stu te I
nrsilJlhiinanda govinda bhitabhivana kesava II 4 II
jagannitha jagaddhiimal) papalJl samaya me 'cyuta
brahmal)yadeva govinda paramirthaparayala II 5 II
sanralJl me hrlkeSa pUI<arlkakamanasalJl l
kayena yatkrtalJl papall tat sarv[v]alJl mama midhava 11 6 11
papaprasamanalJ stotralJl yal palhec chrnuyan naral I
Sinrair [m]manasair vacail) krtail:t papail pramucyate II
Colophon: iti papaprasamanalJl vilo(l) stotralJl samaptalJl ll ll snvil)ave namal) II
Nr. 194195
The text contains the Kumirlmahimiyistava and other stotras such as the Pipaprasamanar
VirJo" Stotram.
195 Us. or. 657.
For a description of the ms. see No. 108.
(2) Plthyavatirastotra. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . bhya narayall namo 'stu te II varahl ghoraraktalJlgl raktakesamahodanl dalJllrakarala
gallbhIra barark[k ]atejalocanl II kaparamalika milavicitrapupasobhita I mahamahlasamari<hii
jvalitagnisamaprabhii I mInalJlkusakarttikiiyihariharal)abhiiti I trinetrajvalita dehii duladarp
[p ]avinasinl l jayantiketrasalJlsthiine nimbavrkinuvasinll nagapilhisthiti nityalJl kilaripl namo 'stu
te II
End: yogasalJldehas tatha vIran tat sarv[v]af ca namo 'stu te II ekakiralJl dvikaralJl va trikarall yal
(pa)lhet naral) I satam ava(r)t[t]ayed yas tu p(r)apnoti subham uttamalJl I nasayet sogacinUinil
nasayed vighnadevata I nasayet sakala(lJl) rogin nasayed dul)khabhiigina(lJI) II nasayed bhayada
ridr(y)alJl nasayed ripusa[r]ttamalJl ll nasayet savialJl ghoralJl nasayed abhicarakalJl ll nasayel loka
dve[khani nasayet sarv[v]apatakalJl II ayur arogyam aisvary[y]alJl dhanadhiinyavivar[d]dhal)alJl ll
dharm[m]arthakamamokani jasasaubhiigyam u[r]ttamalJl II rddhisiddhi sriyalJl lakml vi,
dyajfanaS(r)utanvitalJl ll buddhiprajfa sumitralJl ca var[d]dhante ca dine dine nakale maranalJl tasya
cotpit[r]alJl nasa(ye)t sarv[v]ada II sarv[v]aloga2 prasasyanti dlrgham ayu(s) ca labhyate I
Colophon: iti plthyavataral samapta(l)) II
The ms. contains a hymn to Durga. The beginning of it is missing.
1 For soka0,
2 For Q/okil.
Nr. 196197
196 Us. or. 4309.
8 texts: (1) Stotra, (2) Inscription in the Uanuman Qhoka, (3) Stotra, (4) Fragment, (5) Kakapa
rika, (6) Avalokitesvaradhyana, (7) Bo ghasa tayagu pramana, (8) Karul}amayasidhana. (1) Paper.
Bound like a copy-book. 16,5 x 23,5 cm. 18 x 11 cm. 19-20 lines. DevanagarI. Sanskrit, verse.
(1) [Stotra].
Beg. : . . . tryantall kulakache himasakalasilasltale haima(va)tya II ratnadvipaprotolya vipulama
Iiguhigehagarbhe daridralll I nathi krntyapy anathalll bhagavati bhavatilll sarvalokaikadhatrill II 4 II
matapi stanyaheto viruvati bahusal khedam ayati putre kroghall dhatte pitapi . . . vasatprarthana
sutrayuktal I tvalll tu trailokyavalllcha vipula . . . mahakalpavrkagra(va)lli I sarvebhyo 'bhyarthitar
tha visrjasi na ca te vikriya jatu kacit II 5 II
End: sirvajfajfinadipaprakatitasakalajfeyata(t)tvekasaki sakid vetti tvadIyalll gUlagala . . .
sarvavit tatsuto va I yat tu vyidapavakralll balibhujaratitall midrsoraratiti vyapat sa tivradulkha
jvarajanitarujasvetamohasya hetu II 4 II yat me vijfakyamanalll prathamataramadas tvalll viseela
vettri tadvyaharatir ekasramavidhir abudhas tvalll na sallltoahetu I killltu snigdhamyavallldhb viam
iva purato dul1kham udgirya vaca jfatarthamyipi dul1khi hrdayalaghutaya svasthatalll . . . II 35 II
A stotra to Haimavatl, i.e., Parvati (Uma).
197 Us. or. 6466.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 20. 20,6 x 9 em. 16,5 x 5,5 cm. 6 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit verse with
paraphrase in Nevari prose. Undated.
[StotrasaJgraha]. Incomplete.
Beg.: II 1 II lvadangadha yaya ma[lll]ntrana tulasi noya belasalll palape. tulasi chaya belasalll
polape. thva palapava ehalasa lakakoti gena upala pUl}ya Iaiva II patrarajalll harer [n]nitya priya
priyataralll subh3l I munayo si[r]ddhaga(n)[rd]dharv[v]al1 paUle pannagesvaral1 1/12 II paramesva
raya priyabastu tulasIpatra thell mebata ma duo thvatena mUl}isvara siddhigal}a gal lll]ndharb[b]a
nagalokasenalll tuti yatalll II stuvanti sarv[v]adevas ca ki[r]nnaral1 surasa[llr]ttamal1 I krla[r]ngas
vedasallbhutalll samudramathane pura 11 13 II purapurb[b]asa samudramathana yatanasyalll srikr
Iayi calatina jayalapu tulasI deba ki[r]nnara daityapanisyalll stuti yatalll II II tvam u[r]ttama(lll)[r]ga
tulasi vidhrta vil)una svaya(lll) gokulasya ca vrddhyartha(ll) kalllsasya nidhanaya ca II 14 II tulasi
u[r]ttamilllga juva viluna dharalaparalll. thva pUl}yana gokula vrddhi yatall kalllsasura mocakara II
15 II
End: kapilakesI krsodari I krs(l})alllgi bhia[lll]li raudri jihvalalanabhial}i II 2 II mahapretasama
righa bhuja-ati susobhita I asicarmavrta hasta gamarukhatvalllgadharil}i 11 3 II kati kapala hasta ca
varadabhayabhiita I nara[r]earm[m]avrta devi dvIpacarmakatisthita' II 4 II mUllldamaIidhari raudri
call1gibharal}aihiita I haralalllkara pupa ca aliphalgu sada priya II 5 II sahasrasiry[y]asalllkasalll
romakipe pratiprata I jvalamalakulideha tagitkotisamaprabha II 6 II bhitavetaladakinya parivirall
ca rakasi I ekamrake mahaketre asvatthavrkavasini II 7 II Pltha-u(t)tarasa(lll)sthane camu(l)ga)yai
namo 'stu te II iti srikalikalakmimahidevIsaubhagyasurasu[lll]ndari I vaidu(r)y[y]epidukaru<ha sill
hisanasthi judhi II 1 II catu ( . . . )
1 For dvipao.
Ny. 198-199
198 Hs. or. 6393.
Two texts: (1) Gitagovinda and (2) StotrasaI1graha. Paper. Fols. 36, numbered in (1) 8-2, first
fo!' unnumbered. Fo!. 33 damaged, a part of the right side being torn off. 25,2 x 9,8 cm. 21 x 7 cm.
89 lines in (1), 7-8 lines in (2). Nepilikara. (1) Sanskrit; (2) Sanskrt and Hindi. (1) Dated N.E.
802. (1) Written by Daivajia Sivahari, (2) written by several hands.
(1) Jayadeva: Gltagovinda. Incomplete.
Beg.: (sikha)IqisikhaIlqakaqimare II 6 II sarasaghane jaghane mama saI1baradiralabiraIlakaI1-
dare maIlirasanabasanabharalani subba[l)alsaya visaya sundare II 7 II snjayadevavacasi jayade[val
sadayaI1 hrdayaI1 kuru maIqane haricaral)asmaral)imrtakrtakaruajvalasajvalakhaIlqane II 8 II 24 II
racaya kucayo(l)) patraI]1 citraI kuruva kapolayor ghataya jaghane kiIcm aica sraja kavanbha
raI1 kalaya valayasrel)i(I1) pal)au pMe kuru nipurav iti nigadita(l)) pnta(l) pltambaro 'pi tatbakarot
(/) yadgandharv[vlakalasu kausalam anundhyanaI1 ca (ya)dvailavaI1 yac chrtgaravivekata(t)tvam
api yat kavyau IiIayitaI tat sarv[vlaI1 jayadevapa[I]itakave(l) krIIaikatanatmana(l) sananda(l))
parisodhaya[I1lntu sudhiya(l)) srlgltagovindatal) (
End: gltarthaI saIkipyaha I tvai cittena ciraI1 vahann ayam atisranto bhrsan tapital) kandarp
[plena tu patum icchati sudbasambidhabimbidharaI I asyargan tad ara(I1)kuru kal)am iva bhri
kepalakmlIavakrlte da8a ivopasevitapadambhoje ku(ta)l sambhramal II uttaragitasya prasargam
aha I sa sasadhvas[amlanandari govinda lolalocani siicana[mlmaijumaijiraI1 pravivesa niveS(an)aI1
II vallarirage I yatitale I rMba vadanavilokanavikasitavividhavi(ka)ravibharga II jalanidhim iva vi
dhumal)qaladarsanatarayitataratararga(m) II 1 II hanm ekarasaI ciram abhiraitavilasaI1 I sa dadar
sa guruharavasavadavadanam anargavikasaI1 II dhruo II hiram amalatarataram urasi dadhatam
parilambya vidiraI1 sphutataraphenakadambakarambitam iva yamunajalapiram II 2 II
syamalamrdulakalevalamaIlqalam adhigatagauradukilaI nilanalinam iva pitaparagapatalabharava
layitamilaI1 II 3 II taraladrgaicalacalanamanoha(ravadanajanitaratiragam) . . .
Colophon: iti srijayadevakrta[I1lgltagovinde sinandagovindo nama dvadasal) sarg[glal) . sambat
802 marg[glasir()asuklapratipada milanaksatra brhaspativara likhiti daivajia(l) sivahari.
The ms. starts with verse XII, 24, 6ff., but ends with verse XI, 6ff.
199 Hs. or. 67.
2 texts: (1) Gltagovinda and (2) StotrasaI1graha.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 22, damaged. Loss of text, many akaras illegble. 28 x 10,5 cm. 25 x 8
cm. 8 lines. 1 colour illustration on fo!. 1 back. Nepilakara. (1) Sanskrit, (2) Old Hindi, Maithili and
Jayadeva: Glagovinda. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . rMhe grhaI pra(pa)ya I itthaI1 nandanidesatas calitayol) pratyadhvakuIjadrumaI1 . . .
nti yamunakile rahalkelayal) II vagdevaticaritacitritacittasadma . . . (ca)kravart[tli I srlvasudevarati
kelikathasametam etaI1 kaloti jayadevakavil) . . . Ii yadi harismarane sarasaI1 mana yadi vilasakalasu
kutihalaI1 I madhurakomalakantapadavaliI smu tada jayadevasarasvatiI1 II vacal) pa[rlllavayaty
umapatidharal) saI1darbhasuddhiI1 . . . jamite1 jayadeva eva saral)al) sJaghyo durihadrute(l)) I
srrgarottarasatprameyacaraIla . , . (go )var[ dldhanaspar[ dldhi ko 'pi na viSrutal) srutidharo dhoyi
kavil) kmapatil) II
Nr. 199-200
End: II 4 II sphuratu kucakumbhayor upari mal)imal1jarl rafjayatu tava hrdayadesal1 I ( . . . )
rasanapi tava ghanajaghanamal)cale ghoayatu manmathanidesal]1 II 5 II sthalakamalagafjanal]1 ma
ma hrdayarafjanal janitaratiraIgaparabhagal]1 I bhala masul)avali2 karavali pada(paIka)jal]1 sa
rasalasadalaktakaragam II 6 II smaragaralakhal)canal]1 mama sirasi mal)canal]1 dehi padapallavam
udaral]1 II jvalati mayi darul)o (madanakadananalo) haratu tad upihitavikaral]13 II 7 II iti caturacatupa
tuciru muravairil)o radhikam adhi vacanajatal]1 I jayati padmavatiramanajayadevakavibharatibhal)i
tam itl gltal]1 II
Colophon: iti srlgltagovinde maninlvafl)[l]ane caturacaturbhujo hari[n]nayako nama dasamai)
sarg[g]ai II 10 II
1 For janlte.
2 For masrna".
: For upi
Hs. or. 4325.
Paper, with oramental designs around the text in red, blue, black and green. Wooden covers with
painted designs in red (inner side) and green (outer side). 23 X 5 cm. 19,5 X 3 cm. 5 lines. 1 punch
hole in the middle part of the ms. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Old Bengali, with notes in Nevar!'
Cavl1dasa: Nrtapaicamaveda.
Beg.: namai) srlgalesaya. adau devlvandana. tatra gltai). raga korava. ekatara. prathame baldlro
are. nldra ulimati. mora kal]1!he baradebadebi sarasvati II sara bihune maya. na ayise gil. sidi!hane
barade bara huka kirati (dhruO) II debl basarim aya go. bhubane khelai boje II dubaje bal]1de ahme
basali maya. mahisabahana debi malatalal]1bila II satabahani ahme. ekani!a bhayi ahinisi bamde.
ahme basali ayi II uttare masane deb!' miri acche gal]ca. Mme hathe kartti khapra. dahine hathe
khal]1ca II gal]1ca mariya deb!. ge lokabilase basari sire bal]1diya. gayila cal]1didase II
End: nana gal]1dhe al]1ge parimare. heki prane ro ridhika roo hena sabahai ro nisphare. tuhme kai
ro khai kUl]1thagamane. eki prane ro radhika roo tora ana re maitya jiro jibane II thana paramesvara
yiyatana Iasya bacayina upaya yacakava amrtabi!i yaIava ridhika mvacakava II thana ridhika
mvaIava krlayanal]1 badayi yanal]1 paramanal]1da juva II bacayiya sloka II vina candrena raj anI vina
siry[y]ena padmiru vina krlena ridhapi na bibhatlti me mati!) (II) thana bacayina radhika knl)aya1
hastasa samarpana yaIi va rava hlika. bacayi pi hava II thvate anarakhal]1ca samapta II sril]1gara II
dhaniSri II ekatari II sil]1ghajiriya ridhe tora majha ni. badana bimala sasisalojanayani II siselo
sil]1dhura radhe mohi re sal]1sare ura guru base tora pinayobhare2 II rama kadari jlni tora urudese
matal]1gagamani dhani manoharabese.
Colophon: samapta[m] . iti nrtyapal]1camaveda(i). srlvaiku(mha)devasya sarv[v]ada SrlC) bhavatu.
The ms. was written during the time of Queen GaIgadevl and King Trailokya Malia of Bhaktapur
(1561-1613 A. D.) as is expressedly stated on fols. 2 and 33 The names of Arjuna Malla and
Tribhuvana Malla are also given in the eulogy. Another titel of the work is Ridhimidhavanitaka. It
was introduced by Krl)adeva, who was then a distinguished courtier in the royal palace of Bhak
1 For Oya'.
2 For plnapayodharabhire (?).
3 Fol. 2, last line: rijaratnibhyil saha virijamdnd srlrlgaJgidevl jayafi, fol. 3 front, lines 45: . . . trailokyamalo nrpa/,
yudhivijayarjunama/alIJs tribhuvanamali cirar jlyat.
Nr. 201-202
Us. or. 6387.
Fols. 37, numbered. 18,1 x 6,8 em. 15 x 4,5 em. Nepinakara. Sanskrit verse with paraphrase in
Nevarl prose. Dated N.E. 934. Written by Sivanarayal)a of IlaIlltola, Bhaktapur.
Beg. : OIll nama!) srlgalesaya nama! I sripaIllQava uvaea I OIll nama(!) srlnarayal)aya nama!) I OIll
asya srlpal)QavagitayaIll vyadavyasa-rir anutu(p )ehanda srlpara-atmiievata aIllrtabijaIll sarv[v]a
devataprtyarthaIll japaviniyoga 11 1 1/ sukla(Il)ba(ra)dharaIl viI)U(Ill) sasivarl[l)]a(Ill) eaturbhujaIll
pum[n]avaranodhyayo sarv[v]avighnaprasantaya 11 2 II he bitu suklapakaya purl)[l)]acandramaya
teja thuyao cota eaturbahuya sahasrabalabalaIll chalapolaya(ta) namaskala. he srlkrla[ya]. jimi
thasa daya prasa[r]nna juya mala. sarb[b]a bighna moeakao daya-krpa prasa[rjnna juyao bijyiya
mala. thathe dhakaIll dako lokana dako mUlijanana srlkrlaya sabhasa srlkrl)ayi stotra p(r)a(r)
thana yativa namaskara yatava binati yataIll l1 1 11
End: sivaya pathane nityaIll slokar[d]dha(Ill) slokam eva ea I mueyate sarv[v]apapebhyo vilu1o
kaIll sa gaeehati 11 84 11 gvahmasena phatasa sakalyaIll ra phatasa bachi baehi khaIll kaIll1 ra phatasa
ehapu Iipu anaIll oli ra phatasa ehatva batva khanaIl dinapatiIll patha yayuva thvahma[Ill]yata
aghola papi julasaIll papa sakalyaIl phutava bi!)uloka vaniva II II gita gaIllga ea giyatri govindo
garuQadhvaja! I eatuga[Ill]kalasaIllyukta2 puna(r)janma na vidyate II gvahmana gita gaIllga gayatrl
mantrana gobindayike bhakta3 yiyu . . . thvahmaIj1 manuayita puna(r)ja[r]nma mu miIa.
Colophon: iti srlpa!Qavagiti samapta. sal Ill]mbat 934 srava!asuklaya eaturdasi pra pirl)[ I lama
u[r]t(ta)raphilgulinakatra ayuyamin[a]yoga idityabara thva kuhnu pirl)[l)]a yata dina juri. likhi
fa daiba[riJifa sivanaraIll[m]' ilaIltolaya.
1 For kane,
2 For caturgakirao.
For bhakti.
4 = sivanirlyafa.
202 Us. or. 6392.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 29. 27,5 x 11 em. 22,5 x 8 em. 8 to 9 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit verse
with paraphrase in Nevarl prose. ' Dated N.E. 959 and Vikr. E. 1896.
Beg. (fol. 12 front): OIll nama! srlga!)esaya nama(! II srlgurubhyo nama(!) II palQava uvaea I
sUkliIllbaradharaIll vi!UIl sasivarl)[ljaIll eaturbhujaIll prasanno(va)lanadhyiya sarvavighnaprasan
taye II he bilu suklapakaya pur![l)jaeandramiyi teja thulava eotia eatu(r)bihuya s[rjahasrabaraIll
bara ehalapolaya(ta) namaskara. he krla. jimigu thasa dayi prasanna juya mila. sarb[bja bighna
moeakava dayi-krpi prasanna juyava bijyaya mala thathe dhakaIll dako 10kanaIll dako munijana
srlkrl)ayi sabhiisa srlkrlayike stutisa pra(r)thanii namaskira yativa binati yitaIll l1 pandava uviea
11 1 1/ prahladanaradapurasara1 paramabhiigavatinami 11 2 11 thvate bhyara dhunakina I kuruke
trasa prahlada narada dasar(a)tha pundarika byisa saunaka bhimakiiya rumaIllgadarjuna basitha
thvate sakala rimtao eota thasa bhiiratasa sikosena dako sakalasenaIll stuti yaya dhunakio namaska
ra yata binati yataIll.
Nr. 202-203
End (folio 5 f. back): gvahma gvahma manuyana sutha tevala suci yanao palavagita patha yayu
gVahmasya[rp]narp patha yanagu nenio gvahmasyanarp coya tayagu saphu sesa taya tayiva ohma[rp]
seta bidhisaganaJ dolachi sadana yanagu pUlya dava. papa dako phuna vaniva. biluloka vaniva II
86 II tatphalarp mam avapnoti ya pathed iti saptamar sarv[v]apapa pramucyate vilulokarp sa
gacchati II gvahmasanarp tho paldavagita patha yanava bhakta2 yayiva ohmasyata tatkaralarp punya
layuva. papa dako phunao mukta juyao bilulokasar vani II 87 II gita(rp) ya[nna] pathe(n) nityarp
slokirdha(rp) slokam eva ca mucyate sarv[v]apapyabhya vilulokar sa ga(c)chati II gohmasya[r]na
phatasa sakalyarp ra phatasa chapu nepuinarp uli ra phatasa chatva batvainarp dinapratirp patha
yayio thvahma[rp]yata aghora papa julasarp papa sakalyarp phunao biluloka vania 1/ .88 II glta
garpga ca gayatn govi(nda) garudadhvaja catur(g)ikarasarpyukta puna(r)janma na vidyate II gva
hma[rp]na gita garpga gayatnmarptra gobindayake bhakta2 yayu tho p(y)ata bhakta2 yayu
thvahma[rp]saya puna(r)janma mu mala II 89 II
iti srlpaldavagita sampurl[l]a samapta II jadili pulakarp dr()tva tidrli lisita maya. yadi sud
dharp va [m]asu(d)dharp va mama doo na diyate II sa[rp]mbata 1896 sake. nepalasambata 959 miti
bhidrabadi 10 roja 4 siddha jula II
This is followed by a Kilabhairavi!!aka attributed to Sankaracarya.
1 For pariara.
2 For bhakt.
203 Us. or. 6.
2 Texts: (1) paldavaglta and (2) Grhasthapanavidhi.
Paper. Wooden book-covers. Fold-book. Fois. 40. 28 x 11 cm. 23 x 7,5 cm. 8-9 lines. Illustrations
and diagrams. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevan. (1) Dated N.E. 928. (1) Written by Sivanarayala
(1) Pil'tavaglti.
Beg. : om namal srlgalesaya namal II srlpaldava uvaca II orp na(mal) srlnarayanaya namal) Il or
asya srlpaldavagitayarp vyadavyasa-rir anulu(p)cha[rp]nda snpara-atmideva amrtabljarp sarvade
vataprltyartharp japaviniyoga II 1 II sukla(rp)baradhararp vilu(rp) sasivarl[l]arp catu(r)bhujarp pra
(sa)nnavaranadhyayarp sarvavighnaprasantaya II 2 II he bilu suklapakaya pirl[l]acandramaya teja
thuyao cona caturbihuya sahasrabilabala(rp) chalapolaya namaskila. he snkrla. jimi thasa daya
prasa[rpr]nna juya mala. sarb[b]a bighna mocakao daya-krslaya' prasa[r]nna juyao bijyaya mala.
thathe dhakarp dako lokanarp dako munijananarp srlknlaya sabhasa srlkrlaya stotra pra(r)thana
[na] yanava namaskara yanava binati yatarp II 1 II II paca2 uvaca II prahlida narada parasara pUlda
nka vyasarvanieka (su)kasaunaka bhimakidya lukma(rp)gada(r)j[j]una vasilha vibhlalidya
etan aharp p[r]aramabhagavatarp namami II II thvate bharata dhunakana II kurukatrasa prahlida
narada (para)sara pu[rp]ndarika vyasa suka saunaka bhlmakidya rukma(rp)gidarj[iluna basilha
thvate sakalena munao cona thasa bharatasa siko sena dakorp sakalasya[rp]narp stuti yaya dhunakao
namaskila yanava binati yatarp 11 2 11
End: gvahmasena thva paldavagita palha yanava bhakta' yayuva ohmasayata takalanarp pl ya
rayuva. papa dako phuii na mukta juyava biluroka valiva. II gita(rp) yal) pathate nityarp sva
k[r]ar[d]dha(rp)' slokam eva ca I mucyata sarv[v]apapebhyo viluroka(rp) sa gacchati II 87 II gva
hmasena phatasa sakalyar ra phatasa bachi bachl ra phatasa chapu lepu a narp oli ra phatasa
Nr. 203-204
chatva batva kha nal)l dinap(r)ati palha yayuva thvahma[ll]yata a[l)l]ghola papi julasal)l papa saka
Iyal)l (phu)rrao bil)uloka vaniva II gita gal)lga ca gayatri govi(n)qa garuqadhvajah I catu(r)gakala
sa(l))yuktal)l' puna(r)janma na vidyate II 88 II gvahma[l)l]nal)l glti ga(ll)ga giyatrmantrana gobin
dayake bhakta3 yiyu thva petana bhakta3 yiyu thvahmal)l manukayita puna(r)ja[r]nma mumila II
Colophon: iti srlpal)qavagita samipta II sambat 928 bhidrakfl)aya puhnisl tiyanakatra sukra
bira-kuhnu purl[l]a yara dina II subha(m) II Iikhi(tal)l) daivajna sibanira(I)l)6. sarvada kalyinam
astu. mallgala(m) II jidflvi Iikhital)l dflva tadf!al)l likhital)l mama. jadi su[r]ddhal)l asu[r]ddha(1)l
va) mama doa na dlyate II subha(m) II
1 For krpa.
2 For pi14ava.
For bhakti.
4 For i!oki,.
5 For catu(r)gakiraO,
6 = sivaniriyala.
204 Hs. or. 4308.
Paper. Fols. 10; frst 3 leaves missing, all fols. slightly damaged on one or several corers. 26,5 x
16,4 cm. 19,5 x 11,5 cm. 9-12 lines. Devanigarl. Sanskrit verse with paraphrase in Nepali prose.
Two dates are given: Saka E. 1759 and Vikr. E. 1895. Written by Bir Bahidura SiJha.
Pir4avagZtitotra. Incomplete.
Beg. (on leaf 4 font) . . . abhimanyile binti garya. he gobinda. he hare. he murare. he mukunda.
he cakradhara. tapruko nama dinaka dina samujhana1 sakanya gari dinu havas. tamro bhakti namas
kara garu sakos II 14 II dhf!adyuman2 uvaca II dhrladyumlale binti garya. he rama. he narayaJa.
ha vasudeva. he govinda. he vaiku[I)l]Jlha. he mukunda. he knJa. he kesava. he anal)lta II abhiman
yu uvaca II govinda 2 hare murare govinda 2 mukunda krJa govinda 2 rathirgapane govinda 2
namami tubhye II 14 II dhn!adyuman2 uvica II srlrama Jariyana vasudeva govinda vaiku!!ha mu
kUJqa kriJa srlkesavinanta nrsillha vil)o mil)l trihi sal)lsarabhujal)lgadi!al) II 15 II
End: savai na sakyi ek siloka bhayipani ilha siloka bhayipani dinaki dina pilha garchan tesko
sabai pipa sakikana biJuloka janchan II 83 II jasle giti gal)lgi giyatri gObinda yeti 4 cirthoka garnyi
punarbira janma linu pardaina II 84 II
Colophon: iti paJqavagltistotral) samiptal)l. sampirnal). subham. gital)l ya(l) palhate nityal)l
slokirdha(l)l) slokam eva ca mucyete sarvapipo(bh)yo viJulokaI)l3 sal)lga(c)chate II 83 II glta gal)lgi
. ca gayatri govindo garuqadhvajal caturgakarasal)ljuktal)l puna(r)janma na vidyate II 84 II iti srlpaJ
qavagltastotrall samipta(I)l). sampirJa(I)l). subham. svasti. srlsakesambat 1759 srlvikramiditye
sambat 1895 sila miti phalguJabadi 7 roja 3 ra si(d)dhyako ho. yidr[i]lal)l pustakal)l [dfla]
tadf!al)l Iiital)l maya. yati suddho va [mama] (a)suddho vi mama doo na diyate. Iikhital bir
bahidura sil)lho. subham. subham.
1 For samd.
2 For "dyumna.
J For sarvapdpebhyo v4'uo.
Nr. 205-206
205 Hs. or. 6471.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 17, somewhat damaged and partly illegible. 26,7 x 12 cm. 21 x 8,5 cm. 8
lines. Devanagan. Sanskrit, Old Hindi and Nevan, verse. Undated.
[StotrasaJgraha]. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . ja lamita vanamalina II dhruo II vikasitasarasijalalitamukhena II sphutati na sa manasija
visikhena II 2 II amrta(ma)dhurataramrduvacanenal II jvalati na sa malayajapavanena II 3 II sthalaja
lararucikaracaranena II ruthati na sa himakaraklranena II 4 II sajalajaladasamudayarucirena II
dalati (na) sa hrdi ciravlranena2 II 5 II kanakanicayarucisucivasanena II svasiti na sa parijanahasitena II
6 II sakalabhuvanajanavaratarunena II vahati na sa rujam atikarunena II 7 II srljayadevabhanitami
lanena II pravisatu harir api hrdayam anena II 8 II 11 16 II II bhairavaraga II kha II rajanijanitagurujaga
raragakaayltam[a] alasanlvesa(m) II vahati nayanam anuragam iva sphutam uditarasabhinlvesalfl 11 1
II (hari had) yahi midhava yahi kesava ma vada kaitavavidalfl I tam anusara sarasiruhaloeana ya tava
harati viadalfl II II ka[r]jalamalinavilocanaeumbanavilacitanlrimaripalfl II dasanavasanam arunalfl
tava krla tanoti tanor anuripalfl II 2 II
End: byahigara(ga) II kha II he debi sutalika banablcia II dhruo II uthiya jagiya kharaga dhiriya
kariya saturisalflhira II bheda vada bhaya sakala jagalflmaya alflba hukar uparakara II 1 II nayana
nahi ghara divasa nirabhari udaya jhagara jhamara II dei eahuvara kahita pahuca rasamukha kayala
tayira II 2 II raya amaraa raiya .narapati raya aihi nepala II vi.vatarini visvavyapinl raiya yahi
salflsara II 3 II bhanaya ranajita jananl tva he hita sU[lfl]nlya binati hamara II samara jaya jaya deha
nlrabhaya sadahi tva he adhira II 4 II II 35 II II dhanasnraga II kha II akhiya haridarasana ko meya
bhikhiya II II dhruo II palflthaeala sa desa darasana pau II aba to carana bhai jhuthl II 1 II madhubana
phulaphuler bisana avaya II binu jala purayana sukhi II 2 II apuna lvaya eithi na liavaya II 0 kagata
me jhuthi II
An anthology of Hindu stotras beginning with verses taken from Jayadeva's Gltagovinda (VII, 16,
1 For amrtamadhuramrdutaravaco.
2 0virahe1a.
Hs. or. 6416.
Paper. Fols. 5, numbered. 25,5 x 11 em. 19,5 x 7 em. 7 lines. Devanagan. Sanskrit verse with
Nevan prose paraphrase. Dated Vikr. E. 1997. Written by Bhaktamana Bhaku Manandhara.
Beg.: Olfl namo srlbhagavatya vasudevaya nama! II srlbrahma uvaca II vil}upalfljalakalfl divelfl
sarvadustanivaranalfl I ugrateja(lfl) mahavlra(lfl) sarvasatrunikr(n)tanalfl II 1 II srlbrahma isvaranalfl
ajM dayakalalfl. srlbilupalfljala gohma manuyana patha yayiva athaba neniva uhma manuyaya
satruya bhaya daiva ma khu. gOhma srlparamesvara mahi-ugrateja mahiblra sarbasatr phutakava
bijyakahma II tripUralfl dahemane tu brahmana svarakrtalfl tad ahalfl salflpravak(y)ami atmaraka
sada bhavet II 2 II tnpurasura da(i)t(y)a phutakeyata snbrahma isvaranalfl dayaka tayagu hnapalfl
prabak(y)ami nityalfl atmaraka jaya mala II
Nr. 206207
End: sury[y]a durga bil)u bhairava mahesvara tho nahmaya nama kayava baidyana vasala nakeva
laniva. go-sahasra phalal)l punya vajapiyasatani ca asomyadhasahasrani phalaJ bhavantu manava II
22 11 thotya patha yanana satachi sa dana yana phala vajapeyajajfa satachl asvamedhajajfa dolachi
yataya phalal)l punya laka II jale vilu(l)) sthale vil)u(r) vilu(l) parvatamastake I jvalamalakule
vilu(l)) sarva(l)l) vilumayal)l jagat II 23 II jalasa bil)unal)l raka yaya mala. thalasa prthibisa
snnarayalanal)l raka yaya mala. parbatasa sarba thiyasal)l prthiblsa bil)unal)l raka yaya mala. tho
bilupal)ljala thathinagu.
Colophon: iti srlbraluna-isvarapurane srvil)upal)jala(s)totra(l)l) samaptal)l ll subhaJ)1 11 sal)lbat
1997 phirguna 23 gate 5 roja si( d)dhayaka julo. lekhaka bhaktamana bhaku manaldhara.
27 Hs. or. 652.
2 texts: (1) Vil)upafijarastotra and (2) DharmalakmlsaJ)1vida.
Paper, Fold-book. Fois. 28 112. 13,7 x 9,8 cm. 12,5 x 6 cm. Devanagan. Sanskrit verse with
Nevarl prose paraphrase. (1) Undated, (2) dated 1866 A.D.
(1) Viupaijarastotra.
Beg. (fo!. 4): snguruga(n)esaya namo I brahmovaca II vinuya pal)jalakall divyal)l ll sarvadustani
varanal)l ll ugratejo mahibljo . . . srlbrahmal)a ajM dayakasya bijyataJ)1. hnapal)l paramesvara basu
devayata namaskara yal)ava hana thva viQupal)ljara julva. gathina dhilasa. ra bhlna dusta dakva
sal)lhala yanava mahatejaba(n)ta juya conahma thathinahma stru sallhala yanava bijyakahmayata
namaskara dhakall srlbra(hmana) ajfa dayakasya bijyatal)l ll l ll tripuraJ) dahemanel)a II brahmana
Isvarikrtal)l tad aha( 1) sa( 1 )p( r )avak(y )ami II at[ a ]marak[y]a sada bhaveta 11 2 II asyartha II hanall
papit(h)a [s]tripurasura daityana jurasa(ll) svarga madhya! patara jite yanava dakva debalokapani
sta dua biyava thvagull dua saha yaya ra phayava indradi debaloka dakva brahma bilu mihesora
[Qi] adi munava sahuti yanava mahidebana jurasal)l ajM (da)yakaral)l.
End (fo!. 29): asyartha II hanal)l asvamedhajajfe dolaki salachi brihmanayata bhojana yatakagu
kvati tirthasa snana yatakagu thvata punya viQupalljala bonahmana lalva II 45 II acyutananda
gobinda-namosvarana(l)l]Z bheajaJ)1. nasyallti sakala . . . II satyal)l satya(l)l) vadamehal)l3 II 4 II
asyartha II gohma manu(y)ana (a)cyutananda gobil)lda dhaka nama kala vahmaya satyasatyana
papa dako nasa mocakava baiku(n)thabisa UUva 11 47 II idiU]tya dropati bil)u dalQapani mahesvare
tu paJ)1caitya smare(n) nitya(ll) II byihril)l pyubiva jayatu II 48 II asyartha II hanal)l gvahmasena
aditya dropati bil)u dal)Qapani mahesvara dhakall thva nata gvahmasena nitye nityal)l nama kala
vahmaya akaramrtyumocana juyu 11 49 11 jale vil)u(s) thare vil)u(r) vil)u(l)) par[a]vatamastake II
jvalamalakule vilu(l)) II sarva(l)l) vil)u[m]maheja4 jagot[u]' 1150 II asyartha II he manueloka. bimu
dhiyihma jalasa bijyaka bhumisal)l bijyaka akasasal bijyaka chese bijyaka par[a]batasal)l bijyaka
sakabhinasall bijyaka. thathll)ahma snbiluya nama kayanaJ)1 mikagati6 layu dhakal) sribrahmana
ajfa dayakasya bljyata II 51 11
Colophon: I(ti) srlvil)upaJ)1jalastotra(l)l) samap[a]tal)l. sal)lbata ( . . . ).
1 For marta(loka).
2 For nimoccaranam.
3 For vadimy aham.

4 For v1umY(1.
5 For jagat.
6 For moJa'.
Nr. 207a
207a Hs. or. 6393.
For a description of the ms. see No. 198.
(2) [Stotrasalgraha.]
Beg.: . . . janmakrtat papan mucyate natra sal)sayal I iti paramesvaratantre caturaslti . . . mrtYI-
jayastotral)1 samaptal)1 I 01 namal) bhagavate vasudevaya I vil)upal)1jalakal)1 divyal)1 sarv[v]aduta
nivaranal)1 ugratejo mahaviry[y]a(l)1) sarv[v]asatrul)ikrntana(m) II 1 II tripural)1 dahyamanan tu brah
mala itirokrtal)1 I tad ahal)1 sal)1pravakyami atmaraka sada bhavet 11 2 II pidau rakas tu govinda
jal)1ghayo 'stu trivikramal)1 I irubhyal)1 kesava raka katyas caiva janard[d]anal) 11 3 11
End (foJ. 28f.) bhathyari I pra I tumari kathi bujhite na pali II dhruo II navanali bahatarl kothi
dasamaduvari kauna palthi I gerora cora rakhite na pali tumari II 1 II ape gavaya ape bajavaya ape
dete tali vrndavanamaya gauva caravaya ape purukha apa nali tumari II 2 II tumi brahma tumi vil)u
tumi svayal)1b(h)udeva hami papi ki janivo tumari puja seva tumarl II 3 II sayi ya daramitu jo gavaya
jagatabhiari prabhu ka mahima na janivo kya gati hoyita hamari tumari 11 4 11 natal)1 II kha II hari
madhurasvarani gavaya I bisari priti nanda jasvada hamari kauna caravaya II natal1 II kha II hari binu
murari ka(u)na bajavaya abara bajavaya II dhruo II syamasundara aru kamaranayana binuko madhu
rasvarani gavaya I bisari priti nanda jasvada hamari kauna caravaya 11 2 11 suradasa p(r)abhu hari ke
calana binuko madhure bane hi basavaya II 3 II (Then follows bad handwriting).
The text begins with the Mrtufjayastotra, after which follows the Vupafjarastotra (c. Nos.
208- 255 Legal documents
Donations 208-215
Sales 216-255
Us. or. 6217.
Paper, mounted on cardboard. 21,3 x 26,7 cm. 18,5 x 19 cm. 19 lines. Devanagari. Nepali. Dated
Vikr. E. 1881.
Beg.: svasti srljanarala' bhlmasena thipa srlkafl)aila2 ral)avlrasil)ha tbapa kasya patram age --
devldasa atrike srlnatha kampuma haridasa atriko ayala al)baldarl anagl eta 3 1/4 jaglra bakasa
bhayo. savari sikari laqaii bhiqaii urdi kabayata bila hukumuata birata atbaul)1 prahara ruju rahi
tapaslla bamojlmaka eta jaglra janl bhogyagara kula rpa tapasila 3.
End: halesl kalupadhya subeqlko mabadeu byasi 4/40 madhye olo 20 biki 4/20 mae dhye) candra
sil aqaka kalu basnyata dalaamba rana kisnya rana --- 1 60 ru.3 26.8 a" 1 p.5 ae(jan) trpa camu
jaislko bitit!ara bajho abidi 2 114 madhye gobaradhana nevara --- 1 20 ru.3 3.8 a" bhirkot cukadi jai
mal)gala bala bhadrapaqeko nibuva bogbi 110 ma(dhye) 1 20.
Colophon: iti sambat 1881 sala miti. subham.
Deed of authorization by General Bhlmasena Thapa (1806-1837 A.D.) and his brother
Ralavlrasil)1ha granting some plots of land as a jigir to one Devldasa Khatri. Two seals bear the
words srlvisvesva(ra) and srl-3-t.<tadevaticarana rarablrasir a . . . sarara respectively. A jigir is a
gant of land made to a soldier at the time of his appointment.
j = General.
2 Colonel.
rupiyi1 (rupee).
4 = ana (one siteenth of a rupee).
5 = paisa (one fourth of an ana).
209 Us. or. 4373.
Copperplate, cut in the left hand lower corner. Oval shaped, 23-17,3 cm in diameter. 14 lines.
Devanagarl. Nepali. Dated Saka E. 1317, Vikr. E. 1452. Written by Arjuna Jaisi.
svasti. srisak
1317 sal)1vat 1452 margasir()amase sanibasare. rayabhita bhaira udarpadharaya
hallakalolaraya manamatbanatharaya pratapanarayal)a caca hlnarayako bhan[ n jdara asabiraraya
Nr. 209-21O
siralbiihara sntribhubanamallas ciralp jaYatu raika jyulai palapa saki aka[l]ni. sagala paneharu
lsa phula hiirapllapli pall 2 baJa lagib kapa bi jajfal salkalpa ghali pabihila pll)i aghulasahu liya
bi ijara sahit. atra slk1 jaisi ghabhaldari ratanaplla rlula kesabhaldari rau dubhal<lri parbhu
joisl hana sigha pal<ita jai naplla deu bija gatuvakoii sahnapaneharu caitamahara saku nyahisa
kaihiiitamadha boharl canyl biihii<i arjuna joisi liita . . . (sva)datn' paradatrF va yo herac ca'
vasuldha no a!ival4 . . sahasrlli vii(h)ayl(l) jayate krmii II sudu pal<ita madhunos05 yara6.
In the left hand margin: jarlhi carapratira.
In the right hand lower corner a square carved with a IrMula surrounded by the letters tribhubana
The text probably refers to a land grant bestowed by King Tribhuvana Malla in lieu of a loan
previously given by the king.
1 For (sva)datarp.
2 For dati1.
3 For harec c.
4 For vara.
, For madhusudna (?).
6 For raya (?).
210 Us. or. 6218,1.
Copperplate. 26 x 14,5 cm. 25 x 11,7 cm. 16 lines. Devanagarl. Sanskrit, NepiHI and Hindi mixed.
Dated Vikr. E. 1838. Written by Tejanarayala Jaisi.
ol adye brahmal)o dvitryap[r]arar[d]dhe prathamadivase svetabarahakalpe vaivasvatamanvanta
re kaliyuge prathamapiie jambud(v)lpe himavatadakilapiie nepalamandala1 srlpasupatisannidha
ne vlsukikatra2 vlgamatya(i)) pirv[v]ak[a]ule kausikylyll pachimakile srlbhagatapaiananagare
aihiva' punyatithau. svasti. srlsambata 1838 slla mlrgasir()amase dinagatl4 26 sukravasare. aival'
viseena visiHantat]lyll punyatithau. atrasya gotra dlvalgata srlgosal sabalaglrl sapatnl sahagami
cukudhika mlyi sivalokapraptiklmanlya varaprati mlrgasir()asuklapirl)aml6 bhaldlraka(ra)
I)lrthal dasanlmasanyasi bhojanarthal sn-5-dattatre(i) pritertha palcasayam aka7 slkka 501
dravyaka salpradadeta ihatra ayur arogya8 putra" vaikunthapraptl so 'stu. puna(r) desabhiikhii.
srlahanta manirlmaglri goslllne srlsuphalaglri gosllko dUI janane isa dlmakl jagl ropanl 4 blsi
ueta ropanl 3 taudhi-ko ropanl l vltlela j(a)ml ropani 8 etakl varaprati bili lylko biline
varaprati mlrgasir()asudi 15 kl dina bhiidaglu saharabharakl dasanlma atithalO abhylgata sal
nyasiko dalabhiita bhiji dahi ghlu sameta illvanl aisa gutha saltatisaltanane karl)l bakl see
rahyaka saltanane lnl jo lea so kare to mahiipinya nihi kare to papa lagatai haya. isa etame
kohine lobhamoha kare to palcamlhiipataka. hindu musalamana duyikl lna svadattapradattal vl
yaH harati vasuldhara at[h]ivarasahasrani viilya(l) jayate kr[r]mi(i). dr!asaki iiitya canda
vanijau nalo ca dyo bhimir lpo hrdayal yamas ca ahas ca ratrl udayal ca saldhe12 dharmas ca
nlyati13 narasya vrtta. srlmahanta billkrlaglrl gosai I srlgosalna sivaglri srlgosai llladharagiri sngo
sal prata(pa)glri sngosll bhavanlpurl srlgosal dayalapuri srlgaj adhara !hikura srlhirananda batasa
srlharilala upadhya sngosll kinnavana srltejanlra(l)14 vaidya samvat 1872 sala miti jyeihabadi 3
roja 6 li$ital sntejanarll'4 jaisi. subham.
A document attesting the donation of land purchased for Rs. 501 for the purpose of feeding the
Sanylsins of the Dasanlml Sect. The feeding took place every year on the Full-Moon Day of the
Nr. 210-211
Month of Mirgaslra in honour of the deceased Gosil Savalagri and his wife Cukudhika Mayl. The
feast or bhandira, as it is called here, is restricted to members of the Dasaniml Sect of Bhaktapur
only. The expenses for it are to be defayed from the annual income of the land purchased with that
sum of money.
For "mandate.
2 For kse

3 For ih
For gate.
S For evam.
6 For pU
7 For pOlaSatam eka.
8 For iro,
9 For paratra.
For atithi.
For yo.
12 For sa1hya.
13 For jandti.
tejaniri yofo.
211 Hs. or. 6218,2.
Copperplate. 28,5 x 17,3 cm. 27 x 12,5 cm. 16 lines. Devanagan. Sanskrit and Nevan. Dated
Saka 1747, N.E. 945, Vikr. E. 1882. Written by Daivajia Malinarayala, Bhaktapur.
srl-3-gurudatti. srl-3-gurudattitra(ya) srl-3-gurudatti. OI)1. adya asya snbhagavato mahapuruasya
srlmihi(vi)lo(l) koti brahmilQina(me e)katame lavanasamudramadhya
jambudvlpe himavata
dakiladigvibhige harivara2 kiI)lpuruayo dakile karmabhumau malayacarid uttare bhiglrathyiI)1
utradesa3 kasyiI)1 utradigvibhige4 bharatakhalQe bhiratavare prajapatiketre nepilamal)Qale vasu
kiketre vigmatyiI)1 purvakule kausikyiI)1 pascimakule srl-3-pasupatisannidhine bhagavatpatta
(na)nagare iry[y]ivart[t]adese mahamuktipadaketre p[r]a[ha]rar[d]dhadvayajlvino brahmana dvi
tiyap[r]ari(r)[d]dhe prathamadivase ahani trayodasa-ghalikiyiI)1 svetabalihakalpe vaivasvataman
no(n)tare ativi(I)1)sati dvitriI)1satu' sasiI)1nite citu(r)lakidve va(r)t[t]amine kaliyuge bauddhiva
tare saIlvihanasake lhiva6 punyabhumau durmukha nama sambatsare srlsury[y]adakiniyane ihiva6
pun(y)abhumau. adya sravanamise sukrapake purlimisyaI) tithau satabhianrka7 sukarmayoge
yathikar(a)lamuhirt[t]ake adityavasare siI)1harasigate savitari kUI)1bharasigate candramasi. evaI)1
viseena visitayaI)18 punyatithau --- sthine brahmanabhojanani[r]mit(t)irtha9 srlramadattilaya-sago
tra-utpannabhava-snsuphalaglrl nama tasya siya sriguru bakasgiri nimna ihatra ayur arogya paratra
vaikuI)1thapraptikamanarthaI)1 --- sthane brahmanabhojananimit(t)yartha9 kahli nima katralO savi
ropani 1 1/4 bhumi saI)1pradattaI)l kihli-bu ro 1 kara 1 thva buya balasanana vaisaaknl)ayi amaba
sikuhnu --- yike pha 1 dudunaI)1 abhiseka yake mala. ab(h)iseka yahma brahmanayata suka 114
dakina biya mala. hmaI)1 5 brahmanabhojana yake mala. dakina yathisakta biya --- yi pujajolana
malako daI)1 8 dakina thuli coya tako varapati" yaya mala. gva 1 lila luta brihmanabhojana yaketa
duta julo. brahmanabhoja yaketa samagri jika bivahma cakarayata nake mala. thva patraya drsta
saki aditya candravanijau nalas ca dyu(r) bhumir apo hrdaya(I)1) yamas ca ahas ca ratrau ubhaya ca
saI)1dhya dharm[m]a(s) ca janati narasya vartti12 svadattaI)l
3 paradattaI)113 vi jau
4 ha(ra)ti vasuI)1-
dhara(I)1) ativarasahasrini vit(h)iyaI)1 jiyate krmi(l)). thva patrayi drtasiki srlmahanta deva
naraI)1giri gusii rlgal)esabhatta hita mohiniyaka. samvata 1882 sala sikesamvata 1747. svasti. srl[ll]
nepalasamvat 945 sila srivalasudi 15 liiti daivajia maniniriyana. subham astu sarvadi.
Nr. 211-212
A deed of land donation for the purpose of a brihmalabhojana, i.e., the feeding of brahmins,
which in this particular case is to be performed in the Dattatreya temple of Bhaktapur by Suphalagiri
in honour of his guru Bakasgiri. This feeding should take place annually on the New-Moon Day of
the Month of Vaisakha. I is to be preceded by a ceremony during which the image of Dattatreya is
annointed and milk is poured over it. The donation was also made to cover the expenses of worship
(uji), giving of dakili, etc.
For madhye.
For varse.
For utta
For uttarao.
5 For sati.
6 For ihaiva.
7 For satabhifagna/atre.
8 For Diyil!.
9 For rthe.
For Jetra.
For varaprati.
For vrttim.
For D
For yo
212 Us. or. 6218,3.
Copperplate. 27,5 x 19 cm. 25 x 13 cm. 19 lines. Devanagan. Sanskrit and Nevan. Dated Saka E.
1764, Vikr. E. 1899, N.E. 963. Written by Daivajia MaJinarayaJa, Bhaktapur.
01 namai) snbhimasenaya nama(i)). bhimarfpalJl mahikrodhalJl raktavarJa(lJl) sutejasalJl. vayu
putraya pavi(t)raya bhimabhairava namas te. OI tatsat[a] . adya asya snbhagavato mihapuruasya
sdmahiviJoi) koti brahmaJ.lQanam ekatame lavanasamudramadhye jambudvip[y]e himavata daki
Jadigvibhiga1 harivara2 kilJlPuruayor dakine karm[m]abhumau malayacalM uttare bhigirathya
uttaradese kasyilJl utt(ar)ldigrvibhige3 bharataaJQe bhiratavare prajapatiketre nepalamaJQale
vasukiketre vagmatya(i)) pfrvakfile kausikya(i)) pascimakfle sn-3-pasupatisannidhine bhagatapat
ta(na)nagare ar[y]avart[t]adese mahimuktipradakatre pa[ha]rar[ d]dhadvayajivino brahmano dvi
tiyaparar[d]dhe prathamadivase ahani trayodasa-ghatikayalJl svetavarahakalpe vaivasvatamanvo(n)
tare atavilJlsatidvatnlJlsatasahasrani te caturlakande vart[t]amane kaliyuge bau(d)dhivatare [kha
livahanasake snsfry[y]adakinayane pramathi nama sambat[a]sara4 1hiva5 pUJyabhumau. adya kart
tikamase suk1apake pfmamasYalJl tithau krt[t]ikanaketra6 parighayoge jathikar(a)JafihUrt(t]ake
sukravasare vidurasigate savitari vrarasigate candraasi. evalJl gUJaviseana7 visitayalJl pUJyati
thau anena pUllyena Ihatra ayur arogya paratra sivalokapraptikamanartha8 II layatagotro(t)panna
snmahanta krpalagiri tasya siya snmaniramagiri snsuphalagiri tasya siya srldevanarayanagiri nam
na --- prltyartha8 prativarika(lJl) jathilabhopacara(lJl) pujanimit(t)yartha8 Iaukikasar[d]dharopani
kalJl katra(l) salJlpradattalJl. puna(r) nepalabhikha mathasa conahmalJl --- debatayake varaprati
aaQhakrJaya caturdasi kuhnu pfja yayata vaya bi bu-rova 1 1/2 buya valasananalJl kayava glUhi
maga-care-kuhnu hmalJl 1 dugu dayakava ju 1 puja dayakava mohinayakana pfja yaya mala. thuli
hinana parasea dako mathasa conahmalJl paribirapani mohinayakapani sakalYalJl dava the bhika
bhojana yaya mala. thva danapatraya drtasaki Mitya candra vanijo naras ca dyau(r) bhfmir apo
hrdaya(lJl) yamas ca ahas ca ratrau ubhaya ca salJldhya dharm[m]a(s) ca jinati narasya vr[r]tti(m).
svadatta(lJl) paradattil va jo harati vasulJldhara(lJl) ativa(r)asahasrani vit(h)ayalJl jayate
Nr. 212-214
krmi(l) . thva danapatraya drtasaki thava kija gaurigiri gvasai siya lokanathagiri gusai casakhe1a
!olaya srakminarayana thikira. mohinayaka je1a!olaya hita majhi snsakesamvat 1764 sala srlvi
kramasamvat 1899 sala srlnipalasamvat 963 ka(r)ttikasukla 15 roja 6. liiti devajna maninarayana.
subham astu sarv[v]ada. subha(m).
A deed of land donation fom Bhaktapur made by Devanarayal)agiri, the disciple of Suphalagiri
(and Maliramagiri), who in his turn was the disciple of Mahanta Krpalagiri. The donation was made
in dedication of Bhimasena. The land measured 1 1/2 ropanis, a ropani being equal to 23 x 23 m, i. e. ,
529 m2
1 For vibhdge.
2 For varse.
J For utta
4 For sare.
5 For ihaiva.
6 For tre.
7 For sena.
8 For O

213 Hs. or. 6218,4.
Copperplate. 34,3 x 19 cm. 30,5 x 11,5 em. 11 lines. Devauagarl. Sanskrit and Nepali. Dated
N.B. 869.
svasta!. srlsake 1671 nepalasamvat 869 vaisaasuklaprupcamyarp tithau somavasare srlmahiraja
dhiraja srljyotijagatprakasamallasya rajyabhidhina srlhemantasirpha bhavarako!aka umarau megha
raja karki anaiko!aka muiya srlharihara upidhya sarnyasi ramadatti baliramagirale2 srlramesvara
mahidevasthipana garya. anaikotako takyaeta muri 100 sivaprlti garya. devadhideva srisadiiva
traiJokyanathaya digambaraya mahesvaraya namo nama(l II vaisaasnklaparpcamyan tithau riiva
sare3 nrpa jagaj(j)yotimalladeva sahita sa(rp)nyasi baliramagira4 nama mokabhi1aa sada trelokya
dhipate sivamya akarot. li(rp)gapratisthi kiyako sivalirpgabharpga gare to tasakana parpcamahapata
ka garyako papa. svadatta(rp) paradatta(rp) va yo harat[t]i vasundhara(rp) [II] a!ivarasahasrani
visthiya(rp) jayata krimi(l II sthapana bhayaka dina mahibrahmala sa(rp)nyii atita abhyagata
varaprati bhojana garainu nityanemapijako' akata candana dhnpa dipa naivedya pija garnya
brahmal)aial. muri 6 dhina dinu. subham astu sarv[v]ada.
A deed of land donation in dedication to the Ramesvaramahadevaliiga which was set up by
Hemantasirpha, a high ofcial of King Jagajjyotiprakia Malia, Megharaj Karki, Harihara Upidhya
ya and Baliramagri . The measure of land was 100 muri which is equivalent to 25 ropanis.
1 For svasti.
2 For girile,
3 For ravt.
4 For giri.
s For nitanaimim'kapo.
214 Hs. or. 6218,5.
Copperplate 37,5 x 21 cm. 34 x 18,5 cm. 20 lines. On the lef the seal of King Rajendra Vikrama.
Devanagarl. Nepili. Dated Vikr. E. 1886.
Nr. 214215
srldurga. srldattatraya.
svasti. srlgiriraja cakraci<amali naranarayal)etyadi vividhavirudavalivirijamana manonnata Srl
manmaharajadhiraja srIsrlsrlmaharaja rajendravikrama saha bahadura sar.sera jat devanar sada
samaravijayinar -------- age mahanta devanarayalagirike samvata 1885 sala miti vaisaiSudi 8 roja 3
ka dina __I ka pujanimitta hamra bihulibaia samkalpa bhayako pao ropani caubisa 24 guihi rai
baksyako mohara tambapatra garibaksyaur.. bhadagau jitapuraka ambalamadhye chalir.jyamira
bodyatira pao bijho ropani 24 tasko sadha purva raikara bajho sarpdha luhakil dachila raikara-eta
ra bhIraolsI<il sidha luhakil pascima sanu thido bato ra raikara ali sadha luhakil uttara krpalagiri
mahamtako birt[t]a-eta ko ali sadha luhakil yeti carakila bhitrako jaga avida gulajara gari paidavira
bhayakale pujako kama calii hamro jaya manaunu. yo guthi sar.kalpa huda sarkalpa vakya pah
rnya purohita yadunatha par.<ita arjyal pani halanya kajI ralagar.bhIra pa<e sidha launya sa
dhiyara varsaraja partha modanatha arjyal varsavira rava vavahatolako dagola naikya matyar
kilagalatolako dhamadeu dagol jitapuraka amali havaldara suratagiri thari dhanapati kaphalya para
ta karki dharmasir bhardari vajavarna adhikari bageSvarika tulasirama lamichanya chalir.ka am
baldara kahara adaka kalu thapa kalu kirki vrhaspati lamichanya madhu pidhya vrhaspati pidhya
devidat(t)a thapa mijhari pagarima basnyat balavira basnyat tanasir mijhara asirama mijhara ajitya
lama dhanapati motali ajitya lama hatibhotya sar.arya mahajya baijya dulal gokulananda kavirasiIp
basnyat tulasirama lamichanya sirapati lamichinya jaisir raul ramakrna raul ajitan kirtirama &a
daka jmadara varnasir. adaka jmadara ajita
hapa ambaldara varsaraja atr subedara harasir.
bhadari bu(d)dhimanasir. atr p(a)rasurama adaka mohinaikya kasinanda mahesvara pidhya
gal)esabhaHa maharta balakrnagiri gosati Hadharagiri gosati kisanavan gosati sam[a]seragiri
gosati dayalapuri gosati pratapagiri gosati narottama[van] maharta gyanagiri gosati lachumanapu
ri gosati baatapuri gosati ambaragiri tejanarayena aniva jabarasir nevara maninaraena jaisi
manikrl)a aval salami dhanaratan mastarama bahula viranarayena majhi guthivata ki!1a bhanda
arghyalo na capanu. svatattar.2 paradattar. va yo hared vai vasundharam ativarasahasral)i vi
st(h)ayar. jaete krimi(l). iti samvat 1886 sala miti bhidrabadi 7 roja 6. subham.
A deed of land donation by King Rajendra Vikrama (1816-1847 A.D.) which amounts to 24
ropani for the purose of expenditure in the daily worship of Dattatreya to be defrayed from the
annual revenue of this plot of land entrusted to the gu!hl association of the Dattatreya temple in
Bhaktapur. The head of the association was then Mahanta Devanarayala.
1 Replaces srldattitraya.
2 For svadaf.
215 Hs. or. 6218,6.
Copperplate. 43,5 x 21 cm. 37,5 x 15,5 cm. 13 lines. Devanagarl. Dated Vikr. E. 1892. Sanskrit
and Nevar!' Written by Daivajfia Mal)inarayala, Bhaktapur.
or adya varahakalpetyadi. adya pauamase sukrapake pirlamasya(r.) tithau puna(rva)sunrkel
vaidhatiyoge yathakar(a)lamihirtake saniscaravasare dhanuriSigate savitari mithunariSigate ca(n)
dramasi. evar. viseena visit[h]aya(r.) punatithau2 layasagotro(t)panna srlsupha(la)giri parama-
hamsa susiya guru bakasagiri nama Ihatra ayur arogya paratra vaikulthapraptlkamanirthar _____ 3
prItyartha4 pratimiSika(r) piflyama[a]si pramiga rudrab(h)iseanimi(t)tyartha4 katratika catu ro
panika akitar. bhimi sar.p(ra)datta. punar nepalabhakha bidola bu-ro 1 gurathau bu kara 3
Nr. 215-216
tapyalJl cala bu-ro 2 kara 2 jama bu-ro 4 1/4 tipate bu nyana kayagu tanagu busala-bu-ro 1 kara 2
jama bu-ro 5 kara 3 thuti bu duta julo. thuti buya valasanana kayava masaprati puhni 2 kuhnu ---'
ab(h)isea yaketa palJlca[lJl]mrta dayakava ju 1 puja ku 1 kapo dudu malako deba dakina dalJl 8
ab(h)isea yahma brahmanata suka chi 1/4 dheha bhora dakina ana 4 juchi 1 sidha biya mala. thva
coya tako masa 2 prati akidra ra yasy yaya mala. thuti hanana parasea dako mathe conapani
bhoga yaya. thvate danapatraya drtasaki srimahalJlt[t]a devanarayanagiri gosai kija gaurigiri gosai
binarayana majhi. aditya calJldra vanijo nalas ca dyo(r) bhumir apo hrdaya(lJl) yamas ca ahas ca
ratrau ubhaya ca sa
Jldhya dharm[m]as ca janati narasya vr[r]tti(m). svadattalJl paradattalJl va jo
harati vasu(lJl)dhara(lJl) ativarasahasrani vithaya(lJl) jaya5 krmi(lJ) II samvat 1886 sala pauasudi
15 roja 7. samvat 1892 sala sravalasudi 15 sala-bu tanagu tiita daivage maninara(yarta). subham
astu. ma(lJl)garam[ab] a[lJl]stu[m].
A deed of land donation by one Guru Bakasagiri in honour of Dattatreya, housed in the temple of
Dattatreya in Bhaktapur. 3 pieces of land of which the total measure is 5 1/3 ropanis are donated for
the purpose of anointing the image every Full Moon Day. The expenses for this activity are to be
defrayed from the annual revenue of the land.
1 For nakatre.
2 For pUlJyal'
3 Replaces sri3gurudattitreyao.
4 For arthe.
5 For jiyate.
216 Hs. or. 693.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 2,3 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and NevarL Dated
N.E. 874. Written by Kayastha DhanasalJldhala.
. sreyo 'stu. samvat 874 phalgul)a-kr[ahla-dutiyaya tithva srlmadheputithane srlkhapva
desaya kvathalJldutola[ya]kadhivasyaua grahaka bu(d)dhaca(r)[j]ya puuilaj a valJldekasya namua sa
kasat[a] . pukhusitolaya [kra]va(s)tavya dhirl[l)]aka jayasalJlkhala bubha[lJl]udri silJllikal)a bhiro
nihma phukija samu(c)cayanakasya namena sukraya svabujyamanika thanasya napiditadisaprade
sya, jibanand[r]asamikasya katrana pakimata, hnuchekasya katrana ut(t)alata(s), chanadatakasya
katrana purv[v]ata, manapunasiIhakasya katrana dakinatas ca. eta(n)madhe phikhadolakatra
nama salJljiakalJl. tasya katranka ca(tu)lapanika rova pi 4. tatra katra[r] yathidesakaIap(r)ava(r)
ta[na]manasalJl tatha salJlcara(r)ghe[rl)]la suva(r)l)amuryam adaya krya-vikryasvadhinyana
krayana-vikrayatvalJl bhavati . jadesya(Il)2 daivika-rajika-vyaghataparyana tatra dharl)[l)]akena
svaya(lJl) palisvadhaniya. atra patra(r)the drtasaki mahesvala jagavanta' dhanavi(la)silJlha sivo
naud[r]a ramacandra thipa bubhalJl(dri) jagavanta bubha[lJl]ndri si(d)dhahali bubha[lJl]ndri padma
silJl bubha[lJl]ndri dhamanadasilJl4 bubha[lJl]ndri lavinand[r]asilJl bubha[lJl]ndri nalavilasilJl bu
bha[lJl]ndri jagavatasilJl bubha[lJl]ndri atala ra(ma)candrasilJl bhiro. liita kayatha dhanasalJldhala.
A deed of s'le concerning a piece of land named Phikidola measuring 4 ropanis in Tbimi. The
buyer's name is Pftrl)araja Vande5 Buddhacarya of KvathalJldutola, Kbopadesa (Bhaktapur), while
Nr. 216218
the names of the sellers are Jayasankara Bhibhandri and Srlkrl)a Bhiro of Pukhusitola, Khopade
sa6 The back of the roll gives themi phikhido bu rava 4 for the convenience of the owner.
1 In the text indicated by the symbol . For this interpretation of the symbol see D. C. Sircar. Indian Epigraphy, Delhi
1965, p. 95.
2 For yady asyi1.
3 Though v in words derived from Sanskrit has become b in Nevarl, the spelling v is retained in this and the following
documents, which all show a peculiar mixture of Sanskrit and Nevari.
4 For dharinandao
$ PuniHja Bande.
6 The buyer is called grdhaka, while the technical tenn used for the present owner, the "holder", is dhtryaka.
217 Hs. or. 6494.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 3,5 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevan. Dated
N.B. 805. Written by Kayastha Tulaslrama.
siddhaI. svasti. snsnsumatijayajitamitramalladebaprabhu-thikulasana prasadalapa. grhama1da
lasmln[al marg[glela pascimatai), sncand(r)ase(a)rakasya grhel)a uttaratai), ramacandrakasya grhe
Ia pirv[vlatai, mirgel)a dakilatas ca. etanmadhye baderajakulache khe kha1na niyahnasa ku 27,
katha jimacha ku 11, khe khi1na khu ku 6, katha hnasa ku 7 rakaca. tat(r)a grhamarg[gladhira
pirv[vla svasima panbhoga1. tat[al yathidesakaJaprava(r)t[tlamanas tathi sa1cararghela suvarl
[Ilapupamarargha pra<hokitam adaya [krayalkrayavikrayasvadhinena[1l krayena vikriyata1 bha
vatL srlkhapva1bhimya1 srlcandigalasthine tavacapalatolagrhidhivasi visvarama devarama ne
hma1 phukija namna prasadikrta1. atra patrarthe drlasakI mata snsnpadmavatidevi bhigirama
bhiro. likhiti kiyastha tulasirama. samvat 805 vaisakhabadi 4. subha1.
A deed of sale concerning a house belongng to the royal family (rijaku/a) called Bade. The seller
is King Jayajitamitra Malla of Bhaktapur (1673-1696 A.D.), the buyers are the two brothers Visvara
ra and Devarama (Bhiro) of Tavacapilalola, Cal<igala, Bhaktapur. The back of the roll gives
biderijakuche1 for the convenience of the owner.
1 For baderijakulache.
218 Hs. or. 6495.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 3 cm. Nepalikara. Sanskrit and Nevar!' Dated N.B.
763. Written by Asrameru Kayastha.
siddha1. sreyo 'stu. samvat 763 philgula-sukla-alamyan tithau srikhapvaJ]bhimya1 srlsivaga
lasthine ya1chel)llolakadhivasina grahaka pandya bhirokasya namna sakasit sOlolakai vastavya1
dharl[llaka kii bhirokasya namnena suk(r)iya1 svabhujyaminika1 sthinasya uttaradIsapradese,
marg[glen,a pasciratai), madhava lIiakalakasya ketrela uttaratai), bali bhiro jayarama bhirokasya
ketrela pirv[vlatai), sal)camerukasya ketrela dakilatas ca. etanmadhye kvathutale-buketra na
ma sa1jiaka1. tasya ketranka dvlropanlka1 rova nase 2 kara nase 2 ya1ta [blbvakana ta[1lnana
juro1. tat[alketra yathadesakalaprava(r)t[tlamanas tathi sa1carirghela suvarl[l) lamilyam adaya
Nr. 218-20
krayavikrayasvadhinena krayena vikrltaq bhavati . yady asyiqJ devika-rijika-vyighitiparel)a tadi
dhirl)[ l)jakena parisvadhanlyaqJ. atrirthe drtasrutasikl taramaqJQetola kusa bhiro khanlmaqJyi
endra bhiro. (Iikhiti) irameru ki(ya)st(h)a. subhaq.
A deed of sale concerning a plot of land called Kvathutale which is located in the northern part of
the town and measures 2 112 ropani (including the plot which runs in the northern direction). The
buyer's name is Pandyi Bhiro of YaqJcheqJtola, Sivagala, Bhaktapur, that of the seller Kii Bhiro
of the same tala, Bhaktapur. The back of the roll gives, for the convenience of the owner, the name
of the feld, viz. tepagibu.
219 Hs. or. 6496.
Palm-leaf roll , damaged by insects. Width ca. 2,2 cm. Nepilikara. Sanskrit and Nevirl. Date
illegible on account of damage. Written by Daivajia Jayaniriyal)a.
siddhaqJ. svasti. srlsrljayaralajitmalladebaprabhu-thikulasana prasidilapi. sthinasya pascima
dlsa . . . srl-2-rijikatrit pascimatai, marg[gjena uttaratai, jayabilakrlakatrit purv[v[atai), hiku
siqJkasya katri( d) dakilatas ca. etanmadhya dvakoketra nima saqJjiakaqJ. tatkatritka sir[ d]
dha paqJcaropanikaqJ rova t 5 kara nasya 2 1sana purv[v]a bv;kana sahita. lal[ai)lkatra yatbade
sakilapravart[t]aminas tathi saqJcirirghala suvafl[ljapupam [irirghel)aj . . . tam adiya krayavi
krayasvadhinena krayana vikriyataqJ bhavati. srlmadhyapuristhine kvithandutolagbadhivisi bu( d)
dhiciry[yja punasiIphi nimne prasidikrtaqJ. atra patrirthe' . . siki pradhinitiga jajfa . . . likhiti
daivajfa jayaniriyana . . . 4. subha(m).
A deed of sale concerning a plot of land called Dvako measuring 5 112 ropani and including the
piece of land running north-east in Thimi. The name of the seller is King Jayaral)ajit Malia
(1722-1769 A.D.) of Bhaktapur, that of the buyer purl)asiqJha Buddhicirya of KVithandutola,
Bhaktapur. The back of the roll gives, for the convenience of the owner, the buyer's name, i.e.,
PunesiqJ (= PirlasiqJha).
Hs. or. 6497.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 2,5 cm. Nepilikara. Sanskrit and Nevirl. Dated
N.E. 801. Written by Kiyastha Tulaslrima.
siddhaqJ. sreyo 'stu. samvat 801 caitrakrlacaturdasyin tithau srikhapvaqJbhumyiqJ srlsivagala
sthine birichatolakidhivisin grihaka daibajfa cakrasiIp bhirokasya nimni sakisit. atr(a)iva sthi
ne cochetolakai vistavyaqJ dhirl)[llaka ramaknla sivana(riya)na ramesvala svahmaqJ phukij a
nimnena sukrlyaqJ svabhujyaminikaqJ sthinasya uttaradisapradesa, binarasikasya ketrel)a pasci
matai), tiraqJbakasya uttaratai), nalaharikasya ketrela purv[vlatai, bhirokasya ketrel)a daklla
ta(s) ca. etanmadhye gamadvabu ketra nama saqJjfakaqJ. tasya ketritka dVlropanikaqJ rova nasya
2. tat[iJketra yathidesakalaprava(r)t[tJamanas tathi saqJcarirghela suvarl[ljamilyam Miya
krayavikrayasvadhinenaqJ krayena vikriyataqJ bhavati. yady asyiqJ daivika-rajika-vyaghitaparena
tada dhirl[ljakena svayaqJ parisvadhanlyaqJ. atra patrarthe drtasakl pradhinitga bhigirama
bhiro meru bhiro purl[ljasiqJ bhiro bitasiqJ. likhiti kayastha tulasirama. subhaqJ.
Nr. 220222
A deed of sale concerning a plot of land called Gamadva and measuring 2 ropani. The buyer's
name is Daivajfa Cakrasiql(ha) Bharo ofBirachatola in Sivagala, Bhaktapur, while the names of the
sellers are RamakrIa. Sivana(raya)Ia and Ramesvara, three brothers of Cochetola, Bhaktapur.
221 Hs. or. 698.
Palm-leaf roll. Seal Attached. Width ca. 2,7 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevin. Dated N.E.
813. Written by Daivajfta Dhanasiqlha.
siddhaIl. sreyo 'stu. samvat 813 srivaIakrIadvadasyil)l tithau snk(h)apval)bhimyal)l
snvindimasthane tavacapitolakadhivasin grihaka visvarama bharokasya namna s[ylakasat. sa eva
sthine kvithandutolakai vistavyal)l dharI[ Ilaka buddhiciry[y la devamuni dhanakasya dvayo nam
na svaIyal)l [svaklyal)ll svabhujyaminikal)l sthanasya uttaradisapradese, bhigiramakasya ketrit
pascimatai), hakukasya katrad uttaratai), snsrlrijakatrat pirv[vlatai), bhagiramakasya katrad
dakiIatas ca. etanmadhye yathibi-katra nama sal)ljfta(kal)l) . tat[alkatraika triropanikal)l rova
sva. tat[alkatra yathadesakilapravart[tlaminas ta(tha) sal)lcararghena suvarI. [Ilamilyam adaya
krayavikrayasvidhinena krayaIa vikrlyatall bhavati II yady asyal)l daivika-rajika-vyaghatapareIa
tadi dharI[Ilakena svayal)l parisodhanlYaIjI. atrarthe drtasikI haku bhiro meru bharo hakudeba
[debal . likhati kiyastha dhanasil)lha. subhal)l.
A document concerning the sale of a plot of land called Yathabi measuring 3 ropani. The plot was
sold by Buddhicirya Devamuni and Dhana of Kvathandutola, Bhaktapur, to Visvarama Bharo of
Tavacapia (mod. Tacapi:), Bhaktapur.
222 Hs. or. 699.
Palm-leaf roll. Damaged, broken into three pieces. Seal attached. Width ca 2,5 cm. Nepilakara.
Sanskrit and Nevin. Dated N.E. 885. Written by Kayastha GUIasal)lkhala (= GUIasaikara).
siddhaIl. sreyo 'stu. samvat 885 ma . . . dasam[ilyil)l ti(thau) srlkhapval)l . . . desaya kvathu(n)du
tola[yilkidhivasinai) grahikai) bu(d)dhadi(r)[j]yo panilaya val)ldekase namni sakasat[tai)l . bibhi
netolayi . . . dhirI[Ilaka dhamanadasil)l bhalo bubha[l)llndrikase nimnena[l)ll . . . simiyil)l daki
Ia . . . etanmadhya duyirtha-ketra nima sal)jfa(kal)). tase katriika duyi balikalaka leo nase 2
bachi bvika cha bvaka purb[bla bvika cha bVika ne bvika sahitana julo. tat[alkatra [rlyathadesaki
laprao(r)taminasal)l tathi sal)lcili(r)ghena suva(r)[l)llna[l)llmilem idiya kryanavikryanasvidha
niyal)l kryana vikryatal)l bhavati. yady asyil)l devika-lijika-vyighita(pa)len(a) tadi dhirI[Ilakena
svayal)l prasvadhaniyal)l. atra patrirthe drtasi(ki) vaj(r)ici(r)[j]ya dhal)lju val)lde dhamanasil)lha
vaj(r)aci(r)[j]ye dhvahmi val)lde mahideo jagasal)lkha bubha[l)llndri mi . . sil)l bubha[l)lndri ja
gao(n)ta bubha[l)llndri bhigi bubha[l)l]ndri dhanadat(t)a bubha[l)llndri . . sivonal)lda[rlsil)l bhilo
italo lil)lca(n)d(r)asiql bhilo. lii[*a kaestha gunasal)lkhala. subha(m).
A deed of sale concerning a plot of land called Duyirthi. It was sold by Dharmanandasil)lha Bhiro
BubhandrLto Buddhacirya PirIarija2 Val)lde, Kvithandutola, Bhaktapur.
1 For dharmanandasitl(ha},
, = Punrija (Panilliya).
Nr. 223-225
Hs. or. 6500.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 3 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevarl. Dated N.E.
791. Written by Kayastha Gamgarama.
siddham. sreyo 'stu. samvat 791 maghasuklatrtlyayan tithau srlkhapvambhimyam snsivagalastha
ne yamchemtolakadhivasin grahaka bhigikasya namnas sakiat sncanigalasthane1 talamarIetolakai
vastavyam dharl)[l)jaka kiikasya namna svaklyam svabhujyamanikam sthinasyauttarapradese, lali
takasya ketrat pa(s)cimatai), hikukasya ketrad uttaratai, grahakasya etrat pirv[v]atai) dakil)a
tas ca. etanmadhye yamthibiketra nama dviropal)ikam rova nasya 2. tatketra yathidesakalapra
vart[t]amanas tatha samcararghela suvan[l)]amilyam idaya krayavikrayasvadhinena krayel)a vi
krlyatam bhavati. yady asyam daivika-rajika-vyaghataparel)a tada dhirl [ l jakena svayam parisodha
nlyam. atrarthe drtasakl meru bharo harirama bhiro narahari bhiro. likhiti kayastha gamgaramai.
A document concerning the sale of a plot of land called Yamthibi, the buyer being Bhigi and the
seller Kii (Bhiro), both fom Yamche(m)tola, Sivagala, Bhaktapur. The size of the plot is 2 ropani.
I For (older) (sri)ca4igalao.
22 Hs. or. 6501.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 2,7 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevarl. Dated
N.E. 876. Written by Kayastha Mohanasimha.
siddham. sreyo 'stu. samvat 876 marg[gjasil()asuklacatuthyaya(n) tithau srlkhapvambhumyam
srlsivagalasthine kvathandutolakadhivasina grahaka bu( d)dhicary[y]a tavadhikakasya namna saka
sat. atraiva sthine ragumadutolakai vastavyam dhin[l]aka jayadeva bharokasya namnena sva
klyam svabhu[r]jyamanikam sthinasya pirv[v]adisapradesya, gathiketena pascimatai) u[r]ttara
tai), srlsrirajaketrena pirv[v]atai, dhanaramakasya ketrena dakinatas ca. etanmadhe dahakoka
tra nama samjiakam. tasya katra(r)ka trrovapanikam rova sva 3. katra yathidesakalapravart[t]a
manas tathi samcararghena suvan[ l ]amilyam idaya krayavikrayasvidhinena krayana vikrlyatam
bhavati. yady asyal)1 daivika-rajlka-vyaghataparena tada dhirl[ljakena svayam parisvadhanlyam.
atra patrarthe drtasakl jagasi(m) jayamalasim. likhiti kayastha mohanasimhai). subha(m).
A deed of sale concering a plot of land called Dahako. The buyer's name is Buddhicarya
Tavadhika of Kvathandutola, Bhaktapur, and that of the seller Jayadeva Bhiro of Ragumadutola,
225 H. or. 6502.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 2,3 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevarl. Dated
N.E. 699. Written by Kayastha Kastabhisa.
siddham. svasti. sreyo 'stu. samvat 699 marg[g]asil()akrla-ekidasyan tithau srlkhapvambhi
myam srlcanig(a)lasthineki[rd]dhivasinl grahaka yitaarachato(lakidhivasin) jakeraja bhirosa nam-
Nr. 225-227
na sakasat. atraiva srlvandimasthinekai vastavyal)l dhirl)[llaka yilal)l\ola vijayaraja kastabhisa
namnena svakiyal)l svabhujyamanikal)l thinasya pfrv[vladisapravese, vijyapaniketra brahmabhoja
nihmal)lsal)l bhimena pascimata, midhavakasya ketrena uttarata, manikaraja bhirokasya ketrena
pfrv[vlata, mframajiena2 dakinat[m]a(l . etanmadhya yethiketra nama sal)ldhyayal)l3. tasya
ketraIkal)l jimau pikarisisa sval)l bosa chi bo rova 5 kara 1 kalechiya sval) bosa chi bo dhirl
[I lakas(y)a adhikila dako tat[ a lketra jathidesakalapravart[ t ]amana( s) tathi sal)lcararghena
suvarl)[l)l(a)mfr(y)am idaya krayavikrayasvadhinena krayana vikrlya[s]ta(l)l) bhavati. jadesyal)l4
devika-rajika-vyaghitaparena tada dharl[llakena svayal)l parisvadhaniyal. atrarthe d,\asai tava
capaQa bhirasil)lha bharo. liitl kayastha ujotasil)ha. subha(m) .
A document attesting the sale of a plot of land called Yethi(bi). The buyer's name is Jakeraja
Bhiro of Canigalalola, Bhaktapur, and that of the seller Vijayaraja Kastabhisa of Yilal)ltola, Bhak
1 Also caniglaO CQ14Iga/aO) is possible.
2 For mirgela.
3 For sartjfakrp.
4 For yady asyilfl.
226 Us. or. 6503.
Palm-leaf roll. Seal attached. Width ca. 3 cm. Nepalikara. Sanskrit and Nevarl. Dated N.E. 855.
Written by Kayastha Mohanasil)lha.
siddhal)l. sreyo 'stu. 855 pauak,l)asaptamyan tithau srlkhapval)lbhumyal)l srlvandimasthine kva
thandutolakidhivasin grahaka bu(d)dhacary[yla pfirl)[l)larajakasya namna sakasat. sotolakai vasta
vyal)l dhirl[ I laka bucheya manidhara bharo harisal)lkara bhiro nehmal)l boba-kayakasya namnena
svakiyal)l svabhujyamanikal)l grhavatikamal)Qalesmin, ja(ya)ratnasil)lkasya grhena uttaratal), mal)l
guthyayam pfrv[vlatal, jayaratnasil)lkasya vatikayall dakinatas ca_ etanmadhya kvathandu-kebi
val)l piyagu ku 49 al)lguli cya 8, yal)l jimaso ku 13 alguli gu 9, pfrb[bla athaka val)l ku chi 1, yal)l
hnasa ku tya 7 1/2 al)lguli nase 2, dakina athaka jimahnasa ku tya 17 1/2 al)lguli khu 6, yal)l cya ku
tya al)lguli hnasa 7, dakina athaka val)l jimaIa ku tya 15 1/2 al)lguli khu 6, yal)l Ia ku 5 x lana chine
mala. tat(r)a g,hamarg[gladhira purv[vla sosima paribhogal)l. tat [a] yathideSakalapavart[t]amanas
tathi sal)lcararghena suva(r)I)[I]amilyam idaya krayavikra(ya)svidhina krayena vikriyatal)l bhava
ti. yady asyall daivika-rajika-vyaghataparena ta( da) dhirl[ I ]akena soyal)l parisodhanlyal)l. atra
patrarthe drlasaki pradhiniga jajianarayana bharo jayarama padmasil)l padmaraya teka na
karm[mli. likhiti kayastha mohanasil)lha. subha(m).
A document concering the sale of a garden (keba) called Kvathandukeba. The garden was sold by
Malidhara Bhiro and UarisaIkara Bhiro, i.e. father and son, of Buchetola, Bhaktapur, to Pfrlara
ja Buddhacarya (Vande) of Kvathandulola, Bhaktapur.
227 Us. or. 6504.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 2,5 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevarl. Dated
N_E. 878. Written by Kayastha Bhijudeva.
Nr. 227-229
siddhal)!. sreyo 'stu. samvat 878 asvilasukladvitiya(n) tithau srlapvaljlbhumyal)! srlsivagarasthine
gvalamaljlgetolakadhivasina grahaka si[rlddhirama bhirokasya namna sakasat. atraiva sthine co
dvara!olakai vastavyal)! dhirl[l)laka dati bhirokasya namnena svakiyal) svabhu[rJiyamanikal)! stha
nasya . . rgvedisapradesye, srlsrlyajuketrela pascimatai, dhanasevikasya ketrel)a uttaratai, . . .
kasya ketrela pirv[vlatai, dhirl[l)laka[kalsya katrel)a dakinatas ca. etanmadhe bhirodvakatra
nama sal)!jfakal)!. asya katrarka s[rlir[dldharovapanikal)! rova cha peka tya 1 1/2. tat[alketra
yathidesakirapravart[tlamanas tathi sal)!cararghena suvarl[l)lamilyam adaya krayavikrayasvadhi
nena krayana vikriyatal)! bhavati. yady asyal)! daivika-rajika-vyaghitaparel)a tada dhirl)[l)lakena
svayal)! parisvadhaniyam. atra patrarthe dr!asakI pradhinarga bhiglrama bhiro jayamalasil! jaya
manda. likhiti kayastha bhijudeva. subha(m).
A deed of sale concerning a plot of land called Bharodva and measuring 1 112 ropani. The buyer's
name is Siddhirama Bhiro of Golamal!ge!ola (mod. Golamaghitola), Sivagala (now Sugala), Bhak
tapur, that of the seller Dati Bhiro of Codvaratola, Sivagala, Bhaktapur.
Hs. or. 6505.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached, Width 3,2 cm. 3 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevarl. Dated
N.B. 859.
siddhal)!. sreyo 'stu. samvat 859 asvinasuklacatu(r)dasyal)! tithau srlmadhyapuristhine srlkhapo
desaya kvathal)ldutorakadhivasinal)! grahika bu(d)dhica(r)[j]ye puneraya val)!dekasya namna saka
sa[l)!tlt[al. naka!orakai va(s)t[rlavyal)! dhirl[llaka dhanava[l)!lnta danaeka[kalsya namnena[l)!l su
kriyal)! svabhujyamanika(l)!) sthanasya vayivyadisapradesel, nadebukatrana pascima[tlta(i)), khu
cabhimena u(t)tala[tlta, miramig[glena pirv[vla[tlta dakhinatas ca. eta(n)madhya inayakvaka
tral)! nama sal)!jfakal)!. tasya[l)!l katrarka cya pirisyal! astabhigana bachi cari ropanika rova pi 4
khucana yita dakhina bvaka chabva ranathi ut(ta)ra bvaka pirb[bla bvaka chabva svabvana sahi u
pi carasa pascimadisa ne pi carasa val)!thu kedisa juro. tat[al katra jathidesakaraprava(r)[sltama
nas tatha sal)!cara(r)ghena suva(r)namirem Maya krayavikrayasvadhinena kryana vikriya[l)!lta(l)!)
bhavati. yady asyal)! daivika-rajika-vyaghataparena tada dhi(r)nakena svayal)! parisvadhaniyal)!. ata
patrarthe drtasakhi jayasil)!ha vaj(r)acar[j]ye mahantasil)!ha bubhandri gunamanasil)lha sal)!
khalasil)!ha vaj(r)acar(j)ye nalaljaya duvala bubhandri manapirl)[llasil)! duva(la) bubhandri ma
nidhara bubhandri dhanamanasil)! bubhandri maheSvara duvala bubhandri bhimasyal)l danaeka bu
bhandri darita sadhava[l)!lnta duva(la) vaj(r)aca(r)[j]ye amarasiljl val)!de ramacal!drasil)l ta . . kha
taka . . . vamisil)lha. subha(m).
A document concering the sale of a plot of land called Inayakva in Madhyapuri (mod. Thimi).
The buyer's name is Buddhicarya Pirlaraja Vande from Kvathandu!ola, Bhaktapur, that of the
seller Dhanavanta Danayaka from Nakatola, Bhaktapur (or Thimi).
1 For vayavyao.
Hs. or. 6506.
Paim-leaf rdll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 2,4 cm. 2 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and NevarL
Dated N.E. 728. Written by Kayastha Jayarama.
Nr. 229-231
siddhaI)1. svasti. snsrljayatrailokyamalladebaprabhu-thakurasana prasMarapa. grhamalgalasmin
sn-3-devakasya bhUmela pascimatal), grahakasya grhela uttaratal) pirv[v]atal, lathyaI)1 dakil).atas
ca. etanmadhye bilachatola vijalahari kvacheI)1-naniya Iibiche yaI)1 0 yeona jimau ku 16 thaI)1na kva
thvana kyaI)kva matananaI)1 sahita Iibicana chena vaI)1thva. thva cheya adhikara dako sakaleI)1
juroI)1. tat[a]grha marg[g]adhara pirv[v]a sosima paribhogaI)1. tat[a] yathadesakalapravart[t]amanas
tatha saI)1cararghela suvarl[l]apupamalargha praghaukltam Maya krayavikrayasvMhinena kraye
na vikrltaI)1 bhavati. snkhapvaI)1bhimyaI)1 srlsivagalasthane bilachatolakadhivasina vilusiI)1ha dai
vajda namne prasadikrtaI)1. atra patrarthe drlasrutasaki dravyasiI)1ha bharo. Iikhiti kayastha jaya
rama. samvat 72 pauabadi 9. subhaI).
A document attesting the sale of a house called Libiche ("backyard house ") and measuring 16
cubits from north to west including the small backyard (Ubica) attached to it. The house was sold by
King Jayatrailokya Malia of Bhaktapur (1561-1613 A.D.) to VilusiI)1ha Daivajda of Bilachatola,
Sivagala, Bhaktapur.
230 Us. or. 6507.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width 3 cm. 3 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and NevarL Dated
N.E. 783. Written by Kayastha Devarama.
siddhaI)1. sreyo 'stu. samvat 783 phalgu[l]nasuldacaturd[d]asyan tithau sr1khapvaI)1bhUmyaI)1 snsi
vagalasthane yaI)lche!olakadhivasin grahaka bhagi bharokasya namnal) sakasat. svatolakai vasta
vyaI)1 dhafl[l)]aka bhlma bharokasya namna svaklyaI)1 svabhujyamanikaI)1 sthanasya uttarapradese,
sivaramasya ketrat pascimatal), nirjharM uttaratal, ketrat pirv[v]atal, tur(a)slramasya ketrad
dakilatas ca. etanmadhye mesagilaketra nama saI)1jdakaI)l. tatketraika dviropanikaI1 rova nasya
2. tat[ a ]ketra yathadesakalapravart[ t]amanas tatha saI)1cararghela suvarl[ l]amilyam Maya
krayavikrayasvMhinena krayana vikriyataI)1 bhavati. yady asyaI)1 daivika-rajika-vyaghataparel)a ta
da dhafl)[l]akena svayaI)1 palisodhanlyaI)1. (p)atrarthe sak1 dathubahara datehmaI)1 bhiju harirama
narahari bharo. likhati kayastha devarama. subhaI)1.
A document concering the sale of a plot of land called Mesagala and measuring 2 ropanis. The
seller is Bhlma Bharo foYaI)1chetola, Sivagala (mod. Sugala), Bhaktapur, the buyer Bhagi Bhiro of
the same locality. For the convenience of the owner the buyer's name, i.e., bhagi, is noted on the
back of the roll.
231 U. or. 6508.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 2,8 em. 3 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and NevarL
Dated N.E. 700. Written by Kayastha Narayal)asiI)lha.
siddhaI1. sreyo 'stu. samvat 700 caitrasukladvitiyayaI)1 tithau srikhapvaI)1bhUmyaI)1 srlsivagala
sthine yI)1cheI)1tolakadhivasina grahaka tapa bharokasya namna sakasat. atraivasthane svatolake
nivasi dhirl[l]aka janaraja bhiro jakharaja bharo vijaya bharo svahmaIsa namnena svaklyaI)1
svabhujyamanikaI)1 grhapatalabhuI1 jasirama bhiro melahmaI)1kasya libibhumena pascimata(s) ja
kasiI)l bharo atraja bharokasya grhena uttarata, ramasiI)1ha bharokasya grhela pirv[v]ata, grahaka-
Nr. 231-233
sya libibhimena dakil)atas ca. etanmadhye yaqtcheqttola lache yotacheqt yevo yaqtvona ka kha[qt]
Ia jimasva ku 13 tya 1/2 vaqtvo yovona du jimacha ku 11 1/2 thvate juro. tasya patalamirg[g]adhara
pirv[v]a sva sima paribhogaqt. tat[a]yathadesakalapravart[t]aminas tatha saqtcararghela suvafl
[I)]amilyam Maya krayavikrayasvMhinena krayel)a viknyataqt bhavati. yadesya' devlka-rajlka
vyaghataparel)a tada dharl)[l]akena svayaqt parisvadhanlyaqt. atra patrarthe drtasrutasaki sva lola
krl)a bharo ujhanathaqtcheqt krl)a bharo sva lola tapa bharo. likhiti kayastha nirayal)asiqtha. thva
cheqtya laqtco ko pusyaqt che dar qt]Iana du kaya dava juroqt. subhaqt.
A document concering the sale of a building-site (grhapitila) measuring 13 1/2 cubits (north
south) and 11 1/2 cubits (east-west). The sellers are Janaraja Bharo, Yakaraja2 Bharo and Vijaya
Bharo of Yaqtche(qt)tola, Bhaktapur; the buyer is Tapa Bhiro of the same tala.
1 For yady asyaf.
2 Jakhadja,
232 Hs. or. 6509.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Damaged. Width 2,8 cm. 3 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and
Nevar!' Dated N .E. 851 Written by Kayastha MohanasiIpha.
siddhaqt. sreyo 'stu. samvat 851 asvinakrl)advadasyan lithau snkhapvaqtbhumyaqt srlsl(va)gara
sthane yachetolakadhiva(si)n grihaka napita devisiqtkasya nanma sakasat. srlvandigarasthane sala
kvalimatolakai vastavyaqt dharl)[l]aka manandhala bhayisiIpkasya namna svakiyaqt svabhujyama
nikaqt sthanasya pirv[v]adisapradese, manisiqtkasya ketrena pascimatal, saqtkaradevakasya ke
trena uttaratal, snsrlrajaketrena purv[v]atal, sukhudevakasya ketrena dakinatas ca. etanmadhya
svadhalabuketra nama saqtjfiakaqt. tasya katranka srMdha' tr( . . ) rovapanikaqt rova sva 3 karkha
nasya 2. tat[a]ketra yathadesakalapravart[t]amanas tatha sa(qt)cararghena suvarl[l]amilyam
Maya krayavikrayasvMhinena krayena vikriyataqt bhavati. jady asyiql daivika-rajika-vyighitapare
na tada dhirl[llakena soyaqt parisodhaniyaqt. atra patrarthe drlasaki pradhaniIiga yajfanarayana
bhiro jagatsiqt ramesvara. likhiti kayastha mohanasiIpha. subha(m).
A document concering the sale of a plot of land called Svadhala and measuring 3 112 ropani. It
was sold to Devlsiqtha Napita of Yache(qt)tola, Bhaktapur, by Bhalsiqtha Manandhara of Salakvali
matola, Bhaktapur.
For sar[dJdha.
Hs. or. 6510.
Palm-leaf roll. Width ca. 2,5 cm. 3 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevan. Dated N. E. 833.
siddhaqt. sreyo 'stu. samvat 883 philgulakrladasam[ya]yiqt tithau srlapvaqtbhumyaqt snvandi
vagarasthane saranatolakMhivasina grahaka ramadatti maqtgaragiri gusayikasya namna sakasat.
atraiva sthane' magukvatolakai vastavyaqt dharl[ I ]aka mani bharokasya nimnena svakiyaqt sva
bhu[rljyamanikaqt grhamalQalesmin cakradhakasya grhel)a pascimatal, pvaqtsiqt dhalakasya grhe-
Nr. 233-235
Ia u[r]ttaratal) , varpsa . . . khara jimasva ku 13 arpguri pi 4 katha ji ku 10 arpgu pi 4 dakirp khe
khara niyasva ku 23 katha jimacha ku 11 daki libibarp jimasva ku 13 yarp ne ku 2 daki libibarp ji ku
10 yasva ku tya 3 112 u[r]tta(ra) khe khara jimape ku 14 arpguri khu 6 katha r ku tya 5 112 pachirp
khe khara jimacha ku 11 ar(guri) 10 katha sva ku 3 arp(guri) 5 libibarp gu ku 9 arp(guri) 6 yarp
jimacha ku 11 arp(guri) 10. tat[a]grhamarg[g]adhara pirv[v]a sosima . . . rgheI)a suvarI)[I]amilyam
adaya krayavikrayasvadhinena krayana vikrlyatarp bhavati. yady asyarp daivika-rajika-vyaghatapa
reI)a tada dharI[I)]akena svayarp parisvadhaniyarp. atra patrarthe drtasakl pradhanarga bhirp
khvaradhana bharo jagadeva kalmi namasirp kalmi sivadeva kalmi yamasirp kalmi da[r]ttasirp kalmi.
likhiti . . . (su)bha(m).
A deed of sale concerning the sale of a house by MaIi Bharo of Magukvatola, Bhaktapur, to
Ramadatti Margalagiri Gosairp of Sararatola, Bhaktapur.
24 Hs. or. 6511.
Palm-leaf roll, slightly damaged. Width ca. 3 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and NevarL Dated N.E.
678. Written by Kayastha Sutha.
siddharp. sreyo 'stu. samvat 678 asvinikrIatrayodasyan tithau srlkhapvaIlIbhimyarp srlvandima
sthane ga<acherptolakadhivasine grahaka bharasirpha bharokasya namna sakasat. atraiva sthane
svatolakavastavyaIp dharI[I]aka srl-3-cak(r)eSvaraparamesvarapijari sarpthudeva bharo pramu
khasa namna sukiyarp svabhujyamanikarp gr(ha)ma[rp]I)<alesmin krIakasya grhena pascimata,
ubhayadharasana uttarata, bhimasirphakasya bhumena pirv[v]ata, uhnasasirpha bharasirpha
ubhayakasya bhumeha dakiI)atas ca. etanmadhe ga<achertola yarpbikvacher-naniya libicherp
sakha bo laka bo tharpnarp kva thvanakerp kva matanana sahita palabhurp jurorp. tat[a]grhapat[h]a
labhurp pirv[v]asima paribhogarp. tat[a]yathadesakilapravart[t]amanas tatba sarcarargheIa suvar
I[I]amilem adaya krayavikrayasvadhinena krayena vikrlyatar bhavati. yady asyarp devika-rajika
vyagbataparena tada dharI[ I ]akena svayarp parisodhanlyam. atra patrarthe drtasrutasakhi jelarp
tola maya bharo yarpcherptola jayakeraja bharo. likhiti kayastha sutha. subhar. patyub[b]arbhi
yabharI[I)]a-tarpkana paramesvarasa sijalana jalahari dayakeyatarp jurorp.
A document concerning the sale of a house called Libiche in Ga<acherptola, Bhaktapur. The
buyer's name is Bhirasirpha Bhiro of Ga<acherptola in Vandima, Bhaktapur, that of the seller
Sarpthudeva BMro.
235 Hs. or. 6508.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 2,8 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and NevarL Dated
N.E. 833. Written by Daivajna Ratnaraja.
siddharp. subha(rp). samvat 833 marg[g]asir()asukla [II] dasa[rp]myan tithau srlpiIyavatisthana
d[d]hivaino grahaka apodesaya tavacapalatoraya bisorama bbarokasya namna sakasat[a]. tatraiva
sthine dhirI[I]aka panati aragathitoraya tavadhyaka bharokasya namnena sUkriyarp sobhujyemani
karp thinasya dlsapradesena, dhalabhumena pascimata, dakinata(l) srlrajabhumena, uttarata(i)
purv[v]atas ca. eta(n)madhya kvamatherabu nama sarpjnakarp bhavati. tat[ai]katratyal trtiyaropa-
Nr. 235-237
nikaJ bu rova 1, kvamatheIa-bu karkha 2, bakhu jolaJ-bu karkha 2, khvadolagama bu karkha 1,
dhalakva-bu karkha 2, khanila-bu. tat[a]katra jathadesakalapravart[t]amana(s) tatha saJcala(r)
gh[r]ena suvarn[n]amiryam idaya krayavikrayasvadina krt vikrttaJ bhavati. jady asya(J) devi(ka)
rajika-vyaghata(parena svayaJ) parisodhaniyaJ. atra patrarthe dflasaki srtsrtjayabhipatlndra
malla-thakula sodesapramana motiraja sivanana dhanarama betirama si[r]ddhiraja cakrasiJ bekha
rama mirendrasiI. devisiJ p(a)rasurama gaJgidhara paJca sakaleIa. likhili daivajia ratnaraja.
A deed of sale conerning a plot of land in Panauti called KvamatheIa and measuring 2 3/4 ropani.
The buyer's name is Visvarama2 Bharo of Tavacapalalola, Bhaktapur, that of the seller Tavadhika
Bharo of Aragathilola, Panauti'.
1 For "tanka.
2 = Bisorama.
3 = Pugyavatl(sthaa).
236 Hs. or. 6513.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 3 cm. 3 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevart.
Dated N.B. 855. Written by Kayastha MohanasiJha.
siddhaJ. sreyo 'stu. samvat 855 pauakrnanavamya[J]n tithau srlkhapvaJbhumyaJ srlsivaga
rasthane yachelolakidhivasin grihaka dhanaJjaya bharokasya namna sakasat[a] . atraiva sthane
kvathandulolakai vastavyaJ dharn[n]aka tekana(ra)siJ bharo knnahari bharo nehmaJ phukijaka
sya namnena svakiyaJ svabhujyamanikaJ sthanasya pirv[v]adisapradese, cakrasiJkasya katrena
pascimatal, nadyayaJ u[r]ttaratal, harikasya katrena pirv[v]atal), dharn[n ]aka[ka]sya katrena
dakinatas ca. etanmadhya sadhyabukatra nama saJjiakaJ. tasya katraIka astarovapanikaJ rova
cya 8. tat[a]katra yathadesakilapravart[t]amanas tatha saJcararghena suvarn[n]amilyam idaya
krayavikrayasvidhinena krayena vikrtyataJ bhavati. yady asyaJ daivika-rajika-vyaghataparena ta
da dharn[l]akena svayaJ parisvadhaniyaJ. atra patrarthe drlasaki pradhanaIga yajianarayana
bharo jagatsiJ ramesvara. likhiti kayastha mohanasiJha. subha(m).
A document concering the sale of a plot of land called Sadhya(bu) and measuring 8 ropani. The
buyer is DhanaJjaya Bharo of Yachelola, Bhaktapur, the sellers are the two brothers TekanarasiJ-
ha Bharo and Krl)ahari Bharo of Kvathandulola, Bhaktapur.
237 Hs. or. 6514.
Palm-leaf roll. Damaged. Width ca. 2,2 cm. 3 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and NevarL Dated N.B.
696. Written by Kayastha RaghavasiJha.
siddhaJ. svasti. srtsrtjayatrailokyamalladebaprabhu-lhakurasena prasidarapa. grhavalika pata
labhuJ meJgu . . yaJ pachimata, rathyayaJ uttarat[r]a(l), srlsrtrajakulabhumena pirv[v]ata, gra
hakasya grhena dakinatas ca. etanmadhye tekhacolola-pukhuri yata patalabhuJ vaJ 0 yoona
jiIuapya ku 14, 'yaJ 0 yeona nlya ku 20, pramina ra jagu theJ cheJ da[J]ne dava juroJ. tat[a]
grhapatalabhuJ alika pirv[v]a sosima paribhogaJ. tat[a] yathidesakalapravart[t]amanas tatha saJ-
Nr. 237-239
cararghe!a suvar![!]apupamaJargha(l!l) prachaukltam idaya krayavikrayasvidhinena kraye!1a vi
knyatal!l. bhavati. snkha[pva]pval!lbhimyal!l sncanigalasthane tekhacotolagrhidhivasin IUl!lgu na
me prasadikrt. atra patrarthe drtasrutasakI srlkr!adeva. likhiti kayastha raghavasiIpha. samvat
696 j(y)ethasuddhi 5. subha(m).
A document concerng the sale of a building-site (itilabhul) measuring 14 cubits (west-east)
and 20 cubits (north-south). The site was sold by King layatrailokya Malla of Bhaktapur (1561-1613
A. D.) to a man called LUl!lgu from Tekhacotola, Bhaktapur.
238 Us. or. 6515.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width 3 cm. 3 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevar!' Dated
N .E. 777. Written by Kayastha Devarama.
siddhal!l. sreyo 'stu. samvat 777 maghasukiadvitiyan tithau srlkhapval!lbhimyal!l srlsivagalasthine
bilachatolakadhivasin grahaka daivajia kutukasya namnaIt sakasat. devasthine cochel!ltolakai va
stavyal!l dhir![lJ]aka satya bharokasya namna svakIyal!l svabhujyamanikal!l grhama!calesmin hari
kasya grhat pascimatai), harithvasakasya grhid uttaratai, balikasya grhit pirv[v]atai) , ma!asil!l
gayaramasya grhid dakilatas ca. etanmadhye cochel!ltola lipache-khe khi!.a ria ku 5 tha[l!]rakva
chena kechi libi yti prikira!a sahita Ii pirv[v]a svasimi thel!l. tat[ai] grhamarg[g]adhira pirv
[v]a svasima palibhogal!l. tad yathidesakalapravart[t]amanas tathi sal!lcarirghela suvar![!]amil
yam adaya krayavikrayasvadhinena krayena vikrIyatal!l bhavati. yady asyal!l devika-rajika-vya
laparela tada dhiI[l]akena svay palisodhanIyal!l. atra patrarthe drtasrutasikI yal!lpalache
bhiyadeva bhiro talamce harirama bhiro ghatakhi nasasil!l karmi nakatola tuiasidasa karmi.
likhiti kayastha devaramai). subhal!l.
A document concering the sale of a house called Lipache measuring 5 cubits with a backyard
(libi) including the wall (rikira). The seller is Satya Bharo of Cochel!ltola, Bhaktapur, the buyer
Daivajia Kutu fom Bilachatola, Bhaktapur.
Us. or. 6516.
Pahn-leaf roll, damaged. Width ca. 3,5 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevar!' Dated N.E. 771.
Written by Kayastha Sivasarikara.
siddhal!l. sreyo 'stu. samvata 771 maghakrlJacatu(r)thyayal!l tithau srlkhapval!lbhimyal!l snvadi
masthine tavacapaJatolakidhivasina grahaka ra[r]tnasil!l bhirokasya namna sakasat[a]. srlsivagala
sthine golamal!lcetolakai vastavyal!l dhar![l]aka bhimabhirokasya namne suklyal!l svabhujyamani
kal!l sthanasya pO . . . (e)tanmadhye natasikatra !ima sarijiakal!l. tasya katrarika duropanikal!l
rova 2 kara nase 2 byaka yta eta byaka ne catalana sahita. tat[a]katra yathideakalapravart[t]a
mana(s) tatha sal!lcala(r)ghela suvar![!]amilyam adaya krayavikrayasvadhinena[l!l] krayena vi
krIyat bhavati. yadesyal!l devika-rajika-vyaghitapa(re!a) . . . raja dh(a?)lava. likhiti kayastha
sivasarikara. subham.
A deed of sale concering a plot of land called Natasi and measuring 2 1/2 ropanis. The buyer's
name is RatnasiI(ha) Bharo of Tavacapalatola, Bhaktapur, that of the seller BhIma Bhiro of
Golamal!lce(ola, Bhaktapur.
Nr. 240-242
240 Hs. or. 6517.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Slightly damaged by insects. Width ca. 3 cm. Nepalakara.
Sanskrit and Nevan. Dated N.E. 850. Written by Kayastha MohanasiIpha.
sreyo '(stu). samvata 850 bhadrapadakrla-astamyan tithau srlkhapvaljlbhumyaljl srlvandigara
sthana kvathandutolakMhiva(si)na grahaka bu(d)dhacary[yla pifl[llarajakasya namna sakasat[al.
srlcanigarasthine ichutolakai vistavyaljl dharl)[llaka bhavinidattakasya nimnena sukiyaljl sobhuj
yaminikaljl sthinasya uttaradisapradese, srlcaturbhujarijakasya ketrena pirv[vlatai) , khalpamarg
[glena uttaratai) , manabhirokasya ketrena (pa)scimatai, go!hiketrena dakinatas ca. etanmadhye
vantibuketra nima saljjiaka[il. tasya ketranka caturovapanikaljl rova pi 4. tat[alketra yathade
sakilapravart[t laminas tatha saljlcirarghena suvafl)[ I lamilyam Miya krayavikrayasvidhinena
krayena vikriyatall bhavati. yady asyiljl daivika-rajika-vyighitaparena tada dhirl[ I lakena svayaljl
parisodhaniyaljl. atra patrirthe dr!asiki pradhininga yajianariyana bMro jagatsiljlha ramesvara.
Iikhiti kiyastha mohanasiljlha. subha(m).
A deed of sale concering a plot of land called Vanti(bu) and measuring 4 ropani. The plot was
sold to Pirlaraja Buddhacirya (Vande) of K vithandu!ola, Bhaktapur, by Bhavinidatta of Ichu!ola,
241 H. or. 6518.
Palm-leaf roll, badly damaged. Width ca. 3 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and NevarL Dated N .E.
884. Written by Kiyastha Krl)amina.
siddhaljl. subha(Il). samvata 884 baisaabadi 9. kamakhvatabuya ku-pari(mana) (c)osya tayi
bhakha thvate. thava busi(hara) dinanaljl divirima samiya bu(sihara)toljl satachiva niyacya ku 128
. . . ya ku chaya davagu busahira . . . busaharatoljl piyacha ku tya 41 112 . . . rajabusahiraljl dananal
khapobusihiratoljl satachiva jimacya ku 118 pachikheyi ku chake mara. amarasiIpna samiyi busi
haraljl daninaljlgu busa(hi)ratoljl [/l piyakhu ku 46 utta(ra)kheya ku thvate bhu kuparlma[ljllnaljl
cosya takva bhu pirl[llarija valjldeya bhu sahita juro. thvateya dr!asaki dhamanaljlQasiljna1
bubhaljldri jayasaljlkha bubhaljldri manasiljlna bubhaljldri jagavaljlta bubhaljldri bhigi bubhaljldri
dhanadat(t)a bu(bhaljl)dri itara rimacaljldrasiljlna bharo. rikhita kiyastha kr(la)ma[ljlna.
A document recording the measurements of a plot of land called Kamakhvita(bu).
1 For dharmanandasira.
242 Hs. or. 6519.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 2 cm. Nepalikara. Sanskrit and Nevarl. Dated N .E.
822. Written by Daivajia Bilakrla.
siddhall. svadti. srljayabhipatindramalladebaprabhu-thakulasana prasidilapi. sthinasya pasci
madisapradese, mirg[glela pascimatai), nadyim uttaratai) pirv[vlatai, prapitasimiyaljlkasya ka-
Nr. 242-244
trad dakil)atas ca. etanmadhye dhalakhusikatra sar.jiakar. tatkatraika sar[d]dha caturopal)ikar.
rova pi 4 kara nasya 2. tat[al)]katra yathidesakalapravart[t]amal)as tatha sar.cararghel)a suvarl)
[l)]apupamalargha(r) pra<haukitam adaya krayavikrayasvidhinena krayala viknyatar. bhavati.
snkhapvabhumyar srlsivagalasthane yarchetolagrhadhivasina ramadeva namne prasadikrtar.. atra
patrarthe drtasaki mata snlalamatldevl haku bharo. likhiti daivajia bilakrlal). sar.(vat) 822
karttikasudi 13. subhar..
A document concering the sale of a plot of land called Dhalakhusi measuring 4 ropani by King
Bhipatindra Malla of Bhaktapur (1696-1722 A.D.) to Ramadeva of Yar.chetola, SivagaJa, Bhak
23 Hs. or. 6520.
Pah-Ieaf roll, damaged. Clay-seal attached. Width 2,5 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevan.
Dated N.B. 830. Written by Daivajia Ratnaraja.
siddbar. subha(r.). samvata 830 pau!asukla [II] catu(r)dasyar tithau snpul)yavatisthanadhivasino
grahaka apodesaya bisorama bharokasya namna saka(sa)t[al. tatraiva sthane dharlJ [lJ]aka agathato
raya ramadeva bhirokasya namnena sUkrlyar sobhujyamanikar thanasya uttaradisapradesena,
gothik!atre(na) pascimata, gothikatrena uttarata, gothikatrena pirv[v]ata, grahakakatrena
daki(la)tas ca. eta(n)madhe chekobu nama sarjiakar bhavati. tat[a]katraika bu rova 2. tat[a]
ktra bvaka sabita jathadesakarapravart[t]amana(s) tatha sarcararghena suvarlJ[l]amir(y)am
idaya krayavikrayasyedinena1 krlya vikdtar. bhavati. jady asya(r) devika-rajika-vyaghataparena
pari(sodha)niyar ca. atra patrarthe drtasaki snapobhum(a)yar. snsrijayabhipatlndra(ma)llade
va-thakura so[dha]desaya pramana pir![l]a sir.habhiro candraseara bhayarama [bhayarama] dha
narama venirama sirama devisir mahadeva bekha narendrasir cukadhyaka dnkhi salikadeva rama
deva dhanaram(a) jayahari devara(ma) . . . va natha cukuti. likhiti daivajia ratnaraja. subha(m).
A document attesting the sale of a plot of land called Cheko(bu) and measuring 2 ropani. It was
sold to Visvarama2 Bharo of Bhaktapur, residing in PUlyavati (mod. Panauti), by Ramadeva Bharo
of Agathatola, PUlyavatL One of the witnesses is King Bhipatindra MalIa of Bhaktapur (1696-1722
1 For svidhinena.
2 = Bisorama.
24 Hs. or. 6521.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 3 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and NevarL Dated N.B.
793. Written by Kayastha JayacakrasiIllha.
siddha. svasti. snsrljayajitamitramalladebaprabhu-thakurasana prasidarapa. vatikamal)<ares
min grabakasya bhimena pascimatal), sukadevakasya bhimena uttaratal) purv[v]atal), grahaka[ka]
sya bhimena dakinatas ca. eta[ r]nmadbe lar.racha-che vor 0 yar 0 gu ku tya 9 1/2 yar 0 yeo
hnas(a) ku 7 thana kvatara lana chane mara. tat[ a]marg[g]adhala pirv[v]a sosima paribhogar. tat[a]
Nr. 244-246
yathadesakaJaprava(r)t[tjamanas tatha saJcararghela suvafl)[l)japupamalargha(!l) pra<haukitam
idaya krayavikrayasvadhinena krayena vikriyata!Jl bhavati. snkbapva!JlbhumyaJ snsivagarasthane
ra!garacbalora-grhadhivasi bhagi namne prasidlkrta!Jl. atrarthe saki mata snsrlpadmavatidevl de
varama. likbiti kayastha jayacakrasi!ha. samvat 793 pauasud[vjI 15. subha(m).
A document concering the sale of a house called La!racha( che) in Ra!garachatola1, Bhaktapur.
I was sold to Bhagi from La!rachatola, Sivagala, Bhakt
pur, by King Jayajitamitra Mala, Bhakta
pur (1673--1696 A.D.). The measurements are 9 112 cubits from east to north and 7 cubits from north
to south.
245 U. or. 6522.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 2,5 cm. NepaJakara. Sanskrit and Nevarl. Dated
N.E. 717. Written by Kayastha GopaJasi!ha.
siddha!. sreyo 'stu. samvata 717 maghakrla-atamya! tithau snkbapvabhimya! snvandima
sthane tavacapiatolakidhivasina gihaka bic; bharokasya narn a sakasat. atraiva sthane ga<ache
tolakalivasi dhlrl[l)jaka marakala1 jikitakasya namne suklyaJ svabhujyemanika(J) sthanasya
pirv[v)a[ta)disapradese, snsrlrajakulaketrel)a pascimata u(t)tara[rt)tal pirv[v)atal dakil)atas ca.
etanmadhye thvalagamake(tra) nama saJjie[I)ka!. tasya katra(I)ka ji pe kalisisa pe bosa chi bo
dVlropanikaJ rova nasya 2 krakba2 2 disaya thva do juro. dyaIl chaya jukvaya uti dayakaJ vahmaJ
datasa[Jjna! ra datasa[!)na uti juro. tat[ajketra yathidesakaJapravart[t)amanas tatha saJcarar
ghena suvarl[ljamil(y)am idaya krayavikrayasvidhinena krayena vikrlyata! bhavati. yady asyaJ
devlka-raji(ka)-vyaghatapalena tada dhirl)[I))akena svayaJ palisva[J]haniyaJ. atra patra(r)the
dntasrut(r)asaki tha!karachalola vikrama bharo. Iikbiti kayastha gopalasi!ha. bhiya punar bha
kba. thva buya mirapati pehma! sa!matakala3 oIasa kadacita gaya!gala4 dataIasya! marakala
jikitana milapati pi bisya! kene mala juro. subha(m).
A document concerning the sale of a plot of land called Thvalagama and measuring 2 112 ropani.
Te plot was sold by Malakara Jikita of Ga<achetola, Vandima, Bhaktapur, to Bica Bharo of
TavacapaJarola, Bhaktapur.
1 For ra/aMra.
2 For karkha (= kara).
3 For sambatt.
4 For kayartlgal.
2 Hs. or. 6523.
Palm-leaf roll. Width ca. 3 cm. Nepalakara. Clay-seal attached. Sanskrit and NevarL Dated N .E.
850. Written by Kayastha Mohanasi!Jlha.
siddh3J. sreyb 'stu. samvat 850 bhadrapadakrlacatu(r)thyan tithau inkbapvaJbhumyaJ irlvan
digarasthane tavacapaJatolakadhiva(si)na grahaka u(d)dhavakasya na(mna) sakasit[aj. srlcanigara-
Nr. 246248
sthane dalachetolakai vastavyaljl dharl[llaka jayaharikasya namne[nelna sukiyaljl svabhujyamani
kaljl sthanasya dakinadisapradeSe, dhanaramukasya ketrena purv[vlatai, ka[rJii harisaljlkarakasya
ketrena uttaratai), sntavadheka bhajukasya ketrena pascimatai, marg[glena dakinatas ca.
etanmadhya paiakhvatabu-ketra nama saljljfakaljl. tasya ketraika dvirovapanikaljl rova nasya 2.
tat[al ketra yathidesakalaprava(r)t[tlamanas tathi saljlcararghena suvarl[l)lamilyam idaya kraya
vikrayasvadhinena krayana vikriyataljl bhavati. yady asyaljl daivika-rajika-vyaghataparena tada
dharl)[llakena svayaljl parisvadhaniYaljl. atra patra(r)the drtasaki pradhinaiga yajfanarayana
bharo jagatsitpha ramesvara. likhiti kayastha mohanasiljlha. subha(m).
A deed of sale concering a plot of land called Paii khvata and measuring 2 ropani. The plot of
land was sold to Uddhava of Tavacapalatola, Bhaktapur, by Jayahari of Dalachetola, Bhaktapur.
247 U. or. 6524.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 3 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevar!' Dated N.E.
813. Written by Kayastha Dhanadasil)1ha.
siddhaljl. svasti. srlsnsumatijayajitamitramalladebaprabhu-thakulasana prasidalapa. sthanasya
pirv[vladlsapradese harinanakasya1 \etrela pascimatai, marg[glela uttaratai), srl-2-rajakasya ke
trela puscimatai2, sn-2-rajakasya ketrel)a dakilatas ca. etanmadhye nakaplbu-katra nama saljl
jfakaljl. tasya katraika catu[rthalropanikaljl rova pe pyaka 4. tat[alkatra yathidesakalapra
va(r)t[tlamanas tatha saljlcararghe1)a suvarl)[llapupamidargha(1jl)3 pra<haukitam idaya
krayavikrayasvadhinena[ljll krayana vikrayataljl bhavati. srlkhapvaljbhimyaljl snsivagalasthane
yaljlchetolagrhidhivasi bhigi namnela prasidikrtaljl. atra patrarthe drtasakl mata snsnpadmava
tidevi pradhanaiga hiku. likhiti kayastha dhanad[dlasiljlha. samvat 813 aidhasudi 11. subha(m).
A document attesting the sale of a plot of land called Nakapl(bu) and measuring 4 ropani. It was
sold by King Jayajitamitra MalIa of Bhaktapur (1673-1696 A.D.) to Bhigi of Yalchetola, Sivagala,
I For harinirdya'ako.
2 For poet.
: For miltrgha'l.
2 Us. or. 6525.
Palm-leaf roll. Damaged and broken into pieces. Width ca. 2,5 cm. 3 lines, the beginning of which
is missing. Sanskrit and Nevan. Dated N.B. 813. Written by Kayastha Dhanasiljlha .
. . . 813 asvilakrlapa[ljllftcamyaljl tithau srlkhapvaljlbhimya(ljl) snvandimasthane tacapatola
kidhivasina grahaka visvarama bharokasya namna s[ylakasat. sa eva sthane yevalaljl!olakai vasta
vyaljl dhafl[llaka bu(d)dhicary[yla sugakasya namna svaklyaljl svabhujyamanikaljl sthanasya pirv
[vladisa . . . makasya katrat pascimatai, visvaharikasya katrid uttaratai), cakrasiljlkasya katrat
pirv[vlatai), gothlkatrad dakil)atas ca. etanmadhye kvanacakvakatra nama saljljftakaljl . tat[aJ
katraika paljlcaropanikaljll rova pi 4. tat[alkatra yathadesakalapravart[tlamanas tatha saljlcarar
ghel)a suvarlamilyam adaya (kraya)vikrayala viknyataljl bhavati. yady asyaljl daivika-rajika-vya-
Nr. 248-250
ghitaparel}a tada dhirl[I)]akena svayaJjl parisodhaniyaJjl. atrithe drtasaksi pradhinanga hiku
bhiro meru bhiro hikudeva deva. likhati kayastha dhanasiJjlha. subhaJjl.
A deed of sale concerning a plot of land called K vanacakva and measuring 4 (or 5) ropani. The
name of the seller is Buddhicarya Suga of YevalaJjl!ola, Bhaktapur, that of the buyer Visvarama
Bhiro of Tavacapalatola, Bhaktapur. The measurements of the plot are first given in figures as 4 and
later, in words, as "fve".
1 Possibly incorrect for cate,
29 Hs. or. 6526.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 4 em. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevan. Dated N.E.
878. Written by Kayastha Bhijudeva.
siddhaJjl. sreyo 'stu. samvat 878 philgul)akrladvitiyayaJjl tithau snapvaJjlbhumyiJjl snvandiga
lasthine yatachetolakadhivasina grahaka gvabiJ(da)dasa bhirokasya namna sakasat. so!olakai
vastavyal)l dhirl)[l)]aka jayadhal) bhirokasya namnena svakiyal)l svabhu[rJiyamanikal)l grhamal)
Qalesmin gvavil)l(da)dasakasya grheI
Ja pascimata uttaratal, marg[g]el)a pirv[v]ata, jayadhall
kasya grhela daki(la)tas ca. etamnadhye yatache-khe khana hnasa ku 7 katha jimakhu ku 16 Iibi
baJjl sva ku 3 yaJjl hnasa ku 7 tala grhamarg[g]adhira pirv[vJa sosima paribhogaJjl. tat[a] yathade
sakalapravart[t]amanas tathi sal)lcararghena suvarl)[l)]amilyam adaya krayavikrayasvadhinena
krayana vikrlyatal)l bhavati. yady asyal)l daivika-rajika-vyaghitaparela tada dhirl)[l)]akena svayaJjl
parisvadhaniyam. atra patrarthe dr!asaki pradhinaIga bhigirama bhiro padmasil)l kalmi jaga( d)
deva kalmi nemasil)l kalmi sivadeva kalmi da(r)ttasil)l kalmi. Iikhiti kayastha bhijudeval. subha(m).
A document concering the sale of a house known as yatache. The measurements given are 7
cubits (breadth), 16 cubits (length, middle part) and 3 cubits (backyard). The house was sold by
Jayadhana Bhiro of Yatachetola, Bhaktapur, to Govindadasa Bhiro of the same tala.
250 Hs. or. 6527.
Palm-leaf roll, damaged. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 2,5 cm. 3 lines, end of line 1 and 2 missing.
Nepalakra. Sanskrit and Nevan. Dated N.E. 877. Written by Kayastha MohanasiJjlha.
siddhal)l. sreyo 'stu. samvata 877 vaisaakrl)advitiyayal tithau srlapvallbhumyiJjl srlvandivaga
lasthine kvathandutolakadhivasina grahaka v[r]a[r]j(r)acary[y]a pu(r)narajakasya namna sakasa
t[a]. snsivagalasthine gvalamal)lQhetolakai vasta[l)]vyal)l dhirI)[I]aka madhiia jayamalakasya nam
nena svalyal)l svabhu[rJiyamanikaJjl sthinasya marg[g]e . . . lahnasiJjlkasya ketrela pascimata,
dhanasil)lkasya ketrel)a u(r)ttaratal, jayasal)lkalakasya ketreIa purv[v]atal . . . kasya ketrela
dakil)atas ca. etanmadhe tadolakatra nama saJjljfakaJjl. tasya ketraIka ekarovapani rova chi 1
karkha sva 3. tat[a]ketra yathldesakalapravart[t]amanas tathi sal)lcararghena suvarI)[I]amilyam
adaya krayavira(yasva)dhinena krayana viknyatall bhavati. yady asyal)l daivika-rajika-vyaghitapa
reIa tada dhirl[l]akena svayal)l parisvadhaniyal)l. atra patra(rthe) drtasaki pradhanaIga bhlju
da[r]tta jayamalasil)l jayananda. likhiti kayastha mohanasimhal. subha(m).
Nr. 250-252
A document attesting the sale of a plot of land called Tadola and measuring 1 ropani. The plot was
sold by Madhila Jayamala of GvalamalQhetola, Bhaktapur, to Vajracarya Pirlaraja of Kvathandu
tola, Bhaktapur.
251 Hs. or. 6528.
Palm-leaf roll, slightly damaged. Clay-seal attached. Width ca. 4,3 cm. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and
NevarL Dated N .E. 877. Written by Kayastha Krlamana.
siddhal. snyol 'stu. samvata 877 maghasukraduvadasya2 tithau srlmadhyapuri(s)thane srlkhapo
desa kvathalduiora bu(d)dhaca(r)[j]ya pu(r)naraja valdekasyal namna saka[l]sa[l]t[a].
va(l)bhi[l]neiorakai va(s)tavyal dharl)[l]aka dhanaraya pramanakasya namne 8ukryal svabhu
jyamanikal thanasya dakinadisapradese, subhama(r)gana paklmata, ragunathakasya ketrena
u(t)tara[rt]ta, guvakasya ket(r)ena pu(r)vata, madhavakasya ket(r)ena dakinatas ca. eta(n)ma
(dhye) cayithauriketra nama sa(l)jiekal. tasya ketratka pe pirisya asta bhagana bachi duyarova
panika rova nasya 2 utta(ra)bvaka ne bvana sahita juro. tat[a]ketre yathMesakarapravastamana
sal3 tatha salcara(r)ghe[rl]l)a suvarl[l)]amirem Maya kryavikr(ya)svadhinene kryana vikryatal
bhava[ s ]ti[ r]. yadesya' devika-rajika-vyaghataparen[ t]a tada dharl[ I) ]ake[rl ]Ia svaya(lJl) parisva
dhaniyal. at(r)a patri(r)the dHiasiki [i/] gunapiIpsilha [II] manapirl)[l)]asilha rimabhi
dha(r)mana(n)d[r]asi[si]ta5 bubhal[bhal)l]dri [II] ratnaminasilha bubhal)ldri [II] jagavaltasil)lha
bubhal)ldri [II] ratnak(a)rasil)l[ta] bubhal)ldri [II] ratnamohosilha bubhal)ldri [II] kr[rhlarima bu
bhal)ldri ravinald[r]asi[l]ta bubhal)ldri harina(n)d[r]a bubhal)ldri [II] jagaval)lta bubhaldri darita
maniraja bharo. rikhita kayastha knlamana. subha(m).
A document concerning the sale of a plot of land called Cayithauri and measuring 2 ropanis. The
plot was sold by Dhanarija of Valbhinetola, Bhaktapur, to Pirl)araja Buddhacarya (Vande) of
Kvathanduiola, Bhaktapur.
1 For sreyo.
2 For dvidaSyif.
3 For pravartao.
4 For yady asyi1.
5 For dharinandasi1(ha} ,
Hs. or. 6529.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width 28 cm. 3 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevan. Dated
N .E. 871. Written by Kayastha Mohanasil)lha.
siddhal. sreyo 'stu. (samvat) 871 maghasuklap(r)atipad(a)yan tithau snkhapval)lbhumyal srlsi
vagarasthane techetolakadhivasi[vasi]n grahaka slika[r](j)l jagatakasya uamna sakasat. sotolaka va
stavya dhafl)[I)aka jasvadhara bharokasya nimena sokiyal)l svabhujyamanikal)l grhamaIQale(sm)in
dhanaramkasya grhena pasciatal, sujodhamakasya grhena uttaratal), jagatakasya grhena pirv
[v]atal, dharabhumena dakinatas ca. etanmadhye tochekhe khata ji ku 10 katha hnasa ku tya 7 1/2
daki(la) dharapa val)l hnasa ku tya 7 112, yal)l ku chi 1 al)lgu pi 4 tala grhamarg[g]adhara pirv[v]a
sosima paribhogal. tat[a] yathadesakalaprava(r)t[t]amanas tatha salcararghel)a suvarl[l]amilyam
Nr. 252-254
idaya krayavikrayasvidhinena krayena vikrlyataljl bhavati . yady asyaljl daivika-rajika-vyaghatapa
rena tada dhin[l)akena soyaljl parisvadhaniyal!l. atra patrarthe drtasaki pradhinaIga daivajia
lakmidatta bhiro tekanasilj karm[m)i jaga(d)deva karm[m)i namasil!l ka(r)m[m)i panmalaya1
karm[mJi dattasiljl karm[m)i. Iikhi(ti) kayastha mohanasiljlha. subha(m).
A document attesting the sale of a house known as Toche and measuring 10 cubits in length and 7
1/2 cubits in hreadth. The house was sold by Yasodhara Bharo of Techetola, Bhaktapur, to Kaji
Jagata of the same tala.
1 For padmarija.
253 Hs. or. 6530.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width 2,5 cm. 3 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevarl. Dated
N.E. 810. Written by Kayastha Dhanasiljha.
siddhaljl. sreyo 'stu. samvat 810 natavaisaasuklacaturd[ d)asyaljl tithau srlkhapvaljlbhimyiljl
srlvandimasthine tavacapatolakadhivasina grahaka c[a]itrakala harikrl)akasya namna s[y)akiSat.
srlsivagalasthine gOdamaljldetolakai vastavyaljl dharl[l)aka ka[rj)ji p(a)ramanaljldakasya namna
svaIyal!l svabhujyamanikal!l sthinasya [d]dakil)apradese, nirjharat pascimatal, . . . kasya ketrid
utta(ra)pirv[v)atal, galjlgaramakasya katrad dakinatas ca. etanmadhye tavadvalak$atra nama
s3ljljiakaljl. tat[a]katraIka trirovapanikaljl rova sva 3. tat[alkatra yathidesakalapravart[t)amanas
tatba sal!lcararghel)a suvarl[l))amilyam idaya krayavikrayasvidhinena krayela vikrlyatal!l bhavati.
yady asya(ljl) daivika-rajika-vya(ghi)tapara tada dhirl)[l))akel)a svadhanlyaljl. (p)atrarthe drta
sakl pradhinaIga bhigirama bhiro meru hikudeva daiva. Iikhati kayastha dhanasiljlha. subhalj.
A document attesting the sale of a plot of land called Tavadvala and measuring 3 ropani. It was
sold by Paramananda Kaji of Go<amaljl<etola (mod. Golma<hitola), Bhaktapur, to Harikrl)a
Citrakara of Tavacapalato1a, Bhaktapur.
254 Hs. or. 6531.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width 3 cm. 3 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevar!' Dated
N.E. 863. Written by Kayastha Mohanasiljlba.
siddhaljl. sreyo 'stu. samvata 863 bhidrapadasuklatrayodasyan lithau srlkhapvaljlhhumyaljl Srl
vandigarasthine kvathandutolakidhivasina grahaka bu(d)dhacary[y)a pUfl[l))arajakasya namna sa
kasat[a] srlcandigarasthine talamaljl<hetola-hihila-che dbarl[l)aka endrarajakasya namnena so
kiyall svabhujyamanik3ljl sthanasya pirv[v)adisapradese, tilambakena pascimatal; , manasil!lkasya
ketrena uttaratal, tilambakena pirv[v)atal, pirl[l))asil!lkasya katrena dakinatas ca. etanmadhya
cekanadvalakatra nama salljiakaljl. tasya katraIka dvirovapanikaljl rOva nasya 2. tat[a)katra
yatbadesakaJaprava(r)t[t]amanas tatba sal!lcararghena suvarl)[l)amilyam idaya krayavikrayasva
dhinena krayena vikrlyataljl bhavati. yady asyaljl daivika-raji(ka)-vyaghitaparena tada dbarl[l))ake
na soyal!l pariodhaniyall. atra patrarthe drtasaki pradhinaIga jayasiljlba bhiro jagatsiljl jayama
lasil!l. Iikhiti kayastha mohanasilha. subha(m).
Nr. 254255
A document attesting the sale of a plot of land known as Cekanadvala and measuring 2 ropanis.
The plot was sold by Indraraja of Talamru<hetola (mod. Tavama<hetola), Bhaktapur, to PiTIaraja
Buddhicarya (Vande) of Kvathandutola, Bhaktapur.
255 Us. or. 6532.
Palm-leaf roll. Clay-seal attached. Width 2,8 cm. 3 lines. Nepalakara. Sanskrit and Nevar!' Dated
N.E. 874. Written by Kayastha Mohanasirpha.
siddharp. sreyo 'stu. samvat 874 maghasukJatrtiyan tithau srlkhapvarpbhumyarp srlvandigarasthi
ne kvathandutolakadhivasin grahaka bu(d)dhicary[yla pu(r)narajakasya namna sakasat[al. atraiva
sthine tavalachetolakai vastavyarp dharl[l)laka vil)u bharokasya namnena svakiyar svabhujyama
nikar sthinasya pirv[vladisapradese, dhanakasya katrena pascimatal, bhigiramakasya katrena
uttaratal, vis(v)aramakasya katrena pirv[vlatal, dhanarajakasya katrena dakinatas ca. etanma
dhya tvanagalabu-katra nama saJjiakarp. tasya katratka dvikarkhapanikarp karkha nasya 2. ta
t[alkatra yathidesakalapravart[tlamanas tathi sarpcarargheIa suvarl[Ilamilyam idaya
krayavikrayasvidhinena krayena vikrlyatarp bhavati. yady[al asya\ daivika-rajika-vyaghitaparena
tada dhirl[ Ilakena soyarp parisvadhaniyarp. alra patrarthe drtasaki srlsrljayavlra narasirpha mal
ladeva jagatsirp jayamalasirp. likhiti kayastha mohanasirpha. subha(m).
A document attesting the sale of a plot of land known as Tvanagala and measuring 112 ropani. The
plot was sold by ViI)u Bhiro of Tavalachetola, Bhaktapur, to PirI)araja Buddhicarya (Vande) of
K vathandutola, Bhaktapur.
256-263 Miscellaneous
Painting 256
Science of Jewels 257
Translations and Commentaries 258-259
Inscriptions 260
Manuscripts with mixed contents 261-263
Hs. or. 6484.
For a description of the manuscript see No. 103.
(2) [Rigarigirtlmili].
On each folio two fgures are drawn in black ink. Their nll me is written on the upper left or right
side of each fgure,
Beg,: bhairava, bhairavl, gu(r)j[jJan, vibhiatI, pUlyakl, velavall, maru, desaa, paicama, kola
va, suhaYl, laJlta, madhumidhava, velavala, malakausika, gOQasrl, devakarl, sorathl. karllatl, dha
nMn, ma[r]lava, maruta, mistariga, karl)lati, vaqlgira, ananda. vasantavinoda, rahasya, gaur!, sa
raqlgl, gUlakan, sr!madhava, hemagaun, kamodavijaya, kimoda, vihaqlgara, gauQama[r]llala, kal
yal)araga, karl[ I) ]itaraga, megharaga.
End: gOlhakar!, nita, keQiri, sthfrariga, jiriqldhara, ma[r]lIia, rimasr!, gUIQasr!.
A series of drawings appearing to be the work o aN evar family of professional painters. Since text
1 of this ms. deals with the ritual connected with the worship of Bhairava and this particular text
starts' with the rigas bhairava and bhairavl, the guthl association mentioned in text 1 must have
belonged to the guthl association of citrakira.
257 Hs. or. 4298.
Paper. Fols. 61, numbered 3, 8-19, 21-48 and 50-63; the frst two leaves and a number of other
fols. missing, some damaged by rats. 19,5 x 75 e. 15 x 4,5 cm. 6 lines. Nepilikara. Sanskrit verse
and Nevir! prose. Undated.
[Rataparlkfi]. Incomplete,
Beg.: prthivlsthita I dhiral)aql saqJgraho vapi karyai) sreyam abhipsitaql II 13 II sastravit kulas capi
ratnaniql sa pankaka(i) I sa eva milyamatrayiqls chetila(i) pariklrt[t]itii.l II 14 II chetalo ratnami-
Nr. 257-258
Iyasya desakaranugantara!) I na sastravasaga grahyai) vidvadbhis tapinetpita II 15 II mahaprabhava
vidvadbhir yasmad vaj(r)am udahrtal I vaj(r)al!l pirv[v]aparikeyal!l tato 'smabhir nigadyate II 16 1/
thva s[i]loka adina heraparika hlaya. tava ke he thvaratana jnanilokasyal!l gvanau nimitti dona
heraya prasallsa juraiana Mithe du heraya parika. thva niittina jipani sakalyasyal! hlaya jula 1/
End: . . . biva dhar II iti rud[hi]takaparika kavyarlvindhya[ya]vane dne nepaIabhimiu I lal!l
gali vyakiret medo danavasya prayatnata!) II 1 1/ thva daityaya daka kabyalibhubanasa billdhya[ya]
banasa dnabhimisa nepaIabhimisa lal!lgalibhimisa hora chotal!l II akas[y]acekasuddhakam u(t)pa
lasphatikan tata(!) / mrnalasal!lkhadhavaral!l kiicid vaf[l)]antaranvital! 1/ 2 11 akasa thya suddha
padmaya daraya suka thya sal!lkha thya bhoyiva thathil!lgva sphaiika kiIp . . . 1/
Chapters: thvate sal!lkiptaheraparika (fol. 14 front), thvate muktaphalaparika (fol. 28 back), iti
padmaragaparika (fol. 38 back), iti marakataparika (fol. 45 front), iti sekhaparika (fol. 46 back),
iti indranlIaparika juro (fol. 52 front), iti vaidiryaparika (fol. 55 front), iti kark[k]atanaparika (fol.
59 back), iti bhimapariksa (fol. 62 front), iti rud[hi]rakaparika (fol. 63 back) .
A handbook on the examination of precious stones in Sanskrit verse with a paraphrase in NevarL
258 Us. or. 625.
For a description of the ms. see No. 40.
(2) Satakasarai!okasa/graha
Beg. : srlgalesaya nama!) I atha vairagyasatake kil!lcit sloka liyate I eka kohi . . . bhartrharl raja ko
amrtaphala eka caqhaya. so phala aye to ajambara hoye II yatrajane . . . rani ko diya. ranine bhi eka
kohi dravadara. so asta! karti rahL tisa ciravara . . . ne phala diya cavaradara bhi eka koi besya kau
astil karke rahal!l. tisa bisya ko cara . . . ne sohi phala diya. so phala Ie karke besyane bicara kiya.
hama ajambara hoya ke kya . . . raja ajal!lbara hoye to saba praja ko raka hoye.
End: hama ko biayame ghumayake chale hail!l II 37 II brahma bisnu mahesvara ko jina kamadeva
ne baral!lbara maga . . . strl ke cakara jaisa klye haiIp. grhakary[y]ase bacana sail!l bhi kahana hi
jaye. jina ke carltra . . . aisa kamadeva ko namaskara hail!l II 38 II mal!ltra ke bhi gamana nahi hai.
auadhl lagavane kabhi ihegana nah1 haiIp. aneka prakara ke sal!lti sai bhi nasa nahi hote haiIp.
agame pravesa hoyake kuchu biama 2 paida karte hai. aisa kama bhi apastara sai dtta ko ghumavate
haiIp. netra ko bhi ghumavate hail!l II 39 II kohi vairagya me calate haiI. kohi nlti me rahate hail!l.
koi Srl!lgara me rahate hail!l. iha sal!lsara mail!l tinau sataka ke bheda nyara haiIp. jog! ka I i( c )cha
hai. soi mai dtta lagavate haiIp II 40 II
Colophon: iti srlbhartrharlviracita[l!l]sr(i)garasatake sarasloka(!) sal!lgrhlta(!) samapta II su
bham bhiyat II
Subcolophons: iti vairagyasatake sarasloka(!)) sal!lgrhita(!)). sloka atha nltisatake katidru liya(n)
te (page 5). iti nit1satake sarasloka(!)) sal!lgrhlta(!). atha sr(i)garasatake katicita sloka liya(n)te
(page 7),
A rendering in KhariboIl prose of a selection of verses from Bhartrhari's Satakatraya containing 34
verses from the Vairagya-, 39 verses fom the Nlti- and 40 verses fom the Srngarasataka.
Nr. 259-261
259 Hs. or. 4367.
Paper. Fols. 39. 25,5 x 11 cm. 20 x 7 cm. 9 lines. Devanagan. Sanskrit, prose. Dated Saka E.
Vopadeva: Harillliviveka. A commentary on the Bhagavatapural)a.
Beg.: srlgal)esaya namai. namai) krl)aya nityaikasaccidanandamirt[t]aye / jagatsargavisargadisa
kile cintyasaktaye /1 jayanti vopadevasya vaco vibudhasal)1saktatai / ghanasarojvalabhisai) klro
dasyeva vlcayai) 1/ 1 // srlmadbhagavatasyanukramaQl tadvinirm[m]ita / harililabhidhaneyal)1 yathi
buddhi(l)1) vivicyate // 2 /1 iha kascid guruprasidadhigatasamastasastratattvo vopadeva nama dvija
graJIi) snbhagavatarthal)1 vivariui pratijanite srlmadbhigavataskal)1dhidhyayarthidi niripyate vi
dua vopadevena mal)1trihemidritutaye /
End.: lakmya suvarlalataya vapui prakal)1<eslitai) stanastavakalal)1bitaya nital)1ta(l)) / sac
chiyakai sitirucii phalita[s]tamilas tapal)1 vyapohatu bhavan vibhaval)1 harir [n]nai I harililavlveko
yal)1 ramarajasya vesmani / kataker anvayal)1cakre tutyai hemadril)a satal)1.
Colophon: iti srivopadevabhaHaviracitaharilllavivekai samaptai). ubham astu. samvat 1836. ra
ra rama rama rama rama rama rama rama rama rama rama rama ra(ma) .
20 H. or. 430.
Paper. One folded leaf. 24,8 x 20 cm. 11 x 19,5 cm. 15 lines written vertically. Various alphabets.
(2) [Abhilekha].
Beg.: 01 namai snkalikayai nama(i). gvalamora akba 1 . , . palarsi akha 2 . . . tilahuti akha 3 . . .
ral1jana akba 4 . . .
End. nejo akba 13 . . . phiril)1g1 a(kha 15).
This is a transcript of the stone inscription of King Pratapa Malia attached to the wall with a
waterspout in the Hanuman Qhoka Palace. The sentences written or carved in the stone-plate
examplify various alphabets (ikha) including the Roman script.
21 Hs. or. 4311.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 18, a number of leaves missing. 16,8 x 7,2 cm. 14,5 x 5,5 cm. 6 lines.
Diagrams. Nepalakara. Nevarl prose, stotras in Sanskrit verse. Undated.
Samastarakimantra. Incomplete.
Beg.: . . . raja. thva tela[l)1]na nisyal)1 pu[r]yanakatra-kuhnu gaka cavadasa-bart[t]im dvayakal)1.
ce[rt]tana tisyal)1 samastal)1 kary[y]a siddhi va a. paficamila phoyava hmasa vas(a)tasa telakal)1
nakal)1 basa yaya. manasila, ripakesala, pnyal)1gu, gvaroca[l)1da]na thvate s(a)mabhagana lalkhasa
nisyal)1 miasa ule. sakala basa yaya. phiya hipun kapa<asa borava ganakal)1 tayava rico thva
kapadasa sobirajanatra mala cona duthanal)1 yatada nerava phiya dakasa mata choyakal)1 al)1jala
phasyal)1 thva al)1jala miasa urava miana akval)1 strl purua raja praja basa yaya. uphala, lipakesa-
Nr. 261-262
la, itimidi, himala thuti samabhiga yanava nisyar molasa panar. sa bhinake mocaya kachu
byidhi-nasa kha.
End: . . . sa chununar. santa yaya ra jiva. jatma1 nene. jatmaya2 patipara satsara ra khu. karm
[m]aya patipara satsara. je baraka papa punya jata ajata jena ra syaya. je jarm[m]arajayake3 vanava
gocara yanava mrtyu mumarake dhiya ra do. ghati jukva danasa hanar je jyatha juro. parca
indrina tolataro. lrlana ra chuto. mianar. ra chuto. thathirna sasara conava chu yaya. je
ja[n]madvara3 vane dhiya ra do. ghati jukva ra danasa gvachinar jaubana samasta npana
sarpan(n)a jura. samasta sukha karyana sar.pan(n)a juya. thathir.gva abasarasa je jamadvara vane
ra yaya dhakar dhiya ra duo thathe dhaka dhiyava cho yaya. bipat(t)iya auadhi dhiry[y]a yaya
mala. adhiry[y]a yaya ra teva. os(a)taya namana tekva phakva dharm[m]aki(r)t[t]i sarbhira yanar
diya mala dhaka thanaya namana ajna dayaka bijyaya mara.
The frst section of the ms. deals with medicinal prescriptions and the use of talismans together
with mantras. The second section describes the efect of the various days of the lunar calendar upon
people. The third contains hymns to the Buddha (buddhaglti). The fourth indicates how one should
speak at a condolence meeting to the people who have come to the home of the bereaved family in
order to convey their condolences.
1 For janma.
: For janmao.
3 For jamaO (= yamaO).
262 Us. or. 64.
Paper. Fold-book. Fols. 19. 19 x 7,3 em. 15,5 x 4,5 cm. In the frst text 6 lines, in the other texts
varying number of lines. Tables and diagrams. Nepiikara. Nevari and Sanskrit. Written by various
hands. Undated.
[Vividha]. Incomplete.
Beg.: or namo mar.junathiya II kalihitaya lakadanda thar. jyana bhelayi arguli 20 mako.
yakona culatvana ar.guli 16. kothula tvaka du aguli 14. gukoya du kana daya. jha(?)kuya arguli
16. dukana daya . . nakocatona daya aguli 20. khila ragoca bhelayi puna ar.guli 20. toranana thar.
a(r)guli 15 bherayi. kocasa bhelayi ar.guli 13. guthina panca na(ko )cotona tala 1. yakopvalana
dathulacotona arguli 48. patala du ar.guli 6. dathulaya kothu reatona patalahita bya arguli 5 1/2.
hmiaya lapucinatono arguli 3. patala bhelayi ar.guli 15.
End: rajanista tha rajo bhavatu. basumati sara basar sya vipane karya bakhatu meghibiparita
manina sani joga samata baihire chana chula jagata khina manupa sar.ti manyamanya priti qhivar
basati sukhamaya bairya raga ajya saghar II asi(r)vata(l)l 1/ tathi kharu raja sabhi dhapitva bhiga
vatum yatad avocata adhya phadha kuro jatva budha puta samimapata // asi(r)vata(l))l samapta(l)) //
mahikagvarar sabara kanikatijya vai krte kandra mahipakarovanyata tasya // sanavyidhirogo
pa(r)cavidhabhiva arojne nit yam atitabhoga bhavya sudhila suvisara vasa bhaiajya dana rabhate
manuka(l) // gurake . . .
The ms. contains various texts, starting with a text on drawing the fgures of deities with the right
measurements and ending with a text on medicine.
1 For iir{da().
Nr. 263
263 Hs. or. 6398.
Paper. Fold-book. Fois. 25. 18,5 x 8,3 cm. 15,5 x 5,5 cm. 7 lines. Nepalakara. Nevan and
Sanskrit verse, a few Sanskrit verses being paraphrased in Nevan prose. Undated.
[ Stotrasalgrahadi] .
Beg.: . . . bra chahara svaya matrana kOli chi sa dana biyaya punya dava II 2 II dhanyastu manavo
loka yasmin pUl)ye kito vapet I salagramasilaya ye tulaslyatvahalJl sucau II gonakhuhmalJl puru[lJlha
na suci pabitra thayasa saligramasa chaya nimi[r]ttina tulasl peyava taylva thva bhimi pUl)ya dhaya.
thvahmalJl puruapani dhaya II 3 II turasi vicitva . . . dhanyau tatkarapallavau kesavarthako 'sau je ca
ropayantiha bhutare II gonakhuhmalJl puruana srikrlayake chaya nimittina bhimisa turasl peyava
taiva hala noylva thvahma[lJl]ya hastapallava dhanya dhaya II 4 II kitp kariyati salJlpijye yanair [b]hi
bhavavistarai(l)) I turasldarena devesa pijitayananaityaha II gvanakhuhma[lJl]na mantrakarana tu
raslharana pija yanana paramesvara salJltula juylva. thathe chana ra conalJl. chu nimi[r]ttina
mocakalJl juralJl II 5 II
End: daka svadantall pilasalJl jita siddhi biva thathil!lhma galesalJl II 1 II hnasas(a) kUlalalJl
cosacabhatna nepialJl maniratnamauli tala sila cosalJl I jonabi tlsanalJ sobha chi lilialJl jita siddhi
biva thathitphma gal)esam II 2 II runu jhunu nU[lJl]nava galJlg[ar]ajalesalJl kUQacika pvalhall sudan
talJl subhesalJl I sudrstitp tala chilJl svagolalJl mikhanalJl jita siddhi biva thathilJlhma galesalJl II 3 II
gasa chuhmasa dhihmaya moka asalJl thohmalJl gauliputralJl bauju girisalJl I hnithull chi hnithani
jiguli disanalJl jita siddhi biva thathilJlhma galeSalll II 4 II gajasura daitya syaya chi hatasalJl bhagaba
tipanisalJl yata papanialJl I asalJlkhya jula pupabiIP akialJl jita siddhi biva thathilJlhma galesalJl II
5 II . . . iti srlgal)esi!akalJl salJlpir[ l ]alJl II . . .
The ms. contains stotras and, written by another hand, a multiplication table up to 100, and a
medicinal prescription. It ends with a stotra to Gal)esa i eight stanzas (Galeitaka).
see Vasurharivrata
A$!amlvratamihitmya: Vlrakuiivadina
A$!amlvratamihitmya: Vlrakuiivadina
Atamlvratamihitmya: Vlrakuiivadina
A$tamlvratamihitmya (= Divyivadinoddhrtavratamili)
A$!amlvratamihitmya (= Divyivadinoddhrtavrativadinamili)
Library Sign
Hs. or. 4309
Kikarudra 6478,1 157
Kubjikipujividhi 6457,1 108
see also Bilakubjikircanavidhi
KUmirlpujikrama 6388,1 86
Kumirlmahimiyistavidi 6388,2 194
KulapiI4ircanavidhi 4323 110
Kuhmapyikhanayi bidhi 4361 85
KuSal4fkaravidhi 6415 111
Kaumirlyigircanavidhi 6403 107
Keliitra 4304 150
Gamanaphalavicira 4294 143
Garu4aniriyaIadhvajirohaIavidhi 4317 119
Gltagovinda 6393,1 198
Gltagovinda 6472,1 199
Gltasa1raha 6437 188
Gltasa1raha 6421 187
Gltasa/graha 6476 189
GurumaI4alavidhi 6456,1 82
Grhasthipanavidhi 6464,2 121
Grahadiiintividhi 6488 144
Grahabali 6390 106
Cakrasa/lvarapujividhi 4301,3 76
Caturthlurlimivrata 6440 20
Caryiglti 4305 122
Caryiglti 4332 123
Cariglti 4343 124
Cilakyasirasal!raha Ms. or. fol. 599 47
Cilakyasirasa/graha Hs. or. 4333 48
Cilakyasirasa/lgraha 4346,1 49
Cilakasirasa/graha 6386 50
Cilakyairasa/lgraha 6396 51
Cilakyairaa/lgraha 6420 52
Causathibali 4296 7
Causathibali 4328,1 78
4299 149
Jyautiaphalabhogavicira 4289 145
Jyautiaphalabhogavicira 4316 146
6438 147
Jyauti.aphalabhogavicira 6451 148
Tantrikhyina 6397 38
Tantrikhyina 6410 39
Tantrikhyina 6425,1 40
Trailokyamohanacakridi 6216 118
Diakarmakriyividhi 4293,1 80
Dasamlujividhi 4355 104
Dinavikya 6456,2 79
see A#amzvratamihitmya
see Atamzvratamihitmya
DurgatipariSodhanasamidhibali 4326,3 98
Durgipujividhi 6487 105
DVidaatlrthakathi 4350 81
Dharmalakmzsafvida 6452,2 62
see Dharmalamlafvida
DhiralJlalraha 6156 126
Naatraphalabhogavicira 4313 151
Naatraphalabhogavicira 6489 152
Narariji 4362 59
Nigayajfa 4285 92
Nigasidhanajalayajfavidhi 4328,2 87
Nimasafgzti 4331 172
Nimasafgzti (= Paramirthanimasa/gZti) 4302 173
Nimasa/gzti (= Paramirthanimasafgzti) 6157 174
Nitakarmadevircanapfijividhi 6412 113
Nitakarmavidhi 6427 114
NZtikathi 6468 53
Nrtapaftcamaveda 4325 200
Nrtesvarapfjividhi 4301,4 88
Pafcatilagztavidya 4288,2 168
Paftcaraibidhina/ puji yiya 4297 93
Pafcaraividhinapfji 4287 94
Pafcaraisfitra 4320 69
PiltavagZti 6387 201
PilJtavagzti 6382 202
PiltavagZti 6464, 1 203
Piltavagzlislolra 4308 204
Paltra 4373 208
Paltra 6217 209
Paltra 6218,1 210
Paltra 6218,2 211
Paltra 6218,3 212
Paltra 6218,4 213
Paltra 6218,5 214
Paltra 6218,6 215
Paltra 6493 216
Paltra 6494 217
Paltra 6495 218
Paltra 6496 219
Paltra 6497 220
Pattra 6498 221
Pattra 6499 222
Pattra 6500 223
Pattra 6501 224
Pattra 6502 225
Pattra 6503 226
Pattra 6504 227
Pattra 6505 228
Pafra 6506 229
Pattra 6507 230
Pattra 6508 231
Pattra 6509 232
Pattra 6510 233
Pattra 6511 234
Pattra 6512 235
Pattra 6513 236
Pattra 6514 237
Pattra 6515 238
Pattra 6516 239
Pattra 6517 240
Pattra 6518 241
Pattra 6519 242
Pattra 6520 243
Pattra 6521 244
Pattra 6522 245
Pattra 6523 246
Pattra 6524 247
Pattra 6525 248
Pattra 6526 249
Pattra 6527 250
Pattra 6528 251
Pattra 6529 252
Pattra 6530 253
Pattra 6531 254
Pattra 6532 255
see Siradivratadharmakathi
see Vicitrakarfikivadinoddhrta
see Nimasarlti
see MaiijuSrlpirijiki
p1thyavatirastotra 6457,2 195
Pijipaddhatisargraha 6492 115
Pijividhi 4312 95
Pijividhistotraarrgraha 6485 116
Pratijii-nima-dhtrafl 6383,2 137
Bijanabol (= Bijatol) 6406,2 166
Bijanabol (= Bijatto
f) 6470 167
Bilakubjikircanavidhi 6483 102
Bistubidhi 4327 120
Bo ghisa tayagu pramila 4309,7 75
Bhagavadglti 6448 58
Bhajanamili 6475 184
Bhajanivati 6409 185
Bhajanivati 6417 186
Bhaviyapurila 6442 61
see also MirtaI4avratadharmakathi
Bhigavatapurila 6447 60
Bhairabagu{hayi bidhi 6484,1 103
Bhairavignihomavidhi 6389 74
MafijuSrtarijika 4347 91
MaIici4avadana 6450 6
MaIici4ivadinoddhrta 6424 9
MaIici4avadinoddhrta 4339,1 7
MaIici4ivadinoddhrta 4352,2 8
MantradhiralIa1l raha 6469,2 131
Mantravikya 4293,2 136
Mantropacara 6220 132
Mantraadhisa/lgraha 6418 133
Mantraadhisa1l rha 6419 134
Mantraadhyupacara 4354 135
Mahakarmircanavidhi 4322 112
Mahikiladhyina 4286 90
Mahipratahgiri 6459 68
Mahilakmlkumirlvasuldharistotra 6491 171
Midhavanidinaparikramacikitsi 8197 159
MirtaI4avratadharmakathi 6225 22
Yantramantrasa/graha 4291 141
Yantramantrasa/graha 4292,1 142
Raiyantra 6465 138
Ratnaparla 4298 257
RatnamaI4alaracana 6469,1 96
Ragarigillmila 6484,2 256
Rimayala: SundarakiI4a 6407 54
Rogacikitsi 4303 160
Rogacikitsi 6406,1 161
Roganidina 4349 162
Rogopaciravidhi 4315 163
Laacaitasthipanaphala 6394 89
Latitavistara 4334 67
Lihgapurila :
see Sivaritrivratakathi
Vasuldharivrata (= Asvagho$anandimukhivadina)
Vasuldharidevlvrata : Sucandrivadina
see A$!amlvratamihitmya
see A$!amlvratamihitmya
see A$!amlvratamihitmya
see Vasuldharidevlvrata
see Rimiyal'a
4346,2 170
4300 99
4290 154
6221 139
6222 140
4348 15
6224 14
4339,2 16
6446 262
4306 155
6416 206
6452,1 207
Ms. or. fol. 600 41
Hs. or. 4341 42
6405 43
6414 4
6423 45
6481 4
6425,2 258
6402 23
6401 24
6449 63
4301,2 97
6408 37
4311 261
4314 153
6411 117
4324,1 125
4336 10
6462 11
4337 12
6400 25
4309,1 196
4288,1 176
4307 177
4309,3 178
4310 179
Stotrasargraha 4318
Stotrasargraha 4321
Stotrasargraha 6393,1
Stotrasargraha 6393,2
Stotrasargraha 6398
Stotrasargraha 6466
Stotrasargraha 6471
Stotrasargraha 6472,2
Stotrasargraha 6474
Stotrasargraha 6478,2
Stotrasargraha 6479,2
Stotrasarraha 6480
Stotrasargraha 8188
Sragdharatuti 6443
SvayambhUpurila 6426
Svayambhumahipurila 4353
Svasthinldharmavratakathi 4319
Svasthinldharmavratakathi 4351
SvasthinlparameSvarlkathi 6490
SvasthinlparameSvarlvratakathi 4344
Svasthinlvratakathi 4283
Svasthinl(vratakathi) 4368
Svasthinlvratakathi 6223
Svasthinlvratakathi 6413
Svasthinlvratakathi 6422
Svasthinlvratakathi 6439
Svasthinlvratakathi 6444
see also Sivavivihakathi
Haramekhali 4335
Haramekhali 6391
Haramekhali 6395
Harilliviveka 4367
Hiphala svaneyi bidhi 4324,2
Fragment 4309,4
Pitch indications 4288,3
Library Sign
Ms. or. fol. 599
Ms. or. fol. 600
Hs. or. 4283
4301 ,2
Pitch indications
Paficarak$ibidhina/l puji yiya
Abhilekha (Hanumin Ihoki Inscription)
Bo ghisa tayagu pramiQa
4318 Stotrasargraha 180
4319 Svasthinldharmavratakathi 26
4320 Pafcara/isitra 69
4321 Stotrasarrgraha 181
4322 Mahikarmircanavidhi 112
4323 KulapiI4ircanavidhi 110
4324,1 Siddhila/mlcakroddhira 125
4324,2 Hiphala svaneyi bidhi 83
4325 Nrtapafcamaveda 200
4326,1 Utkrintiyoga 98
4326,2 Antetikriyt 98
4326,3 DurgatipariSodhanasamidhibali 98
4327 Bistubidhi 120
4328,1 Causathibali 78
4328,2 Nigaidhanajalayajfavidhi 87
4329 A!amlvratamihitmya: VlrakuSivadina 17
4330 A!amlvratamihitmya: VlrakuSivadina 18
4331 Nimasarglti 172
4332 Caryiglti 123
4333 CiIakyasirasargraha 48
4334 Laltavistara 67
4335 Haramekhali 127
4336 Sudhanarijakumirivadina 10
4337 Supriyasirthabihukathi 12
4339,1 MaIicit4ivadinoddhrta 7
4339,2 VicitrakarIikivadinoddhrta: PadmaSekharivadina 16
4339,3 A!amlvratamihitmya: VlrakuSivadina 19
4340 Upoadhavrata 13
4341 Vetilapaficavirati 42
4343 Caryiglti 124
4344 Svasthinlparamesvarlvratakathi 28
4345 AdhyitmarimiyaIa 55
4346,1 CiIakyasirasargraha 49
4346,2 Lokesvarastotra 170
4347 (MafjuSrl)pirijiki 91
4348 Vasurrdharivrata (= Asvagho$anandimukhivadina) 15
4349 Roganidina 162
4350 DVidaSatlrthakathi 81
4351 Svasthinldharmavratakathi 27
4352,1 Kavikumirivadina 5
4352,2 MaIicit4ivadinoddhrta 8
4353 SvayambhimahipuriIa 64
4354 MantraU$adhyupacira 135
4355 DaSamlpijividhi 104
4361 Kuhmapyikhanayi bidhi 85
4362 Narariji 59
4367 Hariliviveka
4368 Svasthinlvratakathi
4373 Pattra 209
6156 Dhirallaygraha 126
6157 (Paramirtha)nimasayglti 174
6214 A$tam[vratamihitmya (= Divyivadinoddhrtavratamilt) 1
6215 A$tam[vratamthitmyakathi 3
6216 Trailokyamohanacakridi 118
6217 Pattra 208
6218,1 Pattra 210
6218,2 Pattra 211
6218,3 Pattra 212
6218,4 Pattra 213
6218,5 Pattra 214
6218,6 Pattra 215
6219 Adhyttmarimiyala 56
6220 Mantropactra 132
6221 Vaslkarala 139
6222 Vas[karala 140
6223 Svasthinlvratakathi 32
6224 Vasurt dharidevlvrata: Sucandrivadina 14
6225 Mtrtalqavratadharmakathi 22
6226 EkidaSlkatha 21
6383,1 Ara-aparimitiyu-nima-mahiyinasatra 66
6383,2 Pratijfi-nima-dhiralJl 137
6384 Divyivadinoddhrta-A$tamlmihitmya (= Vrativadinamili) 4
6385 Ayurvedlyataila 165
6386 Cilakyasirasaygraha 50
6387 Pilqavaglti 201
6388,1 Kumir[ajikrama 86
6388,2 Kumirlmahimiyistavidi 194
6389 Bhairavignihomavidhi 74
6390 Grahabali 106
6391 Haramekhali 128
6392 Pilqavaglti 202
6393,1 G[tagovinda 198
6393,2 Stotrasaygraha 207a
6394 Lakacaitathipanaphala 89
6395 Haramekhali 129
6396 Cilakyasirasaygraha 51
6397 Tantrikhyina 38
6398 Stotrasarraha 263
6400 SomavirIvratakathi 25
6401 Sivaritrivratakathi 24
6402 Siradivratadharmakathi 23
6403 Kaumirlyigircanavidhi 107
6404 Utpitalak$ala 158
6405 Vetilapafcaviyati 43
6406,1 Rogacikitsi 161
6406,2 Bijanabol (= Bijart bol) 166
6407 Rimiyafa: Sundarakif4a 54
6408 Sukasaptati 37
6409 Bhajanivali 185
6410 Tantrikhyina 39
6411 Siddhigniyajiavidhi 117
6412 Nitakarmadevircanapujividhi 113
6413 Svasthinlvratakathi 33
6414 Vetilapaiicavitat 44
6415 Kwaf41karmavidhi 111
6416 Vupaiijarastotra 206
6417 Bhajanivali 186
6418 Mantrawadhia1graha 133
6419 Mantrawadhia1lgraha 134
6420 Cifakyasirasa1lgraha 52
6421 Gltasa1lgraha 187
6422 Svasthinlvratakathi 34
6423 Vetilapaicavitati 45
6424 Maficu4ivadinoddhrta 9
6425,1 Tantrikhyina 40
6425,2 Satakasiraslokasa1graha 258
6426 Svayambhiipurifa 65
6427 Nityakarmavidhi 114
6437 Gltasa1lgraha 188
6438 lyauti$aphalabhogavicira 147
6439 Svasthinlvratakathi 35
6440 Caturthlpurfimivrata 20
6442 Bhavi$yapurifa
6443 Sragdharistuti 175
6444 Svathinlvratakathi 36
6445 A$tamlvratamihitmya 2
6446 Vividha 262
6447 Bhigavatapurifa: Xth Skandha 60
6448 Bhagavadglti 58
6449 Sivavivihakathi 63
6450 Maficu4ivadina 6
6451 lyaufaphalabhogavicira 148
6452,1 Vi$fUpaiijarastotra 207
6452,2 Dharmalak$mla1lvida
6454 Kavacasa1raha 130
6456,1 Gurumaf4alavidhi 82
6456,2 Dinavikya 79
6457,1 Kubjikipujividhi
6457,2 plthyavatirastotra
6458 }ciryibhi.ekavidhi
6459 Mahipratangiri
6462 Sudhanarijakumirivadina
6464,1' Pif4avaglti
6464,2 Grhasthipanavidhi
6465 Rakiyantra
6466 Stotrasa1raha
6468 Ntikathi
6469,1 Ratnamalalaracana 96
6469,2 Mantradhirarlallgraha
6470 Bijanabol (= Bijalbo
6471 Stotrasafraha 205
6472,1 Gltagovinda
6472,2 Stotrasafraha
6474 Stotrasalfgraha
6475 Bhajanamili
6476 Gltasalflgraha
6477 Kubjikipujividhi
6478,1 Kikarudra
6478,2 Stotraalgraha
6479,1 Asvamedhayajia 57
6479,2 Stotrasafraha 193
6480 Stotrasafraha
6481 Vetilapaiicavi1ati 46
6483 Bilakubjikircanavidhi 102
6484,1 Bhairabagu/hayi bidhi 103
6484,2 Rigarigirlmili 256
648 Pujividhistotrasafraha 116
6487 Durgipujividhi
6488 GrahadaSiintividhi 144
6489 Naqatraphalavicira 152
6490 Svasthinlparamesvarikathi 29
6491 Mahilaqmlkumirivasulfldharistotra
6492 Pujipaddhatisafraha
6493 Pattra
6494 Pattra 217
6495 Paltra
6496 Paltra
6497 Pattra 220
6498 Pattra 221
6499 Pattra
6500 Pattra 223
6501 Pattra 224
6502 Palra 225
6503 Paltra 226
6504 Pattra 227
6505 Pattra 228
6506 Pattra 229
6507 Paltra 230
6508 Pattra 231
6509 Paltra 232
6510 Pattra 233
6511 Pattra 234
6512 Pattra
6513 Pattra
6514 Pattra
6515 Pattra
6516 Pattra
6517 Pattra
6518 Pattra
6519 Pattra
6520 Pattra
6521 Pattra
6522 Pattra
6523 Pattra
6524 Pattra
6525 Pattra
6526 Pattra
6527 Pattra
6528 Pattra
6529 Pattra
6530 Pattra
6531 Pattra
6532 Pattra
8188 Stotrasargrha
8197 Midhavanidinaparikramacikitsi
Avilllci: 13
Bhiku Satvajia Mitra: 175
CaI)Qldasa: 200
Jayadeva: 198, 199
Maijusrlbhallaraka: 137
Maijusrlsamudra Dharmasvamin Sakyabhiku:
Arjuna Jaisi: 209
Asrameru Kayastha: 218
Bhajudattamimi: 41
Bhajuratna: 61
Bhaktamina Bhiju (Bhaku) Minandhara: 52,
Bhinasilllha: 95
Chattra Sil!lha: 39
Daivajfa Bilakrla: 242
Daivajfa DhanasiJpha: 221
Daivajfa Jayanarayala: 219
Daivajfa Malinarayala: 211, 212, 215
Daivajia Ratnaraja: 235, 243
Daivajia Sivahari: 198 (19W
Daivajia Tejanarayala: 36
Devarama Karmacarya: 106
Devldasa Batasa: 4
Dhanavanta: 188
Dhirjamana: 57 (57)
Dlnanatha Daivajia: 20, 21, 22, 23, 25
Galapati: 119
Gaurlsatkara Batasa: 32
JoganarasiJpha: 35
Kayastha Bhajudeva: 227, 249
Kayastha Devarama: 230, 238
Kayastha Dhanadasil)lha: 247
Kayastha Dhanasal)ldhala: 216
Kayastha Dhanasil)lha: 248, 253
Kayastha Gal)lgarama: 223
Kiyastha GopalasiJpha: 245
Kayastha GUlasal)lkhala: 222
Kayastha JayacakrasiJpha: 244
Kiyastha Jayarama: 229
Kayastha Kastabhasa: 225
Kayastha Krlamina: 241, 251
Madhavaniriyala: 118
Manohara Sil)lha: 39
Nakali: 126
PirlasiJpha: 115
Raghurama Vaidya: 159
Ramarami Jyotika: 59
Ratnakaji Vajracirya: 28
Ratnadhara Rijopidhyiya: 40 (40)
Ratnakesananda Vajricirya: 11
Sakyaval)lsa Ratnajyoti Dasasthavira: 172
Sivanariyala Daivajia: 201, 203 (203)
Suvarlamuni: 41
Tejanarayala Jaisi: 210
Tekabihadura Citrakarl: 14
TuisiJp: 38
Vajracirya Bhlmarija: 5
Vajracarya ( . . . )devaju: 129
Vajricirya Dharmadhara: 180
Vajracirya Dhirjavlra: 7 (7, 19)
Vajracarya Divyananda: 7 (16)
Vajricirya Jujumina: 120
Vajricirya Kulamanaju: 123
Vajracirya Prabhakara: 15
Vajricarya Pirlananda: 78 (87)
Vajricirya Rakala: 91
Kiyastha Mohanasil)lha: 224, 226, 232, 236, 240,
Vajracirya Ralinanda Gubhaju: 30
Vajricarya Ratnabhadra: 65
Vajricirya Siddhinarasil)lha: 13
Vajracarya Srldhanaju: 145
Vajracarya Sugatarajamuni: 175
Vajricarya Siryamuni: 77
Vajracirya Tejananda: 6
Vajracarya Vlramuni: 158
Val)lsadeva: 43
246, 250, 252, 254, 255
Kayastha Raghavasil)lha: 237
Kayastha Sivasatkara: 239
Kiyastha SU!ha: 234
Kayastha Tulaslrama: 217, 220
Karmacirya Bhairava Bharo: 102
Kula Bahadura: 27 Vilasavajra Vajracarya: 9
1 The sequence of the first, second and, eventually, third name follows that of the manuscripts.
2 Two fgures are given in cases where a work is contained in a manuscript consisting of several texts. The second fgure(s)
gven in brackets, refer(s) to the text copied by the scribe, the frst, however, to the manuscript No. which describes its outer
A!amana: 27
Bhajuvlra Bhiro: 30
Dhanta Narayala: 188
Gaurldasa: 40 (40)
Haravlra Citrakirl: 32
Hnukevajra: 68
Jasasiddhi Sikyabhiku: 15
Jasamina Sikyabhiku: 15
JasiJpdeo Sikyabhiku: 15
Jayadhurii Sikyabhiku: 15
Jayajitimitra Malia: 115
Kulavajra Vajricirya: 66 (137)
Ninimiyi: 68
Nugu Bhiro: 116
Prayigavajra: 68
PurIinanda: 68
RijaminasiJpha: 126
Rijavlra: 7
( . . . )sabhidevaju: 129
Sikyabhiku Kiji: 6
Sikyabhiku Rijamina: 68
Sakyaval!lsa Bhijnmuni: 5
Simanasil!l(ha) Citrakan: 32
Sirimana SUdra: 172
SivaliIa Citrakin: 32
Sncandra Bhiro: 69
Snjasaklrticandra: 69
Bhigi: 244
Bhig Bhiro: 223, 230, 247
BhilsiJpha Minandhara: 232
Bhirasil!lha BMro: 234
Bhavinldatta: 240
Bhima Bhiro: 230, 239
Bhlmasena: 212
Bhlmasena Thipi: 208
Bica BMro: 245
Buddhicirya Devamuni: 221
Buddhicarya PUflaraja Vande: 222, 226, 228,
240, 251, 254, 255
Buddhicirya Suga: 248
Buddhicarya Tavadhika: 224
Bhupatlndra Malla: 242
Daivajia Cakrasil!l(ha) Bhiro: 220
Daivajia Kutu: 238
Dati Bhiro: 227
DevaniriyaI)agiri: 212
Devarima Bhiro: 217
Devldasa Khatn: 208
DevIsil!lha Nipita: 232
Dhana: 221
Dhanal!ljaya BMro: 236
Dhanarija: 251
Dhanavanta Daniyaka: 228
Dhannanandasil!lha Bhiro Bhubhandri: 222
Govindadib Bharo: 249
HarikHIa Citrakira: 253
Harisaikara Bhiro: 226
Indraraja: 254
Jakeraja Bhiro: 225
Janaraja Bhiro: 231
Jayadeva Bhiro: 224
Jayadhana Bhiro: 249
J ayahari: 246
Jayajitamitra Malla: 217, 244, 247
JayaraIajit Malia: 219
Jayatrailokya Malla: 229, 237
Kaji Jagata: 252
Kisi Bhiro: 218, 223
KrIahari Bhiro: 236
LUIlgu: 237
Madhila Jayamala: 250
Milakira Jakita: 245
MaIi Bhiro: 233
MaIidhara Bhiro: 226
Pandyi Bhiro: 218
Paramananda Kaji: 253
PurI)araja Buddhicirya
see Buddhicarya PUfI)araja Vande
PurIasiJpha Buddhicirya: 219
Rajendra Vikrama: 214
Rimadattl Maigalagiri GosaiJp: 233
Ramadeva: 242
Rimadeva Bhiro: 243
RimalIa: 220
Ramesvara: 220
RruavlrasiIpha: 208
RatnasiIha Bhiro: 239
Sfpthudeva Bhiro: 234
Satya Bhiro: 238
Siddhirima Bhiro: 227
Sivani(riya)l)a: 220
Tapi Bhiro: 231
Tavadhika Bhiro: 235
TekanarasiIpha Bhiro: 236
Tribhuvana Malia: 209
Uddhava: 246
Vajricirya Pifarija: 250
Vijaya Bhiro: 231
Vijayarija Kastabhisa: 225
Vilu Bhiro: 255
Vilusiqtha Daivajia: 229
Visvarima Bhiro: 217, 235, 243, 248
Yakarija Bhiro: 231
Yasodhara Bhiro: 252
Agithalola, PUlyavatl (= Panauti) 243
Aragithilola, PUlyavatl(sthina) (= Panauti)
Bhaktapur 6, 14, 20-23, 32, 40, 52, 57, 68, 158,
201, 211, 212, 215 f.
Birichatola, Sivagala, Bhaktapur 220, 229, 238
Buchelola, Bhaktapur 226
Cakramamahivihira, Patan 5
Cal)Qlgala, Bhaktapur 14, 32, 52, 217, 221, 235,
239, 245, 246, 248, 253
Canigalatola, Bhaktapur 225
CaIigu-Niriyala 119
Catu(r)brahmamahivihira, Bhaktapur 158
Coche(I)lola, Bhaktapur 220, 238
Codvaratola, Sivagala, Bhaktapur 227
Dalichetola, Bhaktapur 246
Dhvikibihila, Kathmandu 7
DhvaJjllitola, Sakodesa (= SiIkhu) 30, 175
Elakvitha, Patan 9
GaQache(ljI)tola, Vindima, Bhaktapur 234, 245
Gilahiti, Patan 118
GOQamallQetola see GolamaljlQhetola
GolamaljlQhetola, Sivagala, Bhaktapur 227, 239,
250, 253
Hatakhi, Patan 5
Hiral)yamahivihira, Patan 91
Ichutola, Bhaktapur 240
Ikubihila, Mahigurinani, Yeljlticheljl, Kath
mandu 15
I1aJj1tola, Bhaktapur 201
Inicolola, Bhaktapur 68
Indravatmahivihira, Inicotola, Bhaktapur 68
Kathmandu 7, 11, 13, 15, 28, 35, 65, 66, 69, 120,
126, 129
Khopadesa see Bhaktapur
Kakvatola, Sikukanani, Patan 172
Kusabahili, Kathmandu 126
KVithabihila, Thahititola, Kathmandu 11, 66,
KVithandutola, Bhaktapur 219, 221 , 222, 224,
226, 228, 236, 240, 250, 251, 254, 255
Madhyapuri (= Thimi) 228
Migukvatola, Bhaktapur 233
Mahigunnani, Yeljlticheljl, Kathmandu 15
Maitrlpuramahivihira, Patan (?) 7
Makhanabihila 180
Mikhibihila, Patan 172
Milikvache, Bhaktapur 14
Milasnvihira, Otutola, Kathmandu 65
Nichotola, Bhaktapur 40
Nikhicukanani 123
Nakatola, Bhaktapur 228
Otutola, Kathmandu 65
Pikvo, Kathmandu 28
Patan 5, 7, 9, 41, 91, 118, 129, 172
PUl)yavatl, PUlyavatlsthina (= Panauti) 235
Rigumidutola, Bhaktapur 224
Raljlgarichalola, Sivagala, Bhaktapur 244
Sakodesa (= SiIikhu) 30, 175
Silakhatola, Sakodesa (= SiIkhu) 30
Silakvalimalola, Bhaktapur 232
SiriIiatola, Bhaktapur 233
Sikukanani, Patan 172
Sivagala, Bhaktapur 218, 220, 223, 227, 229, 230,
Valjlbhinetola, Bhaktapur 251
Vindima, Bhaklapur 234, 245
231, 238, 239, 242, 244, 247, 250, 253
SuvarIapraIilimahinagara (= Kathmandu) 13
TalamrupQhetola, Bhaktapur 253
Tarucchayivihara, Kathmandu 69
Tarumilamahavihara, Kathmandu 15
Tavacapilatola, CaIQigala, Bhaktapur 14, 32,
Yaljlche(ljlltola, Sivagala, Bhaklapur 20, 21, 22,
23, 25, 27, 218, 223, 230, 231, 232, 236, 242,
Yaladesa see Palan
52, 217, 221, 235, 239, 245, 246, 248, 253
Tavalichetola, Bhaktapur 255
Y rupdesa see Kathmandu
Yruppivihira, Palan 41
Yasodharimahavihira, Patan 129
Yilichetola, Bhaklapur 249
Yeljllicheljl 15 Techetola, Bhaktapur 252
Tekhicotola, Bhaktapur 237
Thahititola, Kathmandu 11, 13, 66, 120, 129
Tathubihala, Dhvaljlitola, Sakodesa (= Sit-
YevaIaljltola, Bhaktapur 248
Yilruptola, Bhaktapur 225
khu) 175
N.E. 678 : 234
N.E. 696 : 237
N.E. 699 : 225
N.B. 700 : 231
N.E. 702 : 150
N.E. 708 : 159
N.B. 717 : 245
N.E. 728 : 229
N.E. 729 : 116
N.E. 758 : 111
N.E .. 763 : 218
N.E. 771 : 239
N.E. 777 : 238
N.E. 783 : 102
N.E. 783 : 104
N.E. 783 : 230
N.E. 790 : 119
N.E. 791 : 223
N.E. 793 : 244
N.E. 798 : 91
N.E. 801 : 43
N.E. 801 : 220
N.E. 802 : 198
N.B. 805 : 217
N.E. 807 : 39
N.E. 810 : 253
N.B. 811 : 47
N.E. 812 : 77
N.E. 813 : 74
N.B. 813 : 221
N.E. 813 : 247
N.E. 813 : 248
N.B. 815 : 115
N.E. 830 : 243
N.E. 833 : 233
N.B. 833 : 235
N.E. 847 : 15
N.E. 850 : 240
N.E. 850 : 246
N.E. 851 : 232
N.E. 855 : 226
N.E. 855 : 236
N.E. 857 : 106
N.E. 859 : 228
N.E. 863 : 254
N.E. 869 : 213
N.E. 871 : 252
N.E. 873 : 145
N.E. 874 : 216
N.E. 874 : 255
N.E. 876 : 224
N.E. 877 : 250
N.E. 877 : 251
N.B. 878 : 227
N.B. 878 : 249
N.E. 882 : 242
N.E. 884 : 241
N.E. 885 : 222
N.E. 901 : 38
N.E. 921 : 41
N.E. 924 : 124
N.E. 927 : 46
N. B. 928 : 203
N.E. 933 : 129
N.E. 933 : 187
N.E. 934 : 201
N.E. 942 : 35
N.E. 942 : 188
N.E. 945 : 211
N.E. 947 : 2
N.E. 951 : 17
N.B. 951 : 36
N .E. 952 : 78 (87)
N .E. 952 : 82 (82)
N.E. 955 : 26
N.E. 958 : 95
N.E. 959 : 202
N.E. 961 : 13
N.B. 963 : 7
N.B. 963 : 118
N.B. 963 : 212
N.B. 966 : 50
N.B. 969 : 126
N.B. 975 : 9
N.B. 975 : 20
N.B. 975 : 21
N.B. 976 : 23
N.B. 981 : 158
N.B. 984 : 4
N.B. 985 : 123
N.B. 986 : 8
N.B. 990 : 32
N.B. 991 : 127
N. B. 998 : 61
N.B. 1001 : 4
N.B. 1003 : 6
N.B. 1003 : 11
N.B. 1004 : 33
N.B. 1013 : 65
N.B. 1014 : 175
N.B. 1015 : 85
N.B. 1019 : 120
N.B. 1051 : 68
N.B. 1051 : 171
N.B. 1051 : 178
N.B. 1061 : 178
N.B. 1064 : 172
Saka B. 1317 : 209
Saka E. 1743 : 35
Saka E. 1747 : 211
Saka B. 1759 : 204
Saka E. 1764 : 212
Saka E. 1786 : 40
Saka E. 1836 : 259
Vikr. E. 1452 : 209
Vikr. E. 1838 : 210
Vikr. B. 1878 : 35
Vikr. B. 188.1 : 208
Vikr. B. 1882 : 211
Vikr. B. 1886 : 214
Vikr. B. 1891 : 59
Vikr. B. 1892 : 215
Vikr. B. 1895 : 204
Vikr. B. 1896 : 202
Vikr. B. 1899 : 212
Vikr. B. 1921 : 40
Vikr. B. 1934 : 61
Vikr. B. 1938 : 4
Vikr. B. 1961 : 27
Vikr. E. 1984 : 14
Vikr. E. 1993 : 28
Vikr. E. 1996 : 52
Vikr. B. 1997 : 206
A.D. 1866 : 207 (62)