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INSTITUTING THE TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION OF THE PHILIPPINE ARCHIPELAGO MAKING THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS INTO TWO PARCELS. WHEREAS, the Republic of the Philippines has a serious problem of the land distribution; WHEREAS, the Infrastructure Projects and Economic Development of our country are seriously obstructed by the ownership of the said lands; WHEREAS, remedy should be well founded to streamline the distribution of our said natural wealth; NOW, THEREFORE, I FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the power vested in me by the constitution, do hereby decree and order the following: SECTION 1, SECTION 2, SECTION 3, SECTION 4, SECTION 5, The Republic of the Philippines shall be made into two (2) parcels as Parcel I and Parcel II; The tie point of both Parcel I and Parcel II of the Philippine Archipelago should be Binondo Church, Manila; The Bureau of Lands was instructed to institute the Technical Description of Parcel I and Parcel II of the said Philippine Archipelago; The area involve of the Technical Descriptions of Parcel I and Parcel II of the Philippine Archipelago are to include the water between the islands; The scale that should be used is 1.2,500-000

SECTION 6, The Technical Descriptions of Parcel I are as follows: From BCM To Sta. 1 S. 42 37E., 161 kms. To Sta. 2 S. 11 12E., 231 kms.; To Sta. 3 S. 45 30E., 579 kms. To Sta. 4 N. 61 30W., 50 kms.; To Sta. 5 E., 27 18E., 598 kms. To Sta. 6 N. 08 37W., 484 kms.; To Sta. 7 R. 12 21E., 318 kms. To Sta. 8 N. O 10E., 301 kms.; To Sta. 9 S. 17 20E., 600 kms. To Sta. 10 S. 02 37E., 173 kms.; To Sta. BCM S. 88 56W., 162 lms. With total area to include the waters in between the islands of 30,695,700 hectares. SECTION 7, The technical description of Parcel II are as follows: From BCM To Sta. I, Due East 375 kms.; To Sta. 2 S. 43 27E., 337 kms. To sta. 3 S. 23 46E., 404 kms.; To Sta. 4 S. 28 87W., 245 kms., To sta. 5 N. 65 37W., 310 kms.; To Sta. 6 S. 42 35W., 457 kms. To sta. 7 Due to West 90.00 kms.; To Sta. 8 N. 66 25W., 104 kms. To sta. 9 N. 40 17E., 532 kms.; To Sta. 10 N. 44 13W., 243 kms. To sta. 11 N. 12 16W., 340 kms.; To Sta. BCM N. 40 28W., 162 kms. With total area to include the waters in between the islands of 45,424,500 hectares. SECTION 8, The Title to represent Parcel I and Parcel II of the Philippine Archipelago is under TORRENS SYSTEM Real Property Act 1858, and registered in the Torrens System of Land Registration Operation with Land Registration Commission (LRC) under Act 496 amended P.D. 1529;

2 SECTION 9, all legitimate occupants of lands in the Philippines who by law are qualified to acquire land under TORRENS SYSTEM PROCEEDING LAW should first consent the holder in whole or in part of Real Property Act 1858 under Act 496 amended P.D. 1529.

Done in the City of Manila, this 28 th day of May, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-seven. (SGD) PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES The Sections 3-5-6 and 7 for Parcel I and II of the Presidential Decree No. 1143 is the Approved Plan and Technical Descriptions of the Land entire the Philippine Archipelago is containing a total land area of SEVENTY SIX MILLION ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED (76,119,200) HECTARES. Signed into Law by Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos Specified to the Finality Entry of Judgement Supreme Court dated January 15, 1996. The Section 8 and 9 is the only Torrens System Registered under Real Property Act 1858 to represent Entire Philippine Archipelago and the only owner of the said Title with consent and power to convey the real private property under Torrens System. That all approved plans of the lands approved by the Director of Lands is with in this Section 6 and 7 of the Above mentioned law therefore, any conveyance of the undersigned is with in the METES AND BOUNDS of this law under the new Philippine Constitution. February 23, 1976 Signed Ferdinand E. Marcos President of the Philippines


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