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Creating a Data Source for Connection to an Oracle Server


1. Open the Visual Administrator application where connection to the Oracle Server is carried
2. Select JDBC Connector from the menu on the left under Services.
3. Select Data Sources.
4. Select the Create New Driver or DataSource icon.

5. Choose the Main tab and populate the fields as per the table below:
Field Name Value
Application Name Any value as long as it has not been used
Name Any value
Description Optional
Aliases Free text – this is the name to be used
when configuring the change tracker
Tip: Do not give the alias the name jdbc
or copy the Name above

When you click the Add Alias button, the

deployer is automatically updated.
Driver Name From the dropdown list, select the Oracle
JDBC driver that you deployed (see
prerequisites above).
JDBC Version Select value from dropdown list
For example, 2.0 with XA support
Object Factory Actual strings for Oracle Server
For example,
DataSource Type Select value from dropdown list
For example, XADataSource
XADS Classname For example, oracle.jdbc.xa.client.Oracle
6. Select the Additional tab and populate the fields as per the table below:
Key Value
password Password to access database
url jdbc:oracle:thin:@<hostname>:<listener
portnumber>:<DBMS Server>
For example,
user Change Tracking Connection Parameter
For example, Vendor_z000

Connection Parameter is a User/Schema

SQL Engine Vendor SQL
7. Select the DB Initialization tab and enter the following statement:
Select count (*) as NumRecs from A2i_CM_History
8. Save your entries.
9. Select Execute.
If you receive a confirmation, your connection has been established.