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A person who has passed the Professional or Final examination of the Institute and has completed the prescribed
practical training requirements or exempted there from shall be entitled to get himself enrolled as an Associate
Member. On his admission to Associateship, he is entitled to use the descriptive letters ‘ACS’ after his name to
denote that he is an Associate member of the Institute and also to use his designation ‘Company Secretary’ after
his name OR use CS before (prefix) his name. The member can also use the following symbol in visiting cards &
name boards, automobiles, etc…



Sl Particulars No. of Detailed specifications

No. copies

1 Form-A – Application for ACS as 01 Application to be submitted with Prescribed

per Regulation 5 of The Company Fees as below.
Secretaries Regulation, 1982
2 Passport size photograph 02  One photo is to be affixed on specimen
signature card (you can get it from Institute
or Chapters), which is to be self attested

 One photo is to be attached separately on

the top of Form-A. On back side of photo
write your name & Student Registration No

3 Specimen Signature Card [it’s a 01  There are two spaces provided for
part of Form A which can be signature on this card. Same signature is to
procured from Institute or Chapter] be put on both space
(Not two different styles of signature )
4 Certificate of Fitness 02  To be taken by two members of ICSI
(whether in Practice or Employment),
having minimum 3 (Three) years of
(on green form provided alongwith the
Form-A )
5 Proof of Date of Birth 01  Attested photocopy of Admit Card or
Certificate or Marks Sheet of Class X
 Attested photocopy of Passport
6 Proof of Graduation 01  Attested photocopy of Degree of
(Not required if student has Graduation provided by the University
completed Foundation concerned (Please attach all parts of
Examination of the ICSI ) Marks Sheets of Graduation, if degree
certificate is not yet received from the
 Please attach photocopy of Marks sheet /
or Certificate of Foundation Examination of
ICSI, if student has completed Foundation
Examination of ICSI
7 Proof of passing of Final 01 Photocopy of Final pass Certificate or Marks
Examination of ICSI Sheet (of all groups) issued by ICSI
8 Proof of completion of all Training 01  Photocopy of completion Certificates of
requirements as per ICSI ( of each ) each such training issued by ICSI
• ADP- 3 full days

CS classes in Law with
9 Proof of completion of all Training 01  Attested Photocopy of Completion
requirements as per ICSI ( of each ) Certificates of each such training issued by
Regulations respective companies or ROC or Stock
• Management Training / or Exchange
Apprenticeship Training  Please attach the photocopy of
• Practical Training (as confirmation letter issued by ICSI, if
required) exemption from any of these training is
• ROC / Stock Exchange granted by ICSI
10 Prescribed Fees -  Payable by cash or Demand Draft (
• Entrance Fee for drawn in favour of “ The Institute of
Associate Membership : Rs Company Secretaries of India” payable at
1500/- New Delhi )

• Annual subscription for

Rs 1125/-
( If applying
between April –
September )
Rs 562.50
( If applying
October - March )

Note: Any photocopies annexed with the application shall be attested

by officers of ICSI or present Chairman of respective Regional Council
or Chapter.

Application for Certificate of Practice (CP)

1 Form-D – Application for CP as per Regulation 10, 13 & 14 of 01 Application to be submitted

The Company Secretaries Regulation, 1982 with Prescribed fees, as below.

2 Declaration – shall be annexed with CP 01 Declaration shall be annexed

with Form D for CP

3 Form for giving particulars of office or firm by a PCS as per 01 The prescribed form to be
Regulation 165 and any change in office shall also be submitted. No fee for the
intimated within 30 days of change. You can use e-mail ids same.;,
(for CP holders only)

4 Application to register & impart Training as PCS 01 The prescribed form to be

submitted. No fee for the

5 Prescribed Fees -  Payable by cash or

• Annual subscription for CP: Demand Draft ( drawn in
Rs 1000/- favour of “ The Institute of
( If applying between April – September ) Company Secretaries of
Rs 500/- India” payable at New
( If applying between October - March ) Delhi )

CS classes in Law with

Optional but good facilities for Members

1 Form A to subscribe for ICSI -  To be applied in the application form (Form A)
Benevolent Fund (CSBF). prescribed for CSBF
• Contribution to the Fund is a
noble cause.  One time (life time) payment of Rs. 2500/- is to
• Members of the ICSI after be made to become the member of CSBF
becoming the member of CBSF
get the additional security shield  Payable by cash or Local cheque or Demand
for the life. Draft ( drawn in favour of “ Company
• Contribution to the Fund qualify Secretaries Benevolent Fund” payable at New
for the deduction under section Delhi
80-G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

2 Application for Identity Card – a - Free of charge, just fill & submit this form.
means to create data bank by ICSI of
both CS Members & Practioners

3 ICSI’s Neck Tie or Lady Brooch - Rs. 50/- (Pay along with Form A when applying for

4 Application for Inclusion of Name in - Application in prescribed form to be made. No fees

the Panel of Paper Setters or Examiners for the same.
for ICSI exams

Once you get the Membership, you can register with ICSI website by clicking & enjoy various facilities
including Online Payment & track your fees status.

For further details, The Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982 (Download)

For queries regarding Membership matters:

Annual Membership fee 25781674/25763090 Ext. 40
Certificate of practice 25781674/25763090 Ext. 31
Change of address/updation of data 25781674/25763090 Ext. 39
Complaints of Chartered Secretary
ACS/FCS Admission/Identity 65441993/25781674/
card/transcriptions 25763090 Ext. 37
Company Secretary Benevolent Fund 25781674/25763090 Ext 39
Licentiate 25781674/25763090 Ext. 40
Complaints in respect of any of the
matters relating to members 25781674 Ext. 38
Mrs. Meenakshi Gupta, Deputy Telefax no. 25756167
Sh. O.P. Sharma, Assistant Mobile: 9868770138
Director 9811592883
Sh. S. Kumar, Sr. Director (TML&P) 24645048

CS classes in Law with