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RANGARAJAN, Voice of Love Introduction When we speak of business it is all about money and profit. Often there is a belief that business means shares, stocks, profit, export etc. The primary objectives with which any business is started would be profit making only after which comes human values and social responsibilities. But there are instances where social responsibilities itself is the driving motive for a business. For them it is not profit and revenue that matters but for them profit matters in terms of social responsibility. T T Rangarajan, is one such entrepreneur or business man who took up social responsibility as his business. For many he is a business tycoon in his own way. A person is successful when he is able to bring about a change. If that change happens in a mass and makes positive growth in anybodys life, he is truly successful. Voice of Love T T Rangarajan, is a former software consultant and entrepreneur, whose organization, Alma Mater, is committed to awakening humanity, especially for the youth. He is also known as Voice of Love or Voice of Ra as his discourses reach hundreds of youth that changes their life. He is also the editor of frozen thoughts, a monthly magazine. T T Rangarajan is considered a spiritual leader & Living Master by his students and is the founder of Alma Mater - an organisation dedicated to self-mastery and holistic personality development. Alma Mater is one of the leading organisations in India that is currently spearheading the spiritual renaissance raging across the world. It is a non-political, non-religious organization that does not promote any particular ideology but with a mission to work towards the betterment of the individual, the society and the world. It currently conducts transformational courses in the cities of Chennai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad in India. Rajan conducts Top Gear an annual spiritual retreat conducted exclusively for select students of Alma Mater. During the retreat, thousands of students have undergone deep spiritual transformations and emerged as better citizens of the world. Rajan is the Editor of Frozen Thoughts - a growth oriented magazine published monthly by Alma Mater wherein his teachings & messages are disseminated to countless readers across the world. The magazine also has articles from other like minded individuals affiliated to Alma Mater.

RAJAN, who is affectionately referred to as the 'Voice of Love', is a spiritualist, endowed with a deep connectivity to existence. He guides people in their quest for self - realisation. He has bought meditation to the common man, and in his presence, thousands have experienced the depths of silence. He, for one, believes that the messenger should be the message. Early life and history Rajan grew up in Chennai (then Madras) and graduated in Maths from AM Jain College in the city. When he was 19 and jobless, his father chided him for not working, and began to cry. The family was going through financial hardships, and he found it difficult to make ends meet with his corporate job. So he enrolled in a course in computers (those were the days when computers had just arrived on the scene), and found a job in Pune. He earned less than Rs 700 a month, and it was insufficient for him to rent a place. So he slept in the office. That was a blessing in disguise, for he made use of the computers all night to learn more. Later, he worked in Bombay, Delhi, and Hyderabad in computer software companies. Four years later, in 1988, as a 23-year old, he left for Dubai where he spent the next seventeen months heading a software consultancy firm. He had seen his father work for a corporate for 40 years and come up with nothing. So he planned to be an entrepreneur. He says we should be able to define how much we earn, and not have somebody or someone else do it for us. Between 18 and 25 years, he made every career, every decision, keeping this in mind. Meanwhile, he had sufficient exposure and experience to set up a software consultancy. He wanted to be an end user. And he was ready to take the plunge. Back in Chennai, he set up a software constancy specializing in seafood automation that grew to be successful over the years. There was a lot of money, and the venture took off beyond his expectation. His mind was on American markets, Mercedes Benz, and beach houses. History that changed Rajans life In 1994, a friend of Rajan committed suicide by jumping from the terrace, unable to control her emotions on her personal life. She was a postgraduate with a degree in education. The incident left Rajan with a lot of questions, but no answers. He felt what is the use of an education system if it does not teach us how to live life. We teach science but we do not teach the science of living. We teach history, but dont teach how to create history.The incident shook him by the roots. It was a period of enormous confusion. But clarity is always born under confusion he says. His business was

doing well, but his heart had already lost focus. Restless, he went to a leading bookstore where he was stumbled on the Chinese quote, If you feed a man with a fish, you feed him for a day; if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for life. It certainly set him thinking. When MK Gandhi was thrown out of the compartment, nothing happened. When he was lying on the platform, nothing happened. But when he thought, If I, as an individual, go through so much, what would be the plight of a natio? Then something happened. He stopped being MK Gandhi. In which experience life hides her call, nobody knows. In that instant, he knew what he should be doing: teach others fishing. He drove back to his firm, and handed it over his software consultancy to his most loyal employee. In two weeks, everything was transferred. He decided to spend the rest of his life with people. He threw away a 11-year expertise and a five-year software consultancy that employed 38 software engineers. He was back to square one. His parents and well-wishers were against it. His wife, however, had confidence in him. The Alma Mater In 1995, as a successful software entrepreneur, T T Rangarajan abdicated a life of material wealth in response to an inner calling. Responding to his turmoil and anguish at the preventable suicide of a friend, the pathfinder and path-breaker, decided to invest the rest of his life with people by establishing Alma Mater, an organization with a difference. Its mission: to awaken humanity. Over the years, the Chennai-based institution has helped thousands of individuals transform their lives, live holistically, and function from a higher plane than is possible for everyone. In 1995, when Alma Mater was established, focus was on skill-building such as effective communication, public speaking, goal setting, and time management for the youth. Through experiential programmes that include holistic development for individuals, corporates, schools, spiritual retreats, and a monthly magazine, Frozen Thoughts, Alma Mater enables people to rediscover their connection to themselves, and live their lives in harmony with the laws of the universe. Alma Mater today has branches in Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. TT Rangarajan, 42, defies conventional stereotypes of a New Age guru. This proponent of holistic living is popularly known as Rajan, and actively discourages being placed on a pedestal. In his aesthetically designed office that harmoniously blends corporate efficiency and a personal touch, he spoke about his passion for creating a humanity of peak performers.

Alma Maters philosophy At Alma Mater, they believe in scientific spirituality. They explain the laws of life to people in everyday language they can understand, and show them their day-to-day applications. They believe that quality of life and standard of life must be integrated. Standard of life, for example, is having a water bed. Quality of life is the ability to sleep irrespective of the bed. The core of their philosophy is evolving consciousness. In every way today we should believe we are better than we were yesterday. Eventually it will become present continuous. Frozen Thoughts Frozen Thoughts is more than a magazine. It is an awakening. Management, Selling, Spirituality, Religion & Science, Relationship, Marriage, Parenting, Adolescence, Psychology, Finance, Health, Clarity in thinking, Stress management, and the science of living - every aspect of life finds place in Frozen Thoughts. The present readership is estimated at around 4,00,000 per month across the globe. Frozen Thoughts today travels to 65 countries & 450 places in India, making a difference to every human life it touches. Un posted Letter Rajans book Un posted Letter that was brought out on 15th August 2009 has been a Best Seller with over 65000 copies having been sold in 18 months even without a publisher or a distributor. Un posted Letter is a short, crisp, write-up from the editor, published in each issue of Frozen Thoughts. Each Un posted Letter discusses a personal or professional attitude, situation, or viewpoint. In this compilation of Un posted Letters, each page is power-packed and contains profound facts of life. UNPOSTED LETTER makes life that much simpler. With the clarity one gains on reading it, implementation becomes that much easier and desirable. An internal conflict, a little relationship hitch, a professional dilemma, a policy review, time management issues, whatever find a solution there. Concepts, Philosophies and discourses of Rajan. He says that we have to follow our heart. Theres no logic to it. A lot of us are living lives we should not be living because we ask for reason where none exists. Unintended consequences have shaped the history of the world much more than intended consequences. He goes by impulse,

intuition, calling and advocate it to others who are spiritually centered and aligned. His decision to quit his business was not an emotional impulse. In his case, the calling got louder with every ray of sunshine. He adds that unless we do it, there is perpetual restlessness. It makes us feel incomplete. The history of the world has been a history of disobedience. The birth of every religion is an act of disobedience. Gautama Buddhas father did not want him to do what he did. Mahatma Gandhis movement was called civil disobedience. The church did not want Mother Teresa to go ahead with her service. So she quit the Church to do her work. They chose to walk a different path. Every time we want to follow our heart, we might sound rebellious to people. There might be times when we have to stand alone. If we listen to our heart, only then the God is with us. But we have to learn to go ahead. Human beings go through natural evolution first as consequence receiver, and then evolve into another level of consciousness. He firmly believes that we cant change an organization unless we change the person at the top. Hence our focus is on the individual centered on value-based holistic living. Rather than telling people death is not an alternative, but life is, we need to show them what life is. Some quotes of T T Rangarajan on it. point. You are the co-author of your destiny. Sometimes, when you don't get what you want, it might turn out to be your greatest turning Quality is that finishing touch, the presence of which is seldom noticed, and the absence of Acceptance is, your recognition of the existence of what is, without projecting your opinion which is never missed.

Conclusion The rise and fall of every human being has its effect on the overall human consciousness. Every lesson learnt, every mistake committed, every error corrected, every discovery, every invention, every insight, every idea, every revelation, every talent unfolded, every limit redefined, every thought released, every vibration experienced by every individual paints yet another stroke in the evolution of human consciousness. To play a role in evolving human consciousness, T.T.Rangarajan founded Alma Mater on February 14, 1995. Today, hundreds of organisations and

hundreds of thousands of people would vouch for the turnaround Alma Mater has created in their lives. Being an impassioned propagator of value-based living and holistic development, T.T.Rangarajan's vision of lifting humanity to a higher level of spiritual consciousness is carried through by his experiential workshops, residential spiritual retreats and his brainchild - the growth oriented magazine - Frozen Thoughts. In the larger perspective, his vision is also to bring much needed dramatic changes to the prevailing education system and to create a paradigm shift in the attitudes of the teaching faculty, so as to better equip every child with an empowering personality. His ongoing effort in this direction through the 'Subject +' programs has touched innumerable educational institutions, a number that is increasing by the day. A few of the spontaneous discourses by T.T.Rangarajan, Founder, Alma Mater and Editor, Frozen Thoughts to a live audience have been brought out as DVDs and Audio CDs and have been received very well. Seekers, who have ever experienced the Voice of Love will vouch that his discourses aren't mere transference of words, but transference of energy.

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