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Gis and remote sending 2 mid test question paper

Set1: 1. Explain GIS modeling methods available 2. Write a comprehend note on file management in GIS data management 3. Write short note on gis data storage
4. Describe fluvial geomorphology and river sedimentation analysis with the help of GIS

Set 2 1. Explain layer based gis mapping and feature based GIS mapping 2. What is the importance of land and land cover in application GIS for WRE 3. Write a short note on data manipulation and analysis of GIS data 4. Write short note on application of GIS in subsurface water targeting

Set 3 1. Explain about key board entry manual digitizing and scanning 2. Write a short note on application of GIS in flood and drought impact assessment 3. Justify watershed management plays vital role in sustainable development 4. Explain in brief about water depth estimation and bathymetry

Set 4 1. Explain a) Vector GIS b)Raster GIS 2. Explain role of gis in surface water inventory 3. Explain about land use/ cover in water shed management
4. Write a short note on site selection procedure for artificial ground water recharge