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Becky Mathias Hoekstra Math th 4 Hour 5-15-2012

Water Tower Project

For the Water Tower Project I tried many various shapes. One that worked well was the cylinder; it worked well because it was round instead of square so it could hold more while having less surface area. I tried a square prism, but that didnt work out well. It had a lot of surface area compared to the other shapes I tried. I had to make sure every shape was the best it could be. First, I tried to make the measurements for each side length was realistic and close in size. Then, I would check to make sure everything worked out right. Finally, Id put it all together and see the final answer for surface area/volume. For eighth graders planning to work on this project I have advice. First of all, try cylinders and spheres first; the circles work well. After that I would use cones or pyramids. Personally I dont think prisms were good for this project but they could still work as well. In

Becky Mathias Hoekstra Math th 4 Hour 5-15-2012 conclusion, make sure you try lots of different towers and find out the best shape for you!