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I wont forget this...

Neither will I These were the last words exchanged on a dispute between the two men. One seated before you, Merle Rausch, and the other, William Jones, is now dead, murdered. MURDER- On June 15th, 2011 William Jones, a 25 year old local construction woke up not knowing that that night he would be shot through the heart, murdered in cold blood by that man (point to defendant) Merle Rausch, in front of his local watering hole, the Red Apple Tavern. Murder in front of the Red Apple Tavern!!!! His life was stolen from him at only 25 years of age. And the tall man just fell These are the words of firefighter Fred Martin as he looked on as Merle Rausch stood over the man he had just murdered, William Jones. Then a shot rang out.. and the tall man just fell. This is the description by an eye witness of the last moments of life for William Jones, a life cut short at the young age of 25 by that man (point to defendant) Merle Rausch.

Good evening, Your Honor(s), opposing counsel, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury. My name is Karan Malhotra and along with Seena Pidani, my co-counsel, I represent the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We will prove beyond a reasonable doubt, this was Murder. This is not a story of two strangers. This is a story of two men that knew each other, drank together often, and got into an argument which was ended by a bullet shot by Merle Rausch right in the heart of William Jones. Merle Rausch and William Jones got into an argument, as a matter of fact it was the same argument they had just a week prior to the night in question. This argument was frustrating for the defendant, frustrating to the point where after the prior argument he had armed himself with a .38 Smith and Weston. This argument was overdue to end permanently. Merle Rausch, a 25 year old stock worker at the local A& P felt that it was necessary to bring a gun to work on June 15, 2011 and subsequently to the Red Apple Tavern. The reason for this gun, despite what the defense may claim, is so this argument could be finished once and for all. In his own words, Merle Rausch said Neither will I, said in regards to forgetting the argument between Merle Rausch and William Jones. Indeed, he would not forget as he shot to kill William Jones, now putting to rest the argument indefinitely.

Please, pay close attention to the testimony of the witnesses and the evidence exhibited. We assure you that at the end of this trial, you will come to the just and accurate finding which shows that man (point to defendant), murdered in cold blood William Jones. Thank You.