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Dr Peter Argondizza Style in Performance

The Guitar in Classical and Romantic Chamber Music


Early Guitars

The Classical Guitar

o 1740-90 Period of transition for the guitar- four types of guitars used:

Five course (Baroque)- lasted into the Classical period and played a limed role in the classical period

Six course-Used in Spain and Latin America 1759-1805

Five string- used in France 1777-1808

Six string- the Classical guitar emerged from different cultures- Generally established around 1780.

Performance practice:

Tuning and seating position: angle of the hands

Use or non use of nails


Sor- no nails


Aguado- nails

Right hand technique and sound quality


Straight stroke


Pinky on sound board- all free stroke


Giuliani 120 right hand studies

The left hand


Use of the left hand thumb


Avoid barring


o Trill-hammering and cross string trills

Footstools and guitar rests- consideration of size in relation to the modern guitar


Use of strap- placed on left leg


Standing position


Cross left leg over the right


Aguado Tripodium

Dr Peter Argondizza Style in Performance

Composers and Works

Ferdinando Carulli (b Naples, 9 Feb 1770; d Paris, 14 Feb 1841) Concerto, gui, fl, 2 ob, 2 hn, 2vn, va, b, op.8 (1809)

Petit concerto de société, gui, 2 vn, va, vc obbl/(gui, pf) op.140 (1820)


solos, gui, vn, va, b/(gui, pf), op.207 (1823)


nocturnes, gui, vn, va, b or vc/(gui, pf), op.208 (1823)

Variations (on H. -M. Berton’s opera Aline), gui, 2 ob, 2 hn, vn, va, b obbl, db

ad lib/(gui, pf), op.219 (1823/4) Petit quatuor, gui, fl, vn, vc, op.252 (1824/5) Petit quatuor, gui, vn, va, vc, op.253 (1824/5) Troisième concerto, A, gui, orch/pf (1825) Trios: c20 pieces, fl, vn, gui Nocturnes, 2vv, gui/pf Duos: 76 opuses for 2 gui

66 opuses, vn, gui

2 duos, va, gui

40 pieces, fl, gui

c45 pieces, pf, gui 6 petits duos, hp, gui

6 ariettes and 3 romances, solo v, gui

Fernando Sor (b Barcelona, bap. 14 Feb 1778; d Paris, 10 July 1839) at least 25 boleros or seguidillas boleras for 1–3vv, acc. gui/pf various guitar duos

Napoléon Coste, (27 June 1805; d Paris, 17 Feb 1883). French guitarist and composer.

2 gui: Scherzo et pastorale, op.10; Duetto, unpubd;

Marche et scherzo, ob, gui, op.33[b]; Le montagnard, divertissement pastoral, ob, gui or pf, op.34; Vocal: Chant heroïque, 1v, pf; songs, 1v, gui;

arr. of lieder by Schubert and Beethoven, 1v, gui

Francesco Molino- (June 4, 1775, Ivrea, Piedmont – 1847) Trois Duos Faciles for violin and guitar, op. 3 Francesco Molino- Trois Trios, op. 4, for flute, viola, and guitar. Francesco Molino- Second Grand Trio Concertant, op. 45

Luigi Legnani, (b Ferrara, 7 Nov 1790; d Ravenna, 5 Aug 1877). Legnani Of particular interest are the Variations concertantes sur un thême original de Rossini op.28 for guitar and piano, composed in collaboration with Marcus Leidesdorf (1787–1840) and published in a version for guitar and piano with string quartet accompaniment.

Dr Peter Argondizza Style in Performance

Mauro Giuliani (b Bisceglie, 27 July 1781; d Naples, 8 May 1829).

3 gui concs., opp.30, 36, 70; ed. (Milan, 1973)

Chbr: gui, str qt, opp.65, 101–3 gui, fl/vn, opp.24a, 25, 52–3, 63, 74–7, 80–82, 84–6, 126–7, 6 works without op. no.

gui, pf, opp.68, 93 (with Hummel), Grand duo concertant (with Moscheles; known also as Moscheles’s op.20),

2 gui, opp.66–7, 130, 137 (Tecla Editions)

Nicolò Paganini, (b Genoa, 27 Oct 1782; d Nice, 27 May 1840) violin and guitar:

Carmagnola, variations Sonata concertata, 1804

6 Sonatas, c1805, op.2 (Milan, 1820),

6 Sonatas, c1805, op.3 (Milan, 1820), 45 sonatas, 1805–9

Cantabile e Valtz, 1823, Centone di sonate, 18 sonatas, after 1828. [60] Variations on ‘Barucabà’, 1835, op.14 Grand Sonata, A. Variazioni di bravura, on Caprice no.24.

4 sonatine, e, F, d, G.

other chamber works:

Grande Sonata, A, gui, vn, 1803

3 Quartets [nos.1–3], a, C, A, vn, va, gui, vc, 1806–16

3 Quartets [nos.4–6], D, C, d, vn, va, gui, vc, 1806–16, op.5 Serenata, C, va, vc, gui, before 1808. Terzetto, D, vn, vc, gui, 1833. Terzetto concertante, D, va, gui, vc, 1833. Serenata, 2 vn, gui.

François de Fossa, French born in Perpignan on 31 August, 1775 died in 1849. Three Grand Duos based on the works of Haydn. Trio Op. 18 No. 1 in A Major for violin, guitar and `cello. Trio Op. 18 No. 2 in G major for violin, guitar and `cello. Trio Op. 18 No. 3 in F major for violin, guitar and `cello.

Dr Peter Argondizza Style in Performance

Luigi Boccherini (b Lucca, 19 Feb 1743; d Madrid, 28 May 1805)

Quintet for gtr/strings in D minor, G. 445 (arrangement of Pn Quintet, G. 416) Quintet for gtr/strings in B flat major, G. 447 (arr. Piano Quintet, G. 414) Quintet for gtr/strings in D major, G. 449 (arr. String Quartets G. 232, G. 237 & String Quintet, G. 411)

Quintet for gtr/strings in E minor, G. 451 (arrangement Piano Quintet, G.

Quintet for gtr/strings in E major, G. 446 (arrangement of Piano Quintet, G. 417)

Quintet gtr/strings in D major ("Fandango"), G. 448 (arrangement of String Quintets,

G. 270 & 341)

Quintet gtr/strings in G major, G. 450 (arrangement of Quintet for Flute and strings,

G. 531 & String quartet, G. 240)

Quintet for gtr/strings in C major ("La Ritirada di Madrid"), G. 453 (arr.of Pno Quintet, G. 409) Symphony in C major, G. 523 (arrangement of Symphony G. 491 & Quintet G. 268)


Filippo Gragnani (1767-1812) Quartet in A Major Op.8 for violin, Clarinet and two Guitars Duet in A Major No. 1 and 2 for Violin and Guitar Trio in D Major Op.13 for Flute, Violin and Guitar Sextet in A Major op.9 for Flute, clarinet, violin, two guitars and Cello.

Wenzel Thomas Matiegka (b Bohemia, bap. 6 July 1773; d Vienna, 19 Jan 1830). His only published works were those involving the guitar, an instrument that he handled expertly. He arranged Beethoven’s Serenade op.8 (for violin, viola and cello) and Adelaide op.46, in versions with guitar (replacing cello and piano respectively). In turn, Schubert arranged Matiegka’s Nocturne op.21 for flute, violin and guitar as a quartet (daII/2) by adding a cello part. 32 published opp. include 23 works (sonatas, variations, etc.) for solo guitar; duets, trios and chamber music with guitar.

Hummel, Johann Nepomuk (b Pressburg [now Bratislava], 14 Nov 1778; d Weimar, 17 Oct 1837) Sonata, c, hpd/pf, mand/vn (Vienna, c1810) Potpourri, g, pf, gui (Vienna, c1810–14) Sérénade en potpourri, G, (pf, vn, gui, cl/fl, bn/vc)/(pf, fl, vc)/(pf, vn, cl, bn) (Vienna, c1814–15) Sérénade no.2, pf, vn, gui, cl/fl, bn/vc (Vienna, c1814–15) Grand potpourri national, pf, gui (Vienna, c1818), collab. M. Giuliani

Other works- some spurious origin but good chamber music, nevertheless. Schubert: Quartet for Guitar, Flute, and Viola & CelloVarious lieder arranged for voice and guitar (Schubert approved!) (Tecla Editions) Hector Berlioz- Twenty-Five Songs (Chanterelle) C.M. von Weber: Minuet & Trio for Flute, Viola & Guitar - Doblinger F.J. Haydn: Cassation in C Major for Guitar, Violin & Cello -Doblinger F.J. Haydn: Quartet from opus 2, no 2. Doblinger- Haydn arranged this quartet to have the lute play the first violin part. Later edited and arranged lute part for guitar by various players/editors.

Dr Peter Argondizza Style in Performance

Operas that include Guitar:

The Barber of Seville Oberon Don Pasquale Beatrice and Benedict Otello and Falstaff

Gioachino Rossini Carl Maria von Weber Gaetano Donizetti Hector Berlioz Giuseppe Verdi

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Dr Peter Argondizza Style in Performance

Dr Peter Argondizza Style in Performance Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 6
Dr Peter Argondizza Style in Performance Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 6