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True friends speak in behalf of you. Laugh out loud when you have senseless yet funny topic.

Cry with you when you are in burden and embraces you when you're sad. Oftentimes we argue on many ways. Walkout in certain times we felt we're bullied, but that's us; no one can change it. Our temper fly, we get hurt on the things we thought maybe left unsaid. (LOL) it's us no one can tell who you are but your friends.. ON YOUR FACE pa ha.. hahaha wara plastikanay.. mapikon ang mapikon tutal masapak man gihapon.. We have our own characteristics and own differences but still we compliment each other.. Lucky am I to have you Michael Divino, Kyra Elialeah Gicaraya, Joanna Marie Sandajan Bernabe, Bebe Jayla and Alas Dela Cruz Mendoza.. At times I wonder why we became this close. Nd man pareho edad ta tnan.. Amazing isn't it? Time flies we don't see and bond with each other as often as we did in the past but still I can feel we still know each other. I'm professional in my craft but when I'm with you I act as myself. I can;t change it that's me and I know you knew me well.. :) Miss ko lang kamo. :D