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National Qualifications Assessment Profile 2009

Subject: Applied Science Level: 1 and 2

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Approximate Further
Number & No of Int or Mode of My
Standard title Date Assessment
version credits Ext assessment Result
EG: 10 May Opportunities
EG: 90084. 02
AS90164 v3 3 Int Describe ecological characteristics Field Trip Week 6 Term 1 NONE
found in two biological
Level 1 communities

US21610 v1 4 Int Collect, and use computer technology Computer Work Week 7 Term 1 Yes
to store and process, numeric data for a
scientific purpose
Level 2
AS90167 v2 4 EXT Describe Plant Processes Exam November NONE

Level 1

AS90640 v2 4 EXT Describe characteristic properties and EXAM November NONE

reactions of metals, acids and
Level 1 bases

AS90312 v2 4 INT Carry out a practical scientific Practical Assessment Week 4 Term 2 YES
investigation with supervision

Level 2
US6338 v4 3 INT Characterise the behaviour of weak and Written Assessment Week 9 Term 2 Yes
strong acids and bases
Level 2

AS90183 v3 5 EXT Demonstrate understanding of EXAM November NONE

mechanics in one dimension
Level 1

US6379 v4 4 INT Demonstrate knowledge of energy, Written Assessment Week 9 Term 3 Yes
momentum and equilibrium