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3326 Fillmore St.

Denver , Colorado 80205
Phone: (720)435-9944


Seeking a position were I can utilize my Customer Service Skills.

- Problem solving skills.
- Strong organizational skills
- proven ability to reach targeted goals.
- Effective written and verbal skills.

Problem Resolution Rep. - (2005 - 2008)
CONVERGYS , Denver, Colo.

* Listen attentively to customer needs and concerns; demonstrate empathy.

* Confirm customer understanding of the solution and provide additional

customer education as needed.

*Prepare complete and accurate work and update customer file.

*Communicate effectively with individuals/teams.


Voice Stream, Thornton, Colo.]

* Provide answers and/or advice to customers based on their particular

requirements and customer profile.

* Troubleshoot, research and analyze customer problems with installation,

billing, service upgrades/downgrade and disconnects.

* Conduct needs-based selling by using non-scripted probing techniques to

determine customer needs and to offer the most appropriate product or service to
address their needs.

* Maintain broad knowledge of products, pricing, promotions, procedures, and

other important issues through management communications, meetings, client focus
groups, and formal training.

Customer Service Supervisor - (1999 - 2000)

MCI Worldcom, Denver, Colo

*Completes or participates in classification/compensation projects or

assignments including conducting analysis, coordinating the efforts of team
members, preparing project documents, and producing reports and recommendations.
* Compiles and analyzes salary information and completes salary surveys to
document findings and recommendations; provides salary information to
representatives of other state agencies and private sector entities upon request.

* Responds orally and in writing to inquiries and issues from outside agency
managers and Human Resources staff and state and/or federal government
classification office(s) on classification and compensation matters including job
audit appeals.

* Performs necessary payroll actions to pass to payroll for processing on

employee merit increases, merit lump sums, off-cycle monetary awards, benefit
replacement pay, and shift differentials.

Diploma - (1998)

North High, Denver, Colo.