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No-Noise Operation
Quincy Compressor’s QT-Xtreme and PLT-Xtreme
are the industry’s only continuous-duty reciprocating
compressors that can deliver reliable shop air with-
out the noise. Their sound levels are as low as 64
decibels on a five-horsepower model and 65 decibels
on a 7.5-horsepower model. The products also fea-
ture air-cooled aftercooler for moisture removal,
reduced operating costs with start/stop controls,
axial flow fan for maximum cooling, removable
front and back panels for serviceability and lower
maintenance costs. For more information, visit or call 217-222-7700.

Quiet Compressor
The VD2016T twin tank portable industrial air compressor, manufactured by Grex Power Tools, has a two-horsepower
motor and a four-gallon twin tank. The 65-pound compressor is stable and provides quiet operation with on-board pres-
sure control. Other features include a direct-drive single-stage pump, a two-pole, 3,450-rpm induction motor, oil lubri-
cated pump, push button thermal overload reset protection and an easy-to-read gauge. For more information, visit or call 626-289-7618.

Small and Lightweight

The ROLAIR D2002HSSV5 two-horsepower, 4.3-gal-
lon stack tank compressor has a low-profile, cast iron
cylinder and a cold start valve. It also features a large,
12-ounce oil-filled crankcase, heavy-duty pressure
switch, metal filter assembly with replaceable ele-
ment and manual reset overload protection. The
model is available in a vertical pancake tank configu-
ration, as well as a stank tank version called “The
Bull.” The compressors are small and lightweight,
but can run one to two framing guns depending
on the application. For more information, visit or call 920-349-3281.