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WARNING There is a chance this mod could damage your engine, do so at YOUR


Ok, so the 4EFE rev limiter is at a quite low 6200 rpm. 4EFTE is much higher at 7200
rpm. Quite a few 4EFE's have been used with turbos to run higher than the stock 6200
limit, and have survived, at least for a time...

So, how about we raise the 4EFE limiter? This is actually very easy, it will cost a
maximum of about $5 and take about 5 mins, plus the time to remove/reinstall the ECU
(i can do it in about 20 mins now)

What you need to do is replace one of the components on the ECU circuit board with a
component of a different value. I got a spare ECU (thanks ivan) so that if i stuffed it i
would still have a good one to drive around, also means i can return it to stock rev limit
at any time by swapping the ECU back...

You will need:

Philipshead screwdriver
Soldering iron
Small needle nose pliers
12.960MHz oscilating crystal (i got mine from this place

Take your ECU -

Reduced: 50% of original size [ 1024 x 716 ] - Click to view full image
Remove the covers from both sides (they are held on with a screw in each corner)

Locate THIS crystal (the crystal in the pic has already been changed)

Reduced: 50% of original size [ 1024 x 866 ] - Click to view full image

Then CAREFULLY remove the existing crystal using your soldering iron on the back
side of the board on the join and your plier to pull the crystal out the front side at the
same time. Dont leave the iron on for too long, as i believe it would be possible to
overheat the chip next to it. I had to go from leg to leg of the crystal a little at a time to
get it out easily.

Then CAREFULLY (yes again) using your soldering iron and pliers, solder the new
12.960MHz crystal in place of the removed crystal (they do not have polarity). I did this
by holding the leg of the cystal with the pliers, and pushing down into the hole while i
applied the soldering iron, both from the top side of the circuit board.

Once you are done trim off any excess crystal leg that is sticking out the bottom of the
board, and make sure the top of the crystal wont be crushed by the top plate. Replace
the ECU covers, put the ECU into the car, and you are done WELL DONE!

The results in my car are.....i have made 6900 rpm free revving without hitting the
limiter, but in gear the engine valve bounces at around about 6700-6800 rpm. I did the
testing with the wideband in the car and the AFR's were fine, at around 13:1. I believe
the ECU is mapped higher than the factory rev limit so it should be safe. Give me a
couple of months and i will have tested it out a bit more to make sure it is all good.

On the 4efe my peak power is probably just under 6000 rpm (free flowing airbox and
filter), so the extra revs arent very helpful at this stage.

Good luck all