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exploration and mine design

intuitive mining solutions

soFtWare solUtions For exploration, 3d geologiCal modelling, resoUrCe estimation, mine planning and design, pit optimisation and sCHedUling

eigHt modUles, CoUntless appliCations

micromine comprises eight modules. its modular structure means it is adaptable to your needs. as your operation grows and your requirements change, micromine grows with you.

Core is the engine of Micromine. This powerful module allows you to import, validate, process, display and interpret a wide variety of surface, drillhole, and subsurface data.
Core incorporates Vizex (Visual Explorer), Micromines integrated, intuitive and seamless 2D and 3D viewing and editing environment. Vizex allows you to simultaneously display, query, and interactively edit multiple data layers. Core includes a powerful Plotting Module, featuring a Vizex-style interface. Its plotting capabilities enable the creation of complex plot layouts in minutes, using a selection of customised templates. Core Plotting supports interactive pan and zoom within a 2D plot; and rotate, pan and zoom within a 3D plot. Plots are easily customised using simplified templates and snippets, and layout editing is easy with familiar drag-and-drop. Mass output is accelerated utilising macro automation.

for resource evaluation, Micromine Exploration is a prerequisite module for resource estimation, as it has the required statistics and geostatistics functionality. Micromine Exploration enables you to visualise, interpret and model, advanced project data using additional Vizex displays and oriented drillhole structures. Drillhole data can be combined, simplified or redistributed using compositing methods such as downhole, grade, interval and geology, which are essential for resource estimation. Statistics and geostatistic options facilitate analysis of advanced exploration data. Advanced surface modelling, such as map contours, can be performed using grid tools and DTM (Digital Terrain Modelling) tools are used to model surfaces, such as topography or pit shells.

The Surveying module imports and processes survey data. It provides calculation facilities for points, strings, surfaces and volumes collected from mine surveys, open pit and underground operations. It supports communication with survey instruments and has generic tools for survey calculations.

Micromines Mining module provides the necessary design tools for open pit, or surface, and underground mining. With advanced Vizex display objects for grade control, pit, underground, ring and blasthole design, the Mining menu supports underground stope, panel and ring design, open pit, stockpile and blasthole design and pit optimisation data import and export. Used across all commodities Minings powerful and intuitive tools facilitate the development of pits, roads, tunnels and shafts; the production of blastholes and stopes; as well as grade control.

Micromines Wireframing module provides the tools for building, managing, and analysing the 3D solids and 3D surfaces used for advanced exploration, resource estimation, mining and geological modelling. Utilising powerful and intuitive tools, it visually constructs 3D shapes illustrating underground mine designs, or orebody interpretations, referencing data such as centre-line strings, profile shapes or polygonal strings.

The Exploration module extends the basic capabilities of Vizex to include the analytical and modelling tools needed in advanced exploration projects. Used

micromine is a major step forward in functionality, its section control files, modelling and graphical display make it the solution i use. Keith Whitehouse, principal, australian exploration Field services


Whereas Micromine Core allows you to estimate the grade and tonnage of a mineral resource using simple tools, the Resource Estimation module is designed specifically for detailed and advanced resource analysis and reporting. Its block modelling tools are used for mine design and reserve estimation. Advanced exploration work, in-house resource estimation projects, resource estimation consulting, mining and orebody modelling all use the Resource Estimation module. Micromine tools, such as form sets, simplify the process of setting up resource estimations and provide a documentation trail, an essential requirement for standards-compliant reporting. Resource Estimation supports regular models and sub-blocked models. Sub-blocking tools easily facilitate the conversion of sub-blocked models into regular models and vice versa, an essential feature for data sharing with other applications where sub-blocking is not supported. Resource Estimation sub-blocking tools also make it easy to combine different models for the same project, for example, an orebody model with a waste model. The module also includes Unfolding and Flattening tools to model complex folded deposits.


Pit Optimisation determines the most profitable open pit given a mineral resource and a set of economic and metallurgical parameters. It provides an analysis of stockpiles and costs over time. In keeping with Micromines philosophy of simplicity, Pit Optimisation is logical, quick, and easy to use. Data modelling is up to four times faster because data remains with one application, eliminating the additional import/export step required with many competitive applications. Micromines graphical and analytical tools visually enhance data preparation and pit shell displays. Pit Optimisation supports sub-blocked models and DTM surfaces. Input parameters for mining costs and element prices can be set up as functions, instead of constants, adding flexibility and versatility to the optimisation process.

Micromine Scheduling provides a smart, integrated solution to assist short term planning of resources to tasks over a given period. It enables the optimum mineral extraction process necessary to meet corporate objectives. Integrated within Micromine, the Scheduling module eliminates the requirement to import and export files with third party applications. Scheduling assists Mining Engineers and short-term planners to plan and schedule material extraction from underground and open pit environments. In keeping with Micromines ease of use, the Scheduling workflow comprises five simple steps; prepare, configure, import and sequence, validate and report.

WHy miCromine?

With over 12,000 clients in more than 90 countries, miCromine is a leading provider of intuitive software solutions to the mining and exploration industry. From capturing, managing, visualising and understanding data to controlling and reporting on mine production, miCromine has a solution for every stage of the mining process. miCromine understands the software and consultancy needs of exploration and mining operations around the world. located in eighteen of the worlds major mineral producing capitals, our team is close to your operation. this means miCromine can provide you with local support and services in your language and time zone. miCromines intuitive solutions are delivered by a team of specialists who understand the software and how it can be integrated into your operation for maximum results.

poWerFUl teCHnology, intUitively applied

data modelling is up to four times faster than most competitive applications. data stays in the one micromine solution, which eliminates time-consuming import/export steps.

Micromine is a world leading geological exploration and mine design solution. Developed for all stages of the mineral extraction process, Micromine takes you from target generation through to exploration, geological modelling, resource modelling, pit optimisation, mine design, reserve estimation, production scheduling, grade control and beyond. Highly regarded by its clients and the industry at large, Micromines first-class reputation directly relates to its clear differentiators. These translate into tangible industry benefits.

Industry-standard COMPLIANCE
Micromine complies with the latest Windows standards providing a familiar industry-standard working environment. Its flexible, non-prescriptive workflow means you can utilise the software how you want to. Micromines intuitive graphical environment is geologically logical with a proven capability to handle large and complex graphical datasets.

CompatIbIlIty wIth thIrdPARTY PRODUCTS

Compatible with third-party software including GIS, CAD, Google Earth and various mining applications, Micromines logical import and export tools make sharing data with other users and applications so easy.


Micromines philosophy of simplicity extends to its streamlined 3D editing tools that allow complex geological modelling efficiently, accurately and with ease.

Micromine saves time and increases efficiencies. It is renowned for its simplicity, easily enabling advanced tasks, such as pit optimisation and mine design and complex plot layouts in minutes, using simple templates. Micromines intuitive macro capabilities and form sets facilitate rapid progression through complex processes.

MICROMInE continually commits to technology research, investing up to 30% of annual revenue in the development of its solutions. Its solutions are also enhanced by client contributions; including client focus groups, and beta program feedback. Well-defined enhancements ensure Micromine remains a leading edge solution provider, consistently reflecting the needs of its clients, and the exploration and mining industry at large.

sUpport in yoUr langUage, yoUr time zone

Micromine Consulting Services provides geological and mining consulting services compliant with international reporting standards such as JORC; nI43-101; SAMREC; SEHK (Chapter 18, Hong Kong); and PERC (Pan-European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee) Codes. Local standards compliance includes the China MLR and Russian, Ukraine and Central Asian GKZ (State Commission on Mineral Reserves) Standards. All MCS consultants are experienced geologists, mining engineers, metallurgists, surveyors, database managers and GIS specialists with extensive backgrounds in metals, energy and construction. Data Management Solution that captures, validates, stores and manages data from diverse sources. Geobank seamlessly integrates with Micromine to enable mining and exploration companies to maintain the quality, integrity and usability of their essential data.


Your Micromine Annual Licence provides you with ongoing technical support and advice. It gives you access to a suite of tools that allow you to realise the full potential of your software investment. These include free software upgrades and patches, as well as new version complimentary training, discounted training and a quarterly support services bulletin. Your Annual Licence qualifies you to participate in the ongoing development of Micromine by participating in beta programs and client focus groups.


Pitram complements Micromines exploration and mining solutions, a real-time mine production control system that records and manages mine site operations. Pitrams powerful planning functionality provides users with a snapshot of their mine. With access to maintenance plans, crew schedules and mining plans, users have tools needed within a single environment to make informed decisions. From risk management and asset tracking to grade optimisation and stockpile management, Pitrams real-time viewing environment helps you visualise your operations so that you have a complete production overview. Pitrams reporting, analysis and integration platform is also vital to ensuring that the data obtained from disparate sources is presented in an organised and integrated fashion. Flowing from intuitive and flexible planning functionality, through to short interval control and open pit and underground optimisation, Pitram drives a continual improvement process.

Micromine offers a full suite of training modules ensuring you derive the maximum value from your software. Structured to grow with your Micromine investment, Micromine training builds on your product knowledge and expertise.

Micromines Field Marshal solution captures and manipulates exploration and mining geological field data. Compatible with most portable, or hand-held, devices, Field Marshal ensures field data is valid and reliable, enabling informed decisions. Enter data directly into Field Marshal, saving time, reducing errors and increasing productivity. Inexpensive and easy to use, Field Marshal is a recognised industry standard field data collection solution.

Geobank is a flexible, reliable and secure
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Intuitive Mining Solutions