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THAGIRION Thomas Karlsson The sixth level of the Qliphoth (or the fifth counting from levels of initiation)

is called Thagirion which means dispute or juridical process. This can be interpreted in many ways, the religious juridical process where Satan acts prosecutor or the place for the judgment of God, or where the sentence of God is questioned. Except the many mythological interpretations the name presents the antinomianistisc nature where the laws of the Sephiroth are counteracted. All Qliphoths have pejorativistic names since they are acting antithesis to the present order. The Sephiroth is idealizing unity while its shadow side is disunited. This is also explaining the meaning of dispute in the name Thagirion. Thagirion is the central qlipha on Ilan Hizon-the outer tree, or the tree of knowledge. This qlipha is the shadow side of Tiphereth on the tree of life. Both are spheres of the child or the offspring and Tiphereth is associated with Christ and Messiah characters while Thagirion is associated with the Anti-Christ and the beast 666. The first mentioned characters are preaching salvation through them (Jesus proclaims in the bible that he is the only way to salvation), something that is questioned by the other characters who are pointing out the possibility for each man to save himself. Both spheres are associated with human

characters who are thought to manifest this level on a collective human level. Bodhisattvas, secret masters or prophets. Since this is the central level some characters are thought to be able to mediate between the worlds above to the worlds below. Persons are often connected to the two different levels according to the present public opinion: For a Muslim Mohammed will be a Tiphereth character (of course ordinary Muslims are not using this terminology), while he for the Christians often have been seen as an Anti-Christ character and then placed in Thagirion. Hitler was in the beginning of his career looked upon as something of a Messiah that would save Germany and was here taking on the role as a Tiphereth character. Later he turned into a character similar to the beast and is one of the most popular candidates for the Anti-Christ title. Nero, Djingis Khan, Bill Clinton and others have been called Antichrists and have been the shadow person for people. Nietzsche, Crowley and Gurdjieff have more been more accurate Thagirion characters, since they preached the possibility for man to save himself together with Thagirion related symbol language. A person can channel Thagirion and be a guide in the teachings of the dark side. For everyone this level is illumination. This is the sun sphere, the mental plane and here the magician meets his/her higher self or Daemon who on the Sephiroth takes the form of the Holy Guardian Angel. On the Qliphoth it takes the form of the totem animal.

The illumination on the Sephiroth is of an intellectual nature and on the Qliphoth it is an illumination of the instincts. The Initiation of light brings an intellectual distance to the here and now and the material while the dark initiation brings total awareness in the here and now-in the flesh and the material. The Tiphereth illumination is usually reached through ascetism while the Thagirion illumination is reached through sex or ecstatic dance. Through the typhonian alchemy a draconian magician reaches an illumination that includes both sides of the sun sphere. This through the state of consciousness called the chepera-consciousness. In alchemy this represents the level of the yellow diamond. The sun sphere also corresponds with the topaz and gold in the alchemy of the renaissance (Kether- Thaumiel are also represented by gold in a higher red form). A strong feeling of lust is usually experienced when one is reaching the sun sphere. Here one will be united with goals and ideals and be one with the whole of the self. This is the heaven of the religious (or hell for those who rather would go there), the boddhi level or satori in eastern mysticism. For a dark magician the rising to this level brings a feeling of total power, but not in the naive and more illusory form that can be experienced on the spheres below. For a white magician a feeling of total goodness is experienced. Both states are self-sufficient in

themselves, but has often been traps for many magicians. This level is only half the way. The sun sphere can in a basic terminology be called a level everything of it self. Beyond is the higher divine levels, the star sphere or the transcendental plane that could be called a level more than itself. This is the goal for a draconian magician. Tiphereth corresponds with the sun in the form of light, while Thagirion represents the black sun. The black sun represents the sun in its inner form where it shines inside man and reveals the hidden Qliphotic worlds. The ordinary sun is the outer sun that shines on the ordinary world. The black sun is the god Set in the typhonian alchemy, while the ordinary sun is Sets twin Horus. In old norse mythology Balder corresponds with the ordinary sun and his blind brother Hder or Loke with the black sun. Hder is similar with Odin and also Odin corresponds with the black sun. Thagirion is the sun of the shadow side, which can be interpretated as the sun in the underworld Balder in Hel, Ra in Amenti etc. The sun is the symbol of the unity of the whole self that can be aware of itself only when it is in the underworld.This is illustrated by Chepera, the principal of existence and the principal of becoming, that carries the sun down in the underworld and is reborn and creates himself there. In another interpretation the black sun / the Thagirion principal is more independent of the self and is more like the principal the shines upon and brings enlightenment to the self on the journey of consciousness into the inner dimensions. In all forms

the black sun is the inner or central sun that generates enlightenment and divine power to man. There is descriptions of an outer black sun. One theory describes a world inside the earth; a world that has its own sun that is called the black sun. These speculations has been associated with the vril mythos by Sir Bullwer-Lytton where a divine race inside the earth are in control of the divine power called Vril. Another theory describes that in the middle of the universe or in the middle of the our galaxy there is a black sun that shines with a light that we are not capable of seeing and for us it looks like empty darkness. This sun is also a black hole that absorbs all normal light.This black sun can be connected with the highest Qliphotic principal Thaumiel, rather than with Thagirion. The black sun is generating the power called vril, od or the world kundalini or the dragon power. It can be described as the principal that is manifestating the powers of chaos. In the bible and in other mythological descriptions this principal acts as the beast. In old norse mythology it is the Fenriz wolf, in the goetic Qabalah it is the phallic Belfegor. In the Book of Revelation 13:2 is is written : the Dragon gave the beast its throne and authority . We can later read that the number of the beast is a human number. This can be understood as the Dragon (chaos) is manifested through Thagirion by a man, or by mankind. The fact that the number of the beast is a human number shows our relation to the wild animals that civilization and

religion have tried to repress. On a more esoteric plane it means that man is not just an animal but also a god since 666 is the number of the sun and therefore the number that makes man divine. Dragon Rouge

elevated place (physically or mentally). The Irminsul can very well have been a seat of honour for magical ceremonies, an elevated place for higher states of mind.The exact place of a cult tree is of great interest. The chosen trees were probablystanding at power places. We have learned that man in ancient cultures had greatk n o w l e d g e a b o u t a s t r o n o m y a n d t h e power line that are surrounding earth, Ley l i n e s o r Dragon lines. No such trees from these cultures are left today to confirm this, but allstone formations (rune stones, ship tumulus, and graves) that have been found are allplaced in a manner that reveals great knowledge about these power lines. With this inmind it does not seem impossible that also the trees that were chosen were standing onspecial power places. The groves were the trees stood were called stavgardr anenclosure or fence with surrounds a pillar or tree. This kind of tree corresponds to theg o d H e i m d a l l . Magicians trough all times have been interested in trees. Often magicians

have reachedenlightenment sitting under trees (Buddha). Trees represents both heaven (the crown)and the underworld (the roots) and the stem can represent the spine ( the kundalini).T h i s m a ke s i t v e r y s u i t a b l e t o p e r f o r m ku n d a l i n i m e d i t a t i o n s u n d e r t r e e s . When oneneeds to be grounded with earth it c a n b e g o o d t o s i t u n d e r a t r e e . Tr e e s c a n l i n k o n e with earth and help the energy to flow up through the body and avoid it to get stuck.Trees should be viewed a powerful entities that should be treated with respect. In thebooks by Castaneda Don Juan describes trees as very dark and powerful beings who canb e h o s t i l e towards mankind. This can be understood t o d a y w h e n w e a r e e x p l o i t i n g forests very fast and have totally forgotten how important it is for us both physically andpsychically.The trees and groves that became objects of cults were believed to hold within them thegods or the power of the gods. This is something that the Christians realized and theydecided to strike at the root of paganism to claim their superiority. In the area of Geismar the Germanic tribe of the Hessers lived. They had a grove in which a great oakstood, the oak was dedicated to the god Donar. When the holy Bonifatius wanted tochristianize the area he cut down the oak. In Fositesland there was a sacred well that wasd e s t r o y e d b y W i l i b a l d t h e h o l y w h e n t h e baptized three men in it. There are

m a n y examples of this kind of procedures. The churches was built on top of the pagan templeswho were destroyed. But which god was worshipped in the groves?. In Germaniac h a p t e r 3 9 Ta c i t u s m e n t i o n s t h e g o d o f t h e S e m n o n e r a s re g n a t o r o m n i m u m . T h i s h a s b e e n interpreted as Jupiter optimus maximus by H . H o m m e l i n a n e s s a y. H e b e l i e v e d that this god was Tyr, Tiwaz. There are many things that are indicating that the cult of Tyr is very old and he was a sky god, thus the connection to Jupiter can be explained.Also Mars have been connected to Tyr. Hommel also claims that Tyr is identical with asupposed Svebian god called Erminaz or Irmin. But Neckel in an other essay that thisregnator omnimum is Wodan (Odin). There are a great number of lesser local deities. Insouthern Sweden Hyllemor (mother of the elder, the tree). She corresponds to the ladyof the forest who was known all over Scandinavia. The lady of the forest was related tothe kingdom of the fairies and the underworld. They was called Vittran or Oknytt inS w e d e n . T h e myths about kingdoms under the earth can be found all over the world. InBabylon and Assyria people believed in terrible demons who lived under the earth. InArmenia in the Kaukasus area there were supposed to be b e i n g s f r o m t h e u n d e r w o r l d who were less hostile. On the Sinai peninsula and stretching down to Egypt certain earthspirits who were

called Djinns were feared. These were often associated with trees andc o u l d t a ke a h u m a n form. The Djinns could be very dangerous, they could causediseased and one could be e n c h a n t e d b y t h e d e s e r t a n d c a u g h t . Fro m K r i m t o K r e t a i n the south entities called Kabirs were worshipped. They were small beings living underthe earth. The Kabirs were the generative natural force of the underworld and specialceremonies were used to contact them. According to some sources the Greek god Hefaistos (the master of blacksmiths) was the original father of the Kabirs. They wereconnected with mining, tunnels and caves. They were small dwarves with pointy hats,which could make them invisible. The Kabirs were supposed to have their origin inLesser Asia. The Kabirs are quite similar to the dwarves in the European myths.According to the legends around Prometheus one of the first race of humans came fromthe underworld somewhere in the area of the Black Sea. The myths about Vril and Vril-Ya and Shamballah and Agarthi are also interesting examples of civilizations under theearth. The myths about such kingdoms under the earth have lived on until the last fiftyy e a r s . T h e re a r e m a n y S w e d i s h m y t h s a b o u t p a r a l l e l w o r l d s u n d e r t h e e a r t h Fr o m t h e ethnological archive of stersund I have taken he following example:In Klppe there was

a farm called Prisgrd. They often had experiences of the Vttran( t h e f a i r y p e o p l e ) One day the mother of the house encountered a fairy woman in thebarn. This woman tells the mother of the house that her f a r m i s r i g h t u n d e r n e a t h t h e i r s and that it is much bigger.There are many documented cases that are similar to this one. Man used to live close tonature and often experienced meetings with different entities and powers of nature. Tob e e n c h a n t e d b y t h e f o r e s t a n d o r a m o u n t a i n w a s r e a l i t y i n t h o s e d a y s . Fr o m a m a g i c a l perspective it does not seem totally unlikely that a powerful place could bind the soul of a u n p r e p a r e d p e r s o n . T h i s c o u l d c a u s e confusion and lead the person astray, and e v e n open up gates to the other side. The physical side of the person would either die or beperceived as crazy. The distance to the astral plane might have been less which couldh a v e led to more experiences. In some cases there w e re c o o p e r a t i o n b e t w e e n t h e f a i r y p e o p l e and humans. Human women have helped fairy women to giv e birth to childrenand have thus received rewards. Sometimes people have constructed roads on the p l a c e s that belonged to the fairy people, this have often led to great problems with accidentsand other strange occurrences. On Island they are still constructing roads and citiesa c c o r d i n g t o m a p s t h a t a r e a t h o u s a n d

years old. They are avoiding to build on c e r t a i n areas that belonged to the fairy people. But what is the fairy people? From oneperspective they can be viewed as projections of different functions of existence. Often acertain being had responsibility over a certain animal or place. The house gnome couldgive help and protection. But if he was not treated with respect he could cause accidentsor more likely just move away (which could lead to more sinister beings taking his placeand that might cause bad luck). Just like the dead ancestors who were believed to liveon in trees or groves the fairy folk was also believed to have great wisdom. Today wehave removed the soul of nature and we are creating a destructive structure that growingrapidly. The world that they are existing in are today far away. But it is actually we thathave embarked on a dangerous journey. We are cutting off our roots and are comfortingourselves with desperate materialism. Since we have lost the believe in the concept of the soul we can never reach fulfilment. We are trying to drench our thirst in the wrongw e l l . O n l y t h r o u g h r e c o n n e c t i n g the inner and the outer dragon can we reach thebalance of power that we need. Only then can we understand the truth that is obvious i n occultism: As above so below. But there are many indications that the world kundalini iawakening. Every individual that are working

with the kundalini force are contributingto the awakening of the world kundalini. Every system and state of consciousness havebeen spread by people. It is fascinating that deep esoteric secrets can be found inpopular belief and folklore. There are a couple of different theories concerning theo r i g i n o f t h e g n o m e s a n d o t h e r beings that exists under the earth. One t h e o r y t e l l s u s that Lucia (Lilith) who were the first wife of Adam gave birth to twins. Eve persuaded toleave Lucia since she was breeding like the animals. Adam left Lucia and cursed hera n d t h e i r c h i l d r e n u n d e r t h e e a r t h . The cursed children of Lucia and Adam is t he r a c e s that are living under the earth. Another myth reveals that Lucia was seduced by fallenangels and gave birth to their children. She was punished by being forced to live in theunderworld. The majority of the popular myths are built around biblical themes. Lucifer, the devil is often believed to be the one who rules the underworld together with Lucia.Some myths tells us that the races under the earth origins from Cain. In many myths it isthe sexual activity of the mother that leads to the retreat into the underworld.A n o t h e r c e r e m o n y t h a t was very important was the may pole c e re m o n y. T h e m a y ceremony is related to the midsummer festivities. The may pole was meant to bring agood harvest and a fruitful summer.

Branches of fir or spruce was used for protectionfrom the ghosts that might disturb the peace. The sharp pattern of this trees was believedto frighten the ghosts. People who had been cursed in life was believed to return andhaunt their relatives.The last fifty years we have ignored and shut out connections and forces that have beenrespected for thousands of years or more. Though one might still find some old peoplei n t h e c o u n t r y s i d e h e r e i n E u ro p e t h a t s t i l l r e m e m b e r s t h e o l d w a y s a n d re s p e c t t h e s o u l of nature, they are soon gone and this knowledge too. What Christianity could notdestroy in a thousand years have now been utterly disintegrated. The last yearscivilization and technology have cut down spiritual family tree with the roots. Just likeChristianity did with the cult trees, only this time we are not even aware that it ishappening. When all threads that are connecting us with nature and all real spirituality iscut off we have no alternative but to escape into the false world that is sold to us in theform of cheap entertainment, luxury products and now also IT. Thus we will have nopossibility to see what is really happening in the world. There is many layers and levelsof modern development, but for a magician the most important side will always be them a g i c a l , and today the ignorance of the masses puts a n e n o r m o u s p o w e r i n t h e h a n d s o f the magician. The fire of life will survive, in some

form. To work magically with trees One should start with choosing a tree in some forest area nearby (the bigger forest thebetter, one should avoid forests that are close to big roads or other polluted areas). Oneshould first send out a greeting to the tree mentally or vocally. It can be suitable topresent oneself and mention for what purpose one wishes to use the place. After this onec a n s i t d o w n u n d e r t h e t re e w i t h t h e b a c k a g a i n s t t h e t r e e a n d m e d i t a t e . I t c a n b e suitable to visit the tree at least once a week and do a meditation. After a couple of timesone should try to contact the tree. The contact will be intuitive and might reveal itself indreams. The tree can be asked for advice for the magical progression and leave asymbolic gift in return ( a coin, incense or other, when using incense never leave itbefore it is finished. In a dry season a forest fire might be the result otherwise). One cand o t h e o l d rune magical practise of finding rune patterns on the tree. One shouldobserve the leaves and the branches and the stem and t r y t o s e e r u n e l i ke p a t t e r n s . T h i s c a n h e l p t o understand the power of the tree and the a r e a . Tr e e s a r e c e n t r a l i n t h e draconian magic and can be very powerful and wise sources. Different trees and kindsare of a different nature and one should explore the forest until one finds a kind thatfeels suitable.

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