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Introduction a. Music plays a major role towards the society. It is a great essential and become the need to help them to get through with their lives. However music has influence youths in a bad ways and vice versa such as learning foreign languages, cultural influences and influence youths behaviors.


Body a. Learning foreign language by listening to an international music. (Zaraysky) i. English and foreign language learner benefits of listening to music.(Lynch) 1. Listening to certain types of music help the youths to learn foreign language 2. Mostly western music influenced on learning second language b. Another effect is cultural influence on the Malaysian youths i. According to Premack, 2011 listening to music may lead to increasing thoughts of aggression and thus might also lead to depression 1. It has the potential to evoke the youngster emotions 2. Increase the aggression related thoughts and emotions, as a result corrupted their mind with vulgar lyrics a. Emotions that control a person tend to do and follow based from what the lyrics says

b. It might lead to depression towards the Malaysian youngsters due to listening to an international music c. Apart from that, one other reason is listening to an international music will achieved the brain stimulation effect i. Developed rhythm skills perform better academically in early school years 1. There was a significant difference in the academic achievement levels of students classified according to rhythmic competency a. Music enhances their stimulation of the brain making every sense to be very sharp b. Students which are the youngsters who were achieving at academic expectation scored high on all rhythmic tasks III. Conclusion a. From our research, we have built a vast base of knowledge on not only an international music's effects towards youngsters on the mind, but also give impact on their emotions and attitudes. From the knowledge we have gained, various genres of music have helped support our belief that music can in fact have both beneficial and harmful consequences