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Jamiroquai SO Rae aL} Virtual Insanity Music by Jason Kay and Toby Smith Words by Jason Kay (J = 92) em or Git Gh cm7s — Chmaj7 BITES eed at 4 = = has , fe Se i oN rs — @ - —# a Obs 3 z. Emi be Gbmai7 om7s Chmaj7 BETIS ag ie ae — 3 what. we're liv-ing in, let me tell ya. Hell, it’s a won- Ebm7 x0 ALO D9 Gbmaj7 cm7b5 Chmaj7 ttre ee oa: aS fe — a ag ie: 6 ei ee ree - dermancaneat_ at all_ when things are big that should be small, who can tell. what ma-gic spells we'll — bedo- ing for_ us? AndI’m giv ingall_ my love_ to this world,____ © 1996 EMI Music Publishing Ltd, London WC2H OEA Cm765 Chmaj7 Ebm7 A I can’t see, I can’t breathe. No____ more will we be, _ Gbmaj7 cm75 Comaj7 Bb7#5 t He we can al-waystake but ne - vergive. And now that things are chang-ing for__ Abo Ebm7 Saget Deg no-thing’s gon-na change the way_ we live, ’cause the worse, see, Gbmaj7 con te LEH ~ ‘e t ~ —~ tuetee $F 2 # oe. Ft ee — i — it’s a cra - zy world we’re liv-ing in and I just can’t see_ that half_ of us_ a or or Cm7b5 Cbmaj7 Bb7#5 mersed in si is give these