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Alpha Notes Romans 3:23 for all have sinned,

and fall short of the glory of

God; - We are all weak and need
Jesus to share our burdens.
Christian Apologetics:
apologetics.html Jesus' resurrection is either True or False - no inbetween!
apologetics/ Truth is beyond a personal
experience. I was not there to
see/hear events that happened 2000
years ago, let alone a century ago
nor scores of years ago. Yet there
> Chapter 1: Christianity:
is a truth that I cannot deny due
Boring, Untrue, and Irrelevant?
to the historical record of
witnesses [testimony/testaments]
(next lesson).
Life in a dark world:
church, prayer, bible, christians
It's not easy being a Christian:
atheism, illogical
- must be willing to be known
- to do God's will
events 2000 years ago,
- to turn away from sin (ways of
far from home (Middle East),
our past)
not for westerners
- to share (time, money, experi-
Those outside the church Reject, ence, witness)
Deny, Dismiss, Disregard & Ignore - to pray (offering up our burdens
Christianity and thanks)
- to love (God and one-another)

Direction for a lost world: PRAYER:

1. Hunger for meaning and purpose 1) Sorry Lord [repent]

(something missing). Mark 1:15, Luke 13:5, Acts 2:38,
2. First order questions of life Acts 8:22, Revelation 3:19
... (anxiety).
"What on Earth are YOU doing 2) Thank You Lord [grateful]
[here]?" Ephesians 5:20

John 6:48 "I am the bread of life" 3) Please Lord [ask and you shall
Reality in a confused world: Matthew 21:22, John 16:24,
James 4:3, 1John 3:22
Missing the Point
- It’s your relationship with God /
: g od .com
through Jesus that matters. er th
- New things/truth will be 's Pray rviewwi
Lord inte
Revealed. Ephesians 3:3-5 The ://www. .htm
http yprayer
Christianity is seen as a crutch pla th g
m : rviewwi
for weak people ... l
Psa inte
Of Course!!! Jesus IS the crutch 23rd ://www. m
(the Way) for weak people, http