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Inadequacy of surfaces to transfer the required quantity of heat.

fins are found necessary in heat transfer between surface and gas the

convective heat transfer coefficient is rather low in these situations.

these are used in

economizer of the steam power plant.

Radiators of automobiles.

Air cooled engine cylinder heads.

Cooling coils of conductors.

Electric motors bodies.

Small capacity compressors.

Trans formers and electronics equipments.


Steady state heat conduction.

No heat generation within the fin.

Uniform heat transfer co-efficient.

Homogenous and isentropic fin material.

Heat conduction one dimensional.

Negligible radiation.

Types of fin

Types of fin
Types of fin

Efficiency and effectiveness

The efficiency of a fin is defined as the ratio of actual heat transferred by the fin to the maximum heat transferable by fin, if entire fin area were at base temperature.

Effectiveness of a fin is the ratio of the fin heat transfer rate to the heat transfer rate that would exist without a fin.