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Saudi Aramco e-Business Development Adel S Al-Ghamdi Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia Abstract The very first e-Business

project in Saudi Aramco was successfully implemented in 2001 to establish the Saudi Aramco presence in e-Marketing and e-Sales. This e-Business technology introduced sales of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Products over the Internet utilizing the secured corporate Extranet Infrastructure. e-Business solution provided an electronic meeting place where Sales & Marketing of Saudi Aramco and their Customers exchange information in secure, real-time and reliable manner. Furthermore, this application helped integrated the front-office functions with the back-office functions to improve efficiency and reduce cost. This project involved careful evaluation and study of e-Business technologies, Internet security products, Web Portals and industry best practice in building a scalable, high availability and secure Saudi Aramco Extranet Infrastructure and e-Business Applications. This e-Business technology provides faster communication among all parties involved, thus improving service, reduce cycle duration of an overall business process, reducing costs, increase efficiency and automating business processes. The e-Business technology provides a greater competitive edge to Saudi Aramco. This project has established the platform for Saudi Aramco in extending the deployment of future e-Business solutions and services throughout the company on the corporate Extranet Infrastructure, to link its employees, suppliers, customers and business partners.