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EVIL_DEAD Written by Fede Alvarez & Rodo Mendez October 20, 2011 Based on THE EVIL DEAD By San Raimi Fede Alvarez Rodo Sayaguez EXT. WOODS ~ NIGHT A dark forest. The sound of thousands of insects buzzing. A TEENAGER in a pink dress walks through the dense fog. Her pace is slow and clumsy. We don’t see her face, but her legs and arms are completely covered in blood. At a clearing in the woods, she stops. Someone’s following her. Two shadows dart between the trees. she picks up her pace, moving faster now. Suddenly, out of the dark, someone throws a black hood over her head and yanks her back. She falls to the ground. She shouts and kicks as TWO REDNECKS covered in dirt and mud pin her down. One of the rednecks smiles, flashing the few teeth he has left. TOOTHLESS REDNECK We caught the bitch... whe teenager keeps kicking and moaning. LONGHAIRED REDNECK Sweet dreams doll face. Then, he hits her in the head with the base of a sawed-off Remington shotgun (12 gauge double barrel). She instantly stops moving. INT. STONE WALL ROOM - MOMENTS LATER The girl wakes up. Her pink summer dress is torn and covered in blood that drips down her legs, pooling in the pair of dirty Converse sneakers on her feet. Clothes that would normally be cute and endearing now bear witness to horrible violence. We see the girl’s POV through the hood. She can just barely make out a few points of light. CLOSE ON bony hands that cut the head off of a black-colored bird with a knife. Dark blood bursts out of the wound — What's left of thé bird continues flapping. The bird is hung up on the ceiling, alongside DOZENS of other headless crows. 2 An OLD WOMAN emerges from the darkness, her hands covered in blood. Her hair is long and white. She sports jeans and a worn T-shirt. She speaks in Turkish. OLD WOMAN (subtitled) Don’t be afraid, girl... The terrified girl speaks through the hood. TEENAGER Who are you? Where the hell am I? (screaming) Somebody help me! The old woman has something covered in a gray fabric in her arms. She uncovers it to reveal-- ‘A BOOK. CLOSE ON the cover. It seems to be made from the skin of a human face frozen in the most terrified expression imaginable. OLD WOMAN (subtitled) Only the evil book can undo what the evil book hes done. ‘TEENAGER Please... The old woman makes a sign with her head towards one side of the room. A MYSTERIOUS MAN eteps out of the shadows. He walks towards the girl. TEENAGER (CONT’D) I just want to go home. Please. In one quick move, the man snatches the hood from the teenager, fully revealing her face for the first time. She gasps for air. One side of her face has been slashed; it oozes blood and pus. Terrified, her eyes dart around the room until coming to rest on the man in front of her. TEENAGER (CONT’D) (shocked) Daddy?