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Kezia Noble


Discover how to become Irresistible to women with Kezia and her team


Most men are unsatisfied with their current levels of success with women. They delay learning how to attract their ideal women with excuses; such as if they work harder and make more

money then surely the women will come later. But why wait until later? Why not start RIGHT NOW. Let the other men out there wait and wait and continue to wait for the right woman to some how come in to their lives, or to settle with a woman who is not the lady

they had always visualised of one day having. You are not like those other men, as you have already made the first step in taking control of your future and having complete choice in your love life.


I hope that this brochure will answer most of the questions you night have about the 12 hour boot camp, and that it will explain to you in as much detail as possible, what you can expect when attending this incredible 12 hour experience. - Kezia Noble The timetable: Introduction: The workshop starts at 12pm, at a location in central London. (This applies to all UK boot camps and is subject to change when holding the event in other countries) Kezia Noble will begin by introducing herself and the team you will be working with on the boot camp, and then proceed on to getting straight to some serious training. Lesson 1. DEVELOPING ATTRACTIVE BODY LANGUAGE To start off, you will learn how to master attractive and condent body language in a totally unique 6 point technique. This technique is a practical and easy way to

correct your body language and maximize its attractiveness to women. Lesson 2: GETTING INTO A CONFIDENT MIND SET Kezia will show you a perfect way to get in to a positive state that you will be able to use again and again in all your future encounters with women and social gatherings. The method that you will be taught will be based on behavioural therapy and is a technique that has had amazing results for every student that Kezia has coached since she entered the seduction community in 2006. However serous you consider your approach anxiety to be, this technique will x it within minutes. Lesson 3: Day game techniques, routines and valuable insights. In this section you will have 2 incredible day game coaches show you the freshest day game routines and techniques! You will be able to understand what is going on in a womans head when she is approached by a guy in the day, and why she reacts in certain ways that differ to how she would react in the night time at a club or a bar.



Amazing night game techniques with three experienced night game coaches. They will take you through every routine you can imagine THAT WORKS in nightclubs and bars, but they will also show you how to use more natural and non-routine based skills too! Which of course offers you the choice of both.


The 2 master instructors will give you the following: 1: Blow out game; this is a perfect way to for beginners to start with. 2: Effective ways to get the girl to stop doing whatever it is she is doing and WANT to spend time with you, even if she is in a rush! 3: An incredible amount of different openers to suit different day game scenarios, such as on public transport, in a book store, in a clothes store, in a caf, walking the street, on her lunch or coffee break. Whether she is sitting, standing or walking in a rush to get somewhere, you will learn how to assess the situation and her mood instantly and as a result you will know exactly what to say to her in order to get her attention in a positive way. 4: Effective ways to build rapid comfort 5: Many ways you can use to open a two set or a big group of women and even a mixed group in the daytime. 6: The best way to get her number on a very rapid scale. 7: How to get an instant date with a girl you approach in the daytime! LESSON 4: INFIELD DAY GAME PRACTICE Straight after this section you will go with your own personal instructor or experienced wing girl (your choice) out to the busy streets, cafs, parks, and stores of London for some full on ineld training. This will be for 1 hour and a half, and hopefully like all our past students you will come back to the Head quarters with a phone full of new numbers and possibly a few kiss closes to add to the phone numbers. The great thing about the trainers who will be teaching you how to get maximum results with women in the daytime, is the simple fact that they ACTUALLY have an incredible success ratio and are happy to demonstrate their skills on demand for you at anytime on any woman. They will then break down exactly what they did in order to get the results that you will witness with your own eyes. You will be encouraged to get out of your comfort and practice everything you have learned. The results that the our students have obtained in the day game ineld practice are astonishing, and a lot are surprised to nd a

whole new area of chatting up women that they never even realised existed. LESSON 5: CONVERSATION SKILLS AND BUILDING UP COMFORT Next after a quick de-brief you will learn from Kezia how to build comfort with any type of women, this will be based on her much talked about 10 hook lad system which can be found in her book 15 steps to becoming master seducer In this section Kezia will show you the following: How to create deep connection with a woman How to read a woman. How to never run out of things to say, even with the most unresponsive of women How to turn in a potential negatives in an interaction with a woman and make it in to a positive. How to verbally irt How to demonstrate high value effectively How to transition from opening line to full blow comfort smoothly How to build up her trust in you This section will give you a very powerful honest insight into the female mind. Kezia will also be using this section to answer any questions you might have in relation to women. Be prepared that Kezia's answers are 100 percent honest and are like nothing else you will nd from any other female dating coach. She will not give you some rehearsed psychology babble that you can nd on a generic dating site. And she will not give you nice and vague feedback either. She is on your side 100 percent and like her team she only wants you to get results. She will give you real solutions that are practical and make sense. LESSON 6: NIGHT GAME TECHNIQUES This will be followed with Amazing night game techniques but three experienced night game coaches. They will take you through every routine you can imagine THAT WORKS in nightclubs and bars, but they will also show you how to use more natural and non-routine

based skills too! Which of course offers you the choice of both. They will show you the following: How to build instant attraction in a nightclub environment How to get on the VIP table without spending any money How to get the women on the VIP tables to come to you. Approaching two sets and large groups Approaching mixed groups How to force IOIs (indicators of interest) Dance oor game How to increase your chances of a same night lay How to increase your chances of a threesome (this is an advance technique and is an options for men who already have a fairly high level/experience in pick up) Rapid escalation And much more, including answering any further questions you might still have. All of this will be demonstrated to you on demand by our male coaches in the evening night game LESSON 7: CREATING SEXUAL ESCALATION Lastly, before going out in to the night game ineld practice, Kezia will show how to sexually escalate with a woman. She will demonstrate on each student how to arouse the woman by showing ways they can subtlety but effectively alter their body language, their eye contact and rhythm of the voice. This is a very powerful skill that has proven benecial to all the past students. She will also share with you the dipping technique something that no other seduction coach teaches, that can turn women on very quickly. In this section you get to work with Kezia one on one! Men who master Kezia's sexual escalation technique nd that their success with women reaches further than just getting telephone numbers and follow up dates. Mastering sexual escalation will increase your chances dramatically in obtaining same night sex.


LESSON 8 NIGHT GAME INFIELD TRAINING AND PRACTICE After a quick dinner break with all the team and the other students (and a change in to your night time clothes) You will be taken to top London night clubs where you will be practicing all the new skills and techniques on lots of women. You will have with you for the entire rest of the evening, your own personal pick up instructor, a wingman and a selection of wing girls! NO OTHER PUA company offers one on one coaching PLUS your very own wing girl! Most PUA companies send out a couple of trainers and perhaps just one wing girl to coach sometimes a group of over 7 students, and as a result a lot of students might not get the detailed feedback and advice and FULL attention of the instructors. But on Kezia's 12-hour event, you will not be left on your own to practice! (Unless of course you ask to be left on your own to practice at some point in the night) You will get 100 percent attention from which ever instructor you will be with, and since the coaches rotate between students, you will gain their own unique knowledge from each one of the, This is not exaggeration: Prepare your self for some incredible and eye opening results. Why is this boot camp only 12 hours? Quite simple, the reason why we decided to keep the boot camp to an intense 12 hours is because unlike other boot camps that other companies offer, we believe that 2-day boot camps simply do not produce any more results than a one-day boot camp can. Usually on day 2 of very expensive boot camps, students usually feel exhausted from the night before and therefore are likely to not be able to focus or have the sheer energy to partake in any form of ineld training. As a result, a lot of PUA companies spend most of the day 2 trying to UPSELL an up and coming event. Where as we believe that what you have paid for is to be taught the skills and techniques that will help your success rate with women, and that your time and money should not be wasted on listening to an up sell. WHY CHOOSE US RATHER THAN ANOTHER COMPANY? Kezia's boot camp was the best boot camp I have ever taken. I did a boot camp a year before with another famous PUA company and was bitterly disappointed with what they had to offer. But Kezia and her solid team of coaches helped me with all my sticking points Please take the time to have a look at these video and written testimonials below. Video testimonials from ouR past bootcamp students v=L_iqL3r08kw&feature=related kezia2929#p/u/8/F0YFtl0zBUE v=Mbl1sGSsnoY As stated in the above question, we treat everybody as an individual, whether you are struggling with approach anxiety or whether you want to learn advance pick up techniques makes no difference, The fact that you get to rotate with all the trainers doing ineld practice means you can get be advised in any and every detail you need in order to get the results you want. As for age difference, we pride ourselves in having a great diversity in age and races on our team of instructors as well as our students, and of course we will appreciate any issues you have with target age group you wish to attract and will accommodate you without question. The workshop was a great success, and my favourite parts were Kezia's sexual escalation techniques which helped me kiss three really hot women in the evening and the day game practice with Mark J, he was so helpful and his knowledge on day game is off the charts! -James Does it matter what stage Im at, or if my age makes a difference? This boot camp was amazing. The one on one training I got in the day game and night game practice was fantastic. Ali, Johnny and the terric (and very beautiful) wing girls were brilliant. All that combined with the theory based talks helped me more than I could have imagined -Morgan We pride ourselves in keeping our promise to you the student, Yu get what you pay for NO LESS. Other companies often advertise the false and very misleading fact that you will be taught by their star trainer (s) or the head of their company, and unfortunately many men hand over their money expecting to at least see the companies star trainer, but instead all they get is a few newbie coaches who are just using rehashed material that their employees tell them to teach. This is NOT our way of working AT ALL. Kezia Noble herself, and also her top star trainers will run all the 12-hour boot camps. You will be taught by experienced instructors and wing girls whose only intentions are for you to get results. They will help you with your own individual sticking points and do everything it takes for you to achieve your own unique and personal goals. This was one of the most educational 12 hour experiences of my life, and I will be forever grateful for what Kezia has done for me. I was also surprised at how much I was pushed out of my comfort zone. The trainers really did want e to do well no matter what Hamid and gave me the tools I needed to carry on with in the future Leon



I have been a leading PUA coach in the pick up community since 2006, attending as a guest speaker on many PUA boot camps, and from that experience I have come to realise what works ad what does NOT work. I feel that the boot camps I run with my fantastic team of trainers and wing girls, always get the formula right. I make sure that no one single student feels that he did not get his moneys worth or that he was not treated with the required attention that he expected. My boot camps are the only workshops that have a 1:1 trainer to

student ratio, which my students have found extremely helpful. I am also holding boot camps in Los Angeles and in other countries in Europe, please check the updates o my boot camp page for more information. I hope to meet you and work with you in the future, in the mean time, feel free to send me any questions you might have in regards to the boot camp at:

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