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IV Semester BCA Examination BCA 404T: Visual Programming Model Question Paper I Time: 3 hours Instructions: Answer all

l the sections Section A I. Answer any 10 questions (10X1=10) 1. What is windows procedure? 2. What is device context? 3. Give the difference b/w MDI and SDI. 4. What is the use of option explicit? 5. What variant data type? 6. Distinguish b/w fixed and dynamic array. 7. What is MFC library? 8. Give the use of END statement in VB. 9. Name any two built in functions in VB. 10. What are intrinsic controls in VB? 11. Give ADO data control in VB. 12. Name types of resources. Max. Marks: 60

Section B
II. Answer any 5 questions (5X3=15) 1. Write the differences b/w procedural and event driven programming. 2. Write a short note on UNICODE. 3. Distinguish b/w fixed and dynamic arrays. 4. Write a short note on OLE. 5. What is menu Editor? Explain its importance 6. Write a short note on dialog boxes in VB 7. Explain select case statement with an example 8. What are the elements of windows SDK? Explain

Section C
III. Answer any 5 questions (5X7=35) 1. Explain Windows Programming Model. 2. Give the differences b/w determinate and indeterminate loops. Explain with the help of program 3. Explain how to access a database with data controls. 4. Explain paradigm of windows programming. 5. Explain various types of windows procedure available. 6. What is serialization? Explain 7. Explain about methods overloading and dialog box concepts 8. Write a short note on 1) resource script 2) MFC file handling