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Visual Programming

4th Sem BCA

Chap-I > Windows Programing

1 Mark Questions
1. What is Structured Programming? 2. Name any two features of Structured Programming. 3. Give two advantages of Structured Programming. 4. Give two advantages of Object- Oriented Programming. 5. What is event driven programming? 6. What is multitasking? 7. What is DLL? 8. What is API? 9. What is resource script? 10. What is a message? 11. What is a message loop? 12. What is DC? 13. Mention few graphics object.

2 marks Questions
14. Write short note on API. 15. Write short notes on Hungarian Notation. 16. Write short notes on UNICODE. 17. Write short notes on windows message. 18. What is WM_PAINT? Explain

3 marks Questions
19. Explain Windows Data types 20. Explain Windows Programming Model 21. Explain Windows Resources. 22. Explain Device Context 23. Explain Document Interfaces 24. Explain a) SDK b)IDE

Karthick TS