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Activity Basic Communication

Topics Covered What is communication, communication Process, Importance of communication, Tips to Improve communication, Public Speaking Key Techniques, barriers, attributes Introduction, key facts, how to perform, dos and donts Introduction, Dos and Donts

Duration 2 hours

2. 3.

Listening skill Customer Service Training/Sales training Time Management

2 hours 2 hours


2 hours


Body Language

About, importance, postures, facial expressions, hand movements How to present yourself, dos and donts, tips About, Format, types, signatures Manners, voice modulation, intonation, expression, pitch and volume, greetings, fillers, verbal nods.

2 hours

6. 7. 8.

Presentation Skills Email writing Telephone etiquettes

4 hours 2 hours 2 hours

Total Duration No .of Participants

18 Hours spread over 3 days Max 35