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Emily Vincent

Human Computer Interaction Engineer Cambridge, MA

Work Experience
Senior Member of the Technical Staff

C.S. Draper Laboratory

Research & Design Skills

Contextual Inquiry Contextual Design Think Aloud Protocol Heuristic Evaluation Cognitive Walkthrough Keystroke Level Modeling Directed Storytelling Personas Participatory Design Design for Mobile Devices User-Centered Design Information Architecture User Experience Design

Java C++ C# Javascript/HTML/CSS Android OS Adobe InDesign Telelogic DOORs

Human System Collaboration Engineer September 2009 - Present Scalable UUV Mission Manager (SUMM) - HSC & Software Task Lead Determined user needs for a scalable mission manager to accompany an open autonomy architecture Designed the system information architecture, user interactions, and feature set Led a team of 4 to design & implement a modular, extensible software architecture for Mission Planning in Java that is run-time configurable in order to stay in sync with future releases of the autonomy architecture Airdrop Mission Planner HSC Engineer for Global Response Force, Airdrop Damage Estimation, Wireless DTED, Wireless Gate Release, and Dispersion planning systems Analyzed operational needs through workshops with operators. Defined workflow and feature set, designed the user interface to fulfill the operators needs. Captured the design through detailed use case documentation. Integrated the design of new features into the existing CAT user interface. TacDroid - HSC Task Lead Observed tactical BAO users and analyzed kit, workflow, and operator needs through multiple site visits, including participation in night training operations and CAS evaluations. Led the interaction design team to add new features to the tactical Androidbased system. Smart Determined user needs for an Android app though multiple HSC workshops, defined system concept, designed system features and user interactions Documented the design through extensive screen flow models, designed a novel Quick Start Guide, created the system diagram, and wrote the software instruction portion of the user manual Advanced Beacons - HSC Task Lead Determined user needs through user workshops and customer interviews. Designed the user interface features as a plug-in to an existing geo-spatial software tool.

Cambridge, MA

C.S. Draper Laboratory

July 2007 - July 2008 Software Engineer ACE Developed user interface for a data analysis tool in JavaScript and Java. Researched and prototyped data visualizations for data analysis tool in JavaScript. Panda Developed a test harness application in Java. Designed and implemented the software architecture and message handling components of the system. Wrote the test plan for the software evaluation. HSC for LCS Performed a workflow analysis of the Mine Warfare detachment for the proposed Littoral Combat Ship. Interviewed crew members and subject matter experts, created an n-squared model for the crew tasking, analyzed the tasking using Matlab, and suggested improvements to the sponsor.

Cambridge, MA

Bose Corporation

August 2004 June 2007 User Interface Software Engineer UI software developer on an embedded automotive multi-media system for Ferrari. Implemented individual UI components to meet the requirements and graphical design provided by the corporate design team. Designed and implemented an object-oriented architecture for the user interface, including reusable components for speech recognition, fine tuning of track time, and an acceleration algorithm for the knob control surfaces. Utilized design patterns, including Model-View-Controller and State Pattern. Technical lead for the UI components development group, a mix of full-time employees and contractors.

Stow, MA

Carnegie Mellon University
August 2008 - August 2009 Masters, Human Computer Interaction Courses: HCI Methods, Software Architectures for User Interfaces, Communication Design Fundamentals, Making Things Interactive, Basic Interaction Design, Graduate Design Seminar Projects: Salesforce capstone project, User interface research for Bugzilla, noCode.fsm, Smartbag prototyping & user research

Pittsburgh, PA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

September 2000 - June 2004 Bachelors of Science, Computer Science Courses: Knowledge-Based Systems, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering Lab, Algorithms, Computer Systems Project: User interface design for an architecture design tool

Cambridge, MA

Summer Internships
Central Intelligence Agency
Summer 2003 Co-op Directorate of Science & Technology Designed and programmed a microprocessor control system. Designed circuit board layouts and then assembled.

McLean, VA

Central Intelligence Agency

Co-op Server Management Branch Maintained server operations, performed file restoration, and configured hardware. Built, configured, and installed new servers.

Summer 2002

McLean, VA

Insight, Inc.

Summer 2001 Software Tester Tested the companys proprietary software for logistics modeling and supply chain management. Worked on network administration and researched office solutions.

Manassas, VA