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SU N 1 MONDAY 2 (Lesson 1) 3
In class reading and teacher-facilitated discussion *Quick write meaning of War is Peace (pg81)


WEDNESDAY (Lesson 2) 5


FRIDAY *Quiz 1*


1984 pen activity, Predict ,brief history, schedule /expectations, packet , & begin reading * (pg 29)

Current events (speech and authority), Newspeak dict. Assignment, Discussion packet (student-led) (pg 104)

*Quick write* - list of freedoms/rules. Why? In class reading and discussion (studentled) (pg 167)

(check for

reading/comprehension/writin g) Go over literary terms in novel (PowerPoint/worksheet Language, Irony, Character, Theme, Plot) (pg 179)

*Assign paper* 10

(Lesson 3)

11 *Quiz 2* (Lesson
4) Ill be Watching You song related to novel, V for Vendetta graphic novel reading lesson (summary and passage), Student-led discussion (p274)


Finish Book

Go through prompt, Check for questions, p169 Winston/Goldsmiths book: discuss manipulation of text. Discussion questions

Discussion (control and poverty) Current events (society), Outline practice (PP and WkSheet), short writing assignment. (p239).

Complete reading guide, discuss ending of the book (positive or negative), *quick write* on conclusion and sentiments (pg298)

13 *Paper outline due*

Review: Essay intro/body/conclusion Peer review (at least 2 students): switch outlines and grade according to rubric. When completedrevise outline & begin writing




*Quiz 3*

17 Hunger Games Viewing *distribute movie guide with questions*

18 Hunger Games Viewing *check movie guide*

19 Hunger Games Viewing *check movie guide*

Remaining time: discuss perception and correlation to 1984


(Lesson 5)


Introduce group project Make movie poster/act out scene from 1984. Brainstorm/Examples, Students get in groups (choose their own) and begin working

*Quick Write* - Hunger Games relate to 1984 (character, plot, themes, etc), Class discussion on similarities/differences in dystopian societies. Work on group projects for remainder.


23 Present class projects! (outside class)

Have students act out/show their video, explain movie poster, turn in reflection and rationale

24 Present Class Projects

Have students act out/show their video, explain movie poster, turn in reflection and rationale

25 Lab day
Students are encouraged to type essay. Turn in outline, essay, discussion packet/movie guide when done.

26 Lab Day
If students are done, have them complete all work/turn in and peer review final papers.

27 *Final Paper Due*

Make sure discussion packet, movie guide, quick writes, quizzes, and paper are all complete. Final discussion on 1984/HG Could this happen? What would be the effect?